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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Thurlbear St Thomas


The Parish

The parish of Thurlbear lies in southwestern Somerset about 4 miles southeast of the county town of Taunton. Thurlbear is a tiny place, little more than a hamlet with no defined village as such, it sits deep in lanes a little over 2 miles west of the A358 road which connects Taunton with Ilminster. Thurlbear largely consists of a few farms and cottages running for a half mile along a narrow north to south running lane and sits at the foot of a low knoll of limestone. That limestone helped to diversify the economy from a typical one of pastoral farming found in this area, the limestone being quarried for local building stone and road mending. Thurlbear is drained by small tributaries of the Broughton Brook which head northwards to join the Tone to the east of Taunton, from here the Tone heads east to join the Parrett and reach the Bristol Channel through the port of Bridgwater. Thurlbear is sited at around 50 metres above the sea but that limestone knoll rises to over 150 metres on nearby hills to the south. There are many tiny parishes in this area of the county and Thurlbear was typical of such, it covered just under 950 acres and would have supported close to 200 parishioners. In Domesday times Thurlbear was an equally modest place, held by Count Robert of Mortain it could muster 9 ploughs as well as the usual meadows & woodland.

The Church

St Thomas' church sits at the southern end of the lane's north to south course on its eastern side just before the lane turns westward. Outwardly this is a routine country church, largely Perpendicular and heartily restored by the Victorians. It is internally, however, that a surprise awaits as within this shell lies a Norman church dating back to the start of the 12th century. The Norman Romanesque aisles and arcades which sit within the church (which must have been largely re-cased in the 14th or early 15th century) are almost unique. Traces of former transepts on the walls of the chancel hint at what may once have been a cruciform building. The church has, therefore, met with two significant changes, the first to Perpendicular and the second to Victorian restoration. The lane past the church is fairly narrow but an ample verge allows parking, a low local stone wall has metal gates for entry into a churchyard which is spacious and with no obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 25th November 1754 - 21st April 1812 Somerset Heritage Centre - Reference - D\P\thurl/2/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 18th February 1813 - 1st June 1837 Somerset Heritage Centre - Reference - D\P\thurl/2/1/4 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Stoke St Mary
Stoke St Mary
Stoke St Mary
Orchard Portman St Michael
West Hatch St Andrew
Staple Fitzpaine St Peter
Staple Fitzpaine St Peter
Staple Fitzpaine St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
06/02/1754 Thomas POOL Thornfalcon Joan STODGEL Stoke St Mary
19/02/1754 John WHITE Martha PRIOR
1 25/11/1754 James JARMAN Susannah SUMERS
2 06/01/1755 John HILL Mary COLEMAN
3 29/05/1755 William CRIDGE Martha JARMAN
4 08/12/1755 John BREFFET Stoke St Mary Betty BURROW
5 08/02/1756 James SHEPHERD Mary WOODWARD
6 21/04/1756 Thomas EDWARDS Betty WOODWARD
7 25/05/1756 John BURROUGH Bickenhall Catharine PRIOR Single
8 30/05/1756 Nathaniel BURT Mary HURKETT
9 19/07/1756 John BURROW Prudence VINCENT Single Stoke St Mary
10 11/11/1756 Samuel BUNKAM Grace HEARNE Single
11 10/01/1757 Robert BRYANT Sarah RISDON Single Bradford On Tone
12 04/09/1757 Thomas GUMMER Mary MEDE Single
18/10/1757 Eli MEETYARD Mary THOMAS Single Pitminster
03/04/1758 Joseph WAR Betty GELLET
23/11/1758 Robert SPARK Elizabeth VINCENT
30/04/1759 John JACOB Stoke St Mary Elizabeth YEO Single
29/06/1762 Matthew CRIDGE Sarah BECK
13/02/1763 John Brett FRY Sampford Arundel Jane PRIER
03/11/1763 George WILLIAMS St Mary, Taunton Abigale SUMMERS Single
04/03/1764 John DYKE Stoke St Mary Sarah HURCOMB Single
23/04/1764 James FARMAN Elizabeth BROWN Single
17/01/1765 William HARDWILL Martha LATHEY St Mary, Taunton
23/07/1765 William BURT Joan GOEVER Single
13/04/1766 Robert SUMMERS Elenner CRIDGE Single
04/11/1766 William GOLDSWORTHY Corfe Fanny BURNETT
16/11/1767 James WELCH Chard Martha VINCENT
24/01/1768 Samuel STODGEL Stoke St Mary Mary SEALY
29/09/1768 Michael TRUMP Mary BLAGDON
28/10/1770 Robert WALL Orchard Portman Mary DYKE Single
18/01/1771 John SHEPERD Sarah CRIDGE
28/10/1771 George DUMMETT Maria HURCOMB
23/01/1772 John DOMINI Corfe Elizabeth HILL
17/05/1773 Richard Fry BLAGDON Betty GLOVER Single
01/08/1775 William CRIDGE Hannah YARD Single
21/07/1777 George HOOPER Jane GOODEN Single
29/06/1778 Thomas BOWLS Stoke St Mary Elizabeth EDWARDS Single
20/07/1778 Robert PATTIN Wambrook Ann BOARD Widow Honiton, Devon
07/09/1778 John MEACHAM Buckland St Mary Maria WOOD
26/04/1779 Robert YARD Staple Fitzpaine Hannah PHILIPS
09/11/1779 John CROSS Goathurst Mary MANNING Single Buckland St Mary
13/12/1779 William WOODWARD Mary CADE St Mary, Taunton
28/12/1780 John HOOPER Mary JENNINGS Single
18/02/1782 Isaac CARTER Orchard Portman Ann POTTER
31/08/1783 Peter HILL Mary BARNARD Single
19/10/1785 Joseph YANDELL Brompton Ralph Betsy SOUTHEY Single
04/07/1789 John HARDWELL Maria HURKETT St Mary, Taunton
30/09/1790 Thomas CRIDGE Sarah CHANNING
05/01/1791 Samuel SATTERLEY Elizabeth MORTER
18/12/1791 John DOMINEY Sarah BURNARD
27/03/1792 Thomas DOMINEY Hannah SPILLER
05/04/1792 James KILLEND Hannah WALL
17/04/1792 Joseph CRIDGE Elizabeth SCADDIN
17/12/1792 Michael WEB Mary CHANNING
27/05/1794 William STEVENS Sarah EDWARDS
15/12/1794 Charles CHANNING Agnes SQUIRE
08/04/1795 Thomas ROWSELL Sarah CRIDGE
01/08/1796 Samuel TRIM Betty SPILLER
06/07/1797 Thomas HARDWELL Elizabeth DOTTIN
10/08/1797 William ROWSELL Sarah MASTER
02/04/1798 Charles WOOD Elizabeth BURT
24/01/1799 Abraham SPILLER Betty APLIN
23/09/1799 Robert SOUTHWOOD Mary OUSTEY
27/01/1800 Joseph HOOPER Single Sarah MANNING Single
20/10/1800 George HOOPER Mary MATRAVERS
02/12/1801 John BATT Mary HUTCHINGS Widow
18/04/1802 Thomas JACOBS Sarah CLOUTER Stoke St Mary
24/11/1802 Henry OWSLAY Susanna HIX
22/02/1803 Richard OWENS Betty JACOBS
17/10/1804 James CRIDGE Widower Staple Fitzpaine Sarah GREGORY
29/11/1804 John OATEN Sarah APLIN
28/03/1805 John CLEAK Betty HARDWELL
09/05/1805 Thomas HARCOURT Lydia HILL
02/02/1809 Philip PHILIPS Mary APLIN
22/05/1809 Thomas CHANNING Sarah SHUTE
21/02/1811 Robert APLIN Abigail WERFIELD
25/04/1811 Laurence BOBBETT Widower North Curry Eleanor LENTALL Widow
20/05/1811 Mark DIGHT Widower Creech St Michael Ann DAVEY Widow
21/04/1812 William TANCOCK Betty SPILLER
1 18/02/1813 Henry SYMES Single Ilminster Ann Woodward HUTCHINGS
4 13/11/1814 William MICHAM Ann HOOPER
7 26/11/1816 Thomas VIRGIN Single West Hatch Charlotte PHILLIPS Single
10 29/03/1818 James MITCHAM Hannah VINCENT
11 12/05/1818 James GILLARD Mary HARRIS
12 03/12/1818 Robert WILLIAMS Anna CUMMINS
13 15/03/1819 Robert CHANNING Eleanor CRIDGE
14 06/04/1819 William Henry WILLMENT Single West Hatch Hannah PHILLIPS
15 31/10/1819 Thomas RICHARDS Mary HULL
16 27/04/1820 George SPILLER Hannah SHUTE
17 15/06/1820 Michael WEBB Ann SPILLER
18 16/10/1820 Samuel ROWSELL Betty CUMMINS
19 25/01/1821 John HULL Abigail CHANNING
20 16/04/1822 William FERRIS Susanna OUSLEY
21 20/06/1822 John BOARD Edith WOOD
22 05/05/1823 John CANNELL Single Jane BRIDGE Single
23 06/04/1824 John GILLARD Single Elizabeth WEBB Single
24 29/04/1824 William ENGLAND Single Bradford On Tone Elizabeth Batt TOLMAN
25 07/08/1825 Alexander WOODFORDE Single Sarah SOUTHWOOD Single
26 20/09/1825 Edward GRABHAM Single Bickenhall Sarah HUTCHINGS Single
27 21/03/1826 John COOMBES Single Sarah CHANNING Single
28 08/06/1826 William BRADFORD Single Hillfarrance Mary TAYLOR
29 13/06/1826 Joseph VERRIER Single Stoke St Mary Ann CUMMINS
30 26/10/1826 William Weaver MURLESS Single Stoke St Mary Elizabeth WATERMAN Single
31 30/10/1826 Charles DAW Single Ann BARTLETT Single
32 30/04/1827 Charles PYKE Single Mary WEBB Single
33 23/10/1827 William WATERMAN Single Mary ROWSELL Single
34 21/09/1828 James STACEY Single Rebecca HULL Single
37 18/10/1831 William DOMINEY Single Mary Ann GARLAND Single
38 11/12/1832 William GARLAND Single Ann WEBB Single
39 14/05/1833 James HALLETT Single Charlotte HULL Single
40 19/01/1834 William CLEAK Sarah HAYES
41 15/04/1834 William CHANNING Single Lydia HANCOCK Single
42 28/08/1834 Robert WAYET Single Sarah TRUMP Single
43 31/12/1835 John SLOCOMBE Single Mary CLEAK Single
44 15/03/1836 James KEATES Single Elizabeth SPILLER Single
45 01/06/1837 William CHORLEY Widower Mary CRABB Single Stoke St Mary

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