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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Eriswell St Laurence


The Parish

The parish of Eriswell lies in northwestern Suffolk not too far from not only its border with neighbouring Cambridgeshire but also with that with Norfolk. Eriswell is located about 3 miles north of the market town of Mildenhall. Eriswell is a small and rather linear village sitting astride the B1112 road which heads along the western edge of nearby the USAF Base of Lakenheath. Eriswell sits in Suffolk's portion of Breckland, its sandy soils were little use for agriculture but supported extensive sheep ranges as well as warrenries, the local flint also proved valuable in the manufacture of flint strikers for light making as well as in the manufacture of weapons. Eriswell also sits on the edge of the largely reclaimed territory of The Fens, indeed the drainage of the area has been extensively man-modified to permit that drainage, the parish is cut through by the so-called "Cut-off Channel which skirts the eastern edge of the Fens transporting the waters of the Lark, Little Ouse & Wissey through to the massive sluices at Denver and thence to the North Sea through The Wash. Eriswell is sited at just 10 metres above the sea and land is largely flat rising slowly to local heights just over 50 metres on Weather Heath some 3 miles east. Eriswell parish was large by Suffolk standards, it covered around 6,600 acres and was quite sparsely populated having roughly 500 parishioners. In Domesday times Eriswell was held by one Eudo the Steward, it could offer just 8 ploughs and a small meadow but carried 2 fisheries and 2 mills of its own and a half share in a further one making it relatively prosperous.

The Church

St Laurence' church stands on the western side of the B1112 as it curves through the southern end of the village. The earliest portions of the church are the southern aisle & chapel which show the features of Early English Gothic style and are dated by Pevsner into the late 13th century. All of the remainder of the church is in the Decorated style of the early 14th century and as such still an early church for Suffolk which is dominated by Perpendicular pieces. For once the impact of the Victorian restorers was missing or insufficient to warrant mention. The church sits on the outside of the sharp bend and has adequate space for parking alongside, it sits behind a low flint wall topped by brick and the main entrance is at the southern end of the site. The churchyard has few obstructions and is open and perfect for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 18th September 1755 - 21st December 1812 Suffolk Record Office - Bury St Edmunds - Reference - FL565/4/1/3/1
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 3rd February 1813 - 15th November 1836 Suffolk Record Office - Bury St Edmunds - Reference - FL565/4/1/3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads The register is badly faded making for a rather tricky read, it is likely that misreads will have occurred and there may be many

Lakenheath St Mary
Lakenheath St Mary
Lakenheath St Mary
Mildenhall St Mary & St Andrew
Elveden St Andrew & St Patrick
Mildenhall St Mary & St Andrew
Mildenhall St Mary & St Andrew
Icklingham St James
Icklingham St James

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 18/09/1755 Thomas PEPPER Single   Elizabeth FULLER Single  
2 29/02/1756 Robert KENT Single   Ellen HALLS Single  
3 19/04/1756 Henry SHIN Widower   Mary MEEN Widow Mildenhall
4 10/10/1756 John DORLING Single   Mary HINSBY Single  
5 03/11/1756 William NORMAN Single   Mary POTTER Single  
6 25/12/1756 John BARTON   Mildenhall Elizabeth FYSON Widow  
7 17/07/1757 James GODFREY Single   Mary FROST Single  
8 03/01/1759 William ABREY Single Moulton Susannah POTTER Single  
9 14/10/1760 William FROST   All Saints, Icklingham Sarah BARRET Widow  
10 27/07/1761 John AVIS Single   Mary TALBOT Single  
11 29/09/1761 John WING Single   Mary WILLIAMS Single  
12 03/10/1761 Robert SECKER Single   Susan BIRD Single  
13 01/03/1762 John EVENS Widower Lakenheath Elizabeth TILER Widow  
14 12/04/1762 Henry TUCK Single   Elizabeth FINCH Single  
15 16/04/1762 Richard DOCKING Single Kentford Elizabeth PLUMB Single  
16 31/08/1762 John KENT Widower   Frances HALL Single  
17 23/01/1763 John GREEN Single   Margaret MILLINGTON Single  
18 03/04/1763 George GRICKSON Single   Sarah SUCKER Single  
19 25/04/1764 Thomas KITCHENER   Lakenheath Martha ROBINSON Single  
20 18/02/1765 Robert SUCKER Widower   Frances ABRY Single  
21 26/08/1765 Nathaniel DENNIS Widower   Elizabeth TURNER    
22 03/02/1766 John CARTER   St Cuthbert, Thetford, Norfolk Prudence TUCK    
23 11/10/1766 Samuel MISEN     Elizabeth FLOWER    
24 17/12/1766 William JOHNSON     Elizabeth MEAN    
25 23/02/1767 Samuel SECKINGS     Susanna GEE    
26 31/10/1768 John NEAL     Martha FULLER    
27 07/01/1771 John KENT     Martha PLUM    
28 27/09/1771 John RUTHERFORD Single   Elizabeth SECKER Single  
29 19/05/1772 Frank HAMMOND   Mildenhall Mary CRANE    
30 23/02/1774 Richard LAST Widower   Elizabeth FLOWER Single  
31 27/06/1774 John RUTHERFORD Single   Mary SECKER Single  
32 17/10/1775 William LAMB Single Hockwold Cum Wilton, Norfolk Mary RUTTERFORD Single  
33 29/11/1775 Joseph BROOKS Single   Susannah SHEEN Single  
34 24/12/1776 John ROWLSTONE Single Barton Mills Elizabeth BETTS Single  
35 07/07/1777 Thomas POTTER Single   Mary DORLING Single  
36 20/10/1777 Nathan POUL Single   Jane ASHMAN    
37 10/11/1778 Daniel BURGISS Widower   Ann SHORTEN Single  
38 25/12/1778 Henry SECKER Single   Susannah RUTHERFORD Single  
39 28/03/1779 John RAM Single   Anne THRIFT Single  
40 13/04/1779 Thomas SHINGLES Single   Ellen KENT Single  
40 19/09/1779 Francis ARNOLD Single St Peter, Thetford, Norfolk Martha CRANWELL Single  
41 17/10/1779 Thomas TUDDENHAM Single   Elizabeth HOWLETT Single  
42 11/11/1779 William RUTHERFORD Single   Agnes VITCH Single  
43 18/01/1780 John POTTER Single   Mary MANN Single  
44 27/02/1780 William DRAKE Single   Anne FOLKS Single  
45 08/05/1780 Benjamin GENNERY Widower Lakenheath Mary DORLING Widow  
46 18/12/1781 Thomas PAYNE Widower Lakenheath Elizabeth DORLING Single  
47 25/09/1782 Thomas SECKER Single   Bridget PLUMM Single  
48 01/10/1782 Joseph WOODS Single Mildenhall Anne WITTEN Single  
49 11/10/1782 Nathan TURNER Single   Mary WELLS    
50 12/11/1782 James OLLETT Single   Jane NORMAN Single  
51 16/10/1783 William HOUGHTON Single Soham, Cambridgeshire Anne WELLS Single  
52 12/10/1784 William SEAMAN Widower   Frances THORP Single  
53 05/04/1785 James RUTTERFORD Single   Sarah SECKER Single  
54 07/04/1785 Richard MOORE Single St Botolph Bishopsgate, City Of London Grace HENRY Single  
55 11/10/1785 Benjamin KENT Single Brandon Ann FULLER Single  
56 13/03/1786 Nathan POWL Widower   Amey BIRD    
57 01/06/1786 Thomas HERBERT Single   Lucy BEATON Single  
58 27/11/1786 Daniel NEALE Single Beachamwell, Norfolk Mary BOYDEN Single  
59 27/11/1786 Philip ROMBELOW Single Tuddenham Sarah GRIGSON Single  
60 09/04/1787 Thomas COLEMAN Widower   Susannah NEWTON Single  
61 22/04/1787 Charles FULLER Widower   Elizabeth FLOWER Single  
62 05/02/1788 John HENDREY Single   Hannah DUNN Single  
63 14/07/1788 William BLAYDON Single   Mary ASHTON Single  
64 12/10/1788 William PALMER Single   Mary TUCK Single  
65 02/12/1788 George HARVEY Single   Elizabeth TUCK Single  
66 01/06/1789 Thomas BANGS Single Lakenheath Martha PEPPER Single  
67 19/11/1789 Edward CHINERY Single Lakenheath Sarah FLOWER Single  
68 26/07/1790 John DORLING Single   Mary BRIGGS Single  
69 02/08/1790 William SEAMAN Widower   Elizabeth SUTTON Widow  
70 05/08/1790 John BURGISS Single   Mary PEPPER Single  
71 04/10/1790 Isaac PEAKE Widower Flempton Margaret GREEN Widow  
72 27/12/1790 William MISSEN Single   Mary DALLEDY Single  
73 10/02/1791 George GRIGSON Single   Hannah HENDRY Widow  
74 04/07/1791 William WOREN Single   Alice RAWLISON Single  
75 15/10/1791 Edward MORLEY Single   Ann BURGESS Widow  
76 13/02/1792 Morrice MANNING Single   Ann RUTTERFORTH    
77 04/06/1792 Robert PAIN Widower   Frances HALLS Single  
78 17/07/1792 John DRAKE Widower   Martha ROWLINGSTONE Widow  
79 11/10/1792 Thomas LEAK Single   Rhodia MORLEY Single  
80 28/03/1793 John SPARROW   Brandon Mary SHINN    
81 17/06/1793 Richard RUTTERFORD Single   Ann SHEARS Single  
82 12/10/1793 Jonathan TWINTON Single   Phoebe DAVEY Single  
83 08/06/1794 Mathew FARRANT Single   Sarah GATHERCOLE Single  
84 11/10/1794 Joseph SALMON Single   Hannah NEAL Single  
85 13/10/1794 Richard DENNIS Single   Elizabeth PRESLAND Single  
86 14/11/1794 John BURGESS Widower   Sarah SPARK Single  
87 10/06/1795 James SPARKS Single   Melinda DANIEL Single Latton, Essex
88 18/06/1795 James WING Single Mildenhall Phebe FULLER Single  
89 12/10/1795 John SHINN Single   Susannah BUGG Single  
90 21/12/1795 Thomas MANNING Single Didlington, Norfolk Mary FULLER Single  
91 08/02/1796 Turner DENNIS Single   Elizabeth FARROW Single  
92 07/06/1796 Henry MORLEY Widower   Judah REYNOLDS Single Freckenham
93 30/09/1796 William HALLS Single Lakenheath Mary RUTTERFORD    
94 07/02/1797 Thomas MORLEY Single   Mary CLAYDEN Single  
95 20/02/1797 John FROST Single Fordham, Cambridgeshire Sophia RUTTERFORD Single  
96 08/07/1797 Edward FINCHAM Single   Elizabeth STEBBINGS Single  
97 17/10/1797 John FULLER Single Mildenhall Elizabeth RUTTERFORD Single  
98 17/10/1797 William MISON Widower   Rachel BAREHAM Single  
100 10/03/1798 Simon STEBBINGS Single   Elizabeth DOCKING Single Lakenheath
99 10/03/1798 William COPSEY Single   Susannah STEBBINGS Single  
101 16/05/1798 James ROPER Single   Elizabeth NORMAN Single  
102 07/11/1799 Robert FISHPOOL Single   Mary BURGESS Single  
103 11/03/1800 John WATSON Single   Jane FULLER Single  
104 14/06/1800 James LEONARD   Dullingham, Cambridgeshire Elizabeth POTTER Single  
105 14/12/1800 John COOK Single Mildenhall Hannah FULLER Single  
106 04/05/1801 Benjamin SHEPPERSON Single Goadby, Leicestershire Susan FULLER Single  
107 09/04/1802 James ABBOTT Single   Martha DRAKE Single  
108 03/05/1802 George GRIXON Widower   Eleanor SHINGLES Widow  
109 03/05/1803 Thomas BANGS Widower   Sarah LUCAS Single  
110 04/07/1803 James LEONARD Widower Mildenhall Elizabeth SPARK Single  
111 29/07/1803 Henry SUCKER Single Mildenhall Ann WALKER Single  
112 14/11/1803 Thomas POTTER Widower   Ann DAVIS Widow  
113 27/01/1805 Benjamin POWELL Single   Elizabeth JACKSON Single  
114 03/02/1805 George HARLICK Single   Mary ASHMAN Single  
115 12/10/1805 Christopher CARPENTER Single Santon Downham Susanna BASSETT Single  
116 17/02/1806 Robert OSWALD Single Beccles Martha FULLER Single  
117 19/12/1806 John DRAKE Widower   Sarah TUCK Single  
118 26/10/1807 Edward ARNOLD Single Beccles Elizabeth FULLER Single  
119 02/11/1807 Francis HORNS Widower Lakenheath Alice SPARK Single  
120 12/10/1808 Robert WOODS Single   Susanna TOLER Single  
121 18/11/1808 John GILL Single Mildenhall Mary SHINN Single  
122 12/10/1809 William FLOWER Single Mildenhall Sarah WEBB Single  
123 05/03/1810 James HALLS Single Lakenheath Sarah RUTTERFORD Single  
124 11/08/1810 William PALMER Single   Elizabeth SHINN Single  
125 19/09/1810 Richard HALL Single Mildenhall Susan HARRISON Single  
126 25/02/1811 Robert WARREN Single   Sarah DRAKE Single  
127 23/05/1811 George ASHMAN Single   Elizabeth BRETTON Single  
128 16/09/1811 Walter DEATH Single Lakenheath Ann SMITH Single  
129 07/10/1811 John White SALTER Single Rockland All Saints, Norfolk Eleanor SMITH Single  
130 12/10/1811 Thomas SMITH Single   Anne MISEN Single  
131 21/10/1811 Mathew GATHERCOLE Single   Mary BILLIMAN Single  
132 07/02/1812 John DOCKING Widower Lakenheath Esther BAREHAM Single  
133 10/02/1812 James ROPER Widower   Mary HARLICK Widow  
134 29/02/1812 Robert SHARMAN Single   Lucy STEBBINGS Single  
135 14/10/1812 James WOODROFFE Widower   Sarah CRAKE Single  
136 21/12/1812 Hugh NORMAN Widower   Mary HARVEY Single  
1 03/02/1813 Joseph PEACHEY Single Worlington Elizabeth BURGESS Single  
2 15/08/1813 Oliver RUTTERFORD Single All Saints, Icklingham Hannah MANNING Single  
3 26/03/1814 Robert SMITH Single   Elizabeth BOWERS Single  
4 16/07/1814 William Henry MORLEY Single   Mary SECKER Single  
5 12/10/1814 Charles FINCHAM Single Mildenhall Elizabeth SECKER Single  
6 12/10/1814 Nathaniel MYSEN Single   Elizabeth HARVEY Single  
7 20/10/1814 Thomas TARRINGTON Single   Elizabeth KENT Single  
8 21/10/1814 James JACKSON Single Croxton, Norfolk Susan BUMSTEAD Single  
9 06/06/1816 William SMITH Single   Catharine GODFREY Single  
10 09/09/1816 James WALKER Single Mildenhall Mary BLAYDEN Single  
11 14/11/1816 John OLLINGTON Single Isleham, Cambridgeshire Charlotte SHINGLES Single  
12 13/12/1816 Robert SMITH Single Barton Mills Eliza WING Single  
13 27/05/1817 Richard CATOR Single   Mary PALMER Single  
14 21/11/1817 William LEEKS Single   Sarah WATSON Single  
15 27/04/1818 Major GATHERCOLE Single   Marianne BRIGGS Single  
16 12/05/1818 William BOUGHEN Single Barton Mills Susan HARDING Single  
17 22/08/1818 Edward TOWLER Single   Jane KENT Single  
18 03/10/1818 Charles NEWDICK Single   Frances WHITTEN Single Methwold, Norfolk
19 18/04/1819 Henry ELDRED Single   Hannah RUTTERFORD Single  
20 12/10/1819 Thomas POTTER Single   Sarah CLARKE Single  
21 14/11/1819 John MARSHEL Single Tuddenham Mary SMITH Single  
22 26/11/1819 Joseph WOODS Widower   Ann SUCKER Single  
23 25/12/1819 John NORMAN Single   Mary REVE Single  
24 21/03/1820 Robert KENT Single   Elizabeth WEBB Single  
25 06/10/1820 Thomas BANGS Widower   Ann RUMBELL Single  
26 15/10/1820 Charles FULLER Single   Susan PALMER Single  
27 03/11/1820 Thomas SNARE Single   Mary WOODS Single  
28 12/11/1820 Samuel POWL Single   Mary COPSY Single  
29 22/07/1821 George POTTER Single   Sarah TUCK Single  
30 05/09/1821 William TAYLOR Single Great Abington, Cambridgeshire Martha DENNIS Single  
31 09/09/1821 John DENNIS Single   Ann HARDING Single  
32 14/10/1821 William TARRINGTON Single   Lydia KING Single  
33 21/10/1821 Thomas TUCK Widower   Ann SPINKS Single  
34 17/02/1822 William COCKSEDGE Single   Mary MARSHALL Single  
35 04/06/1822 Isaac POWL Single   Martha BEETTON Single  
36 22/07/1822 Peter DRAKE Single Mundford, Norfolk Lydia PLAICE Single  
37 10/11/1822 William HARDING Single   Ann FINCHAM Single  
38 20/12/1822 Robert NEAL Single   Mary PLAICE Single  
39 29/12/1822 George LEAKS Single   Mary BONNET Single  
40 29/12/1822 Thomas SECKER Single   Mary LEAKS Single  
41 04/02/1823 Henry MANNING Single   Susan Fuller WING Single  
42 09/07/1823 Daniel NEALE Widower   Elizabeth LAKE Single  
43 20/07/1823 William WARREN Single   Jemima BOWERS Single  
44 20/07/1823 William REEVE Single   Elizabeth WOODS Single  
45 22/12/1823 William BLAYDEN Widower   Rhoda LEEKS Widow  
46 03/02/1824 Joseph BARRELL Widower Great Ashfield Alice PRYER Single  
47 15/03/1824 George VEAL Single   Susan SHINN Single  
48 25/02/1825 Thomas RUTTERFORD Widower   Harriet CRAKE Single  
49 23/05/1825 Charles LEVETT Single Lackford Anne SEAL Single  
50 10/07/1825 Joseph PORTER Single Lakenheath Sophia SECKER Single  
51 25/07/1825 John PALMER Single   Martha PALMER Single  
52 07/08/1825 Isaac RUTTERFORD Single   Ann TURRINGTON Single  
53 18/09/1825 Frederick RUTTERFORD Single   Mary Ann BAKER Single Kennett, Cambridgeshire
54 25/09/1825 William CAGE Single   Elizabeth JACOB Single  
55 12/02/1826 Robert COPSY Single   Mary CRAB Single  
56 10/07/1826 Francis CHILDERSTONE   Mildenhall Augusta WING    
57 17/07/1826 Thomas JESSOP Widower   Ann MASON Single  
58 24/07/1826 Robert KENT Widower   Sarah SARJEANT Widow  
59 08/10/1826 George LEEKS Widower   Rebeckah SPINKS Single  
60 10/02/1828 George LEONARD Single   Ann DEEKS Single  
61 08/06/1828 George PAYNE   All Saints, Newmarket, Cambridgeshire Susan HARVEY    
62 19/10/1828 James LEVETT Single Lackford Eliza TURRINGTON Single  
63 22/02/1829 George DENNIS Single   Malinda SHINN Single  
64 08/03/1829 James MANNING Single   Rose VEAL Single  
65 18/10/1829 John POWL Single   Elizabeth WARREN Single  
66 10/01/1830 Henry MALT Single Weeting, Norfolk Susan SUCKER Single  
67 12/01/1830 William OLBY Widower Brandon Jemima DENNIS Single  
68 08/08/1830 James HARDIN Single   Ann LEONARD Single  
69 28/11/1830 William ARRIDGE Single Risby Diana HARDING Single  
70 09/01/1831 John SHINN Widower   Sophia MYSEN Single  
71 20/04/1831 William HELTON Single St James, Bury St Edmunds Harriett DORLING Single  
72 17/07/1831 Richard COPSY Single   Jane GATHERCOLE Single  
73 25/11/1831 William BARRETT Single   Phoebe MYZEN Single  
74 25/07/1832 David MORTLOCK Single   Susan MACRO Single  
75 10/09/1832 Philip GREEN Single Barton Mills Mary Ann WISEMAN Single  
76 07/10/1832 William BOWERS Single   Martha NORMAN Single  
77 18/11/1832 James DENNIS Single   Frances SPINKS Single  
78 16/12/1832 James BUTCHER Single Barton Mills Fanny MORLEY Single  
79 28/03/1833 William FLANDERS Single Lakenheath Eliza NEWDICK Single  
80 28/07/1833 George TURRINGTON Single   Eliza SECKER Single  
81 06/10/1833 John HARDING Single   Elizabeth PALMER Single  
82 03/11/1833 Samuel MYSEN Single   Ann HUDSON Single  
83 10/11/1833 George COOPER Single   Elizabeth MORLEY Single  
84 09/03/1834 William SHINN Single   Mary PALMER Single  
84 05/09/1834 Charles HARDY Single Lakenheath Mary GATHERCOLE Single  
86 23/11/1834 John WILKS Single   Mariah MORLEY Single  
87 27/11/1834 William WEBB Single   Susan SMITH Single  
88 11/04/1835 Benjamin POWL Single   Myria BURGESS Single  
89 16/02/1836 James WOODRUFF Single   Susan HILL Single  
90 16/02/1836 Christopher GOULDEN Single Woodbastwick, Norfolk Marianne ROBERTSON Single  
91 16/02/1836 Frederic Garrett Oddin TAYLOR   Hackford By Wymondham, Norfolk Susan ROBERTSON Single  
92 13/11/1836 William SELA Single   Hannah ALDRED Single  
93 15/11/1836 James GOODRICH Single Brandon Harriet RUTTERFORD Single  

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