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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Harkstead St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Harkstead sits in the extreme south of Suffolk, since it stands on the northern shores of the Stour Estuary it technically also forms part of Suffolk's North Sea coast as well as being the border with neighbouring Essex. Harkstead is located about 6 1/2 miles southeast of the county town of Ipswich and sits in the Shotley Peninsula which divides the Orwell and Stour estuaries. Harkstead is sited about a mile and a half east of the B1080 road which connects Ipswich with Brantham. Harkstead is a small and compact village placed a couple of hundred metres inland from the Stour. The parish would, despite its coastal setting, have been a largely arable farming area, the soils of the Peninsula being light and easily worked. Given its coastal location numerous small streams and drains head south to the nearby Stour. Harkstead is sited at around 20 metres above the sea in gentle countryside with local heights no more than a further 10 metres or so. Harkstead parish was fairly typically sized for Suffolk, it covered just under 1,600 acres and would have supported a population of around 300 parishioners. In Domesday times Harkstead was shared three ways, King William retained the greater share with much else in control of one Countess Adelaide of Aumale whilst a gentleman named Robert Gernon held a token holding; collectively the parish could offer an impressive 23 ploughs, small meadows, extensive pastures with large counts of sheep, extensive woodlands filled with pigs and 2 mills, a wealthy spot indeed.

The Church

St Mary's church sits some distance from its village, the name of its neighbouring farm "Harkstead Hall Farm" giving the clue to its remote setting. The site is a little over a half mile northeast along Rectory Road to its junction with Lings Lane, there is an ample grassy verge for parking. Pevsner is quick to note the early features remaining on the church, a blocked doorway and remaining windows on the north side of the nave showing features of the Norman Romanesque style placing the origins of the church into the 12th century. Most other detail is, however, 14th century Pevsner dates the tower, southern arcade and the Easter Sepulchre to the middle of that century. He also, however, bemoans the extensive Victorian restorations of the late 19th century which were made to the building, in his opinion an "over-restored" church. A stone capped flint wall protects the churchyard with gate centrally place, a row of screening trees fronts Lings Lane. Within the western tower is rather close to the western edge's trees which make for a few restricted photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 3rd July 1754 - 3rd December 1811 Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference - FB/184/D/2/4 Plain, ruled & margined book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 1st November 1813 - 11th November 1836 Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference - FB/184/D/2/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Holbrook All Saints
Chelmondiston St Andrew
Chelmondiston St Andrew
Holbrook All Saints
Erwarton St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 03/07/1754 Thomas HOLDEN Single   Katharine HOWLETT Single  
2 18/10/1754 Edmund TAYLER Widower   Sarah BANTOCK Widow  
3 10/06/1755 Arthur EVERETT Widower Erwarton Martha CLARKE Widow  
4 21/07/1755 Samuel EASTER Single   Amey WILSON Single  
5 02/12/1755 Joseph DUNNETT Single   Sarah GODBELL Single  
6 21/02/1757 John ROSIER Single   Sarah DAWSON Single  
7 26/12/1757 William PITT Single Kirton Mary DAWSON Single  
8 09/10/1758 Thomas LUKIS Single   Abigail GODBILL Single  
9 15/07/1759 John MOORE Single   Mary DEATH Single  
10 18/07/1759 James HARN Widower Woolverstone Elizabeth CROXEL Single  
11 23/10/1759 Robert FORSDIKE Single   Mary WADE Single  
14 26/11/1760 Samuel HARTLEY Single   Sarah BARNS Single  
13 04/12/1760 John CROXEN Single   Martha RUSH Single  
12 10/05/1761 Samuel WARD Single   Elizabeth BLOSS Widow  
26/05/1761 Thomas ALABASTER Widower   Mary BANTOCK Widow  
15 13/10/1761 John SOUTHERNWOOD Single Boxted, Essex Mary TAYLOR Single  
16 12/10/1762 William WILKIN Single   Mary MASH Single  
17 12/11/1762 Thomas DEATH Single   Sarah RANDS Single  
18 26/04/1763 Nathaniel LUKIS Single   Mary WINNEY Single  
19 06/06/1764 John HOODS Widower   Mary DAY Single  
20 12/08/1766 Richard BOON Widower   Abigail SCRIVENOR Single  
21 20/10/1766 John RAND Single   Sarah ABLIFF Single  
22 03/03/1767 Robert TOOLEY Single   Mary WHINNEY Single  
23 04/08/1767 Charles KELKE Single   Elizabeth EVERET Single  
24 16/11/1767 John HORN Single   Ann GLANFIELD Single  
25 05/01/1769 Stephen BARNS Single St Peter, Ipswich Mary CARRINGTON Single  
26 07/02/1769 Joseph RUDLAND Single Chelmondiston Sarah RUSH Single  
28 14/06/1769 William HEARTEY Single   Sarah PALMER Single  
27 23/06/1769 Abraham WHINNEY Widower   Susan DELVES Single  
29 27/11/1769 Jonathan BURROUGHS Single   Elizabeth FLOWERDAY Single  
30 18/03/1772 William GREEN Widower   Deborah WEAKLEY Single Holbrook
31 08/04/1772 Thomas WILES Single   Ann WAILYN Single  
32 17/08/1774 John CROXSON Widower   Sarah WELHAM Single  
33 11/10/1774 Joseph ROSIER Widower   Sarah TILLETT Single  
34 08/11/1774 Thomas SHERMAN Single   Ann MANNING Single  
35 09/12/1774 David DAY Single Great Bromley, Essex Elizabeth CARRINGTON Single  
36 12/10/1775 Adam FARTHING Single   Tamar RAND Single  
37 12/02/1776 Joseph WHINNEY Single   Elizabeth DAY Single  
38 11/10/1776 Joseph ARCHER Single   Ann WOOD Single  
39 06/02/1777 George PORTER Single   Mary ALLEN Single  
40 04/08/1777 John RAND Widower   Ann WILTSHIRE Single  
41 13/10/1777 Samuel WELHAM Single Sutton Sarah CLARK Single  
42 19/05/1778 Joseph ROSIER Widower   Mary ELLIS Single  
43 29/05/1778 Henry DAVISON Widower Harwich, Essex Ann TAYLOR Single  
44 02/12/1778 Robert FOSDIKE Widower   Elizabeth RANSON Widow  
45 16/07/1779 Joseph DUNNETT Widower   Mary MOORE Widow  
46 11/10/1779 Henry DAVY Single Tattingstone Rose CLARK Single  
48 02/11/1779 Samuel DUNNET Single   Susan GARDNER Single  
49 11/02/1780 Thomas BARTON Single Erwarton Ann DAWSON Single  
50 26/09/1780 Thomas HOLDEN Single St Botolph, Colchester, Essex Susanna DURRELL Single  
51 14/11/1780 Joseph GARROD Single   Susanna CARRINGTON    
52 11/10/1784 Joseph FOSDIKE Single   Rachel PARISH Single  
53 11/10/1784 John DOUBLE Single   Mary WARD Single  
54 08/11/1784 John SIMPSON Single Woolverstone Abigail LUCAS Single  
55 11/01/1785 William CORNELL Single Stutton Susanna GARROD Single  
56 28/07/1785 John GRIMWOOD Single Kelvedon, Essex Ann DURRELL Single  
57 03/08/1786 Thomas SAGE Widower Freston Dorothy GARROD Single  
58 19/10/1786 William WENNY Single   Mary MANNING Single  
59 16/05/1787 Samuel GARDNER Single Holbrook Catherine LEE Single  
60 17/01/1788 Thomas RIDLEY Single St Clement, Ipswich Joyce SHEPPARD Single  
61 24/06/1788 William GARROD Single   Sarah CHURCH Single  
62 04/11/1788 Thomas HARVEY Widower   Ann HORN Single  
63 10/11/1788 Joseph GRIMWOOD Widower   Martha HARWOOD Widow  
64 02/02/1789 William WILDEN Single   Rachel BRAME Single  
65 15/03/1789 Benjamin DAY Single   Hannah VINCENT Single  
66 01/03/1791 Thomas SIMPSON Single St Mary At Quay, Ipswich Cheney LUCAS Single  
67 13/06/1791 William BRAME Single Shotley Sarah HUDSON Single  
68 06/12/1791 Henry GILES Single Holbrook Sarah GARROD Single  
69 05/03/1792 John VINCENT Single Stutton Hannah COURTNALL    
70 11/04/1793 Francis GIRLING Single   Ann FIEL Single  
71 17/04/1793 John LAIT Single   Sarah ROBERTS Single  
23/12/1794 William PAGE Single   Mary CLARKE Single  
21/04/1795 William DALE Single Wherstead Mary WILKIN    
06/10/1795 John CLARK Single   Thamar DEATH Single  
07/06/1796 Samuel BACON Widower   Elizabeth ENGLISH Single  
11/04/1797 John DEATH Single Freston Elizabeth CHAPLIN Single  
09/11/1797 Samuel FELGATE Single   Hester HORN Single  
25/12/1797 John DOUBLE Widower   Mary ROBERTS Single  
21/11/1799 Abraham FLATT Single   Sarah HORN Single  
08/04/1800 Thomas SAGE Single Holbrook Mary ROSIER Single  
12/10/1800 Joseph HEAD Single   Sarah DOUBLE Single  
17/11/1801 Jonathan DUBELL Single   Martha RIGMORE Single  
18/01/1802 John COLSON Single   Elizabeth SIMMONS Single  
28/07/1802 William WHINNEY Widower   Elizabeth GRIMSBY Single  
17/02/1804 Thomas WELLUM Single Great Oakley, Essex Margaret GALLARD Single  
10/07/1804 John LUCAS Single Holbrook Mary MUDD Single  
30/07/1805 Thomas UPSON Widower   Sarah DEATH Single  
10/02/1806 James FROST Single St Peter, Ipswich Ann RUSH Single  
25/02/1807 Tyrell DAWSON Single   Jane DAWSON Single  
19/05/1807 John HASTE Single Stutton Martha WELHAM Single  
22/09/1807 Philip Bacon MASON Single Freston Martha CARRINGTON Single  
28/10/1807 Thomas WOODGATE Widower East Bergholt Abigail DURRELL Single  
29/10/1807 Robert SMITH Single Erwarton Ann ARCHER Single  
08/12/1807 Thomas WRIGHT Single Stutton Susanna CLARKE Single  
26/04/1808 Robert BICKMORE Single   Martha CLARKE Single  
13/10/1808 James PORTER Single   Elizabeth RANDS Single  
01/11/1808 Joseph ROSIER Single   Elizabeth GODBOLD Single  
29/12/1808 Daniel GRIMWOOD Widower   Hannah SCARF Single  
14/02/1809 Joseph GARROD Single   Ann EVANS Single Chelmondiston
09/05/1809 John CRESSWELL Single   Alice BRAME Single  
28/05/1809 James GARNHAM Single Erwarton Mary MEADOWS Single  
01/08/1809 John CARRINGTON Single   Harriet FULLER Single Chelmondiston
19/09/1809 Michael LORD Single Stutton Mary DAMANT Single  
29/05/1810 John HOLDEN Single Stutton Susan SIMPSON Single  
21/06/1810 Benjamin STRUTT Single Ipswich Elizabeth DAY Single  
10/10/1810 William RUSH Single St Peter, Ipswich Ann CHIVERTON Single  
18/10/1810 William WELDING Single   Sarah WHINNEY Single  
11/07/1811 William HOLDEN Single   Sarah BURROWS Single  
08/09/1811 William ALDERTON Single Woolverstone Mary BRUNDELL Single  
22/10/1811 Abraham ABBOTT Single   Elizabeth RUSH Single  
03/12/1811 Isaac PECK Single Holbrook Sarah STOWERS    
1 01/11/1813 Henry THOMPSON Single Bradfield, Essex Charlotte BICKMORE Single  
2 15/11/1813 Benjamin CATCHPOLE Single Freston Elizabeth PALMER Single  
3 07/04/1814 William MAYHEW Single   Maria JEFFERIES Single  
4 12/10/1814 James CURTIS Single Erwarton Sarah CURTIS Single  
5 03/03/1815 William DOUBLE Single   Sarah RUSH Single  
6 12/04/1815 Rolfe BICKMORE Widower   Sarah ANGIER Single  
7 29/10/1816 Philips BROMLEY Widower Little Bentley, Essex Elizabeth CARRINGTON Single  
8 03/11/1818 William ROWE Single   Rachael FORSDIKE Single  
9 18/04/1819 John GOYMER Single Stutton Elizabeth LAITE Single  
10 27/07/1819 William DALE Single   Mary Ann SCRUTTON Single  
11 22/03/1820 Robert SEAGER   Woolverstone Amy GARNHAM    
12 12/10/1820 George PECK Single Holbrook Hannah ARCHER Single  
13 12/10/1822 Robert WILDEN Single Erwarton Anne LAITE Single  
14 07/01/1824 William PAIN Widower   Emily PRESTNEY Single  
15 31/12/1824 Leonard WRINCH Single Ramsey, Essex Elizabeth GILES Single  
16 29/01/1826 John DORKINS Single   Phoebe ARCHER Single  
17 24/08/1826 James DORKINS Widower   Mary BALDREY Single  
18 12/10/1826 William FELGATE Single   Martha BROOKS Single  
19 21/11/1826 Henry HASTE Single   Hannah WARNER Single  
20 01/12/1826 James RUSH Single   Mary DALE Single  
22 11/02/1827 John PECK Single   Ann LILLEY Single  
23 23/01/1829 John PECK Single   Charlotte COULSON Single  
24 06/01/1830 William MUDD Widower   Ann Smallman GARROD Single  
25 10/09/1830 John WELLS Single   Ann FURNISH Single  
26 25/12/1830 Samuel ARMS Single Holbrook Harriet DAY Single  
28 09/01/1831 Lennard LAYTE Single   Elizabeth BURMAN Single  
29 12/07/1831 Samuel WALKER Single   Lucy LILLY Single  
30 08/09/1831 Samuel PAGE Single Holbrook Mary PECK Single  
31 29/09/1831 William ABBOTT Single   Mary PODD Single  
32 12/06/1832 James PORTER Single   Martha RANDS Single  
34 11/10/1832 Henry SPINK Single Holbrook Sarah HART Single  
35 25/12/1832 Benjamin PAGE Single   Mary ALDERTON Single  
36 04/06/1833 James PORTER Widower   Mary HALL Single  
37 26/07/1833 William ELLISTON Single Erwarton Mary DANIEL Single  
38 14/10/1834 Benjamin DOUBLE Single Holbrook Mary Ann SMITH Single  
39 13/09/1835 George PALMER Single   Elizabeth GRIMWOOD Single  
40 28/12/1835 John GOODWIN     Harriet WELHAM    
41 02/09/1836 Samuel MULLET Single East Bergholt Sarah STRANGE Single  
42 11/11/1836 Robert DANIEL     Elizabeth WHINNEY    

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