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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Rendlesham St Gregory


The Parish

The parish of Rendlesham is located in southeastern Suffolk close to its North Sea coast. The parish is located in the valley of the River Deben about 4 miles northeast of the market town and port of Woodbridge. Rendlesham is sited close by and along the busy A1152 road which links Woodbridge with the Bentwaters Air Base. The former World War II airfield dominates the eastern part of Rendlesham parish and is the main employer in the parish. The village has been much added to by airforce housing, the original centre having been superseded by that on the A1152. Rendlesham parish, formerly one dominated by pastures and warrenries is now a mixture of arable farming and forestry growing on the light sandy soils. Rendlesham Forest is nowadays a large recreational area as well as a resource for timber. Sited just to the east of the River Deben Rendlesham prefers to keep its feet dry being about 15 metres above sea level and 10 above the river level, the edges of the valley have extensive grazing marshes which add to the area's varied land use. The parish area is approximately 2,000 acres and this supported a population of around 320 parishioners. In Domesday times the land was held by Gilbert de Coleville and supported a mere 3 ploughs.

The Church

St Gregory's church is sited adjacent to Ash Lane a minor road which heads from the A1152 northwards towards Campsea Ashe. The church has a rather splendidly tall western tower which has been dated to the Decorated period, a rather early date for a Suffolk church. The nave and chancel, however, are clearly Perpendicular and were clearly built during the great church building period of eastern Britain. The church sits in a fairly open setting despite the many trees to the east and north. The graveyard has a two rail fence segregating it from the road and access is through a pair of wooden gates at the southern end.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 10th February 1755 - 28th July 1783 Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference - FC173/D/1/6
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 3rd February 1784 - 16th October 1812 Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference - FC173/D/1/7 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
3 13th October 1813 - 12th November 1836 Suffolk Record Office - Ipswich - Reference - FC173/D/1/8 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Campsea Ashe St John the Baptist
Campsea Ashe St John the Baptist
Campsea Ashe St John the Baptist
Pettistree St Peter & St Paul
Eyke All Saints
Tunstall St Michael
Wantisden St John
Eyke All Saints
Eyke All Saints
Wantisden St John

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 10/02/1755 John RACUM Single   Elizabeth GREENLEAF Single  
10/10/1756 William BROWN   Wantisden Sarah MARGORAM Single  
12/12/1756 Edmund BAKER   Wickham Market Martha PICKSTONE Single  
17/01/1757 Robert MARKUM Single Sudbourne Ann DAMONT Single  
28/03/1758 John BOON Single   Deborah MILLS Single  
03/08/1760 Henry ASTON Single Boyton Elizabeth DAMANT Single  
16/02/1762 Daniel PRATT Single Eyke Ann MANTHROP Single  
16/06/1763 Rowland WIDBEY Widower   Mary DAMONT Single  
28/05/1765 Timothy UTTON Single Tunstall Jane BROWN Single  
07/10/1765 Joseph FARROW Single   Margaret NAPPIT Single  
26/12/1765 William SMITH Single   Mary HUNT Single  
02/06/1767 Francis RICHES Widower   Mary PETTIT Single  
13/10/1768 Samuel BARTHROP   Marlesford Elizabeth SHEMMING Single  
15/08/1771 Robert NICHOLS Single Sutton Rachel BOULTON Single  
27/10/1772 John WARREN Single   Lydia TANNER Single  
10/11/1772 William LOCK Single   Elizabeth GREENLEAFE Single  
21/02/1775 Nathaniel CHANDLER   Campsea Ashe Ann LEVETT Single  
29/07/1775 Henry CLOUTON   Hollesley Mary GEIFFER Single  
26/12/1775 Richard BROOK Single   Elizabeth FOX Single  
19/02/1776 Joshua LAWS   Butley Susannah HAYWARD Single  
07/10/1776 Francis JACKSON Single   Mary SIMPSON Single  
16/10/1776 Richard LEVETT Widower   Susanna GARRET Single  
21/02/1777 John CARVER Single Ufford Elizabeth HERON Single  
27/06/1777 William CLOUGH Single Melton Elizabeth MOBBS Single  
07/09/1777 Thomas COOK Single Woodbridge Sarah KERRIDGE Single  
10/10/1777 John KNIGHTS Single   Rachel DANIELS Single  
27/07/1779 William REEVES Single   Elizabeth GROSS Single Tunstall
23/11/1779 Henry FISK Single   Sarah GAFFER Single  
27/07/1780 William LOCKE Widower   Alice MOUNTON Widow  
07/11/1780 Samuel SIMPSON Single   Sarah BUTTON Single  
28/07/1783 William POLLARD Single   Susan REED Single  
1 03/02/1784 James JENNENS Single Tunstall Elizabeth BETTS Single  
2 05/10/1784 Philip DIKES Single Pettistree Elizabeth GROSS Single  
3 18/01/1785 Robert KERRIDGE Single   Anne READ Single  
4 17/01/1786 Samuel CLOUTEN Widower   Margaret PIPE Single  
5 26/09/1786 Jonathan TILLS Single Melton Elizabeth GALL Single  
6 27/08/1787 John SKEET Single Ufford Martha WHITMAN Single  
7 02/10/1787 William HEFFER Single Hacheston Margaret WOODS Single  
8 15/10/1787 James BETTS Widower   Elizabeth BOLTON Single  
9 16/10/1787 Nathaniel BARTHROPP Single Hacheston Mary GROSS Single  
10 01/12/1788 William CLAXTON Single   Lucy GIRLING Single  
11 02/03/1790 John JACKSON Single   Sarah CRESSY Single  
12 18/09/1791 John SMYTH Single   Martha JAY Single  
13 09/10/1791 Matthias EADE Single   Mary MOSS Single  
14 11/10/1791 John WHITMAN Single Chillesford Martha CROWFOOT Single  
15 09/02/1792 William FRIEND Single   Maria SMITH Single  
16 27/04/1792 John GROSS Single Woodbridge Sarah GROSS Single  
17 04/12/1792 Nathan BUTCHER Single   Mary BENNETT Single  
18 05/02/1793 Charles PYATT Single   Elizabeth HARSENT Single  
19 11/04/1793 John BLOCK Single Sudbourne Elizabeth GREEN Single  
20 20/06/1793 Robert BENNINGTON Single Ufford Margaret GROSS Single  
21 15/10/1793 Henry CLARKE Single   Mary PIKE Single  
22 17/02/1795 Francis BUTLER Single Tunstall Jane DAWSON Single  
23 26/05/1795 John GIRLING Single   Jemima STEBBINGS Single  
24 06/03/1796 William CATTON Single   Lydia HOLMES Single  
25 06/03/1796 Jeffery TRICKER Single   Elizabeth REEVE Widow  
26 04/12/1796 Samuel BROOKS Widower   Sarah MARJORAM Single  
27 06/12/1796 Joshua LAWES Widower   Margaret MARJORAM Widow  
28 13/12/1796 Ellis BOBBY Single Boyton Sarah NAPPET Single  
29 09/07/1797 John LOCKE Single   Rebekah MOWER Single  
30 12/10/1797 John FORSGATE Single   Mary MOSELY Single  
31 16/11/1797 Joseph ASTON Single   Margaret FARROW Single  
32 11/10/1798 Noah BENHAM Single   Elizabeth MAY Single  
33 23/10/1798 William SIMPSON Single   Anne GROSS Single  
34 03/11/1799 Henry BENHAM Single   Elizabeth STANARD Single  
35 07/04/1800 Francis NICKHOLS Single   Elizabeth HOWSE Single  
29/05/1800 Samuel STANNARD Single   Mary GLADDEN Widow  
36 10/03/1801 John BALDWIN Single Tunstall Mary BARRIOTT Single  
37 07/04/1801 James FITCH Single Tunstall Elizabeth WRIGHT Single  
38 08/02/1803 Thomas WARD Single   Maria COOPER Single  
39 14/07/1803 Samuel SIMPSON Single   Elizabeth WATSON Single  
40 18/05/1804 Robert FISK Widower   Sophia BURMAN Single  
41 22/05/1804 Samuel LOCK Single   Ann ROUT Single  
42 18/09/1804 John FROSDICK Widower   Elizabeth PIKE Single  
43 12/10/1804 Stephen SMITH Single   Margaret READ Single  
44 26/12/1804 Daniel BRIDGES Single   Susan PHILPOTT Single  
45 17/01/1805 Fenn SHEARING Single   Elizabeth BARTHROP Single  
46 26/05/1806 Robert GOOCH Single   Sarah CRAWFORD Single  
47 25/08/1806 Robert HOWS Widower   Sarah GREEN Widow  
48 11/11/1806 William KNOT Single   Elizabeth HANTON Single  
49 19/07/1807 Thomas JENNINGS Single   Anne TIDMAN Single  
50 12/10/1807 William SAUNDERS Single Blaxhall Mary FOREMAN Single  
51 03/02/1808 George SCULFER Single   Ann KNAPP Single  
52 12/05/1808 James PIKE Single   Maria LAMBERT Single  
53 31/05/1808 William TIBBENHAM Single   Sarah ROUTE Single  
54 08/11/1808 Samuel PULHAM Single   Mary SMITH Single  
55 15/11/1808 Jeremiah SCOPES Widower   Mary MILLAR Single  
56 12/10/1809 Enoch WALE Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
57 25/09/1810 John EDWARDS Single Cretingham Anna CRISP Single  
57 21/03/1811 Edward LODEN Single Woodbridge Elizabeth FREEMAN Single  
58 02/09/1811 Joseph LOCK Single   Sarah PAWSEY Single  
59 16/10/1812 William FORDER Single   Sarah FREEMAN Single  
1 13/10/1813 Edward LION Single   Mary COOPER Widow Butley
2 31/10/1814 John LEACH Single St Margaret, Ipswich Elizabeth GRIFFER Single  
3 09/01/1815 John CHASTON Single Peasenhall Mary DENNY Single  
4 15/10/1815 William MOORE Widower   Mary Ann KNAVE    
5 26/05/1817 John GOODALL Single Bredfield Lucy BAULL Single  
6 27/05/1817 John TIBENHAM Single   Lucy LOCK Single  
7 25/12/1817 Joseph WOOLNOUGH Single Tunstall Susan GIBBS Single  
8 17/03/1818 Benjamin FISK Single   Margaret AUSTIN Single  
9 20/04/1818 Thomas CLOW Single   Lucy CLUTTERING Single  
10 01/02/1820 John KERRIDGE Single   Rebecca LOCK Single  
11 10/04/1820 James KEMP Single   Kesia FRIEND Single  
12 12/10/1820 John SMYE Single Chillesford Lucy GRIFFER Single  
13 15/10/1821 John LENNARD Single Melton Elizabeth ALDIS Single  
14 23/06/1822 William GUNN Single   Charlotte LINCOLN Single  
15 13/10/1823 Robert JACKAMAN Single   Hannah CATTON Single  
16 19/04/1824 John WRIGHT Single   Elizabeth NICHOLS Single  
17 07/06/1824 John LINCOLN Single   Dorcas FAIRHEAD Single  
18 06/09/1824 George REEVE Single   Mary ESLING Single  
19 16/11/1824 John REEVE Single   Hephzibah WRIGHT Single  
20 02/12/1824 Joseph KERRIDGE Single   Martha DENNY Single  
21 23/05/1825 William LARRITT Single   Sarah MILLS Single  
22 25/09/1825 William LINCOLN Single   Frances COOPER Single  
23 07/11/1826 Abraham FOSDICK Single   Mary DAMANT Single  
24 20/02/1827 John LARRETT Widower Campsea Ashe Mary DURRANT Single  
25 16/07/1827 William KING Single   Laetitia GRIFFER Single  
26 08/06/1829 William PRETTY Single   Mary BUTCHER Single  
27 05/07/1829 William CLOUTING Single   Mary GIRLING Single  
28 12/10/1829 Abraham FOSDICK Widower   Sarah MILLER Single  
29 19/10/1829 Robert JAQUES Single   Anne CONE Single  
30 31/10/1829 Robert PATTLE Single   Elizabeth SHIMING Single  
31 09/07/1831 George RACKHAM   Wickham Market Jane HEARN    
32 12/10/1831 Edward FRIEND     Hannah HOWE    
33 27/12/1831 Philip RACKHAM   Campsea Ashe Jemima JARRETT    
34 01/03/1832 Philip BENHAM     Ann MAY    
35 10/04/1832 Edward BUTCHER   Campsea Ashe Sarah MARY    
36 12/11/1832 William FISK   Eyke Naomi LOCKE    
37 13/01/1833 Thomas WARD Widower   Lydia CATTON Single  
38 09/07/1833 Joseph FROST Single   Elizabeth AUSTIN Single  
39 16/07/1833 Richard FRIEND Single Tunstall Martha FOSDIKE Single  
40 21/07/1833 Robert BOON     Elizabeth JENNINGS    
41 06/10/1833 Crisp KING     Margaret PACKARD    
42 25/10/1833 John BARKER   Wickham Market Elizabeth FAIRHEAD    
43 15/04/1834 William AUSTIN Single   Harriot GRAY Single  
44 09/05/1834 Thomas SALES     Jemima RACKHAM   Tunstall
45 07/07/1835 William GIBSON Widower Tunstall Eliza CLOUTING Single  
46 08/11/1835 Elias DENNY     Sarah Ann CABLE    
47 03/02/1836 Thomas JENNINGS     Matilda WARD    
48 11/09/1836 Isaac FRIEND     Lydia GAMMAGE    
49 12/11/1836 Joseph FISK   Eyke Sarah HOWE    

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