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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Templecombe St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Templecombe, also known as Abbas Combe, lies in the extreme southeast of Somerset, indeed it forms a small part of the border with neighbouring Dorset. Templecombe is located around 4 miles south of the small market town of Wincanton and stands on the A357 road which connects Wincanton with Blandford Forum in Dorset. Modern communications split the parish too, the main rail line from Salisbury to Yeovil & Exeter runs through the parish. There are two distinct settlements to Templecombe either side of a small brook & the rail line, Templecombe itself to the self and Abbas Combe to the north both are small & compact villages grouped along the A357. The references in the name of Templecombe refer to a priory house of the Knights Templar which was present here until the dissolution of Henry VIII's era. At the time of this transcript the area's economy would have been mainly engaged in pastoral farming, today with the advent of heavy machinery a move to arable has taken hold. Templecombe is drained by small tributaries of the Bow Brook which join, in turn, the Rivers Cale then Stour eventually reaching the English Channel through Christchurch Harbour. Templecombe is sited at around 90 metres above the sea in rolling countryside, local heights reach 185 metres at nearby Windmill Hill. Templecombe parish was fairly typically sized for its area, it covered almost 1,900 acres and would have supported a population of around 450 parishioners. In Domesday times the two settlements were enumerated separately, Abbas Combe held by Shaftesbury Abbey & Templecombe by Bishop Odo of Bayeux, collectively they could offer 9 ploughs as well as meadows, pastures & woodland.

The Church

St Mary's church sits within Abbas Combe on the eastern side of the A457 as it rises from the railway crossing. Outwardly a Perpendicular styled church Pevsner hints at earlier origins by noting the nave's southern doorway as being clearly older. The design is unusual in having the tower placed to the south of the church. The church, however, received major restoration during the Victorian period which has masked much of the dating evidence, the northern aisle also dates from that period when both nave and chancel were in Pevsner's words "much renewed". The main road rises quite steeply through Abbas Combe and parking can be found at the junction with School Lane by the entrance to the church which sits in an elevated position. Entrance is by wooden gates at the both southern & northern end of the site. Once within the churchyard has no impediments to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 26th September 1754 - 5th September 1803 Somerset Heritage Centre - Reference D/P/TEMP/2/1/3 Plain ruled and bordered book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 3rd April 1804 - 28th December 1812 Somerset Heritage Centre - Reference D/P/TEMP/2/1/5a Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

NB This register is bound together with its successor into a single deposit
3 20th April 1813 - 5th December 1836 Somerset Heritage Centre - Reference D/P/TEMP/2/1/5b Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

NB This register is bound together with its predecessor into a single deposit

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Henstridge St Nicholas
Henstridge St Nicholas

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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
28/04/1754 William LASE     Patience DOWDING    
26/09/1754 John CAINE     Anna HOOPER    
17/06/1755 Abraham HOOPER     Jenny EYRES    
26/09/1755 John HILL   Tarrant Monkton, Dorset Ester GARRETT    
15/01/1756 Jesper HISCOCK     Elizabeth OLIVER    
19/02/1756 John ELLIS     Mary WILLIAMS    
11/05/1756 James MITCHELL     Mary MULLEN    
18/05/1756 Thomas STACY     Ann KENISTON    
19/10/1756 John KINASTON     Susanna TURK    
24/11/1756 John WEAR     Esther LONGMAN    
23/03/1757 John SIMMONS   Yeovil Elizabeth HOWARD    
13/04/1757 William HELLIAR     Ann HAZZARD    
28/06/1757 Samuel ODBER     Mary RYAL    
23/04/1758 Phillip BECKFORD   Wincanton Elizabeth HOOPER    
29/01/1760 William MEATYARD   Fontmell Magna, Dorset Catharine NAILE    
02/02/1761 Cary MEAD   Buckhorn Weston, Dorset Sarah TURNER    
30/04/1761 Tobias HANHAM     Mary DAY    
16/05/1761 William WARE     Christian TRIMBLETT    
23/05/1762 John HISCOCK     Mary COAL    
29/05/1762 John SMITHEM     Jenny CHANT    
21/07/1762 William BISHOP   Stalbridge, Dorset Elizabeth WEARE    
30/08/1762 Samuel GAME   Milborne Port Tamazin WEARE    
02/11/1762 Peter YEATMAN   Woolland, Dorset Anne WHITE    
05/02/1763 Thomas HALLET     Mary TIZZARD    
12/02/1763 Robert KENISTON     Hannah HISCOCK    
22/04/1763 Timothy DUFFET     Elizabeth WILLIAMS    
14/02/1764 John TURNER     Mary HANNAM    
03/12/1764 John CAINES     Ann HOOPER    
07/08/1765 Isaak BRINE     Mary HOOPER    
28/10/1765 Richard CHISLET   Horsington Jenny BURFET    
21/04/1766 Thomas RUSSEL     Mary ODBER    
18/02/1767 William CAINES     Sarah HARDY    
03/05/1767 Henry HISCOCK     Love POOL    
21/09/1767 Charles CHILD     Sarah HALLET    
19/10/1767 William DOLLEN   Sherborne, Dorset Hannah CRITCH    
06/09/1768 Samuell MULLENS     Mary BURFET    
09/10/1768 Thomas SLADE     Jane HOOPER    
02/05/1769 James BARTER   Horsington Pheby WEARE    
10/05/1769 John HOOPER     Edith BURGE    
21/08/1769 John CLERK     Joan STACY    
01/01/1770 Thomas SINIAR     Ketty GARRETT    
23/02/1770 John Bellbon GARRETT     Mary HAZARD    
15/04/1770 Richard POPE   Purse Caundle, Dorset Ann HISCOCK    
04/07/1770 Henry BEST Single Marnhull, Dorset Elizabeth MEAD Single  
18/04/1772 Robert BARTER     Janny HALLETT    
21/04/1772 William HOOPER     Grace KETTLE    
14/05/1772 John PARRETT Single Kington Magna, Dorset Ann BRIDPORT Single  
23/09/1773 William EASTMENT   Sherborne, Dorset Martha LONGMAN    
08/09/1774 John CORNISH   Horsington Anne HALLETT    
30/01/1775 William READ     Sarah JEANES    
27/02/1775 Onesiphorus HYDE     Mary OLIVER    
28/04/1775 Stephen PARSONS   Stalbridge, Dorset Jenny WEAR    
08/06/1775 John KENISTON   Henstridge Ann HALLETT    
29/10/1775 Henry HOOPER     Jenny BRINE    
28/05/1776 Edward HISCOCK     Love CAINES    
28/05/1776 Thomas WEAR     Betty GREEN   Henstridge
03/11/1776 John HAZARD     Betty HISCOCK    
26/10/1777 Rufus BARROW     Betty JEFFERIES    
22/02/1778 Peter HOPKINS     Sarah CAINES    
03/03/1778 Joseph COOMBS   Holwell, Dorset Susannah BRINE    
26/04/1778 William BAKER   Henstridge Elizabeth ELLIS    
02/08/1778 John TOOGOOD Widower   Hannah KENISTON   Henstridge
31/12/1778 John WARE     Mary LONGMAN    
17/08/1779 Joseph CHANT     Christian KAINES    
03/10/1779 Edward STRICKLAND   Wincanton Mary WEAR    
24/01/1780 John JEANES     Betty READ    
22/03/1780 Richard STRONG   Stalbridge, Dorset Mary HALLETT    
28/03/1780 James JAMES     Mary WEAR    
20/03/1781 Joseph BANGER   Stourton Caundle, Dorset Edith PARSONS    
16/04/1781 Samuel HALLETT     Jenny BANTON    
30/04/1781 Richard HANN     Elizabeth PERAM    
05/05/1782 Richard BETTIN     Hester HOW    
10/07/1782 George HALLETT     Edith BARROW    
14/11/1782 William LASS     Mary WEAR    
14/07/1783 Edward HAYCE   North Cadbury Molly READ    
30/10/1783 James GODWIN     Mary HOOPER    
11/02/1784 Joseph ROGERS   Stalbridge, Dorset Kitty SINIAR    
18/02/1784 John HOLE     Kitty BRINE    
16/05/1784 Thomas HALLETT     Martha ELLEN    
15/06/1784 Richard HANN     Sarah LONGMAN    
15/08/1784 John BELBIN     Mary BAKER    
18/10/1784 John PITTMAN     Ann GARRETT    
23/06/1788 James STACY     Martha KENISTON    
15/10/1789 Gracious FATHERS   Henstridge Elizabeth BEST    
07/04/1790 Thomas ELLEN     Lauranna HOOPER    
18/10/1790 Clement HAZARD     Abigail KENISTON    
07/03/1791 Robert HANN     Ann SUTTON    
10/04/1792 James STACEY     Elizabeth OLIVER    
02/12/1792 Thomas CAINES     Sarah MEAD    
17/01/1793 John GARRETT     Anna GARRETT    
19/02/1793 Samuel PITMAN     Charlotte LOCK    
09/04/1793 John READ     Elizabeth MORGAN    
27/08/1793 Jonas CROCKER     Elizabeth JEANS Widow  
10/10/1793 Henry HOLE     Mary TURNER    
17/12/1793 William TITE   Stalbridge, Dorset Sarah COLE    
28/12/1793 Amos GARRETT     Rachel LONGMAN    
12/10/1795 Isaac HOOPER     Mary HISCOCK    
23/12/1795 John Harbottle MIDDLECOTT   Warminster, Wiltshire Mary Betty BRINE    
07/04/1796 Anthony ABARROW     Anne READ    
27/08/1797 Thomas KENISTON     Pheby STACY    
28/11/1797 Robert MEAD     Mary HOOPER    
13/08/1798 Richard SLADE     Mary SLADE    
28/03/1799 Robert DAVIS Widower Wincanton Mary HOLE    
20/05/1799 Timothy DUFFETT     Mary SHEPHERD    
12/11/1799 George MUSGRAVE   St Mary, Taunton Elizabeth GARRETT    
11/02/1800 William COX     Patty FATHERS   Henstridge
21/09/1800 Thomas HATCHER     Grace LOCKYER Widow  
21/10/1800 Thomas READ     Jane RAYMOND    
08/01/1801 Charles LONGMAN     Hannah GARRETT    
01/06/1801 Thomas COLBORNE   West Camel Susanna COOMBS    
06/04/1802 Job OLIVER     Jane WHITE    
19/04/1802 Thomas HANNAM     Susannah DEWLAND    
22/02/1803 Charles LASS Single   Betty WEAR Single  
01/05/1803 James BRINE     Dinah WEAR    
12/05/1803 Lazarus OLIVER     Betsey LASS    
08/08/1803 George BABSTOCK     Esther CAINS    
05/09/1803 John Belbon GARRETT     Fanny HERMAN    
1 03/04/1804 George HISCOCK     Ann PERRY    
2 08/04/1804 James STICKLAND Single   Lucy CHISSLETT Single  
3 21/05/1804 Isaac BRINE Single   Nanny Hazard GARRETT Single  
4 24/09/1804 John POOL Single   Hannah HISCOCK Single  
5 15/04/1805 Robert BARTER Widower   Mary WADMAN Single Henstridge
6 06/05/1805 Charles HOOPER Single   Jane TOLLEY Single  
7 27/04/1806 Thomas GARRETT Single   Hannah GARRETT Single  
8 26/05/1806 William GARRETT Single   Anne WINTER Single  
9 18/06/1807 John CAINS Widower   Elizabeth LOVELL    
10 04/09/1807 William MULLENTEN     Ann BELBEN    
11 29/09/1807 Richard BELBEN Widower   Keziah DAY Single  
12 03/05/1808 John HOOPER Single   Elizabeth MEAD Single  
13 02/04/1809 John HILLIAR Widower Milborne Port Fanny HUTCHINGS Single  
14 26/12/1809 John WEARE     Leah HOOPER    
15 04/03/1810 James STACEY     Maria King BUTTON    
16 24/04/1810 Edmund BOLTON Single Yeovil Ann BRINE Widow  
17 24/04/1810 Thomas HAZARD Single   Mary WHITE Single Horsington
18 24/04/1810 George OLIVER Single   Mary LASS Single  
19 27/08/1810 Nathaniel READ     Elizabeth JEANES    
20 29/04/1811 William Highmore SHERRING Single Milborne Port Mary COX Single  
21 03/06/1811 Thomas HOOPER     Martha LASS    
22 28/10/1811 William WEARE     Lydia HOOPER    
23 21/09/1812 James HOLE Widower   Elizabeth FORD Single Mere, Wiltshire
24 29/09/1812 Charles WHITE   Kington Magna, Dorset Harriet BRINE    
25 07/12/1812 William BARNES     Elizabeth PARSONS    
26 28/12/1812 Samuel WORTHY Single   Anne Ireson MORRISH Single Wincanton
1 20/04/1813 William HAZARD Single   Anne KYNASTON Single  
2 14/02/1814 Onesiphorus HYDE Single   Mary BELBON Single  
3 14/02/1814 Samuel HISCOCK Single   Ann YOUNG Single  
4 16/10/1814 William BARRATT Single Stock Gaylard, Dorset Hannah COURTNEY Single  
5 17/10/1814 William WILKEY Single   Diana HOOPER Single  
6 23/01/1815 George HOOPER Single   Fanny BELBEN Single  
7 19/09/1815 George ABBOT Single Yeovil Susannah HISCOCK Single  
8 07/11/1815 Robert HOOPER Single   Maria TILSED Single  
9 07/05/1816 John KINASTON Single   Sarah BELBEN Single  
10 03/06/1816 James STICKLAND Widower   Phebe WEARE Single  
11 14/10/1816 John SPENCER Single   Clarissa SANGER Single  
12 14/11/1816 John WILTON Single Horningsham, Wiltshire Ann LASS Single  
13 07/04/1817 John BEACON Single Wincanton Kezia LYDFORD Single  
14 17/04/1817 John YOUNG Single   Ann YEAR Single Henstridge
15 10/07/1817 John BRINE Single Wheathill Mary Brine GARRETT Single  
16 29/01/1818 Moses ANDREWS Single Bratton Seymour Elizabeth KENISTON Single  
17 16/04/1818 John READ Single   Elizabeth HISCOCK Single  
18 06/07/1818 James WILLIS Single Horsington Ann ELDRIDGE Single Horsington
19 16/08/1818 Joseph WELSH Widower Horsington Susannah HELLYAR Single Horsington
20 09/12/1818 George HANNAM Single Horsington Sarah WAITE Single Horsington
21 24/12/1818 Robert WARREN Single   Sarah HUNT Single  
22 08/02/1819 Thomas WILLIS Single   Rachel HOOPER Single  
23 31/05/1819 John PITMAN Single   Mary TURNER Single  
24 03/04/1820 William BARNS Widower   Jemima SHEPHERD Single  
25 01/08/1820 James BELBEN Single Buckland Newton, Dorset Elizabeth KENISTON Single  
26 28/09/1820 George STACEY Single   Mary KENISTON Single  
27 29/10/1820 William CROSS Single   Sarah BELBEN Single  
28 25/12/1820 James STACEY Widower   Ann WEARE Single  
29 21/05/1821 John HINE Single   Mary HOOPER Single  
30 24/05/1821 Joseph WEARE Single   Sarah SPENCER Single  
31 28/05/1822 John STACEY Single   Mary HUNT Single  
32 05/06/1822 Benjamin PARSONS Single Wincanton Elizabeth HALLETT Single  
33 20/07/1822 Robert BRINE Single   Susannah JEANES Single  
34 20/08/1822 William COURTNEY Single   Hannah HOOPER Single  
35 14/10/1822 Charles CAINS Single   Betty TURNER Single  
36 23/01/1823 William HINE Single   Jane CAINS Single  
37 30/01/1823 John GODDARD Single   Elizabeth HOOPER Single  
38 11/02/1823 William BIGGIN Widower Horsington Hannah ANDREWS Single  
39 18/02/1823 Joseph HALLETT Widower Henstridge Charlotte GODDARD Single  
40 13/03/1823 John DAVIS Single Horsington Elizabeth HAZZARD Single  
41 20/05/1823 George TURNER Single   Ann STACEY Single  
42 13/05/1824 Henry Cox HAZZARD Single   Elizabeth HATCHER Single  
43 17/10/1824 John BELBEN Single   Ann RIDEOUT Single  
44 09/11/1824 Charles DAY Single   Emma PHILIPS Single  
45 27/12/1824 John DAVIS Single Horsington Ann SHEPPARD Single  
46 03/01/1825 Henry PHILIPS Single   Ann HOOPER Single  
47 06/02/1825 Benjamin GODDARD Single   Maria RYALL Single  
48 15/05/1826 John GUNSTON Single Monkton Deverill, Wiltshire Sarah PARSONS Single  
49 16/05/1826 William BRINE Single   Harriot SHEPPARD Single  
50 11/10/1826 Samuel DUFFETT Widower   Hannah HARRIS Widow  
51 24/10/1826 Robert YOUNG Single   Ann HINKS Single  
52 03/12/1826 George CEASS     Elizabeth STACY    
53 04/12/1826 William WORTHY     Mary Ann HOLE    
54 14/12/1826 William GARRETT Widower   Jane HOOPER Widow  
55 22/01/1827 Stephen HAZARD     Jemima BARNS    
56 11/03/1827 Charles DAY     Sarah BELBEN    
57 02/04/1827 Robert PITMAN     Ann TURNER    
58 03/05/1827 Thomas WHITE   Bruton Anne COLLINS    
64 07/06/1827 George HILLIER     Rhoda HOOPER    
59 11/11/1827 Samuel HALL     Catherine HANNAM    
65 12/08/1830 Simeon BASTABLE     Mary STACEY    
66 09/02/1832 George HAZARD     Keturah CROSS   Horsington
67 01/03/1832 Thomas Stacey COURTNEY     Jane HALL    
68 12/04/1832 Henry HOOPER     Hannah SHEPHERD    
69 28/06/1832 Thomas SIMS Widower   Elizabeth HOLE Single  
70 13/12/1832 Charles FORD     Sarah HOLE    
71 08/04/1833 Thomas HUNT     Susannah BARTER    
72 24/06/1833 John GARRETT Widower   Elizabeth PARSONS Widow Stalbridge, Dorset
73 25/10/1833 Charles SHEPPARD     Mary CEASS    
74 06/01/1834 George BELBEN     Mary SWETMAN    
75 06/03/1834 Charles EAVIS     Maria HELLIAR    
76 10/03/1834 John EAVIS     Elizabeth ANDREWS    
77 08/04/1834 Thomas PENNY   Horsington Louisa STRICKLAND    
78 22/05/1834 William Henry CORF     Mary WILKEY    
79 23/11/1835 William KING   Stowell Elizabeth RYALL    
80 11/01/1836 Thomas MARTIN   Shrewton, Wiltshire Jane SMITH    
81 15/02/1836 William HOOPER Single   Mary HIBBARD Single  
82 30/09/1836 Elias GREGORY Single Buckhorn Weston, Dorset Emma RAYMOND Single  
83 04/10/1836 Timothy DUFFIT Widower   Charlotte YOUNG Widow  
84 05/12/1836 William MEADE Single   Mary CROCKER Single  

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