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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Leighton St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Leighton lies in central Shropshire about 5 miles north of the small market town of Much Wenlock. Leighton is a very small village which sits on the B4380 road which connects Shrewsbury through towards Ironbridge along the northern banks of the River Severn. Much of the village sits along this road but the estate of Leighton Hall, between road and river, dominates the parish and would have been the primary driver of population size within the parish at the time of this transcript. Like many small parishes in Shropshire Leighton would have been a pastoral farming parish, here the rich pastures of the Severn floodplain would have provided excellent grazing for cattle, a small amount of arable, mainly cereals and root crops, would have been grown on higher, and drier, ground. The Severn is one of the major drainage basins of western England and much of Wales and whilst it passes through Leighton it heads off eastwards and then south on a long journey to the Bristol Channel. Leighton is sited at around 50 metres above the sea and some 20 metres above the rive height, land rises steadily northwards till it reaches the isolated outcrop of The Wrekin after a couple of miles and rises to 409 metres on its isolated summit. Shropshire has a mixture of small and larger parishes, Leighton was one of the former, it covered a little under 2,200 acres and would have supported a population of around 400 parishioners. In Domesday times it was a tiny place, held by one Robert the son of Corbet and mustering a single plough and some woodland.

The Church

St Mary's church sits within the parkland ground of Leighton Hall and is facing the Hall across its main driveway. The church was rebuilt in what was almost a reconstruction of the medieval predecessor. St Mary was built between 1714 & 1716 largely from the local red brick but stands upon the sandstone footings of the former building. The basic nave & chancel, augmented by a southern porch and vestry is topped by a white-painted and weatherboarded bellcote topped by a pyramidal roof, this being added during the late 18th century. A further restoration, at which time early English Gothic styles were added to some features, took place by the hand of the Victorians to arrive at today's building. St Mary's is found within the Hall grounds opposite to the hall and with a small parking area, the churchyard is sadly crowded with trees which severely restrict the angles available for photography even if they created a picturesque setting for the church.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
9th April 1755 - 7th December 1812
Shropshire Archives - Reference - FP159/A/3/1
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 3entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 14th August 1814 - 30th May 1837 Shropshire Archives - Reference - FP159/A/3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Eaton Constantine St Mary
Wroxeter St Andrew
Little Wenlock St Lawrence
Eaton Constantine St Mary
Little Wenlock St Lawrence
Buildwas Holy Trinity
Cressage Christ Church
Sheinton St Peter & St Paul
Buildwas Holy Trinity

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 09/04/1755 Edward BENNETT Single
Catharine GREEN Single
2 03/10/1755 Francis DORSETT Single Wroxeter Margaret FARLEY Single
3 28/10/1755 Richard MATTHEWS Single
Martha TYLER Single
4 09/02/1756 Richard TART Single
Mary LOCKLEY Single
5 16/02/1756 John CORFIELD

Mary TART Single
6 08/06/1756 John PUGH

Anne TART Single
7 31/10/1758 Benjamin BARKER

Mary JONES Single
8 05/01/1759 William WOOF Single
Mary HODGKISS Single Much Wenlock
9 22/04/1759 William JONES Single
Sarah HOTCHKISS Single
10 19/07/1759 William TYLER Single
Mary HILL Widow
11 28/08/1759 Joseph MORRIS Widower
Mary HILL Widow
12 11/05/1760 John MACHIN

Sarah WILLIAMS Single
13 22/05/1760 George CORFIELD Single Little Wenlock Martha PLIMMER Single
14 28/05/1760 William BATE Single
Anne HILL Single
15 05/08/1760 Samuel MATTHEWS Widower
Anne JONES Single
16 03/11/1760 William ONIONS Widower Wellington Anne PLIMMER Single
17 11/05/1761 John BAYTON Single
Anne TART Single Wellington
18 03/06/1761 William PERKS Single
Margaret ALEXANDER Single Oswestry
19 20/04/1762 Stephen DAVIES Single
Catharine DAVIES Single
20 31/07/1762 William MORGAN Single
Dorothy GRICE Single
21 07/12/1762 Thomas COTTERILL Single Bradley, Staffordshire Sarah BAGNALL Widow
22 19/05/1763 John HUGHES Widower
Elizabeth GRATY Single
23 10/07/1763 Richard MADDOX Widower
Margaret SANDS Single
24 15/12/1763 William BAILEY Single
Martha HANSON Single
25 25/09/1764 John BOWDLER Widower Wroxeter Margaret PERKS Widow
26 01/01/1765 William ROGERS Widower
Sarah WANKLEN Single
27 18/02/1765 Thomas FREEMAN Single
Elizabeth PARTON Single
28 08/04/1765 Edward REECE Single
Sarah SANDELS Single
29 11/04/1765 Richard TYLER Single
Mary BOSTOCK Single
30 17/06/1765 William WILLIAMS Single
Elizabeth CORFIELD Single
31 28/05/1767 Thomas CORFIELD Single
Mary TILER Single
32 03/08/1767 Richard SANDELLS Single
Sarah WALL Single
33 17/01/1768 John WILLIAMS Single
Hannah TOMKIES Single
34 10/07/1768 John EDWARDS Single
Mary DIXON Single
35 04/08/1768 Francis GRICE Single
Elizabeth BENNET Single
36 19/06/1769 John WALL Single
Jarret MORGAN Single
37 07/07/1769 Samuel HALL Single
Alice LEEKE Single Much Wenlock
38 23/07/1769 Thomas FENN Single
Jane JONES Single
39 22/08/1769 Gabriel DIXON Widower
Elizabeth PESCULL Single
40 16/11/1769 William ROBERTS Single Buildwas Mary BARNET Single
41 19/11/1769 John BRATTON Single Wroxeter Catharine JONES Single
42 08/07/1770 Richard EVANS Single
Mary CHILTON Single Little Wenlock
43 22/06/1771 Benjamin MORGAN Single Eaton Constantine Sarah BROWN Single
44 09/11/1771 John CLEMSON Widower
45 07/01/1772 Richard LANGFORD Single Condover Jane NEWTON Single
46 10/08/1772 James BURROUGHS Single
Elizabeth EVANS Single
47 21/09/1772 Samuel MATTHEWS Single
Anne SANDELS Single
48 19/10/1772 Thomas TART Single
Rebekah LLOYD Single
49 20/05/1773 Thomas BAYLEY Single
Elizabeth TILER Single
50 09/04/1774 William CLAYTON Widower
Sarah SMITH Single
51 06/07/1775 Samuel TART Single
Jane BENNET Single
52 19/07/1775 Silvanus TART Single
Mary PUGH Single
53 18/11/1775 David MORRIS Single Wroxeter Catharine GREEN Single
54 08/06/1778 John MORGAN Single
Eleanor SIMPSON Single
55 06/09/1778 William BARNET Single
Sarah SHEPHERD Single
56 26/11/1778 Silvanus TART Widower
Joyce EVANS Single
58 11/05/1779 Thomas CROWDER Single
Mary RODEN Single
57 13/06/1779 Samuel STEVENTON Single
Mary MATTHEWS Single
59 29/07/1779 Thomas KYNNERSLEY Single
Ann EYTON Single St Chad, Shrewsbury
60 13/11/1779 Randle SMITH Single
Sindonia TART Single
61 07/02/1780 John MUNSLOW Single
Elizabeth GREEN Single
62 12/10/1780 William OSWELL Single St Chad, Shrewsbury Mary PRYTHERCH Single
63 09/02/1781 Thomas ROBERTS Single
Ann CHURM Single
64 30/07/1781 Richard DAVIES Widower
Elizabeth MARTIN Widow
65 10/04/1782 Benjamin DOD Single
Elizabeth CLEMSON Single
66 25/04/1782 Richard SHELTON Single
Mary BOWDLER Single Wroxeter
67 20/05/1782 Thomas SMITH Single
Eleanor GARLAND Single
68 21/07/1782 Thomas MATTHEWS Single
Laetitia COOPER Single
69 18/10/1782 Edward BLAKEWAY Widower Broseley Catharine PRYTHERCH Single
70 07/01/1783 Edward JONES Single
Honour BEDDOW Single
71 23/01/1783 Richard GARBET Single
Martha ANCRET Single
72 11/07/1785 Thomas FLETCHER Single
Sarah BARTLAM Widow
73 24/10/1785 Thomas GRICE Widower
Anne FLETCHER Single
74 21/11/1785 Thomas HALL Single
Anne TILER Single
75 01/10/1787 George TART Single
Esther PERKIN Single Eaton Constantine
76 30/10/1788 Richard MATTHEWS Widower
Sarah BENNETT Widow
77 12/12/1788 Thomas TYLER Single
Elizabeth SANDELS Single
78 02/03/1789 Richard ROGERS Widower
Jane HALL Single
79 20/04/1789 Anthony KYNNERSLEY Single
Harriett Gertrude BROWNE Single
80 09/05/1789 William MASON Single
Ann BRIGHT Single
81 19/05/1789 John EDWARDS Widower
Mary BENNET Single
82 24/01/1790 John EMBREY Widower
83 02/06/1790 Richard BRIAN Single
Sarah PACKMAN Single
84 03/06/1790 John COLLEY Single
85 08/06/1790 John RATHBONE Single Broseley Sarah CRANAGE Single
86 05/05/1791 Richard WILLIAMS
Cound Letitia SMITH

87 05/01/1792 Benjamin MORRIS


88 13/12/1792 John DODD


89 12/01/1793 John BURTON

Elizabeth JONES

90 03/05/1793 Thomas TYLER


91 23/05/1793 George EVANS


92 21/10/1793 Job SHEPHERD

Elizabeth WYKE

93 31/12/1793 Samuel WOODCOCK


94 12/05/1794 William STEDMAN Single
Frances JONES Single
95 08/07/1795 Samuel HILTON Single
Sarah GRICE Single
96 08/11/1796 John POOL Single
Elizabeth BAYLEY Single
97 01/05/1797 William ROBERTS Single
Ann HILL Single
98 14/05/1797 Samuel KENRICK Single
Elizabeth BEAMAN Single
99 29/11/1797 John Lloyd RODENHURST Single
Elizabeth SMYTH Single
100 16/10/1798 John CLAYTON Single
Hannah WYKE Single
101 03/12/1798 Samuel RUSHTON Widower
Mary GRICE Single
102 14/01/1799 John GLOVER Single Tettenhall, Staffordshire Sarah RAVENHILL Widow
103 30/06/1799 Thomas JONES Single
Elizabeth LEWIS Single
104 09/12/1799 John MEIRE Single Berrington Ann EVANS Single
105 02/02/1801 William BAKER Single
Ann LEWIS Single
106 22/06/1801 William SMART Single
Mary DALLOW Single
107 14/07/1801 John DAVIES Single
Sarah WRIGHT Single Wroxeter
108 01/03/1802 William SALE Single
Martha SANDELS Single
109 10/10/1802 James PHILISTON Single Holy Cross, Shrewsbury Sarah BIRD Single
110 03/06/1805 William TART


111 29/09/1805 Richard SPEED


112 22/10/1805 Thomas CROSS

Lambeth, Surrey
113 21/04/1806 Thomas RICHARDS Single
Elizabeth BARNETT Single
114 05/05/1806 Charles PRICE

Hannah SMITH

115 04/09/1806 Robert ONIONS
Claverley Mary HALL

116 26/04/1807 Richard STREET


117 01/06/1807 John INSTONE

Elizabeth FARMER

09/05/1808 John COOKSON


12/07/1808 William BARNITT


04/01/1809 Joseph HALL

Esther EVANS

30/01/1809 William EDGE


22/05/1809 William MORRIS


18/06/1809 Thomas WORRALL

Frances PARTON Single Sheinton
09/08/1809 James MORRIS

Margaret PERRY

11/07/1810 Levi DAVIES Widower
Margaret PATHAN Single
30/06/1811 George Mark HARTSHORNE


07/12/1811 John TART


1 14/08/1814 James BAKER
Drayton In Hales Ann WORRALL

2 02/05/1816 Richard LAYWARD
Acton Burnell Harriett FARR

3 22/06/1817 William JENKS
Madeley Jane HINCKS

4 08/01/1818 George BEACALL
St Alkmond, Shrewsbury Margaret BEACALL

5 18/10/1818 Joseph STEPHENS Single
Eleanor MORRIS

6 27/01/1820 John LLOYD
Wroxeter Joyce TART

7 15/05/1820 Francis PARTON


8 02/09/1821 John HUGHES
Cardeston Eleanor MORRIS

9 23/10/1822 Thomas EMBREY


10 15/04/1824 Joseph BEMAN


11 30/01/1826 William SIMPSON
Wrockwardine Sarah CARTER

12 08/05/1826 Samuel SANDLES


13 07/05/1827 Elijah HILL


14 08/05/1827 Thomas WOODRUFF
St Alkmond, Shrewsbury Ann LANGFORD

15 08/04/1828 Robert PANTING
St Mary, Shrewsbury Jane Eliza KYNNERSLEY

16 30/12/1828 Charles BARRATT


17 17/11/1829 Samuel BARNETT


18 24/06/1830 William NEWNS

Elizabeth POTHAN

19 08/12/1830 Thomas GLOVER


20 25/07/1831 Edmund THURSFIELD


21 19/09/1831 Richard JONES


22 12/12/1831 John SKRYMSHER
St Alkmond, Shrewsbury Ann RICHARDS

23 23/01/1832 Edward LEA
Uppington Margaret HALE

24 03/04/1833 Cecil EVANS

Little Wenlock
25 06/05/1833 Joseph SANDLES
Buildwas Jane RICHARDS

26 14/09/1835 William CORFIELD


27 11/01/1836 John PIERCE
St Alkmond, Shrewsbury Sarah POTHAN

28 07/05/1836 Thomas ROBERTS


29 30/05/1837 James POWIS

St Julian, Shrewsbury

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