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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Llangunllo St Cynllo


The Parish

The parish of Llangunllo lies in northeastern Radnorshire not too far from its border with neighbouring Shropshire. Llangunllo is located about 4 miles west of the market town of Knighton. Llangunllo is a small and compact village sitting astride the B4356 road which connects Presteigne with Llanbister. Llangunllo also has a station of the mid-Wales rail line from Craven Arms to Swansea. The B4356 and Llangunllo are on the southern banks of the River Lugg. Llangunllo sits on the hiking trail of Glyndwr's Way and earns some income from hiking nowadays. The area is hill country and would largely have been used for pastoral farming, cattle in the valley bottom and sheep on the higher ground. The Lugg drains the parish eastwards before joining the Wye east of Hereford and reaching the Severn Estuary through Chepstow. Llangunllo is sited at around 230 metres above the sea but local heights rise close by to over 400 metres. Llangunllo parish is extensive, as are most in Radnorshire, it covered just over 5,600 acres and would have supported a population of around 450 parishioners. Like most of Wales Llangunllo is not documented in Domesday Book as that did not cover this area.

The Church

St Cynllo's church sits just west of the B4356 road and is uphill behind the fringing properties. The church is not a mediaeval one having been totally rebuilt in 1878, with the tower and porch added some 20 years later. Pevsner mentions only that the western doorway and a single small lancet window are both reused from the mediaeval predecessor but otherwise the church is clearly of little architectural interest as the account is completed in just a handful or two of lines. Access is best achieved on foot from the B4356, a narrow steeply rising lane heading westwards leads to track which turns towards the churchyard. The site is relatively open and presents few issues for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 9th May 1757 - 26th August 1775 Powys Archives - Reference - R/EP/2/R/A/1
Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 22nd May 1776 - 9th August 1812 Powys Archives - Reference - R/EP/2/R/A/6 Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 10th January 1813 - 24th June 1837 Powys Archives - Reference - R/EP/2/R/A/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Beguildy St Michael
Beguildy St Michael
Beguildy St Michael
Llanbister St Cynllo
Heyope St David
Knighton St Edward
Llanfihangel-Rhydithon St Michael & All Angels
Bleddfa St Mary Magdalene
Bleddfa St Mary Magdalen
Pilleth St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
09/05/1757 Edward MORRIS     Anne LEWIS    
25/05/1757 James BOWMAN     Mallet VAUGHAN    
17/05/1758 Jeremiah RODERICK     Elizabeth JAMES    
19/04/1759 Edward BLASHFIELD     Anna Maria MATTHEWS    
07/04/1760 William GARDENER     Mary DAVIES    
04/05/1760 Thomas PALPHREY     Elizabeth EVANS    
04/09/1760 Thomas VAUGHAN     Hester BOTWOOD    
14/05/1761 John HAYWARD     Mary WILLIAMS    
09/06/1761 Lancelott BAUGH     Martha SMITH    
18/05/1763 Henry EVANS     Prescilla DAVIES    
20/06/1764 Thomas VAUGHAN     Elizabeth PRICE    
16/12/1766 Barnaby PUGH     Mary MAPP    
28/04/1767 Francis GROSVENOR     Ann DINES    
18/05/1767 John BOWEN     Ann DAVIES    
16/10/1767 Thomas JONES     Mary PHILIPS    
26/05/1768 John BODMAN     Elizabeth LEWIS    
27/12/1770 John POWEL     Elizabeth PREESE    
23/05/1771 William POWEL     Susan EVANS    
05/06/1771 James TRUMPER     Elizabeth VAUGHAN    
14/05/1772 Richard HUDSON     Patience HALL    
19/05/1772 Edward EVANS     Mary POWEL    
29/06/1772 Thomas SMITH     Margaret BOOL    
24/11/1772 William HOPKIN     Mary DAVIES    
25/01/1773 Evan EDWARDS   Bleddfa Hannah PHILLIPS    
12/06/1773 Walter HOPTON     Mary WATTS    
13/11/1773 John MEREDITH     Anne BOTWOOD    
01/02/1774 John EDWARDS     Frances LOYD    
10/05/1774 Henry DAVIS     Mary EVANS    
19/05/1774 Samuel WEBB     Anne CRUMPSON    
23/05/1774 Benjamin BOUND   Llanafan Fawr, Breconshire Mary PALPHRY    
16/05/1775 Thomas ROGERS     Hesther JONES    
15/06/1775 John STEVENS     Elizabeth WAYS    
29/07/1775 John BRADBORN   Llanelwedd Eliza Maria MILLS    
26/08/1775 William BULLOCK   Heyope Mary MEREDITH    
1 22/05/1776 John BEDWARD     Elizabeth HALL    
2 23/06/1776 Henry EVANS     Mary PRICE    
3 10/07/1776 Thomas SMITH   Clun, Shropshire Elinor EVANS    
4 13/07/1776 Edward ROBERTS     Esther JONES    
5 03/03/1778 James DAVIS     Elizabeth BULLOCK    
6 03/08/1778 John FLETCHER   Old Radnor Anne PRICE    
7 28/11/1778 Edward EDWARDS     Catharina BYWATER    
8 15/05/1779 Edward PRICE   Beguildy Anne EVANS    
9 04/06/1779 David LLOYD   Llanbister Mary GRIFFITHS    
10 22/07/1779 Richard FARR   Moreton On Lugg, Herefordshire Margaret MILLS Single  
23/02/1781 William MATHEWS     Mary THOMAS    
27/05/1781 Edward MORGANS     Mary EVANS    
26/06/1781 Thomas MORRIS     Anne WAYS    
13/12/1781 Richard BLAKEWAY   Onibury, Shropshire Fanny CLARKE    
20/05/1782 John EVANS   Llanbister Mary PRICE    
12/10/1782 Thomas ROBERTS     Mary LEWIS   Llananno
17/09/1783 Thomas JONES     Ann JENKINS    
02/07/1784 Edward DAVIES     Ann BULLOCK    
08/11/1784 Thomas VAUGHAN     Mary PHILLIPS    
11/07/1785 Seth BOTWOOD     Elizabeth DAVIES    
06/08/1787 John LLOYD     Hannah WILLIAMS    
25/03/1788 Thomas STUBS     Margaret WILLIAMS    
07/05/1788 William BRYAN     Mary EDWARDS   Clun, Shropshire
19/05/1788 John EVANS Single   Anne WILLIAMS Single  
30/10/1788 Arthur KINSEY     Sarah GRIFFITHS Single  
30/10/1788 Thomas THOMAS Widower Ludlow, Shropshire Martha GRIFFITHS Single  
02/02/1789 John HUGHES Single   Ann THOMAS Single  
27/02/1789 William JONES Single Old Radnor Sarah MORRIS    
06/04/1789 Thomas THOMAS Single   Ann BOSTOCK Single  
19/05/1789 James PRICE     Ann MORGAN    
25/05/1789 James WATKINS Widower Presteigne Mary EVANS Widow  
26/05/1789 Henry EVANS Single   Rachael JONES Single  
12/06/1789 Samuel COOPER Single   Elizabeth MORRIS Single  
07/11/1789 Richard WHISTON Widower   Elizabeth PUGH Single  
10/02/1790 John WEYMAN Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single Knighton
25/05/1790 John EVANS Single   Mary DAVIES Single  
09/02/1791 John THOMAS Single   Anne EVANS Single  
25/04/1791 William GALLIERS Single Leintwardine, Herefordshire Margaret JACKS Single  
25/05/1791 William PRICE Single   Anne PRICE Single  
30/12/1791 Edward MILES Single   Sarah JACKS Single  
00/10/1792 George PRICE Single   Elizabeth LEWIS Single  
06/11/1792 Job COOPER Single   Sarah HARPER Single  
31/05/1793 Thomas EVANS Single   Jane DUTTON Single  
02/03/1794 James DAVIES Single   Ann MORRIS Single  
19/09/1794 John JONES Single   Elizabeth MORGAN Single  
10/11/1794 William JONES Single   Mary JONES Single  
16/09/1795 Thomas WESTON Single Llanfair Waterdine, Shropshire Jane DAVIES    
28/11/1796 James MEREDITH Single   Gwen HARDWICK Single  
19/05/1797 Hugh LEWIS Single Bleddfa Mary MORRIS Single  
20/05/1797 James ROBERTS Single   Sarah KINSEY Widow  
06/11/1797 Edward PUGH Single   Mary THOMAS Single  
14/05/1798 Evan THOMAS Single   Mary EVANS Single  
28/10/1798 Abraham GRIFFITHS Single   Martha DAVIES Single  
08/01/1800 John BROWN Single   Jane HUMPHREYS Single  
26/05/1802 Edward WILLIAMS Single   Shusan EVANS Single  
18/09/1802 Richard HUDSON Single Norton Ruth HUDSON Single  
08/10/1802 John GROSVENOR Single   Jane SMITH Single Bleddfa
31/12/1802 John WIELDING Single   Ann BOWEN Single  
19/03/1803 John PRICE     Ann LEWIS    
28/03/1803 John DAVIES     Martha CADWALADER    
13/04/1803 John HARPER Single   Mary JONES Single  
16/05/1803 Thomas EVANS Single Bleddfa Margaret Griffiths BLITHFIELD Single  
16/06/1803 Edward ABEL Widower Knill, Herefordshire Ann EVANS Widow  
13/02/1804 Thomas BOWEN Single   Leah DAVIES Single  
20/04/1804 Manasset PRICE Single   Ann PRICE Single  
04/06/1804 John BOTWOOD Single   Mary WATKINS Single  
04/08/1804 George EVANS Single   Catherine JONES Single  
06/05/1805 Thomas PUGH Single   Margaret JONES Single  
13/05/1806 Thomas GOUGH Single   Elizabeth JONES Single  
01/08/1806 Hugh LLOYD Single   Ann DAKINS Single  
29/08/1806 William WESTON Widower   Ann THOMAS Single  
06/11/1806 George EDWARDS Single   Ann EVANS Single  
01/03/1807 Thomas HILL Widower   Ann BEDWARD Single  
10/03/1807 Evan HARDWICK Single   Jane JAMES Single  
24/04/1807 James PRICE Single   Elizabeth EVANS Single  
28/04/1807 William CADWALLADER Single   Ann HARRIS    
01/03/1808 Thomas GREEN Single   Elizabeth PHILLIPS Single  
04/10/1808 Thomas WILLIAMS Widower   Hannah HOSKISS Single  
21/02/1809 Thomas DUNN Single Cascob Elizabeth JUDGE Single  
18/05/1809 Thomas DAVIES Single   Sarah EDWARDS Single  
11/06/1809 Valentine DAVIES Single   Mary MILLARD Widow  
26/07/1809 Edward DAVIES Single   Kezia ROBERTS Single  
02/12/1809 John EVANS Single   Elizabeth MORRIS Widow  
18/12/1811 Morgan EVANS Single   Mary BRYAN Single  
09/08/1812 George EVANS Single   Priscilla EVANS Single  
1 10/01/1813 William DAVIES Single   Elizabeth COOK Single  
2 24/02/1813 Thomas LLOYD Single Beguildy Jane JUDGE Single  
3 15/04/1813 Francis BODENHAM Single Bleddfa Mary WEYMAN Single  
4 10/01/1814 David LAWRENCE Single   Elizabeth Anne PRICE Single  
5 22/05/1814 John BEDDOES Single Eyton, Herefordshire Anne EVANS Single  
6 25/05/1814 Thomas BOTTWOOD Single   Mary DEAKINS Single  
7 17/06/1814 William LLOYD Single   Sarah COLLINS Single  
8 07/09/1814 Richard WHITTAL Single   Elizabeth PHILLIPS Single  
9 31/10/1814 William BULLOCK Single Knighton Mary CORBETT Single  
10 17/05/1815 Thomas EVANS Single   Mary BOTWOOD Single  
11 03/07/1815 William GWILLIM Single   Mary EVANS Single  
12 29/09/1815 Edward PUGH Single Bleddfa Jane EVANS Single  
13 01/10/1815 Edward HIGGINS Single   Jane EVANS Widow  
14 25/03/1816 John LLOYD Single   Mary WHITTALL Single  
15 18/05/1816 William COLLINS Single   Elizabeth DAVIES Single  
16 25/05/1816 John GROSVENOR Single   Hannah EDWARDS Single Bleddfa
17 19/07/1817 Edward Bridgewater MANTLE Single   Rebecca EVANS Single  
18 07/09/1817 John DAKINS Widower   Mary POWEL Single  
19 09/12/1817 William JONES Single Hawarden, Flintshire Eleanor WEYMAN Single  
20 18/04/1818 John LLOYD Single   Mary MASON Widow  
21 13/05/1818 John DAKINS Single   Mary LEWIS Single Glascwm
22 16/09/1818 Robert Owen DAVIES Single   Priscilla DAVIES Single  
23 28/01/1819 Thomas HARDING Single   Margaret DAVIES Single  
24 14/02/1820 James DAVIES Single   Ann PRICE Single  
25 02/05/1820 Thomas PITCHFORD Single   Mary JACKSON Single  
26 12/05/1820 Richard DEAKINS Single   Ann HAMER Single  
27 18/05/1820 James EVANS Single Bleddfa Elizabeth GRIFFITH Single  
28 05/03/1821 Samuel EDWARDS Single   Martha EVANS Single  
29 10/04/1821 John JUDGE Single   Martha WEYMAN Single  
30 02/05/1821 Henry EVANS Single   Elizabeth MATTHEWS Single  
31 04/05/1821 Jeremiah PRICE Single Beguildy Charlotte MATTHEWS Single  
32 08/04/1822 James PUGH Single   Mary MEREDITH Single Bleddfa
33 02/06/1822 Richard JONES Widower Knighton Harriet MATTHEWS Single  
34 24/06/1822 Timothy PRICE Single Brampton Bryan, Herefordshire Margaret JONES Single  
35 05/08/1822 John FRANCIS Single Old Radnor Elizabeth PROBERT Single  
36 08/09/1822 John DAVIES Single   Margaret GRIFFITHS Single Leintwardine, Herefordshire
37 29/10/1822 Richard JONES Single Beguildy Martha EVANS Single  
38 13/11/1822 George MORGAN Single Beguildy Elizabeth COOPER Single  
39 15/06/1823 John EDWARDS Single   Mary SHARMAN Single Knighton
40 21/01/1824 Humphrey HOWARD Single   Anne DEAKINS Widow  
41 23/03/1824 Richard BRACE Single   Margaret PRICE Single  
42 01/06/1824 Thomas BEEMANS Single   Anne BAKER Single  
43 19/07/1824 James THOMAS Single Llanbister Margaret MORRIS Single  
44 01/03/1825 Samuel ROLLINS Single   Anne DUKES Single Knighton
45 11/04/1825 John WEYMAN Single   Margaret JUDGE Single  
47 01/05/1825 John HOWELL Single Knighton Mary LEWIS Single  
46 04/05/1825 Oliver EVANS Single   Anne JONES Single  
48 08/06/1825 Samuel PUGH Single   Elizabeth EVANS Single  
49 12/12/1825 William OLDBURY Widower Kington, Herefordshire Nancy Edwards DAVIES Single  
50 02/05/1826 James REA Single Beguildy Anne EVANS Single  
51 17/05/1826 John OWENS Single   Elizabeth EVANS Single  
52 19/05/1826 John REES Single Clun, Shropshire Anne COOPER Single  
53 15/08/1826 Mannaseh PRICE Widower   Sarah JONES Single  
54 17/10/1826 Thomas PRICE Single Lyonshall, Herefordshire Anne MORGAN Single  
55 13/11/1826 Thomas DAVIES Single Llanfair Waterdine, Shropshire Anne JONES Single  
56 13/11/1826 William Joseph MONNINGTON Single Norton Priscilla DAVIES    
57 14/12/1826 John EDWARDS Single Heyope Margaret JONES Single  
58 25/04/1827 John EVANS Single   Cordelia EVANS Widow Bleddfa
59 07/04/1829 Edward DAVIES Single   Mary EDWARDS Single Heyope
60 02/05/1829 Samuel PRICE Single Bleddfa Elizabeth HAMER Single  
61 24/08/1829 Richard STEDMAN Widower   Jane OWENS Single  
62 10/05/1830 James LLOYD Single   Martha EDWARDS Widow  
63 11/08/1830 Edward JONES Single   Mary LEWIS Single  
64 12/10/1830 John BULL Single   Sarah DAVIES Widow  
65 21/03/1831 William MEREDITH Single Kington, Herefordshire Margaret PRICE Single  
66 01/04/1831 Evan WILLIAMS Widower   Mary EVANS Widow  
67 04/04/1831 Evan MANTLE Single   Mary THOMAS Single  
68 17/05/1831 Thomas HIGGINS Single   Elizabeth LLOYD Single  
69 18/05/1831 Edward HOLLAND Single Clun, Shropshire Martha REES Single  
70 10/10/1831 James BOWEN Single   Mary GRIFFITHS Single  
71 31/12/1831 James HARDWICKE Single   Martha PUGH    
72 17/05/1832 Richard WEST Single   Catherine MATTHEWS Single  
73 16/12/1832 Joseph EDWARDS Single   Elizabeth DAVIES Single  
74 15/05/1833 Thomas EVANS Single   Mary CLAYTON Single  
75 12/11/1833 William CADWALLADER Single   Hannah EVANS Single  
76 11/02/1834 Edward Meredith MITTON Single   Catherine EVANS Single  
77 27/03/1834 James GRIFFITHS Single   Elizabeth WHILDING Single Nantmel
78 09/05/1834 William HOLL Single Whitton Mary Anne GRIFFITHS Single  
79 04/06/1834 Joseph WOODHOUSE Single Knighton Mary DAVIES Single  
80 17/06/1834 Hugh VAUGHAN Single Llansantffraid Yn Elfael Margaret EVANS Single  
81 11/07/1834 John MILES Single   Anne DUGGAN Single  
82 24/07/1835 John LEWIS Widower   Elizabeth RUFF Single  
83 01/12/1835 Richard JONES Single   Anne HODSON Single  
84 30/03/1836 Edward JONES Single Llanfair Waterdine, Shropshire Elizabeth MILES Single  
85 29/06/1836 William EVANS Single   Margaret EVANS Single  
86 27/10/1836 James JONES Widower   Jane DUGGAN Single  
87 18/01/1837 Ezekiel DAVIES Single   Margaret DAVIES Single Bleddfa
88 28/02/1837 Thomas MEREDITH Single Old Radnor Mary PUGH Single  
89 15/05/1837 John LONGMORE Single Leintwardine, Herefordshire Jane JUDGE Single  
90 05/06/1837 John BORE Single Winkfield, Berkshire Catherine DAVIES Single  
91 24/06/1837 James DISLEY Single   Mary LLOYD Single  

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