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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Brampton St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Brampton lies in northeastern Suffolk about 3 miles northeast of the market town of Halesworth. Brampton is a small crossroads village sitting on the A145 road which connects Beccles with the A12 at Blythburgh, a secondary settlement, Brampton Street, lies just to the west. The village sits in a broad plain dominated by arable fields, a scene that would have had more pastures at the time of this transcript. The rather flat landscape is largely drained by man-made field drains into small tributaries of the River Wang which heads southeastwards to join the estuary of the Blyth and the North Sea. Brampton is sited at around 30 metres above the sea and the height varies little more than 10 metres up or down for many miles. Brampton parish was fairly typically sized for Suffolk, it covered almost exactly 2,000 acres and would have supported a population of around 300 parishioners. In Domesday times Brampton was shared 3 ways, the King retained some meadows and woodland whilst the bulk, of 17 ploughs plus more meadows & woodland, was shared between Roger Bigot & Ralph Baynard.

The Church

St Peter's church stands a half mile south of the village and sits on what must be described as a rather hazardous right-angled bend of the A145. Lancet windows and "Y" tracery within the chancel give a hint of a 13th century origin but little remains of that period. The bulk of the church including its stately western tower date from the Perpendicular era. The excellent use of flint flushwork shows a level of craftsmanship above the norm for a standard parish church. The church, like so many, was extensively restored during the 19th century and that work has masked much dating evidence. Sitting on its corner in a sloping site the main entrance with steps rising to the church, rather alarmingly, is right by that corner and opposite the lane leading to Brampton Street, it must surely present a hazard for bridal cars and hearses, better still to pull in on the Blythburgh side where there is room to get most of the way off the busy road and access the churchyard which is open and with few obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 21st May 1755 - 31st August 1812 Suffolk Record Office - Lowestoft - Reference - 114/D2/1 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 5th October 1813 - 27th June 1837 Suffolk Record Office - Lowestoft - Reference - 114/D3/1 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Redisham St Peter
Shadingfield St John the Baptist
Shadingfield St John the Baptist
Stoven St Margaret
Westhall St Andrew
Stoven St Margaret
Uggeshall St Mary
Westhall St Andrew
Sotherton St Andrew
Sotherton St Andrew

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 21/05/1755 John CARTER   Westhall Mary KING    
2 30/06/1755 John ELLISS     Elizabeth BARBER    
3 22/07/1755 John BARKER     Margaret LOYALL   Thorpe St Andrew, Norfolk
4 20/04/1756 Thomas FOWELL     Susannah LEAVOLD    
5 10/05/1756 Thomas BALLS     Sarah JERVESS    
6 17/08/1756 Thomas LANE   Shadingfield Rebecca HEDMUN    
7 14/12/1756 Isaac WOODROFF     Easter COOPER    
8 14/02/1757 John TOCK     Elizabeth RIMMINGTON    
9 29/05/1757 Benjamin BARNS     Hannah NORMAN    
10 04/10/1757 Thomas LEAVOULD     Jean LEAVOULD    
12 11/10/1759 Luke MORLING Single   Elizabeth SCALES Single  
11 15/10/1759 James SKOULDING Single   Ann REMINGTON Single  
13 24/10/1759 Robert SHEPHERD Single   Elizabeth KING   Westhall
14 20/12/1759 John TALBOT Single   Hannah COPPING   Bramfield
15 07/04/1761 James THOMPSON Single Bramfield Susanna FREEMAN Single  
16 30/06/1761 Thomas GARRUD Single Westhall Sarah BARNS Single  
17 30/06/1761 Thomas LEECH Single   Susan HEASEL Single  
18 12/10/1762 John PLESANCE Single   Sarah SAVAGE Single  
19 31/01/1763 Robert BARNS Single   Mary GOODING Single Linstead Parva
20 15/02/1763 William BICKER Single   Sarah ELLIS Single  
21 05/05/1763 Richard GIBBON Single   Elizabeth CLARKE Single  
22 06/07/1763 Thomas TYRELL Single   Mary DAVEY Single  
23 27/05/1764 Nathaniel ALLINGTON Single Ilketshall St Andrew Mary STANFORD Single  
24 19/11/1765 John SCOLDING Widower   Mary SEWEL Single Stoven
25 13/10/1766 William REDGRIFT Single   Anne DAVY Single  
26 28/10/1766 William GOOCH Single Brockdish, Norfolk Sarah DENNY Single  
27 07/07/1767 William BLOWERS Single   Hannah SUMMONS Single  
28 22/10/1767 Thomas BARTRAM Single Westhall Ann BALDRY Single  
29 20/11/1769 Thomas SUGGET Single   Sarah NEWSON    
30 10/10/1770 Samuel CARTER Single   Elizabeth BURROUGHS Single  
31 10/12/1770 William BEENS Single   Ann GOOCH Widow  
32 21/10/1771 Thomas REYNOLDS Single   Susanna SHARMAN Single Herringfleet
33 01/03/1772 Eacharias MAPPERN Single   Mary CADY Single  
34 20/04/1772 Thomas BURROWS Single   Lucia LINCOLN Single  
35 21/06/1772 Lawrence WINCOP Single   Mary HOLT Single  
36 21/06/1772 Lawrence WINCOP Single   Mary HOLT Single  
37 14/07/1772 John MEEN Single Reydon Sarah AUSTINS    
38 12/11/1772 Jacob STANTON Single   Sarah FISH Single  
39 14/06/1773 Thomas ARBROW Single   Ann JERVOUS Single  
40 24/08/1773 William DAN Single Shadingfield Mary HILL Single  
41 12/01/1775 William BALLS Single   Lydia STERRY Single  
42 16/01/1775 Robert BURGESS     Ann WELLS    
43 22/05/1775 William COOPER Single   Susanna LEAVOLD Single  
44 21/07/1775 William BROWN Single   Sarah DRIVER Single  
45 10/03/1776 William MAYES   Middleton Elizabeth WATLING    
46 19/03/1776 Samuel TYRELL Widower   Ann COOPER Single  
47 08/07/1776 Henry ALDRED Single Redisham Susanna PLEASANTS Single  
48 21/10/1776 William SYREAD Single   Kezia SEWELL Single  
49 11/02/1777 Thomas BALEY Single Wangford By Southwold Sarah DAVIE Single  
50 29/03/1777 Thomas STANFORD Single Redisham Sarah PIPE Single  
51 26/05/1778 James BIRD Single   Elizabeth SUGGET Single  
52 30/07/1778 Jeremiah NELSON Single Henstead Elizabeth CURTIS Single  
53 24/09/1778 Benjamin FULLER Single Toft Monks, Norfolk Mary CURTIS Single  
54 09/10/1778 Thomas WOOLNER Single   Elizabeth PRESS Single  
55 14/05/1779 Thomas ALDIS Single   Ann BARBER Single  
56 28/03/1780 Ezra EDWARDS Single   Margaret BARKER Single  
57 17/08/1780 William GIBSON Single Shadingfield Susanna ELLENER Single  
58 25/06/1781 Robert SUGGET Single   Elizabeth COTTON Single  
59 04/03/1782 William SPAUL Single Wangford By Southwold Margaret LINCOLN Single  
60 19/11/1782 James FULLER Single Raveningham, Norfolk Phoebe CURTIS Single  
61 24/03/1783 James MOORE Single   Ann WILKINSON Single  
62 08/12/1783 John GODARD Single   Mary REVET Single  
63 19/01/1784 Thomas DAY Single   Elizabeth BALLS Single  
64 12/04/1784 Samuel DALE Single Blyford Elizabeth JOHNSON Single  
65 03/05/1784 John CANNAM Single Stoven Mary BALLS Single  
66 04/10/1784 Robert SHEPARD Single   Elizabeth WELLS Single  
67 18/10/1784 William REYNOLDS Single   Rachel STRATFORD Single  
68 14/01/1786 James BEE Single   Sarah BAXTER Single  
69 06/03/1786 Elijah MAYES Single   Sarah CARTER Single  
70 14/09/1786 Jonathan SEWELL Single Redisham Sarah BLOOMFIELD Single  
71 25/09/1786 Jonathan SELF Single   Elizabeth REVET Single  
72 31/10/1786 Thomas TOWNSEND Single   Laetitia MOOR Single  
73 25/12/1786 John BAXTER Single   Susanna LEECH Single  
74 12/03/1787 Enoch MAYHEW Single   Mary HUNT Single  
75 27/04/1787 James CLARKE Single   Mary BUCKE Single  
21/10/1787 John WESTHORP Single   Mary SMITH Single  
20 27/12/1787 Thomas LEECH Widower   Anne BLOWERS Widow  
21 15/01/1788 James BRADNAM Single Beccles Rebecca DORKINS Widow  
22 16/06/1788 Edward BUTTERS Single   Honour CHASTON Single  
23 30/12/1788 John COTTON Single   Sarah BROWN Single  
24 18/08/1789 Joseph SNELL Single   Sarah JOHNSON Single  
25 24/05/1790 Daniel ROBERTS Single   Sarah EVES Single  
26 07/10/1790 John TACON Single   Hannah BEDDINGFIELD Single Shadingfield
27 26/10/1790 Anthony GISSING Single Eye Mary SKOULDING Single  
28 21/02/1793 William ADAMS Widower   Mary AUSTIN Widow  
29 19/09/1793 James TYRRELL Single   Ann BOTWRIGHT    
30 06/01/1794 John PAGE Widower   Ann DAWSON Widow  
31 01/07/1794 Thomas SUGGATE Single   Elizabeth SKOULDING Single  
32 22/07/1794 Thomas BOND Single Bawdsey Dinah BRANSON Single  
33 19/05/1795 Edmund WINCUP Single   Susanna ADAMS Single  
34 13/10/1795 James BRICKHAM Single   Mary WINKUP Single  
35 03/11/1796 Thomas SUGGATE Widower   Mary AUSTIN Single  
36 10/01/1797 William RUSE Single Redisham Frances RANDS Single  
37 11/01/1797 John COLE Single   Rachael BURROUGHS Single  
38 27/07/1797 Benjamin PHILPOT Widower Laxfield Sophia SKOULDING Single  
39 31/10/1797 Stephen BLOOMFIELD Widower   Martha GOOCH Widow Beccles
40 04/06/1798 Henry CURTIS Single   Hannah HUBBARD Single Stoven
41 24/07/1798 Thomas HARLING Widower   Bathsheba BURROWS Single  
42 06/09/1798 Thomas BALDREY Single Uggeshall Mary BRANSON Single  
43 21/09/1798 John SPALDING Single   Ann THROWER Single  
44 29/10/1799 Robert CLARK Single   Elizabeth CREW Single  
45 02/01/1801 John SAMPSON Single Westhall Ann BAKER Single  
46 13/04/1801 James BULLARD Single   Sarah PAGE Single  
47 01/10/1802 William BUTTON Single   Esther FENN Single  
48 02/11/1802 John LEAVOLD Single   Susan HAWES Single  
49 05/11/1802 William GEORGE Single Westhall Elizabeth BENNS Single  
50 15/11/1802 Samuel BOTWRIGHT Single   Mary SHIPLEE Single  
51 16/05/1803 Samuel ANDREWS Single Westhall Sarah BIRD Single  
52 03/10/1803 John CLARKE Single   Elizabeth BLOWERS Single  
53 14/12/1803 Thomas HUBBARD Single Westhall Lydia JACOBS Single  
54 04/01/1804 James ROBERTS Single   Sarah PEARCE Single Westhall
55 14/02/1804 Thomas FOLLER Single Wangford By Southwold Ann LOVE Single  
56 15/07/1805 John BARBER Single   Margaret GRAY Single  
57 19/09/1805 John BOTWRIGHT Single   Frances CATTERMOLE Single  
58 03/10/1805 Christopher HALIFAX Single East Haddon, Norhamptonshire Susan BRANSON Single  
59 16/10/1805 Nathaniel BRANSON Widower   Mary ROCKHILL Widow Uggeshall
60 04/11/1805 Robert FLOWERS Single   Elizabeth DUNN Single  
61 25/11/1805 Richard UNDERWOOD Widower   Elizabeth JERVIS Single  
62 17/12/1805 Stephen BALLS Single   Frances TURRILL Single  
63 13/07/1807 Thomas JARVIS Single   Jane WOOLNOUGH Widow  
64 15/09/1807 George SAMSON Single   Mary Ann BARBER Single  
65 04/08/1808 John UNDERWOOD Single   Charlotte TINGLING Single  
66 21/11/1808 George LUSHER Single   Kerenhappuch SHIPLEE Single  
67 01/12/1808 William HOWCHIN Widower Lowestoft Elizabeth BALLS Single  
68 08/12/1808 William BARBER Single   Hannah WOOLNOUGH Single  
69 03/07/1810 Thomas TURRILL Single   Sarah HOUSEGO Single  
70 05/09/1810 Alfred BRIGHTLEY Single Laxfield Frances SKOULDING Single  
71 12/10/1810 James ENGLISH Single   Mary GIBBON Single  
72 16/10/1810 Joseph HILLEN Single Benacre Elizabeth DALE Widow  
73 13/02/1811 William MARTIN Single   Mary ADAMS Single  
74 05/09/1811 Samuel HOLLANDER Single Uggeshall Anne STAMMERS Single  
75 30/10/1811 John CREASY Single   Lydia SMITH Single  
76 15/01/1812 John SMITH Single Wangford By Southwold Mary REDGRAVE Single  
77 25/05/1812 James COLE Single Wangford By Southwold Elizabeth BAYLEY Single  
78 31/08/1812 Edward SHARMAN Single Sotherton Hannah FRANCIS Single  
1 05/10/1813 Thomas SADD Single Bungay Sarah SEWELL Single  
2 28/10/1813 David FOYSTER Single   Sarah DOE Single  
3 10/04/1814 Harling BARBER Single Westhall Elizabeth CARTER Single  
4 21/07/1814 Richard HOWARD Single Westhall Elizabeth FROST Single  
5 10/11/1814 John STROWGER Single Loddon, Norfolk Anne LAY Single  
6 03/01/1815 William WATERMAN Single   Sarah SNELLING Single  
7 10/02/1815 Richard COOPER Single   Letitia POINTS Single  
8 07/08/1815 William THACKER Widower Henstead Susan CUDDON Single  
9 28/12/1815 James CLEVELAND Widower   Anne HOUSEGO Single Stoven
10 27/02/1816 Robert TODD Single Benhall Frances LAY Single  
11 20/04/1817 John CABELL Single   Rose HART Single  
12 27/08/1818 Francis BALLS Single Westhall Frances SKOULDING Single  
13 25/01/1819 Robert LOWE Single Sotherton Emily CURTIS Single  
14 03/10/1819 Samuel SPORE Single   Mary Ann DAMMANT Single  
15 08/10/1819 James GIRLING Single Bramfield Sarah CAPON Single  
16 12/10/1819 James BALLS Single   Susan ROBSON Single  
17 25/02/1820 James WOOLNOUGH Single   Sarah TURNER Single  
18 12/06/1820 James CLEVELAND Single   Frances LAY Single  
19 01/12/1820 Molyneux SHULDHAM Single   Frances LEMAN Single  
20 25/09/1821 George BARBER Single Yoxford Charlotte LEMAN Single  
21 12/10/1821 James HAYLOCK Single Wangford By Southwold Rhoda HOWLET Single  
22 26/03/1822 Thomas GEE Single   Ann LEMAN Single  
23 21/10/1822 Robert LAY Single   Martha BURROWS Single  
24 18/11/1822 Stephen SEWEL Single   Clarissa BOYLES   Redisham
25 03/12/1822 Thomas GIRLING Single   Amelia PHILPOT Single  
26 17/03/1823 William BALDREY Single Stoven Elizabeth STAMMERS Single  
27 23/04/1823 William LAY Single   Amy ANDRESS Single  
28 07/09/1824 James HAMBLING Single   Elizabeth CROFT Single Halesworth
29 03/07/1825 Samuel GIRLING Single   Elizabeth CULHAM Single Redisham
30 30/07/1825 Joseph SNELLING Single   Sarah CARTER Single  
31 20/11/1825 Charles BALLS Single   Sarah THROWER Single  
32 20/04/1826 James BAKER Single Wrentham Sarah LIST Single  
33 12/10/1826 Jonathan CARTER Single   Esther BARBER Single Barsham
34 13/12/1826 Robert CLEVELAND Single   Maria CHAMBERS Single Wangford By Southwold
35 17/09/1827 John PAITE Single   Elizabeth BROADWAY Single  
36 20/01/1831 Henry FROST Single Westhall Phoebe SNELLING Single  
37 21/03/1831 Jonathan SELF Single   Anne BROWNE Single  
38 12/01/1832 Austin SUGGATE Single   Sophia RAND Single  
39 08/02/1832 Charles HOUSEGO Single   Frances BOTWRIGHT Single  
40 19/03/1832 William Hillet CROSS Single Westhall Mary SQUIRE Single  
41 02/08/1832 John RAND Single   Mary Anne KING Single  
42 24/06/1833 William REDGEN Single   Fanny RAND Single  
43 21/11/1833 Jonathan WESTRUP Single Westhall Mary HOLLINGSWORTH Single  
44 28/01/1834 Samuel BUNN Single Halesworth Susan SNELL Single  
45 22/09/1834 Robert THAIN Single South Elmham St Margaret Ellen WESTRUP Single  
46 19/11/1834 Edward QUADLING Single   Barbara CURTIS Single  
47 08/05/1835 John HALLIFAX Single   Harriet FOYSTER Single  
48 24/12/1835 Robert HALLIFAX Single   Sarah HARVEY Single  
49 11/07/1836 Simon ANDREWS Single   Jemima BROWN Single  
50 15/09/1836 Robert SPENCE Single   Phoebe LAY Single  
51 12/10/1836 John Linder LEBBILL Single   Mary Anne HOLLINGSWORTH Single  
51 12/10/1836 John Linder LEAVOLD Single   Mary Anne HOLLINGSWORTH Single  
52 27/06/1837 William TACON Single   Eliza HOWLETT Single  

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