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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Elworthy St Martin


The Parish

The parish of Elworthy lies in western Somerset about 5 miles north of the substantial village of Wiveliscombe. Elworthy is located astride the B3188 road which links Wiveliscombe with the coastal settlement of Watchet. Elworthy is a relatively small community, hardly a village at all, there is a grouping of properties on a sharp bend of the B road just north of its junction with the B3224 (Bishops Lydeard to Exmoor road) but that is almost the sum of the settlement other than scattered farms and cottages. Elworthy sits on the eastern slopes of Exmoor, land rising sharply to its west onto the moor. The area is largely pastoral, cattle and sheep predominating in small enclosed fields. Elworthy is sited at around 190 metres above sea level, the land rises westwards to almost 400 metres above the sea in contrast to the east land falls away into the valley which lies between Exmoor and the Quantock Hills. Here lies the main drainage for the parish which heads northwards to meet the Bristol Channel just east of Watchet. Elworthy parish was a relatively small one at only 1,600 acres and it supported around 210 parishioners. In Domesday times the land was held directly by the King it boasted 5 ploughs as well as pastures, woodland and a mill.

The Church

St Martin's church sits just above the B3188 accessed up a steeply rising lane. The church follows the standard layout of nave, chancel and western tower and is small as befits a relatively small parish. Parts of the church date from the 13th century and the presence of lancet windows indicates this may have been the predominant building date. The interesting feature of the church is the external staircase to the tower. The building, however, obviously merited little architectural interest as Pevsner dismisses it a handful of lines. The lane accessing the church rises northwards and then bends sharply westwards with the church on the northern side. The site is steeply sloping with one side of the graveyard many metres above the lowest portion. It is at this lowest end that access is provided through a pair of wooden gates, the boundary being a low hedge and earthen bank. There are quite a few trees to limit photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 24th June 1755 - 22nd December 1812 Somerset Heritage Centre - Reference - D/P/elw/2/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 19th September 1814 - 11th August 1836 Somerset Heritage Centre - Reference - D/P/elw/2/1/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Stogumber St Mary
Stogumber St Mary
Stogumber St Mary
Clatworthy St Mary
Lydeard St Lawrence
Brompton Ralph St Mary
Brompton Ralph St Mary
Tolland St John the Baptist
Lydeard St Lawrence

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 24/06/1755 William SELLICK     Mary SELLICK    
2 15/12/1755 Richard MEARE     Sarah BERSE    
3 29/05/1756 Walter COUCH   St Decumans Ellice SWEETING    
4 11/04/1757 William ROCKET     Joanna MOOR    
5 10/04/1758 Thomas COLLARD     Elizabeth WEBBER    
6 10/06/1759 Emanuel CHILCOT   Brompton Ralph Elizabeth WHITE    
7 19/10/1759 Thomas CRIDDLE     Elizabeth PULLIN   Carhampton
8 22/04/1760 James POOL     Mary WESTERN    
9 22/04/1760 James LOCKE   Tolland Mary BOWERING    
10 15/10/1760 John MORLEY     Amanda SHAW   St Decumans
11 02/02/1762 Thomas WHITE   Stogumber Joan TROTT    
12 12/01/1764 Hugh POOLE   St Decumans Elizabeth WESTERN    
13 20/05/1764 William WALKER     Mary WESTCOT   Nettlecombe
14 18/02/1765 William BOVERING     Ann BOVERING   St Decumans
15 25/05/1765 George WENSLEY     Ann BARTRAM    
16 19/04/1767 Francis READ     Mary GODFREY    
17 03/05/1767 William RACKCLIFFE   Brompton Ralph Sarah BARTRAM    
18 03/07/1768 Robert LARCOMBE     Ann WOOD    
19 01/12/1768 William LYDDON   Honiton, Deven Joan STEVENS    
20 21/12/1768 Michael MEARE     Anne BOWERING    
21 02/02/1769 William TROTT     Mary AMMORY    
22 12/02/1771 James BALE   Carhampton Mary BURDE   Burrington
23 17/04/1773 John WINTER     Joan PIN    
24 30/01/1774 John YENDLE     Mary PERRY    
25 26/10/1775 Peter BRANFIELD   Stogumber Frances STEVENS    
26 12/04/1776 George WESTERN   Stogumber Mary VEN    
27 10/10/1776 John GUNNYNGHAM   Lydeard St Lawrence Katherine MEARE    
28 18/05/1777 John CRIDDLE     Jane JONES   Exford
29 19/10/1777 William BURGE     Mary ROSITER    
30 01/01/1778 George POOLE   Wiveliscombe Betty WINTER    
31 12/04/1778 Benjamin LYDDON     Anne GAD    
32 06/04/1779 William HOLMES     Mary GREGORY    
33 17/04/1779 George RICHARDS     Mary WEBBER    
34 29/09/1779 John TOUT   Ilchester Elizabeth BROWN    
35 10/10/1779 George DUDERIDGE   Stogumber Frances SMITH    
36 31/01/1780 Absalom POOLE     Mary BURGES    
37 23/04/1780 Thomas COLLARD     Joan WEBBER    
38 04/06/1780 John BARKER     Peggy LEWIS    
39 30/07/1781 William PARSONS     Mary BALE   Brompton Ralph
40 21/10/1784 Thomas DUDERIDGE     Joan GOODING    
41 13/12/1784 William WILLIAMS   Stogumber Mary LYDDON    
42 05/04/1786 Thomas WESTERN     Jane BURGE    
43 06/04/1788 Richard CHORLEY   Stogumber Joan THRASHER    
44 11/10/1789 Thomas APSEE     Elizabeth GEER    
45 12/07/1790 James CURDLE     Jane TAR    
46 11/10/1790 John PEARCE     Betty GREGORY    
48 03/10/1791 Emanuel WEBB   Lydeard St Lawrence Betty BURGE    
47 13/11/1791 Robert BURGE     Ann MOORE    
49 01/07/1793 John STICKS   Brompton Ralph Rebecca CROSS    
50 15/01/1794 John STOOK   Halse Elizabeth MEER    
51 03/03/1794 John VEN   Monksilver Joan WENSLEY    
52 02/11/1794 Andrew HURLEY   Stogumber Mary TROTT    
53 25/12/1794 William RACKLIEF     Elizabeth ELLERY   Stogumber
54 26/12/1795 William WENSLEY     Peggy WEBBER   Wiveliscombe
55 21/01/1798 William HOLE   Monksilver Joan RACKLEY    
56 14/02/1798 John HOOPER   Crowcombe Elizabeth TROTT    
57 16/07/1798 John WOODFORDE   Bridgwater Harriett CATER    
58 25/03/1799 Robert LARCOMBE   Stogumber Sarah HALL    
59 01/01/1801 William TEMLETT   Staplegrove Joan APPLEDOOR    
60 25/12/1804 John HUINGS     Elizabeth ACKLAM    
61 26/03/1805 Charles BICKHAM   Stogumber Mary POOLE    
62 25/02/1806 Samuel PAIN     Hanna TAR    
63 30/06/1806 Robert STOOKE   Halse Sarah APLEDOORE    
65 27/03/1807 William RADLEY     Ann GAD    
64 29/03/1807 James HALL   Stogumber Sarah CHORLEY    
66 19/05/1808 John GAD     Ann THORNE    
67 04/09/1808 William SMITH     Mary TRICKEY    
68 05/10/1809 George WESTERN     Charity GAD    
69 13/11/1811 William GRANT     Nancy LYDDON    
70 24/03/1812 James FOWLER   West Bagborough Betty WEBBER    
71 22/12/1812 Richard BURNAL     Joan MEER    
1 19/09/1814 James BARTLETT Single St Thomas, Bristol, Gloucestershire Frances GREENSLADE    
2 22/05/1815 Philip STONE   Stogumber Maria HILL    
3 08/11/1815 Henry COWATT     Ann SHERWILL    
4 24/03/1817 James SLADE     Sophia HURLEY    
5 21/08/1817 John TAYLOR   Lydeard St Lawrence Betty PEARSE    
6 08/12/1817 Benjamin LYDDON     Edith CHORLEY    
7 13/12/1817 John BURTON     Mary LYDDON    
8 07/01/1818 John BRANCHFLOWER     Mary COTES    
9 25/02/1819 George WESTERN     Ann YEARNDLE    
10 15/09/1819 William MOGG Single   Tryphena DAVY Single  
11 20/03/1822 William Twogood TIMEWELL     Maria DIBBLE   Clatworthy
12 18/04/1822 Samuel THRASHER     Sarah CHAPLAIN    
13 20/11/1822 John CURDLE   Stogumber Jane MATCOTT    
14 22/05/1823 Thomas WESTERN   Crowcombe Mary CURDLE    
15 13/08/1825 John TROTT     Anne RAINS    
16 30/12/1826 George COLES     Mary Ann THORNE    
17 24/03/1829 John SULLY Single Crowcombe Harriet MEER Single  
18 09/10/1829 John MEER Single   Jane LOCKYER Single  
19 05/05/1831 David BOWERMAN Single   Mary STOCK Single  
20 04/06/1831 James WESTERN Single   Ann PERKINS Single  
21 29/09/1831 William CRIDDLE     Elizabeth THORN Single  
22 19/07/1832 Robert WESTERN Widower   Maria RUGG Widow Bishops Hull
23 06/12/1832 William BURGES Single   Jane GAD Single  
24 21/05/1833 Thomas LEIGH   St Decumans Elizabeth DIBBLE    
25 27/05/1833 James WEBBER   Langford Budville Jane COLES   Burlescombe, Devon
26 20/02/1834 Richard WATTS Single Nettlecombe Sarah THORNE Single  
27 26/03/1835 James LARCOMBE Single   Susannah TARR Single  
28 11/08/1836 William THORN     Jane BIRD    

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