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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Sheen St Luke


The Parish

The parish of Sheen lies in the extreme northeast of Staffordshire forming a substantial part of the border with neighbouring Derbyshire. Sheen is located about 9 miles northeast of the market town of Leek and sits, in lanes, about 2 miles north of the B5054 which connects the Derbyshire village of Hartington with Ipstones. Sheen is a tiny place, little more than a hamlet with farms and cottages straggling along a north to south running lane through the high ground of the Staffordshire Peak District. Sheen sits a little away from the western banks of the headwaters of the River Dove in what is known as Beresford Dale and sitting upstream of the Dove's more famous Dale. An upland settlement Sheen would have largely earned its income from pastoral farming, sheep on the higher ground and cattle in the dale, some income would also have come from local quarrying activity. Today the area is renowned for its scenery and abounds with hikers through the warmer seasons. The Dove drains the parish southwards, eventually reaching the Trent just east of the brewing town of Burton upon Trent and thence eastwards to eventually reach the North Sea through the Humber Estuary. Sheen is sited at around 280 metres above the sea on a ridge of high ground sandwiched between Dove and Manifold, land rises still higher to reach 380 metres on nearby Sheen Hill. As an upland parish Sheen was large but not one of the largest, it covered just over 3,000 acres and would have supported a population of close to 400 parishioners. In Domesday times Sheen was held directly by the King, a poor and little populated area it was described in the book as "waste".

The Church

St Luke's church sits on the eastern side of the main north to south running lane through the parish. If there were a mediaeval original church there is little of its remaining. The rebuilding of the church began in 1850 and would seem to have been run-of-the-mill until the patron of the living one Mr. Beresford-Hope passed the rebuilding into the hands of his acquaintances within the Cambridge Camden Society, a grouping of learned men formed by Cambridge University undergraduates to promote the study of Gothic architecture. Whilst the details are obscure it is clear that significant features of the church such as the recessed pyramidal roof of the western tower was a result of this design change. Entry is at the southwestern corner of the site into a churchyard which, once through the screening trees, is open and with few obstacles to photography

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 2nd February 1757 - 31st December 1712 Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Archive Service - Reference - D3596/1/4
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 17th June 1813 - 31st October 1836 Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Archive Service - Reference - D3596/1/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of this register may lead to one or two misreads

Longnor St Bartholomew
Hartington St Giles, Derbyshire
Hartington St Giles, Derbyshire
Alstonefield St Peter
Hartington St Giles, Derbyshire
Alstonefield St Peter
Alstonefield St Peter
Hartington St Giles, Derbyshire

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 02/02/1757 William SALT     Mary HOPE    
2 19/06/1757 Samuel SHIPLEY     Alice SAUNDERS    
3 23/06/1757 William PICKERILL   Hartington, Derbyshire Sarah BRIDDEN    
4 24/10/1757 Thomas WOODRIFFE     Ellen GOULD    
5 23/01/1758 Sampson PHILIPS     Matilda TINNEY    
6 23/12/1760 John SUTTON   Alstonefield Elizabeth BESTWICK Single  
7 21/04/1761 John BESTWICK     Mary MELLOR Widow Alstonefield
8 12/07/1763 Jonathan WHIELDON     Jane NEEDHAM Single  
9 18/02/1765 Thomas WARD   Prestbury, Cheshire Elizabeth WARDLE Single  
10 01/02/1767 John WARDLE     Mary WARD Single  
11 17/05/1767 Joseph WOOD   Alstonefield Mary NEEDHAM    
12 29/11/1767 Abraham HARRISON     Martha VENISON   Alstonefield
13 01/12/1767 George PALFREYMAN     Margaret LOMAS Widow Hartington, Derbyshire
14 02/02/1769 William HOROBIN     Sarah PERCIVAL Single  
15 13/04/1769 Isaac GILMAN     Mary WOODWARD Single  
16 18/07/1769 Richard WAIN     Mary MITCHEL Single  
17 27/05/1770 Thomas GOULD     Ann GOULD Single  
18 28/06/1770 Thomas GILLMAN     Martha SHELDON Single  
19 17/07/1770 John GOULD     Elizabeth CLULOW Single Alstonefield
20 16/06/1771 John BESTWICK     Alice LOMAS    
21 20/06/1771 William HORABIN     Ann SHELDON Single  
22 20/10/1771 Charles HILL     Sarah PHILIPS   Hartington, Derbyshire
23 04/08/1772 John MOSELEY   Darley, Derbyshire Mary BALL Single  
24 28/10/1772 Samuel JOHNSON     Hannah POISER Single Alstonefield
25 20/11/1772 Thomas CHRITCHLOW     Mary NADIN Single  
26 29/07/1773 William JOHNSON     Elizabeth PALFREYMAN Single  
27 17/11/1773 James BRADBURY     Martha NEEDHAM Single  
28 28/11/1773 Samuel HARRISON     Hannah MOSS Widow Alstonefield
29 12/07/1774 John BALL     Susannah ALSOP Single  
30 31/12/1774 Thomas BIRCH   Alstonefield Hannah WOODWARD Single  
31 09/03/1777 William BERESFORD Widower Alstonefield Mary GOOSTREE Single  
32 04/05/1779 Samuel BRASSINGTON     Ann CLULOW Single Hartington, Derbyshire
33 28/09/1779 James BALL     Hannah CRITCHLOW Single  
34 20/05/1781 Jonathan WHEELDON     Mary MELLOR Single  
35 09/02/1783 Joseph NEEDHAM     Elizabeth BEMBRICK Single  
36 10/06/1783 Isaac HICKINGBOTTOM     Alice BRUMMET Single  
37 15/01/1786 James HOLME Single Leek Elizabeth KID Single  
38 16/02/1786 John GREEN Single   Sarah RADCLIFF Single  
39 20/08/1787 John JONES   Stockport, Cheshire Jane BILLING Single  
40 05/12/1788 Isaac BELFIELD Single   Mary WHEELDON Single  
41 26/10/1789 James SLACK Single   Barbara GOULD Single  
42 29/11/1789 Henry WARDLE Single   Ann RATCLIFF Single Prestbury, Cheshire
43 30/11/1790 Henry CRITCHLOW Single Hartington, Derbyshire Mary FOGG Single  
44 31/01/1791 James FROGGETT Single   Hannah GOODWIN Single  
45 16/05/1791 William SUTTON Single Thorpe, Derbyshire Elizabeth HICKINBOTTOM Single  
46 24/09/1792 Joseph GIBBS Single   Ann BEMBRICK Single  
47 24/01/1793 Ralph HARRISON Single   Martha CARR Single Hartington, Derbyshire
48 24/07/1793 John HOROBIN Single   Mary WHEELDON Single Alstonefield
49 12/05/1794 Ralph JOHNSON Single   Mary BASSETT Single Alstonefield
50 03/12/1794 Abraham HARRISON Single   Sarah BELFIT Single  
51 18/12/1794 John MELLER Single   Ellen POYSER Single  
52 11/02/1795 William BASSETT Single   Mary BRINDLEY Single  
53 09/03/1795 Thomas BUXTON Single   Keziah MILWARD Single  
54 14/05/1795 William NEEDHAM Single   Elizabeth WARDLE Single  
55 21/03/1796 Edward LOMAS Single Hartington, Derbyshire Sarah GOULD Single  
56 23/05/1796 Charles ROLLESTON Single Chelmorton, Derbyshire Alice HARRISON Single  
57 17/07/1796 George PICKERING Single Hartington, Derbyshire Hannah MILWARD Single  
58 02/02/1797 William BARKER Single Alstonefield Elizabeth POYSOR Single  
59 08/03/1797 William WOOD Single   Martha BROADHURST Single Hartington, Derbyshire
60 04/09/1798 Francis BRINDLEY Single Stockport, Cheshire Susannah ALSOPE Single  
61 16/03/1799 Joseph SLACK Single Ipstones Ann WOOD Single  
62 29/12/1800 William SLACK     Ann HARRISON    
63 29/12/1800 John BRADBURY     Martha HARRISON    
64 29/06/1801 William WOODWARD Single   Martha MILWARD    
65 31/05/1802 John COLLIER Single Mayfield Elizabeth BALL Single  
66 15/04/1803 Joseph NADIN Single   Elizabeth SALT Single  
67 26/12/1803 Benjamin SLACK Single   Ann BASSETT Single  
68 28/10/1805 Robert RILEY Single   Ann GILMAN Single Alstonefield
69 15/06/1806 Ralph BASSET Widower   Martha ROWLAND Single Wetton
70 21/07/1806 James BRINDLEY     Mary CHEEK Single  
71 28/03/1808 Thomas SUTTON   Hartington, Derbyshire Hannah HICKINGBOTTOM    
72 08/11/1808 Thomas WOOD Single Alstonefield Hannah GOULD Single  
73 20/04/1809 Thomas HICKINGBOTTOM     Mary MILWARD    
74 04/07/1809 Ralph BERISFORD   Alstonefield Elizabeth WARDLE Single  
75 31/10/1809 George AUSTIN Single Alsop En Le Dale, Derbyshire Hannah ROGERS Single  
76 19/12/1809 John BRASSINGTON Single   Cicely KIDD Single Alstonefield
77 18/02/1811 Francis BLACKWELL Single Bakewell, Derbyshire Mary GOULD Single  
78 19/08/1811 David BERRISFORD     Elizabeth WHEELDON    
79 28/10/1811 Thomas HIGTON Single Hartington, Derbyshire Hannah GOULD Single  
80 01/02/1812 Howard BURNETT Single Leek Mary SALT Single  
81 10/02/1812 George CRICHLOW Single   Mary WOOD Single  
82 31/12/1812 Thomas PRINCE Single   Elizabeth BRINDLEY Single  
1 17/06/1813 John WARD Single Alstonefield Sarah GOULD Single  
2 01/05/1814 George WHEELDON Single Alstonefield Mary GOULD Single  
3 31/10/1814 John CRICHLOW Single   Ellen BRINDLEY Single  
4 22/08/1815 George WHEELDON Single   Ellen WARDLE Single  
5 25/01/1816 Thomas SMITH Single Ashbourne, Derbyshire Margaret WARDLE Single  
6 25/01/1816 Robert ELLIOTT Single Alstonefield Ann WARDLE Single  
7 15/03/1816 Samuel SLEIGH Single Hartington, Derbyshire Elizabeth RILEY Single  
8 23/04/1816 Thomas BROOKS Single Wirksworth, Derbyshire Martha HARRISON Single  
9 30/06/1817 Richard SARGEANT Single   Hannah RILEY Single  
10 18/02/1818 William TITTERTON Single Hartington, Derbyshire Ann RILEY Single  
11 15/03/1818 Samuel WOOD Single   Hannah SHENTON Single  
12 08/06/1818 Samuel RILEY Single   Mary SARGENT Single  
13 18/07/1818 Matthew MELLOR Single   Hannah BESTWICK Single  
14 10/12/1818 Samuel KIDD Single   Elizabeth GILMAN Single  
15 18/01/1819 James WRIGHT Single Wetton Ann ROWLAND Single  
16 23/02/1819 Enoch KEELING Widower Stoke Upon Trent Esther GREEN Single  
17 31/05/1819 Joshua BOULTON Single   Jane SMITH Single  
18 11/07/1819 Joseph SHELDON Single   Ann NEEDHAM Single  
19 02/04/1820 Ralph BASSETT Widower   Mary REDFERN Widow Wetton
20 31/12/1820 John HOROBIN Single   Mary BERISFORD Single  
21 13/02/1821 William PROCTER Single   Ann MILLWARD Single Longnor
22 23/03/1821 George ROSE Single Bakewell, Derbyshire Ann PALFREYMAN Single  
23 05/05/1821 John WARD Single   Agnes BEETHAM Single  
24 10/06/1821 William BERISFORD Single Hartington, Derbyshire Jane ROGERS Single  
25 08/10/1821 Thomas NADEN Single Longnor Amy GILLMAN Single  
26 08/10/1821 Robert GILLMAN Single   Silence HICKINBOTTOM Single  
27 07/01/1822 Thomas GARDINER Single   Mary FINDLOW Single  
28 14/10/1823 Thomas PEACOCK Single   Alice PLANT Single  
29 24/12/1823 Thomas INSKIP Widower Alstonefield Ellen MELLOR Single  
30 17/05/1824 Thomas BUNBRICK Single   Mary TWEMLOW Single Alstonefield
31 05/09/1824 Anthony GOULD Single   Elizabeth WARDLE Single  
32 14/09/1824 John SARGEANT Single Stoke Upon Trent Ann GOULD Single  
33 25/10/1824 Joseph SLACK Single   Lydia LOMAS Single  
34 15/09/1825 John BANKS Single   Hannah WARDLE Single  
35 02/02/1826 Benjamin SLACK Single   Mary RILEY Single  
36 02/02/1826 Richard BOWER Single   Jane RILEY Single  
37 13/04/1826 Samuel GOULD Widower   Mary YATES Single  
38 04/05/1826 Richard BASSET Single   Alice WILSHAW Single  
39 19/10/1826 William MELLOR   Alstonefield Sarah SHENTON Single  
40 09/11/1826 John GOLDSWORTHY Single Wetton Ann WOOLLEY Single  
41 20/09/1827 John PICKERING Single   Jane GREEN Single  
42 07/05/1829 John HOROBIN Single   Hannah WOOD Single  
43 11/05/1829 Joseph SARGENT Single   Ellen PICKERING Single  
44 25/12/1829 Joseph BRINDLEY Single   Ann PHILIPS Single  
45 30/12/1830 John WOOLLEY Single   Elizabeth WAIN Single  
46 31/10/1831 Edward HOROBIN Single   Judith FROGGOTT Single  
47 20/12/1832 Joseph FERNIHOUGH Single Alstonefield Esther PRINCE Single  
48 23/12/1832 Thomas PRINCE Widower   Sarah WOOD Single  
49 21/03/1833 William PICKERING Single   Esther BEETHAM Single  
50 03/11/1833 John HOROBIN Widower   Mary SUTTON Single Hartington, Derbyshire
51 08/12/1834 Joseph GREEN Single   Elizabeth WAIN Single  
52 30/03/1835 John WILD Single   Sarah PLANT Single  
53 30/03/1835 John GOULD Single Hartington, Derbyshire Mary PRINCE Single  
54 31/10/1836 Isaac KIDD Single   Mary KIRKHAM Single  

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