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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Lyng St Bartholomew


The Parish

The parish of Lyng lies in central Somerset about 6 miles southeast of the market town and port of Bridgwater. Lyng sits on the A361 road which connects Taunton through to Street & Glastonbury and sits in the heart of the Somerset Levels on the ancient Isle of Athelney. Most properties are built along this slightly raised route with two distinct settlements East & west Lyng forming the distinctly linear village. The Isle of Athelney was allegedly the refuge of Alfred the Great during the low point of his campaign against Danish invaders, Athelney Abbey being founded here in thanksgiving for that safety. Modern developments have traced a similar route through the levels with the Taunton to Frome railway line passing through Lyng. The Levels are low lying and dominated by grazing marsh and pastoral farming would have formed the backbone to Lyng's economy. The area today is well known for its abundance of wildlife refuges, a hark back to the levels of pre-manmade intervention. The River Tone drains the parish northeastwards the short distance to the Parrett which then heads for the Bristol Channel through Bridgwater. Lyng is sited at just 10 metres above the sea, land is characterised by former islands and peninsulas within the marsh and land rises to almost 60 metres on the ridge of land holding Stoke St Gregory to Lyng's south. Lyng parish was fairly typically sized for its area, covering just over 1,400 acres it would have supported a population of close to 400 parishioners. In Domesday times Athelney Abbey held the parish, a small place of just 4 ploughs and attendant meadows and woodland.

The Church

St Bartholomew's church sits on the southern side of the A361 within the hamlet of East Lyng. The church is a mixture of two styles, Decorated and Perpendicular, with the latter dominant. The Decorated style portions being limited to the windows of nave & chancel together with the chancel arch, everything else is Perpendicular; together these factors indicate a single-phase build beginning in the early 14th century and spreading through to the latter stages of that era. The church's crowning glory is the western tower which displays a mixture of Blue Lias and Ham Stone (limestone) to good effect. For once Pevsner does not mention the Victorian restoration so in this case if it occurred it was light and sensitive. The church sits in a highly elevated position relative to road level, a set of steps rising to the wall which surrounds. The churchyard is rather small and tightly bound surrounding the church making the better views from outside and severely limiting the better angles for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 6th June 1756 - 30th March 1812 Somerset Archives & Local Studies - Reference - D/P/lyn/2/1/2 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 4th October 1813 - 11th April 1837 Somerset Archives & Local Studies - Reference - D/P/lyn/2/1/3 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

North Petherton St Mary
North Petherton St Mary
North Petherton St Mary
Durston St John
Stoke St Gregory
North Curry St Peter & St Paul
North Curry St Peter & St Paul
Stoke St Gregory

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
25/02/1754 James BURTT     Mary ROGGERS   Aisholt
1 06/06/1756 John ALLEN     Margett JONSON    
2 07/06/1756 Thomas BENNET     Mary NORMAN    
3 12/07/1756 Noah DAVIS     Hannah CARRIE   Othery
5 28/10/1756 Amos SPRACKET Widower   Elizabeth POPLE Widow  
6 21/11/1756 Robert MOUNTSTEVENS   Weston Zoyland Diana SPRACKET    
7 12/04/1757 William MEAD     John CHAPPLE Single  
4 12/05/1757 John BENNET     Mary GROSMAN    
8 03/10/1757 John SMITH   North Curry Elizabeth BREWER    
9 16/06/1758 John REED   Moorlinch Elizabeth GAPPER    
10 21/12/1759 Joseph CROCKER   Huntspill Mary HABBERFIELD    
11 07/04/1760 William BENNETT     Elener VAINING    
12 04/05/1760 Nicholas BARRINGTON     Elizabeth MEADE    
13 08/02/1761 William BREWER     Ann LASCOMBE   North Petherton
14 24/04/1761 William LOCKYER     Alice CHANNELL    
15 05/05/1763 John BENNETT     Sarah CROOCK   Stoke St Gregory
16 14/06/1763 John CHANNELL     Elizabeth STODGELL   North Petherton
17 06/05/1764 William BREWER     Mary HOYL    
18 10/12/1764 Robert WHITE   North Petherton Elizabeth BARRINGTON    
19 07/07/1765 Henry MASTERS Single   Ann COOMBS Single North Petherton
20 05/08/1765 Thomas DIBBLE     Mary DARE Single  
21 24/11/1765 Edmund LANGDON   Taunton Rosamond TUCKER    
22 14/12/1766 Samuel BREWER     Mary GUDRIDGE    
23 18/10/1767 Richard BATT     Sarah WESTCOTT    
24 01/11/1767 James TUCKER     Hannah PYNE    
25 05/03/1768 Thomas SMITH   North Petherton Elizabeth TROTT    
26 15/03/1768 James DWELLY     Elizabeth HOYLE    
27 11/11/1768 William TUCKER     Susannah TUCKER    
28 03/04/1769 John EVENS   Durston Elizabeth BREWER    
29 28/05/1769 John WESTCOTT   Bishops Lydeard Mary HIGGINS Single  
30 27/06/1769 Richard MORGAN     Mary HALLAM    
31 24/06/1771 John BROOM     Elizabeth ANDREWES    
32 29/07/1771 William CANN     Elizabeth WOOLLEN    
33 17/02/1772 John HEARN   North Petherton Betty WOOLLEN    
34 21/01/1773 John GOODSON     Joan HIGINGS   Stoke St Gregory
35 03/01/1774 William BENNETT     Hannah PITMAN   North Petherton
36 14/09/1774 Gilbert BLUETT   St Mary, Taunton Hannah BREWER    
37 21/11/1774 William HANCOCK   Pawlett Mary CABELL Single  
38 27/11/1774 John WOODMAN     Elizabeth HARRIS Single  
39 28/11/1774 John LOCKYER     Sarah DEACON Single  
40 01/01/1776 John BOBBETT     Ann HABBERFIELD    
41 10/01/1776 William BAMPFIELD     Susannah WESTCOTT Single  
42 22/01/1776 Richard BOON     Ann INNALL    
43 19/02/1776 William HARRIS     Honour HARDING    
44 27/05/1776 William LOCKYER     Janne COBBLE Single  
45 28/05/1776 John DEACON     Sarah TUCKER Single  
46 08/07/1776 James TUCKER     Pheby BARNARD Single  
47 10/02/1777 Francis COOMBES   North Petherton Mary MEADE Single  
48 27/04/1778 John BREWER     Joan POWEL Single North Petherton
49 19/11/1778 Joseph MEADE     Ann TURNER Single North Petherton
50 25/01/1779 Richard BATT Widower   Mary PITMAN Single  
51 05/06/1781 William HAVERFIELD     Elisabeth TRUMP Single  
52 17/03/1783 John SHARMAN   Stoke St Gregory Mary Ann MABROOK    
53 19/06/1783 James BURTT     Mary EDWARDS    
54 01/09/1783 John DAY     Hannah CALLOW    
55 01/11/1784 George SULLIVAN     Mary IRONS   North Petherton
56 18/04/1785 George BARRINTON     Mary WEBLEY    
57 20/04/1785 John LEE   St James, Taunton Joan BRUFORD Widow  
58 10/11/1785 John BUNCOMBE   St Mary, Taunton Mary DERHAM    
59 25/04/1786 William WHITHEAD Single North Petherton Sarah ADAMS Single  
60 23/05/1786 William BRYANT Single Durston Mary BOBBETT Single  
61 05/06/1786 Andrew LOCK Single Thurloxton Hannah LOCKYER Single  
62 10/07/1786 Henry ROWSELL Single North Petherton Joanna BREWER Single  
63 03/01/1787 Giles DIGHT Single Fivehead Rachel SMITH Single  
64 27/04/1787 Joseph SHARMAN Single   Mary HUCKLEBRIDGE Single Othery
65 07/04/1788 Robert INGRAM Single North Petherton Ann BENNETT Single  
66 27/04/1789 Thomas TRIVETT Single   Mary CULVERWELL Single  
67 18/05/1790 William LOCKYER Single   Betty HANCOCK Single  
68 16/06/1791 John ELSON   Middlezoy Ann BODY    
69 27/06/1791 William HAVERFIELD     Ann BREWER    
70 06/12/1791 Henry DIBBLE     Joan COLEMAN   North Curry
71 04/05/1792 Thomas BREWER     Elizabeth TUTTON    
72 19/05/1792 George SMALL     Mary LOCKYER    
73 20/05/1792 John EVERY     Lydia ADAMS    
74 27/05/1792 Richard STACEY     Elizabeth TRIVETT    
75 01/04/1793 William STACEY     Elizabeth PARSONS    
76 25/09/1793 William CLAPP     Jane PINE    
77 12/06/1794 Samuel BREWER     Ann CHANNELL    
78 02/11/1795 John CHANNEL     Hannah BROWN    
79 24/04/1796 John BATTEN     Hannah CHANNELL    
80 11/07/1796 William GODFREY   Moorlinch Betty CHANNELL    
81 04/10/1796 Samuel SALLERYE     Rachel SMITH    
82 28/02/1797 Samuel KNIGHT Single St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex Mary BREWER    
83 25/12/1797 William BREWER     Ann TUTTON    
84 01/04/1798 George CANN     Mary WOODLAND    
85 30/05/1798 John HAYNES   North Petherton Ann BOONE    
86 10/06/1798 William BURT     Mary ADAMS   North Petherton
87 22/07/1799 William DIBBLE Single North Petherton Mary Ann TUCKER Single  
88 25/08/1800 Thomas CHANNELL Single   Elizabeth FACELL Single North Petherton
89 23/10/1800 William LEAKER     Betty PERSONS Single North Petherton
90 09/02/1801 Thomas COLESWORTHY Single St Mary, Taunton Rosey TUCKER Single  
91 10/06/1802 William BENNETT Single North Petherton Elizabeth INNALLS Single  
92 22/06/1802 William INNALLS Single   Lydia FACKRELL Single North Petherton
29/11/1803 Edward LOCKYER Single   Mary BOW Single  
27/12/1803 William WEBB Single   Elizabeth HARRIS Single  
02/04/1804 Samuel BOND Single   Izet HARRIS Single  
05/11/1804 William POLE Single   Herodias BREWER Single  
07/11/1804 William LYDE Single   Sarah BOBBETT Single  
10/12/1804 William SMITH Single   Hannah HARTNALL Single  
11/04/1805 William BENNETT Widower   Ann LEAKE Single  
15/08/1805 William PINE Single   Ann BREWER    
23/09/1805 George GIBBS Single Othery Mary MUTHER Single  
23/12/1805 Thomas BREWER Single   Mary MANING Single  
14/10/1806 Thomas BARNETT Single   Sarah CARPENTER Single North Petherton
04/05/1807 Robert SLOCOMBE Single   Susannah SMALL Single  
20/10/1807 Thomas MASON   North Petherton Mary CAREY    
05/04/1808 James BURT Widower   Honor HOBBS Single  
18/04/1808 Absolom HELLIER Widower Othery Elizabeth FORD Single  
02/05/1808 Thomas WILLINGTON Single   Mary PARSONS Single  
17/05/1808 Richard FOSTER Widower North Curry Ann BOBBETT Widow  
20/06/1808 William SMITH Single   Sarah BENNETT Single  
05/09/1808 Thomas GODFREY Single West Monkton Ann GOODSON Single  
18/09/1808 Richard BREWER Single Stoke St Gregory Maria DELL    
17/04/1809 Alexander GOODSON Single   Mary DIBBLE Single Stoke St Gregory
20/04/1809 John PINE Single   Ann WOODWARD Single North Petherton
02/04/1810 William PALMER     Grace KILL    
08/11/1810 Richard Chaffy BAKER Single Lopen Mary ANSTICE Single  
20/12/1810 James HOUSE Single North Petherton Susanna MORRIS Single  
17/07/1811 Henry WOOLLEN     Joan GANBELING    
24/12/1811 William BATTEN     Mary ROWSELL    
04/02/1812 Joseph TRAPNELL     Anne LOCK    
30/03/1812 Joseph MILLER     Eleanor GAMBLING    
1 04/10/1813 John GARLAND   Stoke St Gregory Joan ROWSELL    
2 04/04/1815 Aaron SEALEY     Susannah HARRIS   Middlezoy
3 11/04/1815 Samuel BREWER   Stoke St Gregory Charlotte PERROTT    
4 23/01/1816 John ROSSITER   North Petherton Charlotte BUNCOMBE    
5 31/01/1816 John LANGDON   Stoke St Gregory Mary BROOM    
6 17/02/1817 John LINTORN     Amey MULLET    
7 17/04/1817 James PINE     Charlotte TUCKER    
8 15/05/1817 Thomas URRIDGE   Speldhurst, Kent Elizabeth CLOUD    
9 26/07/1817 Richard BELL     Mary FRY    
10 03/10/1817 Thomas PHILLIPS     Rachael GAIT    
11 09/12/1817 George KING     Mary Ann JAMES    
12 16/12/1817 Abraham BREWER     Mary MULLINGS    
13 09/03/1818 Augustine PINE     Hannah WINSLADE    
14 05/09/1818 Abraham ADDICOTT     Sarah WERE    
15 12/10/1818 James SHARMAN   Bridgwater Mary GOODSON    
16 20/10/1818 Samuel RICHARDS     Mary LOVIBOND    
17 12/01/1819 John HAYNS     Amey LINTORN    
18 01/06/1819 John BURT     Elizabeth MILLER   Stoke St Gregory
19 10/06/1819 John LOCKYER     Elizabeth CHANNELL    
20 31/03/1820 Richard PARSONS     Sarah BREWER    
21 22/05/1820 Samuel PRINY   St Mary, Taunton Charlotte WHITE    
22 16/07/1820 Anthony BREWER     Elizabeth CAREY    
23 15/08/1820 Thomas MULLINS   Goathurst Mary RUSCOMBE Single  
24 14/11/1820 John FRY     Amey MITCHEM    
25 23/04/1821 Charles TATTEL     Hannah COX    
26 15/05/1821 John WODDLAN     Hannah BATTIN    
27 13/01/1822 William BRYANT Single   Sarah THORNE Single Street
28 23/05/1822 Matthew COLMAN   Corfe Charlotte Jeane BUNCOMBE    
29 20/06/1822 John DYER   North Petherton Ann BUNCOMBE    
30 27/08/1822 William GARLAND     Ann TUCKER    
31 10/03/1823 George SMITH Widower   Mary BAKER Widow  
32 12/05/1823 George WOODROFF Widower Moorlinch Jane PHILIPS Widow  
33 22/05/1823 Robert LANE     Elizabeth CLAPP    
34 26/05/1823 John EVERY Widower   Esther BOON Single  
35 19/04/1825 Henry VILE   St James, Taunton Rachel BATTEN    
36 21/05/1827 William HEMBROW Single Stoke St Gregory Joan BREWER Single  
37 07/11/1827 Samuel BUTSON     Joanna KERL    
38 04/12/1827 William GILL     Mary GLIDE    
39 11/12/1827 George COLES Single North Petherton Charlotte GULLIFORD Single  
40 22/05/1828 Robert GLIDE     Elizabeth TUTTIETT    
41 26/06/1828 Robert BUNCOMBE     Lavinia GULLIFORD    
42 22/09/1828 Thomas BESSLEY     Ann WOOLLEN    
43 02/03/1829 John CHANNELL     Hannah DAY    
44 24/03/1829 John FEARNCOMBE     Sarah ROWSELL    
45 29/04/1830 Jasper PORTER Single   Ann NEWMAN Single Babcary
46 21/04/1831 John HOUSE Single   Sarah PAYNE Single  
47 27/09/1831 George Thomas TRAPWELL Single   Harriet BLACKMORE Single  
48 02/10/1831 Philip RUSSEL Single   Sarah PAYNE Single  
49 11/10/1831 Henry PANNELL Single   Lydia Fackrell INNALLS Single  
50 14/05/1832 Richard Alven COLES Single North Petherton Edith TURNER Single  
51 19/06/1832 William VAUGHAN Single   Elizabeth BLACKMORE Single  
52 22/01/1833 Samuel Norrish GREENSLADE Single   Ann BLACKMORE Single  
53 04/04/1833 Edward LEAVAS Single   Sarah DEAR Single  
54 18/11/1833 Samuel BREWER Single   Sarah PHILLIPS Single  
55 24/07/1834 Henry HADDON Single Fitzhead Harriett GREEDY Single  
56 16/09/1834 William PLEASS Single   Elizabeth TUCKER Single  
57 11/05/1835 John PHILLIPS Single   Elizabeth BATHE Single  
58 31/08/1835 John PINE     Anne GARDNER    
59 29/03/1836 Charles CARPENTER     Eliza CORTE    
60 19/04/1836 Charles PINE     Anna LOCKYER    
61 23/08/1836 William KEITCH     Mary Anne INNALS    
62 26/09/1836 William PAYNE     Elizabeth MORRIS    
63 04/10/1836 William MORRIS     Ann BELLAMY    
64 24/01/1837 John BREWER     Amelia GULLIFORD    
65 23/02/1837 James TAZEWELL   Weston Zoyland Rachel BREWER    
66 27/02/1837 Labeus LADE     Martha BARTON    
67 04/04/1837 James GREADY   Creech St Michael Mary BOBBETT    
68 11/04/1837 George CARPENTER     Mary TUCKER    

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