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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Onehouse St John the Baptist


The Parish

The parish of Onehouse lies in central Suffolk about 2 miles west of the market town of Stowmarket. Onehouse, not quite aptly named as there are more than one, is a scattered settlement with not clear village centre in lanes to the north of the B1115 road which links Stowmarket to Hadleigh. Onehouse consists of a scatter of farms and cottages loosely grouped around the hall & church. This grouping is usually indicative of a "closed parish" whereby the local lord controlled the majority of the land and no proper village resulted due to restrictions on who could move in. The area around Onehouse is almost totally arable and would probably have been so during the period of this transcript as this is good fertile soil. Onehouse sits on a low ridge at about 60 metres above sea level, to its south is the valley of a tributary of the River Gipping and most drainage is headed thus and ultimately to the North Sea through Ipswich. Suffolk rural parishes are generally small and Onehouse was a small one for that breed, at only 800 acres it would still have supported almost 300 parishioners. In Domesday time Onehouse was held between no fewer than 4 separate landholders with one Ranulf Peverel being the largest. The parish supported 6 ploughs as well as having meadows and woodland.

The Church

St John the Baptist church lies at the end of a winding roughly surfaced lane and is accessed from the north from the lane that connects Harleston to Stowmarket. Strangely for a church with early evidence Pevsner gives it only a brief mention. The tower is the earliest feature, a round tower is usually so indicative, and gives it a Norman date. The nave is slightly later and in the Early English style, the chancel is a Victorian rebuild. For those not in the know, the church is unsigned from the above mentioned lane and it takes a brave man to set off on the winding lane across farmland to reach the church. Once there a parking space allows relief, the churchyard is bordered by mature hedges and the building lies almost hidden within, a gap in the hedge gives access to the graveyard where views open up and are not unduly restricted.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 16th September 1754 - 2nd November 1812 Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference - FB214/D/1/6
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 19th April 1813 - 24th March 1837 Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference - FB214/D/1/7 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Shelland King Charles the Martyr
Harleston St Augustine
Stowmarket St Peter & St Mary
Buxhall St Mary
Stowmarket St Peter & St Mary
Buxhall St Mary
Great Finborough St Andrew
Great Finborough St Andrew

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 16/09/1754 Stephen MANFIELD Single Mendlesham Elizabeth WEESSE Single  
4 01/11/1756 John HACKFELL Single Great Finborough Betilly OSBORN Single  
5 02/11/1756 John POOL Single   Elizabeth CHAPLAIN Single  
6 17/10/1757 John TAYLOR Single   Martha CLAXTON Single  
7 28/01/1760 William GREEN Single   Elizabeth UNDERWOOD Single  
8 05/02/1760 Edmund OSBORNE Single   Rachael STREET Single  
9 03/11/1760 John TAYLOR Single   Catharine DOWNING Single  
10 02/12/1760 Abraham JORDAN Single   Sarah ALLEN Single  
11 04/12/1760 John PEARL Single   Elizabeth OFFWOOD Single  
13 22/02/1762 Francis BUMPSTEAD Single   Anne WILLIAMS Single  
15 09/02/1764 Benjamin STERN Widower   Susan TAYLOR Single  
18 25/02/1765 Henry WHISTLE Widower   Elizabeth GOODCHILD Single  
19 04/02/1766 Charles HUBBARD Single Buxhall Anna WILDING Single  
20 13/12/1766 William GIRT     Mary JARMYN    
22 01/01/1768 Jonathan DIAPER Single   Mary CALLOW Single  
26 07/01/1769 William SKINNER Single Stowupland Mary LYAS Single  
28 26/02/1770 James CARTER Widower   Mary MANNING Single  
29 05/08/1771 Jonathan GAME     Elizabeth GAME    
30 11/10/1771 Thomas JACOB Widower   Hannah WHISTLE Single  
31 21/01/1772 John HAWKINS Single Great Stambridge, Essex Mary WELLS Single  
32 26/12/1775 John PARKINTON Single   Mary WILKINS Single  
33 30/01/1776 Jonathan SALMON Single Stowmarket Mary BAKER Single  
34 05/02/1776 Thomas STOCKEY Single Great Finborough Bridget SPARROW Single  
35 09/10/1776 Nathaniel GREENGRASS     Sarah CURTIS    
36 23/12/1776 Issac ELY Widower   Sarah WILLIAMS Single  
37 13/01/1777 William EDWARDS Single   Susanna RAMPLY Single  
38 15/12/1777 John BARNES Single   Hannah BACON Single  
39 26/02/1778 William PARKINGTON Single   Elizabeth DOWNING Single  
40 18/11/1778 Thomas CALLOW Single   Frances SPARROW Single  
41 18/11/1778 Thomas SPARROW Single   Susan FOLKARD Single Bildeston
42 09/03/1779 Simon FROST Widower   Mary RACE Single Rattlesden
43 12/09/1779 Charles BAKER Widower   Mary DRAKE Single  
44 26/10/1779 William BELLMAN Single   Hannah GREYGOOSE   St Mary, Bury St Edmunds
45 01/12/1779 Daniel JEWERS Single Felsham Mary WHISSELL Single  
46 11/10/1780 John MINGAY Single   Mary SOUTHGATE Single  
47 26/12/1780 John BARCE Single   Mary FROST Widow  
48 10/10/1781 George BAKER Widower Wetherden Elizabeth HARRISON Single  
50 21/11/1781 Henry WOODS Single   Ann PRENTICE Single  
51 21/10/1782 Thomas PARKINGTON Single   Elizabeth WILDING Single  
52 04/12/1782 William WELLS Widower   Ann WRIGHT Single  
53 17/12/1783 William GROOM Widower   Elizabeth COE Single  
54 25/10/1784 Edward AMES Single St Margaret, Ipswich Deborah MANNING Single  
55 06/12/1784 William SKINNER Widower   Ann ENEFER Widow  
56 01/01/1785 Robert SMYTH Single St Margaret, Ipswich Mary SCASE Single  
57 06/02/1785 Francis BAKER Widower   Margaret LAWRENCE Single  
58 14/02/1785 John SMITH Single Stowmarket Sarah LAWRENCE Single  
59 28/08/1786 William STEFF Widower   Susan JORDAN Single  
60 04/11/1786 John STEGGALS Single Great Finborough Elizabeth RODGERS Single  
61 16/10/1787 John MANFIELD Single Shelland Mary BUMPSTEAD Single  
62 03/12/1787 Robert BRETT Single Shelland Anna EDWARDS Single  
64 05/04/1788 Thomas ROUT Single   Margaret EDGAR Widow  
65 24/07/1788 Robert RUST Widower Cockfield Rachael CALLOW Widow  
66 27/10/1788 Francis MAYHEW Widower Combs Elizabeth EDWARDS Single  
67 28/11/1789 Robert POLE Single   Rany WARNE Single  
68 11/01/1790 James WILDEN Widower   Hannah BELMAN Widow  
69 10/09/1790 Edmund GOODCHILD Single   Ann WISSEL Single  
70 28/09/1790 John TRICKER Single   Elizabeth RADE Single  
71 01/11/1790 Richard SPARROW Single   Mary WOODS Single  
72 06/11/1790 Bowls SKIPPENS Single   Lucy DEATH Single  
73 10/07/1792 Robert SERGANT Single   Ann ROBINSON Single  
74 11/02/1793 Daniel EGER Single Haughley Mary CROSS Single  
75 28/10/1793 John EDWARDS Single   Mary CARR Single  
76 24/12/1793 Ambrose STEGGALS Single   Mary DENT Widow  
77 17/03/1794 John BROOK Single   Ann DOWNING Single  
78 09/06/1794 William KNIGHTS Single Haughley Ann KEEBLE Single  
79 09/10/1794 William MITCHELL Widower Woolpit Elizabeth SHRIMPLING Single  
80 05/11/1794 William DIAPER Single   Susan HUNT Single  
81 13/11/1795 Roger BOLDERO Single   Deborah POOLE Single  
82 22/01/1796 Thomas LYAS Single   Elizabeth EDWARDS Single  
83 23/05/1796 William MAY Single   Bridget STOCKEY Single  
84 07/06/1796 Thomas BUXTON Widower   Sarah FULLER Single  
85 10/10/1796 Charles WRIGHT Single   Elizabeth WICKS Single  
86 20/02/1797 John EASTLING Single Stowmarket Martha COLE Single  
05/06/1797 John CODD Single   Catharine ENEFER Single  
07/11/1797 John TAYLOR Single   Christian SCARF Single  
16/03/1798 John GREEN Single   Elizabeth DIAPER Single  
09/04/1798 Paul MILLS Widower   Mary STEGGALS Widow  
07/07/1798 John VINSON Widower   Alice PENDALL    
14/11/1798 John HUNYBALL Single St Mary Magdalene, Colchester, Essex Elizabeth SCARF Single  
18/07/1799 William COBBAL Widower   Hannah BARNES Widow  
17/09/1799 William BURROUGHS Single   Martha WARNER Single  
04/11/1799 Robert SCARF Single   Sarah ADAMS Single  
04/11/1799 Zechariah MOYES Single   Dilley EDWARDS Single  
13/04/1800 James CLAXSON Single   Mary OFFORD Single  
25/07/1800 Francis SPARROW Single   Sarah PACK Single  
01/12/1800 James EDWARDS Single   Elizabeth EVERETT    
07/05/1801 George BLOMFIELD     Elizabeth WELLS    
24/05/1801 Abraham STEFF Single   Sarah CURNALL Single Hitcham
30/08/1801 Simon MOTHERSOLE Widower   Hannah COE Single  
04/10/1801 Morris BIRD Single   Susan GUNNEL Single Great Finborough
29/06/1802 William PULFORD Widower   Charlotte TRICKER Widow  
15/02/1803 William GREENGRASS Single   Ann DIAPER Single  
01/06/1803 William GRAY Single Levington Sarah SILLET Single  
18/10/1803 John CRACKNELL Single   Sarah HONEYBALL Single  
02/01/1804 Richard COCKSEDGE Single Bacton Elizabeth CORBOULD Single  
22/05/1804 Daniel HUXALL     Mary PEGG    
27/06/1804 Balls SKEPPING Widower   Lucretia GIRT    
16/08/1804 Francis SPARROW Widower   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
29/09/1804 Thomas PARKINGTON Single   Elizabeth DUNHAM    
12/10/1804 William EDWARDS Single   Eunice BORLEY    
11/11/1804 Martin SCARF Widower   Honour MAWL    
23/04/1805 John SCARFF Single   Sarah HUNNEBALL Single  
04/11/1805 John CAGE Single   Mary Anne HUKE    
21/07/1806 Simon CODD Widower   Elizabeth DEATH Single  
08/12/1806 Edward ROPER Widower   Elizabeth GROOM Widow  
08/03/1808 William DANSEY Single   Bridget EDWARDS    
02/05/1808 John SHELDRAKE Widower   Sarah SCARF    
20/03/1809 James DIAPER Single   Elizabeth BROWN    
25/12/1809 James BRAY     Grace HUNNIBAL    
29/01/1810 Richard RAMPLING   Little Horkesley, Essex Anne HUNNIBAL    
05/11/1810 John EDWARDS     Elizabeth ROGERS    
05/11/1810 Thomas SPARROW     Jemima EDWARDS    
14/11/1810 Thomas ABBOT Single Great Finborough Mary WORNE Single  
10/06/1811 Jeptha EDWARDS     Maria NUNN Single  
18/03/1812 Jonathan STOCKINGS     Susan EDWARDS Single  
03/04/1812 William BARNES     Elizabeth REEVE    
02/11/1812 Thomas BARKER Widower   Anne GRAY Single  
02/11/1812 James KEEBELL Widower   Charlotte PULFORD Widow  
1 19/04/1813 Edward PURKIS Single   Hannah DURRANT Single  
2 09/08/1813 John ROGERS Single   Sarah BARKER Single Stowmarket
3 12/10/1813 James BIRD Single   Judith SCARF Single  
4 08/11/1813 William JARROLD Single   Mary PAMMENTON Single  
5 31/01/1814 John JAMES     Elizabeth HAXEL    
6 07/03/1814 Zacheriah SCRULEY Single   Sarah PULFORT Single  
7 10/10/1814 Edward PURKES Widower   Susan HONEYBALL Single  
8 20/02/1815 John BANTICK Widower   Mary KING Single  
9 20/03/1815 William CALLOW   Harleston Catharine PARKINGTON    
10 01/04/1816 John EATON     Maria TRICKER    
11 29/04/1816 John SCOGING Widower   Mary CLOW Single  
12 19/08/1816 Jeremiah ROSIER Widower   Elizabeth WINK Single  
13 17/10/1816 William STEFF Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
14 17/03/1817 William HAMMOND Widower   Maria HALL Single  
15 21/04/1817 Richard FULCHER Widower   Elizabeth LAST Single  
16 05/05/1817 Samuel BURROWS Widower   Maria OTTERWAY Single  
17 16/06/1817 George BARNARD Single   Mary JACOB Single  
18 21/07/1817 George BYE   Barking Elizabeth DENT    
19 15/08/1817 James SMITH   Henley Anne SADLER Single  
20 30/09/1817 Robert FISHER   Tostock Herman CLOVER    
21 31/12/1817 Robert LAWRENCE Single Redgrave Maria CALEY Single  
22 12/01/1818 John JACKAMAN Single   Susan LYAS Single  
23 01/05/1818 Edward STRINGER   Norton Rebecca DENNY    
24 18/08/1818 James JEFFERY Single   Ann FISHER Single  
25 30/08/1818 John SCOGGINS Single   Mary DIAPER Single  
27 29/09/1818 Zacheriah FRIEND Single   Susan PARKINGTON Single  
28 13/10/1818 John WHITING Single   Mary WILDEN Single  
29 13/02/1819 James MOYE Single   Mary BANNETT Single Thurston
30 12/04/1819 Jonathan WRIGHT Widower   Jane EATON Single  
31 03/05/1819 Robert PEGG Single   Mary HANNIBAL Single  
32 30/07/1819 William ABBOTT Single   Anne SCARFF Widow  
33 23/11/1819 Isaac MORE   Buxhall Ann SYER    
34 13/12/1819 James WRIGHT     Elizabeth WARD    
35 29/12/1819 Samuel FILBY   St Margaret, Ipswich Mary Ann FRIEND    
36 14/03/1820 Zacheriah MATTOCK   Shelland Susan SCARFF    
37 20/02/1822 James LANHAM Single   Mary GREEN Single  
38 05/11/1822 William PARKER Single Baylham Mary Ann JAMES Single  
39 26/02/1823 Thomas REDWOOD     Harriet MOSS    
40 05/05/1823 Edward PARKER Single   Esther BARLOW Single  
41 20/05/1823 George COE Single   Elizabeth CODD Single  
42 28/07/1823 Robert PEGG Single   Elizabeth GIRT Single  
43 24/09/1823 Samuel BURMAN   Great Finborough Charlotte PARISH    
44 13/10/1823 Edward BOYLEY Widower   Judith RANSON Widow  
45 13/10/1823 Samuel PEGG     Mary BROWN Single  
46 03/11/1823 Samuel SOUTHGATE Single   Hannah NICE   Cockfield
47 01/12/1823 William SCARF     Louisa EDWARDS    
48 08/01/1824 John GARNHAM   Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Elizabeth Sparke EDGAR    
49 14/06/1824 George SOUTHGATE Widower   Elizabeth GARRARD Widow  
50 13/07/1824 Samuel BAKER Widower   Mary Ann Young PEGG Single  
51 06/10/1824 John GOSLING Single Great Finborough Ann EDWARDS Single  
52 18/10/1824 Thomas MANNING Widower   Ann DITTON Widow  
53 03/01/1825 Robert WILLIAMS Single   Mary STOCKING Single  
54 31/01/1825 James CODD Single   Sophia BLUNDELL Single  
55 04/04/1825 Samuel PEGG     Ann BOWEY    
56 11/08/1825 John BUCKLE Single   Sarah HEMPSTEAD Single  
57 06/12/1825 James POOLE Single   Mary SQUIRRELL Single  
58 26/12/1825 Thomas CATCHPOLE Single   Sarah RIGHT Single  
59 17/10/1826 William HUFFEY Single Rattlesden Ann MAYHEW Single  
60 25/12/1826 Benjamin CODD     Phebe KEEBLE    
61 27/12/1826 Edward PURR     Martha HEARN    
62 05/04/1827 Thomas GLADWELL   Rattlesden Mary GOWERS    
63 01/01/1828 Charles DIAPER Single   Catharine MOYE Single  
64 27/10/1828 Charles CODD Single   Ann WRIGHT Single  
65 25/12/1828 John MOSS Single   Mary LYAS Single  
66 31/12/1828 Isaac FELGATE Single   Elizabeth DIAPER Single  
67 29/09/1829 William SADDLER Widower   Mary DURANT Single Stowupland
68 27/10/1829 George DIAPER Single   Sarah SPARROW Single  
69 21/11/1829 William HAXELL Single Battisford Mary HART    
70 31/05/1830 Joseph RAFFE Widower   Judith BIRD Widow  
71 08/12/1830 Morris BIRD     Lydia DOWNING    
72 20/12/1830 John BRADLEY   Great Finborough Susan BIRD    
73 24/02/1831 Samuel SMITH Single Barking Martha PEGG Single  
74 29/05/1831 Thomas RICHES   St Peter, Ipswich Susan RAMSBOTTOM    
75 08/08/1831 Minter GRAYHAM Single   Mary GATES Single  
76 17/07/1832 Charles DIAPER Widower   Judith BORLEY Widow  
77 30/10/1832 John GREENGRASS Single   Jemima SHEPHERD Single  
78 13/11/1832 James RISSON Single Lackford Maria ORRIS Single  
79 23/01/1833 James CRACKNELL     Charlotte CLARK   Stowmarket
80 15/03/1833 Daniel GREENGRASS Single   Avice JARROLD Single  
81 04/04/1833 John PARKESON Single   Harriet BRADLEY Single  
82 08/04/1833 Charles SPARROW Single   Rachel NEVILLE   Stowmarket
83 03/06/1833 Charles MOYES Single Stowmarket Herman DANCEY Single  
84 05/08/1833 Robert EDWARDS Single   Margaret FOORDHAM Single  
85 03/11/1834 George GREENGRASS Single   Eliza NUNN Single Harleston
86 06/05/1835 James RILEY Single   Elizabeth THORNS Single  
87 09/06/1835 Samuel PEGG Widower   Mary SHELDRAKE Widow  
88 27/06/1836 Daniel GARROD Single Combs Mary HAXEL Single  
89 01/11/1836 William GREENGRASS Widower   Sarah BALDEN Single Combs
90 02/12/1836 Robert BARKER Single Stowmarket Elizabeth STOCKING Single  
91 24/03/1837 William HAYWARD Single   Sarah CRACKNELL Single  

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