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Castlebythe St Michael


The Parish

The parish of Castlebythe lies in the northern portion of central Pembrokeshire. Castlebythe is located about 10 miles northeast of the market town of Haverfordwest. There is not much to Castlebythe, merely a scatter of farms grouped loosely around a crossroads of lanes about 2 miles west of the B4329 road which links Haverfordwest on to Cardigan. Castlebythe was an upland parish, it sits at the foot of Mynydd Castlebythe, and its living would have largely been from pastoral farming, cattle on the lower ground and sheep on the hill. The Afon Anghol drains the parish westwards to join the Western Cleddau and reach the Bristol Channel through Milford Haven. Castlebythe is sited at around 210 metres above the sea but the nearby Mynydd Castlebythe rises steeply to almost 350 metres, a more gentle landscape looses height more gradually to the south. Castlebythe parish was of a fairly typical size for this part of Pembrokeshire, it covered just over 2,500 acres and would have supported a population of just over 250 parishioners. In common with most of Wales Castlebythe is not mentioned in Domesday Book which did not cover this area.

The Church

St Michael's church is now a ruin, hiding away in a small patch of woodland and covered in undergrowth. The site is a few hundred yards south of the main crossroads at the foot of Mynydd Castlebythe and is difficult to access. The church was a modern rebuild created in 1875 and clearly was of little architectural merit.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 8th June 1756 - 4th November 1772 Pembrokeshire Archives - Reference - HPR/114/1
Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 5 Register - the condition of this register is such that the transcript carries a "health warning" as to the likelihood of being substantially incorrect The register is badly damaged and difficult to read, the entries were also checked to surviving BTs but errors and omissions will certainly be present
2 12th July 1774 - 22nd October 1795 Library of Wales Bishops Transcripts of loose-leaf folios Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads The quality of these BTs is poor and there will certainly be omissions due to loss of registers
3 14th May 1796 - 12th March 1812 Pembrokeshire Archives - Reference - HPR/114/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
4 7th June 1813 - 22nd June 1837 Pembrokeshire Archives - Reference - HPR/114/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Puncheston St Mary
Puncheston St Mary
Morvil St John the Baptist
Little Newcastle St Peter
Henry's Moat St Brynach
Ambleston St Mary
Ambleston St Mary
Ambleston St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
08/06/1756 William SIMBLET     Sarah SEABORN    
05/02/1757 John GRIFFIES   Llandilo        
08/12/1760 Daniel EDWARD   New Moat Mary VAUGHN    
00/00/1761 David SELBY   Ambleston Anne VAUGHNE    
14/04/1761 George RICHARD     Martha JAMES    
12/11/1761 David GRIFFITH     Sarah GRIFFITH    
00/08/1763 Thomas PHILLIPS     Anne VAUGHN    
15/11/1763   OWEN   Llanfairnantygof Elizabeth GRIFFITH    
19/11/1763 William MYLES     Anne VAUGHNE Single  
24/04/1764 Edward Stephen SMITH   Ambleston Elizabeth HUGH    
24/10/1764 John DAVID   Walton East Mary JOHN    
24/10/1765 John DAVID   Ambleston Mary GRIFFITH    
15/03/1766 James LLOYD   Prendergast Mary LEWIS    
23/10/1766 William JONES     Mary VAUGHN    
19/10/1769 John DEVONALD     Mary HOWEL    
28/11/1769 William JAMES     Mary DAVID Single  
23/04/1770 Lewis THOMAS     Martha GRIFFITHS    
31/10/1772 John JAMES     Elizabeth ROW Single  
04/11/1772 Phillip DAVID   Ambleston Martha GRIFFITH Single  
12/07/1774 George WOOLCOCK     Elizabeth JAMES    
03/05/1775 Thomas MORRIS     Anne OWENS    
12/10/1775 John RICHARD     Mary ADAM    
16/11/1775 Arthur VAUGHN   Puncheston Elizabeth BOWEN    
14/03/1776 Phillip BANNER   Ambleston Jane GEORGE    
13/08/1776 Thomas PHILLIP   Henrys Moat Anne MORGAN Single  
21/10/1778 John ROLLIN   New Moat Jane VAUGHN Single  
05/11/1778 Philipp THOMAS     Letys JOHN    
12/03/1780 John WALTER   Camrose Elizabeth JOHN    
08/07/1780 Jenkin JOHN   Puncheston Mary WOOLCOCK    
01/01/1784 William THOMAS     Anne MORRIS    
05/07/1785 Thomas DAVID   Llanreithan Sarah GRIFFITH    
01/11/1785 George WILLIAM Single Puncheston Mary OWEN Single  
21/05/1786 John MORRIS     Sarah WILLIAMS    
01/08/1786 George MYLES     Jane LLEWELIN    
06/07/1788 John VITTLE   Henrys Moat Anne DAVID    
08/11/1788 Henry DEVONALD   Ambleston Margaret EVAN    
26/10/1789 Thomas ROGERS     Mary MORRIS    
03/11/1789 John JAMES   Bletherston Mary GRIFFITH    
19/10/1790 John MILES     Martha JAMES    
21/10/1790 Philip ROBBIN     Mary SMITH    
05/11/1791 Henry JONES     Elizabeth VAUGHN    
30/01/1792 Isaac GRIFFITHS Single   Hannah LEWIS Single  
01/03/1792 Nathaniel EVANS   Walton East Elizabeth OWEN    
31/10/1793 Thomas JONES     Hannah EVAN    
25/11/1793 William HEIR     Mary ABRAHAM    
15/02/1795 John WATKINS   Little Newcastle Dinah JAMES    
22/10/1795 Henry MILES     Lettice WILLIAMS    
1 14/05/1796 Henry LEWIS   Henrys Moat Anne HARRIS Single  
3 27/04/1797 Price PHILLIPS Single Llys Y Fran Mary LLOYD Single  
4 23/06/1799 David EVAN Single   Martha THOMAS    
5 03/12/1801 Henry EVAN Single   Anne JOHN Single  
6 14/12/1802 Thomas PHILLIPS Widower Camrose Catherine WILLIAM Single  
7 05/05/1803 Thomas WILLIAM Single   Anne JAMES Single  
2 08/10/1803 John EVAN Widower   Mary WILLIAM Single  
8 22/10/1803 William OWEN Single St Dogwells Anne NICHOLAS Single  
9 05/06/1804 Stephen LEWIS   Walton East Mary ADAM    
10 04/01/1806 David HIGGIN     Jane MEYLER   Lawrenny
11 25/09/1806 John GRIFFITH Single   Elizabeth DEVONALD Single  
12 15/05/1808 William JAMES     Mary DAVIES Single Little Newcastle
13 04/10/1808 Thomas EVANS Single Walton East Anne JAMES Single  
14 11/10/1808 James LEWIS Single Walton East Amelia EVANS    
15 11/04/1809 John PHILLIPS     Elizabeth LOTT    
16 22/07/1810 Thomas GEORGE     Mary GEORGE    
17 07/02/1811 David EVAN     Martha THOMAS    
18 02/02/1812 Thomas EVAN Widower   Anne THOMAS Single  
19 16/02/1812 Henry LEWIS   Llangwm Sarah HARRIS    
20 12/03/1812 John PRICHARD Single   Elizabeth JAMES Single  
1 07/06/1813 William REES Single Letterston Jennet JONES Single  
2 13/11/1813 Joseph PHILLIPS Single   Mary LOYD Widow  
3 23/12/1813 Thomas PHILLIP Single   Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
4 23/06/1816 John JENKINS Single Little Newcastle Ruth THOMAS Single  
5 30/07/1816 James HARRIES Single Ambleston Hannah LEWIS Single  
6 01/04/1817 Evan WILLIAM Single Little Newcastle Mary WILLIAM Single  
7 24/06/1817 John BOWEN Single Henrys Moat Elizabeth LLOYD Single  
8 17/02/1818 David JENKIN Single Meline Ann GRIFFITH Single  
9 19/05/1818 David EVANS Single Henrys Moat Mary MILES Single  
10 22/06/1819 Henry DAVID Single Llanychaer Mary EVAN Single  
11 19/09/1820 John HARRIES Single Puncheston Rachel THOMAS Single  
12 28/11/1820 Ebenezer THOMAS Single   Ann GRIFFITH Single  
13 30/11/1820 David GEORGE Single Llanstinan Ann MYLES Single  
14 28/12/1820 Hugh HARRIES Single   Martha LEWIS Single  
15 22/05/1821 Thomas VAUGHAN Single Henrys Moat Martha HARRIES Single  
16 09/08/1821 James JAMES Single   Ann MYLES Single  
17 06/11/1821 Thomas EVAN Single Llys Y Fran Hannah MORRIS Single  
18 09/07/1822 Prees WILLIAM Single Ambleston Anne JOHN Single  
19 19/11/1822 William MORGAN Single   Mary THOMAS Single  
20 30/03/1824 Daniel GRIFFITH     Elizabeth GEORGE Single  
21 20/03/1825 William SCOURFIELD Single   Elizabeth DAVIES Single  
22 25/10/1827 Joseph EVAN Single   Frances VAUGHAN Single  
23 22/11/1827 Joseph WILLIAM Single Puncheston Mary EVAN Single  
24 20/05/1828 John EVAN Single   Sarah HOWELLS Single  
25 19/06/1828 Griffith EVAN Single   Lettice EVAN Single  
26 12/11/1829 Griffith WILLIAM Single   Margaret JAMES Single  
27 13/12/1829 John WILLIAMS Widower Roch Mary HOWELLS Single  
28 17/12/1829 Thomas GEORGE Widower   Elizabeth DAVIES Single  
29 27/03/1831 Benjamin PHILLIPS Single   Dorothy LEWIS Single  
30 18/10/1832 George MORRIS Single Llys Y Fran David PHILLIPS Single  
31 02/04/1833 Benjamin THOMAS Single   Ann JAMES Single  
32 11/04/1833 John DAVIES Single Llawhaden Margaret LEWIS Single  
33 12/12/1833 John WILLIAMS Single Llanychaer Margareta WILLIAMS Single  
34 21/10/1834 David GRIFFITH Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
35 25/10/1834 John PHILLIP Widower   Jane DAVIES Single  
36 24/03/1836 Thomas MORRIS Single   Eliza GWION Single  
37 10/05/1836 Daniel ABSELOM Single   Margaret JENKINS Single  
38 05/06/1836 Levy BOWEN Single   Sarah WILLIAM Single  
39 14/03/1837 John DAVIES Single   Anne MYLES Single  
40 22/06/1837 John JAMES Single   Martha HARRIES Widow  

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