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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Bramford St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Bramford lies in southeastern Suffolk about 2 miles northwest of the city of Ipswich. Bramford lies where the B1067 road crosses the River Gipping (hence the ford of the place name). Nowadays Bramford is almost contiguous with greater Ipswich, separated only by the busy dual carriageway A14 road that crosses England from the busy port of Felixstowe to the M1 and M6 and forms a bypass for Ipswich. Bramford was formerly a discrete settlement on the west bank of the Gipping growing up around the ancient ford and spreading uphill to the west. This was largely an arable agricultural village engaged in growing wheat & barley as well as other crops. Bramford sits at about 10 metres above sea level rising from the river crossing to the west, land rises to the west as you climb from the Gipping valley to over 50 metres above sea level. Naturally all drainage heads for the Gipping and thus out to the North Sea through Ipswich. By the standards of thus area Bramford was quite an extensive parish and it supported almost 900 parishioners. In Domesday times Bramford was held directly by the King and supported an impressive 33 ploughs as well as meadows and a mill.

The Church

St Mary's church lies in the south eastern part of Bramford close to the river crossing of the Gipping. Pevsner was clearly taken with by St Mary's describing it as "an impressive and interesting church". It's late Perpendicular styling being very typical of the major Suffolk churches. Closer inspection, however, reveals that this is a later addition, a facade added to a church that would have been built between the late 13th and early 14th century. In the Perpendicular era Suffolk was flowing with money from the wool trade and the locals clearly took the opportunity to improve and enhance their preexisting church. The building is certainly worthy of a substantial community and dominates the centre of the village. The church sits just south of the B1067 accessed along a short lane, Church Green, here a low flint wall topped with tiles greets and access is provided through a pair of wooden gates. The graveyard is bordered with mature conifers but these do not restrict the photographic opportunities.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 10th April 1754 - 6th September 1754 Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference - FB6/D1/3 Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 8th October 1754 - 4th June 1786 Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference - FB6/D1/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 17th August 1786 - 16th August 1812 Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference - FB6/D1/8 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
4 5th March 1813 - 16th May 1837 Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference - FB6/D1/12 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading of this register may result in one or two misreads

Little Blakenham St Mary
Little Blakenham St Mary
Claydon St Peter
Whitton cum Thurleston St Mary
Flowton St Mary
Burstall St Mary
Whitton cum Thurleston St Mary
Ipswich St Matthew
Burstall St Mary
Sproughton All Saints
Sproughton All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
16/01/1754 William HALL Single   Hannah BALDERO Single  
10/04/1754 Robert CUTTING Single Somersham Elizabeth BETTS Single  
17/07/1754 Robert SUTTLE Single   Mary RINGE Single  
31/07/1754 James PALMER Single City Of London Margaret PALMER Single  
06/09/1754 Samuel WENTWORTH Single Ipswich Elizabeth STUDD Single  
1 08/10/1754 Robert BETTS Single   Elizabeth BALDERY Single  
2 14/01/1755 Samuel ROWLAND Widower   Finite BUTCHER   Coddenham
3 24/02/1755 John MILLS Single Rushmere Mary MUNNS Single  
4 23/03/1755 John WHISTLECRAFT Widower Sproughton Alice Forward HUDSON Widow  
5 06/05/1755 John KEMP Widower   Mary BARTLETT Single  
6 11/09/1755 William BRIDGES Single Bures Deborah ORFORD Single  
7 09/11/1755 Lewis PORTER Single   Susan SIMPSON Single  
8 01/12/1755 John LOCKWOOD Single   Anna WOOD Single  
9 22/03/1756 William WOOD Single Capel St Mary Elizabeth CLARKE Single  
10 24/03/1756 Thomas CATCHPOLE Single   Elizabeth HOWETT Widow  
11 23/05/1756 James HOLDEN Single Burstall Elizabeth PODD Single  
12 05/08/1756 Henry MOORE Single Creeting St Mary Mary ORFORD Single  
13 19/08/1756 Joseph GARROD   Boxted Elizabeth BAGLEY    
14 14/10/1756 John LOFT Single Nettlestead Frances BALDWIN Single  
15 30/11/1756 Thomas SYER Single Great Wenham Sarah GARNHAM Single Burstall
16 26/12/1756 Richard BLOOMFIELD Single Akenham Elizabeth FARTHING Single  
17 03/03/1757 George KERRIDGE     Mary VINCENT Single  
18 03/03/1757 Edward MAYES   Copdock Ann KERRIDGE    
19 11/04/1757 James HARRISON     Ann MITCHELL    
20 11/04/1757 William TURNER     Sarah MITCHELL    
21 09/06/1757 John BOND   Redenhall, Norfolk Sarah BOND   Burstall
22 03/07/1757 Thomas EAST Single   Susan SNELLING Single  
23 13/10/1757 John CLARKE     Elizabeth WOOD Single  
24 07/11/1757 John CHAPLIN Single   Sarah PLANTING Single  
25 20/02/1758 John STEDMAN Single Norwich, Norfolk Susanna WOOD Single  
26 20/03/1758 John FARTHING Single St Matthew, Ipswich Susan ALDUS Single  
27 08/05/1758 John HALL Single   Bridget SOUTHGATE Single Barham
28 20/06/1758 Samuel ROWLAND Widower   Mary CULLUM Single  
29 20/06/1758 William DIGGENS Single   Elizabeth BARLEY Single  
30 28/06/1758 Richard VINCENT Widower Baylham Mary CRIPLE Single  
31 13/07/1758 Thomas JOLLY Single   Elizabeth BROWN Single  
32 28/07/1758 John LARTER Single Brundish Jane SUTTON Single  
33 03/10/1758 John EDWARDS Single Great Horkesley, Essex Elizabeth JACOBS Single  
34 23/12/1758 James HALL Single St Matthew, Ipswich Ann SHIP Single  
35 04/01/1759 Richard COLVILE Single Newton In The Isle, Cambridgeshire Elizabeth ACTON Single  
36 30/01/1759 Henry COZENS Single   Susanna JARVIS Single  
37 15/02/1759 John WOODS Single   Hannah BUGG   Burstall
39 04/04/1759 Robert BAGLEY Widower   Mary JESSUP Single  
38 17/04/1759 George BEAUMONT Single   Mary FROUD Single  
40 27/05/1759 John ROBERSON Single   Mary CARLOWE Single  
41 19/06/1759 William GARDINER Single Sproughton Susanna CLARKE Single  
42 11/10/1759 John ABBOTT Single   Elizabeth PANNIFFE Single  
43 19/10/1759 William TAYLOR Single   Ann SYER Single  
44 30/12/1759 John WARD Single   Mary FINCH Single  
45 06/04/1760 Thomas CHAPMAN Single   Rebecca DOBSON Single  
46 09/05/1760 William SCOPES Single   Sarah BOLDEROE Single  
47 09/10/1760 William LAST Single Battisford Elizabeth RUST Single  
48 12/10/1760 Isaac CROOKE Single   Alice PLUMB Single  
49 21/10/1760 Richard MANNING Single   Sarah FROUD Single  
50 28/10/1760 William WIARD Widower   Sarah SYRETT Single  
51 26/12/1760 Robert GARROOD Single   Elizabeth ALLEN Single  
52 13/08/1761 Thomas CUTTING Single   Mary CUTBERT Single  
53 13/08/1761 John BAILEY Single   Hannah NEWSON Single  
54 12/10/1761 John CLARK Single   Hannah MOAT Single  
55 17/11/1761 Nathaniel ACTON Widower   Dorothy ASPIN Single St Mary, Bury St Edmunds
56 20/11/1761 Humphrey PODD Single Brantham Mary PARTRIDGE Single Burstall
57 01/12/1761 William LAMBERT Widower Belstead Mary SPOONER Widow Burstall
58 22/03/1762 William TAYLOR Single Burstall Elizabeth BRANSON Single  
59 14/05/1762 John SUTTLE Single   Elizabeth PODD Single  
60 19/07/1762 John SIMPSON   Flowton Amy WOOD    
61 07/11/1762 John BAGLEY Single   Martha WOOD Single  
62 16/11/1762 William DURRANT Single   Elizabeth BURROUGHS Single  
63 30/11/1762 Benjamin BROOMLEY Single Burstall Susan SCOWING Single  
64 12/12/1762 William MORGAN Widower   Deborah WARD Single  
65 05/01/1763 Thomas MAY Single   Mary MARTIN Single  
66 08/02/1763 William ELSDEN Single   Mary BROWN Single  
67 27/02/1763 Richard HARVEY   St Clement, Ipswich Ann SMITH    
68 21/03/1763 Robert BUTTON Single   Sarah WOOD Single  
69 12/04/1763 Joseph LAVES Widower   Margaret WELLHAM Single  
70 02/01/1764 James EAST Single   Deborah CARPENTER Single  
71 03/01/1764 Richard CUTBERT Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
72 04/01/1764 William DIAPER Single   Elizabeth CLASBY Single  
73 12/03/1764 John HOW Single   Mary CLAY Single  
73 12/03/1764 John HOW Single   Mary HEWITT Single  
74 09/05/1764 John COLE Widower   Sarah SUTTLE Widow  
75 23/10/1764 Edward CLARKE Single   Mary PECK Single  
76 05/11/1764 William GOODERHAM Single   Hannah WARNER Single  
77 17/11/1764 John MOYSE Widower Burstall Sarah PLANTIN Single  
78 20/11/1764 Abraham GOODWIN Single   Martha SOUTHGATE Single  
79 25/02/1765 Thomas WASP Single   Hannah HATT Single  
80 08/05/1765 John SUTTON Single   Anna LOCKWOOD Widow  
81 15/10/1765 William PERRY Single Whitton Cum Thurlestone Elizabeth DURRANT Single  
82 24/12/1765 Daniel KERRIDGE Single   Mary SIMPSON Single  
83 19/05/1766 James LAMBERT Single St Matthew, Ipswich Elizabeth WOODS Single Burstall
84 08/09/1766 William STUDD Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
85 08/12/1766 William GIPSON Single   Mary STEVENS Single  
27/04/1767 John LORD Widower Burstall Ann ROW Single  
24/05/1767 Martin ROBINSON Single   Susanna BAYLY Single  
29/12/1767 John SPOONER Single   Mary SCOWEN Single  
14/02/1768 William HINES Single St Mary Le Tower, Ipswich Sarah CODDENHAM Single  
17/05/1768 Daniel AGER Widower   Martha STOKE Widow St Mary At Stoke, Ipswich
05/08/1768 Samuel CHIDUCK Single Hintlesham Mary SHAVE Single  
12/10/1768 William TWAITES Widower Burstall Ann HILL Widow  
13/10/1768 Lawrence SKIPPER Single Little Blakenham Ann SIMPSON Single  
13/10/1768 William SHELDRICK Single   Sarah WIAT    
10/11/1768 John FAIERS Single   Mary DEATH Single  
15/11/1768 Jonathan BEAUMONT Single   Mary SALMON Single  
24/01/1769 John POOLE Single Redenhall, Norfolk Elizabeth BOND Single  
12/10/1769 James HATT Single   Mary SMYTH Single  
31/10/1769 Edmund MULLETT Widower   Elizabeth CARTER Single  
31/10/1769 John POTTER Single   Hannah HALL Single  
01/11/1769 John STEGHALL Single   Sarah CLASBY Single  
06/03/1770 Henry MORRIS Widower Beaumont Cum Moze, Essex Sarah ROWLAND Single  
10/04/1770 Thomas BRAME Single St Mary At Quay, Ipswich Mary BALDRY Single  
19/07/1770 Joseph LEWES Single   Sarah CABBON    
20/08/1770 John MEADOWS Single Burstall Mary BULBROOK Single  
19/10/1770 Richard DRIVER Single   Mary CHENERY Single  
05/11/1770 Thomas PEPPER Widower   Ann ALDUS Widow  
01/01/1771 Nathan CODD Single   Mary WARD Single  
09/01/1771 John GRAY Widower   Sarah JARVIS Widow  
23/01/1771 Samuel ROBINSON Single   Elizabeth CLARKE Single  
08/02/1771 Thomas KNAPPETT Widower   Rose GRIMWOOD Single  
04/09/1771 William STUDD Widower   Alice SOUTHGATE Single  
11/10/1771 Robert RANDAL Single Whitton Cum Thurlestone Hannah CLARKE Single  
11/10/1771 Jeremiah LEVELL Single Sproughton Elizabeth WOODS Single  
25/12/1771 Thomas ABLE Single   Elizabeth RISBY Single  
11/10/1772 John DURRANT Single   Dorothy BUCKLE Single  
18/10/1772 Robert WRIGHT Widower   Hannah DAMMONT Single  
20/10/1772 Stephen GLADDING Single Washbrook Mary WHITEN Single  
23/10/1772 David JARROLD Single   Hannah WIAT Single  
25/10/1772 John SKIPPER Widower   Sarah STEGGALL Single  
17/03/1773 Joseph DICKERSON Single   Margaret SIMPSON Single  
29/04/1773 Thomas CHISNAL Single Bentley Mary CHITTOCK Widow  
09/05/1773 Daniel SUTTON Widower   Ann CLARKE Single  
07/06/1773 Daniel AGER Widower   Sarah PARKER Widow Wherstead
12/09/1773 Peter ROSE Single   Sarah WRIGHT Single  
03/10/1773 Edward SMITH Widower   Ann ELSDEN Single  
26/10/1773 Syer RATLEFF Single   Lydia MITCHELL Single  
09/11/1773 John SILLETT Widower   Sarah BRETT Single  
25/01/1774 David DURRANT Single   Mary CULLUM Single  
06/10/1774 John SEWELL Single   Esther MEE Single  
06/10/1774 Joseph MEE Single   Sarah DEATH Single  
18/10/1774 George SOUTHGATE Single   Mary HASELTON Single  
25/11/1774 Alexander MITCHELL Single   Mary HAGGART Single  
19/06/1775 John DEADMAN Single   Hannah GLADWELL Single Felsham
15/11/1775 West MAYES Widower   Elizabeth FINCH Single  
20/12/1775 James SKELTON Widower   Susan COUSINS Widow  
13/03/1776 John PALMER Single   Mary BEAUMONT Single  
13/05/1776 William BROWNE Single   Hannah HALL Single  
10/10/1776 Roger WINK Single   Martha CHAPMAN Single  
17/10/1776 Cornelius GREEN Single Sproughton Rebecca HAWKES Single  
11/02/1777 James CHENERY Single St Mary At Stoke, Ipswich Sarah POTTER Single  
28/04/1777 James WHISTLE Widower   Mary HOLLYBREAD Single  
27/06/1777 Jonathan LEWS Single Burstall Lydia RUSH Single  
14/10/1777 William NOBLE Single Wherstead Elizabeth DEATH Single  
18/02/1778 John BROWNE Single St Matthew, Ipswich Sarah STEGGALL Widow  
04/08/1778 Daniel SCOTT Single Harwich, Essex Ann PALMER Single  
21/09/1778 Henry BARKER Single Offton Mary STANNARD Single  
29/09/1778 James PALMER Widower   Susan HAXELL Single  
01/10/1778 John CULLUM Single   Mary SPARKE Single  
01/10/1778 Thomas MOORE Single   Elizabeth DANIEL Single  
11/10/1778 James CLOVER Widower Whitton Cum Thurlestone Mary WILLIAMSON Widow  
26/01/1779 Daniel CARTER Single   Elizabeth ANDREWS Single  
10/02/1779 Samuel JAKES Single Sproughton Mary WOOD Single  
27/02/1779 William JACOBS Single Great Wenham Sarah BUGG Single  
25/03/1779 Robert CODD Single Mendlesham Elizabeth EDGAR Single  
18/05/1779 John RISBY Single Sproughton Frances TEAGALL Single  
30/05/1779 Robert WEBB Widower Flowton Mary LAMBERT Single Burstall
08/06/1779 Daniel KERRIDGE Widower   Mary SMITH Single St Mary Le Tower, Ipswich
14/07/1779 Thomas BALLS Widower St Mary At Quay, Ipswich Susan MOYSE Single  
01/08/1779 Nathaniel GOODING Single St Mary Le Tower, Ipswich Sarah SNELLING Single  
12/10/1779 William TURNER Single Tattingstone Mary HORKEN Single  
18/10/1779 William FENTON Single Little Livermere Jane FELGATE Single  
10/11/1779 Richard WOOD Widower   Susan WOOD Single  
21/12/1779 Richard RISBY Single   Elizabeth HOOD Single  
31/01/1780 John SHERMAN Single Burstall Elizabeth LORD Single  
13/04/1780 John WELLS Single Great Blakenham Sarah PLOWMAN Single  
24/07/1780 Joseph RISBY Single   Jemima HOOD Single  
27/08/1780 Francis SCOFIELD Widower St Clement, Ipswich Mary WILKINS Single  
22/10/1780 John PLUMB Single   Esther MOYS Single  
31/10/1780 William SPORLE Single   Sarah WARD Single  
02/11/1780 John LOCKWOOD Single   Elizabeth GRAY Single  
04/04/1781 James SKELTON Widower   Elizabeth FULLER Widow  
02/10/1781 William PRICK Single Sproughton Elizabeth HALL Single  
11/10/1781 John CLARKE Widower   Jemima ROW Single  
11/10/1781 Cornelius GREEN Widower   Patience WARD Single  
11/10/1781 John WHALE Single   Martha BURROUGHS Single  
15/10/1781 John BARKER Widower   Susanna PARKER Single  
12/03/1782 John SMITH Single Stowmarket Sarah HOOD Single  
22/04/1782 John HARRISON Widower Felixstowe Ann SKELTON Single  
18/07/1782 James MORGAN Single   Mary CLARKE Single  
13/08/1782 William COOK Single Whitton Cum Thurlestone Mary FAMPIN Single  
26/11/1782 Thomas HALL Single   Lucey BALLS Single  
25/05/1783 West MAYS Single   Elizabeth RISBY Widow  
31/08/1783 Robert TURNER Single Sproughton Ann HORKINS Single  
12/10/1783 Robert CLARK Single   Mary MAYHEW Single  
24/12/1783 Samuel GORROD Single   Catharine BRETT Widow  
08/01/1784 Richard GRANGER Single Offton Mary SCOFIELD Widow  
03/02/1784 Robert WRIGHT Single   Sarah FULLER Single  
08/06/1784 Owen HINES Widower   Sarah POTTER Single  
20/06/1784 John STEGGELL Single   Sarah WILSON Single  
29/06/1784 Barzillai BIRCH Single   Kezia CABBEN    
13/07/1784 George HALES Single   Elizabeth GILES    
22/08/1784 Stephen ALLEN Single   Elizabeth ELSDON Single  
12/10/1784 William CORDINGLY Single   Amey FARTHING Single  
02/11/1784 John HARDCASTLE     Hannah HEWS Single  
27/12/1784 John LANE   Burstall Susan PECK Widow  
21/01/1785 Edward HARVEY Single   Ruth FENNING Single  
21/03/1785 Robert WRIGHT Widower   Sarah CHENERY Widow  
03/04/1785 Richard ANTHONY   Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland Susan PALMER    
27/07/1785 Elijah PRATT Single   Ann SKIPPER Single  
04/08/1785 Daniel STANNARD Widower   Elizabeth KERSEY Widow  
17/01/1786 John BATTLEY Single   Mary PAYNE Single  
17/01/1786 John SHARMAN Single Burstall Martha MEADOWS Single  
04/06/1786 Luke SPRINGATE Single Colchester, Essex Mary LOCKWOOD Single  
04/06/1786 William LEATHERS Single   Deborah BEARMAN Single  
1 17/08/1786 Joseph MORGAN Single   Frances PLUMB Single  
2 18/10/1786 William BRITTON Single   Sarah MOISE Single  
3 07/02/1787 William LEGGETT Single   Ann DRIVER Single  
4 05/03/1787 John FROST Single   Uni HINDS Single  
5 01/05/1787 John BLOMFIELD Single   Ann ALABASTER Single  
6 25/09/1787 Simon SHARMAN   Sproughton Sarah MEADOWS Single  
7 16/10/1787 Isaac CROOKS Widower   Sarah MANNING Widow  
8 18/10/1787 Isaac BURROWS Single   Hannah ALDERTON Single  
9 12/06/1788 William DURRANT Single   Mary CHENERY Single  
10 21/07/1788 James PARKER Single St Matthew, Ipswich Martha BAGLEY Single  
11 27/07/1788 Pilborough GATES Single   Elizabeth TYE Single  
12 02/09/1788 Benjamin RANDALL Widower St Margaret, Ipswich Ann RICKINGALE Widow  
13 09/09/1788 William GOLDING Single   Elizabeth GARROD Single  
14 29/09/1788 John KERSY Widower Debenham Elizabeth POOLEY Single  
15 19/10/1788 Joseph SIMONDS Widower   Elizabeth OLLIS Single  
16 28/10/1788 Robert SQUIRREL Single   Elizabeth NEVILL Single  
17 30/12/1788 John BAGLEY Single Sproughton Sarah SIMPSON Single  
18 05/01/1789 William HARRISON Single   Elizabeth MEADOWS Single  
23 19/01/1789 Jonas FOSDICK Single   Elizabeth FARTHING Single  
19 17/09/1789 George BLACKMAN Single   Ann SMITH Single  
20 22/09/1789 Samuel STANNARD Single   Frances BEAUMONT Single  
21 11/10/1789 William SMITH Widower   Sarah PODD Widow  
22 12/10/1789 James HARRISON Single   Catherine JESUP Single  
24 25/12/1789 Thomas OVERTON Single   Elizabeth MATCHETT Single  
25 22/02/1790 John POTTER Widower   Mary BLAKE Widow  
26 05/07/1790 Barnaby WARSE Single   Sarah GARRARD Single  
27 25/07/1790 Samuel PALMER Single   Hannah BAILEY Single  
28 10/10/1790 Joseph STEWARD Single Burstall Sarah MORLING Single  
29 15/12/1790 Edward EDWARDS Single   Ann DEATH Single  
30 03/03/1791 Constantine DICKERSON Widower   Elizabeth BURROWS Single  
31 04/04/1791 John BACON Single   Elizabeth PARKER Single  
32 23/05/1791 James BELL Single   Mary BRISLEY Single  
33 02/08/1791 William COLMAN Single Great Baddow, Essex Elizabeth MORGAN Single  
34 18/10/1791 Thomas BOND Single   Mary MORGAN Single  
35 17/01/1792 Isaac FLORY Single   Ann PLUMBE Single  
36 28/05/1792 Roger TAYLOR Single Capel St Mary Amy CUTTING Single  
37 28/05/1792 Thomas HOWES Single   Sarah BRETT Single  
38 10/07/1792 John HUDSON Single   Mary GHAUTY Single  
39 03/09/1792 Samuel SMITH Single Coddenham Jane JOHNSON Single  
40 01/12/1792 Francis LORD Widower   Sarah ALLEN Single  
41 07/01/1793 Robert DANIEL Single   Ann HUMPHREY Widow  
42 11/01/1793 William ARCHER Widower   Sarah GOODING Single  
43 28/02/1793 Thomas WALES Single   Mary MAYES Single  
44 02/04/1793 Samuel ROBERTS Widower   Sarah PEPPER Single  
45 30/05/1793 Robert OSBORNE Single   Hannah SIMPER Single  
46 03/06/1793 James SCOPES Single   Ann HARRISON Single  
47 09/10/1793 George GOLDING Single Woodbridge Bridget NICHOLS Single  
48 11/10/1793 James CULLUM Widower   Elizabeth BURROWS Widow  
49 27/01/1794 William ALLDUS Single   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
50 05/02/1794 Robert HOLMES Widower Whitton Cum Thurlestone Margarett TYE Widow  
51 09/06/1794 William OVERTON Single   Frances BALLS Single  
52 01/07/1794 John RIVERS Single St Peter, Ipswich Sarah KEEN Single  
53 23/07/1794 Henry JARVIS Single Sproughton Catherine SKIPPER Single  
54 13/10/1794 Isaac RACE Single   Susanna LAMBERT Single  
55 28/10/1794 John GARWOOD Single Whitton Cum Thurlestone Mary LEGGETT Single  
56 09/02/1795 John GARRARD Single   Sarah LOCKWOOD Single  
57 24/03/1795 Richard GOWERS Single Baylham Sarah FAIRBROTHER Single  
58 06/04/1795 Daniel HOWE Single Kesgrave Sarah PINNER Single  
59 15/06/1795 Samuel ROBINSON Widower   Kezia BIRCH Widow  
60 28/09/1795 Benjamin MORGAN Single   Sarah SADD Single  
61 29/09/1795 John PODD Single   Mary HINDS Single  
62 10/10/1795 William BEST Single   Rebecca LORD Single  
63 15/12/1795 Thomas PAYNE Single Chattisham Hannah JARRALD Single  
64 18/04/1796 William BUTTON Single   Mary DURRANT Single  
65 06/06/1796 John LINES Widower   Elizabeth LOCKWOOD Widow  
66 11/10/1796 John SAGE Single   Elizabeth FARTHING Single  
67 13/10/1796 Thomas CULLUM Single   Sarah MORGAN Single  
68 23/10/1796 Robert STEVENS Single   Joanna HITCHCOCK Single  
69 29/12/1796 John BURROWS Single   Esther WOOLNOUGH Single  
70 05/01/1797 Stephen GOOLD Single Barrow Sarah KNAPPITT Single  
71 20/02/1797 Jonathan BEAUMONT Single   Elizabeth SKIPPER Single  
72 07/03/1797 James TURTILL Single St Mary At Quay, Ipswich Lucy KENT Single  
73 10/04/1797 Thomas HOWES Single   Ann BERT Single  
74 07/08/1797 Robert MAYES Single   Mary CHENERY Single  
75 11/10/1797 Richard LORD Single   Elizabeth LAMLAND Single  
76 28/05/1798 Henry MANNING Single   Sarah LEGGETT Single  
77 11/11/1798 Thomas HOWARD Single   Mary HUNT Single  
78 14/05/1799 John GARRARD Single   Elizabeth GODBOLD Single  
79 23/06/1799 George GOODING Widower   Anne MAYS Single  
80 03/07/1799 William HUDGILL Single   Sarah DICKERSON Single  
81 07/07/1799 Robert MALDEN Single   Ann JOHNSON Single  
82 08/08/1799 George WOOD Single   Hannah BURROWS Single  
83 11/02/1800 Samuel LAWES Single   Mary BUCKINGHAM Single  
84 16/02/1800 John TAYLOR Single Willisham Mary BEST Single  
85 16/02/1800 Pilbrow GILES Widower   Sarah HINES Widow  
86 05/09/1800 James ROPER Single   Sarah KEALEY Single  
87 03/11/1800 William LEATHERS Widower   Sarah GARRARD Single  
88 10/03/1801 Charles HALL Widower   Elizabeth BLOOMFIELD Widow  
89 11/05/1801 George SMITH Single   Elizabeth FAIRS Single  
90 31/07/1801 John SKIPPER Widower   Clarinda HAMMOND Single  
91 25/03/1802 Edward ROBINSON Single   Sarah DENNINGTON Single  
92 24/04/1802 John BALLS Widower   Elizabeth FARTHING Single  
93 12/10/1802 Ambrose WRIGHT Single   Mary SADD Single  
94 12/10/1802 James CRACK Single   Rebecca GOSTLING Single  
95 28/10/1802 Joseph LEWES Single   Rhoda GOOCH Single  
96 06/01/1803 Thomas PRYKE Single   Mary TYE Single  
96 15/02/1803 James HOLLAND Single   Susannah HAMMOND Single  
97 27/06/1803 George NAYLOR Single   Ann BOND Single  
98 20/07/1803 William BRETT Single   Ann SMITH Single  
99 28/09/1803 William WIGGER Single Walton Rebecca BUTTON Single  
100 10/01/1804 James READ Single   Sarah ROBERTS Widow  
101 26/01/1804 James BEECHES Widower St Matthew, Ipswich Mary SQUIRREL Single  
102 01/02/1804 James SIMPSON Single Barking Sarah FORD Single  
103 11/06/1804 James PANNIFER Single   Elizabeth BROWN Single  
104 18/09/1804 John LEMON Single   Elizabeth SOAR Single  
105 30/09/1804 Frederick PARISH Single   Mary Anne STOLLERY Single  
106 16/10/1804 Isaac GILES Single   Sarah POWLING Single  
107 30/10/1804 William WEEDING Single Ramsholt Mary Anne COOPER Single  
108 03/12/1804 William JACOBS Single   Phebe DOUBLE Single  
109 26/02/1805 Stephen GARDNER Single Great Bromley, Essex Susanna COLE Single  
110 09/09/1805 William MEE Single   Mary Anne TWAITS Single  
111 23/09/1805 Joseph RIVERS Single Nettlestead Sully ORMAN Single  
112 14/10/1805 Thomas FRANKS Single Copdock Charlotte STANNARD Single  
113 28/10/1805 Gilbert BOND Single   Elizabeth MASON Single  
114 04/11/1805 Thomas HOWES Widower   Hannah CUTTING Single  
115 12/11/1805 William HEWITT Single Wherstead Elizabeth HARDCASTLE Single  
116 18/11/1805 William COTES Single   Sarah MASON Single  
117 21/11/1805 Francis PEIRSON Single   Susannah GARRARD Single  
118 11/04/1806 John BUTTON Single   Harriett SKIPPER Single Little Blakenham
119 13/05/1806 James BOWMAN Single St Nicholas, Ipswich Elizabeth DALE Single  
120 23/06/1806 William BRANFORD Single   Elizabeth GREEN Single  
121 28/07/1806 Joseph MEE Single   Hannah HARDCASTLE Single  
122 12/10/1806 Thomas ARMSTRONG Single St Mary At Stoke, Ipswich Sarah GANT Single  
123 01/01/1807 John TAYLOR Single   Elizabeth BROWN Single  
124 27/04/1807 Joseph FULFORD Single St Helen, Ipswich Frances HARDWICK Single  
125 08/09/1807 Daniel QUINTON Single   Eleanor WOODS Single  
126 12/10/1807 John ALLEN Single Whitton Cum Thurlestone Charlotte NEWMAN Single  
127 12/10/1807 Frederick SHARMAN Widower St Margaret, Ipswich Susanna OSBORN Single  
128 13/10/1807 John KNIGHTS Single   Sarah FRANKS Single  
129 13/10/1807 William WEBB Widower Burstall Susannah TRICKER    
130 18/10/1807 James COLE Widower   Mary SCHOFIELD Single  
131 05/01/1808 Abraham READ Single   Judith PALMER Single  
132 16/05/1808 Charles ABBOT Single Westerleigh, Gloucestershire Mary HARDCASTLE Single  
133 10/11/1808 William ABBOT Single Burstall Hannah MAJOR Single  
134 05/12/1808 Joseph LEWES Single   Sarah JARROLD Single  
135 02/02/1809 Eli RUDDOCK Single   Tabitha KEMP Single  
136 29/08/1809 William POTTER Single   Phebe WRIGHT Single  
137 12/10/1809 John TAYLOR Single Bucklesham Mary COE Single  
138 12/10/1809 Francis WOOD Widower   Bet BLOOMFIELD Single  
139 27/11/1809 John DAY Single   Susannah DICKERSON Single  
140 06/12/1809 John HAWARD Single   Elizabeth CAIN Single  
141 06/03/1810 John RIVERS Single   Elizabeth BUDDRY Single  
142 20/05/1810 Edward GREEN Single   Mary BAYNES Single  
143 16/07/1810 William GREEN Widower   Mary AGER Widow  
144 25/12/1810 William CLARKE Single Sproughton Elizabeth LAMBERT Single Burstall
145 21/01/1811 Thomas UPSON Single   Lucy CLARK Single  
146 24/01/1811 Samuel WIFFEN Single Copdock Ann SMITH Single  
147 03/02/1811 Ford STAFFORD Single Sunderland, Durham Mary TUNMER Single  
148 19/03/1811 James NEWMAN Single   Sarah CARR Single  
149 29/04/1811 Robert Thomas FROST Single   Hannah SOAMES Single  
150 12/07/1811 Edward BRAHAM Single Grundisburgh Elizabeth GRIMSEY Single  
151 03/09/1811 Thomas Cloase CHAMBERLAIN Single   Sarah WRIGHT Single  
152 12/10/1811 Stephen BAKER Single   Susannah BARRATT Single  
153 14/10/1811 William LEWEL Single   Elizabeth HOOD Widow  
154 14/07/1812 John WOOD Single   Henrietta HARDCASTLE Single  
155 31/07/1812 William PEARSE Single Sproughton Sarah HARRISON Single  
156 04/08/1812 James LINES Single   Elizabeth TANN Single Little Blakenham
157 16/08/1812 William PRYKE Single   Jemima HARVEY Single  
1 05/03/1813 Benjamin WORTS Single St Peter, Ipswich Elizabeth THURSTON Single  
2 13/10/1813 John FROST Single   Lucy WELLS Single  
3 25/11/1813 William GIBBONS Single   Eliza SHELDRAKE Single  
4 14/04/1814 John BURCH Single   Martha SIMPSON Single  
5 03/05/1814 Samuel PENDLE Single   Mary MARSH Single  
6 09/02/1815 Benjamin SMITH Single Coddenham Ann DEATH Single  
7 03/09/1815 William HARDWICK Single   Elizabeth BARRELL Single  
8 12/10/1815 Thomas PRYKE Single   Mary COUSINS Single  
9 16/10/1815 William HARVEY Single   Sarah WORLEDGE Single  
10 17/10/1815 Garwood CULLUM Single   Amey WOOD Widow  
11 16/11/1815 William WILSON Single   Sarah PALLANT Single  
12 20/11/1816 George HARROLD Single   Sarah OSBORNE Single  
13 29/09/1817 Isaac BURROWS Single   Sophia HARDCASTLE Single  
14 13/10/1817 Benjamin HEARNS Single Tuddenham Susan WHISTLE Widow  
15 15/10/1817 William GARNHAM Single   Mary BURROWS Single  
16 15/10/1817 William SCHOFIELD Single   Sarah WARNER Single  
17 18/02/1818 Robert CLARK Single   Elizabeth PAYNE Single Hadleigh
18 12/05/1818 John HARDCASTLE Single   Sophia BURYHAM Single  
19 21/06/1818 John ADDAMS Single   Mary OVERTON Single  
20 19/08/1818 Thomas BEARMAN Single   Jane BURREL Single  
21 12/10/1818 Thomas PRYKE Single   Mary GIBBS Single  
22 18/10/1818 James DIAPER Single   Lidia LAWS Single  
23 03/11/1818 Thomas HARRISON Single   Ann COLE Single  
24 16/01/1819 Robert SEXTON Widower Wherstead Sarah EDWARDS Single  
25 19/02/1819 George CHARD Single Shoreditch, Middlesex Jane THURSTON Single  
26 31/05/1819 John JACOBS Single   Lucy ABBOT Single  
27 01/06/1819 Samuel PALMER Single   Bettina EVERETT Single  
28 19/07/1819 James BUTTON Single   Mary CHAPMAN Single  
29 24/11/1819 Martin PARKER Single Copdock Elizabeth GREEN Single  
30 25/12/1819 Thomas FOSPEL Widower Nacton Sarah PEVERETT Widow  
31 27/12/1819 John PARKES Single Coddenham Sarah PLUMB Single  
32 20/01/1820 William STANNARD Widower   Ann BAKER Widow  
33 21/02/1820 Isaac BURROWS Single   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
34 30/10/1820 William FLORY Single   Mary DARLING Single  
35 07/06/1821 Robert Henry ORMAN Single   Amy SIMPSON Single  
36 10/08/1821 William HART   St Clement, Ipswich Kesia PARDOE Widow  
37 01/11/1821 James BURMAN Single   Mary LAWES Single  
38 16/11/1821 Charles MEE Single   Amy AVIS Single  
39 31/03/1822 William LAMBERT Single   Susanna PRYKE Single  
40 07/04/1822 John MAYHEW Single Copdock Sarah FROST Single  
41 21/05/1822 Henry KEEN Single   Rebecca PRYKE Single  
42 20/07/1822 Stephen BUMPSTEAD Single   Sarah ROPER Single  
43 13/08/1822 James HARRISON Single   Sarah SCOPES Single  
44 02/09/1822 William WILKIN Widower Burstall Elizabeth HARDWICK Single  
45 28/10/1822 James GARRARD Single   Hannah BUMPSTEAD Single  
46 28/10/1822 James ROBINSON Single   Charlotte FORD Single St Matthew, Ipswich
47 07/11/1822 Robert PALLANT Single   Ann FAMPIN Single  
48 07/11/1822 Joseph PALLANT Single   Sarah GOWER Single  
49 04/03/1823 William MUMFORD Widower Edwardstone Mary MORGAN Single  
50 26/03/1823 Edward BROWN Single   Mary GARRARD Single  
51 19/05/1823 Daniel TAYLOR Single   Sarah BARRELL Single  
52 19/05/1823 Samuel LAWS Single   Priscilla MUNBY Single  
53 26/05/1823 John ROWLAND Single   Sarah PRATT Single  
54 07/07/1823 William HARDWICK Single   Maria BORHAM Single  
55 31/08/1823 George BURTON Single St Nicholas, Worcester, Worcestershire Mary PALLANT Single  
56 22/10/1823 John CRICKMORE Single   Ann MARTIN Single  
57 03/11/1823 Robert DEATH Widower   Ann MALDEN Single  
58 23/11/1823 William BUTCHER Single   Mary RUDDOCK Single  
59 01/01/1824 John ARCHER Single   Mary READ Single  
60 07/03/1824 Edward STEWARD Single   Mary FROST Single  
61 25/10/1824 George WOOD Single   Rachel CROOKS Single  
62 22/11/1824 George KERRIDGE Single Beccles Mary KERRIDGE Single  
63 14/02/1825 William COATES Single Whitton Cum Thurlestone Sarah HOWES Single  
64 13/09/1825 John COLEMAN Single   Ann PINNER Single  
65 17/10/1825 George HARDWICK Single   Lucy JESSUP Single  
66 01/11/1825 William BLUNDER Single   Mary Anne Clark BARREL Single  
67 13/11/1825 John PRATT Single   Mary ALLEN Single  
68 25/11/1825 Charles WORLEDGE Single   Mary GOLDING Single  
69 25/11/1825 James RANSOM Single   Harriet WORLEDGE Single  
70 09/01/1826 John PALLANT Single   Susannah HUGHES Single  
71 05/02/1826 William GANT Single   Lucy WARSE Single  
72 19/03/1826 John HARDWICK Single   Charlotte BARREL Single  
73 01/04/1826 Richard Rudland WOOD Single   Emma WARD Single  
74 18/04/1826 William ORMAN Single   Mary COOPER Single  
75 15/05/1826 William BUTTON Single Whitton Cum Thurlestone Elizabeth HOWES Single  
76 11/06/1826 Henry SILLET Single   Mary Ann BUMPSTEAD Single  
77 13/08/1826 George BURROWS Single   Mary WOOLNOUGH Single  
78 12/09/1826 James PRYKE Single   Elizabeth CLARK Single  
79 18/10/1826 Thomas FORSDYKE Single Great Blakenham Elizabeth GARRARD Single  
80 07/11/1826 John LORD Single Burstall Sarah DURRANT Single Burstall
81 26/11/1826 John GARRARD Single   Margaret HEARSMAN Single  
82 01/03/1827 Robert BUMPSTED Single   Mary Ann SAUNDERS Single  
83 15/04/1827 George CHAPLIN Single   Mary PRYKE Single  
84 30/11/1827 Samuel LAWS Widower   Martha WOOD Single  
85 25/12/1827 John COLE Single Great Blakenham Elizabeth PALMER Single  
86 25/02/1828 Abraham STEWARD Single   Lydia LAWS Single  
87 26/04/1828 John MILLER Single   Elizabeth PINNER Single  
88 27/05/1828 David HITCHCOCK Single   Lidia FORSDIKE Single  
89 29/10/1828 James CHAMBERLAIN Single   Mary GRIMWOOD Single St Lawrence, Ipswich
90 21/11/1828 William MEE Single   Elizabeth UPSON Single  
91 26/12/1828 John WEBB Single   Harriet OSBORN Single  
92 01/02/1829 William DOE Single   Margaret Sarah MACKNAUGHTON Single  
93 11/02/1829 Samuel PALMER Widower   Mary Ann PARISH Single  
94 07/06/1829 Henry WRIGHT Single   Ann DIXON Single  
95 08/06/1829 Robert PHILLIPS Single   Ann WALLAGE Single  
96 09/06/1829 James LAMBERT Single Tunstall Sarah JARROLD Single  
97 30/06/1829 Richard LORD Single   Ann HOOPER Single  
98 11/10/1829 Robert Thomas FROST Widower   Elizabeth BURROWS Widow  
99 30/11/1829 Francis FLORY Single   Susanna STEWARD Single  
100 05/01/1830 William MAYES Single   Mary MAYNER Single  
101 02/10/1830 James LUCAS Widower St Clement, Ipswich Sarah GILES Single  
102 26/10/1830 Charles STADD Single St Nicholas, Ipswich Mary Ann POOLEY Single  
103 03/03/1831 Robert GILES Widower   Maria RIVERS Single  
104 04/04/1831 James CHAMBERLAIN Single   Susannah PALLANT Single  
105 13/04/1831 William SHEPHERD Single   Susannah GILES Single  
106 26/04/1831 John LEWES Widower   Susanna BAXTER Single  
107 24/05/1831 Charles HARDWICK Single   Maria LORD Single  
108 24/05/1831 Francis RAMSEY Single Great Bricett Susanna LAMBERD Single  
109 29/09/1831 William LEWES Single   Eliza BURROWS Single  
110 20/11/1831 Thomas MILLER Single   Elizabeth STUDD Single  
111 23/11/1831 Francis HARRISON Widower   Ann CHAMBERLAIN Single  
112 20/12/1831 Thomas PLUMB Single   Charlotte SAYER Single  
113 26/12/1831 William GREEN Single   Elizabeth READ Single  
114 14/05/1832 John OSBORNE Single   Harriet GILES Single  
115 17/07/1832 George FLORY Single   Mary Ann MEE Single  
116 05/11/1832 James READ Single   Elizabeth BARREL Single  
117 11/12/1832 James BURMAN Single   Rachel BAYLEY Single  
118 18/02/1833 John GIRLING Single Stutton Lucy MAYSE Single  
119 28/05/1833 Samuel RAMSEY Single   Sarah GARRARD Single  
120 03/11/1833 John LEATHERS Single   Mary SMITH Single  
121 21/11/1833 Thomas PALLANT Single   Sarah DOE Single  
122 03/03/1834 John HILDER Single Little Livermere Martha HOWES Single  
123 22/04/1834 Joseph KAYS Single   Harriet CARR Single  
124 17/05/1834 Thomas MAYES Single   Harriet LORD Single  
125 29/10/1834 Thomas GARRARD Single   Ann HAXEL Single  
126 11/11/1834 John Steward CHAMBERLAIN Single   Harriett DIAPER Single  
127 19/11/1834 Robert ATTHILL Widower St Clement, Ipswich Susan CHAPMAN Single  
128 25/12/1834 William FRANKS Single Copdock Mary MOYES Single  
129 25/12/1834 Abbot LORD Single Burstall Maria READ Single  
130 28/02/1835 Charles READ Single   Mary LAMBERT Single  
131 23/03/1835 John HOOD Single   Susann SIMPSON Single  
132 29/03/1835 John BUMPSTEAD Single   Eliza PAGE Single  
133 29/03/1835 James HARDWICK Single   Mary Ann DEATH Single  
134 14/06/1835 Isaac BROOK Single St Mary Le Tower, Ipswich Susana BROOKS Single  
135 05/11/1835 Francis BOWMAN Single   Harriet CHAMBERLAIN Single  
136 15/11/1835 William SIMPSON Single Capel St Mary Mary Ann ABBOT Single Burstall
137 04/01/1836 John BOWMAN Widower   Elizabeth RIVERS Widow  
138 19/01/1836 William DOE Single   Ann LAST Single  
139 23/05/1836 William HALL Single   Harriet MOISE Single  
140 22/06/1836 Robert MALDEN Widower   Sarah OSBORN Widow  
141 16/09/1836 John SMITH Single Burstall Hannah ABBOTT Single  
145 09/12/1836 John MEE Single   Mary RIVERS Single  
146 19/12/1836 Caleb BUSKETT Single   Mary Ann BALES   St Mary Le Tower, Ipswich
147 17/02/1837 William FAIRS Single Claydon Ann MILLIN Single  
148 16/05/1837 Pilbrow RIVERS Single   Mary READ Single  

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