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Marriages 1754 - 1837
PItney St John the Baptist


The Parish

The parish of Pitney lies almost centrally within the county of Somerset. Pitney is located roughly 9 miles southwest of the town of Glastonbury and sits a half mile north of the B3153 road which links Somerton with Langport. Pitney was anciently formed of two distinct manors and that legacy remains today with the village still consisting of two separated settlement clusters, the western end of Pitney House carries the church whilst east by a little under a half mile sits a further compact small village, both form Pitney. Like most Somerset parishes in this area pastoral farming formed the mainstay of the local economy, here it was supplemented by quarrying of the local "Lias" stone which was largely used for local building work, including in its church, and also for footpaths and pavements. Modern developments have come to the parish, Isambard Brunel's Great Western railway line from London to the southwest passes through the south of the parish without granting Pitney a station. Pitney sits on a peninsula of higher ground between the courses of both the River Cary and River Parrett with both joining to the west before flowing though, as the Parrett, the town of Bridgwater to the outer Bristol Channel. Pitney is sited at arund 30 metres above the sea, the peninsula reaches a local high spot of almost 100 metres on Sedgemoor Hill to the northwest at High Ham. Pitney parish was fairly typically sized for this area at around 1,300 acres within which it would have supported a population of around 450 parishioners. In Domesday times Pitney was a tiny place indeed, held directly by King William it could muster just a single plough together with some meadows & woodland.

The Church

As already mentioned St John's church sits within the western community of Pitney House and is almost the westernmost property in that settlement sitting adjacent to the village hall. Whilst the original church here was medieval, little remains of that early church beyond its western tower which is relatively untouched by Victorian replacement. Only the western tower and southern transept remain as memorials of early work both being Perpendicular in style and probably 14th century. The upper stages of the tower were added later, Pevsner assigns them to the 15th century albeit they are still in that Perpendicular style. The main core of the church was rebuilt in Victorian times in two distinct phases; the chancel came first being replaced in 1853 but that was followed some 20 years later by the replacement of the nave. Pevsner remarks also that the interior is also "thoroughly Victorian" reflecting the large degree of restoration that has occurred. A small parking area is shared with the village hall and leads to the churchyard which is surrounded by a mixture of local Lias stone walls and wrought iron railings. With the single exception of a prominent tree along the south face the church is available from most aspects for the photographer.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 24th November 1761 Somerset Archives & Local Studies - Reference - D/P/pitn/2/1/2 Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads A single entry only
2 16th February 1764 - 20th June 1812
Somerset Archives & Local Studies - Reference - D/P/pitn/2/1/3
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page
Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number
Poor handwriting in this register may result in one or two misreads
3 22nd April 1813 - 23rd April 1837 Somerset Archives & Local Studies - Reference - D/P/pitn/2/1/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number There are patches of fading within this register which may result in one or two misreads

High Ham St Andrew
High Ham St Andrew
Somerton St Michael
High Ham St Andrew
Somerton St Michael
High Ham St Andrew
Huish Episcopi St Mary
Long Sutton Holy Trinity
Long Sutton Holy Trinity

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
22/11/1761 Thomas BATT

Patience GOODEN

16/02/1764 John HORWOOD Single
Betty VIGOR Single
11/03/1764 John BATT Widower
Betty CHARD Widow
02/04/1764 Joseph VIGOR


14/10/1764 John CURTIS
St John, Westminster, Middlesex Sarah COX Widow
18/11/1764 William BARTLETT

Betty MASTERS Single
03/08/1765 John MEACH

Betty CHARD Single
20/10/1765 James HILL

Anne ROOD Widow Street
23/11/1765 John GOULD
Langport Joan HILL

09/03/1766 Michael BARTLETT

Hannah MASTERS Single
07/05/1767 John CHARD

Honour MARRIOTT Single Long Sutton
17/01/1772 John DUNSTONE
Huish Episcopi Elizabeth PAUL

27/01/1772 Joseph GOULD
High Ham Anne ORAM Single
22/08/1772 John WAITT


25/08/1772 Samuel RICHARDS
High Ham Ann VIGOR

01/05/1773 Thomas TROTT
Martock Ann HORWOOD

06/12/1773 Robert BERRIMAN


23/06/1774 Robert MASTERS
Somerton Mary MEAD

22/08/1774 Philip LAVIS


27/03/1775 George LUCKAS

Elizabeth BARTLETT

26/04/1775 Jeffery COE


13/02/1776 George SHERRIN Single Aller Jane MEAD Single
16/09/1776 John CLARK

Edith COX

23/04/1777 John HURD

Grace ORAM

06/05/1777 John SHERRIN
High Ham Betty HORSEY

03/01/1778 Henry HALE Widower Somerton Mary DARBY Single
19/01/1778 William HOWARD Single
Hannah SCREVEN Single
05/05/1778 Robert RICKETS Single
Grace BARTLETT Single
29/09/1778 James BARTLETT Single
Sarah CABBLE Single
17/05/1779 James SAWTELL
Huish Episcopi Mary VIGAR

18/05/1780 James BARTLETT Widower
Elizabeth DENELS Single
12/06/1780 William WESTLAKE Widower
Susanna KING Widow
27/06/1781 William HORSEY Single
Ann CHARD Single
19/11/1781 John MATHEWS Single
Hannah MATHEWS Single
18/03/1782 John SWEET Single
Elizabeth VIGAR Single
23/04/1782 Stephen MARCH Single Compton Dundon Salijah BARTLETT Single
21/07/1783 James HOLLEY Single
Ann DAVIS Single
22/10/1783 John CAVE Single Compton Dundon Sarah HILL Single
04/12/1783 Thomas PITNEY Single High Ham Jane HILL Single
26/02/1785 Anthony CHARD Single
Ruth VIGAR Single
24/12/1785 William CULLEN Widower
Rosanna VIGAR Single
09/08/1787 William WILLIAMS Single Long Sutton Martha BARTLETT Single
01/10/1787 William GARE Single High Ham Elizabeth CHARD Single
04/04/1791 Thomas HORWOOD Single
Martha SWEET Widow
10/05/1791 William WESTLAKE Single
Betty CLASEY Single
11/05/1791 Joseph VIGAR Single
Rosanna DOWNTON Single
10/07/1792 James BARTLETT Single
Martha NUTT Single
08/10/1792 James HOWE Single
Betty LAVERS Widow
09/09/1793 John SWEET Widower
Charlotte VIGAR Single
03/02/1794 Thomas BLAKE Single Compton Dundon Hannah BARTLETT Single
11/08/1794 Peter SPRACKLIN Single Long Sutton Betty ANDREWS Single
13/04/1795 John EDWARDS Widower Somerton Charity BUTLER Widow
02/06/1795 Selvester WEST Single Long Sutton Grace BARTLETT Single
02/11/1795 John BARTLETT Single
Ann ISAAC Single
07/04/1796 Samuel CATTLE


14/02/1797 William TAYLER Single
Ann MASTERS Single
24/04/1797 Wine ROOD Single Street Ann ANDREWS Single
16/09/1797 William ORAM Single
Betty DOWNTON Single
18/09/1797 Thomas BATT Widower
Johanna WAITT Single
04/01/1798 Thomas HILL Single
Diana WEBB Single
30/09/1798 John WHELLER Single Walton Joan MATTHEWS Single
22/10/1798 George VIGAR Single
Ann SWEET Single
07/11/1798 John BARTLETT Single
Mary LAVERS Single
24/12/1799 John VIGAR Single
Jesse DOWNTON Single
09/12/1802 William PERIAM Single High Ham Betty CLARK Single
01/08/1803 Philip BROOKMAN Single Langport Mary BARTLETT Single
24/10/1803 William BARTLETT


30/01/1804 James MEECH Single
Betty HURD Single
07/02/1804 James MATHEWS


22/10/1804 John RICHARDS Single
Jane BURT Single
13/11/1804 John MATHEWS Widower
Joanna BATT Widow
15/04/1805 James PITERD Single Somerton Martha MASTERS Single
07/01/1806 George HURD Single
Mary CHURD Single
23/07/1806 Thomas HORSEY Single Huish Episcopi Betty GOULD Single
05/01/1807 James HOLLY Widower
Ann SALWAY Single
29/12/1807 William RICHARDS Single
Betty LAVERS Single
21/01/1808 George ORAM Single
Mary CAVE Single
02/02/1808 Michael BARTLETT Single
Mary TOWNSING Single
07/03/1808 James LAVERS Single
Hannah WAIT Single
15/03/1809 Samuel ANDREWS Single
Betty HORWOOD Single
17/04/1809 John INDOE Single
Ann BUREMAN Single
26/07/1809 Hezekiah COUZINS Single High Ham Sarah ANDREWS Single
05/03/1810 John READ Widower High Ham Mary ANDREWS Single
12/04/1810 Henry RICHARDS Single
Mary BROMEFISH Single Shapwick
21/05/1810 John HURD Single
Harriett BROWN Single Somerton
04/03/1811 John MATHEWS Single
Ann HOLLY Widow
06/05/1811 William CHAMPION Single Curry Rivel Anne CHARD Single
18/02/1812 John HOWARD Single
20/06/1812 John CHARD Single
Martha SWEET Single
1 22/04/1813 George JANES Single Long Sutton Betty SWEET Single
2 22/04/1813 Thomas PALMER Single High Ham Elizabeth CHARD Single
3 10/05/1813 James ROWE Single Bradford Abbas, Dorset Phebe VIGAR Single
4 11/05/1813 John GOULD Single

5 13/07/1813 Joseph LOYDE Single Muchelney Aquilla MASTERS Single
6 11/11/1813 William CAVE Single

7 11/11/1813 Charles RENDALL Single St Cuthbert, Wells Phebe CAVE

8 16/11/1813 Robert SCRIVEN Single Somerton Elizabeth HORSEY Single
9 03/03/1814 John MASTERS Single
Mary BROWN Single
10 27/06/1814 John SALISBURY


11 04/10/1814 Joseph THYER Single High Ham Elizabeth WALLIS Single
12 12/12/1814 John DOBIN Single High Ham Mary HORSEY Single
13 18/02/1815 Joel LOYDE Single Martock Jean MASTERS Single
14 01/02/1816 James COURT Single Martock Rhoda HILL Single
15 08/02/1816 John CHAMBERS Single

16 04/12/1817 John DARBY Single High Ham Elizabeth WESTLAKE Single
17 11/05/1818 William SAWTELL Single
Sarah HILL Single
18 31/12/1818 George LAVIS Single
Mary SQUIRE Single
19 27/10/1819 John WINDSOR
High Ham Ann HARWOOD Single
20 27/10/1819 John WHELLER


21 04/11/1819 Philip LAVIS


21 04/11/1819 Philip TALBOT


22 18/11/1819 Samuel HOWARD


23 13/05/1822 William BURT

Rosannah SEALE

24 14/11/1822 George CHARD

Elizabeth VIGAR

25 26/12/1822 Walter WHELLER


26 10/03/1823 Thomas FEVAN

Harriet SWEET

27 03/05/1823 Samuel SWEET

Mary Ann PETTY

28 04/08/1823 Samuel LAWRENCE
North Curry Elizabeth SPRACKLIN

29 20/01/1824 John WYATT


30 30/03/1824 John ANDREWS
High Ham Hannah WALDROND

31 14/09/1824 Samuel ANDREWS


32 01/11/1824 James SWEET

Harriet WALLIS

34 07/06/1825 William GUNTER Single
Grace MARTIN Single
35 17/08/1825 William PYNE Single
Polyxena Ann MICHELL Single Langport
36 26/03/1826 Joseph HILL Single High Ham Maria DOWNTON Single
37 12/10/1826 William BOON Single
Sarah BARTLETT Single
38 17/03/1827 John WINDSOR Widower
Sarah DOWNTON Single
40 13/05/1827 George HORWOOD Widower
Sarah CAVE Widow
39 17/05/1827 Thomas PALMER Widower
Rachael HANHAM Single High Ham
41 03/06/1827 John VIGAR Single
Julia MATTHEWS Single
42 03/06/1827 Aaron LARCOMBE Single
Jane MATTHEWS Single
43 30/12/1828 James GREEN Single
Betty RICHARDS Widow
44 29/03/1830 George BARTLETT Single
Hannah LAMPORT Single
45 06/09/1830 Thomas DINMEAD Single Merriott Mary PERRIAM Single
46 02/05/1831 Charles BAULCH Single
Jane BARTLETT Single
47 07/05/1831 James GREEN Widower
Elizabeth EDWARDS Widow
48 08/09/1831 Charles VINEY Single
Mary LOCK Widow
49 06/02/1832 William ORAM Single
Elizabeth DOWNTON Single
50 27/02/1832 George RICHARDS Single
Sarah PERRIM Single
51 06/03/1832 Francis BAULCH Single
Ann BOWLES Single
52 19/04/1832 Thomas MATTHEWS Single
Harriot HURD Single
53 17/07/1832 William BAULCH Single
Martha COOK Single
54 04/04/1833 Charles MUNCKTON Single Long Sutton Mary Ann HURD Single
55 21/04/1833 Charles BARTLETT Single
Mary Ann HOOPER Single
56 07/04/1834 Henry GARDINER Single
Elizabeth ANDREWS Single
57 08/01/1835 Silas TALBOTT Single
Susan BARTLETT Single
58 26/01/1835 John BOND Single
Sarah WESTLAKE Single
59 04/05/1835 Aaron LARCOMBE Widower
Martha ORAM Single
60 14/05/1835 Henry FEVAN Single
Jane HURKER Single
61 18/05/1835 William BATT Single
Sophia TAYLOR Single
62 30/05/1835 Samuel BARTLETT Single
Susan VIGAR Single
63 25/06/1835 Silas HOWARD Single
Susan RICHARDS Single
64 07/04/1836 Samuel HAYES Single Catcott Elizabeth Brown HURD Single
65 24/05/1836 Joseph FARROW Single
Ann GOULD Single
66 12/07/1836 Henry BAULCH Single
Priscilla QUANTOCK Single
67 08/09/1836 John SCRIVEN Single
Harriet RICHARDS Single
68 17/01/1837 Francis EAMES Single
Mary Ann LAVIS Single
69 21/01/1837 George CLASEY Widower
Harriet PAYNE Widow
70 04/04/1837 James LAVIS Widower
Charlotte COURT Single
71 23/04/1837 John SHUTLER Single
Ann SALWAY Single

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