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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Stogursey St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of Stogursey lies on the northern coast of Somerset's western extension, forming part of the coastline with the Bristol Channel. Stogursey is located about 8 miles northwest of the port & market town of Bridgwater and sits, in lanes, about 2 miles north of the A39 which connects Bridgwater with Minehead. Whilst it is a coastal parish Stogursey, itself, is some 2 miles from that coast. The unusual name of the village comes from the local dialect shortening of its former name, Stoke Courcy. Stogursey has a long history with a Benedictine Priory founded in the village soon after the Conquest. Stogursey would have largely earned its income from farming, the local dairy cattle producing rich milk from the lush coastal pastures. Modern developments dominate the coast of the parish, Hinkley Point nuclear power station forming a major local employer as well as something of a debatable asset to the coastline. Stogursey is drained by the Stogursey Brook which wanders through the village and within a couple of miles exits into the Bristol Channel. Stogursey is sited at around 30 metres above the sea and sits on a relatively gentle piece of the countryside with local heights reaching to almost 100 metres on Pinnacle Hill to the south. Stogursey parish was large for its county, covering almost 5,900 acres it was more typical of an upland northern parish in extent, the parish would have supported a population of around 1,500 parishioners spread around the area which included the smaller settlements of, in particular, Burton & Shurton as well as within Stogursey itself. In Domesday times Stogursey was in the hands of William de Falaise, the founder of that aforementioned priory, a wealthy parish Stogursey could offer 14 ploughs, meadows, pasture & woodland and also possessed a mill.

The Church

St Andrew's church sits at the eastern approaches to the village as one comes from Cannington. The church has its origins as the priory church to the Benedictines and the layout with central tower is indicative of this early origin. The staggered apses, three in total, is a design familiar from Normandy and it is likely that Norman architects from the Caen area were involved in the construction. Much remains of Early Norman Romanesque style albeit, as one would expect, much altered over the centuries. The first major change was the late 12th century extension of the chancel which can be dated from its style to c1180. The nave dates principally from the great church-building era of the Perpendicular and was the result of necessary changes required to meet the church's parochial role. Also from this date come the chancel aisles and southern doorway. The crossing tower, Early Norman in origin, was enhanced in the 19th century when the bell opening were enlarged and the recessed spire with its slate covering was added. As one arrives from the east the church's eastern end sits ahead of you with a small parking area in front a set of railings, the church is tight to this eastern boundary. The churchyard has a few trees to restrict the angles available for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 12th June 1754 - 5th March 1806 Somerset Archives & Local Studies - Reference - D/P/stogs/2/1/5a Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

NB this register is bundled together with its successor into a single archival deposit
2 28th October 1806 - 29th October 1812 Somerset Archives & Local Studies - Reference - D/P/stogs/2/1/5b Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

NB this register is bundled together with its predecessor into a single archival deposit
3 22nd March 1813 - 8th May 1837 Somerset Archives & Local Studies - Reference - D/P/stogs/2/1/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

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Dodington All Saints
Nether Stowey St Mary
Fiddington St Martin

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 12/06/1754 William WEBBER Single   Mary MARCHANT Single  
2 22/06/1754 Absalom PIM Single Meare Elizabeth DIBBLE Single  
3 08/11/1754 John SLOCOMB Single Kilton Mary CHAPPLE Single  
4 09/12/1754 George CRANE Widower   Hannah BREWER Widow  
5 24/12/1754 Robert CLARK Single   Ruth CHAPPLE Single  
6 03/01/1755 William TUCKER Widower   Ann WARR Widow  
7 29/01/1755 Richard MERCHANT Single   Sarah MATTHEWS Single  
8 06/03/1755 Robert ROWE Widower   Elizabeth CLITSOM Single  
9 17/03/1755 William LAWRENCE Single   Ann TUCKER Single  
10 04/05/1755 William EVANS Single   Ann WINTER Single  
11 23/05/1755 John THOMAS Single   Betty JONES Single  
12 08/06/1755 Joseph MILLARD Single   Jane HONIBALL Single  
13 21/06/1755 Edward BALSTON Single   Sarah MOORE Single  
14 25/07/1755 Henry GILES Single   Mary BURGESS Widow Spaxton
15 15/08/1755 Benjamin CHESTER Single   Sarah DAVIS Widow  
16 16/08/1755 William BROWN Single   Martha MARCHANT Single  
17 25/08/1755 Charles VILLIS Single   Hannah SCORE Single  
18 18/02/1756 Thomas DENNIS Single   Sarah PORTER   West Quantoxhead
19 05/11/1756 John STOCKHAM Single   Sarah DAVIS    
20 06/01/1757 Henry RAWLINS Single   Mary COLVERWELL    
21 13/02/1757 Thomas DAVIS Single   Katherine PITMAN    
22 09/05/1757 Charles KNIGHT   Over Stowey Mary DIBBLE    
23 05/08/1757 Henry STOCKHAM Widower   Elizabeth SMITH    
24 10/09/1757 George BRYANT Widower   Mary STRONG    
25 26/12/1757 John SILK Single   Ann CHAPPEL Single  
26 31/05/1758 John WEST Widower   Elizabeth TUCKER Single  
27 05/07/1758 Jonothan CAVIL Widower   Sarah CLUTSOM Single  
28 13/07/1758 John TUCKER Single   Hannah WILLIAMS Single St Decumans
29 15/09/1758 James CRIDDLE Single   Ann HODGE Single  
30 26/12/1758 Samuel RAWLINS     Sarah BRYANT Single  
34 00/00/1759 Matthew BREWER Single   Sarah BAILEY Single  
31 20/02/1759 William Burnell THOMAS     Elizabeth BAKER    
33 15/06/1759 William HAWKER Single   Sarah SMITH Widow  
35 30/09/1759 Henry LUCKWELL     Ann LAVIS    
36 21/01/1760 William WITCH Single Holford Ann MILLARD Single  
37 18/02/1760 Thomas NORTON Single   Mary GRIFFIN Single  
39 07/05/1760 George GODFRY Widower Cossington Ann SYMONS Single  
32 25/05/1760 John GILLARD Single   Mary HURL Single  
40 28/06/1760 Thomas CROSS Single   Betty HOLCOMB Single  
41 05/10/1760 John DIER Widower   Mary CURRY Single  
42 21/10/1760 John STEVENS   Over Stowey Betty SHORNEY    
43 18/12/1760 John BISHOP Single   Ann HUNNIBAL Single  
44 28/12/1760 William EDWARDS Widower   Elizabeth NORTH Single  
45 19/03/1761 William GARD Single   Sarah TUCKER Single  
46 23/03/1761 Phillip STOCKMAN Widower   Mary STOCKAM Widow  
47 30/03/1761 Peter LAVERTIAN Single   Deborah FINNER Widow  
48 07/04/1761 John NORMAN Single   Jochabed BURTON   Old Cleeve
49 15/04/1761 William WARRE Single Cannington Elizabeth RICHARDS Single  
50 11/12/1761 John PALMER   Over Stowey Alice MOGGRIDGE Single  
51 10/04/1762 John ROWE Single   Mary BUFFET Single  
52 20/05/1762 William HILES Single   Elizabeth EXON Widow  
53 08/06/1762 James STACEY Single   Hannah POOLE Single  
54 01/07/1762 Joseph SWEETING Widower   Catherine POTTER Single  
55 17/07/1762 James POTTER Widower   Mary VILLES Widow  
56 02/08/1762 George BRICE Single Shapwick Betty BAWDEN Single  
57 16/10/1762 Samuel SHORNEY Single   Sarah CLITSOM Widow  
58 01/11/1762 John EXON Single   Mary YOUNG Single  
59 04/11/1762 Samuel STARKEY Single   Elizabeth LANZEY Single  
60 06/11/1762 James BURLAND Single   Sarah VENN Single  
61 02/12/1762 John SIMPSON   Bridgwater Betty BROWNING    
62 27/12/1762 James LAVERTIAN Single   Hannah DIBBLE Single  
63 11/02/1763 William MORRICE Single Nether Stowey Thomasin THOMAS Single  
64 15/02/1763 Edward TUCKER Single   Ann HAWKINS Single  
65 06/04/1763 Thomas PAYNE Single East Quantoxhead Cecilia PAYNE Single  
66 09/04/1763 John BRIENT Widower   Sarah HURLEY Widow  
67 15/04/1763 William WEBB Single   Mary EXON Single  
68 09/05/1763 Thomas TUCKER Widower   Jane NOOTH Single  
69 17/05/1763 John SLADE Single   Mary FISH Single  
70 21/05/1763 John LACEY Single   Edith TOMS Widow  
71 04/06/1763 Thomas BREWER Widower   Mary CLAFE Widow  
72 14/06/1763 John COATE Single Greinton Sarah JONES Single  
73 27/08/1763 George STOCKHAM Single   Hannah HODGE Single  
74 12/09/1763 William WARR     Mary DIER    
75 10/11/1763 John SCORE     Anne BISHOP    
76 14/11/1763 James BACKON     Betty BODGER    
77 31/03/1764 Thomas CORNER Single   Joan HUNIBALL Single  
78 23/04/1764 Edward HUNIBALL Single   Martha PARETT Single  
79 13/06/1764 John TUCKER Widower   Elizabeth TRATNEL Single  
80 27/08/1764 Thomas FLEAY     Elizabeth CUBIT Widow  
81 08/09/1764 Henry SEALY     Sarah HODGES Single  
82 13/11/1764 Henry TREGASKAS     Joan HINIBALL Single  
83 11/12/1764 James SHEPHARD     Sarah PARETT Single  
84 03/02/1765 James LASEY     Betty STANDERWICK Single  
85 30/07/1765 James DIBBLE Single   Ann ROWLEY Single Meare
86 06/09/1765 John WILLIAMS Single   Joan BAILEY Single  
87 09/11/1765 Thomas JONES Single   Jane PERROTT Single  
88 13/11/1765 Thomas CROSS Widower   Amy WARMAN Widow  
89 14/05/1766 Solomon NURTON     Elizabeth TOMS Single  
90 16/05/1766 Richard CLUTSOME   Nether Stowey Ann WITCH    
91 28/08/1766 Richard NURTON Single   Ann MATTHEWS Single  
92 06/09/1766 George ELLIS Widower   Jane HUTCHINSON Widow St Mary, Taunton
93 10/02/1767 Simon BURGE     Ann LOTT Single  
94 24/02/1767 Joseph DENNES     Elizabeth GRIDLEY Single  
95 27/02/1767 Thomas BISHOP Single   Jane BUFFETT Single  
96 02/03/1767 Robert BROWN Widower   Charity PADDEN Single  
97 02/03/1767 John FISH Widower   Mary RAWLINS Widow  
98 31/05/1767 William HODGE Single   Elizabeth EDWARDS Single  
99 28/06/1767 Nicholas REW Widower   Joan CROSS Single  
100 29/06/1767 John ADAMS Single Nether Stowey Mary SULLY Single  
101 07/09/1767 Abraham HURLEY     Mary NURTON Single  
102 17/10/1767 Matthew POOL     Catherine ROUTLEY Single  
103 15/02/1768 Samuel HURLEY     Frances BRUMER Single  
104 04/04/1768 George DAVIS     Jane POWEL Single  
105 04/04/1768 Henry DYER     Betty JENKINS Single  
106 30/05/1768 Richard DUNSCUMB     Elizabeth HILL Single  
107 10/06/1768 Thomas PERRETT Single   Mary MILLARD Single  
108 04/08/1768 William POOLE Single   Mary COMES Single  
109 16/09/1768 Thomas GORE Single   Mary THRISTLE Single  
110 15/10/1768 Edward SHEPHERD Single   Betty NURTON Single  
111 24/12/1768 Abraham SYMMONS Single   Betty WARREN Single  
112 07/02/1769 Thomas TUCKER Single   Hannah PEMM Single  
113 27/03/1769 Joseph EASTERBROOK Single   Elizabeth THOMAS Widow  
114 29/05/1769 Thomas BALLAM Single   Mary HURLEY Single  
115 04/06/1769 Samuel PEMM Single   Anne CROSS Single  
116 29/09/1769 William BAILEY Single   Anne NEATHWAY Single  
117 26/10/1769 Alexander Conibeare FISH Single   Mary ADAMS Single  
118 08/11/1769 John BROWNING Single   Anne ACREMAN Single  
119 16/04/1770 Thomas SYMONS Single   Elizabeth BARNET Single  
120 16/04/1770 John ROPER Widower   Mary STOCKMAN Single  
121 18/04/1770 George SCORE Single Cannington Anne POOLE Single  
122 21/05/1770 Nathaniel PALMER Single   Sarah BREWER Single  
123 14/07/1770 John HURLEY Single   Betty BRUMAN Single  
124 15/10/1770 Matthew EXON Single   Elizabeth STODDEN Single  
125 24/10/1770 Richard POOLE Single   Anne WEST Single  
126 26/12/1770 Henry STOCKHAM Single   Elizabeth HODGE Single  
127 29/05/1771 Richard COLES Single   Mary BACON Single  
128 14/09/1771 Lewis EDWARDS Single   Sarah BACON Single  
129 25/11/1771 Silas BROWNING Single   Tace FISH Single  
130 16/12/1771 Richard HOBBS Single   Mary FINER Single  
131 09/06/1772 Joseph WALKER Single   Mary EXON Single  
132 07/10/1772 William TUCKER Single   Sarah PHILIPS Single  
133 27/10/1772 William SIMON Single   Sarah POOLE Single  
134 02/11/1772 John DAVIES Single Congresbury Betty PALMER Single  
135 06/02/1773 Daniel Richards BUFFETT Single   Betty LEIGH Single Carhampton
136 23/02/1773 William NEATHWAY Single   Ann PHILLIPS Single  
137 16/04/1773 William VEN     Jane CLUTSOM Single  
138 06/05/1773 George RIDLER Single   Mary TROUT Single  
139 29/05/1773 Martin NORMAN   Cannington Nance SHORNEY Single  
140 22/06/1773 George RIDLER   Lilstock Mary ROWE    
141 17/10/1773 Samuel TUCKER Single   Elizabeth POPHAM Single  
142 21/11/1773 Francis LOVELESS     Elinor PODGER    
143 22/12/1773 Peter STACEY     Sarah TOMS Single  
145 21/01/1774 Thomas FISH     Martha GRAY Single  
146 14/02/1774 George SHEPHARD Single   Mary GILES Single  
148 24/04/1774 John JENKINS   Fiddington Betty JENKINS    
149 30/05/1774 John ROWE Single   Mary SWEETING Single  
150 06/06/1774 John JENKINS Single   Elizabeth BISS Single  
151 18/07/1774 John HARDEN   Berrow Mary NURTON    
152 18/07/1774 Henry PROLE     Edith TOMS    
153 01/10/1774 John THORNE     Elizabeth SHORNEY    
154 02/01/1775 John LANG     Sarah RAWLINS    
155 09/01/1775 John LEACH     Elizabeth HURLEY    
156 26/01/1775 William DOMETT   Hawkchurch, Dorset Agnes POOLE Single  
157 10/02/1775 John TOMS Single   Fanny HOBS Single  
158 07/06/1775 James WEECH Widower   Prudence STOCKHAM Single  
159 16/07/1775 John EXON Widower   Ann DIBBLE Widow  
160 16/12/1775 John KING     Sarah GULLIVER    
161 14/02/1776 John HEX     Mary MASON    
162 19/02/1776 William MACEREDY     Mary WEBBER    
163 11/04/1776 William REDLER Single Lilstock Betty ROWE Single  
164 18/05/1776 John DUNSCOMBE Single   Rachel FISH Single  
165 29/05/1776 William HODGE     Martha WEBBER Single  
166 07/06/1776 John SHEPHERD     Jane SHEPHERD Single  
167 05/11/1776 Richard BUFFET   Nether Stowey Mary EDWARDS    
168 20/11/1776 Thomas DUNSCOMBE     Mary LUCKWELL    
169 27/11/1776 Benjamin RUSSELL   Curland Hannah PARSONS    
170 24/12/1776 Thomas BUFFET Widower   Eleanor BATTISHILL Single Selworthy
171 26/04/1777 William SCREBBEN     Elizabeth CHILCOT Single  
172 13/05/1777 Isaac KINGSTON     Betty KNIGHT Single  
173 28/11/1777 John HONIBALL Single   Arabella BUFFET Single  
174 16/12/1777 Samuel BISS     Ann THRASHER Single  
175 31/12/1777 David BARNETT     Sarah MASON    
176 02/01/1778 Anthony STARKEY Single   Betty ACREMAN    
177 26/03/1778 James REDDING Single   Mary LEACH Single  
178 21/04/1778 John LUCKWELL     Mary SHORNEY Single  
179 23/04/1778 Lewis MAUDLEY   St Mary, Taunton Elizabeth VEAL Single  
180 15/05/1778 William WARREN Single   Betty HOOK    
181 29/05/1778 Robert CHILCOT Single   Sarah WARREN    
182 30/05/1778 George STODDEN Widower   Mary POOLE Single  
183 22/06/1778 Joseph ELLIS Single   Mary CORNER    
184 14/07/1778 John BISS Single   Ann BROWN Single  
185 01/08/1778 George SHEPHERD Widower   Mary BALSTEN Single  
186 27/01/1779 John TAYLOR     Ann VILLIES Single Cannington
187 13/02/1779 Joseph PERROT Single   Ann GROVE Single  
188 15/02/1779 William POOLE Single   Mary ARNETT Single  
189 23/06/1779 James KNIGHT Single Cannington Diana ROWE Single  
190 16/07/1779 Benjamin HAWKINS Single   Grace LEWIS Single  
191 18/10/1779 James BALAAM Single   Joan WINTER    
192 27/10/1779 James PAYNE     Mary BURLAND Single  
193 28/12/1779 George SHEPHERD Single   Mary SYMONS Single  
194 02/02/1780 Richard SEALY Single Nether Stowey Ann DAVIS Single  
195 22/02/1780 George PALMER Single   Betty HARTRY Single  
196 23/03/1780 John SYMONS Single   Mary VILLIES Single  
197 04/05/1780 James THRISTLE Single   Mary BROWN Single  
22/05/1780 William JENKINS Single   Sarah HAWKINS Single  
26/02/1781 John SEAGER Single   Ann BREWER Single  
16/04/1781 John NURTON     Mary HOOPER    
04/04/1782 John VEN Single   Elizabeth HAYMAN Single  
20/04/1782 John SHURVEY   Lilstock Betty BAUDRIP    
04/06/1782 John SHEPHARD Single   Betty BACON Single  
08/10/1782 John CROSS Single   Anne WORFORD Single  
18/02/1783 Henry GROVE Single   Hannah BALAAM    
28/02/1783 John CROCKER Widower   Elizabeth LOWDEN Single  
19/03/1783 John FISH Widower   Mary CHILCOTT Widow  
09/06/1783 John DAVIS Single   Ann MILLARD Single  
12/07/1783 John PROLE Single   Joan NURTON Single  
26/08/1783 Thomas FLY Widower   Mary VENN Widow  
30/10/1783 James STODDEN Single   Elizabeth LEWIS Single  
17/11/1783 John SHEPHERD Widower   Joan LEACH Single  
22/01/1784 John HAWKINS Single   Elizabeth MORRISH   Nether Stowey
09/02/1784 George ROGERS     Sarah PHILLIPS    
02/05/1784 Henry HODGE Single   Hannah EVANS Single  
03/06/1784 Thomas POOLE Single   Sarah BIFFEN Single  
23/08/1784 Richard BURCHER Single   Mary DAVIS Single  
10/12/1784 John LEVERSHA Single   Mary GROVE Single  
03/01/1785 Samuel DUDDING Single   Hannah DAVIS Single  
08/01/1785 Thomas RAWLINS Single   Joan BALAAM Single  
01/02/1785 John SULLY Single   Ann BUDGER Single  
31/03/1785 William TUCKER Single   Mary RAWLINS Single  
07/04/1785 George PAIN Single   Christian HONEYBALL Single  
15/07/1785 William BISS Single   Jane MASONS Single  
22/08/1785 James SYMONS Single   Hannah HEARTEY Single  
24/08/1785 Thomas BARNETT Single   Rebecca SCOTT Widow  
13/10/1785 Thomas ROWDLEY Single   Elizabeth LUCKWELL Single  
07/11/1785 Francis LOVELESS Single   Sarah BROWNING Single  
08/11/1785 Thomas PALMER Single   Elizabeth DUNSCOMBE Widow  
16/12/1785 Joseph LUCKWELL Single   Elizabeth KING Single  
26/01/1786 Henry SULLY Widower   Jane FURZE Widow  
27/03/1786 James NURTON Single   Elizabeth WESTCOMBE Single  
30/10/1786 John COLES Single   Hannah MOCCRIDGE Single  
04/11/1786 William VENN Widower   Ann EXON Widow  
08/04/1787 James KEBBLE Single   Ann NURTON Single  
27/04/1787 Thomas WINTER Single   Elizabeth SHORNEY Single  
08/05/1787 Samuel HURLY Single   Mary BRUMAN Single  
29/05/1787 Samuel VILLIES Single   Jane HONYBALL Single  
14/09/1787 Thomas TUCKER Single Stockland Bristol Sarah BALSTON Single  
26/11/1787 Robert LONG Single   Fanny FISH Single  
04/12/1787 William COX Single Huntspill Mary STACEY Single  
21/01/1788 Abraham HURLY Widower   Joan GARD Single  
22/01/1788 John PAINE Single   Elizabeth STOCKHAM Single  
03/03/1788 Thomas KING Single   Betty MORRISH Single  
24/03/1788 John GRIFFIN Single   Mary CRIDDLE Single  
26/03/1788 Edward BROWN Single   Ann STOCKHAM Single  
27/03/1788 Elias JONES Single   Hannah CRANE Single  
22/06/1788 Thomas RAWLINS Single   Sarah WEST Single  
11/08/1788 Thomas STOCKHAM Single   Jane WESTCOME Single  
01/10/1788 James WALKER Single   Mary VENN    
24/10/1788 William BROWN Single   Sarah BREWER Single  
16/11/1788 William BINDING Single   Ann LEWIS Single  
28/01/1789 Henry STOCKHAM Single   Sarah CHILCOTT Single  
28/01/1789 James STACEY Single   Edith NURTON Single  
02/06/1789 Abraham MATTHEWS Single Broadhembury, Devon Mary LAVERSKA Single  
05/06/1789 Thomas JOHNSON   Yorkshire Jane COLES Single  
25/10/1789 Solomon NURTON Single   Jane SULLEY Widow  
02/11/1789 Clement GOVETT Single Kilton Mary COLES Single  
22/12/1789 William DIBBLE Single   Jane CRIDDLE    
18/03/1790 Thomas DAVIS Single   Sarah FURZE Single  
03/04/1790 James BURLAND Single   Ann SHORNEY Single  
05/04/1790 John DUNSCOMBE Widower   Martha SIMONS Single  
22/04/1790 William BALAAM Single   Mary THRISTLE Single  
12/08/1790 John ROWE Widower   Ann SYMONS Single  
20/01/1791 William VENN     Mary HAYNAM    
28/03/1791 James SELWAY Single   Mary STODDEN Single  
18/04/1791 William FORD Single Bridgwater Mary Ann POOLE Single  
18/04/1791 Samuel NURTON Single   Elizabeth DAVIS    
26/04/1791 John BROWN Widower   Joan JESSUP Widow  
09/05/1791 Henry RESEY Single Burnham On Sea Hannah KNIGHT Single  
31/05/1791 William BURLAND Widower   Sarah LEWIS Single  
24/08/1791 Charles PITMAN Widower North Petherton Elizabeth RAWLINS Single  
19/11/1791 Joseph BROWN Single   Elizabeth WELSHMAN Single  
19/12/1791 John STODDEN Widower   Sarah WELSHMAN Single  
30/01/1792 John FISH Widower   Ann NURTON Widow  
10/04/1792 George SHORNEY Single   Ann SHEPHERD Single  
09/08/1792 George PIMM Single   Elizabeth NURTON Single  
27/11/1792 Joseph FISH Single   Elizabeth PERROT Single  
02/04/1793 Thomas DIBBLE Single   Christian HONYBALL Single  
09/04/1793 George STEVENS Single   Elizabeth VINCENT Single Otterhampton
21/05/1793 John BRIFFETT Single   Ann WHITE Single  
21/05/1793 George HALL Single   Sarah BISS Single  
17/10/1793 John STOCKHAM Single   Mary COLES Single  
20/10/1793 William LEE Single   Sarah DINNISH Single  
23/10/1793 Richard WEBBER Single   Elizabeth TUCKER Single  
03/01/1794 James RAWLINS Single   Betty BURLAND Single  
20/01/1794 James HARTREE Single   Ann DOWDING Single  
26/02/1794 John BISHOP Single   Jane RICH Single  
25/03/1794 William SULLY Single   Anne CHICK Single  
31/03/1794 William VILLES Single   Sarah WEDDON Single  
21/04/1794 John SULLY Single Stringston Hannah MASONS Single  
22/04/1794 Thomas WILCOX Single Lilstock Ann BURLAND Single  
28/04/1794 Joseph WEBBER Single Taunton Elizabeth TREBLE Single  
27/05/1794 Joseph MILLARD Single   Mary SHEPHERD    
14/07/1794 William WARR Widower   Eleanor HURDLE Single  
15/09/1794 John NURTON Single   Edith POOLE Single  
14/10/1794 Henry SULLY Single   Sarah LACEY Single  
20/10/1794 William YOUNG Widower   Mary SHEPHERD Widow  
05/01/1795 Robert STOCKHAM Single   Sarah VILLIES Single  
19/01/1795 James PLUMMER Single   Jane LANGDON Single  
22/04/1795 William WILCOX Single   Patience DYER Single  
15/10/1795 William POOLE Single Stockland Bristol Elizabeth STACEY Single  
04/04/1796 William BROWN   Dodington Ann EXON   Lilstock
14/04/1796 Robert MERRELL Single St Mary, Taunton Ann BRANT Single  
18/05/1796 William SYMONS Widower   Mary BENNETT Single  
08/08/1796 John PALMER Widower   Mary FLEA Widow  
02/11/1796 John NURTON Single   Elizabeth BROWNING Single  
07/11/1796 Thomas NURTON Single   Ann ROWE Single  
16/11/1796 John COLES Widower   Mary TOUT Single  
05/02/1797 Barnabas TREBLE Single   Sarah DAVIS Single  
08/02/1797 James FISH Single   Jane BALAAM Single  
12/02/1797 William COLES Single   Jane COLES Single  
16/03/1797 John EXON Single   Maria JESSOP Single  
25/03/1797 Edward THOMAS Single   Johanna SLOCOMBE Single  
10/04/1797 Edward TUCKER     Joan PARROT    
19/04/1797 Thomas WHITE Single   Mary WELSHMAN Single  
28/05/1797 Joseph DYER Single   Elisabeth STACEY Widow  
23/06/1797 Joseph BROWN Single Wiveliscombe Elizabeth SYMONS Single  
02/10/1797 Richard BRIFFETT   Nether Stowey Jane BROWNING    
25/10/1797 Thomas WINTER Widower   Hannah NURTON   Bridgwater
30/10/1797 William HURLEY Single   Elizabeth POOLE Single  
30/10/1797 Samuel HURLEY Single   Sarah NURTON Single  
02/11/1797 Thomas WEBB Single   Mary DYER Single  
30/11/1797 John ROWE   Fiddington Anne ROGERS Single  
30/12/1797 Thomas BARNET     Elizabeth BURLAND    
23/01/1798 John BALLAM Single   Judith FISH Single  
20/02/1798 John VINCENT Single   Elizabeth SULLY    
09/04/1798 Thomas BICKNOL Single Spaxton Anne VINCENT Single  
07/05/1798 Charles CHIDZEY Single   Betty STACEY Single  
13/08/1798 Samuel SKINFIELD     Mary BALLAM Widow  
02/10/1798 John MOCKRIDGE     Anne DAVIES    
23/10/1798 William LOTT   Stockland Bristol Emey SHEPHERD    
23/10/1798 John KNIGHT     Joan SHEPHERD    
06/11/1798 George PALMER     Diana BURLAND    
26/12/1798 John SULLY     Mary WILLIAMS    
26/01/1799 Samuel SHEPHERD Widower Kilton Ann BISS Widow  
27/03/1799 Thomas DUNDEN Single   Betty WHITE Single  
20/06/1799 Robert HONEYBALL Single   Betty DUNSCOMBE Single  
12/07/1799 William ELLIS Single Nether Stowey Ann NORMAN Single  
23/07/1799 Samuel RAWLINS Single   Ann PAINE Single  
05/08/1799 Henry HANDCOCK Single Wiveliscombe Sarah SYMONS Single  
30/09/1799 John HILL Single   Mary GORE Single  
08/10/1799 Henry THORN Single Carhampton Sarah SHEPHERD Single  
09/10/1799 Simon STEVENS Single   Anne VICARY Single  
26/12/1799 Joseph COLES Single   Mary WAR Single  
02/01/1800 George FISH Single   Elizabeth BISHOP Single  
14/04/1800 John BRIFFET Single   Sarah DAVIES Single  
15/04/1800 Joseph SHEPHERD Single   Mary PERRETT Single  
23/04/1800 John STODDEN Widower   Mary CULVERWILL Single  
06/05/1800 Gregory PERROTT Single   Sarah FISH Single  
07/05/1800 John GROVE Single   Elizabeth MILLARD Single  
25/05/1800 John WAR Single   Susanna WOODCOCK Single  
23/07/1800 Richard COLES Single   Ann SHEPHERD Single  
24/07/1800 Samuel BODEY Single   Jane RAWLINS Single  
28/07/1800 Samuel HURLEY Single   Patience CROSS Single  
23/03/1801 James KNIGHT Widower   Mary PAIN Widow  
18/02/1802 Mathew BURLAND Single   Mary TOMS Single  
08/06/1802 Simon LYMAN Single   Mary DUNSCOMBE Single  
04/07/1802 Thomas BURLAND Single   Ann VILLIES    
08/10/1802 John RAWLINGS Single   Jane FURZE Single  
24/12/1802 William BROWNING Single   Rachel SELWAY Single  
15/01/1803 George STREET Single   Hannah STOCKHAM Single  
27/01/1803 Thomas REDDING Single   Edith TOMS Single  
02/02/1803 David DAVY Single   Mary WOOLCOTT    
09/02/1803 William MASONS Single   Betty HODGE Single  
29/03/1803 James POOLE Single   Grace PHILLIPS Single  
31/03/1803 Samuel WILCOCKS Single   Sarah SIMONS Single  
07/04/1803 William HODGE Widower   Sarah POOLE Single  
09/04/1803 Thomas MARCHANT Single Berrow Ann OWEN Single  
13/04/1803 John BROWNING Single   Mary HODGE Single  
03/08/1803 James BALAAM Single   Rachel FISH Single  
03/10/1803 James ROWE Single Cannington Ann FURZE Single  
29/12/1803 David THOMAS Single   Elizabeth DUDRIDGE Single  
09/01/1804 John Gill SILKE Single Fiddington Anne HAWKINS    
17/01/1804 Samuel HURLEY Widower   Mary KING Single  
14/02/1804 John HODGE Single   Sarah HONIBALL Single  
26/03/1804 John GROVE Widower   Sarah JENNINGS Single  
03/04/1804 Thomas SHEPHERD Single   Sarah PERROT Single  
01/06/1804 William DANBURY Single   Sarah STAFFORD Single  
21/06/1804 William WASHER Single   Rachel FISH Single  
06/07/1804 Richard MILLARD Single   Betty BUCKNELL Single Kilton
11/10/1804 Thomas SCRIBBENS Single   Anne STOCKHAM Single  
26/10/1804 George NEATHY Single   Mary HURLEY Single  
05/11/1804 John ELLETT Single Broomfield Sarah WALFORD Single  
27/11/1804 Isaac ONION Single Cannington Elizabeth MAUNDERS Single  
05/02/1805 Henry HODGE Single   Mary BURLAND Single  
25/02/1805 John TUCKER Single   Agnes BUFFET Single  
07/03/1805 James MORRIS Single   Sarah BROWNING Single  
08/04/1805 Robert BROWNING Single   Susanna GIBBS Single  
16/04/1805 John SHEPHARD Single   Eleanor BUFFET Single  
14/05/1805 James SHEPHARD Single   Sarah HURDLE Single  
03/09/1805 Henry SULLY Widower   Sarah SHEPHERD Single  
12/11/1805 Thomas NEATHY Single   Sarah PALMER Single  
16/12/1805 John BUFFETT Single   Elizabeth RIDLER Single  
01/01/1806 Robert TANCOCK Single Littleham By Exmouth, Devon Ann WITHERS Single  
05/03/1806 George SHEPHARD Single   Elizabeth BUFFETT Single  
28/10/1806 Thomas RAWLINS Single   Sarah WARREN Single  
27/11/1806 Thomas VICARY Single   Christian HURLEY Widow  
27/11/1806 Thomas LEVERSHA Single   Christian HURLEY Widow  
05/02/1807 George BISHOP Single   Joan KNIGHT Widow  
01/04/1807 John WEBBER Single   Mary BURLAND Single  
21/05/1807 James HODGE Single   Jane STOCKHAM Single  
09/09/1807 James CRAGG Single St Andrew, Plymouth, Devon Mary RAWLINS Single  
19/11/1807 David THOMAS Widower   Mary SKAINFIELD Widow  
21/11/1807 George BURGE Single   Maria SYMONDS Single  
26/11/1807 Charles PINN Single   Hannah BISS Single  
06/01/1808 Thomas BOARD Single Bridgwater Mary CHEDZOY Single  
29/01/1808 Samuel BARNET Single   Elizabeth LETHEBY Single  
16/04/1808 Richard CHEDZEY Single   Joan PIERCE Single  
27/04/1808 Robert CHILCOTT Single   Mary HUMBER Single  
31/10/1808 Henry HODGE Widower Cannington Ruth ISAAC    
17/11/1808 John BLAKE Widower Nether Stowey Sarah POWELL Single  
23/01/1809 Robert RIDLER Single Lilstock Mary PAINE Widow  
13/02/1809 Richard HAWKINS Single Huish Champflower Mary LEVESKA Single  
04/04/1809 Henry STOCKHAM Single   Flower BRITAIN Single  
04/04/1809 William HURLEY Single   Sarah DAW Single  
18/05/1809 Richard STONE Single   Hannah STACEY Single  
25/05/1809 Thomas DAW Single Crowcombe Jane HURLEY Single  
18/10/1809 John NATION Single St Decumans Anstes KINGSTON Single  
13/11/1809 William WOOD Single   Sarah PAYNE Single  
13/12/1809 Joseph PERRETT Single   Jemima BUFFETT Single  
26/12/1809 William LUTLEY Single St Mary, Taunton Mary SULLEY Single  
22/01/1810 Joseph CROCKER Single   Elizabeth CROCKER Single  
29/01/1810 John LEVERSHA Single   Mary PERRETT Single  
31/03/1810 Thomas KING Single   Mary GIBBS Single  
16/04/1810 Christopher BAYLEY Single   Mary RAWLINS Single  
02/08/1810 John LEACH Single   Betty STACEY Single  
03/10/1810 William BURGE Widower   Sarah STOCKHAM Widow  
22/10/1810 Matthew BREWER Single   Louisa STEEL Single Stockland Bristol
25/10/1810 John VENN Single   Betty SHEPHERD Single  
21/03/1811 William TUCKER Single   Fanny FISH Single  
08/07/1811 John DAWES Single   Mary COOMBE Single  
09/07/1811 William RAWLINGS Single   Ann PERRETT Single  
01/08/1811 William SWANGER Single Spaxton Mary FISH Single  
17/09/1811 James KNIGHT Widower   Ann DAWBIN Widow  
06/02/1812 George HAYMAN Single   Rebecca BROWNING Single  
27/02/1812 Richard TUCKER Single   Sarah DIBBLE Single  
30/03/1812 Samuel NURTON Single   Elizabeth OSMAN Single  
24/04/1812 George GROVE Single   Sarah DEMETT Single  
28/05/1812 John PERRETT Single   Sarah PERRETT Single  
16/07/1812 James BROWNING Single   Elizabeth LEACH Single  
24/07/1812 John LEVERSHA Single   Ann THRISTLE Single  
29/10/1812 Samuel HURLEY Single   Honour JENNINGS Single  
1 22/03/1813 John RAWLINS     Mary LEVERSHA    
2 30/03/1813 William SHATTOCK     Betty NURTON    
3 30/03/1813 James DYER     Sarah HILL    
4 09/04/1813 William SULLEY     Priscilla POWELL    
5 30/08/1813 Henry BAILEY     Rebecca COOKSLEY   East Quantoxhead
6 07/10/1813 Simon RENDALL   Litton Mary GOVETT    
7 16/12/1813 John TUCKER     Ann FISH    
8 17/01/1814 James WALKER     Elizabeth BALLAM    
9 30/01/1814 John HUNT   Lilstock Sarah DUNSCOMBE    
10 14/03/1814 William SCRIBBENS     Betty SEAGAR    
11 16/05/1814 James BALLAM     Sarah VENN    
12 10/06/1814 William RIDLER     Arabella BUFFETT    
13 07/07/1814 William STACEY     Jane BARNETT    
14 17/07/1814 Simon GIBBS     Ann SYMONS    
15 18/08/1814 John STACEY     Sarah WINTER    
16 27/09/1814 Robert STONE     Jane BISS    
17 25/10/1814 Samuel HURLEY     Sarah WILCOX    
18 03/12/1814 Thomas GORE Single   Sarah Louisa COPP Widow  
19 07/12/1814 James SHEPHERD Single   Martha BROWN Single  
20 02/03/1815 George JONES     Hannah RAWLINS    
21 27/03/1815 Samuel BALLAM     Sarah ANDREWS    
22 21/06/1815 George SHEPHERD     Elizabeth CROSS    
23 27/08/1815 Francis FISH     Mary CHAPPLE   Cannington
24 14/09/1815 Thomas POOLE     Ann LONG    
25 05/10/1815 Matthew PAYNE     Maria STOCKHAM    
26 12/05/1816 John HALL     Betty RAWLINS    
27 14/05/1816 James DIBBLE     Ann HURLEY    
28 12/08/1816 George GULLY   Bridgwater Sarah EXON    
29 05/10/1816 George MEMBRY   St Mary, Taunton Ann SULLEY    
30 14/10/1816 John PARKER     Mary HALL    
31 15/10/1816 John PROLE     Hannah PERRETT    
32 31/12/1816 Jonas COLES     Elizabeth PUGSLEY    
33 14/01/1817 George BULLER     Eliza THORNE    
34 14/02/1817 Edmund JENKINS     Mary ALDERMAN    
35 07/04/1817 Henry WATTS     Mary DAVEY Widow  
36 23/04/1817 James BURLAND     Elizabeth HASTE    
37 28/05/1817 Henry WEBBER   East Quantoxhead Mary MILLARD    
38 31/08/1817 Robert WHITEFIELD     Eliza BUFFETT    
39 04/09/1817 John MORLE   Over Stowey Sarah RAWLINS    
40 27/10/1817 Edward KING     Susanna THRISTLE    
41 24/12/1817 George PAINE     Jane DAW    
42 20/01/1818 Thomas DAVIS     Mary STACEY    
43 11/04/1818 James WATTS     Elizabeth WOOLCOTT    
44 19/04/1818 William RAWLINS     Jane KING    
45 23/04/1818 John LOVELESS   Fiddington Jane DYER    
46 21/05/1818 Alexander Conibeer FISH     Lavinia ROWE    
47 12/07/1818 William JEFFERISS   Bridgwater Ann STOCKHAM    
48 14/07/1818 Robert HEMBURY   Burnham On Sea Agnes TUCKER Widow  
49 06/01/1819 Alexander BROWNING     Betty BROWNING    
50 15/02/1819 John DERHAM   Bishops Hull Elizabeth SULLEY    
51 11/03/1819 William CROCKER     Elizabeth LEVERSHA    
52 08/04/1819 Edward BROWN     Grace COLLARD    
53 13/04/1819 Thomas PROLE     Elizabeth DYER    
54 14/04/1819 William WILLIAMS     Jane SKENFIELD    
55 16/12/1819 John POWELL     Betsy HAWKINS    
56 20/01/1820 Richard SMART     Ann BALLAM    
57 03/02/1820 William DAVIS     Rebeka CRANE    
58 03/04/1820 Richard HURLEY     Jemima HERREMAN    
59 03/04/1820 John MILLARD     Mary BROWN    
60 20/04/1820 James PERRETT     Mary Parker HARMAN    
61 27/04/1820 Charles WITCH     Mary UPPENTON    
62 22/05/1820 James NURTON     Hannah PALLAGE    
63 29/06/1820 John NURTON     Joane PUGSLEY    
64 19/09/1820 James ELWORTHY   Stogumber Mary CHORNEY    
65 20/10/1820 Richard SAUNDERS     Elizabeth EDWARDS    
66 30/11/1820 John BRADFORD     Jane BALLAM    
67 23/01/1821 William LUCKWELL     Sarah CLUTSOME    
68 27/01/1821 John LETHEBEE     Sarah WILCOX    
69 10/03/1821 Thomas BISS     Sarah HITCH    
70 09/04/1821 James CONDUIT   Chedzoy Sarah HALL    
71 22/05/1821 James CABLE     Sarah REDDING    
72 24/05/1821 Joseph BROWN     Hannah BIFFEN    
73 29/06/1821 Joseph STACEY     Elizabeth WILCOX    
74 26/10/1821 Thomas PERRETT     Ann RAWLINS    
75 10/11/1821 William BURGE     Elizabeth DENNISH    
76 23/04/1822 Thomas RAWLINS     Mary CABLE    
77 25/04/1822 John DYER     Mary Ann NEWTON    
78 20/08/1822 Solomon NURTON     Abigail STOCK    
79 12/09/1822 William VENN     Elizabeth DYER    
80 23/09/1822 James STACEY Single   Mary FISHER Single  
81 31/10/1822 John RIDLER Single   Elizabeth ROWE Single  
82 14/11/1822 John DYER Single   Mary BUFFETT Single  
83 21/01/1823 Robert HALE Widower   Elizabeth HALL Single  
84 31/03/1823 Samuel STOCKHAM Single   Mary BAILEY Single  
85 31/03/1823 Richard WARE Single   Mary CARPENTER Single  
86 14/04/1823 Benjamin TUCKER Widower Chilton Trinity Mary TUCKER Single  
87 23/05/1823 Thomas LEVERSHA     Sarah TUCKER    
88 22/06/1823 John PENNEY     Mary GROVE    
89 14/10/1823 John SHORNEY Single Elworthy Sarah SHEPHERD    
90 21/10/1823 William ELSON     Ann CROCKER    
91 13/11/1823 James THRISTLE   St Decumans Mary HONIBALL    
92 03/04/1824 Limick BROWN     Elizabeth SULLY    
93 09/04/1824 William FURZE     Sarah PROLE    
94 22/04/1824 Charles GIBBS     Elizabeth CROSS    
95 28/04/1824 Samuel PROLE     Rebecca CHEDZOY    
96 05/09/1824 James DUNSCOMBE     Grace NETHERCOTT    
97 28/10/1824 John DERRETT     Charlotte NEWTON    
98 04/11/1824 Samuel GRANDFIELD Single   Joan PERRETT Single  
99 27/01/1825 Charles STEVENS   Dodington Ann STOCKHAM    
100 29/03/1825 John VILLIS     Elizabeth PALMER    
101 15/05/1825 William BIFFEN     Harriet STOCKHAM   St James, Bath
102 22/05/1825 Joel HOWE     Mary BALLAM    
103 18/08/1825 John WILKINS     Ann LUCKWILL    
104 06/12/1825 Richard WEBBAR     Elizabeth THOMAS    
106 27/12/1825 James PENNY     Joan EVERED    
107 18/03/1826 James Arrott STEWART Single Newland, Gloucestershire Mary Feltham SWEETING Single  
108 30/05/1826 Henry COATE Single North Petherton Mary BROWNING Single  
109 24/06/1826 Daniel ACRAMAN Single North Petherton Jane SWEETING Single  
110 08/07/1826 Joseph MOGG Single Greinton Anne ROWE Single  
111 03/08/1826 George NEATHY Widower   Edith VILLIS Single  
112 08/08/1826 John BOVETT Single Feniton, Devon Mary Anne BUFFETT Single  
113 10/08/1826 John POOLE Single   Harriet BURLAND Single  
114 19/12/1826 John SELWAY Single   Mary POOLE Single  
115 26/12/1826 Richard COLLARD Single   Kezia BRIFFET Single  
116 25/01/1827 James LICKEY Single   Joan TUCKER Single  
117 31/01/1827 Henry ROWE Single   Ethalinda SYMONS Single  
118 08/02/1827 William HURLEY Single   Eliza SCORE Single  
119 23/02/1827 John THORNE Single   Lavinia FISH Widow  
120 27/02/1827 Thomas CLUTSOME Single   Elizabeth TUCKER Single  
121 20/03/1827 John WILCOX Single   Sarah RIDLER Single  
122 31/05/1827 William Woolhouse ROBINSON Single Rochford, Essex Catharine SWEETING Single  
123 01/07/1827 Thomas NURTON Single   Mary HURLEY Single  
124 03/09/1827 Thomas PALMER Widower   Mary HURLEY Widow  
125 20/09/1827 John MOCKRIDGE Widower   Jane SCRIBBINS Widow  
126 04/10/1827 John GEEN Widower Dunster Ann NURTON    
127 21/01/1828 James GUNNINGHAM Single   Ann RICH Single  
128 13/03/1828 John Brewster BURTON Single Lilstock Jane JEANES Single  
129 08/04/1828 Thomas CABLE Single   Mary POOLE    
130 24/04/1828 Thomas DYER Single   Eliza CLUTSOME Single  
131 30/04/1828 John WASHER Single Stockland Bristol Sarah SHEPHERD Single  
132 26/05/1828 John REDDING Single   Ann STONE Single  
133 26/06/1828 John BROWNING Single   Mary CLUTSOM Single  
134 07/10/1828 Richard SELWAY Single   Mary NURTON   Cannington
135 15/01/1829 Edward COLLARD   Enmore Ann Parker HURMAN    
136 17/01/1829 Samuel HURLEY Single   Harriet JESSIP Single  
137 11/02/1829 James STACEY Single   Ann PORRETT Single  
138 31/03/1829 John LEVERSHA Widower   Ann TUCKER Single  
139 14/04/1829 George JAMES Single   Mary Ann RICH Single  
140 02/05/1829 William TOMS Single   Mary WOOD Single  
141 11/07/1829 William PINN     Ann DAVEY    
142 01/09/1829 John PEARCE Single   Ann FORD Single  
143 16/09/1829 Benjamin HURMAN   Cannington Harriet NORMAN Single  
144 16/01/1830 Matthew BURLAND Single   Ann EVANS Single  
145 01/04/1830 George PENNY Single   Mary WOODLAND Single  
146 01/04/1830 Samuel STACEY Single   Jane STRONG Single Stockland Bristol
147 13/04/1830 George BURLAND Single   Harriet DAVIS Single  
148 28/10/1830 Joel LEVERSHA Widower   Elizabeth MOSS Single  
149 18/11/1830 William WARREN Single Chilton Trinity Susan HURMAN Single  
150 30/03/1831 James COLES Single   Joan BURNELL Single  
151 15/12/1831 John COLES   Nether Stowey Mary BURLAND    
152 05/02/1832 Thomas LUCKWELL Single   Frances REDDING Single  
153 11/04/1832 Thomas DAVIS Single   Sarah JENKINS Single  
154 19/04/1832 William BIFFIN Widower   Elizabeth GEORGE Widow  
155 24/04/1832 Robert HALE Single St Decumans Betsy BISHOP Single  
156 01/05/1832 James CHEDGEY Widower   Ann CULVERWELL Single  
157 08/05/1832 William VILLIS Single   Ann BURGE Single  
158 15/07/1832 Charles BURGE     Mary HEARD    
159 26/07/1832 Thomas PERRETT   Stockland Bristol Ann SHEPHERD    
160 26/08/1832 Samuel PALMER     Ann TUCKER    
161 02/10/1832 George HURLEY     Emma BURLAND    
162 28/10/1832 Thomas TUCKER     Mary FORD    
163 15/11/1832 James PERRETT     Elizabeth HONIBALL    
164 13/12/1832 James BURLAND     Arabella MORRISH    
165 05/01/1833 George Grove MILLARD Single   Jane MARTIN Single  
166 24/03/1833 Joseph PROLE Single   Elizabeth STEPHENS Single  
167 28/03/1833 Joseph CUNNINGHAM Single Bridgwater Elizabeth SEREL Single  
168 22/04/1833 William WILLCOX Single   Sarah PAYNE Single  
169 09/05/1833 John MILLARD Single   Sarah WAITS Single  
170 29/08/1833 William SCRIBBENS Single   Elizabeth HAWKINS Single  
171 03/10/1833 John CHILCOTT Single   Rebecca COLES Single  
172 21/10/1833 John POWELL Single St James, Westminster, Middlesex Anne WATTS Single  
173 25/10/1833 George COURT Single Cannington Ann SHEPHERD Single  
174 30/01/1834 John WILCOX Single   Ann BAILEY Single  
175 01/03/1834 John HURLEY Single   Sarah MULLINS Single  
176 03/04/1834 William RAWLINS Single   Jane KEWER Single  
177 24/04/1834 William DIBBLE Single   Hannah VILLIS Single  
178 01/05/1834 George HUNT Single   Mary Ann COLES Single  
179 20/05/1834 John TUCKER Single   Susannah STOCKHAM Single  
180 17/06/1834 David Darius DAVEY Single   Sarah BODLEY Single Bridgwater
182 16/07/1834 William SYMES Single   Sarah LEACH Single  
183 10/08/1834 John RICH Single   Betty CHILCOTT Single  
184 11/09/1834 John DIBBLE Single   Betty WEBB Single  
185 24/10/1834 Thomas PROWSE Single   Mary TUCKER Single  
186 26/10/1834 George ALFORD Single   Mary WALKER Single  
187 13/11/1834 Charles SHEPPARD Single   Mary Ann BAKER Single  
188 01/01/1835 Charles STOCKHAM Single Newland, Gloucestershire Elizabeth WELCH Single  
189 15/07/1835 Samuel COLES Widower   Ann TIDBALL Single  
190 06/08/1835 Richard STOCKHAM Single St Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex Eliza PALMER Single  
191 08/10/1835 Charles PAIN Single Nether Stowey Mary Ann LEVERSHA Single  
192 03/12/1835 John DYER Single   Sarah HURLEY Single  
193 03/12/1835 William RICE Single   Jane PINN Single  
194 24/12/1835 Thomas WEBB Single   Elizabeth WESTERN Single  
195 28/01/1836 John DAVEY   Lilstock Hebe COLES Single  
196 31/01/1836 William DAVEY Single   Mary SURRAGE Single  
197 24/03/1836 Robert MURRAY Single   Ann WEBBER Single  
198 17/05/1836 Joseph PERRETT Single   Mary SHEPHERD Single  
199 26/05/1836 William WEBBER Single   Susanna SULLY Single  
200 04/06/1836 Peter LEVERSHA Widower   Ann Casely WOODER Single Lilstock
201 14/07/1836 William BARNETT Single   Elizabeth STACEY Single  
202 30/08/1836 Charles TIMBERLAKE Single   Jane HODGE Single  
203 10/11/1836 Thomas BURLAND Single   Sarah JENKINS Single  
204 25/11/1836 William HURDLE Single   Mary DAVEY Single  
205 16/03/1837 Richard BURLAND Single   Jane SCRIBBENS Single  
206 08/05/1837 Henry TREBBLE Single St Decumans Emma BISHOP Single  

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