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Abbotsleigh Holy Trinity


The Parish

The parish of Abbotsleigh (usually rendered as two words Abbots Leigh these days) lies in the extreme north of Somerset forming quite a stretch of the border with neighbouring Gloucestershire. Abbotsleigh is located about 3 miles west of the city of Bristol and sits on the A369 road which connects that city with Portishead. Abbotsleigh is a small and strangely linear village most properties being built on either side of the A369 along lanes extending away from it, Church Road to the north and Manor Road to the south. Modern communications, in the form of the now disused rail line to Portishead also run through the parish whilst the modern M5 is just a few miles west. Abbotsleigh would have largely been a pastoral farming settlement but nowadays is growing as commuters spread out from Bristol. A small stream drains northwards to the nearby Avon reaching it closer to the sea than the iconic Gorge's suspension bridge. Abbotsleigh is sited at around 100 metres above the sea and sits on a prominent ridge of higher ground, local heights reach to barely 40 metres higher within a couple of miles. Abbotsleigh parish was fairly typically sized for this area of North Somerset, it covered around 2,300 acres and would have supported a population of just over 350 parishioners. In Domesday times Abbotsleigh was a tiny place indeed, still held by a Saxon (Thorsten) it couldn't even merit a single plough and held just a few domestic animals.

The Church

Holy Trinity church sits to the northeast of the A369 accessed, appropriately enough, along Church Road. Outwardly the church is a standard Perpendicular designed parish church following the standard layout with western tower. The image, however, holds an unfortunate accident as the church was largely destroyed by a fire of 1847 and today's church represents an almost authentic complete rebuild dating from that fire. Pevsner's account of the building is rather short indicating the lack of stunning architectural interest which result albeit he praises the modern "blue sky" design of the chancel ceiling. The church sits to the north of Church Road just beyond a teardrop shaped village green with adequate parking. The churchyard is enclosed in a chest-high limestone wall with entrance through gates at the southwestern corner. Views of the church are limited by the screening trees with the western angles best for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 1754 - 1769 No registers were located for this period
2 17th April 1769 - 12th June 1809 Bristol Archives - Reference - P.AL/R/2/a
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
3 6th October 1814 - 3rd April 1836 Bristol Archives - Reference - P.AL/R/4/a
Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

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1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
2 17/04/1769 Arthur THOMAS     Susanna GODFREY    
1 16/07/1769 John RAWLINS     Katharine FAWCETT Single  
3 12/02/1770 Samuel JUDGE     Jane BAGLEY    
4 24/05/1770 Samuel FOWLER     Betty COURT    
5 17/06/1770 Edward AMOS   St George, Bristol, Gloucestershire Joyce KNIGHT    
6 28/04/1771 James VOULS     Nanny PRICE    
7 02/07/1771 Henry SWAYNE     Grace ADAMS Single  
8 02/12/1771 Benjamin GAINN     Ann PRICE Widow  
9 24/03/1772 John VOULS     Sarah TILY Single  
10 07/04/1772 Francis NICHOLAS     Elizabeth KING    
11 18/09/1772 John GAYNER   St Philip & St Jacob, Bristol, Gloucestershire Caelia OLLIFFE    
12 08/02/1773 William POOL     Elizabeth THOMAS    
13 31/03/1773 William MARTIN     Mary BUCK    
14 08/04/1773 William COURTS     Martha HUNT    
15 11/05/1773 Samuel VOULES     Mary ADDAMS    
16 18/11/1773 Edward BAKER     Martha LANE    
17 04/04/1774 Edward PARNELL     Hannah FOWLER    
18 05/04/1774 Samuel FOWLER   Long Ashton Elizabeth BIRD    
19 07/05/1775 William BIRD     Ann HUNT    
20 20/08/1775 Richard CAVERER     Sarah LEWIS    
21 16/10/1775 Robert MARTIN     Elizabeth GANGER Single  
22 17/11/1776 John BEVAN Single   Elizabeth MORRIS Single St James, Bristol, Gloucestershire
23 17/02/1777 George FOREMAN Single   Sarah HINE    
24 17/04/1777 George THOMAS     Sarah COURTS    
25 18/08/1778 George CARTER Single   Hannah STOKES Single  
26 25/10/1778 James MATTOCKS     Bridget STURGES Single  
27 06/12/1778 George REED     Catherine JONES    
28 21/06/1779 George MILLARD Single   Elizabeth MEREDISH Single  
29 06/06/1780 Thomas VINER     Elizabeth BAILEY    
30 29/01/1781 William FOX     Ann TAYLOR    
31 12/03/1781 Joseph MAXFIELD Widower   Prudence STRATTEN Single  
32 30/09/1782 Thomas BEVAN Widower   Susannah BERRY    
33 11/02/1783 Bartholomew WILLIAMS Single   Ann POOL Single  
34 05/05/1783 Joseph ADAMS     Sarah PHILLIPS    
35 26/06/1783 John WINDHAM Single St George, Bristol, Gloucestershire Mary PARNELL Single  
36 17/07/1783 John Bindon GARDENER     Mary TOVEY Single  
37 04/04/1784 Henry HOWELL   Bedminster Anne GRIFFIN Single  
38 26/10/1784 Peter MARTIN     Sarah THOMAS    
39 18/04/1785 Richard COLLINS   Flax Burton Sarah BUTCHER    
40 25/04/1785 William CLARK   Westbury On Severn, Gloucestershire Hannah HOWELL Single  
41 30/01/1786 Abraham TAYLOR     Catharine WILLIAMS Widow  
42 11/08/1786 James HOSKINS     Hannah HAYDON Single  
43 23/01/1787 Thomas COMER     Phoebe REED    
44 22/03/1787 John HOLMES     Mary JONES    
45 27/03/1788 William EVERED   Wraxall Mary MASON Single  
46 12/09/1793 Edward John SLADE   Warminster, Wiltshire Maria HELLICAR Single  
47 14/08/1794 Richard SHUTT   St George, Bristol, Gloucestershire Ann ROBERTS Widow  
48 12/08/1795 Henry LEWIS   Ramsden Bellhouse, Essex Amelia BARNARD Single  
49 02/09/1795 William ELLIS     Hannah DURSAN Single  
50 03/05/1796 Joseph BROCK     Martha HOWELL Single Portbury
51 21/03/1797 Joseph CURTIS     Edith SMITH    
52 24/07/1797 Thomas NEEDS   Minehead Ann TOVEY Single  
53 11/10/1798 Lewis THOMAS   St Mellons, Monmouthshire Mary DAVIS Single  
54 19/12/1799 William CRAZE     Jane HALL   Clifton, Gloucestershire
55 06/04/1801 William TUCKER     Elizabeth VOWLES Single  
56 27/01/1803 Joseph WARMAN     Elizabeth DYER Single  
57 14/04/1803 William EVANS Single   Charlotte HOWELL Single  
58 17/10/1803 James SALWAY     Sarah HALE    
59 06/05/1804 William BESENT     Lidia HARDING    
60 28/07/1805 William REED     Ann BALL    
61 13/10/1805 James HUDSON     Elizabeth MANFIELD    
62 17/10/1805 Clement NEWSHAM   Portbury Hannah MARTIN Single  
63 20/01/1806 Benjamin SMITH   Horbling, Lincolnshire Harriett MARTIN Single  
64 03/05/1807 Stephen BROAD     Mary HUNT    
65 13/06/1808 William WIATT     Mary MERRICK    
66 12/12/1808 George JONES   St James, Bristol, Gloucestershire Sarah BINDON Single  
67 04/04/1809 John KNOWLES     Rachel WILLIAMS Single  
68 12/06/1809 Samuel PERRY   Yatton Mary ADAMS Single  
1 06/10/1814 William HIGHMORE   City Of London Rebecca WHITE Single  
2 10/11/1818 Thomas GIBBERD Single   Sarah HARRIS Single  
3 08/11/1822 Samuel LAWRENCE     Eliza KING    
4 24/04/1823 Joseph HUNT Single   Mary COLLINS    
5 06/12/1824 James WILKINS Single Wookey Lydia LOCKE    
6 27/04/1825 William FOWLER Single Chilton Polden Esther LLEWELLIN Single  
7 05/12/1826 John TESDALE Single Wraxall Mary BROAD Single  
8 30/01/1827 James TESDALE Single St George, Bristol, Gloucestershire Mary LOTT Single  
9 07/02/1827 William DALBY Single   Ann POWELL Single  
10 27/06/1827 Thomas COOPER Single Brecon, Breconshire Jane FELTHAM Single  
11 16/07/1827 George ANSTICE Single Dorset Ellen Estance PROTHEROE Single  
12 25/08/1828 John OGLE Single Ponteland, Northumberland Sarah Agatha MILES Single  
13 03/03/1829 John MCLEAN Single   Mary MOSMAN Single  
14 02/04/1829 Thomas DELVE Single   Mary Ann CAWES Single  
15 05/04/1831 John VIZARD Single St Andrew Holborn, City Of London Sarah PRUEN Single  
16 27/03/1832 John Dixon HALES Single Portbury Susanna Ann BAYLY Single  
17 03/12/1832 Henry James LLOYD   St Marylebone, Middlesex Elizabeth MILES Single  
18 26/03/1833 John PERKINS Single   Harriet HEDGES Single  
19 01/04/1834 Joseph STARKEY Single   Mary DOCWRA Single  
20 05/02/1835 Thomas HATCH Widower   Elizabeth VOWLES Single  
21 23/02/1835 Robert DELVE Single   Sarah PERINTON Widow  
22 03/04/1836 James BROAD   St George, Bristol, Gloucestershire Hannah POOLE    

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