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Acton Burnell St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Acton Burnell lies almost centrally within Shropshire being located about 7 miles south of the couty town of Shrewsbury. Modern day Acton Burnell is a small crossroads village, little more than a hamlet, which sits in an area almost devoid of major, numbered, roads, the closest being the A49 (which sits some 3 or 4 miles west) which connects Shrewsbury through to Church Stretton. Acton Burnell takes its name from the Burnell family, prominent amongst those was the 13th century Robert Burnell who rose to the position of Bishop of Bath & Wells and in 1383 staged an elaborate "parliament" inviting the Marcher Lords & the King to a parley in what appears to have been a large "marquee" in the grounds of his castle. Both castle & church were built around the same period, the church pre-dating the castle by a few years. Since those events Acton Burnell has lapsed into sleepy rural tranquility as a typical pastoral farming village of Shropshire. Acton Burnell is drained northeastwards by the Row Brook which soon joins the River Severn and makes its long journey south to reach the Bristol Channel. Acton Burnell is sited at around 110 metres above the in fairly tranquil countryside which is broken only by isolated outcrops of hard and ancient rocks, one example rises to the southeast of the village topping out at 235 metres at the summit of Park Wood. Acton Burnell parish is fairly typically sized for this area, covering close to 1,400 acres it would have supported a population of close to 400 parishioners. In Domesday times, and prior to the Burnells, Acton Burnell was a sleepy rural backwater held by one Roger the son of Corbet and offering just a pair of ploughs.

The Church

St Mary's church and the castle stand just east of the main village crossroads accessed by a lane off the entrance to Concord College. The church is a fine example of late 13th century architecture, sponsored by Robert Burnell at or close to the time of him receiving his bishopric. Following the earlier cruciform layout with nave and chancel supplemented by transepts, the church, however, never had a central crossing tower typical of such layouts. Documentary evidence places the build precisely to the period 1275 to 1280 putting it into the height of the Decorated architectural style. Pevsner waxes lyrical about the pure features presented by this untouched example, covering several paragraphs in his detail, suffice it to say that until the Victorian restoration not much happened to alter the purity of its features and it is a fine example of the period. In the 1880 the rather incongruous tower, inserted into the angle between the northern transept and the chancel was added along with a general restoration. At the entrance to Concord College a sign points south down a partially surfaced lane to parking for church and castle, the church being reached first. The churchyard is open and uncluttered with no obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
31st March 1754 - 13th August 1812
Shropshire Archives - Reference - FP2/A/3/1
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 3 entries per page
Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads
2 6th March 1813 - 9th March 1836  Shropshire Archives - Reference - FP2/A/3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
31/03/1754 Roger GREEN Anne NICKLIN
1 20/04/1754 Thomas PRICE Elizabeth LAWRENCE Worthen
2 19/05/1754 John DAVIES Cardington Martha BANKS
3 21/12/1755 John GRIFFITHS Cound Susannah FARR
4 30/11/1756 John HAMMONDS Elizabeth COOPER
5 21/04/1757 John RICHARDS Ann BOLD
6 21/01/1758 Richard HALL Jane JONES
7 15/05/1758 Edward ROGERS Church Preen Mary EASTHORPE
8 23/08/1758 William KIRK Mary FIELDING
9 04/12/1758 Richard COPE Martha DAVIES
10 04/06/1759 John PRITCHARD Mary LLOYD
11 29/10/1759 John PARTRIDGE Mary MORRALL Cound
12 29/11/1759 William HUGHTON Tryphena PRYCE
13 22/04/1760 William HARWOOD Mary PORCHMOUTH
14 07/05/1760 Richard DOD Cound Elizabeth GRANGER
15 09/11/1760 Jonathan MORRIS Ann MYRICK
16 04/05/1761 Joseph LEE Margaret KITCHEN
17 16/08/1762 William GLOVER Mary SMYTH
18 13/01/1763 James PLOWDEN Mary JONES
19 18/04/1763 William BENBOW Margaret WILLIAMS
20 01/02/1764 Charles EVERALL Elizabeth PRICE Widow
21 28/05/1764 Daniel BROMLEY Mary ASTON
22 24/06/1764 Thomas ROWE Ann SQUIRE
23 28/05/1765 John PRICE Hannah THOMAS
24 23/01/1766 John WELLENS Sarah LUELLEN Ellesmere
25 12/05/1766 William MEEKS Ann GREEN Widow
26 08/07/1766 John CROWTHER Hellen HAUGHTON
27 07/07/1767 Addey LOWE Ann LLOYD
28 02/02/1768 Thomas INSTONE Kenley Eleanor OWEN
29 11/07/1768 William BOULD Widower Catherine REA
30 03/11/1768 Thomas LOWE Mary PRITCHARD
31 24/05/1770 Thomas WALL Berrington Mary BRASIER
32 01/04/1771 William PARTRIDGE Mary BRASIER Widow
33 18/05/1771 Thomas PARTRIDGE Sarah FARR
34 07/06/1772 Thomas HUGHES Sarah PORTCHMAN
35 27/11/1775 Thomas COCKSON Pitchford Jane NEWELL
36 01/06/1776 Richard PRICE Cound Phebe PINCHES
37 19/06/1777 John BUTLER Atcham Jane HARRINGTON
38 03/05/1779 Edward ROWE Much Wenlock Anne BRASIER
39 18/04/1780 Edward DAVIES Martha BRASIER
40 07/05/1780 Edward BAYLEY Longnor Ann COLLINS
41 12/06/1780 Maurice WILLIAMS Ann COLLEY
42 26/07/1780 James HILL Madeley Joan PINCHES
43 14/05/1781 John BRASIER Blanch MORRIS
44 23/09/1781 John WARRILOW Eccleshall, Staffordshire Elizabeth SHARROCK
45 02/05/1782 Thomas PINCHES Sarah HANCOCKS
46 05/05/1782 Richard BALL Broseley Frances PINCHES
47 15/12/1782 John GALLIARS Martha KIDSON
48 13/05/1784 Joseph MATTHEWS Ann PARTRIDGE
49 30/12/1784 Francis SAMBRACK Mary JONES
50 22/02/1786 Thomas REYNOLDS Mary COPE
51 25/07/1786 Edward PUGH Elizabeth ROBERTS
52 28/06/1787 Edmund PLOWDEN Martha WILLIAMS Sheinton
53 12/06/1788 Richard BOULD Sarah LOWE
54 16/06/1788 John MILLINGTON Ann MERICK
55 05/04/1790 Richard DAVIES Sarah PARTRIDGE
56 14/05/1791 Edward BEMBOW Jane JONES
57 22/06/1791 Daniel BEMBOW Sarah HUGHES Widow
58 05/08/1792 Samuel SWANWICK Frodesley Elizabeth GALLIAR
59 14/11/1793 Daniel EVERALL Sarah HOGGINS Wroxeter
60 15/01/1796 Richard POWELL Frodesley Mary GRAINGER
61 24/11/1796 William DULSTON Margaret GLOVER
62 15/08/1797 Thomas PARTRIDGE Elizabeth WOODCOCK Harley
63 22/08/1799 Edward LEWES Winifrid PARTRIDGE
64 16/04/1800 Benjamin COPE Ann PARR
65 30/09/1800 Edward JONES Frodesley Ann BALE
66 02/03/1802 Abraham BEMBOW Mary WILCOX
67 05/05/1803 Joseph GRAINGER Ann HARTSHORN Longnor
68 10/04/1804 Arthur MANNING Elizabeth BOTTLEY
69 14/06/1805 Richard WILLIAMS Church Stretton Jane LEWIS
70 22/06/1807 Charles GLOVER Widower Ruyon Of The Eleven Towns Mary Amelia ALLEYN Widow
71 14/12/1808 Paul GRAINGER Pitchford Elizabeth STEDMAN
72 14/02/1809 James CROSS Condover Elizabeth TISEDALE Frodesley
73 07/03/1809 William LLOYD Alberbury Elizabeth CLOUDS Frodesley
74 23/10/1809 Edward Joseph SMYTHE Frances BELLEW
75 30/12/1809 John CHALLINER Cound Mary BRASIER
76 29/01/1810 John BROOM Holy Cross, Shrewsbury Elizabeth EVANS
77 19/03/1811 John Hiram DURNELL Mary RENNY Frodesley
78 19/06/1811 Thomas OLIVER Sarah BRAZIER
79 21/08/1811 Richard STEDMAN Maria WALL
80 10/02/1812 William TAYLOR Mary MASSEY
81 13/08/1812 John GRIFFITHS Hughley Mary EDWARDS
1 06/03/1813 Robert MADDOCKS Single Kenley Mary HAYLEY Single
2 10/10/1814 Timothy DARWENT Single Cound Martha Mary SANDERS
3 02/05/1815 Benjamin TALBOT Single Martha DAVIS Single
4 24/05/1815 William DARWENT Single Ann SMITH Single
5 22/10/1815 Thomas COLE Widower Alice HUGHES Single
6 27/11/1815 John LAWLEY Widower Ann MASON Widow
7 07/05/1816 Edward EVASON Single Mary GOUGH Single
8 29/01/1817 William SANBROOK Single Jane GREEN Kenley
9 17/02/1817 Stephen PINCHES Single Mary GRAINGER
10 24/01/1818 Richard EVANS Pitchford Ann COPE Widow
11 08/06/1818 Thomas MILLICHAP Single Ann DAVIS Single
12 24/04/1820 Thomas HOTCHKISS Much Wenlock Mary DAVIES
13 16/05/1820 Richard BOULD Sarah ARCHER
14 13/07/1820 Robert BOOTH Rochdale, Lancashire Lucretia ROWLEY
15 01/08/1820 Edward CARTWRIGHT Mary HAMMANS
16 15/10/1821 Benjamin GILES Quatford Mary WOOF
17 09/05/1822 Samuel LLOYD Single Elizabeth DOUGHTY
18 24/10/1822 Benjamin JONES Mary PITT Broseley
19 11/02/1823 Richard MORRIS Jane OWEN
20 11/06/1823 John BOULD Single Ann THOMAS Single
21 23/06/1823 Thomas PINCHES Great Hanwood Sarah MEEK
22 18/09/1823 Charles DAVIS Single Jane PARTRIDGE Single
23 15/12/1823 Samuel BRAZIER Pitchford Mary THOMAS
24 21/06/1824 John FARR Single Martha HANCOCKS Single
25 20/07/1824 Robert BENNET Widower Church Preen Elizabeth COLLEY Single
26 24/08/1824 Thomas ROWE Single Elizabeth JONES Single
27 05/05/1825 Richard DAVIES Single Mary MORRIS Single
28 30/06/1825 William ROWE Single Mary DAVIES Single
29 18/12/1825 John SMITH Single Condover Ann MEEK Single
30 26/12/1825 Thomas DAVIS Single Ann JENKINS Single
31 06/02/1826 James HARVEY Single Mary GRAINGER Single
32 11/05/1826 Edward LEWIS Widower Sarah BOULD Single
33 18/07/1827 John BALL Broseley Phoebe PINCHES
34 15/10/1827 John MORRALL Cleobury Mortimer Elizabeth BENBOW Single
35 01/01/1828 Philip DAVIES Single Mary BENBOW Single
36 27/11/1828 John PERKS Single Elizabeth BASON Single
37 11/05/1829 Samuel SMITH Single Martha JONES Single
38 23/11/1829 William CRUMP Single Pitchford Ann ROWE Single
39 25/05/1830 Joseph LONGMORE Single Abigail HOWELLS Single
40 23/06/1830 William BOTLEY Single Louisa GRAINGER Single
41 08/11/1830 Isaac BOULD Single Mary THOMAS Single
42 09/08/1831 George BASON Single Little Wenlock Elizabeth BOULD Single
43 09/04/1833 Thomas PUGH Single Cound Elizabeth ILEY Single
44 28/05/1833 John FREEMAN Single Ann FARR Single
45 29/05/1833 Richard HAINES Single Mary MORRIS Single
46 29/06/1834 Richard GRIFFITHS Single Mary WALL Single
47 30/12/1834 John HARRINGTON Single Much Wenlock Mary FARR Single
48 04/05/1835 Francis DAWCETT Single Ann MORRIS Single
49 01/06/1835 Thomas EDWARDS Single Jane GRAINGER Single
50 21/09/1835 Henry HARRINGTON Single Mary DAVIES Widow
51 12/10/1835 Richard CRUMP Single Frodesley Martha BARNETT Single
52 08/12/1835 Richard COPE Single St Julian, Shrewsbury Elizabeth RUBBOTHAM Single
53 09/02/1836 Richard WATKISS Single Katharine BOULD Single
54 09/03/1836 William COLLEY Single Margaret HAMMONDS Widow

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