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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Donington St Cuthbert


The Parish

The parish of Donington lies in the extreme east of Shropshire forming a stretch of the county's border with neighbouring Staffordshire. Donington is located roughly 8 miles northwest of Staffordshire's industrial town of Wolverhampton and sits just south of the A41 road which links Wolverhampton with Newport. Donington is a curious place, little more than a northern extension of its larger southern neighbour Albrighton, a small brook and lake separate the two. The wider parish is dominated by the large air base of RAF Cosford and its associated accommodation blocks as well as small hamlets such as Shackerley. Despite the western location Donington would have primarily been an arable farming parish, cereals as well as root crops such as turnips and also beans are mentioned in early gazetteers as specialities. Modern developments have come to the parish in abundance, the railway line from Wolverhampton to Telford passing through, and granting neighbouring Albrighton a station, as well as the modern M54 motorway linking North Wales through to the M6 passes just north of Shackerley. Donington's small brook straggles eastwards to eventually reach the River Penk which, in turn, meets the Sow and then the Trent before embarking on the latter's long journey to the east coast and the North Sea arriving through the Humber Estuary. Donington is sited at around 90 metres above the sea at its church, land hereabouts is rather gentle with local high spots of 127 metres to the east being the highest ground for some distance. Western parishes are normally slightly larger than their eastern counterparts and Donington was no exception, covering just under 2,700 acres it would have supported a population of close to 400 parishioners. In Domesday times Donington was a holding of Earl Roger of Shrewsbury, whilst its traditional assets of 7 ploughs and a tract of woodland were nothing exceptional, the manor did possess a mill and also 5 salt-houses as more profitable assets.

The Church

St Cuthbert's church stands on the eastern side of the narrow lane, Rectory Road, which runs southwards from the A41, the church sits adjacent to a large care home for the elderly. Whilst the church has its origins in the 14th century, like so many churches, it has been the subject of much alteration over the intervening centuries since then. The earliest remaining fabric dates from the first half of the 14th century, the chancel, and it shows the Decorated style of that early period with intersecting tracery in the windows and convex triangles in their heads. It is likely that the whole church was created in that early period but by the early 17th century, an unusual date for major church works, the nave was completely rebuilt to completion in 1635. A typical Victorian restoration was enhanced by adding to the church too, a northern aisle and southern porch being additions from the restoration of 1879, the following year saw the complete rebuilding of the western tower so this too is a modern feature. Rectory Road is rather narrow so parking is best sought in the access road to the care home, a neat wooden lychgate grants entry through a shady access to the churchyard which is unimpeded from most of the traditionally favoured aspects making for a welcome shoot for the photographer.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
14th August 1755 - 31st December 1812
Shropshire Archives - Reference - FP94/A/3/1
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads
2 29th March 1813 - 29th May 1837 Shropshire Archives - Reference - FP94/A/3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Tong St Bartholomew
Tong St Bartholomew
Brewood St Mary & St Chad, Staffordshire
Tong St Bartholomew
Shifnal St Andrew
Codsall St Nicholas, Staffordshire
Albrighton near Tong St Mary Magdalene
Albrighton near Tong St Mary Magdalene
Codsall St Nicholas, Staffordshire
Albrighton near Tong St Mary Magdalene

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 14/08/1755 Thomas JELLICOE
Boningale Sarah JELLICORSE

2 01/01/1756 John WARD
Brewood, Staffordshire Anne YATES

3 23/02/1756 John CORBETT
St Leonard, Bridgnorth Bridget SMART

4 11/05/1756 Moses SANKEY


5 05/01/1758 William BIDDULPH
Wolverhampton, Staffordshire Mary GARBET

6 04/05/1758 William FLETCHER
Codsall, Staffordshire Mary RUDGE

7 09/11/1758 William MASEFIELD
Edgmond Mary LEES

8 04/12/1758 Thomas PORTER


9 18/01/1759 John PICKEN

Elizabeth DAVIS

10 25/06/1759 William DUDLEY


11 29/09/1759 Thomas CUXSON
Shifnal Anne BISHTON

12 04/02/1760 John DUDLEY

Albrighton Near Tong
13 24/04/1760 John LEEK


14 02/02/1761 John MOULD


15 06/01/1762 David EDWARDS

16 20/02/1764 William BIRCH


17 18/06/1764 Joseph WILLINGTON
Gnosall, Staffordshire Elizabeth LEES

18 24/09/1764 William NOCK


19 24/01/1765 John BISHTON


20 04/02/1766 William HOWL


21 14/04/1766 Edward ADAMS
Brewood, Staffordshire Elizabeth FLETCHER

22 02/05/1766 John ILLIDGE
Codsall, Staffordshire Sarah TRUMNER

23 12/05/1766 David JONES
Penn, Staffordshire Mary BRYAN

24 30/11/1767 John HAMPTON
Preston Upon The Weald Moors Jane LEES

25 10/10/1768 Robert BISHTON


26 14/11/1768 John SMALLWOOD

Arabella ROWLY

27 03/08/1769 John DYCH


28 30/11/1769 John MINOR Widower Grinshill Lucy BISHTON Single
29 27/01/1770 Thomas SALTER

Martha WEEKS

30 27/08/1771 John PICKIN
Tong Ann PLANT

31 03/11/1771 John HIGGINSON Single Albrighton Near Tong Jane BIRCHALL Single
32 18/02/1772 Thomas DOD Single
Elizabeth HANSELL Single
33 12/07/1773 Robert PRICE Single Albrighton Near Tong Sarah CLEWETT Single
34 02/06/1774 Thomas SIMONS Single Boningale Eleanor WILLIAMS

35 13/06/1774 Thomas VAUGHTON Single Brewood, Staffordshire Mary JELLICO Single
36 19/09/1774 Joseph JACKSON Single
Sarah LEEK

37 14/11/1774 George TREVER Single

38 08/01/1775 Charles CLARK Single

39 02/01/1776 Jacob PICKEN Single
Jane ROBINSON Single
40 13/01/1777 John LOCKLEY

Elizabeth DOWNING
41 03/02/1777 Charles HANFORD Widower Redmarley D'Abitot, Gloucestershire Esther LOCKLEY

42 10/02/1777 David WELLS Single Burbage, Leicestershire Elizabeth LOCKLEY Single
43 25/11/1777 John STYCH Single Brewood, Staffordshire Diana Parkes SMITH Single
44 12/05/1778 John PICKIN Widower
Elizabeth MARYGOLD Widow
45 26/04/1779 John FOX
Shifnal Margaret YATES

46 05/08/1779 John BULL Widower Wolverhampton, Staffordshire Mary JELLICOE Single
47 30/09/1779 John ELLIOTS Single
Mary STUBBS Single
48 04/10/1780 Benjamin PERRY
Trysull, Staffordshire Mary YATES Single
49 26/10/1780 John DOVEY Single
Mary ROGERS Single
50 06/11/1780 John RUSSEL Single
Anne FLETCHER Single
51 19/02/1781 Joseph GUSLING Single
Sarah FLETCHER Single
52 27/12/1781 Thomas STUBBS Single
Anne PICKEN Single
53 05/05/1788 Benjamin MANSELL Single
54 26/11/1788 Richard BUCKNALL Single
Mary JENNINGS Single
55 08/01/1789 George BAYLIS Single
Anne BISHTON Single
56 02/05/1789 William BISHTON Single
Frances BLAKEMORE Widow Shifnal
57 23/11/1789 Henry ROWLINGS

Martha PICKEN Single
58 15/02/1790 Robert ORE Single
Anne LEEK Single
59 22/03/1790 Thomas WALLETT
Tong Mary PICKEN

60 10/02/1791 John BISHTON Single
Sophia BAYLIS Single
61 20/02/1792 Richard LOCKETT Single
62 27/12/1792 William BISHTON Single
Anne GAMBOL Single
63 14/01/1794 William BOTFIELD Single Dawley Magna Lucy BISHTON Single
64 07/07/1794 Thomas SHINGLER

Albrighton Near Tong
65 29/12/1794 Thomas TURNER
Chetwynd Anne WALTERS

66 30/04/1795 John AVRIL

Elizabeth THOMAS

67 08/06/1796 Thomas RILEY

68 05/09/1796 John DUNCALFE


69 10/07/1797 James BOULTON Single Albrighton Near Tong Elizabeth BOULTON

70 18/12/1798 Thomas BISHTON Single
Elizabeth SALTER Single
71 30/12/1798 Jervis SALTER


72 16/09/1799 William PICKIN Widower
Sarah TONKES Widow
73 28/01/1800 Joseph GREEN


74 02/11/1800 Richard REYNOLDS

Elizabeth GREEN
Church Eaton, Staffordshire
75 09/04/1801 William ROBINSON
Stoke Upon Trent, Staffordshire Ellen Jane WOODHOUSE

76 22/10/1801 Thomas PEARCE Single
Elizabeth PICKEN Single
77 17/12/1801 John ROLANDS Single
Elizabeth WILKES Single
78 28/03/1802 Thomas ARELEY Single Albrighton Near Tong Mary MCCHESNEY Single
79 07/06/1802 Samuel LEEK


80 25/06/1802 William WALKER Single
Margaret EAVES Single
81 25/12/1803 James TAYLOR

Elizabeth MORRIS

82 02/04/1804 John LLOYD
Brewood, Staffordshire Elizabeth BILLINGSLEY Single
83 02/04/1804 Thomas DOWNES Single
Anne TIMMINGS Single
84 07/01/1806 John NICKOLDS Single Albrighton Near Tong Mary ELEDGE Single
85 13/02/1806 William PERKS Single
Jane STERMEY Single
86 14/04/1806 Thomas BENTLEY Single Tong Mary PICKEN Single
87 24/04/1806 Henry CRUMP Single Albrighton Near Tong Sarah BISHTON Single
88 23/07/1806 William STEEL Single Gnosall, Staffordshire Mary HAZELDINE Single
89 29/01/1807 Richard WALKER Widower Tong Ann SHELDEN Single
90 30/03/1807 Thomas CHAMBERS Single Ranton, Staffordshire Mary HILL Single
91 18/05/1807 Thomas REID Single

92 03/11/1807 Thomas Higgs WARD
Wolverhampton, Staffordshire Mary BOULTON

93 08/09/1808 William YATES


94 11/05/1809 Thomas ROUSHAM

Elizabeth ARNOLD

95 24/07/1809 William NOTT
Albrighton Near Tong Mary DOVEY

96 14/05/1810 John SALTER Single
97 25/10/1810 Richard CROCKETT
Church Eaton, Staffordshire Bridget SINGLETON

98 25/03/1811 Thomas BISHTON Single
Elizabeth DALE Single
100 11/06/1811 George SUTTON Single
Elizabeth UNDERWOOD Single
101 11/07/1811 James BLAKEMORE Single
Ann ANCELL Single Blymhill, Staffordshire
102 30/12/1811 Richard MORRIS Single
Mary POOLE Single Brewood, Staffordshire
103 20/02/1812 George TREVOR Single Albrighton Near Tong Mary GETHING Single
104 18/05/1812 William RADFORD Single
Mary RADFORD Single
105 19/07/1812 Richard SALTER Single Albrighton Near Tong Mary JONES Single
106 28/12/1812 Richard UPTON

Stretton, Staffordshire
107 31/12/1812 William TAYLOR


1 29/03/1813 John BRADSHAW
Albrighton Near Tong Elizabeth PATRICK

2 29/11/1813 James FIELDS


3 01/02/1814 Joseph JARRAT

Hannah DODD

4 09/05/1814 Joseph PICKEN


5 16/05/1814 Robert ANCELL


6 31/08/1815 Edward TAYLOR Single Albrighton Near Tong Frances ROBINSON Single
7 03/01/1816 Joseph STOCKALL


8 03/05/1816 John LEES
Albrighton Near Tong Sarah TITLEY

9 17/02/1817 Richard PIKE
Albrighton Near Tong Susannah AUSTINS

10 29/12/1817 John CRESSWELL
Brewood, Staffordshire Anne MILNER

11 29/12/1817 William COPE


12 09/06/1818 Richard NICHOLLS

Elizabeth MEASHAM

13 16/11/1818 Leonard HILL


14 11/05/1819 John DABBS
St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire Elizabeth SALT

15 01/06/1819 Peter MATTHEWS
Wrockwardine Mary HUGHES

16 01/06/1819 Francis WARD
Sherriffhales Elizabeth REYNOLDS

17 14/02/1822 John YEOMANS Single
Elizabeth WARD Single
18 22/07/1822 Thomas JARRAT Widower
Jane MILNER Widow
19 31/03/1823 Joseph COTTEREL
Codsall, Staffordshire Sarah GREEN

20 21/10/1823 Arden ADDERLEY
Lea Marston, Warwickshire Anne BISHTON

21 20/05/1824 William ANCELL

Eleanor SMITH

22 19/05/1825 Thomas FLETCHER
Albrighton Near Tong Ann TAYLOR

23 29/12/1825 James STOCKING

Elizabeth POWELL

24 09/02/1826 Richard WIAR
Highley Anne NOCK

25 26/02/1827 Ralph COOPER Single Shifnal Maria ROBERTS

26 23/04/1827 Richard TAYLOR Single Birmingham, Warwickshire Sarah ALCOCK Single
27 15/05/1827 William STRETTON Single Yoxall, Staffordshire Mary SHELTON

28 30/08/1827 George LLOYD
Albrighton Near Tong Rachel BIDDLE

29 22/12/1827 Richard THEBRIDGE Single
Elizabeth PARKES Single
30 17/03/1828 Thomas DAY
Blymhill, Staffordshire Jane SHELTON

31 29/12/1828 John JONES


32 19/01/1829 John DAY
Brewood, Staffordshire Frances FORSTER Widow
33 30/07/1829 William LLOYD
Tong Anne SHUKER

34 21/01/1830 John ROGERS Single Albrighton Near Tong Mary GETHIN Single
35 07/06/1830 James GREEN Single Beckbury Sarah THATCHER Single
36 30/12/1830 William PAINTER Single
Anne MURRAY Single
37 28/04/1831 George WEDGE Single Albrighton Near Tong Mary DOD

38 02/06/1832 William HARRISON
Shifnal Ellen HOTCHKISS

39 25/03/1833 John LEECH Widower

40 13/05/1833 John HODSON Single
Martha ROLANDS Single
41 18/09/1834 William HALL Single
Elizabeth BRADBURY Single
42 16/12/1834 William BENTLEY Single
Martha MADELEY Single
43 27/12/1835 William DOD Single
Mary WEDGE Widow
44 07/04/1836 Samuel BROTHERTON


45 14/07/1836 Andrew CALLEY Single
Susan GIFFARD Single Brewood, Staffordshire
46 30/01/1837 Edward NICKOLDS Single Brewood, Staffordshire Charlotte FORSTER Single
47 17/05/1837 William PEARCE
Edgbaston, Warwickshire Sarah DUNCALFE Single
48 29/05/1837 Thomas ROBERTS Single
Eliza BRATT Single

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