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Shilton Holy Rood


The Parish

The parish of Shilton lies in the extreme west of Oxfordshire not too far from its border with neighbouring Gloucestershire. Shilton was, at one time, an enclave of Berkshire within Oxfordshire being detahced from its county albeit now firmly part of Oxfordshire. Shilton is a small and compact village lying about 6 miles west of the market town of Witney. Shilton sits immediately west of the B4020 road which connects Burford with RAF Brize Norton, the airfield dominates the landscape to the southeast of the village. Shilton is a riverside settlement formed where the crossing of the Shill Brook heads west from the B4020, it would have been, and still is, a farming community with a mixed regime of both pastoral and arable in place. The Shill Brook drains the parish southwards making its way to the Thames after a few miles, thence turning east and heading through Oxford and the capital to the North Sea. Shilton sits on a sloping site between 100 metres, by the Brook, and 120 metres, the land about the parish being of a similar height for some distance. This area of the county has a mixture of small and large parishes, Shilton is one of the firmer, covering just under 1,600 acres it would have supported a population of around 300 parishioners. Shilton is not specifically mentioned in Domesday Book.

The Church

Holy Rood church sits on the southern edge of the village accessed along Church Lane. Holy Rood is an ancient church with extensive portions dating back to Norman times, rather surprising given its omission from Domesday Book. The nave and southern aisle are Norman Romanesque in detail and dated by Pevsner to c1150. The southern arcade also shows itself to be of this period. There was major work in the 13th century with the addition of the chancel in Early English Gothic style and reworking of the preexistent nave. From the 15th century and Perpendicular in style comes the western tower whilst as is usual the Victorian restoration of the 1880s changed rather little on this occasion. Church Lane is an out-and-back lane looping south from the main street, at the apex a small parking can be found and a footpath leads between properties to the churchyard. Trees are rather close at the eastern end limiting the available views but sufficient remain to adequately capture the building.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 2nd October 1754 - 14th December 1812 Oxfordshire History Centre - Reference - PAR233/1/R3/1 Plain, ruled & bordered book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Water damage causes staining of the pages and the use of "white-space" to segregate entries is almost nonexistent making for a possibility of both misread and accidental omission
2 24th May 1813 - 3rd November 1836 Oxfordshire History Centre - Reference - PAR233/1/R3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Burford St John the Baptist
Burford St John the Baptist
Swinbrook St Mary
Broadwell St Peter & St Paul
Asthall St Nicholas
Brize Norton St Brise
Broadwell St Peter & St Paul
Kencott St George
Alvescot St Peter
Black Bourton St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
02/10/1754 William CLACK     Margaret ROSE    
15/10/1754 John GARDNER   Coln St Aldwyn, Gloucestershire Elizabeth TOWNSEND    
05/06/1757 John CHISNEL   Burford Elizabeth CLACK    
24/04/1758 Jonathan CALL   Eastleach Martin, Gloucestershire Mary RADBAND    
18/11/1758 John BETTS   Burford Mary RAWLINS    
06/10/1760 Philip ROSE     Sarah BARTLET   Asthall
16/06/1761 John BUNCE     Mary RUSSEL    
28/09/1762 William GARDINER     Hannah BARRY    
09/06/1763 George HAMBIDGE Single   Dinah WEBB Single Westwell
23/11/1764 Thomas BANES Single Burford Rachel EDEN Single  
14/02/1765 William HALL   Northamptonshire Mary DAVIS Single  
27/07/1767 Walter RADBONE     Jane GRIMMET   Minster Lovell
01/11/1767 William CROSS   Widford Sarah JULIMAN    
08/02/1768 John JEFFREYS     Jane ROSE    
14/08/1768 William DOBBINS Single Westwell Martha KIRBY Single  
07/01/1770 Charles MAISEY     Margaret LAY Single  
19/06/1770 John ALDER Single   Avice JEWEL Single  
27/12/1770 John HAMBIDGE Single   Ann LAY Single  
11/08/1771 Joseph ROSE     Susannah HART    
11/10/1771 William TOWNSEND   Brize Norton Ann STOPES    
18/08/1772 Henry HOPES     Mary TAYLER   Aldsworth, Gloucestershire
26/05/1773 William TITTCOM Widower Coleshill, Berkshire Mary MARCH Single  
04/11/1773 William KITE Single   Mary JELLIMAN Single  
06/07/1775 Charles DAVIS Single   Lucy RUSSEL Single  
10/04/1776 William HOPES     Catherine ROBINSON    
30/09/1776 Samuel DANCY     Elizabeth BARNES    
22/10/1776 William BERRY Single   Elizabeth PANTING Single  
03/01/1777 John Philip ELERS     Sarah CLARK Single  
16/01/1777 Thomas HICKS Single Burford Elizabeth WAYNE Single  
05/06/1777 John ROBINSON   Black Bourton Mary GREENOUGH    
22/07/1777 James BRADLEY     Mary PEAKE    
11/11/1777 Thomas ATKINS Single Hanborough Martha HALL Single  
02/02/1778 Joseph RUSSEL Widower   Sarah PARKER Single  
20/06/1778 John HARRISON Single   Elizabeth LAPPER Single  
03/12/1778 Henry CLARKE Single   Elizabeth BUTCHER Single Clanfield
02/05/1779 Pearson BANSON Single Basildon, Berkshire Mary HALL    
09/08/1779 Thomas NAISH Widower   Elizabeth ROBINSON Widow  
29/09/1779 William WEAVER Widower Eastleach Turville, Gloucestershire Jane HOPES Single  
13/10/1780 William FITCHET Single   Hanna EATON Single  
20/02/1781 Thomas EDEN     Sarah MONK    
11/07/1781 Edward WARNER Single Burford Margaret BOUCHER Single  
28/02/1782 Robert COOK     Anne WICKINS    
16/07/1782 John PEAK     Mary WICKINS    
18/10/1782 John BROOKES   Cowley Mary HICKS    
19/05/1783 William SHAYLER Single   Sarah CHEZEL Single  
23/10/1783 John PACKER     Mary BARNS    
13/11/1783 John RUSSEL     Hanna NEAL    
17/02/1784 Thomas EDDEN     Ann PARKER    
23/08/1784 John CASTLE   Eastleach Turville, Gloucestershire Mary BUNCE    
25/12/1784 Edward BARNES     Sarah LEWIS    
09/05/1785 Benjamin SMITH   Alvescot Ann MAISEY    
17/08/1786 Thomas CLARKE   Langford Elizabeth CLACK    
16/10/1786 William PRATLEY   Minster Lovell Ann RICKETS    
13/10/1788 Thomas BUCK     Sarah RUSSELL    
07/05/1789 John BARNET   Widford Mary MAISEY    
14/07/1789 John HUNT Single   Mary GARDINER Single  
30/11/1790 Henry WATS Widower   Mary CLACK Single  
28/02/1791 John PACKER Widower   Sarah LANE Single  
09/07/1792 Thomas WATSON     Mary MAISEY    
18/11/1793 John GARDNER     Ann CLACK    
16/01/1794 John ORPWOOD Single   Hannah BUNCE Single  
30/04/1794 Thomas BUNCE Single   Rachel MAISEY Single  
19/05/1794 Thomas FARMER Single   Susannah PACKER Single  
22/03/1795 Charles MAISEY Single   Ann LAY Single  
03/05/1795 Stephen MAISEY     Sarah DAVIS    
22/08/1795 Henry WATTS Widower   Rachel NUNNEY Single  
16/11/1795 James FARMER Single   Sarah BUNCE Single  
11/10/1796 Thomas TRINDER Single   Jane HICKS Single  
17/04/1798 William TAYLOR Single Fulbrook Ann BUNCE Single  
12/03/1799 Richard GARDENER Single   Alice BERRY    
04/11/1799 Robert RADBAND Single   Hannah TOWNSEND Single  
25/08/1800 John GARDINER Widower   Elizabeth PALMER Widow  
26/11/1800 Stephen FITCHETT   Bampton Mary BARNES    
26/09/1801 Henry WATTS Widower   Elizabeth TOWNSEND Single  
15/11/1801 James ROGERS Widower Burford Mary PACKER    
09/01/1803 James WICKINS     Sarah ROSE    
16/05/1803 James BRADLEY Widower   Ann ROBINSON Single  
23/11/1803 Thomas MAILL     Elizabeth KITE    
07/01/1804 William PARKER   Burford Mary HARRISON    
19/01/1804 Stephen MAISEY     Ann BUTLER    
28/03/1804 Edward KILBEY   Black Bourton Jane BUNCE    
24/09/1804 John HILL   Alvescot Elizabeth LAY    
04/10/1806 William HEMMING     Mary KITE    
11/01/1807 William BAILISS     Ann COLE    
08/02/1808 John SPEARING     Mary BUNCE    
07/06/1809 James JONES     Margaret YEATMAN    
18/09/1809 Thomas MAIELL     Catharine CLACK    
24/10/1809 William KITE     Sarah PACKER    
06/11/1809 Richard GUY   Sherborne, Gloucestershire Mary BERRY    
20/11/1809 Richard SILMAN   Brize Norton Mary BARNES    
07/01/1811 John DANCEY Single Westwell Hannah HICKS Single  
02/04/1812 James COX Single Black Bourton Mary CLARK Single  
14/12/1812 John TRUEMAN Single   Mary HUNT Single  
1 24/05/1813 George JONES Single   Amey LAY Single  
2 05/01/1814 Robert IVENS Widower Swinbrook Mary LAY Single  
3 10/09/1814 Daniel COCKBILL Single Fairford, Gloucestershire Anne JONES Single  
4 21/10/1815 James WHITELOCK Single Eynsham Mary LAY Single  
5 10/06/1816 Henry COLE Single   Mary BUNCE Single  
6 12/12/1816 James MONK   Burford Amy GILLETT Single  
7 23/12/1816 William BARNS Single   Mary JOHNSBY Single Fulbrook
8 25/04/1818 John BUNTING   Burford Hannah HUNT    
9 14/10/1818 Isaac BOND Single Broughton Poggs Elizabeth ROBINSON    
10 26/04/1819 James LAY     Mary Ann JOHNSON    
11 14/10/1820 Isaac WINFIELD     Ann BRADLEY   Sherborne, Gloucestershire
12 13/11/1820 Thomas LAY     Phebe HOLLOWAY    
13 05/03/1822 George SMITH Single Burford Mary GILLETT Single  
14 03/08/1822 William BRADLEY Single   Hannah PACKER Single  
15 19/08/1822 David CLARK Single   Sarah BAYLISS Single  
16 27/01/1823 Joseph COLLETT Single   Mary FARMER Single  
17 20/03/1823 Thomas WAINE Single Aldsworth, Gloucestershire Elizabeth BUNCE Single  
18 06/10/1823 William KITE Single   Sarah COOK    
19 13/10/1823 William FARMER   Minster Lovell Mary BARRETT    
20 27/10/1823 James FARMER     Mary HICKS    
21 31/03/1824 Charles MAISEY     Elizabeth PEAKE    
22 13/10/1824 George STEVENS     Amelea BUSBY    
23 28/06/1825 Richard FARMER Single   Jane CHESTERMAN Single Burford
24 05/11/1825 Thomas FARMER Single   Mary JONES Single  
26 21/07/1826 John HOPKINS Single   Hannah BUNCE Single  
25 16/10/1826 James GARDINER Single   Martha SPERRINK Single  
27 06/09/1827 George HUNT Single   Esther HART Single Brize Norton
28 25/09/1827 George HART   Asthall Rhea FARMER    
29 11/09/1828 Edward TIMMS   Brize Norton Ann JONES    
30 23/07/1829 John FARMER     Abigail PRESTON    
31 12/10/1829 Thomas TEYTON     Mary BUNCE    
32 26/12/1829 William PITMAN   Badgeworth, Gloucestershire Mary BARNS    
33 03/07/1830 Edward BUNCE     Jane WEST    
34 10/03/1831 John HILL   Alvescot Anne DEE    
35 21/05/1831 James WICKENS     Elizabeth TRINDER    
36 18/07/1831 William EALES     Sarah SPERRING    
37 31/10/1831 John MAKEPEARCE     Hannah SCRIVENS    
38 16/07/1832 William ROSS     Jane BARNETT    
39 18/02/1833 Charles BELLENGER   Brize Norton Mary Ann ROBINSON    
40 14/04/1833 George BRIDGEWATER   Black Bourton Sarah TOWNSEND    
41 27/05/1833 John KITE     Maria TRUEMAN    
42 31/03/1834 David MOULDEN   Broadwell Rose WIGGENS    
43 16/11/1834 Charles BASEN     Mary KITE    
44 31/12/1834 Richard ELEY     Emma PACKER    
45 14/02/1835 John SIMMONDS   Faringdon, Berkshire Alice GARDNER    
46 29/04/1835 William JAMES     Anne BUNCE    
47 03/11/1836 Richard WAIT     Elizabeth COLLINS    

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