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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Crunwear St Elidyr


The Parish

The parish of Crunwear is located in the extreme southeast of Pembrokeshire, indeed it forms part of the border with neighbouring Carmarthenshire and is close to Pembrokeshire's southern coast. Crunwear is located on the A477 road which connects Pembroke with St Clears in Carmarthenshire and it is about 6 miles southwest of the latter. There is no real village as such within the parish although the hamlets of Llanteg & Llanteglos are the principal settlements, the first on the A477 the second a quarter mile to the south in lanes. The area was principally used for arable agriculture, albeit with a little pastoral too. The principal drainage of the parish is the small stream which forms the border of the two counties and reaches the sea at Amroth. Crunwear is sited at 120 metres above the sea although the church and neighbouring small hills are 40 metres higher. Pembrokeshire parishes are quite small in extent and Crunwear is no exception, it covered around 2,000 acres and supported about 280 parishioners. In common with most of Wales there is no mention of Crunwear in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Elidyr's church sits isolated in farmland high on a hill above the A477, a narrow lane (grass growing from its centre) rises from Llanteg towards a farm and a small sign points the way up footpaths (grassy track) to the church. The church was closed for worship in 2009 and it is uncertain for how long access will be allowed. The church was largely rebuilt in Victorian times (1847) but retained the 15th century western tower, this seems out of proportion to my eyes with the rest. Not content with rebuilding the church there was a further restoration in 1878 which also added the southern porch. The church sits within a tree-lined circular ancient graveyard, the trees do encroach closely onto the building which rather restricts the photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 17th August 1754 - 20th April 1811 Pembrokeshire Archives - Reference - HPR/94/3
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 6th March 1813 - 3rd March 1836 Pembrokeshire Archives - Reference - HPR/94/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Lampeter Velfrey St Peter
Lampeter Velfrey St Peter
Cyffic St Cyffig, Carmarthenshire
Cyffic St Cyffig, Carmarthenshire
Ludchurch St Elidyr
Amroth St Elidyr
Cyffic St Cyffig, Carmarthenshire
Amroth St Elidyr
Amroth St Elidyr
Marros St Laurence, Carmarthenshire

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
17/08/1754 William MADOCK     Ann ROACHE Single  
08/06/1756 Rees THOMAS     Anne GRIFFITHS   Llangynog, Carmarthenshire
09/10/1756 Robert MORRIS     Mary DAVID   Narberth
02/11/1756 John EVAN   St Clears, Carmarthenshire Margaret ROW    
04/12/1756 Abednego EYNON   St Florence Anne PRICE    
29/09/1758 James HOWELL   Marros, Carmarthenshire Elisabeth PRICE    
23/10/1759 Thomas WEBB   Laugharne, Carmarthenshire Margaret DAVIES    
31/05/1760 John EDWARDS   Narberth Anne PHIILIPP    
20/09/1760 William PHILLIPP     Elisabeth GWYNNE    
12/10/1760 Robert WILLIAMS     Elisabeth ROCK   Crinow
25/10/1760 John HALL   St Issels Elizabeth PHILLIPPS    
31/10/1761 Phillip DAVID   Gumfreston Anne PHILLIPP    
27/11/1761 David GWYNNE   Amroth Jennet JOHN    
01/05/1762 Richard HILLING   St Issels Jennet MADDOCK    
02/07/1763 John THOMAS     Martha WILLIAMS   Cyffic, Carmarthenshire
16/07/1763 David GEORGE     Elizabeth ROWE    
13/10/1764 John WILLIAM     Mary PHILLIPP    
19/09/1765 Thomas WILLIAMS     Elisabeth ORIEL    
05/12/1767 John HOWORD     Mary THOMAS    
02/04/1768 Thomas JAMES     Mary LLEWHELYN    
12/06/1768 John WEBB     Hannah JOHN    
22/10/1768 John DAVID     Esther WILKIN    
03/01/1769 John DAVID   Lampeter Velfrey Ann PHILLIPP    
03/03/1770 William THOMAS   Cyffic, Carmarthenshire Elisabeth WILLIAM    
05/06/1770 David JAMES   Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire Elisabeth THOMAS    
05/11/1770 James JONES     Jane JORDAN    
18/01/1774 Robert MORRIS     Elisabeth LEWIS   Lampeter Velfrey
02/02/1775 John JAMES   St Clears, Carmarthenshire Mary THOMAS    
08/06/1775 David HOWEL   Cilmaenllwyd, Carmarthenshire Elisabeth LLEWELYN    
30/08/1777 John WILLIAM     Hannah WILKIN    
04/11/1777 David PRICE     Jane PARSELL    
26/05/1778 John LUKE   Lampeter Velfrey Mary THOMAS    
02/08/1778 Joshua SMITH   Amroth Martha LLEWELLYN    
26/10/1778 Evan DAVIS   St Michael, Pembroke Mary DENAM   Amroth
20/11/1779 John MORRIS   Ludchurch Jane ORIEL    
06/05/1780 Thomas LEWIS   St Martin, Haverfordwest Mary LEWIS    
21/10/1780 John PARRY   Ludchurch Mary ROWLAND    
07/07/1781 James HOWELL     Rachael THOMAS    
17/11/1781 John GRIFFITH     Mary EVAN    
20/11/1781 Hugh LEWIS   Cyffic, Carmarthenshire Anne LLEWELLIN    
11/05/1782 John MORGAN   St Issels Elizabeth JAMES    
15/10/1782 Thomas ORIEL   Marros, Carmarthenshire Elizabeth HAMSON    
09/11/1782 Evan REES   Cyffic, Carmarthenshire Avis JOHN    
18/10/1783 Lewis DAVIES Single   Elizabeth MORRIS Single  
01/11/1783 Richard GIBBY   Llandewi Velfrey Mary DAVID    
12/11/1786 John ROWLAND     Elinor WOOLCOCK    
30/09/1787 John HOWEL Single   Hester CHILSON Single  
20/10/1787 Benjamin LEWIS Single   Jane LEWELLIN Single  
03/02/1788 Roger DAVIES Single   Anne REES Single  
10/05/1788 Alexander ORMOND Widower Ludchurch Jane MORRIS Widow  
09/08/1789 Lewis HARRY Widower   Sarah ROWLANDS Single  
16/08/1789 Benjamin THOMAS Single Lampeter Velfrey Martha EVANS Single  
11/10/1789 Aaron STORKS Widower   Diana CAD Single  
01/12/1792 Charles CALLON Single Amroth Elizabeth ORMOND Single  
23/12/1792 William RAYMOND Widower Laugharne, Carmarthenshire Martha SMITH Widow  
29/01/1793 Thomas GRIFFITH Single   Lettice DAVID Single  
16/05/1793 William DAVID Widower   Anne LEWIS Single  
04/10/1794 James JOHN Single Narberth Ann WILLIAMS Single  
16/10/1796 John SCOURFIELD Single   Mary PHILIPP Single  
29/07/1797 James DAVID Single   Elizabeth PRICE Single  
06/10/1797 Benjamin DAVID Single Marros, Carmarthenshire Jane WILLIAMS Single  
04/11/1797 John DAVID Single Marros, Carmarthenshire Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
21/11/1797 Lewis GRIFFITH Single   Sarah BEYNON Single  
13/10/1798 William BITTLE Single Amroth Anne MORRIS Single  
17/11/1798 Francis PALMER Single Begelly Margaret WILLIAMS Single  
28/05/1799 Griffith HOWEL Widower Llanddowror, Carmarthenshire Elizabeth PHILIPPS Widow  
25/11/1800 William BEYNON Single   Barbara THOMAS Single  
05/02/1804 James LEWIS Single Lampeter Velfrey Mary SMYTH Single  
07/05/1805 Owen THOMAS Widower St Issels Jane REES Single  
14/12/1805 George CHILD Single Amroth Margaret SCOURFIELD Single  
01/07/1806 John GRIFFITH Single   Elizabeth JONES Single  
06/08/1808 William LLEWELLIN   St Issels Anne SMITH    
04/03/1809 James WILLIAMS Single   Susanna WILLIAMS Single  
18/03/1809 John DAVID Single   Hester JOHN Single  
09/07/1809 Griffith HARRY Widower Marros, Carmarthenshire Mary ORIEL Single  
08/07/1810 John JENKINS Single   Mary BEYNON Single  
29/12/1810 George REES Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
20/04/1811 George TWIGG Single Manorbier Martha THOMAS Single  
1 06/03/1813 David WILKIN Widower Llanddowror, Carmarthenshire Mary BEYNON Single  
2 27/03/1813 William GRIFFITH Single Begelly Hannah DAVID Single  
3 13/03/1814 Griffith WILKIN Single Llansaduren, Carmarthenshire Elizabeth JOHN Single  
4 23/04/1814 William WATERS Single Freystrop Theodosia JOHN Single  
5 18/11/1815 John DAVIES Widower Pendine, Carmarthenshire Hester EVANS Single  
6 25/05/1816 Stephen HARRY Single Laugharne, Carmarthenshire Sarah ROWLAND Single  
7 26/10/1816 William PHILIPPS Single   Sarah JOHN Single  
8 11/10/1817 William LEWIS Single   Mary JOHN Single  
9 08/11/1817 John WILLIAMS Single   Mary JOHN Single  
10 04/07/1818 Benjamin MORRIS Single Llansaduren, Carmarthenshire Jane SMITH Single  
11 14/11/1818 David DAVIES Single   Anne DAVIES Single  
12 12/12/1818 David WATTS Single   Hannah EVANS Single  
13 10/06/1820 John WATTS Single Pendine, Carmarthenshire Martha CANTON Single  
14 14/10/1820 James DAVIES Single   Jennet JOHN Single  
15 14/09/1822 Thomas REES Single Amroth Elizabeth ROWLAND Single  
16 02/11/1822 William DAVIES Single Amroth Hannah JENKINS Single  
17 22/02/1823 Charles KENDRICK Single   Ann ORIEL Single  
18 22/04/1823 James LEWIS Widower   Elizabeth DAVID Widow  
19 01/11/1823 Benjamin THOMAS Single   Sarah JOHN Single  
20 15/11/1823 Richard GRIFFITHS Single   Hannah LEWIS Single  
21 02/12/1823 Thomas LEWIS Single Lampeter Velfrey Jane HARRIES Single  
22 29/02/1824 William LEWIS Single Cyffic, Carmarthenshire Margaretta JOHN Single  
23 24/12/1825 John WILLIAMS Single Cyffic, Carmarthenshire Margaret LEWIS Single  
24 13/11/1826 Thomas JONES Single   Maria THOMAS Widow  
25 01/11/1827 Henry JOHN Single   Mary HARRY Single  
26 21/10/1828 Henry THOMAS Single Lampeter Velfrey Elizabeth PALMER Single  
27 14/02/1829 David GRIFFITHS Single   Jane DAVIES Single  
28 13/04/1830 Joshua THOMAS Single Amroth Jane LLEWELLING Single  
29 14/08/1830 William LEWIS Widower Tenby Ann COLEMAN Single  
30 25/09/1830 William PHILIPP Single   Martha DAVID Single  
31 02/11/1830 John PHILIPP Single Lampeter Velfrey Theodosia MORRIS Single  
32 18/11/1830 David HARRY Widower   Martha WILLIAMS Widow Laugharne, Carmarthenshire
33 05/04/1831 William PALMER Single   Martha LEWIS Single  
34 30/04/1831 George HARRY Single   Theodosia HARRY Single  
35 08/12/1832 John THOMAS Single Marros, Carmarthenshire Mary DAVIES Single  
36 15/12/1832 David DAVID Single   Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
37 02/02/1833 John ISAAC Single Cyffic, Carmarthenshire Mary LEWIS Single  
38 07/11/1833 George LEWIS Single   Martha DAVID Widow  
39 04/01/1834 John WATTS Single Eglwys Cymmyn, Carmarthenshire Elizabeth DALTON Single  
40 29/04/1834 Benjamin ORIEL Single   Elizabeth HOWEL Widow  
41 27/12/1834 Benjamin GRIFFITH Single   Mary GRIFFITH Single  
42 30/12/1834 William EVANS Single   Rachel HARRY Single  
43 22/01/1835 John JONES Single Carew Mary MORGAN Single  
44 06/06/1835 Benjamin LEWIS Single   Hannah SHANKLAND Single  
45 08/10/1835 David TREHAERN Widower   Ann WILLIAM Single  
46 03/11/1835 Stephen DAVID Widower   Jane ALLEN Single  
47 03/03/1836 George DAVID Single   Ann ALLEN Single  

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