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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Llanfihangel Penbedw St Michael


The Parish

The parish of Llanfihangel Penbedw lies in northeastern Pembrokeshire not too far from its border with neighbouring Cardiganshire. One will not find Llanfihangel Penbedw on modern maps, the chief settlement within the parish being the village of Boncath. Llanfihangel Penbedw is situated about 5 miles southeast of the port of Cardigan and sits about 1 mile east of the A478 road which connects Cardigan with Narberth. Llanfihangel Penbedw would have earned its living almost entirely from farming, the regime here being mixed arable and pastoral. Llanfihangel penbedw is drained northwards by a small tributary of the Afon Teifi which is joined after a few miles and which then reaches the Irish Sea through Cardigan. Llanfihangel Penbedw is sited at between 120 metres (by the church) and 160 metres (at Boncath) above the sea in strongly undulating countryside, the forerunners of the Preseli range, local heights rise strongly to the south to reach almost 400 metres on nearby Frenni Fawr. Llanfihangel Penbedw parish was fairly typically sized for this area, it covered around 2,100 acres and would have supported a population of around 350 parishioners. Like most of Wales there is no mention of Llanfihangel Penbedw in Domesday Book which does not cover this area.

The Church

St Michael's church sits almost a mile to the north of the village of Boncath at the end of a dead-end lane and sitting next to Penbedw farm. The church is no longer used for worship and at Pevsner's visit was "miserably abandoned and overgrown", the site has now been cleared and is accessible. Little dating evidence remains for the early origins of the church, just fragments of the masonry. Everything else dates from the Victorian rebuild of 1859, further changes were wrought in 1907 when wooden windows were added. The building can be found by taking the B4332 east from Boncath, taking the left fork to Llechryd and then immediately left again into Penbedw Farm's access road, the lane is narrow and with few passing places a tricky access. The church sits beyond all of the farm buildings in a churchyard with few impediments to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 17th October 1754 - 13th November 1812 Pembrokeshire Archives - Reference - HPR/128/2
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 16th March 1813 - 16th June 1836 Pembrokeshire Archives - Reference - HPR/128/3 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Cilgerran St Llawddog
Cilgerran St Llawddog
Manordeifi St David
Bridell St David
Llanfair Nant Gwyn St Mary
Capel Colman St Colman
Penrith St Christophilus
Penrith St Christophilus
Penrith St Christophilus
Penrith St Christophilus

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
17/10/1754 John THOMAS     Margaret JOHN Single Capel Colman
03/11/1757 Joseph DAVID     Jemima DAVID    
26/03/1758 Richard REES   Moylgrove Margaret LLOYD    
19/12/1758 Richard JAMES     Martha JENKIN    
12/07/1759 Evan JOHN   Clydey Magdalen JENKIN    
11/10/1759 John JENKIN   Cilgerran Mary JOHN    
31/08/1760 John YOUNG   Nevern Elizabeth BEDOE    
15/10/1760 Thomas MORRIS   Bridell Margaret DAVID    
03/11/1760 John JENKIN     Margaret DAVID    
24/03/1761 Thomas JAMES   Cilgerran Rachel JENKIN    
28/07/1761 James OWEN   Manordeifi Esther PHILLIP    
10/05/1762 Nicholas JOHN   Llanfair Nant Gwyn Rebecka WILLIAM    
14/03/1764 John JAMES   Cilgerran Diana JOHNES Single  
07/10/1765 Enoch THOMAS   Llanfair Nant Gwyn Elinor JAMES Single  
31/12/1765 George JONES Single   Mary JENKIN Single  
27/11/1766 Thomas DAVID   Penrith Sarah GEORGE    
07/06/1768 Thomas JOHN     Christiana DAVID    
10/07/1768 Griffith JENKINS Single Llangoedmor, Cardiganshire Mary MORRIS Single  
13/12/1768 Nicholas JAMES   Penrith Anne THOMAS   Manordeifi
24/05/1769 John OWEN   Llandygwydd, Cardiganshire Lettice LLEWELYN    
25/05/1769 William SAMUEL     Margaret RICHARD    
19/01/1770 Thomas PROTHERO Single   Margaret JENKINS Single Llangoedmor, Cardiganshire
29/05/1770 Samuel JAMES   Eglwysfair A Churig, Carmarthenshire Tanglust JENKIN    
03/07/1770 John JAMES Single   Mary EVAN Single  
23/10/1770 William GRIFFITH Single Manordeifi Ester JOHN    
26/01/1771 Thomas LUKE Widower Mynachlog Ddu Mary JAMES    
23/05/1771 David JAMES Widower Whitechurch Hannah GRIFFITH    
27/02/1772 David THOMAS Single Cilrhedyn, Carmarthenshire Ann GRIFFITH Single  
10/05/1772 David GRIFFITH     Ann JAMES    
03/12/1772 James DAVID Single   Ann DAVID Single Manordeifi
02/12/1773 John JONES Single   Barbra EVANS Single  
12/03/1774 David JAMES Single   Hannah THOMAS Single  
18/04/1774 John LEWIS Single   Mary GRIFFITH Single  
24/10/1774 David RICHARD Single Llanfair Nant Gwyn Margaret OWEN Single  
08/12/1774 Thomas DAVID Single   Jane REES Single  
05/11/1776 Thomas JONES Single Capel Colman Margaret DAVID Single  
12/11/1776 John SAMBROOK Single Monington Margaret OWEN Single  
03/12/1776 William MORGAN Single Clydey Frances GRIFFITH Single  
19/02/1778 David EVAN Single   Ann JENKIN Single  
14/05/1778 Thomas DAVID Widower Llanfyrnach Mary JOHN Single  
06/06/1780 Thomas RICHARD Single   Ann JENKIN Single  
18/09/1780 James EVANS Single Clydey Mary JAMES Single  
23/11/1780 David John JAMES     Elizabeth LEWIS    
06/03/1781 Thomas NICHOLAS Single St Dogmaels Lettice BOWEN Single  
16/07/1781 John DAVID Single   Ann THOMAS Single  
21/03/1782 David MORRIS Widower Penrith Ann THOMAS Single  
04/04/1784 William THOMAS Single Brawdy Elizabeth EDWARD Single  
24/02/1785 James DAVID     Mary WILLIAMS    
12/05/1785 Evan PROSSER Single Cilgerran Ann REES Single  
22/05/1785 David EVAN Single   Elinor DAVID Single  
16/06/1785 Benjamin WILLIAM Single Llanfair Nant Gwyn Ann DAVID Single  
03/11/1785 Jenkin DAVID Single   Elinor LLOYD Single  
20/11/1785 David JAMES Single   Mary LLOYD Single  
12/01/1786 Thomas LEWIS Single Manordeifi Mary DAVID Single  
12/12/1786 Thomas PROTHROE Single   Hannah DAVID Single  
28/12/1786 James RICHARD Widower   Elizabeth JENKIN Single  
22/10/1787 David EVAN Single Clydey Elizabeth PHILLIP Single  
28/11/1787 Thomas RICHARD Widower   Mary DAVID Single  
04/12/1788 Thomas THOMAS Single   Mary DAVID Single  
10/12/1789 John THOMAS Single   Mary GRIFFITH Single  
04/03/1790 Benjamin EVAN Single   Mary WILLIAM Single  
12/10/1790 David THOMAS Single   Mary JOSEPH Single  
16/11/1790 David EVAN Single   Elizabeth MORRIS Single  
09/12/1790 Thomas HUDSON Single Penrith Mary JENKIN Single  
28/10/1792 Evan THOMAS Single Llandyfriog, Cardiganshire Susanna MORRIS Single  
01/11/1792 John JAMES Single   Mary EVAN Single  
20/08/1793 William DAVID Single   Mary PHILLIP Single  
11/11/1793 David WILLIAM Single   Martha REES Single  
12/11/1794 James EVAN Single   Elizabeth LEWIS Single  
01/01/1795 David THOMAS Widower   Margaret MORRIS Single  
16/02/1796 Joseph JONES Single Clydey Ann WILLIAMS Single  
01/03/1796 John DAVID Single   Mary JOHN Single  
10/08/1796 Simon GRIFFITH   Penrith Catherine SAMUEL Single  
20/10/1796 John THOMAS Single Whitechurch Rachel PHILLIP Single  
27/11/1796 David BEVAN Single Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire Sarah WALTERS Single  
30/05/1797 Benjamin PHILLIP   Penrith Hannah THOMAS Single  
19/08/1797 Phillip JENKIN Single   Rachel EVANS Single  
05/10/1797 Thomas THOMAS Widower Llanfair Nant Gwyn Mary DAVID Widow  
13/11/1797 Nathaniel OWEN Single Cilgerran Elinor LEWIS Single  
23/11/1797 Lewis WALTERS Widower   Mary HUDSON Widow  
12/12/1797 Evan FRANCIS Widower Cardigan, Cardiganshire Elizabeth THOMAS Widow  
22/02/1798 David WILLIAM Single   Ann THOMAS Single  
20/11/1798 John JENKIN Widower Cilgerran Cathrine WILLIAMS Single  
11/07/1799 John DAVID Single Cilgerran Sarah WILLIAM Single  
03/12/1799 John PHILLIP Single Clydey Bridgett OWEN Single  
14/04/1801 John RICHARD Single   Hannah SIMON Single  
25/02/1802 Simon WILLIAM Single Whitechurch Ann DAVID Single  
19/08/1802 Thomas PHILLIP Single Penrith Ann JAMES Single  
22/08/1803 Thomas RICHARD Single Capel Colman Rachel LEWIS Single  
09/05/1805 William EDWARD Single Eglwyswrw Elizabeth PROTHERO Single  
30/10/1806 Benjamin JAMES Single Manordeifi Frances EDWARD Single  
26/03/1807 William MORRIS Single Bridell Mary JAMES Single  
21/05/1807 Titus MORGAN Single Cilgerran Cathrine JAMES Single  
16/06/1807 Thomas JONES Single   Mary EVANS Single  
21/09/1807 George KIRTLEY   Manchester, Lancashire Elizabeth HASSALL Single  
01/03/1808 John DAVID Single Clydey Mary SAMBROOK Single  
01/11/1808 Stephen DAVID Single   Margaret JOHN Single  
27/12/1808 John DAVIES Single Bridell Ann SAMBROOK Single  
20/06/1809 John DAVIES   Cardigan, Cardiganshire Jane PROTHEROE Single  
13/07/1809 Thomas EVANS Single Penrith Margaret HARRIES Single  
18/07/1809 John JAMES Single   Hannah JOHN Single  
21/08/1809 David JENKIN Widower Eglwyswrw Hannah EVANS Single  
15/02/1810 Simon MILES Single Clydey Mary EVAN Single  
13/11/1810 John EVANS Widower Cilgerran Mary JAMES Single  
08/10/1811 John DAVID Single   Hannah DAVID Single  
12/11/1811 Benjamin CHRISTMAS     Easter DAVID    
19/03/1812 Jonathan LEWIS Single Capel Colman Margaret EVANS Single  
28/03/1812 John RICHARDS Single Llanfair Nant Gwyn Elizabeth EVANS Single  
02/05/1812 David ROWLANDS   Portsmouth, Hampshire Esther HASSALL Single  
11/07/1812 William BEYNON Single   Hannah JAMES Single  
05/11/1812 John THOMAS Single Cilgerran Margaret THOMAS Single  
10/11/1812 Thomas THOMAS Single   Mary JENKINS Single Llantood
13/11/1812 William JOHN Single Cilgerran Margaret DAVID Single  
1 16/03/1813 Thomas MORRIS Single Cenarth, Carmarthenshire Mary THOMAS Single  
2 18/03/1813 Thomas THOMAS Single Whitechurch Martha PROTHERO Single  
3 17/11/1814 Thomas JENKINS   Llanfair Nant Gwyn Ann ROSSER    
4 21/03/1815 David THOMAS   Capel Colman Martha EVANS    
5 11/04/1815 David JAMES   Manordeifi Hannah EVANS    
6 13/07/1815 John LUKE     Esther DAVID    
7 14/12/1815 Jacob THOMAS   Llandisilio, Carmarthenshire Rachel MORRIS    
8 07/03/1816 John EDWARDS   Llanfair Nant Gwyn Rachel JENKIN    
9 04/06/1816 William MILES     Mary EVANS    
10 01/11/1816 Thomas GRIFFITHS   Eglwyswrw Rachel PROSSER    
11 01/04/1817 Daniel JENKIN   Nevern Ann BENJAMIN    
12 07/08/1817 John LUKE   Penrith Elizabeth EVANS    
13 16/09/1817 Thomas GRIFFITHS     Sarah RICHARDS    
14 06/05/1819 James DAVID     Mary EVANS    
15 03/08/1819 David MORGAN     Mary NICHOLAS    
16 28/10/1819 William EVANS     Dinah WATERS    
17 27/07/1820 John DAVID   Clydey Mary DAVID    
18 19/11/1820 Thomas DAVID     Margaret EVANS    
19 13/03/1821 Thomas WILLIAM   St Dogmaels Anne EVANS    
20 28/02/1822 Shadrach LEWIS   Capel Colman Rachel RICHARD    
21 13/05/1822 Nathaniel MILES   Clydey Esther ANTHONY    
22 26/03/1823 Evan DAVIES     Elizabeth NICHOLAS    
23 20/04/1823 John EVANS     Margaret DAVIES    
24 29/05/1823 James DAVID   Llanfihangel Abergowin, Carmarthenshire Mary JENKINS    
25 24/01/1824 John DAVIES   Blaenporth, Cardiganshire Catherine EVANS    
26 13/04/1824 Joshua PHILLIPS   Llanfair Nant Gwyn Margaret EVANS    
27 17/08/1824 Thomas EVANS Single   Charlotte JENKINS Single  
28 14/11/1824 Evan THOMAS     Martha PRICE   Robeston West
29 29/06/1826 Thomas THOMAS Single Llantood Margaret JAMES Single  
30 18/08/1828 Thomas MORGANS Single Clydey Sarah EVANS Single  
31 04/11/1828 Thomas THOMAS   Moylgrove Hannah THOMAS    
32 11/11/1828 William THOMAS Single   Martha DAVIES Single  
33 02/09/1830 John DAVIES Single   Rachel BEYNON Single  
34 24/03/1831 Thomas WILLIAMS Single   Elinor WILLIAMS Single Llanfair Nant Gwyn
35 04/04/1831 Abraham DAVIES Single   Sarah MORRIS Single  
36 04/05/1831 John THOMAS Single Llangoedmor, Cardiganshire Ann EVANS Single  
37 03/04/1832 William EVANS     Mary EVANS    
38 30/04/1832 James EVANS     Elizabeth HARRIES    
39 25/10/1832 William WILLIAMS     Elizabeth THOMAS    
40 13/12/1832 John JONES   Llanfihangel Abergwesyn, Breconshire Margaret JENKINS    
41 22/10/1833 John RICHARDS   Llanfair Nant Gwyn Margaret JAMES    
42 05/11/1833 Samuel DAVID     Sarah EVANS    
43 12/11/1833 Evan EVANS   Narberth Maria DAVIES    
44 28/10/1834 William LUKE Single   Mary JONES Single  
45 13/11/1834 James THOMAS Single   Margarette DAVIES Single  
46 23/04/1835 Daniel EVANS     Mary LEWIS   Capel Colman
47 18/06/1835 Jonathan DAVIES Single   Anne LEWIS Single  
48 16/06/1836 Thomas NATHAN Single Llanfihangel Abergowin, Carmarthenshire Esther PROTHERO Widow  

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