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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Marlesford St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of Marlesford lies in eastern Suffolk about 2 miles northeast of the small market town of Wickham Market. Marlesford is a small and compact village gathered around its Hall and sited a half mile north of the A12 road which connects Ipswich & Lowestoft. Marlesford's economy, then as well as now, would have been dominated by farming, arable on higher ground and pastures in the watermeadows of the nearby streams. A small tributary of the River Alde drains the parish eastwards the short distance to join that river near Blaxhall and then runs to the nearby North Sea through the port of Aldeburgh. Marlesford at around 20 metres above the sea, some 10 metres higher than that tributary, in gentle countryside where local heights reach only to about 40 metres within a couple of miles of the village. Even by Suffolk standards Marlesford parish was small, covering just under 1,300 acres it would have supported a population of just over 400 parishioners. In Domesday times Marlesford was an equally small place, despite this it was shared by 4 landholders including King William, himself, other portions being held by Count Alan of Brittany, Robert Malet and Bury St Edmunds Abbey. Collectively the parish could offer 7 ploughs, small meadows and within the lands of the abbey's holdings, a mill.

The Church

St Andrew's church sits on the western edge of the village on the western side of Church Road. First impressions are of a church built a mixture of Decorated & Perpendicular styles which was probably built in a single campaign crossing that fashion style boundary. Pevsner, however, points to the southern arcade and identifies, from the sturdy circular pier, a date of c1200. This evidence indicates that the church was originally 12th century but was significantly, almost totally, rebuilt during the great church building era. The chancel windows, in particular, highlight the transition showing both Decorated and Perpendicular styles. The western tower is, however, totally from that later period. For once there is no mention of the usual Victorian restoration so one assumes it was either light and sensitive or missing. Church Road is narrow and with only a single space for a car at the gates, these curving rails lead to a gravel pathway heading towards the church, tees are a little close from the normal southern aspect but otherwise there are few obstructions for the photographer.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 1st September 1755 - 28th December 1812 Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference - FC/117/D/1/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 7th November 1813 - 23rd April 1837 Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference - FC/117/D/1/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Parham St Mary
Parham St Mary
Great Glemham All Saints
Great Glemham All Saints
Parham St Mary
Hacheston All Saints
Little Glemham St Andrew
Hacheston All Saints
Campsey Ashe St John the Baptist
Blaxhall St Peter
Campsey Ashe St John the Baptist

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
16/02/1754 George CLARKE Single Eyke Anne FLORY Single  
1 01/09/1755 Daniel MARKIN Single   Sarah COLLIER Single  
2 09/11/1755 Robert KEMP Single   Mary OWLET Single  
3 25/07/1757 John CLACKSON Single Badingham Elizabeth CHAPMAN Single  
4 29/08/1757 John WHALEY Single   Mary COOPER Single  
5 14/11/1757 John KING Single   Elizabeth MARKIN Single  
6 15/11/1757 Robert ALDRICH Widower   Elizabeth MARKIN Single  
7 17/01/1758 William MARKIN Single   Margaret LEGGET Single  
8 28/03/1758 John BARTHROP Single   Dorcas MAY Widow Parham
9 07/11/1758 William BUTTON Single   Mary MAYHEW Single  
10 29/09/1759 John KNAPPET Widower   Anne VALE Widow Great Glemham
11 09/10/1759 Richard NEWMAN Widower   Anne PALLANT Single  
12 11/10/1759 James BARBER Single Knoddishall Elizabeth CLOUTIN Single  
13 16/10/1759 Robert HARLING Single Stratford St Andrew Mary CLARKE Single  
14 14/10/1760 William BLAXHALL Single   Mary SPARKES Single  
15 24/03/1761 Thomas MARTIN Single   Margaret PALLANT Single  
16 16/06/1761 Samuel NEWSON Single   Elizabeth WHALEY Single  
17 06/05/1762 John SKINNER Widower   Susannah YOUNGMAN Single  
18 02/08/1762 Robert CRANE Widower   Susannah TURNER Single  
19 12/10/1762 Robert PATTLE Single   Mary BARTHROPP Single  
20 14/12/1762 John KNIGHTS Widower   Elisabeth MARRET Single  
21 23/12/1762 George BOYNS Single   Mary GIDNEY Single  
22 04/04/1763 Philip MOORE Widower   Susanna GLANFIELD Widow  
23 08/10/1763 Fynn DOVE Widower   Margaret BATEMAN Widow St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex
24 14/02/1764 Thomas CARR Single   Catharine MARKIN Single  
25 10/05/1764 Matthew KINDRED Single Knoddishall Joanna KNIGHTS Single  
26 05/07/1764 Thomas SMITH Widower   Elizabeth WHITEMAN    
27 14/08/1764 Robert MARGERUM Single   Hannah MARKIN Single  
28 06/02/1765 William RICHES Single   Anne NEWSON Single  
29 18/04/1766 Nathaniel PALLANT Single   Mary PHILIPS Single  
30 10/10/1766 Francis BLAXAL Single   Anne CRANE Single  
18/08/1767 William MARTIN Single Hoo Mary PALLANT Widow  
31 06/10/1767 John SHEPPARD Widower   Dorcas MARKIN Single  
32 10/12/1767 Matthias EADE Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single Cransford
33 16/02/1768 John KNIGHTS Widower   Abigail BURRELL Single  
34 05/04/1768 Robert CRANE Single   Mary DAMMANT Single  
35 11/10/1768 Samuel MARKIN Single   Martha POPE Single Campsea Ashe
36 26/12/1768 John WELHAM Single Shottisham Sarah YOUNGMAN Single  
37 13/02/1769 John KNAPPETT Widower Little Bealings Mary LANCASTER Single  
38 06/06/1769 Nathaniel WAKERILL Single   Mary JESSUP Single  
39 21/01/1770 Samuel BRIDGES Single   Elisabeth DAMMOND Single  
40 18/10/1770 Thomas BEADON Single   Anne BOYNS Single  
41 13/11/1770 Thomas MANN Single Knoddishall Elizabeth YOUNGMAN Single  
42 21/05/1771 James LAMB Single Farnham Mary BURRELL Single  
43 07/08/1771 Robert COOKE Widower Dallinghoo Martha BLOSSE Single  
44 31/12/1771 William BUTTON Widower   Mary KINDRED Widow  
45 12/05/1772 Benjamin BARTHROP Single   Elizabeth GLANFIELD Single  
46 22/11/1772 Philip ALDREGE Single   Mary WATTS Single  
47 01/06/1773 Matthew NICKOLDS Single Blaxhall Hannah FLETCHER Single  
48 25/07/1773 William CHURCHMAN Single Framlingham Sarah LEGGAT Single  
49 23/11/1773 Henry KETTLE Single   Sarah SAWYER Single  
50 13/12/1774 John GOLDSMITH Single   Elisabeth READ Single  
51 05/02/1775 Charles TROTT Widower   Lydia DRAKE Widow  
52 21/02/1775 Thomas CARR Widower   Mary SKINNER Single  
53 23/03/1775 Charles WOOLNER Single   Ruth REEVE Single  
54 26/05/1777 William MARTIN Widower   Margaret PALLANT Single  
55 26/05/1777 Thomas SMITH Single   Anne CADMAN Single  
56 21/11/1777 John CLARKE Single   Susannah BURRELL Single  
57 25/10/1778 Thomas BIRCH Widower Framsden Rachael PALLANT Widow  
58 21/12/1778 Joseph BUCK Single Hacheston Mary NICHOLAS Single  
59 05/07/1779 Henry KITTLE Single Framlingham Ann ARCHER Single  
60 15/11/1779 Samuel SMITH Widower   Elizabeth ROBINSON Single  
61 11/10/1780 John CRISP Single   Mary GILES Single  
62 11/10/1780 John ORSBORN Single Butley Mary WALE Single  
63 21/11/1780 John HARBER Single   Rebecca CATTON Single  
64 07/12/1780 Peter THIRSTON Single   Susan NICHOLS Single  
65 12/12/1780 Richard HOWEL Single   Margaret TALBOT Single  
66 30/05/1782 Samuel ALDRIDGE Single Yoxford Elizabeth CRISP Single  
67 04/07/1782 Robert CADY Widower   Ann CURTIS Single  
68 29/10/1782 Robert BRIGHTWELL Single   Ann COTTON Single  
69 15/04/1783 Thomas PIERSE Single   Catherine BERRY Single  
70 09/06/1783 Robert PATERNOSTER Single   Eleanor DRANE Single  
71 03/10/1783 Daniel TRUSSON Single   Maria HADNUM Widow  
72 12/10/1783 Samuel BURRELL Single   Sarah RICHARDSON Single  
73 14/10/1783 Samuel CATE Single Great Glemham Ann WELTON Single  
74 14/10/1783 Robert CLARKE Single Tunstall Sarah TURNER Single  
75 21/11/1783 Henry LOYNS Single   Ann BLAXALL Single  
76 29/01/1784 Robert BOYNES Widower   Anne PATERNOSTER Single  
77 27/12/1785 William TRUMPETER Single   Elizabeth GOULDSMITH Widow  
78 21/11/1786 John ARCHER Single   Mary PRATT Single  
79 24/11/1786 Bartholomew BRINKLEY Single   Mary MARKHAM Single  
80 27/11/1786 Robert JAY Single   Elizabeth KING Single  
81 03/07/1787 William DAY Single Bentley Hannah MARJORAM Single  
82 09/10/1787 Thomas ANSON Single   Mary BUTTON Single  
83 15/10/1787 John NEWMAN Single   Ann ROBINSON Single  
84 05/11/1787 Edward CLARK Single   Sarah EACY Single  
85 27/01/1788 William SNELL Single   Elizabeth SNOWLING Single  
86 20/04/1788 Jeremiah PITE Single Woodbridge Mary SMITH Single  
87 26/09/1788 Nathaniel COCKERILL Widower   Mary NEWSON Single  
88 10/10/1788 Daniel WALLER Single Framlingham Susanna DAVIE Single  
89 30/10/1788 William FISK Single   Mary BOYNES Widow  
90 05/01/1789 John CLACKSON Widower   Mary STEBBINS Single  
91 02/08/1789 Francis CLOW Single   Theoday SNOWLING Single  
92 04/10/1789 John ARNOLD Widower Dallinghoo Ann LEACH Single  
93 12/10/1789 Samuel BURRELL Widower   Deborah WRIGHT Single  
94 25/10/1789 William BROOM Single Little Glemham Martha MARJORAM Single  
95 18/01/1790 Francis BLAXALL Widower   Susanna WOOLNOUGH Single  
96 18/01/1790 Joseph AMBROSE Single   Elizabeth BLAXAL Single  
97 02/07/1790 Thomas Carr SKEAT Single   Hannah WALEY Single  
98 12/10/1790 James CRANE Single Little Glemham Susan KING Single  
99 26/10/1790 Robert CORNISH Single   Sarah SMITH Single  
100 22/11/1790 Samuel COTTON Widower Wickham Market Dorcas COOK Widow  
101 05/12/1790 James SMITH Single   Frances ALDHOUSE Single  
102 30/01/1791 Henry ALDEN Widower   Elizabeth SHEPPARD Single  
103 11/04/1791 John DANIELS Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
104 20/02/1792 West TRUSSON Single   Mary UPSON Single  
105 30/09/1792 John HATCHER Single   Elizabeth CLOW Single  
106 17/10/1792 John MEASURES Single Framlingham Mary LEACH Single  
107 15/10/1793 William LARTER Single   Sarah CLACKSON Single  
108 22/10/1793 George HILL Single Hacheston Elizabeth CUTTING Single  
109 29/01/1794 Samuel MARKIN Single   Mary JOHNSON Single  
110 20/02/1794 Jonathan KEER Widower   Ann WHITING Single Knoddishall
111 26/02/1794 George KING Single Sutton Sarah GREEN Single  
112 31/08/1794 William TOOKE Single   Sarah DOBBY Single  
113 29/09/1794 Thomas SHEPPARD Single   Mary SPARROW Single  
114 06/04/1795 John BEART Single   Deborah JAY Single  
115 09/04/1795 George STOGDALE Widower Hacheston Prudence PAXMAN Single  
116 26/12/1795 Daniel TYE Single Great Glemham Elizabeth GILES Single  
117 12/05/1796 John NEWSON Single Woodbridge Sarah CRISP Single  
118 18/04/1797 Joseph Row RAWLINGS Single Letheringham Ann FAIRWEATHER Single  
119 01/11/1797 James MARKHAM Single   Lydia GRAY Single Campsea Ashe
120 07/12/1797 Thomas HASSANT Single Wickham Market Mary HAYLE Single  
121 17/12/1797 William ROBINSON Single Tunstall Mary ROOT Single  
122 19/12/1797 Daniel SMITH Single   Mary CARR Single  
123 05/06/1798 Samuel BEADON Single Campsea Ashe Sarah PATERNOSTER Single  
124 05/07/1798 William DOVE Single Campsea Ashe Sarah BEEDON Single  
125 11/10/1798 William LAST Widower Little Glemham Martha ARNOLD Single  
126 14/01/1799 John HUNT   Chillesford Dorcas HAYLE Single  
127 01/04/1799 Robert BRIGHTWELL Single Little Glemham Margaret SKEET Single  
128 11/10/1799 Richard HACON Single Darsham Ann EDMONDS Single  
129 15/10/1799 Samuel SPALDING Single Framlingham Ann BUTTON Single  
130 02/12/1800 John BIRT Widower   Maria MARKIN Single  
131 15/06/1801 Anthony DRAKE Single   Susan BOYNES Single  
132 25/06/1801 William ORFORD Single   Bridget EASTAUGH Single Friston
133 09/08/1801 Samuel MEADOWS Widower   Elizabeth BARKER Widow  
134 06/10/1801 Philip FORSTER Single Badingham Mary FARRAR Single  
135 28/01/1802 Robert LAMB Widower   Martha KING Single  
136 21/02/1802 Richard BLOSS Single Tunstall Sarah ALDRED Single  
137 04/10/1802 Thomas TYE Single   Clementina WEBBER Single  
138 21/11/1802 William MATTEN Single Hacheston Elizabeth SMITH Single  
139 29/11/1802 James SHIP Single   Elizabeth BICKERS Single  
140 07/08/1803 James GRAY Single   Elizabeth MARKHAM Single  
141 13/10/1803 John PACKARD Single Little Glemham Elizabeth WHITING Single  
142 13/10/1803 John GARDIN Single   Martha CLARK Single  
143 13/12/1803 Thomas MARTIN Widower   Martha MULLINGER Widow  
144 23/06/1804 John MEADOWS Single   Emma JENNERY Single  
145 04/09/1804 Thomas KNIGHTS Single   Elizabeth BARBER Single Little Glemham
146 20/09/1804 James CRISP Single Eyke Tabitha BROOKS Single  
147 26/10/1804 William SAYER Single Campsea Ashe Jane PATERNOSTER Single  
148 12/10/1805 Henry SCARLEY Single Little Glemham Mary GILBERT Single  
149 24/12/1805 William PACKARD Single   Margaret JACQUES Single  
150 31/07/1806 John COTY Widower   Lydia CHURCHYARD Single  
151 20/10/1807 William WADE Widower   Susanna PATERNOSTER Single  
152 08/12/1807 Zibah HARVEY Single   Mary CRISP Single  
153 15/12/1807 James GISSEN Single   Nelly CRISP Single  
154 24/12/1807 John ELMY Single Blaxhall Maria MANN Single  
155 06/06/1808 John CULPECK Single Wickham Market Susan JESSUP Single  
156 29/06/1808 Henry COOPER Widower   Rebecca BUGG Widow  
157 12/10/1808 Mark JASPER Single   Elizabeth FULLER Single  
158 01/11/1808 Joseph COOK Single   Sophia ORFORD Single  
159 08/12/1808 Nathan HARSANT Single   Ann WHITING Single  
160 12/10/1809 Robert ROUSE Single Westleton Sarah CLARK Single  
161 09/03/1810 Robert DOWSING Single Orford Sarah JENNERY Single  
162 26/07/1810 Edward FISK Widower Framlingham Susan SAMPSON Single  
163 10/12/1810 Francis CLOW Widower   Lydia RAYDON Single  
164 15/01/1811 James WARDLEY Single   Sarah MOORE Single  
165 22/01/1811 Stephen FULLER Widower   Susan BALLS Single  
166 26/07/1811 William EASTAUGH Widower Friston Catharine ORFORD Widow  
167 22/10/1811 William JAY Single   Sarah WYARD Single  
168 31/07/1812 William WHITING Widower Badingham Martha MAYER Single  
169 19/10/1812 Stephen CALTHORP Single Stratford St Andrew Elizabeth Ann CLARK Single  
170 01/12/1812 Jonas SHRITLEY Single   Sarah MARKHAM Single  
171 28/12/1812 Robert WARN Single Parham Mary MATTON Single  
1 07/11/1813 John SNELL Single Framlingham Susanna ELY Single  
2 18/01/1814 William Frederic SCHREIBER Single Mount Bures, Essex Frances Mary SHULDHAM Single  
3 02/08/1814 William RANDLE Single   Jane CRISP Single  
4 20/09/1814 Thomas CABLE Widower Hacheston Susanna FULLER Widow  
5 20/08/1815 Joseph CRANE Single   Jane WOODARD Single  
6 12/10/1815 Isaac BAKER Single Sweffling Elizabeth DRAKE Single  
7 12/10/1815 Ephraim DENNY Single Rendlesham Mary CRANE Single  
8 12/10/1815 John JOLLY Single Framlingham Judith BARKER Single  
9 25/12/1815 George CRANE Single   Priscilla WOODARD Single  
10 10/10/1816 Simon JARDINE Single   Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
11 10/11/1816 Thomas MESSENGER Single   Elizabeth HUNT Single  
12 19/06/1817 John WOODS Widower   Sarah WHITE Widow  
13 10/10/1817 William KNIGHTS Single   Maria SMITH Single  
14 17/01/1818 John ROBINSON Widower   Mary MARKHAM Single  
15 04/03/1818 John GROSS Single   Elizabeth CHENERY Single  
16 09/03/1818 Samuel IFE Widower Little Glemham Sarah MARKIN Single  
17 22/03/1818 John MEADOWS Widower   Mary BURROWS Single  
18 08/10/1818 James WOOLNOUGH Single Badingham Sarah HARVEY Single  
19 12/10/1818 Samuel BURRELL Single   Sarah MARKHAM Single  
20 10/06/1819 Jonathan BEEDEN Single Campsea Ashe Jane WOODWARD Single  
21 21/06/1819 Edward DENNY Single Byfleet, Surrey Martha CRANE Single  
22 22/06/1819 Isaac HARVEY Single Woolwich, Kent Lucy KINDRED Single  
23 13/07/1819 James SMITH Single   Mary PLANT Single Blaxhall
24 19/07/1819 David DRIVER Single Easton Hannah HOLMES Single  
25 24/10/1819 Charles HALL Single   Maria SMITH Single  
26 30/11/1819 George BURRELL Single   Hannah HUGMAN Single  
27 17/01/1820 James LAST Widower   Keziah WIGHTON Single  
33 01/01/1821 Robert HALL Single Brandeston Bridget BARNES Single  
28 03/04/1821 Thomas HILL Single   Martha KING Single  
30 05/07/1821 Joseph MACK Single   Celia GODBOLD Single Hacheston
31 12/10/1821 William CLOW Single   Sarah SCARLETT Single  
32 25/10/1821 Stephen VIRTUE Single   Mary Ann CONE Single  
34 03/10/1822 George MALLETT Single Woodbridge Sarah WOODARD Single  
35 14/10/1822 Henry MAYHEW Single Great Glemham Mary LEGGETT Single  
36 27/12/1822 Thomas CLOW Single   Clementina BATES Single  
37 05/02/1823 James WOOLNOUGH Widower   Sarah TREW Widow  
38 26/08/1823 Daniel CLOW Single   Hannah CLOW Single  
39 27/10/1823 John SHIP Single   Harriet FORD Single  
40 24/11/1823 John Frederick FREEMAN Single Stowmarket Anne BATES Single  
41 04/05/1824 Robert CLOW Single   Mary SCARLETT Single  
42 22/06/1824 Thomas SKEET Single   Mary COATS Single  
43 07/09/1824 Henry KEER Single Parham Sarah LARGENT Single  
44 10/10/1824 George MATTAN Single   Rachel OWLES Single  
45 27/12/1824 Richard NORRISS Single Orford Lydia MATTEN Single  
46 01/02/1825 William FRENCH Single   Martha SMITH Single  
47 17/02/1825 George SMITH Single   Mary ALDHOUS Single Little Glemham
48 30/05/1825 James CLOW Single   Mary LAST Single  
49 27/09/1825 James YOUNGMAN Single   Elizabeth KING Single  
50 17/11/1825 Samuel WEBBER Single   Sarah BRIGHTWELL Single  
51 01/06/1826 Richard CARR Single   Maria MATTEN Single  
52 08/02/1827 William MINTER Single   Rebecca WRIGHT Single Woodbridge
53 14/10/1827 William KING Single   Jemima MILLS Single  
54 09/12/1827 Edward MATTON Single   Mary KNIGHTS Single  
55 17/07/1828 James MATTEN Single   Elizabeth BLOISE Single  
56 01/04/1829 John SHIP Widower   Louisa BLOCK Single  
57 12/07/1829 John MEADOWS Single   Elizabeth QUINTON Single  
58 04/10/1829 John DAMMANT Single   Mary GRAY Single  
59 07/12/1829 Abraham POOLEY Single Barrow Sarah ALDOUS Single  
60 02/05/1830 William SMITH Single   Mary YOUNGMAN Single  
61 30/11/1830 Robert CLOW Widower   Margaret FLORRY Widow  
62 13/01/1831 James NICHOLS Single   Sarah JAY Single  
63 01/04/1831 Jonathan CLOW Single   Hannah LAST Single  
64 23/07/1831 Francis CLOW Single   Sarah BLOISE Single  
65 27/11/1831 William Woods NICHOLS Widower   Martha HILL Widow  
66 04/01/1832 George BUTCHER Widower Chelsea, Middlesex Ann BENSON Single  
67 11/06/1832 Jacob ROUSE Single   Mary Ann HAMMOND Single  
68 12/10/1832 Stephen FARROW Single   Mary SCARLETT Single Campsea Ashe
69 22/10/1832 James GRAY Single   Mary BROOM Single  
70 15/09/1834 Jeremiah FURNISH Single Otley Mary Anne WARDLEY Single  
71 12/10/1834 Richard BLOICE Single   Rachel AVIS Single  
72 14/10/1834 Thomas KNIGHTS Single   Sarah FRANCIS Widow  
73 06/08/1835 Benjamin STANNARD Single   Louisa MANNALL Single  
74 21/12/1835 George GRAY Single   Martha LAST Single  
75 25/12/1835 Robert WALKER Widower Pettistree Hannah ALDEN Single  
76 07/02/1836 William BUCKE Single Cretingham Eleanor MANNALL   Brandeston
77 03/04/1836 John BAILEY Single Tunstall Mary Ann BIRT Single  
78 15/12/1836 Samuel DAMMANT Single   Mary Ann ROBINSON Single  
79 27/03/1837 John HATCHER Single   Sarah NICHOLS Single  
80 23/04/1837 James BALDRY Widower   Maria CLOW Widow  

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