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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Worle St Martin


The Parish

The parish of Worle lies in northern Somerset about 2 miles northeast of the seaside resort of Weston Super Mare. Worle sits just north of the B3440 road, one of the roads connecting Weston Super Mare with the M5 motorway. Once a separate and discrete village, as Weston Super Mare has expanded inland from the sea Worle has become subsumed within the urban area which almost fills all of the area between the M5 and the coast. Whilst historically there had been mining for both lead and calamine on the limestone outcrop that sits to Worle's west by the time of this transcript such activities had ceased and Worle would have primarily been a pastoral farming community. The River Banwell drains the parish northwards the short distance to the nearby Bristol Channel. Worle is sited at around 30 metres above the sea at the eastern end of a limestone outcrop which rises to just over 100 metres on nearby Worlebury Hill, the outcrop is believed to me a Carboniferous coral reef fossilised. Worle parish was fairly typically sized for its area, covering just under 1,900 acres it would have supported a population of just under 900 parishioners. In Domesday times Worle was a middling sort of place, held by Walter of Douai it could offer 13 ploughs along with the usual meadows & pastures.

The Church

St Martin's church sits on the southern side of Church Road and just over a quarter mile north of the B3440. Whilst the church has ancient origins, Pevsner cites the southern doorway as being Norman and Romanesque in style and dating from the early 12th century, the traces of such era are slim. The church was substantially rebuilt during the 14th and 15th centuries largely in the Perpendicular style. The standard layout of nave, chancel & western tower is augmented by a northern aisle. The western tower with its stair turret and spire are unusual and an interesting feature, the spire being matched by the equally unusual spirelet decorating the northern face. The usual Victorian restoration besides refreshing the building also added the northern chapel. Church Road is broad but parking is restricted by the close proximity of the school, at the eastern end of the site a space for a car or two sits in from of the angled pathway leading through the churchyard. The churchyard is largely open and free of photographic obstacles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 4th February 1755 - 9th November 1812 Somerset Archives & Local Studies - Reference - D/P/wor/2/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting within this register may lead to one or two misreads
2 13th April 1813 - 19th February 1837 Somerset Archives & Local Studies - Reference - D/P/wor/2/1/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Kewstoke St Paul
Kewstoke St Paul
Wick St Lawrence
Kewstoke St Paul
Wick St Lawrence
Banwell St Andrew
Hutton St Mary
Locking St Augustine
Locking St Augustine
Banwell St Andrew

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 04/02/1755 John LACE     Sarah CAPEL Single Christon
2 16/10/1755 James INGRAM   Kewstoke Mabel LOVEL    
3 23/05/1756 Charles GATUS     Elizabeth DINLY    
4 17/03/1757 John JEFFERIES     Mary TOBY    
5 09/05/1757 William WATERS     Elizabeth MAY    
6 04/08/1757 Edmund LOVELL     Mary KNIGHT    
7 19/08/1757 John TOBY     Sarah SIMONS    
8 27/12/1757 George SPARY     Betty DERRICK    
9 24/01/1758 James BENNET     Amy WATTS    
10 27/02/1758 George YOUNG   Kewstoke Catherine JENKINS    
11 06/03/1758 Joel BISHOP     Anne KNIGHT    
12 15/04/1758 Thomas PARSONS   Kewstoke Martha BISHOP    
13 24/04/1758 George HURDELL   Kingston Seymour Mary ROGERS    
14 10/07/1758 Joseph GOLD     Susannah LIGHT    
15 26/03/1759 Joseph BISHOP     Anne COATE    
16 01/04/1759 James MORSE     Christiana MOORE    
17 08/10/1759 Solomon HAINE     Betty COMBE    
18 17/02/1760 Thomas ROBERTS   Wraxall Flower SIMONS    
19 05/04/1760 Andrew BEYNON     Martha SHEPSTON    
20 12/05/1760 John WARR     Maria COLEMAN    
21 31/05/1760 John PRESSE   Weston Super Mare Jane ARNELL    
22 13/12/1760 William FEAR   Brent Knoll Elizabeth CHAPPLE    
23 03/02/1761 William WILLIAMS     Eleanor COLES    
24 28/04/1761 George WOOLLEN     Hannah MAY    
25 20/09/1761 James MORRIS     Anne THORN    
27 29/09/1761 John QUIRK     Betty COOPER   Cheddar
28 03/04/1762 John GOULD     Sarah BARNS   Kewstoke
29 10/10/1762 James HEMLEN     Ann BISHOP    
30 27/08/1763 James HOUSE     Catherine TILLY    
31 21/03/1764 Robert ANDREWS     Grace DAY    
32 25/03/1764 John BROADBEARD     Betty YOUNG    
33 23/04/1764 Richard HOWELL   Kingston Seymour Mary GAGE    
34 09/01/1765 James SHIPTON   Banwell Honor MAY    
35 27/03/1765 John FRY     Jane READ   Kewstoke
36 03/04/1765 Eli DAVIES     Mary ETHRINGTON    
37 07/05/1765 Arthur COLES     Betty MILLARD    
38 09/05/1765 John CHAPEL     Mary SYMS   Huntspill
39 05/06/1765 Thomas LLOYD   Banwell Anne ARNEY    
40 04/07/1765 Edmund MORSE     Elisabeth LLOYD    
41 06/04/1766 William BROADBEAR     Sarah BROOKES   Banwell
42 12/05/1766 John ARNEY   Weston Super Mare Eleanor MORRIS Widow  
43 25/03/1767 Thomas SHENTON   Kewstoke Mary MARCH    
44 06/12/1767 Joel BISHOP     Honor SHEPTON Widow  
45 10/12/1767 William MAY     Maria MOORE   Banwell
46 29/02/1768 Edmund COLES     Edith WATTS    
47 11/06/1768 John BURGE   Locking Elisabeth HANCE    
48 28/10/1768 James BISHOP     Elizabeth URCH    
49 22/03/1769 Thomas KNIGHT     Mary MORRIS    
50 03/04/1769 John COLES     Mabell INGRAM Widow  
12/04/1769 John HARRIS Widower   Sarah GOLD Widow  
22/08/1769 Ruben PIME Widower Banwell Mary QUICK Single  
11/04/1770 Edward DAVIS     Mary ARNEY    
07/05/1770 Henry LAURENCE     Hannah MEAKER   Kewstoke
14/02/1771 John FRY   Kewstoke Prudence MERRIFIELD    
18/04/1771 Thomas ISGAR     Hester MANFIELD    
28/06/1771 James THATCHER Single   Christian MOSS Widow  
03/10/1771 Samuel CLEGG   Kewstoke Mary PRESTON    
26/02/1772 Isaac HACKER     Anne DAVIS    
04/04/1772 Isaac SHEPSTONE     Jane RICKETS    
26/12/1772 John WEST     Hannah COLEMAN    
06/09/1773 John WATTS     Hester MUGGLESWORTH   Kewstoke
30/09/1773 Josias REEVES   Congresbury Grace DAVIS    
02/04/1774 John BADEN     Sarah BADMAN    
02/04/1774 Thomas CLARK     Elizabeth JONES   Yate, Gloucestershire
13/05/1774 James GILL     Hannah SPRUD    
18/08/1774 Samuel EWINS     Sarah HENVILL    
25/03/1776 William DAVIES     Susannah LOVEL    
14/10/1776 Levi PYM     Sarah LYDE    
02/02/1777 Charles JAMES     Anstance INGRAM    
31/03/1777 William MERRIFIELD     Anne HAMLEN    
15/05/1777 Joseph LAWRENCE     Dennis MORRIS    
07/09/1777 John SAY     Anne PYM    
26/06/1778 John WILD     Hannah INGRAM    
03/03/1779 Isaac HACKER     Anne PRINTER    
18/04/1779 Dennis MAY     Anne OZEN    
27/04/1779 William CORFIELD   Banwell Sarah WATTS    
02/09/1779 James ABBOT   Long Ashton Jane BISHOP    
53 03/02/1780 Richard PARSONS   Kewstoke Mary LOVEL    
54 08/04/1780 James LOVEL     Sarah WEBB    
55 10/01/1781 John THORN     Hannah NEIGHBOUR    
56 28/03/1781 John WOODRUFF     Lydia GILL    
17/05/1781 John COLLIER   St Cuthbert, Wells Mary LAWRENCE    
27/05/1782 John FEAR   Locking Susannah LANCASTER    
25/03/1783 James HUNT     Elizabeth BISHOP    
30/04/1783 William SEAVELL     Clarianna BISHOP    
13/09/1783 Jesse LOVELL     Elizabeth SALTER    
14/04/1784 Joseph HAYMANS   Banwell Susanna GOODWIN    
01/08/1784 John BENNETT   Kewstoke Hannah BEACHAM    
03/04/1785 William PALMER     Ruth NOBLE    
06/08/1785 Charles PIM   Kewstoke Rachel LANCASTER    
25/09/1785 William DAVIS     Tamzin WALLIS    
02/04/1786 Isaac GILL     Mary Mullins LOVEL    
17/04/1786 William MILLARD   Kewstoke Jane CAPELL    
15/05/1786 John ALEXANDER     Jane SHEPSON    
08/10/1786 Leonard WOODS     Mary WATTS    
09/10/1786 Baldwin PARSONS     Hannah STILL    
16/03/1787 Joseph LEMAN     Betty DAY    
02/04/1787 Samuel WRIDE     Ann BARNES   Congresbury
14/04/1788 Samuel COOMBES     Elizabeth LOVEL    
23/04/1788 Samuel BISHOP Widower   Mary JONES Single  
19/05/1788 Harry BOWYER Single   Jane COX Single  
18/08/1788 John GILL Single   Jane WATTS Single  
02/08/1789 Arthur DAY Single   Susanna MAY Single  
25/04/1790 James BRADFORD Single   Ann STUBBINS Single  
13/03/1791 James MAY Widower   Mary DAY Single  
03/07/1791 Robert BISHOP Single   Mary BISHOP Single  
10/11/1791 John DAVIS Single   Elizabeth WATTS Single Kewstoke
15/02/1792 William LEMAN Single Wrington Mary CHAPPELL Single  
21/06/1792 William FRY Single Kewstoke Susanna WATTS Single  
15/01/1793 Daniel LOVEL Single   Mary MAY Single  
22/04/1793 George YOUNG Single   Mary STUBBINS Single  
02/06/1793 William YOUNGE Single   Grace POPE Single  
31/03/1794 Thomas BISDEE Single   Elizabeth BISHOP Single  
26/05/1794 Charles TAYLOR Single   Mary KNIGHT Single  
15/09/1794 John DAY Single   Elizabeth LAWRENCE Single  
30/10/1794 Roger HARRIS Single   Sarah TOOMER Single  
15/12/1794 James BISDEE Single   Jane FRY Single  
26/03/1795 Edward COLLIPRIEST Single Wick St Lawrence Susannah DURSON Single  
06/05/1795 Leonard WOOD Widower   Susannah BEACHAM Single  
20/03/1796 George KEYER Single   Hannah WOOLLEN Single  
26/04/1796 Joseph WATTS Single   Mary BISHOP Single  
01/11/1796 Samuel LLOYD Single   Gilling STUBBINS Single  
19/03/1797 James CHAPMAN     Sarah BISHOP Single  
28/03/1797 James COURT Single   Ann HOOKWAY Single  
01/10/1797 Joseph WATTS Widower   Mary HARVEY Single  
26/11/1797 John BROADBEARD Widower   Hannah WEST Widow  
27/05/1798 Daniel FRY Single   Grace REEVES Single  
05/09/1798 John TAYLOR Single   Hester GOULD Single  
25/12/1798 Richard GRATTAN Single   Mary BANWELL Widow  
31/03/1799 Joseph BANWELL Single Wedmore Jemimah STUBBINS Single  
11/04/1799 George BROWN Single Wick St Lawrence Sarah HOUSE Single  
11/08/1799 Samuel BADMAN Single Winscombe Sarah BROADBERE Single  
02/11/1799 Edmund WATTS Single   Susannah DAVIS Single  
18/11/1799 Joseph WATTS Single   Hester DUNN Single  
27/04/1800 Isaac HACKER Single   Ann HOOLE Single  
13/05/1800 John WEST Single   Lovely BISHOP Single  
08/06/1800 Richard JOHNSON Single   Elizabeth STUBBINS Single  
31/08/1800 John BROADBEARD Single   Elizabeth REEVES Single  
13/09/1800 George COOK Single Banwell Mary BISHOP Single  
15/04/1801 John HAM Single Congresbury Mary LAWRENCE Single  
28/01/1802 William TUCKER Widower Long Ashton Betty PARSONS Single  
30/05/1802 Joseph HEMMANS Single Wick St Lawrence Ann PHILLIPS Single  
25/04/1803 William FRY Single Winscombe Joice STUBBINS Single  
24/05/1803 Job WEST Single   Ann PARSONS Single  
06/02/1804 Samuel HARSE Single   Hannah FRY Single  
14/03/1804 William DAY Single   Love STUBBINS Single  
10/09/1804 Joseph DYER Single   Hannah WOODRUFFE Single  
05/12/1805 George YOUNG Widower   Ann MADDOX Single  
10/04/1806 Jeremiah COLES Single   Mary BACON Single St Cuthbert, Wells
25/08/1806 Elijah COURT Single   Jane REEVES Single  
22/09/1806 James BENNETT Single   Hannah COX Single  
30/09/1806 William REEVES Single   Ann MILLARD Single  
03/11/1806 John KNIGHT Single   Mary LEMAN Single  
25/04/1807 Joseph MANNING Single Kewstoke Joannah STUBBINS Single  
09/12/1807 Jacob HORLE Single   Sarah BADEN Single  
23/03/1808 John BURGH Single Locking Jane BROADBERE Single  
05/04/1808 Thomas PETERS Single   Sarah LAWRENCE Single  
21/04/1808 Silvester BISDEE Single Banwell Ann HAMMONS Single  
13/11/1808 Thomas MITCHEL Single   Pheby CORFIELD Single  
10/03/1809 William MALLETT Single Kewstoke Harriet PREAN Single  
28/03/1809 James STUBBINS Single   Sexey BEARD Single Banwell
02/05/1809 James GILL Widower Wick St Lawrence Mary SYMMONS Widow  
26/07/1809 Joel BISHOP Single   Hannah KINGMAN Single Hutton
14/09/1809 William MILLARD Single   Rebecca KINGTON Single  
27/03/1810 John HUNT Single   Elizabeth COX Single  
29/03/1810 John JEFFERSON Single Banwell Martha COX Single  
18/07/1810 Samuel HUNT Single   Ann GILL Single  
10/04/1811 Thomas CASTLE Single Winscombe Mary MAY Single  
26/05/1811 John KEEN Single   Nancy LANCASTER Single  
01/01/1812 James Partridge CAPELL Single Weston Super Mare Sarah HAMMANS Single  
26/03/1812 Joseph DYER Widower   Sarah MULLINS Single  
05/04/1812 Samuel DAY Single   Ann DOGGETT Single  
02/05/1812 Jeremiah HARRIS Single   Jane WALTHAM Single  
27/09/1812 William STRONG Single   Patience WHITE Single  
09/11/1812 Joshua WEST Single   Anne HAYER Single  
1 13/04/1813 Samuel PIPE Single   Sarah COLE Single  
2 27/03/1814 William WATTS Single   Jane SEVIER Single  
3 03/04/1814 James WELLS Single   Hannah KINGTON Single  
4 15/08/1814 Richard TANNER Single Kewstoke Anne BADEN Single  
5 29/10/1814 William LIGHT Single   Anne SEVIER Single  
6 30/03/1815 William BARRETT Single   Frances GILL Single  
7 30/03/1815 William HAYMANS Single Kewstoke Jane PALMER Single  
8 26/08/1815 Charles WILTSHIRE Single   Elizabeth PALMER Single  
9 14/04/1816 Leonard WOOD Widower   Jane BANWELL Widow  
10 18/04/1816 John LOVEL Single   Elizabeth TIPPETS Single  
11 27/05/1816 Thomas RATTLE Single   Mary HORSINGTON Single  
12 09/06/1816 John WEBBER Single   Elizabeth PARSONS Single  
13 25/08/1816 James HARRIS Single   Maria PAIN Single  
14 03/04/1817 John BARRETT Single   Jane HURLEY Single  
15 10/04/1817 George WRIDEN Single Kewstoke Sarah JEFFERY Single  
16 26/05/1817 George COLE   Frampton Cotterell, Gloucestershire Fortune LOVELL Single  
17 22/06/1817 Isaac BURGH Single   Sarah WEBB Single  
18 14/04/1818 Joseph DAVIS Single   Dorcas LOVELL Single  
19 24/10/1818 George WARBRITON Single Kewstoke Mary BAILEY Single  
20 07/04/1819 George PETERS Single   Jane ANDREWS Single  
21 27/09/1819 William Frederick MORGAN Single St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol, Gloucestershire Marianne PRICE Single  
22 01/03/1820 William DAY Widower   Anne WEST Widow  
23 12/03/1820 William CAVILE Single   Mary HUSSEY Single  
24 12/08/1820 William COLE Single   Sarah CURRY Single  
25 16/10/1820 Richard MOORE Single Kewstoke Elizabeth TRIPP Single  
26 04/01/1821 John Thomas MORGAN Single Westbury On Trym, Gloucestershire Anne Frances CROFT Single  
27 13/02/1821 James WOOKEY Single   Anne PARSONS Single  
28 24/03/1821 John WALKER Single Kewstoke Sarah THEYER    
29 12/06/1821 George HUNT Single   Diana HUNT Single  
30 08/09/1821 Cornelius DAY Single   Elizabeth PETERS Single  
31 27/09/1821 John LOVELL Single   Mary COLE Single  
32 30/03/1822 Walter DURBIN Single   Frances HARRIS Single  
33 01/04/1822 George HAWKINS Single   Jane HARLE Single  
34 13/04/1822 Edmund TWITT Single   Eliza TRIPP Single  
35 25/04/1822 Daniel Wakely DAY Single Kewstoke Anne MAY Single  
36 04/05/1822 Charles AMESBURY Single   Christian KINGTON Single  
37 18/05/1822 Charles HARRIS Single   Mary TUTTON Single  
38 31/08/1822 John DAVIS Single   Anne Young SALVIDGE Single  
40 31/03/1823 James Halls SAMPSON Single   Eliza Ann CROFT Single  
41 10/05/1823 Thomas KIDNOR Single Hutton Mary KINGTON Single  
42 12/05/1823 Samuel COOMBS Widower   Sarah REEVES Widow  
43 13/12/1823 George TOZER Single   Elizabeth WALDRON Single  
44 01/04/1824 Edward URCH Single   Mary WALLICE Widow  
45 16/05/1824 William GAUF Single Kewstoke Elizabeth CAPELL Single  
46 01/06/1824 John PALMER Single   Elizabeth ROGERS Single  
47 28/06/1824 Roger HARRIS Widower   Mary RATTLE Widow  
48 18/09/1824 William YOUNG Single   Phebe WHITE Single  
49 25/05/1825 James YOUNG Single   Betsy BROADBERE Single  
50 28/05/1825 George LEE Single   Louisa HARLE Single  
51 25/06/1825 John BISHOP Single   Anne PETHERAM Single  
52 18/07/1825 Henry WATTS Single   Elizabeth NAISH Single  
53 12/09/1825 Thomas CAPELL Single   Sophia PIMM Single  
54 05/04/1826 Edward FRY Single   Elizabeth TOZER Single  
55 04/05/1826 William HALL Single   Sarah STAR Single  
56 17/05/1826 William BODEY Single   Anne BROADBERE Single  
57 07/06/1826 James BROACKES Single Puxton Hester DAY Single  
58 02/12/1826 George PHILLIPS Widower   Betty CLEGG Single  
59 07/04/1827 Thomas RATTLE Single   Mary HURLY    
60 08/09/1827 James WALKER Single Kewstoke Elizabeth THEYER Single  
61 21/02/1828 Thomas CLEGG Single   Mary LLOYD Single  
62 29/03/1828 James LOKYER Single Kewstoke Mary BAILEY Single  
63 18/02/1829 Joseph MILLER Single   Ann SIMMONS Single  
64 31/10/1829 William WASON Single Chepstow, Monmouthshire Harriet DAY Single  
65 25/11/1829 Robert MERCER Single St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol, Gloucestershire Maria PRINTER Single  
66 17/04/1830 Joseph KEATS Single Burnham On Sea Hannah THAYER Single  
67 26/04/1830 Thomas WILLIAMS Single   Eliza BROADBEAR Single  
68 04/05/1830 David RICH Single Ubley Maria JAY Single  
69 19/02/1831 William PIMM Single   Maria WATTS Single  
70 10/03/1831 John PUDDY Single   Maria HORSINGTON Single  
71 02/04/1831 Thomas LOVELL Single   Elizabeth BAKER Single  
72 21/07/1831 John HARSE Single   Elizabeth ELLIS Single  
73 06/10/1831 Elijah HOOKWAY Single   Elizabeth CLEGG Single  
74 15/12/1831 Thomas LLOYD Single   Mary Ann BUCKLAND Single  
75 04/04/1832 William PALMER Widower   Jane KNIGHT Single  
76 07/04/1832 John CLEGG Widower   Jane WATTS Widow  
77 14/07/1832 George BAILEY Single Kewstoke Betsy TRIP Single  
39 15/03/1833 John COOK Single   Ann DAVIS Single  
78 14/05/1833 Nathan FRY Single   Phoebe SMALL Single  
79 30/11/1833 Thomas Cambridge NEWMAN Single   Sarah CLEGG Single  
80 01/04/1834 William SADLER Single St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol, Gloucestershire Jane PLAISTER Single  
81 06/04/1834 Joseph NORMAN Single Uphill Phoebe COOK    
82 06/04/1834 Joseph WAKELY Single   Eliza WOOLF Single  
83 11/04/1834 John TRIP Single   Eliza FREENWOOD Single  
84 19/04/1834 Robert FEAR Single   Jemima BINDING Single  
85 31/01/1835 Sydney TRIP Single   Sarah WHITE Single  
86 26/03/1835 William GILL Single   Ann CAPLE Single  
87 02/05/1835 Mark May PARSONS Single Wick St Lawrence Mary THAYER Single  
88 03/02/1836 James LOVELL Single   Maria FEAR Single  
90 13/04/1836 Charles BISDEE Single Kewstoke Adaliza HEWLETT Single  
91 09/10/1836 William RICH Widower   Eliza Jane PANES Single  
92 31/12/1836 Thomas STAR Widower   Hannah HARMAN Single  
93 19/02/1837 John PARSONS Single   Arabella HAWKINS Single  

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