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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Wolverhampton St George


The Parish

St George's parish Wolverhampton was created in 1834 from the town's principal parish (St Peter). Wolverhampton is one of the major towns of Staffordshire and is located in the southwestern part of the county. Wolverhampton is roughly 15 miles northwest of Birmingham and 10 miles south of Stafford. The parish of St George is centered in the northeastern part of the city and was commissioned as part of the plan to increase church going amongst the inner city poor. The parish was the first of many created from St Peter but the only one to be commissioned during the period of the transcript. Wolverhampton nowadays is part of a vast West Midlands conurbation which stretches from the M54 in the north through to the M42 in south and east, it is held to be the capital of the Black Country. The parish of St George is sited at around 150 metres above sea level in the northeast of the town, it is totally urban in nature with main roads passing through to Wednesfield and Willenhall and also the Wyrley & Essington canal. The parish population was large but as it was not an ancient parish totals in census are included in St Peter.

The Church

St George's church is located, appropriately enough, in St George's Parade. The church is no longer a place of worship for the Anglican faith indeed it has become a Temple of Mammon having been converted into a supermarket. The church was built in the late 1820s as part of the "Commissioners' Church" movement. The church was built in a classical style and has Italianate features being a mixture of Tuscan and Venetian motifs. The steeple is its most impressive feature. Unfortunately the church has suffered the indignity of corporate styling and now sits amongst standard supermarket flower beds and brick-weave pavements in a pedestrianised shopping area.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 10th July 1834 - 26th June 1837 Staffordshire Record Office - Reference - D3238/16
Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Wolverhampton St Peter
Wolverhampton St Peter
Wolverhampton St Peter
Wolverhampton St Peter
Wolverhampton St Peter
Wolverhampton St Peter
Wolverhampton St Peter
Wolverhampton St Peter

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 10/07/1834 William SLATER Single   Mary SMITH Single  
2 01/09/1834 William COUSINS Single   Ann GLOVER Single  
3 04/09/1834 Thomas HAYNES Widower Church Eaton Sarah HOLT Single  
4 19/09/1834 Henry PADMORE Single   Mary CLARKE Single St Peter, Wolverhampton
5 06/10/1834 George TUDOR Single   Martha WALTERS Single  
6 16/10/1834 John HAMPTON Single   Mary Ann ROTHAM Single  
7 26/10/1834 Thomas BAYLEY Single   Sarah VALE Single  
8 19/11/1834 Henry PEACOCK Widower   Emma WALTERS Widow  
9 02/12/1834 Thomas HOUGH Single   Mary Ann COTTERELL Single  
10 04/12/1834 John MALE Single   Mary PEACOCK Single  
11 31/12/1834 Walter WALTERS Single   Salome PRITCHARD Single  
12 08/02/1835 William HARRISS Single   Anne HARTSHORN Single  
13 15/02/1835 John TAYLOR     Anne COLE    
14 23/02/1835 Joseph BRINDLEY Single   Elizabeth HAND Single  
15 23/02/1835 George BLADEN Single   Sarah MINSHALL Single  
16 01/03/1835 William TOMKINSON Single   Ann WHITE Single  
17 05/03/1835 Richard CLAY Single   Mary POSMER Single  
18 15/03/1835 John MARTIN Single   Ann HARRISS Single  
19 05/04/1835 John PARGETER Single   Ann LATHAM Single  
20 08/04/1835 Josiah FISHER Single   Harriot FLOWER Single  
21 16/04/1835 Peter HUGHES Widower   Mary TURNER Single  
22 26/04/1835 James WALKER Single   Susannah FISHER Single  
23 03/05/1835 John THOMAS Single   Mary Ann GELEA Widow  
24 11/05/1835 George HEFORD Single   Sarah SALT Single  
25 21/05/1835 Thomas EASTHOPE Single   Mary PARKER Single  
26 31/05/1835 Daniel WORRALL Single   Eleanor MEANLEY Single  
27 07/06/1835 William FONES Single   Ann WRIGHT Single  
28 07/06/1835 Edward RIGBY Single   Sarah DAVIS Widow  
29 08/06/1835 John Dean TAYLOR Single   Ann BAKER Single  
30 16/06/1835 Thomas HALL Single   Elizabeth WESTWOOD Single  
31 22/06/1835 William BALL Single   Ann BRATT Single  
32 28/06/1835 John PARKER Single   Mary HAWLEY Single  
33 19/07/1835 John PERRY Single   Matilda BARNETT Single  
34 03/08/1835 George SMITH Single   Elizabeth FOX Single  
35 09/08/1835 John BIRCH Single   Phoebe BAKER Single  
36 11/08/1835 William TAYLOR Single   Mary HALL Single  
37 15/08/1835 John BEARD Single St Peter, Wolverhampton Jane STUBBS Single  
38 23/09/1835 Levi TURNER Single   Eliza DANCER Single  
39 30/09/1835 Joseph PARKES Single   Eleanor GRIFFIN Single  
40 12/10/1835 William BOWEN Single   Mary Ann WALTERS Single  
41 12/10/1835 Andrew SMITH Single   Mary PENSON Single  
42 12/10/1835 Henry WALKER Widower   Lydia SHAW Widow  
43 22/11/1835 John LANGFORD Single   Ann KNIGHT Single  
44 29/11/1835 Benjamin ONIONS Single   Ann MARTIN Single  
45 06/12/1835 Edward CLIFF Single   Sarah OLIVER Single  
46 14/12/1835 William HUGHES Single   Ann HOBLEY Widow  
47 25/12/1835 Richard BOWD Single   Mary Ann GOUGH Single  
48 28/12/1835 Richard PERKS Single   Mary Ann JOHNSON Single  
49 04/01/1836 George EVANS Single   Mary Ann DEVEREUX Single  
50 18/01/1836 William BUTTERY Widower St Peter, Wolverhampton Margaret GRINDLEY Single  
51 07/02/1836 William HOLMES Single   Ellen RICHARDS Single  
52 09/02/1836 John RODEN Single   Sarah HARRISSON Single  
53 11/02/1836 James GATIS Single   Anne CLARKE Single St Peter, Wolverhampton
54 15/02/1836 Edward MURREY Single   Caroline JORDAN Single  
55 22/02/1836 Joseph SCUTTS Single   Sophia WOOD Single  
56 14/03/1836 John JONES Widower   Phoebe WEDGE Widow  
57 21/03/1836 Thomas DALLERY Single   Ann Louisa COX Single  
58 03/04/1836 Joseph BECKETT Widower   Ann SOUTHALL Widow  
59 04/04/1836 John WELTON Single   Catherine BARNS Single  
60 18/04/1836 Mathew WINTERBURN Single   Jane BOULTON Widow  
61 23/04/1836 Henry HICKMAN Single   Eliza BULLOCK Single  
62 01/05/1836 Henry MARTIN   St Peter, Wolverhampton Hannah TIMMINS    
63 22/05/1836 George JONES Single   Harriet TAYLOR Single  
64 02/06/1836 William WILLIAMSON Single   Charlotte CORNWELL Widow  
65 12/06/1836 William HADLEY Single   Eliza LANGTON Single  
66 26/06/1836 Edward SMITH Single   Mary HUGHES Single Newport, Shropshire
67 03/07/1836 William STERNBECK Single   Sarah MEANLEY Single  
68 10/07/1836 Henry BUCKERFIELD Single   Ellen BAKER Single  
69 11/07/1836 Thomas MILES Single   Sarah ORME Single St Peter, Wolverhampton
70 25/07/1836 Samuel DIX Single   Jane BURTON Widow  
71 25/07/1836 John FERN Single   Ann HALES Single  
72 01/08/1836 William ASH Single   Mary LEECH Single  
73 07/08/1836 Edward STUART Single   Isabella JONES Single  
74 11/08/1836 Thomas BOND Single   Selina SQUIRE Single  
75 14/08/1836 James BOFF Single   Susanna WALTON Widow  
76 14/08/1836 Henry EDMOND Single   Emma TENNANT Single  
77 15/08/1836 Richard CHEBERY Single   Jane HARPER Single  
78 15/08/1836 Benjamin CROSS Widower   Beatrice BARNSLEY Widow  
79 15/08/1836 William HUGHES Single   Sarah BAXTER Single  
80 16/08/1836 John HARRISON Single   Jane WARNER Single  
81 04/09/1836 William HAVELOCK Single   Ann HITCHCROFT Single  
82 05/09/1836 William COTTERELL Single   Jane BLUNT Single  
83 05/09/1836 Richard PORTER Single   Harriet HAND Single  
84 25/09/1836 Edward BIDDLE Single   Elizabeth JENKS Single  
85 27/09/1836 Charles WAKEFIELD   Dudley, Worcestershire Emma FOSTER Single  
86 02/10/1836 Alexander GOODWIN     Hannah FOSTER    
87 03/10/1836 Richard FERRINGTON Widower   Elizabeth ARMON Single  
88 04/10/1836 John NICHOLLS Single   Hannah JOINER Single  
89 10/10/1836 William BLADEN Single   Eliza MASON Single  
90 17/10/1836 George PERRY Single   Elizabeth RABY Single  
91 17/10/1836 Richard JONES Single   Elizabeth BREARLEY Widow  
92 24/10/1836 Frederick BOWER Single   Sarah DUNKINS Single  
93 07/11/1836 Samuel JONES Widower   Ann CROSS Widow  
94 13/11/1836 Joshua BROWN Single   Elizabeth ROBERTS Single  
95 21/11/1836 Henry KENRICKE Single   Martha BARKER Widow  
96 22/11/1836 William ROBERTS Single   Jane BILL Single  
97 24/11/1836 Henry WORRALL Widower   Elizabeth BIRD Single  
98 28/11/1836 Hugh WILLIAMS Single   Sarah WIRR Single  
99 04/12/1836 Thomas GREEN Single   Amelia HEMMINGSLEY Single  
100 09/12/1836 Edward DAVIS Widower   Mary HAND Single  
101 13/12/1836 John JOHNSON Single   Mary Anne WILKES Single  
102 15/12/1836 Henry SMITH Single   Sarah BROWNSWED Single  
103 22/12/1836 John COOPER Widower   Jane MILWARD Widow  
104 25/12/1836 William EDWARDS Single   Ann EVANS Single  
105 26/12/1836 John GRIFFITHS Single   Ann TIMMINS Single  
106 26/12/1836 William JOESBURY Single   Mary HULME Single  
107 02/01/1837 Thomas HAYNES Single   Elizabeth LLEWELLYN Single  
108 09/01/1837 William PROSSER Single   Hannah Maria SHIPMAN Single  
109 19/01/1837 Charles NORTHWOOD Single   Frances HARRISSON Single  
110 30/01/1837 Thomas WAINWRIGHT Single   Ann KEMPSON Single  
111 30/01/1837 Richard REVITT Single   Hales MASON Single  
112 02/02/1837 Joseph WILLIAMS Single   Ann WHELCHER Single  
113 19/02/1837 Richard LATHAM Single   Mary Ann FOSTER Single  
114 19/02/1837 Sydney SMITH Single   Priscilla STRYCKE Single  
115 21/02/1837 Thomas SMITH Single   Sarah LEWIS Single  
116 14/03/1837 Henry DOWNES Single   Eliza CROSS Single  
117 14/03/1837 Robert BAGOT Single   Mary HARGROVE Single  
118 21/03/1837 William DAVIS Single   Harriet WILTSHIRE Single  
119 24/04/1837 Richard BROWN Single   Elizabeth PATTEN Single  
120 30/04/1837 Robert BARNS Single   Mary SHIPTON Single  
121 07/05/1837 John JUSTON Single   Jane COOPER Single  
122 14/05/1837 Joseph BOLTON Single   Elizabeth AUDIG Widow  
123 06/06/1837 Thomas HOLLAND Single   Ann Nickless DAWKS Single  
124 09/06/1837 John OWENS Single   Jane OWENS Single  
125 19/06/1837 John SWANN Single   Sophia EGLINGTON Widow  
126 22/06/1837 Alfred ALTREE Single   Ann SHUARD Widow  
127 26/06/1837 Benjamin POWELL Single   Elizabeth STRINGER Single  

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