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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Hessett St Ethelbert


The Parish

The parish of Hessett lies in west central Suffolk about 6 miles east of the market town of Bury St Edmunds. Hessett is a curiously linear village which sits on a north to south running lane about a mile and a half south of the busy A14 road which carries traffic from the eastern coast ports towards the Midland & North. By contrast Hessett is a quiet and peaceful stretch of properties which is almost contiguous with neighbouring Beyton to its north. Like most Suffolk parishes Hessett would have been a farming community, with the heavy clay soils here, however, arable would have been lower in volume than it is today. Hessett is drained east and then north by a small tributary of the Black Bourne which heads northwards to reach the Little Ouse at the Norfolk/Suffolk border, here things turn westwards to flow through the Fens to reach the North Sea via the Great Ouse and the Wash. Hessett is sited at around 60 metres above the sea in gentle countryside with few contours, land rises gently to the south to reach some 20 metres higher as the lane continues southwards towards Gedding. A fairly typically sized parish for this area Hessett would have covered just over 1,600 acres and supported a population of close to 400 parishioners. In Domesday time Hessett was chiefly held by Bury St Edmunds Abbey and was small place offering just 8 ploughs and a small meadow.

The Church

St Ethelbert's church lies on the eastern side of that main north to south running lane (The Street) at the northern end of the village. This is a fairly typical church which was clearly commenced when the Decorated style was fashionable and finished when the Perpendicular became the norm. The chancel is almost entirely of that earlier period whilst the rest of the church is from the latter. As the boundary between Decorated & Perpendicular is taken at the year 1350 it is probable that the build covered much of the latter two thirds of that century. Documentary evidence does, however, show bequests and work continuing until the late 15th century. Much evidence comes from the papers of the local Bacon family who have numerous monuments within the chancel. Also interior are an interesting set of mediaeval wall paintings which have been preserved. The churchyard is bordered by low hedges to the the roadside, which is narrow and requires careful parking, the entrance being at the southwestern corner. Whilst much of the churchyard is obstacle free a bunch of evergreens at the southeastern corner obscure the best views of that chancel.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 5th June 1754 - 30th December 1811 Suffolk Record Office - Bury St Edmunds - Reference - FL584/4/1/4
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 18th March 1813 - 6th June 1837 Suffolk Record Office - Bury St Edmunds - Reference -
Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Rougham St Mary
Beyton All Saints
Drinkstone All Saints
Rougham St Mary
Drinkstone All Saints
Bradfield St George
Bradfield St George
Drinkstone All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 05/06/1754 Peter POLOU Single   Mary RAYMENT Single St Mary, Bury St Edmunds
2 16/08/1754 Richard WILKIN Single   Elizabeth CRACK Single  
3 08/11/1754 Joseph PARFREY Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
4 26/11/1754 Robert ALABASTER Single Baylham Ann MISON Single  
5 00/04/1755 John RAWSON Single   Anne HANNING Single  
6 03/05/1756 John CHENERY Single   Mary POOL Single  
9 05/07/1756 Joseph OSBORN Widower Rougham Rebeccah CROW Single  
10 11/10/1756 Benjamin PAGE Single Bradfield St George Susannah SNELL Single  
11 13/10/1756 John HORROX Single   Phillis WILKINS Single  
12 28/10/1756 William CAGE Single   Mary MITCHELL Single  
18/04/1758 John LAST Single Bradfield St George Anne PAIN Single  
18/06/1759 William ENEFOR Widower Haughley Margaret WARD Widow  
11/12/1759 William MOTHERSOLE Single   Susannah COCKSEDGE Single  
12/10/1760 Robert WILKINS Single   Mary BARBER Single  
11/05/1761 Samuel BARKER Single   Jemima MISON Single  
26/06/1761 James GROOM Single   Isabella HUSTLER Single  
08/10/1761 Thomas CAMPIN Single   Ann JEWERS Single  
10/11/1761 William SUTTON Single Rougham Sarah FROST Single  
10/12/1762 Robert MOTHERSOLE Single   Mary CROFTS Single Drinkstone
05/04/1763 John SUTTON Single   Ann POOLE Single  
22/09/1763 Thomas STEED Single   Frances BALDING Single  
12/10/1763 Richard RUSHBROOK Single Pakenham Margaret GROOM Single  
06/03/1764 William PAIN Single Boyton Sarah NEWPORT Single  
12/10/1764 Thomas NUNN Single   Elizabeth WILKIN Widow  
04/12/1764 John PRATT Single   Margaret COCKSEDGE Single  
19/02/1765 William MOTHERSOLE Widower   Ann ROSBROOK Single  
07/05/1765 William PILBOROW Single Woolpit Ann AVIS Single  
11/10/1765 William WILKIN Single Drinkstone Mary SMITH Single  
26/10/1765 William CAGE Widower   Mary MOTHERSOLE Single  
14/10/1766 Edmund MANNING Single   Ann LEECH Single  
11/12/1766 Samuel RAY Single Bradfield St George Susannah PAYNE Single  
02/07/1767 Thomas MANNING Single   Ann MOTHERSOLE Single  
27/10/1767 William WISSET Single   Elizabeth GARNAM Single  
24/12/1767 James MACAP Single   Isabella MOTHERSOLE Single  
25/12/1767 John BULLET Single   Frances WILKIN Single  
10/03/1768 William LAST Single   Mary GODDARD Single  
10/05/1768 John WALLER Single   Ann SWAN Single  
16/08/1768 William COCKSEDGE Single   Ann SUTTON Single  
24/03/1769 Jacob PRESLAND Single   Susanna BALDING Single  
28/03/1769 William ABBAT Single Bradfield Combust Mary PRESLAND Single  
17/07/1769 James DEAKES Single   Mary GRIMWOOD Single  
06/09/1769 George NUNN Single Drinkstone Ann HOLDEN Single  
01/03/1770 James CARTER Single   Elizabeth GODDARD Single  
19/06/1770 Elijah POPE Single Great Livermere Susannah WILKIN    
12/02/1771 James CLARKE Single Thurston Catherine MOTHERSOLE Single  
07/07/1772 John PAIN Single   Martha MUNNING Single  
07/08/1772 John NUNN Single Cockfield Sarah MITCHEL Single  
08/09/1772 William MANNING Single   Elizabeth HOLDEN Single  
15/12/1772 Timothy HART Single   Ann MOTHERSOLE    
15/02/1773 Simon MOTHERSOLE Single   Mary GARWOOD Single  
23/08/1773 Richard ROWE Single   Catherine STURGEON Single  
13/12/1773 William HUDSON Single   Rose DUNN Single  
23/05/1774 Edward STURGEON Single   Anne BARROW Single  
12/07/1774 John HOLDEN Single   Eales MAGER Single  
09/09/1774 George BANHAM Single   Ann RANSON Single  
01/03/1775 John HORRAX Widower   Elizabeth NUNN Widow  
26/10/1775 John HORROX Single   Ann MOTHERSOUL Single  
16/08/1776 Thomas DURRANT Single Beyton Elizabeth SWAN Single  
27/08/1776 John COOPER Single   Ann SWAN Single  
15/10/1776 Richard DURRANT Single Bradfield Combust Catharine BAKER Single  
11/11/1777 Thomas POLLARD     Margaret KEELEY    
26/11/1777 George PALMER   Great Witchingham, Norfolk Sarah ROUSE    
15/02/1778 Thomas NUNN   Rattlesden Mary MANNING    
08/09/1778 William DOWNING     Mary HOLDEN    
01/12/1778 William CANHAM   Rattlesden Hannah JACOB    
21/09/1779 John ALECOCK     Mary FROST    
09/02/1780 James BARROW     Susanna ALLEN    
22/10/1781 Henry SMITH Single Burgate Elizabeth FROST Single  
10/10/1782 John BORLEY Single Tostock Susannah PAYNE Single  
03/11/1782 Stephen BIRD Single Harleston Mary JARROLD Single  
26/12/1782 Thomas MAIDWEL     Frances BRUCE    
02/01/1783 Thomas HUBBARD Single   Sarah BARNES Single  
03/03/1783 Robert GREEN Single   Hannah FULCHER Single  
04/10/1783 Cornelius COLEMAN Single   Susan PETTIT Single  
26/02/1784 George KING Single Rickinghall Superior Mary DEBENHAM Single  
31/07/1784 Edward STURGEON Widower   Elizabeth FLEWIS Widow Woolpit
14/11/1784 Robert MOTHERSOLE Widower   Alice HORROX Single  
04/04/1786 Robert MOTHERSOLE Single   Sarah HILDEN Single  
25/12/1786 William COCKSEDGE Single   Charlotte FULCHER Single  
15/12/1787 James CAGE Single   Sarah COVIL Single  
31/05/1788 Daniel EASTWICK Single   Ann CAMPLIN Single  
13/04/1789 William STURGEON Single   Mary MIDSON Single  
03/11/1789 Robert STEGGALL Widower   Sarah SCOTT Single  
13/01/1790 William PRATT Single   Elizabeth NUNN Single  
17/01/1790 Benjamin COCKSEDGE Single   Bridget MILS Single  
04/07/1790 Thomas WARD Single Semer Dorothy CRICK Single  
19/11/1790 John BULLITT Widower   Mary ALDERTON Single  
23/11/1790 Joseph CLARK Single   Mary FROST Single  
07/02/1791 James SUTTON Single   Mary WILKIN Single  
06/02/1792 William WALLER Single   Mary HILDEN Single  
16/02/1792 Robert MOTHERSOLE Widower   Christian FROST Single  
09/04/1792 Isaac ORRIS Single Drinkstone Elizabeth MANNING Single  
18/10/1792 James CLOVER Single Rattlesden Elizabeth BAULEY Single  
01/11/1792 James MOTHERSOLE Single   Martha CRICK Single  
02/04/1793 Thomas DURRANT Single Ixworth Martha JARRALD Single  
24/10/1793 Thomas HUBBARD Widower   Sarah RAISIN Single  
31/10/1793 William COCKSEDGE Single   Mary BAULEY Single  
31/10/1793 John CHENERY Single   Elizabeth PARFREY Single  
22/04/1794 William STANFORD Single Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire Lydia ELLIS Single  
21/10/1794 John STURGEON Widower   Mary DOWNING Widow  
14/02/1795 William BOGGIS Single   Susanna WILKIN Single  
28/04/1795 Jonathan DRAPER Single   Elizabeth HOLDEN Single  
24/05/1795 John RANSON Widower   Elizabeth HOLLOCKS Widow  
09/02/1796 Robert NUNN Single Monks Eleigh Frances STEED Single  
11/10/1799 Robert CADGE Single Rougham Sarah FARROW Single  
11/10/1800 John HORREX Single   Elizabeth RICHER Single  
21/10/1800 Thomas CLUTTERHAM Single Wetherden Sarah WRIGHT Single  
21/12/1800 Thomas REEVE Single   Elizabeth MANNING Single  
12/10/1801 Thomas BROOK Single   Elizabeth PRATT Widow  
11/11/1801 Thomas FROST Widower Rougham Sarah SCOTT Single  
11/10/1802 William HARRINGTON Single   Battina FROST Single  
08/11/1802 Thomas MOTHERSOLE Single   Christian BULLET Single  
12/03/1803 William LAMBERT Single Lavenham Martha MANNING Single  
21/05/1803 James CATCHPOLE Single Tostock Dora FROST Single  
24/10/1803 Robert RAMSEY Single Woolpit Elizabeth DOWNING Single  
07/02/1804 Nicholas CHILDS Single Woolpit Hannah CLARK Widow  
26/03/1804 William CANHAM Single   Lucy ROBINSON Single  
28/09/1804 Roger GROOM Single Old Newton Anne MAIDWELL Single  
26/10/1804 Robert BURROWS Single   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
05/05/1805 Robert GREEN Single   Sarah MANNING Single  
28/11/1805 Robert ALDERTON   Rougham Mary STEAD Single  
14/07/1807 William HERRINGTON Widower   Elizabeth NOTLEY Single  
19/11/1807 William BANHAM Single   Mary OLLEY Single  
29/12/1807 Abraham AVERS Single   Frances GREEN Single  
12/01/1808 Richard ROUSE Single   Susanna BIDDELL Single  
01/03/1808 Henry GREEN Single   Charlotte COCKSEDGE Single  
06/05/1808 John CANHAM Single   Anne DRANE Single  
27/02/1809 Roger OTTERWAY Single   Elizabeth HORREX Widow  
19/03/1809 Thomas WALLER Single   Mary HORREX Single  
18/06/1809 Thomas ASTON Widower   Sarah STEGGAL Widow  
27/03/1810 William COCKSEDGE Single   Sarah CAGE Single  
04/05/1810 John NOTLEY Single   Mary BEYFORD Single  
30/12/1811 Robert MANFIELD Single   Frances STURGEON Single  
1 18/03/1813 Samuel COOPER Single Combs Frances ROBINSON Single  
2 01/06/1813 George HUBBARD Single   Elizabeth NUNN Single  
3 28/06/1813 Robert PRYOR Single   Mary ORRIS Single  
6 02/10/1813 James OLLEY Single   Elizabeth DIAPER Single  
4 12/10/1813 Richard CATCHPOLE Single   Sophia COCKSEDGE Single  
5 21/10/1813 John CHENERY Widower   Ann GREEN Single  
7 04/01/1814 John SIMPER Single   Ann GREEN Single  
8 13/06/1814 James MACLEAN Single   Frances ROWE Single  
9 16/06/1814 James LAST Single   Frances AVISS Widow  
10 15/09/1814 John MANNING Single   Mary AUNSTON Single  
11 26/09/1814 Pryor HOWARD Single   Lucy STURGEON Single  
12 18/10/1814 John BUCKET Single Rougham Hannah GREEN Single  
14 04/04/1815 John COOKE Single   Caroline COCKSEDGE Single  
13 14/04/1815 Thomas SAVAGE Single Pakenham Elizabeth MOWLEE Widow  
15 25/04/1815 John HUBBARD Widower   Sarah CAGE Widow  
16 26/05/1815 John PLUMB Single   Harriet ROBINSON Single  
17 13/06/1815 William BOGGIS Widower   Elizabeth GOSHAWKE Widow  
18 12/09/1815 Ambrose BUGG Single Drinkstone Elizabeth BLAND Single  
19 17/10/1815 William BULLOCK Single   Sophia RICHER Single  
20 20/10/1815 James GRIMMER Single   Bridget UNDERWOOD Single  
21 31/10/1815 James FROST Widower   Elizabeth ROW Widow  
22 21/07/1816 John WRIGHT Single   Margaret OUSTON Single  
23 27/10/1816 Israel SCARFE Single Thurston Mary COCKSEDGE Single  
24 05/11/1816 William GLADWELL Single   Lucy NUNN Single  
25 15/01/1817 Thomas BUGG Single   Maria CLARKE Single  
26 12/05/1817 Robert TAYLOR Single   Mary CAGE Single  
27 29/05/1817 Nathaniel NOTLEY Single   Elizabeth ROUSE Single  
28 24/05/1818 John BULLITT Widower   Mary STAPLETON Widow  
29 08/06/1818 Edward HUNT   St Lawrence, Ipswich Eliza GROOM Single  
30 14/09/1818 Henry LONG Widower   Mary GOODY Single  
31 12/10/1818 William HART Single   Frances BULLITT Single  
32 12/10/1818 Samuel WHITING Single   Mary STEPHENS Widow  
33 26/10/1818 Robert HARVEY Single   Mary COCKSEDGE Single  
34 26/10/1818 James CURREY Single   Elizabeth FROST Single  
35 17/01/1820 John AUSTIN Single   Anne BULLITT Single  
36 20/01/1820 Richard COCKSEDGE   St Mary, Bury St Edmunds Sophia ROBINSON Single  
37 29/01/1820 Thomas ROWE Single   Anne WHITING Single  
38 22/05/1820 Robert BURROWS Single   Susan FROST Single  
39 27/07/1820 John GREEN Single   Jane PRESLAND Single  
40 03/08/1820 Thomas COE Single   Sophia GREEN Single  
41 19/08/1820 Thomas COCKSEDGE Single   Mary MOTHERSOLE Single  
42 23/10/1820 John RAY Single   Susan AUSTIN Single  
43 25/10/1820 William ROW Single   Sarah GOODAY Single  
44 29/03/1821 John BARRELL Single   Elizabeth STURGEON Single  
45 11/06/1821 John LARGENT Single   Sophia AUSTIN Single  
46 27/11/1821 William BULLETT Single   Elizabeth FISHER Single  
47 25/12/1821 Henry COCKSEDGE Single   Ann MOTHERSOLE Single  
48 24/01/1822 Samuel COOKE Single   Sarah STEGGILL Single  
49 25/11/1822 Robert TWEED Widower   Elizabeth FROST    
50 05/12/1822 Charles SYER Single   Sophia VAGE    
51 01/05/1823 Jonathan WRIGHT Single   Mary LAST    
52 14/07/1823 William HART Single   Lucy STURGEON Single  
53 28/04/1825 John BLAND Single   Mary FROOD Single Beyton
54 18/12/1825 James SHELDEN Single St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex Sophia BANLEY Single  
55 26/01/1826 William FROST Single   Elizabeth CLOVER Single  
56 12/10/1826 William BLAND Single   Elizabeth COCKSEDGE Single  
57 18/10/1826 John CLARK Single   Eliza HARRINGTON Single  
58 23/10/1827 Henry BARKHAM Single   Mary Anne PRESLAND Single  
59 20/11/1827 William COCKSEDGE     Mary WALLAKER   Rougham
60 14/12/1827 James NICE Single   Jane MOTHERSOLE Single  
61 01/01/1829 Richard ARNOLD Single   Harriet GOOLD Single  
62 23/02/1829 George NUNN Single   Lucy SADLER Single  
63 13/04/1829 Matthew ANSELL Single   Elizabeth LEECH Single  
64 13/10/1829 William BULLETT Single   Mary BIRD Single  
65 25/12/1829 James MORTIMORE Widower St Marylebone, Middlesex Fanny LAST Single  
66 14/02/1831 John FROST Single   Ann BIRD Widow  
67 03/03/1831 John SEWELL Single   Mary BARKER Single  
68 11/07/1831 John SUTTON Single   Ann AUSTIN Single  
69 30/08/1831 Robert STEGGALL Single   Rebecca LAST Single  
70 06/12/1831 Abraham EAVES Widower   Susan WILKAN Single  
71 22/01/1832 Henry HUTCHINSON Single St James, Bury St Edmunds Mary Ann ALLERTON Single  
72 09/02/1832 Robert Thomas ALDERTON Single   Susannah BACON Single  
73 12/05/1832 Edward Bethel WARD Widower Combs Sophia CANHAM Single  
74 10/01/1833 James NOTLEY Single   Ann PECK Single  
75 22/04/1833 William BULLET Single   Frances MANFIELD Single  
76 17/07/1833 William GOODING Single   Sophia COCKSEDGE Single  
77 13/03/1834 Henry AUSTON Single   Martha Ann MOTHERSOLE Single  
78 20/05/1834 Henry GREEN Single   Ann BURROWS Single  
79 04/09/1834 James SUTTON Single   Ann SEAR Single  
80 28/10/1834 James NUNN Widower   Lucy HART Widow  
81 07/12/1834 Thomas BURROWS Single   Mary Ann FROST Single  
82 20/12/1834 William BARKER Single   Susan ARNOLD Single  
83 17/06/1835 William SIMMONS Single   Sarah SPINK Single  
84 13/10/1835 John HARVEY Single   Susan BIRD Single  
85 19/02/1836 Richard BUCKLE Single   Elizabeth MOTHERSOLE Single  
86 01/10/1836 John BURROWS Single   Sarah ARNOLD Single  
87 07/11/1836 William MANNING Single   Susanna BOGGESS Single  
88 06/06/1837 William CANHAM Widower   Mary OSBORN Single Rattlesden

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