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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Compton Martin St Michael


The Parish

The parish of Compton Martin lies in northern Somerset about 6 miles northeast of the town of Cheddar. Compton Martin sits at the base of the Mendip Hills, on its northern side, one of a series of spring-line villages that follow the break of slope below these hills. Compton Martin sits on the A368 road which connects Bath through to the coast near Weston Super Mare. Much of Compton Martin is built along this road, with properties lying largely to its north and along a loop road which also heads out and back to the north. Unlike many places immediately east which lay on the small coalfield, Compton Martin would have been a farming community, largely indulging in pastoral farming with cattle on lower ground and sheep on the higher limestone of the Mendips, this farming income would have been supplemented by quarrying of that limestone for local building stone. The River Yeo rises from the base of the limestone hills and drains Compton Martin to the northwest running the short distance to the Bristol Channel and reaching it to the north of Weston Super Mare. Compton Martin is sited at around 100 metres above the sea but the Mendip rear up to the south reaching over 260 metres within less than a mile, an impressive escarpment that attracts many tourists to the village. Most of the parishes along the Mendip's northern edge are elongated on a southwest to northeast axis to access all of the available land types and Compton Martin followed this trend, it was typically sized for the area covering close to 2,200 acres and would have supported a population of around 600 parishioners. In Domesday times Compton Martin was held by one Serlo de Bercy and as a relatively smll holding offering 7 ploughs together with the ususal meadows, pastures and woodland.

The Church

St Michael's church sits to the south of the A368 on the fore-slopes of the Mendip escarpment and raised above road level. The church has ancient origins and is built largely in the Norman Romanesque style of the 12th century. Pevsner goes out of his way to praise the church for retaining these features describing it as "the best Norman parish church in Somerset". The Norman features are concentrated on the rear and sides of the church, the chancel and aisle arcades together with the clerestory all being of this era. Some of the decorations show a style developed during the constrcution of Durham Cathedral, at the other end of the country, and Pevsner speculates that these might in some way be connected. Within these clasping Norman features lies a 15th century nave and the western tower, these being Perpendicular in style and representing a substantial rebuild or refresh at that date For once Pevsner does not mention a Victorian restoration and if one occurred it did little to alter the building. A narrow lane, The Batch, rises up the slope from the A368 to the church entrance, it is narrow but with just about sufficient room to park. Entrance gates continue up the slope to the churchyard which is relatively open and has few obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 10th September 1754 - 31st December 1812 Somerset Heritage Centre - Reference - D\P\com.m/2/1/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads The register has suffered water damage and the majority is written in a very challenging hand making it likely that quite a few misreads may be present - users should treat with some caution.
2 1st February 1813 - 13th April 1837 Somerset Heritage Centre - Reference - D\P\com.m/2/1/8 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number The register has suffered form water damage making for some entries being tricky and a possibility of a few misreads

Chewstoke St Andrew
Chewstoke St Andrew
Chew Magna St Andrew
Ubley St Bartholomew
Chew Magna St Andrew
West Harptree St Mary
West Harptree St Mary
West Harptree St Mary
West Harptree St Mary

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
30/01/1754 Thomas MOGRIDGE Mary BADMAN
1 10/09/1754 George MOORE Chard Elizabeth VOWLES
2 08/02/1755 John READ Betty BADMAN Single
3 03/04/1755 John VOWLES Chewton Mendip Ann BADMAN Single
4 15/07/1755 John BUSH Widower West Harptree Hannah YORK Single
5 27/07/1755 Thomas COX Single Ubley Ann ABRAHAM Single
6 15/11/1756 Samuel VOWLEY Single Ann DOWLING Single
9 04/06/1759 Richard VOWLES Sarah YOUNGE
10 10/06/1759 John GANE Widower Margaret WOOD Single
11 15/06/1759 Peter DAY Single Chewton Mendip Edith KING Single
12 13/04/1760 William SHEPHERD Hinton Blewett Elizabeth EDGEHILL
13 07/10/1760 Thomas CLARK Bedminster Sarah CLARK
14 26/03/1761 William HELLIER Single Nempnett Thrubwell Sarah POPE Single
15 19/04/1761 Silas DERRICK Single Ubley Anne CLARKE Single
16 29/03/1762 John BENNETT Single Nempnett Thrubwell Hester BOWLES Single
17 31/05/1762 William YORK Single Chewton Mendip Ann ROYNON Single
18 31/05/1762 William LEE Cheddar Mary ROYNON Single
19 27/06/1762 James BADMAN Mary CONNARD Single
20 12/11/1762 Thomas CLARK Hester DERICK Single
21 13/03/1763 Richard MILLER Widower Elizabeth WEST Widow
22 24/05/1763 John KING Corsham, Wiltshire Anna LOVELL Single
23 09/05/1764 Richard VOWLES Ubley Charity VOWLES Single
24 10/09/1764 William SPREAT Chew Magna Sarah WEEKS
25 16/09/1764 Thomas HEATH Martha COOKE Single
26 13/11/1764 Richard SAGE Amy BROMLEY Single
27 18/11/1764 James WATTS Widower Ubley Ann KING Single
28 07/01/1765 William BADMAN Sarah GALLOP Single
29 04/05/1765 Samuel DERRICK Christian BADMAN Single
30 06/05/1765 William GANE Mary LEMON Single
31 14/10/1765 Joseph BADMAN Ann RODVARD Single
32 16/12/1765 William BROOKS Rebecca BAKER Single
33 03/04/1766 Jonathan YORK Ann THOMAS Single
34 21/05/1766 William BOWLES Single Nunney Ann FISHER Single
35 13/10/1766 Benjamin LANE Mary YORKE Single
36 20/04/1767 Richard DERRICK Sarah DERRICK Single
37 25/05/1768 William CURRELL Widower Elizabeth PETHEN Single
39 02/01/1769 James GREEN Sarah HANNAM Single
40 27/04/1769 John LOVELL Betty DERRICK Single
41 29/05/1769 George WEAVER Chewton Mendip Betty DERHAM Single
42 12/11/1769 John EVANS Single Charity LANE Single
43 30/05/1770 William KING Single Hannah RAYNON Single
44 25/06/1770 Samuel DERRICK Widower Ann VOWLS Single
45 08/04/1771 William RADFORD Chard Sarah READ Single
46 07/07/1771 William COLLENS Elizabeth BROWN Single
47 08/07/1771 John FILER Bleadon Mary BADMAN
48 03/10/1771 James LOVELL Sarah YORK
49 18/05/1772 Thomas VOWLS Single Elizabeth VOWLES Single
50 01/06/1772 John BURGE Chew Magna Mary WEBB Single
51 08/06/1772 James HOLBROOK West Harptree Mary KING Single
52 13/07/1772 William VEAL Chew Magna Sarah RAYNON Single
53 11/04/1773 James BEESLY Martha YORK Single
54 28/06/1773 Richard BADMAN Charity VOWLES Single
55 03/04/1774 John READ Hannah DERRICK Single
56 15/04/1775 Francis MITCHELL Ann OGBORN Single
57 06/05/1775 Henry MARSH Tiverton, Devon Hester BILBYE Single
58 01/07/1775 Benjamin WINES Mary LOVAL
59 12/02/1776 Richard DERHAM Hester VOWLES Single
60 13/06/1776 Edward HERBERT Bedminster Ann POPE Single
61 17/06/1776 Samuel URCH Sarah BAILEY Single
62 06/01/1777 James VOWLES Hester VOWLES Single
63 03/02/1777 Thomas LANE Ann DERRICK Single
64 13/04/1777 Edward SATCHELL Betty YORK Single
65 05/10/1777 John GOIT Martha FLOWER Single
66 19/04/1778 Richard ROYNON Elizabeth LAY Single
67 23/04/1778 Thomas TAYLOR Westbury On Trym, Gloucestershire Christian DERRICK Single
68 24/04/1778 Thomas MOCKRIDGE Mary WILLS Single Wookey
69 09/08/1778 Thomas HOOLE Hannah DALTON Single
70 18/03/1779 John HORE Ann HILLMAN Single Chew Magna
71 08/04/1779 Richard AKIN Blagdon Sarah GITTING Single
72 14/10/1779 John HORTON Ann VOWLES Single
73 17/10/1779 Thomas NICHOLAS Grace DERRICK Single
75 25/09/1780 Richard OGBORN Mary BENNETT Single Ubley
76 22/02/1781 William BACK Jane BACK Single
77 04/09/1781 John WYAT Mary MOCKRIDGE
78 05/06/1782 James GANE Ann GALLOP Ubley
79 13/10/1782 James COLE Camely Mary WEST
80 14/10/1782 John CROSS Single Kingston St Mary Susan FILER Single
85 00/00/1783 John YORK Butcombe Martha ROYNON Single
81 16/06/1783 William CROOK West Harptree Sarah RADFORD Single
82 18/07/1783 George CHAPPELL Shepton Mallet Martha MOCKRIDGE
83 11/08/1783 William HOLLEY Rachael MORGAN
84 15/11/1783 Benjamin COOMBS Chewstoke Sarah LESSE
86 28/03/1785 James HASELL Sarah BENNETT Single
87 16/05/1785 John BROCK Single Rebecca WAULDER Single
88 09/10/1785 William WYAT Widower West Harptree Hester HODGES Single
89 20/11/1785 Jacob SAGE Elizabeth LOVELL Single
90 20/11/1785 John PRICE Single Hester HILLMAN Single
91 17/04/1786 Henry FILER Martha SAUNDERS Single
92 21/05/1786 Richard DERRICK Single Ann VOWLES Single
93 19/09/1786 John BALL Single Elizabeth MOCKRIDGE Single
94 07/06/1787 Henry BROCK Single Blagdon Christian BRECKS Single
95 22/05/1788 Jesse SAGE Elizabeth BADWELL
96 00/12/1788 Joseph WHITE Blagdon Elizabeth HELE Single
97 20/12/1789 Henry FLOWER Single Hester SPERING Single
98 26/04/1790 Philip CHAPPEL Single Ann CAPMAN Single Dundry
99 06/11/1791 James DALTON Sarah CANNARD
101 00/00/1792 James STEPHENS Single Sarah GREEN Single
102 21/04/1793 George SHIPPEN Single Sarah YORK Single
103 21/04/1794 John DERRICK Single Ubley Sarah LOVEL Single
104 05/10/1794 James YORK Single Mary COOK Single
105 13/10/1794 William ROYNON Single Anne WEBB Single
106 24/12/1794 John WEBB Single Anne COX Single
107 14/05/1795 George VOWLES Single West Harptree Mary ROYNON Single
108 28/05/1795 John GAINFIELD Single Penelope LOVEL Single
109 28/05/1795 Samuel WEBB Single Hannah POYTON Single
110 03/08/1795 Richard FELOR Single Ubley Ann TUGBY Single
111 21/08/1795 John BAKER Single Sarah BROOKS Single
112 14/02/1796 Thomas BALSON Single Christian LOVEL Single
113 10/04/1796 Richard VOWLES Single Ann LASBURY Single
114 17/06/1796 Isack GREEN Single Elizabeth MANLY Single
115 07/11/1796 John HORES Single Sarah STYLES Single
116 25/05/1797 Charles HALL Single Ann BABER Single
117 31/08/1797 Thomas Bowcher WRIGHT Single East Harptree Augusta Rebecca Anne MARTYN Single
118 08/03/1798 John GOVER Chew Magna Martha WEBB
119 03/04/1798 Thomas SPIER Single Chewton Mendip Hester CUTLESS Single
120 07/05/1798 James COX Single Anne LANCE Single
121 02/09/1798 Thomas NEVIL Single Christian BADMAN Single
122 12/11/1798 William SPERRING Widower Mary GRIGG Single
123 22/11/1798 John HOSKYNS Single Maria MORGAN Single
124 01/04/1799 William RUGG Widower Bedminster Elizabeth PRINTER Single
125 06/05/1799 George GREEN Single Mary LOVELL Single
126 30/06/1799 James RADFORD Single Sarah RADFORD Single
127 12/08/1799 William THOMAS Single West Harptree Elizabeth MOON Single
128 14/10/1799 William WYAT Widower East Harptree Mary OGBORNE Single
129 19/05/1800 Samuel CURTIS Single Litton Mary WEBB Single
130 24/11/1800 William SPEAR Single Chewton Mendip Ann MOCKRIDGE Single
131 26/01/1801 James PISSEY Single Sarah DAVIS Single
132 16/05/1801 Samuel DURBIN Single West Harptree Mary GREEN Single
133 21/06/1801 Joseph WIATT Single West Harptree Martha HOLBROOK Single
134 23/10/1801 George TOMBS Chew Magna Mary VOWLES
135 31/01/1803 James PAIN Single Barrington Martha BIGLEY Single
136 21/02/1803 Joseph VOWLES Single Blagdon Elizabeth RADFORD Single
137 12/06/1803 William CLARK Single Chew Magna Lydea DORRICK Single
138 04/09/1803 David HOWELL Single West Harptree Hesther DURHAM Single
139 24/10/1804 George FORD Single Chew Magna Sarah DORRICK Widow
140 15/04/1805 Samuel FLOWER Single West Harptree Martha HARES Single
141 15/04/1805 James SHELDON Single Litton Mary HARES Single
142 15/04/1805 John RICKETTS Single Chew Magna Elizabeth STEVENS Single
143 28/04/1805 Peter GAME Single Sarah GAME Single
144 19/05/1806 Thomas GAIT Single Ann BUSH Single
145 23/09/1806 Thomas WITHEY Single West Harptree Ann GAIT Single
146 17/11/1806 Thomas JEFFERYS Ubley Christian WEBB Single
147 10/12/1806 William DIRRICK Priscilla CAMARD
148 09/02/1807 Thomas SAYER Widower West Harptree Mary LANE Single
149 25/04/1808 Job VILE Anne BUSH Widow
150 24/11/1808 James WEBB Elizabeth CURTIS
151 25/06/1809 Benjamin GANE Anne CURTIS
152 23/04/1810 William HAWKINS Rebecca BLINMAN
153 16/09/1810 James STEPHENS Maria ROYNON
154 01/10/1810 James LOVELL Sarah HARES
155 15/10/1810 George WYATT Anne LOVELL
156 08/11/1810 Joseph BADMAN Anne GANE
157 25/03/1811 Joseph ROYNON Anne STEPHENS
158 25/03/1811 James HOLLY Hannah GALLOP
159 18/04/1811 John BAZLEY Elizabeth COX
160 29/07/1812 John DERRICK Ann MILLARD
161 31/12/1812 Robert BEACHAM Charlotte GAIT
1 01/02/1813 James WRIGHT Single Christian BUSH Single
2 18/02/1813 James GANE Single Harriet PARKER Single
3 24/02/1813 Joseph VOWLES Single Ann WEBB Single
4 27/12/1813 Richard BADMAN Single Mary BUSH Single
5 15/11/1814 Thomas WESTCOTT Single Hannah WEEKS Single
6 03/03/1816 Thomas LARNER Single Jane LACEY Single
7 15/04/1816 John WYATT Widower West Harptree Elizabeth MAGGS Widow
8 24/04/1816 John PRICE Single Hester PRICE Single
9 14/10/1816 James GAIT Widower Augusta POWELL Single West Harptree
10 17/02/1817 John STUBBINGS Single Anne PHIPPEN Single
11 03/07/1817 John LARNER Widower Elizabeth ADAMS Widow
12 28/05/1818 George GANE Single Hannah COLE Single
13 26/08/1818 Benjamin ALLARD Single Elizabeth BADMAN Single
14 31/03/1819 George HOCKEY Single Mary BATH Single
15 22/08/1820 William YORK Single Mary WEBB Single
16 17/05/1821 Thomas BARROW Single Mary Ann WEBB Single
17 08/10/1821 Isaac HARDY Single Anne BROOKS Single
18 24/06/1822 Samuel BUSH Widower Miriam Blacker LOVELL Single
19 31/03/1823 William BEACHAM Single Elizabeth WYATT Single
20 17/04/1823 Samuel WYATT Nempnett Thrubwell Anne BARNES
21 24/04/1823 Thomas FAKES Mary MARSHALL
22 08/06/1823 Isaac FULLER Widower Elizabeth BARBER Widow
23 01/02/1824 Philip WELLINGTON Single West Harptree Hester BADMAN Single
24 13/06/1824 Joel CAVILL Mary NEVILL
25 22/06/1824 Joseph HASELL Single Timsbury Ann NICHOLAS Single
26 03/08/1824 Sampson PICKERING Single Mary CURTIS Single
27 25/10/1824 Joseph CLARK Single Maria FILER Single
28 18/11/1824 John CRANE Single Maria BAKER Single
29 25/12/1824 John HARPER East Harptree Sophia GANE
30 19/06/1825 William SATCHELL Single Martha BATH Single
31 25/09/1825 William ALLEN Single St Cuthbert, Wells Rebecca ROLFE
32 13/02/1826 Joseph BUSH Single Anne TALBOT Single
33 26/02/1826 Matthew HAGEN Single Anne FILER Single
34 24/03/1826 William BARNARD Single Mary POWELL Single
35 24/03/1826 John BARNARD Single Harriet VILE Single
36 14/05/1826 Samuel WILKINS Single Martha COLE Single
37 18/05/1826 George ALLEN Single Ann GLOVER Single
38 28/09/1826 Thomas BARROW Widower Sarah EVANS Single
39 29/10/1826 William FILER Single Sophia POWELL Single
40 01/02/1827 John BENNETT Single Mary Anne BROOKS Single
41 27/04/1828 Henry LANE Chewton Mendip Anna OLIVER
42 02/06/1828 Joseph BUSH Rachael FLAGG
43 25/12/1828 Thomas WEBB Single Ann CURTIS Single
44 26/01/1829 John GRAY West Harptree Charlotte HOLLY Single
45 01/02/1829 Samuel FLOWEN Widower West Harptree Sarah LOVELL Widow
46 24/12/1830 James VOWLES Single Elizabeth CURTIS Single
47 05/09/1831 John HURLEY Single Ubley Anne BADMAN Single
48 05/02/1832 James COX Single Sarah HARRIS Chewton Mendip
49 14/05/1832 William KING Single Chew Magna Hester KING
50 18/06/1832 Thomas FLOWER Single Harriot LOVELL Single
51 25/06/1832 William Churches RIMELL Single Chewstoke Elizabeth KING Single
52 23/03/1833 James GANE Widower Mary GIBBONS Widow
53 06/01/1834 Richard SAGE Single Anne GAITE Single
54 02/04/1834 Benjamin NICHOLS Single Eliza BROOKS Single
55 25/05/1834 Joel VEALE Single Hester YORK Single
56 09/12/1834 William STALLORD Single Martha BADMAN Single
57 22/04/1835 Samuel WILSON Single Sarah BRAMWELL Single
58 28/04/1835 John HAZELL Single Eliza COLLINS Single
59 27/05/1835 John CLARK Single Elizabeth TIPPETS Single
60 10/09/1835 Richard VOWLES Single Elizabeth GREEN
61 27/03/1836 John WEBB Single Eliza PALMER Single
62 03/05/1836 Thomas WEBB Single Eliza HILL Single
63 18/07/1836 James WEBB Single Martha VOWLES Single
64 13/04/1837 Joseph BABER Single Anne APLIN Single

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