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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Levington St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Levington sits in the extreme southeast of Suffolk, indeed it forms part of Suffolk's North Sea coast, albeit with the unbridged portion of the River Orwell. Levington is located about 5 miles southeast of the county town of Ipswich and sits, in lanes, just over a mile south of the busy A14 road which connects the port of Felixstowe with The Midlands. Levington is a relatively small village built around a "T" junction of lanes with the majority of properties lining that lane which is parallel to the Orwell. Whilst the nearby estuary would have provided opportunities for fishing, shell fishery and wildfowling, the interior of the parish is rich arable farmland, today marina's dot this coat and it is haunt of weekend sailors. A a coastal community numerous small streams drain the short distance to the nearby Orwell. Levington is sited at around 20 metres above the sea in relatively flat countryside where land rises no more than a further 10 metres within some distance. Levington parish was small, as are many of this area, it covered just over 1,000 acres and would have supported a population of just over 200 parishioners. In Domesday times Levington was largely held by Roger Bigot with a small portion with Hugh de Montfort, collectively their holdings could offer just 3 ploughs and a small meadow making for a small place indeed.

The Church

St Peter's church sits on the eastern edge of the properties lining the coastal lane. The church has its origins in the 13th century but only the doorways, the southern remains a means of entry, the northern is blocked, date from that Early English Gothic period. The church received a major rebuilding during the 15th century when the walls of both nave and chancel were raised and most of the fabric remaining dates from this Perpendicular period. The squat brick tower has had numerous changes, documentary evidence places its build to c1480 but the belfry was rebuilt in the 17th century and the embattlements rebuilt in the 20th. The church sits on the northern side of Church Lane in a slightly elevated position, entrance at the western end, with space for a car, leads to a loping gravel pathway to the church. The brick-wall enclosed churchyard is open and free of photographic obstructions.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 2nd July 1754 - 12th December 1812 Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference - FC42/D/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 23rd February 1813 - 30th April 1836 Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference - FC42/D/1/6 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Nacton St Martin

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 02/07/1754 Benjamin HALL Widower   Mary OSBORN Widow  
2 04/12/1755 Stephen SELLET Single   Anne STUDD Single  
3 02/03/1756 Isaac STUDD Single   Anne GROOM    
4 09/04/1757 Joseph WRIGHT     Susanna DRESSER   Trimley St Martin
5 15/09/1757 Robert SEAGAR Single   Mary HARVEY Single  
6 25/09/1759 David ALLEN Widower   Sarah BOWEN Widow  
7 21/01/1760 John SEAGAR     Sarah MARJERUM   Falkenham
8 13/10/1760 Edward NORMAN Single   Bridget CLARKE Single  
9 25/11/1760 William WOODROFFE Single   Elizabeth LEVIS Single  
10 19/07/1761 Joseph BORLS Single   Deborah DAVES Single  
11 26/01/1762 William CLARK Single Bawdsey Mary PRECIOUS Single  
12 01/09/1762 George PINNER     Audrey WRIGHT   Clopton
13 22/11/1762 Edward CATCHPOLE Single   Margaret ROBINSON    
29/07/1764 John CHURCHMAN Single Walton Sarah HOLMES Single  
13/11/1764 Daniel FINNEY Single   Martha FOULDIER Single  
25/03/1765 William CLARKE Single Kirton Mary WILKINSON Single  
1 13/07/1766 Henry GOODING Single Eyke Elizabeth CULLINGTON Single  
2 05/10/1766 John BOWEN Single   Elizabeth BIRD Single  
3 06/10/1766 William JACKSON Single   Mary SEAGER Widow  
4 14/10/1766 Isaac STUDD Widower   Mary RUST Single St Clement, Ipswich
5 29/10/1766 John ROBINSON Single   Martha VINCENT Single  
1 07/06/1768 John PORTER Single Felixstowe Ann DRIVER Single  
08/10/1769 Francis FISH Single   Mary FRYATT Single  
22/09/1770 John ROBINSON Single   Mary ABBOTT Single  
1 19/04/1771 William RUDLAND Single   Elizabeth HALES Single St Clement, Ipswich
17/11/1772 Miles RUDLAND Widower St Clement, Ipswich Ann BARTHROPE Single  
21/09/1773 Robert SCHOLDING Single Trimley St Mary Sarah DRIVER Single  
26/12/1773 James ROBINSON Single Kesgrave Mary VINCENT Single  
09/08/1774 Anthony VINCENT Single   Elizabeth DORKINS Single  
03/10/1774 Benjamin ASHWELL Single   Mary FULLER Single  
23/10/1774 Edward FOX Single St Peter, Ipswich Susanna ABBOTT Single  
29/01/1775 James PENY Single Nacton Elizabeth ADAMS Single  
08/03/1776 John BROWN Widower Walton Mary Ann STUDD Single  
03/09/1776 Charles FIRMIN Single   Ann JOHNSON Single  
11/10/1776 Daniel PLANTIN Single St Peter, Ipswich Elizabeth ABBOTT Single  
15/10/1776 Isaac STUDD Widower   Ann BRADY Single Chillesford
20/10/1777 John GILBERT Single   Sarah GARDENER Single  
22/09/1778 Henry CARR Widower Trimley St Martin Elizabeth DRIVER Single  
22/12/1778 Robert BAKER Single   Mary CHENERY Single  
18/01/1779 William COOK Single   Rachel STUDD Single  
11/10/1779 William FARTHING Single   Elizabeth MANNING Single  
14/11/1779 William HALL Single   Elizabeth VINCENT Widow  
10/10/1780 William ROW Single   Sarah BARKER Single  
09/11/1780 George DRIVER Widower   Ann PORTER Widow Felixstowe
13/03/1781 Edmund ROWE Single   Mary KEEBLE Single  
10/05/1781 Jonathan PAGE Single   Sarah MAYES Single Bucklesham
21/05/1781 Samuel FRANCIS Single   Sarah RICHARDSON Single  
27/09/1781 William SCHOLDING Single Trimley St Mary Mary DRIVER Single  
22/04/1783 John COWEE Single   Mary PAYNE Single  
13/05/1783 Henry COWEE Single   Jane COATES Single  
28/03/1784 William GARDINER Single   Ann GILBERT Single  
18/05/1784 Stephen JOHNSON Widower Walton Sarah SCHOLDING Widow  
31/05/1784 John MOSLEY Single   Elizabeth BLYTHE Single  
28/02/1785 Anthony OSBORN Single   Letitia PANIFEE Single  
05/12/1785 Henry FOX Single Chillesford Martha BANTOFF Single  
26/05/1787 John HUGHES Single   Martha KERRIDGE Single  
31/10/1787 Nathaniel COOPER Single Trimley St Mary Hannah HORRIS Single  
24/12/1787 Richard HAGGER Widower Nacton Rebeckah COWE Single  
19/02/1789 William TAYLOR Single   Margarett LEGGETT Single  
05/10/1789 Michael MURREL Single   Jude GREEN Single  
16/12/1789 John MARKHAM Single   Susannah BANKS Widow  
25/05/1790 John FROST Single   Mary CLARK Single  
14/11/1790 Robert BAKER     Elizabeth JENNINGS Widow  
07/03/1791 Benjamin SPALL Single   Susannah JACKSON Single  
11/11/1793 James TURTLE Single   Sarah HALL Single  
11/10/1795 John BLUMFIELD Single   Susannah CLARK Single  
14/11/1796 Edward CATCHPOLE Widower   Elizabeth ELSDON Single  
11/03/1799 Thomas BROMLEY Single Whitton Cum Thurlestone Rachel ROWE Single  
25/03/1799 John GILBERT Widower   Mary CLARKE Widow  
17/02/1800 Ishmael ELLISS Single   Pleasence GILDERSLIFT Single  
02/06/1800 Samuel BIRD Single Playford Mary HOUCHIN Single  
30/09/1800 John TAYLOR Single St Mary Le Tower, Ipswich Sarah CHAPMAN    
04/02/1801 Edward ROWE Widower   Elizabeth FLETCHER Single  
05/03/1801 John Stow BALDREY Single Ramsholt Mary HARPER Single  
04/05/1801 John JOLLY Single Nacton Amy JENNINGS Single  
08/06/1802 John COOK Widower   Susanna WASPE Single  
12/04/1803 Thomas WILKINSON     Sarah THURSTON    
03/05/1803 George DENES Single   Ann PENNEY Single  
30/09/1803 William EVERITT Single Falkenham Mary Ann JOHNSON Single  
26/06/1804 William ALEXANDER Single   Mary HOY Single  
29/10/1804 Edward CATCHPOLE     Ann COATES    
19/11/1804 George CARR   Trimley St Martin Ann SMITH    
10/06/1805 Samuel POTTER Single   Elizabeth OSBORNE Single  
01/07/1805 Robert SPORLE Single   Elizabeth ROWE Widow  
21/10/1805 Michel MURRELL Widower   Susan SCOULDING Widow  
06/11/1805 Stephen JOHNSON Single   Mary DAWSON Single  
17/02/1806 Revett SHEPPARD Single   Sarah COBB Single Letheringham
14/07/1806 Robert JACOBS Widower   Mary PATTERSON Single  
17/07/1806 Samuel GALL Widower Walton Mary BROWN Single  
20/09/1807 John DELISON Single   Lucy CHAPMAN Single  
11/10/1807 Jeremiah COOPER     Deborah RAINER    
03/05/1808 James LAST Single   Sarah BAXTER Single  
09/05/1808 James CHAPMAN Single   Susanna SPALL Widow  
11/10/1808 Jesse VESSE Single Elmstead, Essex Elizabeth GASKIN Single  
17/01/1809 John SHERMAN Single   Elizabeth CHAPMAN Single  
08/06/1809 Joseph DAWSON     Mary MAYHEW   Wissett
01/10/1809 John TAYLOR Single   Sarah TAYLOR Single  
02/10/1809 William TAYLOR Widower   Ann JACKSON Single  
17/10/1809 William HALL Single Felixstowe Sarah TAYLOR Single  
06/02/1811 William CATLING Single   Elizabeth DAY Single  
12/12/1812 John KNIGHTS Single Holbrook Sarah CATT Single  
1 23/02/1813 Peter ARMSTRONG Single   Emily SHERRINGTON Single  
2 01/03/1813 William ROBINSON Widower   Sarah CATCHPOLE Widow  
3 19/10/1813 William CAPON Single   Mary GALE Single  
4 20/06/1814 Thomas BAKER Single   Sarah MARKHAM Widow  
5 29/10/1814 John STAGGS Single   Rebecca DAY Widow  
6 26/04/1815 Abraham GIRLING Single Bucklesham Mary BALDRY Single  
7 31/10/1815 Robert DURRANT Single   Ann WRIGHT Single  
8 02/10/1816 Samuel BEACH Single Nacton Sarah MARKHAM Single  
9 04/11/1817 William HART Single Woolverstone Susan SIMMONS Single  
10 19/10/1818 James COWEY Single   Sarah PARKER Single  
11 22/05/1820 Robert JAMES Single   Mary FLORRY Single  
12 19/02/1821 George Duncan FELL Single   Mary PENNEY Single  
13 03/10/1821 John LEWIS Single   Elizabeth HOOKS Single  
14 13/11/1821 Robert TOPPLE Single Trimley St Mary Mary FISK Single  
15 27/11/1821 John JOLLEY Widower   Mary COWEY Single  
16 27/03/1823 James RALPH Single   Ann FISK Single  
17 03/04/1823 John BOX Widower Manningtree, Essex Ann Groom PALMER Widow  
18 18/11/1823 Daniel HALL Single   Hannah HAZELL Single  
19 12/09/1826 John Lillistone HUKE Single   Jane STEGGELS Single  
20 17/07/1827 William ATHEROLD Single   Eliza HAZEL Single  
21 30/04/1829 William HORN Single   Sarah TAYLOR Single  
22 09/06/1829 Robert KNIGHTS Single   Maria Ann PELLS Single  
23 31/01/1831 William Spurgeon CLARKE Single Kirton Rebecca GIRLING Single  
24 26/04/1831 Roger REVETT Single   Emma HAZEL Single  
25 12/08/1832 William BROWN Single   Charlotte CATLIN Single  
26 13/12/1832 John STAGG Widower   Sarah ROBINSON Widow  
27 11/08/1833 Robert JAMES Widower   Awdry FISK Single  
28 03/10/1833 George COOKE Single   Mary GREEN Single  
29 24/11/1833 James GOREHAM Single   Phebe POTTER Single  
30 25/11/1834 Roger RIVETT Widower   Jane HARDEY Single  
31 26/12/1834 Daniel WARNER Single   Harriet FRANKS Single  
32 22/02/1835 Elijah FROST Single   Mary Ann SHEPHERD Single  
33 30/04/1836 James CORDER Widower Kesgrave Elizabeth KERSEY    

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