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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
South Stoke St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of South Stoke lies in the southeast of Oxfordshire, indeed it forms a substantial part of the border with neighbouring Berkshire. South stoke is located about 4 miles south of the Berkshire market town of Wallingford. South Stoke sits on the banks of the Thames on the B4009 which connects wallingford with Goring. Modern communications also pass through the parish, the rail line from London to the West (the former Great Western Railway) runs through the eastern edge of the village. South Stoke is a substantial and compact village running for almost a half mile along the Thames, the Ridgeway Trail also passes through the village. At the time of this transcript South Stoke would have earned its living from farming, a mixed regime being present with pastures Thames side and arable fields on the chalky field rising to the nearby Chiltern Hills. The Thames drains the parish southwards through the Goring Gap and onward to the North Sea through London & the Thames Estuary. South Stoke is sited at around 40 metres above the sea, its valley setting some 50 metres below the local heights to the east. South Stoke parish was quite large but included the chapelry of Woodcote, the parish being elongated on an east to west axis to take in the various land types; the parish (excluding Woodcote) covered around 1,900 acres and would have supported a population of about 900 parishioners. In Domesday times South Stoke was held by the |Bishop of Lincoln, it offered just 10 ploughs and a small meadow but was taxed to 17 geld units indicating much undeclared wealth.

The Church

St Andrew's church lies on the eastern side of The Street towards the northern end of the village. The church has fabric indicating four distinct periods of activity. The origins lie in the 13th century and Early English Gothic style windows decorate the aisles, chancel and northern arcade. The church received a major rebuild in the 14th century when the Decorated style became fashionable, again the windows show this style as well as the doorways. Later by perhaps a century comes the western tower in the Perpendicular style of the 15th century. The whole church received a major restoration in Victorian times, in this case 1857 when the southern arcade was almost totally rebuilt and the aisle widened. St Andrew sits behind a low brick and flint wall with access though a pleasant lychgate, the traditional views from the south are rather impeded by the closeness of the churchyard boundary in that direction and the trees there making for a difficult piece to adequately photograph.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 4th May 1754 - 15th February 1813 Oxfordshire History Centre - Reference - PAR254/1/R3/1
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 23rd November 1813 - 15th April 1837 Oxfordshire History Centre - Reference - PAR254/1/R3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Cholsey St Mary, Berkshire
Checkendon St Peter & St Paul
Checkendon St Peter & St Paul
Moulsford St John the Baptist, Berkshire
Checkendon St Peter & St Paul
Woodcote St Leonard
Streatley St Mary, Berkshire
Goring St Thomas of Canterbury
Goring St Thomas of Canterbury
Caversham St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
12/02/1754 William MARKES     Sarah PORTER    
25/02/1754 Thomas HOBBINS     Elizabeth BASDEN    
1 04/05/1754 James FRUIN   Caversham Mary CHIP Widow  
2 20/05/1754 Thomas LOW   Bray, Berkshire Mary HAVEL Single  
3 28/07/1755 Thomas KIRK   Cholsey, Berkshire Ann MOSS Single  
4 13/01/1756 Abraham CASTLE   Watlington Ann PAINTER Single  
5 27/01/1756 Richard BETTRESS   Caversham Elizabeth HOLMES Single  
6 16/02/1756 Robert KEMPSTER     Ann CRUTCHFIELD Widow  
7 19/10/1756 John BROWN     Mary HEABOURNE Single  
8 26/10/1756 Richard HAM   Goring Hannah EVANS Single  
9 21/02/1757 John LEWENDON   West Ilsley, Berkshire Sarah HIGGS Single  
10 23/05/1757 William SIMMONDS   Goring Martha BUNCE Single  
11 07/07/1757 William LOCKERBIE     Maria DOD Single  
12 02/10/1757 John HEAVER     Ann STEPTOE Single  
13 14/05/1758 Henry WEYMAN   Goring Mary AVERY Single  
14 12/09/1759 Peter ALDRICH     Elizabeth MONDAY Single  
15 01/10/1759 Thomas BATTIN     Elizabeth KNAP Single  
16 13/07/1760 John CROXFORD   Checkendon Ann PAIN Single  
17 31/03/1761 David DEACON     Elizabeth HIGGS Single  
18 18/05/1761 Thomas GOODCHILD     Ann HALLOWAY Single  
19 03/08/1761 William READ     Deborah STOPES Single  
20 29/09/1761 Thomas WILDER     Frances FREWIN Single  
21 15/07/1762 Thomas MARKES Widower   Mary MARTIN Single  
22 28/09/1762 Jonathan ALLUM   Whitchurch Ann BATTEN Single  
23 05/10/1762 John STOUT     Winney CLARK Single  
24 16/10/1762 Aaron LONDON     Elizabeth HIGGS Single  
25 20/11/1762 Thomas ADNAMS     Ann BARTLEMEW    
26 21/02/1763 William JOHNSON     Jane STEPTOE    
27 08/03/1763 Richard HAMBLING     Mary READE    
28 02/10/1763 Robert COSTARD   Sutton Courtenay, Berkshire Ann MARCHAM    
29 10/11/1763 Joseph EVANS     Elizabeth LOVEJOY    
30 12/05/1764 Edward EDWARDS     Betty WOOTTEN    
31 20/10/1764 Richard HUNTINGTON     Elizabeth EVANS    
32 24/10/1764 Joseph CLARK Widower North Stoke Elizabeth STEVENS Single  
33 08/11/1764 Richard STEWARD     Sarah NEAL Single St Lawrence, Reading, Berkshire
34 16/11/1764 John HAM     Keziah LUKEMAN Single  
35 09/04/1765 James LOVELL   Goring Mary ALLUM Single  
36 29/04/1765 Charles GOLDING     Frances CANNON Single  
38 18/11/1765 William HIGGS     Sarah MASON Single  
39 18/11/1765 Edward HODGES     Elizabeth TURNER Single  
37 19/11/1765 Henry MITCHEL     Molly TAYLOR Single  
40 09/12/1765 Richard HALL     Jane BROWN Single  
41 25/07/1766 James HOAR     Ann COLLAR Single  
42 03/08/1766 William JOY     Mary FRUIN Single  
43 23/02/1767 Thomas DODD   North Stoke Frances HIGGS Single  
44 06/04/1767 John ABDEY     Mary BARLOW Single  
45 20/11/1767 Richard SPARHOCK   St Mary, Reading, Berkshire Martha TINSEY Single  
46 21/12/1767 William EDGERLY     Mary HAM Single  
47 09/02/1768 Luke HAVEL     Elizabeth BATTEN    
48 26/04/1768 William EVANS   Streatley, Berkshire Sarah EAKERS Single  
49 05/02/1769 James COLLINS     Hannah FULLER Single  
50 19/10/1769 Adam STRONG   Mapledurham Elizabeth BURGES Single  
51 13/11/1769 George ILBERRY   Goring Jane ALLUM Single  
52 26/12/1769 Robert KEMPSTER Widower   Martha CHIP Widow  
53 09/06/1770 William LAWRENCE     Martha DOBSON Single  
54 09/08/1770 John REEVES   Newnham Murren Elizabeth HODGES    
55 13/10/1770 Charles BECKLEY     Elizabeth HOLLOWAY    
56 22/10/1770 Henry GREY     Alice STRONG Widow Checkendon
57 29/10/1770 John SMEWING     Maria WHITING    
58 01/10/1771 John THETCHER   Checkendon Mary EDGERLY Widow  
59 02/10/1771 Thomas HIGGS Widower Streatley, Berkshire Mary PARSONS Single  
60 07/11/1771 William WARD     Mary HIGGS Single  
61 08/12/1771 George HUTT     Ann DAY    
62 11/01/1772 William ALLRIGHT   Checkendon Mary CRAKER Single  
63 11/10/1772 William SHERWOOD     Mary TIMS Single  
65 10/11/1772 Edward FIELD     Elizabeth HUNT Single  
64 21/11/1772 William JAMES   Henley Martha MELLETT Single  
66 02/06/1773 John GILES     Sarah HOLLOWAY Single  
67 07/12/1773 John BIRT   Cholsey, Berkshire Mary SHAKESPEAR Single  
68 29/01/1774 James ROACH   St Mary, Reading, Berkshire Mary CHIP Single  
69 10/10/1774 Edward CUMMING     Elizabeth BARDEN    
70 09/11/1774 William MIDDLETON     Elizabeth JONES Single  
71 17/12/1774 William LOVEJOY     Martha CHIP Single  
72 04/09/1775 Thomas FREEMAN     Sarah LEEKE    
73 11/09/1775 Richard TAYLOR     Elizabeth SWAINE Single  
74 20/09/1775 Francis MATTINGLY     Ann CHIPP Single  
75 30/10/1775 Francis ROACH     Martha LAWRENCE Widow  
76 12/10/1776 William ALEXANDER     Sarah NEAL Single  
77 23/12/1776 Thomas BROADWAY     Sarah FREWIN Single  
78 24/03/1777 Thomas MAGER     Mary LOW Single  
79 19/10/1777 Thomas BISSEL     Mary WALTER Single  
80 27/10/1777 William RIVERS     Martha BATTIN Single  
81 01/11/1777 James FULBROOK     Mary Ann FIELD Single  
82 27/02/1778 Nicholaus WILLIAMS     Jane SMITH Single  
83 04/04/1778 Richard BLACKAL     Hannah CRITCHFIELD Single  
84 14/05/1778 Thomas BROOKER     Esther LEWIS Single  
85 24/05/1778 John SNUG     Elizabeth BLACKMAN Widow  
86 20/10/1778 William FARMER   Checkendon Elizabeth BAILEY Single  
87 09/11/1778 William WHITE     Sarah AVERY Single  
88 05/12/1778 David HUNTINTON Single   Mary AVERY Widow  
89 13/12/1778 Henry READE Single Mapledurham Mary PARTLET Single  
90 02/02/1779 Henry BURGESS Single   Frances CRAY Single Goring
91 15/05/1780 Thomas DRUCE Single Checkendon Sarah LOWE Single  
92 14/10/1780 William KIRK Single   Susannah STOCKBRIDGE Single  
93 19/12/1780 Robert BUNCE Widower   Elizabeth EDWARDS Widow  
94 31/01/1781 Thomas BROWN Single   Mary HIGGS Single  
95 07/03/1781 John LEWIS Single   Maria READ Single  
96 03/06/1781 William KING   Appleton, Berkshire Rose HELLIER Single  
97 05/06/1781 Henry CHURCH Single   Catherine CRUTCHFIELD Single  
98 29/07/1781 Edward MOORE Single St James, Westminster, Middlesex Elizabeth BECKETT Single  
99 16/12/1781 James BOND Single   Elizabeth JAMES Single  
100 12/10/1782 James NICHOLS Single   Athalia JEAKMAN Single  
101 12/10/1782 Thomas HOLMES Single   Elizabeth READE Single  
102 23/07/1783 Joseph PAINTER Single   Dorothy CHERRILL Single  
103 29/01/1784 John WARD Single   Elizabeth LEWIS Single  
104 18/03/1785 William PORTER Single Cholsey, Berkshire Mary BROWN Single  
105 23/04/1785 William BANNISTER Single   Ann WHITEAVES Single  
107 20/11/1785 John ANGEL Single   Hannah DAW Single  
106 21/11/1785 Thomas HIGGS Single   Elizabeth GROVES Single  
108 18/12/1786 Edward EDWARDS Widower   Ursula HIGGS Single  
109 05/07/1787 William HIGGS Single   Martha FIELD Single  
110 31/03/1788 Joseph CUTLER   Checkendon Elizabeth COLLINS Single  
111 14/04/1788 William COOK Single   Bett HUTTEN Single  
112 05/05/1788 Richard HAM Single   Ann BURGES Widow  
113 29/05/1788 Joseph DODD Single   Sarah HIGGS Widow  
114 29/06/1788 Richard STREAM Widower Moulsford, Berkshire Elizabeth HAM Single  
115 20/07/1789 Thomas TAYLOR Single   Ann HODGES Single  
116 21/10/1789 Richard ADNUMS Single Checkendon Hannah CRIPS Single  
117 30/01/1790 John PAIN     Mary GILES    
118 15/02/1790 William KATTO     Hannah JOSEY    
119 25/10/1790 William PANTER Single   Mary LAWRENCE Single  
27/09/1791 Thomas BROOKER Widower   Elizabeth ALDRIDGE Widow  
11/10/1791 Thomas HERMAN     Ann BOOKLEY    
25/10/1791 William BROWN     Mary WHITING    
20/11/1791 Richard MARCHAM     Charlotte MAGER    
24/12/1792 Thomas WHITING     Elizabeth SHARP    
19/04/1793 James TALLENT     Elizabeth EVANS    
21/05/1793 Solomon WISE     Elizabeth WILLIS    
04/08/1793 Richard ABDY     Sarah HIZZEY    
16/10/1793 John WESTON     Sarah EVANS    
28/10/1793 David COX     Lydia WEIGHT    
28/11/1793 Charles BECKLEY     Mary SHURMAN    
03/02/1794 Thomas BROADWAY     Mary THATCHER    
20/04/1794 William WOOLSGROVE     Charlotte SLOMAKER    
02/08/1794 John ALWRIGHT     Elizabeth BINFIELD    
18/10/1794 Richard BLACKHALL     Margaret BROOKES    
26/12/1794 Benjamin GUTRIDGE   Shiplake Jane FRANCIS    
13/04/1795 Richard FREWIN Single   Mary DEACON Single  
13/06/1795 William BETWRIGHT   Mapledurham Sarah BROWN    
12/10/1795 Thomas HAM   Goring Jane HAMBLIN    
12/10/1795 John ABDY     Elizabeth DAY    
12/10/1795 William CRUTCHFIELD     Jane GOODDEL    
26/12/1796 Stephen JONES Single   Sarah DEACON Single  
16/01/1797 Abraham LOVESY Single   Sarah ROACH Single  
22/06/1797 James HANDS     Elizabeth HALL    
16/08/1797 Thomas CLARKE Single   Mary CUMMINS Single  
27/08/1797 William ROWLON     Frances HUNT    
04/09/1797 Joseph HUNT Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
09/10/1797 Daniel BLACKALL     Mary BROWN Widow  
30/10/1797 Henry BINFIELD     Jane WILLIAMS    
30/10/1797 William HOGGES     Martha CUMMINS    
28/12/1797 John WATTS   Upton, Berkshire Elizabeth ROACH    
22/02/1798 William GRUBB Single St Giles, Reading, Berkshire Hannah SHERWOOD Single  
27/10/1798 William FREWIN Single   Ann LAMBOURN Single  
03/11/1798 James CHAMBERLAIN Single Shinfield, Berkshire Ann SHURMAN Single  
10/12/1798 John CHIP Single   Elizabeth GOODENOUGH Single  
01/06/1799 John FISHER     Susan PARROT    
12/08/1799 Joseph BOLDWING   Cholsey, Berkshire Elizabeth SMEWIN    
19/10/1799 John ALLAM     Charlotte ELLSTONE    
01/01/1800 Thomas SWAIN     Elizabeth ANDERSON   Ipsden
22/01/1800 Vincent PARKER Single   Martha CRUTCHFIELD Single Goring
22/05/1800 John THATCHER Single   Ann FIGG Single  
02/10/1800 George CURTIS Single   Susanna MOULDEN Single  
11/10/1800 John MURRELL Single   Rebecca LEATHERMAN Single  
14/10/1801 Thomas KINCH     Jane HICKS    
20/10/1801 Joseph CRITCHFIELD Single   Elizabeth PEARMAN Single  
20/10/1801 John FOWLER Single   Mary BURGISS Widow  
19/08/1802 Richard ABDY Widower   Elizabeth PAGE Single  
19/11/1802 William TAPLIN Single   Elizabeth BROOKER Single Basildon, Berkshire
22/11/1802 Richard WHITING Single   Elizabeth CHAMBERLIN Single  
20/12/1802 James AUSTIN Widower   Ann BLACKALL Single  
12/03/1803 Vincent POOL Single   Elizabeth RIVERS Single  
23/04/1803 Joseph HUGHES Single   Hannah MOULDEN Single  
23/07/1803 John GODFREE Single   Ann RIVERS Single  
10/10/1803 James LAWRANCE Single Moulsford, Berkshire Eleanor HALL Single  
14/11/1803 David BALDWIN Single Cholsey, Berkshire Ann SMEWIN Single  
26/11/1803 Thomas COX Single Swyncombe Mary HIGGS Single  
12/12/1803 Edward FULBROOK Single   Jane GOSWELL Single  
12/12/1803 Michael ABSOLOM Single   Mary MIDDLETON Single  
04/06/1804 William MOULDEN     Sally HIGGS    
02/08/1804 James MERRICK Single Stratfield Mortimer, Berkshire Fanny EAST Single  
22/09/1804 Joseph HOPE Single Checkendon Maria GILES Single  
19/11/1804 Richard WESTON Single   Mary SAYER Single  
23/06/1805 Joseph PAINTER Single   Mary LEWENDON    
17/02/1806 John BURGISS Widower   Elizabeth ALEXANDER Single  
22/12/1806 William NEWMAN Single   Elizabeth LOVEJOY Single  
24/01/1807 William CLARKE Single   Sarah WISE Single  
24/01/1807 James TALLANT Widower   Esther BROWN Single  
10/10/1807 John COSTIFF Single Moulsford, Berkshire Margaret FULLBROOK    
26/10/1807 Samuel PEMBERTON Single   Jane RIVERS Single  
03/02/1808 John PHILLIPS Single   Fanny TAPPERN Single  
13/05/1808 William CHALTEN Single   Susanna SLAUGHTER Single  
03/10/1808 John PAINTER Single Goring Ann SHERWOOD Single  
11/02/1809 Charles WOODLEY Single Newnham Murren Mary BISSEL Single  
24/04/1809 Thomas POCOCK Single   Sarah READE Single  
30/12/1809 Thomas BISSLE     Sarah MITCHEL Single  
25/01/1810 Edward ALLNAT Single Cholsey, Berkshire Elizabeth PANTER Single  
09/04/1810 Richard WOODWARD Single   Ann PANTER Single  
26/04/1810 Benjamin PAINTER Single   Elizabeth WOODWARD Single  
28/04/1810 Robert ABERY Single Whitchurch Ann HERMAN Widow  
05/08/1810 Joseph COWPERTHWAITE   Bensington Sarah FIELD Widow  
22/10/1810 Joseph HONEY Single Cuddesdon Elizabeth DAWSON Single  
12/11/1810 William MINCHIN Single   Sarah SMEWIN Single  
25/02/1811 John JACOB Single   Sarah ANDERSON Single  
11/05/1811 John RUMBLE Single   Jane SMITH Single  
27/10/1811 John FULBROOK Single   Mary WILDER Single  
25/12/1811 Francis LAWRENCE Single Goring Ann PAGE Single  
30/12/1811 Benjamin RUMBLE Widower   Charlotte SMEWIN Single  
10/02/1812 Lewis LEWIS Single   Mary READ Single  
17/02/1812 James MARTIN Single   Martha SWAIN Widow  
23/05/1812 James PAGE     Martha DEACON    
06/06/1812 Moses DORE Single Ipsden Ann PARTLETT Single  
11/07/1812 Thomas BINFIELD Single   Jane HOLMES Single  
29/08/1812 Richard SLADE Single   Elizabeth LEE Single  
08/10/1812 John TILLING     Teressa HANCOCK    
23/11/1812 John GOODALL   Streatley, Berkshire Hester HIGGS Single  
23/11/1812 William YEATS Single   Martha DRUCE Single  
15/02/1813 Thomas DRUCE Single   Mary WIGLEY Single  
1 23/11/1813 John BROWN     Mary WARD    
2 20/12/1813 Thomas DIGWEED   Wallingford, Berkshire Mary GOODENOUGH    
3 05/02/1814 Levi LEWIS Single   Ann ALLUM Single  
4 02/05/1814 William SMITH     Mary HAVELL    
5 27/08/1814 William SHEPHERD   Streatley, Berkshire Elizabeth MUNT    
6 29/10/1814 John WARD     Elizabeth ALLOM    
7 06/01/1816 Robert LOVEGROVE Single   Eleanor WHITING Single  
8 08/01/1816 John DRAPER Single   Elizabeth DRUCE Single  
9 04/11/1816 William HAVELL Single   Elizabeth WITNEY Single  
10 09/11/1816 Thomas EDLING   Ipsden Sarah MICKLE    
11 09/11/1816 James BOWELL     Harriet KNAPP    
12 16/11/1816 James AUSTIN Widower   Mary BURGIS Single  
13 21/11/1816 John WALLIS Single   Mary BUTLER Single  
14 27/10/1817 Francis LOVEGROVE Single   Sarah AUGEAR Single  
15 02/02/1818 William WYAT Single   Sarah DRUCE Single  
16 23/11/1818 Samuel EVANS   Cholsey, Berkshire Ann WINTER   Woodcote
17 25/10/1819 Job GILES     Susanna SMITH    
18 27/02/1820 William HODGES Single Woodcote Mary ALLUM Single Woodcote
19 18/05/1820 Benjamin HANCOCK     Ann CLIFFORD   Goring
20 14/10/1820 William KIRK Widower   Hannah JACOB Single  
21 30/11/1820 Joseph GAMMON   St Mary, Wallingford, Berkshire Ann PANTER    
22 21/01/1821 Nathaniel HUMPHREYS Single   Amy HUGHES Single  
23 28/04/1821 William RIVERS Single   Diana ELSTON Single  
24 29/04/1821 James DEACON Single   Rachel WIGGLEY Single  
25 05/05/1821 John HUGGINS Single   Elizabeth HIGGS Single  
26 07/10/1821 Richard GREEN Single   Sarah DURBRIDGE Single  
27 05/11/1821 Matthew TURNER Single   Anne CHAMBERLAIN Single  
28 18/12/1821 James GEARING Single Chislehampton Ann CLARK Single  
29 18/12/1821 James SPOKES Single   Sarah ROGERS Single  
30 01/07/1822 George WOODLEY Single East Hagbourne, Berkshire Sarah HERMOND    
31 20/05/1823 William COSTIFF Single   Mary STEVENS Single Checkendon
32 04/08/1823 James HIGGINS Single   Dinah GOODENOUGH Single  
33 16/08/1823 Francis SWAIN Single   Sarah FREWIN Single  
34 30/08/1823 William WILLIAMS Single   Mary BLACKALL Single  
35 23/10/1823 William HIGGS Single   Hannah GUTHRIDGE Single  
36 15/12/1823 George WARD Single   Hannah CHURCH Single  
37 03/01/1824 Thomas HARRIS Widower Rotherfield Peppard Sarah EMMETT Single  
40 03/02/1825 Thomas SMITH Single   Sarah WARD Single  
41 16/11/1825 Joseph SANDALL Single   Hannah RANDAL Single  
43 01/07/1826 Edward WARD Widower   Elizabeth SHAW   Sutton Courtenay, Berkshire
44 12/10/1826 William SHERWOOD Single Mongewell Jane ELDRIDGE Single  
45 02/12/1826 David SPOKES Single   Ann MAJOR Single  
46 30/12/1826 David LYDIARD Single Crowmarsh Gifford Amy RUMBLE Single  
49 10/02/1827 John EVANS Single   Elizabeth HASTINGS Single  
50 17/02/1827 James COX Single   Elizabeth FREEMAN Single  
51 21/07/1827 George CLARK Single   Sarah ROBINS Single  
52 17/09/1827 William WARD Single   Sarah FOWLER Single  
53 01/10/1827 William FOWLER Single   Hannah DURBRIDGE Single  
54 08/11/1827 William HODGE Single   Elizabeth GODFREY Single  
55 31/12/1827 James HILL Single   Mary HASTINGS Single  
58 21/01/1828 James LEGROVE Single   Sarah WOODALL Single  
59 24/02/1828 William FERGUSON Widower St Lawrence, Reading, Berkshire Mary BITMEAD Widow  
60 19/03/1828 Henry LUCAS Single   Ann HUNT Single  
61 11/12/1828 James LAMDEN Single   Mary DEARLOVE Single  
62 13/12/1828 Richard ALLUM Single   Susannah HOPGOOD Single  
63 18/12/1828 Thomas DEANE   Nuffield Mary Ann KING    
64 23/02/1829 John HISSEY Widower Goring Hannah HUNT Single  
65 25/06/1829 Stephen RUMSEY Single Chilton, Berkshire Sarah Frewin HIGGS Single  
66 16/08/1829 William JAPCOM Single   Martha HUGHES Single  
67 26/10/1829 Benjamin BRUNSDEN Single St Lawrence, Reading, Berkshire Elizabeth HODGES Single  
70 03/06/1830 William MAYS Single Shoreditch, Middlesex Penelope MAYERSBACK Single  
71 04/09/1830 George EVANS Single   Charlotte PAINTER Single  
72 23/10/1830 Richard HUGHES Single   Elizabeth LEWENTON    
73 23/10/1830 Thomas ALLUM Single   Jane HUGHES    
74 19/05/1831 Robert James Hughes READING   St Leonard, Wallingford, Berkshire Jane COX    
75 30/07/1831 Richard LEWIS Single St Mary, Wallingford, Berkshire Martha GOODENOUGH    
76 29/09/1831 Sidney William FULLBROOK Single   Sarah BINFIELD Single  
77 17/10/1831 James CLARKE     Mary Anne PARSONS    
78 26/12/1831 James FRUIN   Great Milton Charlotte STEVENS    
79 19/04/1832 Thomas Pentycross PANTER     Betsy PANTER    
80 05/05/1832 William HAM     Sophia KIRK    
81 10/11/1832 James WHITING Single   Mary Elizabeth KEW    
82 29/12/1832 Thomas ALLEN   Goring Jane BLACKALL    
83 05/01/1833 William SMEWING     Mary HANDCOCK    
84 11/06/1833 Robert VIZE     Fanny DEACON    
85 24/11/1833 William KIRK     Amey MICKLE    
86 01/06/1834 Thomas BISSEL     Elizabeth THATCHER    
87 16/06/1834 William ALLUM     Elizabeth HEATH    
88 07/07/1834 Thomas FREWIN     Sarah RANDALL    
89 31/08/1834 Henry EVANS     Sarah HOUSE    
90 29/09/1834 John FREWIN     Elizabeth WITHERS    
91 01/11/1834 William KEW     Martha FIELD    
92 20/10/1835 Thomas HANCOCK   Mongewell Ann SMALL    
93 12/11/1836 Henry ADBY     Ann GODFREY    
97 00/00/1837 Thomas WHITING     Jane DEACON    
94 04/02/1837 Vincent POOLE Widower   Mary COOPER Widow  
95 11/02/1837 William LEWENTON     Sarah MOULDEN    
96 15/04/1837 James PROVINCE     Margaret CRAY    

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