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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Great Barr St Margaret


The Parish

The parish of Great Barr lies in the extreme south of Staffordshire, indeed it forms part of the border with neighbouring Warwickshire. Great Barr is nowadays part of the greater conurbation of Birmingham but was previously a rural village, it is sited about 5 miles north of Birmingham. Great Barr sits on the A34 road which connects Birmingham with the industrial town of Walsall, the M6 motorway forms a junction with this road at Great Barr and the resulting development of the wider area has filled the area with housing and businesses. It is difficult to reconcile today's urban setting with what must have been a compact village with a hall and parkland estate. The local area would have had a mixed farming regime but employment was also to be found quarrying the local limestone for building stone. It is difficult to determine the drainage for the area due to influence of man in both amending the natural drainage and canalisation of the waterways, numerous canals pass close by, the area broadly drains northwards to join the River Trent and exit to the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Great Barr is sited at around 150 metres above the sea in a gently undulating landscape. Great Barr parish was created from a chapelry in the wider parish of Aldridge, the result would have been fairly typically sized for a Staffordshire parish, it would have covered around 5,000 acres, the population would have grown steadily during the period of this transcript to over 1,000 but the initial settlement is likely to have been merely 300 -400 parishioners. In Domesday Times Great Barr was held by one William son of Ansculf, it could only boast around 5 ploughs as well as small woodlands and meadows.

The Church

St Margaret's church sits to the northeast of modern Great Barr, adjacent to the grounds of the hall and surrounded by modern golf courses. Regrettably the church is a modern building erected in 1860 and embellished with its steeple 30 years later. The building is clearly of little architectural interest as Pevsner dismisses it in a mere handful of lines merely suggesting that the recessed spire was "nice". The church sits, behind a low brick wall and screening trees, on the southern side of Chapel Lane. Entry is at the western end of the site through a pair of metal gates, once through the trees there are few obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 29th April 1756 - 14th September 1812 Staffordshire Record Office - Reference - D6018/1/8
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads This register has faded almost to invisibility at times and many entries are, as a result, pure guesswork. Errors will be frequent as a consequence and users should treat this piece with caution
2 15th March 1813 - 26th June 1837 Staffordshire Record Office - Reference - D6018/1/9 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading is less intense than in the prior register but still impacts and may lead to one or two misreads

Walsall St Matthew
Aldridge St Mary
Shenstone St John
Wednesbury St Bartholomew
Sutton Coldfield Holy Trinity, Warwickshire
West Bromwich All Saints
Handsworth St Mary
Handsworth St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
29/04/1756 John WEBB   Aldridge Lydia CULWICK    
31/08/1756 Samuel KESTERTON     Dorothy CARTMALL    
20/11/1756 William SPENCER   Halesowen, Worcestershire Ann HITCHENER    
06/10/1757 John MILLS     Mary ANDREWS   Shenstone
16/11/1757 Thomas BENNET     Joan WALMESLY    
01/04/1758 Richard RUCHALL     Elizabeth THORP    
27/11/1758 William HAMPSTERTON   Aldridge Elizabeth YATES    
05/10/1759 Joseph ROBERTS   Edgbaston, Warwickshire Mary SARGENT    
01/12/1760 Harry PRICE   Aldridge Jane PARKS   Aldridge
02/02/1761 Henry EAST   St Philip, Birmingham, Warwickshire Sarah GROVE    
02/02/1761 James ROGERS     Sarah JENNESS Single Aldridge
18/03/1761 Samuel HARRISON   Aldridge Mary BRADSHAW    
12/04/1761 William HODGETS   Aldridge Ann HOLTON   Aldridge
21/05/1761 William GROVE   Aldridge Hannah MOSS   Aldridge
24/01/1762 Thomas BLICK   Aldridge Mary CLEMSON    
02/05/1762 William NEWBOLD     Sarah MOOR    
29/09/1763 William MOSS   Aldridge Hannah POYNER   Harborne
18/10/1763 Henry SMITH   Aldridge Ann GOUGH    
23/03/1767 Ralph EVANS   Aldridge Mary FOSTER   Aldridge
13/04/1767 Richard BEST   Walsall Sarah GRIFFITH   Aldridge
04/11/1767 Joseph HANSON   Aldridge Mary GOUGH    
15/05/1769 Benjamin HANCOX   Aldridge Ann JAMES   Handsworth
17/05/1769 Rupert HUNTBACK   Harlaston Ann FORD   Aldridge
25/06/1769 Joseph OSBORNE   Aldridge Phebe MANLIN   Sedgley
04/01/1770 William DODD   Shenstone Mary BIRD   Aldridge
30/12/1770 John Fallow Morris Piddock Richard GROVE   Aldridge Catharine Stratton Elizabeth Hannah WALTON   Aldridge
14/01/1771 David DAVIS   Aldridge Sarah UNDERHILL   Aldridge
27/01/1774 Joseph OSBORNE   Aldridge Martha DUTTON   Handsworth
29/04/1774 William DAVIS   Aldridge Ann WHITMORE   Handsworth
14/11/1774 Richard GOODALL   Aldridge Mary WALMSLEY   Aldridge
29/12/1774 Richard MOORE   Aldridge Elizabeth EDWARDS   Aldridge
29/12/1774 Thomas BENNETT   Aldridge Priscilla SPENCE   Aldridge
26/03/1775 James SIMKIN   Aldridge Sarah HATHAWAY   Aldridge
03/05/1775 Thomas WRIGHT   Aldridge Nancey DAWES   Aldridge
28/09/1775 Joseph CORNER   Aldridge Hannah WRIGHT   Aldridge
31/03/1777 William STOKES   Norbury Mary OSBORNE   Aldridge
24/04/1777 John FOWLER   Aldridge Mary CROSS   Aldridge
02/12/1777 John WHITEMOORE Single Handsworth Elizabeth PAIN Single  
03/03/1778 Samuel TANDY   Aldridge Mary BICKLEY   Aldridge
20/03/1778 John DAVIS Single Aldridge Elizabeth DAY Single  
11/06/1778 Francis CLARK   Aldridge Ann DORMAN Widow  
30/05/1779 John WOODALL   Wednesbury Sarah LOYNES Single  
02/07/1780 Joseph MOUNTFIELD   Aldridge Sarah CLIFT   Aldridge
07/09/1780 William MOSS   Aldridge Ann SEAL   Aldridge
19/07/1781 Walter DAY Single Aldridge Elizabeth STRATTON Single Aldridge
29/11/1781 Benjamin HARRISON Single Handsworth Mary RAWLINS Single Aldridge
03/12/1781 William BREEDEN Widower Aldridge Elizabeth MARTIN   Aldridge
10/12/1781 Henry PACE Single Aldridge Sarah SIDDONS Single Aldridge
26/05/1783 John TONGUE Single Aldridge Mary DALTON    
17/11/1783 John DUCKETT Single Aldridge Mary NOONHAM Single Aldridge
27/11/1783 William BAILEY Single Aldridge Ann SMITH Single Aldridge
06/01/1784 John CHOICE Single Aldridge Ann MEEK Single Aldridge
15/02/1784 Henry GROUTIGE Single Aldridge Mary SIMKIN Single Aldridge
02/05/1784 Joseph COOPER Single Halesowen, Worcestershire Ann OSBORNE Single Aldridge
07/06/1784 John TARBOX Single Aldridge Ann WIZLEY Single Aldridge
09/08/1784 John WHEEWELL Single Appleby, Leicestershire Sarah ROGERS   Aldridge
23/09/1784 Charles GROVE Single Norton & Lenchwick, Worcestershire Ann EAST Single Aldridge
18/10/1784 Job WRIGHT   Aldridge Hannah HATHAWAY   Aldridge
01/11/1784 John HOLDFIELD Single Aldridge Hannah WILSON   Aldridge
19/11/1784 William HALES Single Aldridge Mary CLARK   Aldridge
28/03/1785 Joseph WELLS Single Aldridge Mary BRICKET Single Aldridge
30/06/1785 Thomas TAGG Single Aldridge Mary DICKISON Single Aldridge
30/09/1785 John BODEN   Aldridge Lucy LINDFORD   Aldridge
15/12/1785 Samuel BULL   Aldridge Elizabeth JOLLEY   Aldridge
19/02/1786 John EATON Single Aldridge Elizabeth FOSTER Single Aldridge
17/04/1786 Joseph SMITH   Aldridge Mary PAIN   Aldridge
04/09/1786 William HARRISON   Aldridge Sarah BREEDEN   Aldridge
11/01/1787 John PARKER   Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire Dorithy CROW   Aldridge
11/01/1787 Matthew ROSS   Aldridge Eleanor SMITH   Aldridge
31/01/1787 John BENNET   Aldridge Sarah GROVE   Aldridge
26/02/1787 Benjamin FORMAN   Aldridge Ann HANSON   Aldridge
19/07/1787 Edward COOPER   Wednesbury Sarah OSBORNE    
28/10/1787 Thomas PRICE   Aldridge Sarah LAMSDON   Aldridge
19/02/1788 George BRADBURY   Lapworth, Warwickshire Susannah JOLLEY   Aldridge
03/03/1788 John WILLIAMS   Handsworth Ann WIGHT   Aldridge
31/03/1788 James ROSS     Elizabeth ALLASTON    
14/04/1788 Thomas TURNER   Birmingham, Warwickshire Sarah EAST    
04/08/1788 John LOYD   Aldridge Sarah COOK   Aldridge
25/10/1788 Thomas SKELTON     Ann HOLDCRAFT    
27/10/1788 John SIMS     Sarah ORME    
28/11/1788 Joseph COOPER     Frances DORLSCOURT    
04/10/1789 William BENNET     Catharine SIMMONS    
14/01/1790 Joseph SMITH   Walsall Mary TAYLOR   Aldridge
23/01/1790 John DAVIES     Juliana LINDEL    
08/02/1790 William MOTTRAM     Mary PARKES    
24/05/1791 George RUTTER     Jane CRESSELL    
03/10/1791 Joseph EMERSON   St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire Sarah WIGHT    
09/08/1792 John NICHOLS   Aldridge Ann COOPER   Aldridge
29/10/1792 William LEES   Wolverhampton Ann HIGHFIELD    
08/06/1794 Richard STANWAY   Walsall Sarah SIMMONS    
19/07/1795 Thomas WILDING   Aldridge Mary OLDFIELD   Aldridge
16/11/1795 William OSBORNE     Hannah MAULLIN   Sedgley
10/12/1795 James PARROTT   Aldridge Ann ADCOCK   Aldridge
07/06/1796 William SMITH     Eleanor JOHNSON    
19/03/1797 George HODGKINS   Aldridge Phoebe SIMKIN   Aldridge
10/12/1797 William PARDOE   Aldridge Lucy DAVIS   Aldridge
1 18/01/1798 Joseph PEMBERTON   Walsall Mary MAINWARING    
1 05/04/1799 William HORNER   Aldridge Eleanor HOLMES   Aldridge
2 06/05/1799 Henry TIBBALS     Ann COOPER    
3 03/11/1799 John BARRATT     Sarah OAKLEY    
4 29/12/1799 Moses JENNINGS     Frances WALTON    
05/03/1800 John HOVELL   Loughborough, Leicestershire Sarah BENNET    
6 21/02/1801 William DONES   Tipton Elizabeth BATTE    
1 05/08/1801 Samuel HATHAWAY     Lucy SHARRAT    
2 10/08/1801 James GUNN     Sarah FALLOWS    
3 09/09/1801 Joseph BENNET     Mary BALLY    
4 13/09/1801 William CROWS     Elizabeth WILCOX    
5 20/12/1801 John BARRAT     Mary WARD    
1 06/04/1802 John SMITH     Mary BOOT    
2 13/06/1802 Joseph JEFFERIES     Hannah BERRY    
3 15/08/1802 Thomas FOWLER     Mary MAYS    
4 22/08/1802 John NELSON     Ann PHILLIPS    
5 29/08/1802 Thomas ANSON     Hannah LINFORD    
6 30/12/1802 Edward LOYNS   Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire Sarah WOODALL    
1 13/07/1803 John SMITH   Handsworth Mary Ann Stratton FALLOWS    
1 20/09/1804 William STANLILESS   Aldridge Rhoda STANLEY    
2 04/11/1804 Thomas SEDGWICK     Ann NICHOLLS    
3 03/07/1805 John SHILTON   Walsall Jane Catherine SIMMONS   Walsall
4 08/07/1805 Francis RICHARDS   St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire Mary Anne HAYNE    
5 24/08/1805 Benjamin ATTWOOD     Catherine LEES    
6 02/05/1806 William FELLOWS     Ann HOOD    
7 12/05/1806 Charles WESTON     Mary GREATAGE    
8 27/01/1807 Benjamin RAVEN   St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire Ann DAVIS    
9 24/02/1807 James SILOUIRE     Anne DAY    
10 16/05/1807 William BEARNEY     Eleanor MOORE    
11 05/07/1807 Simon ROSS     Ann WORRALOW    
12 10/08/1807 John STOKES     Elizabeth MOORE    
13 13/12/1807 William BREWER     Jane GOOLD    
14 29/06/1808 Joseph ATTWOOD   Handsworth Sarah HATTON    
15 26/12/1808 Joseph THOMPSON     Hannah JERVIS    
16 25/02/1809 William NASH     Elizabeth SMITH    
17 08/08/1809 Robert BRADBURN     Sarah BROTHERS    
18 15/07/1810 Henry GROUTAGE Widower   Dorothy WOOLLEY Single Walsall
19 15/07/1810 Thomas WILCOX   Walsall Hannah LORRESTER    
20 23/07/1810 John UNDERHILL     Sarah MOSELEY    
21 10/11/1810 Henry WHEEWELL     Mary SMITH    
25 02/03/1812 Joseph CATES Single   Sarah BARTON Single  
27 11/05/1812 Thomas LOWE Single   Hannah MARSHALL Single  
28 17/08/1812 William SANDERS Single   Sarah PERRY Single  
29 14/09/1812 Joseph DARBY Single   Mary BREEDON Single  
1 15/03/1813 James TERRY Single Aldridge Frances TURNER Single Aldridge
2 12/07/1813 James CATER Single Aldridge Sarah CATER Single Aldridge
3 22/08/1813 William STANLEY     Harriet TWIST    
4 14/02/1814 John OSBORNE   St John, Gloucester, Gloucestershire Mary KIRBY Widow Walsall
5 01/01/1815 John NORMAN Single   Mary KEYTREY Single  
6 22/10/1815 William BLOWER Widower   Elizabeth BUGNET Single  
7 29/10/1815 Thomas INGRAM Single   Frances SCOTT Single  
8 20/11/1815 William LITTLER Single   Elizabeth OWEN Single  
9 28/12/1815 James SHALE Single   Mary UPTON Single  
10 21/07/1816 William PERRY Single   Jane WALTERS Single Walsall
11 08/09/1817 Richard FLETCHER Single Bloxwich Ann BULLOCK    
12 10/11/1817 William WESLEY Single Walsall Mary Ann WATSON    
13 25/12/1817 John HEATHCOCK Single   Ann DAVIS Single  
14 23/03/1818 Thomas LEIGH Single   Mary BROWN Single  
15 23/03/1818 John TOOZES Single   Elizabeth TAGG    
16 11/08/1818 Joseph SPITTLE Single   Nancy BAILEY Widow Darlaston
17 13/04/1819 Aron HUGHES Widower   Mary SHAW Widow  
18 19/12/1819 Thomas HUNT Single   Ann STATHAM Single Kingsbury, Warwickshire
19 14/05/1820 Aaron ROW   Aldridge Ann HICKIN   Aldridge
20 02/07/1820 George MASON Single   Maria THORNHILL    
21 14/08/1820 Richard PARTRIDGE Single   Rebecca DEELEY    
22 20/08/1820 Benjamin PADGETT Single   Hannah SOUTHALL Single  
23 03/09/1820 Walter SIDDONS Single   Elizabeth EMERY Single  
24 20/06/1821 Samuel WEATHERHEAD     Hannah Maria PARKER    
25 12/11/1821 William NEWELL Single   Anna SPARKS Single  
26 23/12/1821 John EMERY Single   Jane ROBINSON Single  
27 16/04/1822 Simeon ROUND Single Tipton Sarah OSBORNE Single  
28 18/04/1822 William SHELDON Single   Elizabeth MINSHALL Single  
29 27/05/1822 James BIRD Single   Hannah BOULOUS Widow  
30 07/11/1822 William BRADBURY Widower   Jane CRESSWELL Single  
31 04/12/1822 Thomas ELDRICH Widower Aldridge Nancy STUBBS Widow  
32 29/12/1822 Edward TAYLOR Single Shenstone Mary Anne PARROTT Single  
33 13/03/1823 Timothy STORER Single   Elizabeth BUCK Widow  
34 31/03/1823 Moses MEDLICOTE Single   Mary WILCOX Single  
35 29/04/1823 William CLARK Single   Ann EDWARDS Single  
36 01/05/1823 John GRIFFITHS Single   Ann THOMPSON Single  
37 29/09/1823 Thomas BUMFORD Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
38 05/02/1824 Joseph FOWLER Single Armitage Hannah EMERY Single  
39 02/03/1824 Thomas WOOLTON Widower   Sarah TOWNSHEND Widow  
40 25/07/1824 Samuel CROFT Single   Mary COUTGROVE Single  
41 08/11/1824 Joseph PARKES Single   Mary EDGE Single  
42 25/12/1824 James SIDDONS Single   Hannah PRICE    
43 24/03/1825 John HOROBIN Single   Sarah MARPHEW    
44 13/06/1825 George NEWELL Single   Charlotte HACKET    
45 07/11/1825 Richard BULL Single   Allice ALDRIDGE    
46 11/01/1826 Joseph HAWKINS Single Bloxwich Sophia BOTHAMS    
47 18/02/1826 Benjamin Pearson BARTLEET Single St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire Sarah MARREATT Single  
48 19/02/1826 Thomas KNIGHT Widower   Ann RIGBY Widow Handsworth
49 20/11/1826 William INGRAM Single   Charlotte BIRCH Single  
50 06/04/1827 John VIGRESS Single   Elizabeth LINDSEY    
51 07/02/1828 Samuel BAYLEY Single Wednesbury Mary Anne TANDY Single  
52 24/02/1828 Walter GLOVER     Bessy HATHAWAY Single  
53 27/04/1828 John OAKES     Mary BODY    
54 05/05/1828 William RUSSELL Single   Sarah ROBINSON Single  
55 25/09/1828 George MOTTASHED Single   Elizabeth SIZE Single  
56 25/06/1829 Henry Bayley WILLIAMS Single Aldridge Mary Anne DAVIDS Single Aldridge
57 18/08/1829 George KEMPSON Single   Anna Maria FLEETWOOD Single Penkridge
58 18/08/1829 John William FLEETWOOD Single Penkridge Caroline KEMPSON Single  
59 03/01/1830 John HAWKINS Single   Comfort BUTLER Single  
60 19/01/1830 William MOSELEY Widower   Eleanor ROGERS Single  
61 23/01/1830 Thomas HOOPER Single Oldswinford, Worcestershire Anne SEAVILL Single  
62 17/02/1830 Robert WELLBELOVED Single St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire Sarah SCOTT Single Aldridge
63 04/04/1830 Edwin SIMCOX Single   Rebecca PARISH Single  
64 20/04/1830 George JAMES Single   Sarah JENNINGS Single  
65 20/05/1830 Thomas COOK Widower   Margaret CARESWELL Single  
66 01/07/1830 James BRISCOE Single   Margaretta SHELDON Single Walsall
67 14/11/1830 Samuel WOODWARD Single   Keziah BUTLER Single  
68 22/11/1830 Michael WOOD Single Walsall Helena BINGHAM Single Walsall
69 06/12/1830 Henry WAINWRIGHT Single   Elizabeth HEATH Single  
70 11/01/1831 Thomas RUSSELL Single Mackworth, Derbyshire Ann CHEENE Single  
71 27/01/1831 Jesse BARTLEET Single Birmingham, Warwickshire Sarah Emma MAYNE Single  
72 31/03/1831 Benjamin FAULKNER Single St Martin, Birmingham, Warwickshire Ann WIGHT Single Aldridge
73 01/05/1831 George GRIFFITHS Single   Mary FELLOWS Single  
74 25/05/1831 Thomas ADKINS Single   Juney WEBSTER Single  
75 13/07/1831 Samuel HANSON Single Tamworth Sarah Jane SMITH Single  
76 31/07/1831 Charles MOULENIX Single   Hannah STANTON Single  
77 17/10/1831 James BIBB Single   Mary Ann MASEFIELD Single  
78 23/10/1831 John PARTRIDGE Single   Nancy CORBETT Single  
79 09/02/1832 Samuel SOMERFIELD Single Walsall Mary ROSS    
80 14/05/1832 Edward LINFORD Single   Ann FORSTER Single  
81 18/06/1832 William ADAMS Single   Ann WALTON Single  
82 13/07/1832 John WHITTINGHAM Single Burton Upon Trent Mary Ann SMITH    
83 26/11/1832 Richard BUTLER Single   Nancy FOSTER Single  
84 02/06/1833 Joseph HACKET Single   Jane EVANS Single  
85 19/08/1833 James JOHNSON Single Rowley Regis Winifred PAGE Single  
86 31/07/1834 George WHITE Single Frankley, Worcestershire Ann BURTON Single  
87 22/10/1834 Thomas HODGKINS Single   Caroline BLOOR Single  
88 11/06/1835 Aaron INSLEY Single   Susan PATTERSON Single  
89 28/12/1835 William HARDY Single   Alice VINTER Single  
90 06/01/1836 Arthur BROUGH Single Kidderminster, Worcestershire Elizabeth Dore CHUNE Single  
91 20/06/1836 Joseph COOPER Single   Jane BATES Single  
92 20/06/1836 John CRESWELL Single   Ann BATES Single  
93 07/08/1836 William WATSON Single   Mary STUBBS Single  
94 04/11/1836 Robert WHITE Single   Mary Ann BENNETT Single  
95 04/11/1836 Richard ASBURY     Ann LOYNS    
96 28/11/1836 John PICKRELL Single   Hannah HOUGH Single  
97 26/12/1836 George DAVIS Single   Martha DEAN Widow  
98 27/03/1837 Thomas ASBURY Single   Sarah HILL Single  
99 17/04/1837 William JACKSON Single   Maria YATES Single  
100 26/06/1837 Henry TALBOT Single   Mary NUTTALL Single  

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