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St Brides


The Parish

The parish of St Brides lies in the extreme southwest of Pembrokeshire, indeed it forms part of Pembrokeshire's Irish Sea coast. St Brides is located about 11 miles southwest of the market town of Haverfordwest almost at the end of an extensive peninsula of land that juts out into the Irish Sea. St Brides lies at the end of a narrow lane that leads northwestwards from the B4327 road (Haverfordwest to Dale). St Brides is a tiny fishing harbour and religious site, there is no village just a cluster of cottages about church and slipway plus scattered farms over the extensive parish. St Brides had a mixed income, the port was extensively used by fishermen, in particular for the catching & salting of herring, the hinterland was extensively pastoral. Today St Brides is a tourist site, day visitors and hikers on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path flock to the picturesque site in its deeply indented rocky bay, a pretty place indeed. Being located at sea level there is no significant drainage as such through the hamlet although the southern part of the parish drains through a small stream and exits to the north of Dale. The parish was of a typical, extensive, size for western parishes and supported a mere 180 parishioners. In common with most of Wales St Brides is not mentioned in Domesday Book as that volume didn't cover this area.

The Church

St Bride's church (also rendered as St Bridget in some sources) lies just a few yards from the sea at the end of St Bride's access lane. Pevsner is a little reticent in dating the building, mentioning only the Decorated style transept, which style would place it in the early 14th century. Other sources state the building is Norman in origin. The church is a fairly plain and simple building with nave, chancel, north transept and a tiny aisle. The curious double bellcote is an unusual feature. The church sits in a rather open aspect behind a low stone wall, a metal gateway at the western end gives access. There are no restrictions to photography in this rather open landscape.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 18th December 1755 - 28th June 1812 Pembrokeshire Archives - Reference - HPR/63/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 28th August 1813 - 12th November 1836 Pembrokeshire Archives - Reference - HPR/63/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Talbenny St Mary
Talbenny St Mary
St Ishmael's
Marloes St Peter
Marloes St Peter
St Ishmael's

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
08/02/1754 Michael GREENISH     Jane WALKER    
1 18/12/1755 John TEW   Marloes Rebecca WEBB    
2 21/10/1758 Henry JOHN     Margaret SKYRME    
3 06/12/1758 John Laugharne ALLEN     Mary ALLEN   Marloes
4 06/02/1759 Peter BEAVANS   Talbenny Anne GRIFFITHS    
5 15/02/1759 Thomas BEYNON   Laugharne, Carmarthenshire Damaris Owenia PHILIPPS    
6 30/05/1760 George WILLIAMS   Hodgeston Barbara ALLEN   Marloes
8 12/08/1761 William MILLART     Mary SMYTH    
9 24/10/1763 George ROW     Elizabeth SUTTON    
10 17/04/1765 Rowland STEPHEN   Marloes Margaret RUNWA    
11 07/01/1766 Edward DAVID     Elizabeth ALLEN Widow Dale
12 26/07/1766 David HOWELL   Nolton Mary PRICE Single  
13 03/06/1767 Evan WILLIAMS   Eglwyswrw Dorothy THOMAS Single  
14 12/01/1769 Thomas PRICE     Elizabeth REES Single  
15 20/08/1769 Peter FURLONG   Talbenny Elizabeth WILLIAM Single  
16 16/01/1772 John JAMES     Mary SUTTON Widow  
17 10/10/1772 Nicholas MORRICE     Martha RICHARDS Single  
18 20/05/1773 Owen LEWIS   Walwyns Castle Mary NOOTT Single  
19 29/06/1773 John JENKINS     Elizabeth JONES Single  
20 13/11/1773 John JAMES   St Ishmaels Jane EVANS Single  
21 31/12/1775 David DAVIES   Lawrenny Jane PRICE    
22 26/12/1776 Thomas LEWIS   Hubberston Anne WATERS Single  
23 10/10/1777 Nicholas JAMES   Talbenny Margaret THOMAS Single  
24 19/05/1778 John POWELL     Elizabeth POWELL Single  
25 15/12/1778 John MERCHANT   Hasguard Sarah MORRICE Single  
26 10/03/1783 John Philipps LAUGHARN     Elizabeth ALLEN Single Robeston West
27 13/11/1783 Theophilus JONES   St John, Brecon, Breconshire Mary PRICE Single  
28 09/12/1783 John WILKIN     Sarah LEWIS Single  
29 13/01/1785 John JONES     Martha BEVANS Single Marloes
30 30/04/1785 Thomas RICHARDS   Steynton Mary FOLAND Single  
31 23/10/1785 John REES     Grace JAMES Single Marloes
32 14/09/1786 John DAVIES     Jane PHILIPS Single  
33 24/10/1786 George ROW     Elizabeth VITTLE Single  
34 21/11/1786 Patrick SUTTON     Mary GEORGE   St Ishmaels
35 08/05/1788 William GEORGE   St Ishmaels Rachel COLE Single  
36 02/01/1790 John REES   Marloes Mary THOMAS Single  
37 05/01/1790 Cornelius BEVANS     Diana LLEWHELLIN Single  
38 05/04/1791 James MATHIAS     Elizabeth DEVEREUX Single  
39 10/12/1791 David JOHN     Sarah FRANCIS Single  
40 28/05/1792 Phillip HIRE     Elizabeth LLAWELLIN Single  
41 01/01/1793 William THOMAS   Walwyns Castle Letticia JINKINS    
42 28/03/1794 James REYNISH     Anne MAX Single  
43 05/08/1794 William BAINON   Marloes Jane GREENISH    
44 13/02/1796 Thomas MATHIAS     Elizabeth DAVIES   Talbenny
45 16/04/1796 Thomas HUSBAND     Margaret ROBERTS    
46 19/03/1797 John THOMAS     Mary WILLIAMS    
47 19/08/1797 Thomas DEVEREUX     Sarah PERKINS    
48 30/10/1798 James HUGHES     Jane SAYSE    
2 25/03/1801 John HUGHES     Elizabeth DAVIES    
3 18/05/1802 Lewis JOHN     Elizabeth SMITH   Barking, Essex
4 13/10/1803 William MATHIAS   Haroldston West Hannah THOMAS    
5 27/10/1803 David MORGAN     Margaret LEWIS    
6 26/08/1804 Thomas MORGANS     Mary EDWARDS    
7 30/03/1806 David JAMES     Martha COLLINS    
8 14/03/1807 Stephen THOMAS     Mary JOHN    
9 30/04/1807 Joseph PRINGLE     Elizabeth GWILLIAM    
10 10/10/1807 Thomas WOGAN     Mary JOHN    
11 08/12/1807 Thomas GRIFFITHS     Susanna WOGAN    
12 08/12/1807 Edward VAUGHAN     Margaret CORNECK    
13 26/03/1808 Francis JOHN   Marloes Barbara JAMES    
14 28/02/1809 William SKYRME   St Mary, Haverfordwest Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
15 17/07/1810 John GRIFFITH   St Ishmaels Mary THOMAS    
16 08/11/1810 William MOORE   Marloes Elizabeth HUGHES    
17 30/12/1810 John JAMES     Martha JONES    
18 03/03/1811 Henry JOHN   Marloes Margaret LLEWELLIN    
19 10/10/1811 James DEVEREUX     Elizabeth RICHARDS    
20 28/06/1812 Thomas EVANS     Elizabeth JARDINE    
1 28/08/1813 William PRICE     Ann LEWIS    
2 02/10/1813 John DAVIES   St Ishmaels Jane JAMES    
3 28/05/1814 James REES     Hesther DALLY    
4 21/02/1815 William GRIFFITHS     Elizabeth DAVIES   Talbenny
5 05/04/1817 David JOHN     Elizabeth PHILLIPS    
6 04/11/1817 William ROGERS     Martha ROW    
7 09/11/1817 John THOMAS   Talbenny Elizabeth HIRE    
8 19/12/1818 George JOHN     Elenor REES    
9 03/06/1819 James BEVANS     Elizabeth HARRIES Single Talbenny
10 11/03/1820 James EVANS   Dale Hesther MORGANS    
11 21/12/1820 Evan DAVIES     Esther BEVANS    
12 26/10/1822 Robert LAING Single   Mary PATTERN Single  
13 29/03/1823 William WILLIAMS   Hubberston Jane THOMAS    
14 10/04/1824 William DAWKINS   Marloes Martha GRIFFITHS    
15 25/01/1825 Richard TUDOR   Roch Mary GIBBY    
16 13/04/1826 Gilbert James HARRIES Single St Martin, Haverfordwest Cecilia Anne Eliza PHILIPPS Single  
17 09/08/1827 John RUSSANT Widower   Jane HUSBAND Single  
18 30/03/1828 Richard GIBBY Single   Catharine MOORE Single Marloes
19 24/12/1829 John BOWEN Single   Theodosia GUNTER Single  
20 11/02/1830 William GEORGE Single Dale Sarah JENKINS Widow  
21 04/03/1830 Thomas WILLIAMS Single Roch Anne GIBBY Single  
22 12/06/1830 John STEPHENS Single   Mary PHILIPPS Single  
23 07/10/1830 John DANIEL Single   Martha GIBBY Single  
24 23/04/1831 George REES Single   Martha HUGHES Single  
25 21/05/1833 Richard BUCKBY Single   Mary Thomasina Allen PHILIPPS    
26 24/12/1833 John JAMES     Margaret DEVEREUX    
27 14/07/1835 Arthur Grey HAZLERIGG Single Leicestershire Henrietta Septima Allen PHILIPPS Single  
28 17/12/1835 William JAMES Single   Elizabeth WILKIN    
29 09/06/1836 William COSKER Single   Catherine SMITH    
30 09/10/1836 Robert PHILLIPS Single St Michael, Pembroke Mary CHARLES Single  
31 12/11/1836 John LLEWHELLEN Single   Hester COX Single  

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