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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Gladestry St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Gladestry lies in the extreme east of Radnorshire, indeed it forms part of the border with both neighbouring Herefordshire and thus with England. Gladestry is located about 4 miles southwest of the small Herefordshire market town of Kington and sits on the B4594 road which connect the A44 west of Kington with the A470 to the south of Builth Wells. Gladestry is a small and compact village sitting in hill country, the local hills being popular hiking areas, notably along the Offa's Dyke trail which passes through Gladestry. That monument built at the behest of the Mercian King Offa sought to provide a barrier protecting the English Marches from the Welsh, nowadays its a popular walking route. Given the strongly hilly nature of the terrain arable farming opportunities are fairly limited and pastoral grazing provided the main income of the parish. Gladestry is drained eastwards by the Gladestry Brook which shortly meets the Arrow then the latter joins the Lugg and finally the Wye before reaching the Bristol Channel through Chepstow. Gladestry is sited at around 230 metres above the sea, land is hilly to all sides, Hergest Ridge to the northeast rising to 426 metres and Colva Hill to the west to 532 metres indicating the nature of the terrain. Radnorshire parishes, being upland, are rather large and by those standards Gladestry was one of the smaller, it covered around 3,200 acres and would have supported a population of close to 350 parishioners. Like most of Wales Gladestry is not mentioned in Domesday Book despite adjacent Herefordshire manors being so listed, Offa's legacy was still a formidable barrier even to the Normans.

The Church

St Mary's church is located at the heart of the village, adjacent and slightly away from the B4594 at the start of dead-end lanes leading to hill-farms. The church clearly impressed Pevsner who described its as a "handsome church". The earliest part of the building is the nave, 13th century and showing the Early English Gothic style of that century. The chancel was rebuilt in the 14th century, widened to match the width of the nave, the Decorated style appeared in that portion. From the 15th century, and Perpendicular is the southern porch whilst the later windows in the chancel and the roof are later and 16th century. The restoration, familiar from so many churches, here took place in the 20th century in 1910 and was not overly destructive of early fabric. The church sits up a narrow lane from the B4594 and entry is through large wooden gates. The churchyard is relatively free from photographic obstacles making for a simple church to adequately capture.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 3rd June 1754 - 22nd August 1790 Powys Archives - Reference - R/EP/23/R/A/5 Plain, ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 21st June 1791 - 20th October 1812 Powys Archives - Reference - R/EP/23/R/A/6 Plain, ruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 17th April 1813 - 1st February 1836 Powys Archives - Reference - R/EP/23/R/A/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Llanfihangel nant Melan St Michael
Llanfihangel nant Melan St Michael
Old Radnor St Stephen
Colva St David
Kington St Mary, Herefordshire
Huntington by Kington St Thomas a Becket, Herefordshire
Colva St David
Michaelchurch on Arrow St Michael
Huntington by Kington St Thomas a Becket, Herefordshire

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
03/06/1754 John EVANS     Jane PRICE    
16/06/1754 John PRICE   Llanfihangel Nant Melan Anne JEFFERIES    
18/07/1755 Thomas PROBERT     Hannah MORGAN    
25/12/1755 Richard HOBBY   Llanbedr Painscastle Jane DAVIES    
12/03/1756 William DAVIES     Sarah MEYRICK    
13/06/1756 Robert STEPHENS     Elizabeth DAVIES    
18/06/1756 David DAVIES     Mary PROSSER    
06/05/1758 John DAVIES   Colva Isabella LEWIS    
16/05/1759 John WILLIAM     Elizabeth SMITH    
17/02/1760 Richard MILES     Anne WATKINS    
03/07/1760 Matthew LOW     Mary WATKINS    
12/04/1761 Stephen JONES     Anne SKYDAMORE    
25/04/1761 Robert PROBERT     Margaret WILLIAMS    
17/05/1761 Richard VAUGHN     Mary WEALE    
16/10/1762 James DUGGAN     Elianor JONES    
12/05/1763 Christopher MEEK   Holmer, Herefordshire Elizabeth VAUGHAN    
29/06/1763 Joseph MORGAN     Jane SAVAGAR    
11/06/1764 James RICKETS     Mary SAVAGAR    
04/02/1765 John MORGANS Single   Elizabeth GWILLIM Single  
27/10/1765 Thomas RIDER Single Kington, Herefordshire Ann LEWIS Single  
06/10/1766 David PROTHERO     Choice GOODS    
16/08/1767 John COOK     Rebecca DREW    
19/09/1767 Thomas VAUGHAN     Ann BARNETT    
18/01/1768 John MORRIS Single   Mary VAUGHAN Widow  
01/02/1769 Richard PROSSER   Brilley, Herefordshire Elizabeth MAINWARING    
30/12/1769 James WATKINS   Llanfihangel Nant Melan Mary BEAVAN    
01/08/1770 Benjamin SAVAGAR     Elizabeth CLARK    
03/11/1770 Thomas LEWIS     Eleanor WATKINS    
19/05/1771 Benjamin LLOYD     Mary CLEE    
02/09/1771 William GREENWAY   Colva Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
07/10/1775 Thomas MORGAN   Old Radnor Jane PRICE    
13/06/1776 William JONES     Ann EVANS    
11/08/1776 Charles RICE   Kington, Herefordshire Jane LEWIS    
25/03/1777 Evan THOMAS     Susanna PRICHARD Single  
05/05/1777 John WATKINS     Arabella JAMES    
16/06/1777 William DUGGON     Ann DAVIS    
21/02/1778 Thomas WANKLIN     Ann PROSSER    
28/02/1778 Richard DIKS     Ann JONES    
01/03/1778 John DAVIS     Hanna JONES    
12/07/1778 James JONES     Susanna PRICE    
13/09/1778 Benjamin LEWIS     Alice SCUDAMORE    
04/03/1779 John EVANS     Ann HOGSKISS    
10/05/1779 Thomas PRICHARD   Llanbadarn Fawr Martha THOMAS    
30/05/1779 William THOMAS     Jane JONES    
12/09/1779 Peter TAYLOR     Ann CONNOP    
07/11/1779 Griffin POWEL     Joyce PROTHERO    
16/04/1780 Edward BURGWIN   Huntington By Kington, Herefordshire Blanch PRICE    
12/06/1780 William PHILLIPS   Old Radnor Elizabeth LOVET    
23/02/1781 Thomas LEWIS     Elizabeth JAMES    
20/05/1781 George COWDELL   Kington, Herefordshire Jane THOMAS    
02/09/1781 John WANKLIN     Margaret DAVIS    
11/11/1781 James THOMAS     Sarah WANKLIN    
15/12/1781 William SMITH   Michaelchurch On Arrow Eleanor WILLIAMS    
24/11/1782 William DAVIES     Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
13/10/1783 John EVANS     Susannah THOMAS    
29/03/1784 James DAVIES     Sarah OWENS    
03/06/1784 John DAVIES     Mary PRICE    
14/10/1784 Josiah JONES     Elizabeth BARNETT    
24/10/1784 Benjamin PRICE     Ann DAVIES    
25/01/1785 John THOMAS     Elizabeth DAVIES    
13/05/1785 William JONES     Joyce PHILLIPS    
31/05/1785 Edward THOMAS     Suffick JONES    
25/08/1785 Thomas JENKINS   Nantmel Sarah JONES    
20/03/1788 John GWILLIM     Mary EVANS    
08/11/1788 William GWILLIM   Discoed Hannah MEREDITH    
04/06/1789 John JONES   Llanbedr Painscastle Elizabeth LEWIS    
08/05/1790 Edward FELIX Widower   Jane PRICE Widow Llanfihangel Nant Melan
18/07/1790 William POWEL     Catharine JAMES    
22/08/1790 Thomas JONES   Eardisley, Herefordshire Mary HANCOX    
21/06/1791 Mark CARTWRIGHT     Mary MORRIS    
01/08/1791 William PRICE     Elizabeth EVANS    
10/02/1792 William MEREDITH   Colva Elizabeth DAVIES    
30/03/1792 Thomas WINSON     Elizabeth STUBS    
03/09/1792 John EVANS     Elizabeth THOMAS    
01/11/1792 George PRICHARD     Bridget LEWIS    
25/11/1792 Thomas MAGNEY   Llanfihangel Nant Melan Ann EVANS    
10/06/1793 Paragrain MORGANS     Jane DAVIES    
12/06/1793 Rees WILLIAMS     Eleanor PROBERT    
05/12/1793 James PRICE     Mary JONES    
27/06/1794 Benjamin TAYLOR     Margaret PHILLIPS    
08/06/1795 Thomas DAVIES   Kington, Herefordshire Ann PRICE    
29/09/1795 Thomas JENKINS     Sarah PROBERT    
31/01/1796 David MORGAN   Old Radnor Ann JONES    
08/02/1796 Thomas GRIFFITH     Eleanor SMITH    
23/06/1796 Edward EVANS   Llanfihangel Nant Melan Shusanna MORGAN    
14/11/1796 James LEWIS     Ann DAVIES   Bronllys, Breconshire
08/06/1797 Joseph KINSEY     Elizabeth PHILLIPS    
02/09/1797 John PRICE   Newchurch Elizabeth SMITH    
04/12/1797 Thomas LEWIS     Ann PHILLIPS    
18/05/1798 John SAVAGER     Ann BENGE   New Radnor
15/07/1798 John ROGERS   Diserth Mary PRICE    
18/07/1799 James EVANS     Mary PROBERT    
02/09/1799 Thomas WANKLIN     Martha WATKINS    
07/10/1799 William BOWEN   Bochrwyd Hannah PROBERT    
25/02/1800 John TONGUE   Staunton On Wye, Herefordshire Charlotte JONES    
01/09/1800 Thomas COTTERELL     Elizabeth MORRIS    
11/02/1801 Jeremiah DAVIES     Mary DUGGEN    
05/08/1801 William SMITH     Jane LOYAL    
23/08/1801 John THOMAS     Ann EVANS    
16/04/1802 Benjamin SAVAGER     Jane PRICE   Llanfihangel Nant Melan
22/11/1802 Francis JONES     Mary NEWMAN    
05/12/1802 Francis JONES     Catherine WATKINS    
12/02/1803 James WATKINS     Eleanor GRIFFITH    
29/04/1803 John WILLIAMS     Mary BOWEN    
06/09/1803 John LANE     Margaret LEWIS    
06/08/1804 Thomas Prichard THOMAS     Ann WANKLIN    
12/08/1804 James PRICE     Catherine WHILDING    
15/11/1804 James ROGERS     Elizabeth CONNOP    
31/01/1805 Thomas PRICHARD     Elizabeth LEWIS   Llanfihangel Nant Melan
22/05/1805 Evan MEREDITH     Jane BARNETT    
17/06/1805 James WILLIAMS     Blanch BURGOYNE    
12/11/1805 Edward TAYLOR   Lyonshall, Herefordshire Elizabeth PRICE    
28/11/1805 William POWEL     Jane MORGAN    
26/07/1807 William GRIFFITH     Elizabeth DAVIES    
12/12/1807 Thomas MORRIS Single   Martha ROBINSON Widow  
05/03/1808 Samuel GRIFFITH     Mary WATKINS    
20/10/1808 William Henry MIDHURST     Sarah THOMAS    
27/11/1809 William THOMAS     Catherine PRICHARD    
10/05/1810 Thomas POWELL Widower Kington, Herefordshire Mary JONES Widow  
12/05/1810 Samuel POWELL   Whitney, Herefordshire Elizabeth THOMAS Single  
14/05/1810 Thomas SMITH     Ann EVANS    
19/05/1810 John PROBERT     Ann WATTS    
04/12/1810 William LLOYD Single Kington, Herefordshire Margaret WATTS Single  
15/04/1811 John DAVIES     Elizabeth SHEERS Single  
01/09/1811 John POWELL   Kington, Herefordshire Sarah THOMAS    
05/11/1811 John SMITH     Isabella PARKER    
20/10/1812 Richard CADMORE Single   Isabella GRIFFITHS Widow  
1 17/04/1813 Samuel PASSEY   Titley, Herefordshire Ann LEWIS Single  
2 10/06/1813 Richard WILSON   Presteigne Elizabeth BOWEN Single  
3 24/07/1813 William POWELL     Mary JONES Single Pembridge, Herefordshire
4 09/07/1814 John HOLLAND     Sarah EDWARDS    
5 02/08/1814 Hugh JONES   Llansantffraid, Cardiganshire Elizabeth MEREDITH Widow  
6 12/06/1815 James PROBERT     Jane EVANS    
7 29/01/1816 Thomas PUGH   Old Radnor Jane GRIFFITHS    
8 30/03/1816 Thomas GRUBB     Elinor LLOYD    
9 27/05/1816 William TURNER     Elizabeth PRICE    
10 29/05/1816 Philip MORRIS     Jane DAVIS    
13 29/05/1817 William FERRIER     Mary LEWIS    
14 29/06/1817 James LLOYD     Elizabeth SMITH Single  
15 27/11/1817 Evan JENKINS     Elizabeth EVANS Single  
16 02/02/1818 Samuel THORNTON Single   Elizabeth PRICE Single  
17 13/04/1818 Edward LEWIS     Harriott COWDELL    
18 02/06/1818 John DAVIES     Anne WATTS    
19 03/09/1818 John WELSON Single Kington, Herefordshire Bridget PARKER    
20 25/05/1819 Charles HUMPHRIES Single Old Radnor Elizabeth STEPHENSON    
21 10/06/1819 John LEWIS Single   Jane MORRIS Single  
22 07/02/1820 Henry PRITCHARD   St John, Hereford, Herefordshire Martha ROLLINS Single  
23 28/07/1820 William WILCOCKS     Elizabeth DAVIES    
24 21/11/1820 Thomas SMITH   Ullingswick, Herefordshire Anne DAVIES    
25 29/12/1820 Michael THOMAS Single Huntington By Kington, Herefordshire Margarett SMITH Single  
26 31/05/1821 John JONES Single   Mary LEWIS Single  
27 03/09/1821 Edward LEWIS     Elizabeth GWIN    
28 10/12/1821 William MEEK     Mary SMITH    
29 26/06/1823 William PRICE Single   Anne PRICE Single  
30 14/08/1823 William PRITCHARD Single Huntington By Kington, Herefordshire Bridget LEWIS Single  
31 26/10/1823 John PRICE Widower   Anne JONES Single  
32 05/11/1823 John DAVIES Single   Ann MILWARD Single  
33 18/10/1824 Peter BATE Single Old Radnor Caroline LEWIS Single  
34 30/05/1825 Joseph DRANSFIELD   Kirkburton, Yorkshire Emma LEWIS Single  
35 30/06/1825 John JONES     Susanna GRIFFITHS    
36 09/02/1826 William MAUD Single Shobdon, Herefordshire Jane PRICHARD Single  
37 20/04/1826 Joseph KNIGHT Single New Radnor Mary MORRIS Single  
38 08/06/1827 John EDWARDS Single   Mary GRIFFITH Single  
39 23/03/1828 John GWYNNE Single   Eleanor SAVAGAR Single  
40 13/05/1828 William GRENAWAY Single   Anne LEWIS Single  
41 08/11/1828 William MORGAN Single Llanbedr Painscastle Jane TAYLOR Single  
42 15/04/1830 Thomas JENKINS Single   Mary Maria THOMAS Single  
43 04/06/1830 Stephen JENKINS Single   Mary POWELL Single  
44 24/05/1832 Samuel TAILOR     Mary REECE    
45 10/08/1832 John WILLIAMS Single Clyro Mary PRICE Single  
46 15/10/1832 James THOMAS     Elizabeth WANKLIN    
47 02/05/1833 Thomas JENKINS     Catherine PHILLIPS    
48 16/05/1833 Thomas PRICE     Mary Maria JENKINS    
49 10/06/1833 Benjamin WATKINS Widower Aymestrey, Herefordshire Catharine Price SAVIGAR    
50 17/06/1833 Robert KEDWARD     Anne STEVENSON    
51 21/10/1833 Thomas SMITH   Pembridge, Herefordshire Phoebe WILLIAMS    
52 12/12/1833 John DAVIES Single Kington, Herefordshire Mary Anne MEACHAM    
53 30/01/1834 John LLOYD Single   Martha MEREDITH Single  
54 15/08/1834 Thomas WATKINS   Llanwrtyd, Breconshire Elizabeth PRICE    
55 30/10/1834 Peter LUTHER     Sarah DAVIES    
56 01/02/1836 John SMITH Single   Elizabeth DAVIES Single  

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