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Monkhopton St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Monkhopton lies in south central Shropshire about 7 miles west of the market town of Bridgnorth. Monkhopton is a rather small village, little more than a hamlet, which stands just south of the B4368 road which connects Bridgnorth with Craven Arms. The B4368 road follows a valley through rather hilly countryside and Monkhopton sits at the edge of that valley where land rises steeply to Netchwood Common. Rather surprisingly for this area, Monkhopton was largely an arable farming parish despite the stiff heavy clay soils. The Beaconhill Brook drains the parish eastwards joining the Mor Brook and thence to the Severn south of Bridgnorth, here matters turn southward for the long journey to the Bristol Channel via the latter's estuary. Monkhopton is sited at around 130 metres above the sea but land rises in rolling hills to local heights of almost 250 metres on the Common mentioned. Monkhopton parish was fairly typically sized for its area, covering just over 2,200 acres it would have supported just under 200 parishioners. Monkhopton is not mentioned in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Peter's church sits just a few hundred yards south of the B4368 on the western side of the main lane through the small village. Despite the rather bland appearance, the result of render formed to imitate ashlar, the church has ancient origins. The nave and chancel are Norman and 12th century in origin, despite the lack of mention in Domesday Book, there was clearly a settlement of sorts, here. The western tower was a 19th century addition just prior to the major restoration of 1840 which produced today's stark appearance. The lanes around the church are rather narrow but sufficient space exists at the junction for discreet parking. The church sits behind a low brick wall and has few obstructions to photography within the churchyard.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 27th May 1756 - 6th February 1812 Shropshire Archives - Reference - XP191/A/3/1 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 21st June 1813 - 8th March 1835 Shropshire Archives - Reference - XP191/A/3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

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1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
27/05/1756 Richard PARSONAGE     Margaret CLINTON    
08/06/1756 George BACHE     Mary WOOD    
02/08/1756 Thomas POWER     Mary HOLDER Single  
17/02/1760 Edmund DAVIS     Margaret LEWIS    
15/09/1760 Thomas BOOTH     Mary HARTSHORN Single  
11/05/1761 Thomas PREECE   Acton Round Ann MORE    
27/06/1761 Thomas SMALLMAN   West Bromwich, Staffordshire Margaret Mary SMALLMAN    
06/02/1762 Robert THORP   Barrow Elizabeth POWE Widow  
04/05/1762 John CRUDGINGTON   Sidbury Elizabeth HOWELS Single  
09/04/1763 John JONES     Anne HASPE    
19/11/1764 Robert PERRY     Mary POYNER    
06/02/1766 John TAYLOR   Chetton Mary COLLINS    
21/07/1766 Thomas DAVIES     Sarah TOMKIS    
10/06/1767 William FRYER     Martha SMALLMAN    
29/10/1767 Edward TROW     Elizabeth GREEN    
05/04/1768 Thomas EMBRY   Much Wenlock Elizabeth COLLINS    
27/03/1769 Thomas MOORE     Martha MILLS    
11/06/1770 Richard RUSSEL     Anne VAUGHAN    
06/07/1771 Robert SMITH Single Upper Arley, Staffordshire Mary PALMER Single  
19/10/1773 William BARKER     Sarah BAXTER    
04/04/1774 Richard NOREY   Acton Round Anne ROWE    
15/02/1776 Thomas BENBOW   Acton Round Ann TAYLOR    
15/09/1777 John BARCLAM     Elizabeth HUGHES    
21/02/1779 James REECE Single Morville Anne HUNT Single  
04/12/1780 Thomas HAYWARD Single   Elizabeth ADNEY Single  
27/05/1782 Edward COCK     Joyce BAXTER    
11/11/1782 William SMITH Single   Anne KIDSON Single  
21/04/1783 Thomas HAYES     Mary PREECE    
24/05/1784 Thomas FAYSEY Single   Mary BAYLISS Single  
27/12/1784 Charles WELCH Single   Mary DAVISS Single  
27/12/1784 Thomas PERRY Single   Sarah HUGHES Single  
19/06/1785 Thomas GREEN Single   Elizabeth BACH Single  
23/10/1785 John HARPER Single   Jane WHITESIDE Single  
27/05/1787 Richard MOORE Single   Martha SMALLMAN Single  
05/02/1788 Matthew BACHE Single   Mary LEWIS Single  
30/06/1788 William BILL Single   Susannah DAVIES Single  
28/07/1788 John DAVIS     Sarah WILKS    
26/12/1788 Edward RUSSEL     Anne PAGE    
26/05/1789 William EDWARDS     Anne GITTINS    
13/07/1789 John JONES     Mary EDWARDS    
10/08/1790 Charles HAYES     Hannah EDWARDS    
03/05/1791 Benjamin TIPTON Single Morville Elizabeth MONTFORD Single  
27/05/1793 Isaac PLIMER     Mary MOORE    
21/09/1794 Thomas FAYSEY     Ann CRUDGINGTON    
17/05/1796 Richard KIDSON     Elizabeth PERRY    
17/04/1797 Thomas INSTANCE     Sarah HUGHES    
08/05/1797 Samuel WIEL     Mary BARKER    
16/05/1797 William EDWARDS     Mary GEORGE    
01/04/1799 William LAWLEY     Ann DAVIS    
23/04/1799 Edward PALMER Single Stanton Long Alice MOUNTFORD Single  
02/07/1799 George EDWARDS     Mary JONES    
13/06/1805 Edward HOWELLS Single   Martha CHILDE Single  
00/09/1805 William BROMLEY Single   Sarah EDWARDS Single  
12/08/1806 William CHESTER Single Morville Mary BUTCHER Single  
30/03/1807 Richard MORRIS Single   Alice RUSSEL Single  
20/04/1807 John SPEAKE Single   Mary DAVIS Widow  
06/05/1807 John STEDMAN Single Acton Round Mary ROWLEY Single  
09/10/1808 John EDWARDS Widower   Sarah DAVIES    
06/07/1809 Richard JONES Single Much Wenlock Martha BACHE Single  
05/12/1809 Thomas DAVIS Single   Mary WILKES    
20/03/1810 Samuel HOWELLS Single   Margaret GLASE    
25/02/1811 Joseph SMITH Single   Letitia GARBET    
05/09/1811 Thomas FARMER Single Acton Round Betty BEALE Widow  
06/02/1812 Edward MILNER Single Stanton Long Ann ADNEY Single  
1 21/06/1813 Thomas JONES     Sarah SPEAK    
2 26/12/1814 John EDWARDS     Ann SMITH    
3 15/03/1815 Edmund STEWARD Single Billingsley Sarah GRUBB Single  
4 30/04/1815 Thomas WILLIAMS Single   Sarah HAYES Single  
6 05/05/1815 Thomas BARKER Single   Elizabeth PEARSE Single  
5 07/05/1815 William ELCOCK Single   Ann PHILPOTT Single  
7 26/02/1816 John EVANS Single   Mary SMITH Single  
8 16/07/1816 Edward HAYES Single   Elizabeth HUGHES Single  
9 03/02/1818 Francis HIGGINS Single   Hannah SMITH Single  
10 02/06/1818 John MOORE Single   Mary YATES Single  
11 05/07/1819 Joel MOORE Single   Sarah SANKEY    
12 09/10/1820 John ROPER     Anne SMITH    
13 20/02/1821 William BARKER     Anne BOWEN    
14 12/05/1821 Peter INSTONE     Ann PRICE   Upton Cressett
15 03/12/1823 Joseph EDWARDS     Harriet CHILDE    
16 05/02/1824 William CARTER   Kidderminster, Worcestershire Mary Ann DAVIS    
17 08/06/1824 John LAWLEY Single Neen Savage Ann TROW    
18 05/10/1824 William YATES     Elizabeth HUMPHRIES    
19 15/09/1825 Thomas HAYWARD     Mary TINDELL    
20 13/12/1825 Thomas COX   Worfield Mary KIDSON    
21 18/06/1828 Thomas BOWEN     Elizabeth RIDSON    
22 21/07/1828 John JONES Single   Jane SMITH    
23 07/01/1833 James PAGE Single   Martha SMITH    
24 11/11/1834 Richard PRICE Single Stanton Long Esther Maria TROW    
25 08/03/1835 Edward REYNOOLDS Single   Mary SANKEY Single  

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