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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Stanstead St James


The Parish

The parish of Stanstead lies in southwestern Suffolk just a short distance from its border with neighbouring Essex. Stanstead is located roughly 6 miles north of the market town of Sudbury and sits, in lanes, just east of the B1066 road which meanders its way north from Sudbury towards Bury St Edmunds. Stanstead is a rather spread out settlement with a presence along the B1066 and properties lining the lane leading to the village's heart where a Y shaped junction nominally forms the village centre.  Like most rural parishes in its county the principal economy was engaged in arable farming all that has changed is that today the fields are perhaps larger to accommodate the machinery used to intensify production. A small stream feeds from the parish the short distance to the River Glem which in turn meets the Stour at the county border, heading first south and then east the Stour reaches the North Sea through the joint ports of Harwich & Felixstowe. Stanstead is sited at between 40 & 70 metres above the sea, the lower parts on the B road the higher being the village's centre, land continues to rise, more gently, to the north to reach a local height of 93 metres. Suffolk has many small parishes and Stanstead was no exception, covering just under 1,200 acres it would have supported a population of close to 400 parishioners. In Domesday times Stanstead was a fairly small place, held by Hugh de Montfort it could offer just 5 ploughs, the usual meadows & woodland and had a mill.

The Church

St James' church lies close to the main junction of the village but tucked away behind fronting properties to the west. The church is a fairly typical example of a building constructed during the 14th century and displaying the changing architectural styles of that century. The western tower shows lancet windows but Pevsner indicates these are a throw back to the prior Early English Gothic style, the tower and the northern and chancel doorways are otherwise Decorated in style. The remainder is from the latter half of the 14th century and Perpendicular in style, the whole probably representing a continuous build over the decades. For once Pevsner doesn't mention an extensive Victorian restoration so if one occurred it was light and sensitive. Parking should be sought along Upper Street from where a track leads southwestwards to the churchyard after 100 yards or so. Once within there are few obstacles to photography allowing good views to be had.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
9th September 1754 - 30th June 1812
Suffolk Record Office - Bury St Edmunds - Reference -
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads
2 11th January 1813 - 2nd June 1837 Suffolk Record Office - Bury St Edmunds - Reference -
Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Boxted Holy Trinity
Boxted Holy Trinity
Shimpling St George
Boxted Holy Trinity
Glemsford St Mary
Long Melford Holy Trinity
Glemsford St Mary
Glemsford St Mary
Long Melford Holy Trinity
Long Melford Holy Trinity

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 09/09/1754 Martin HALSTED Single Hartest Ann GALLANT Single
2 15/09/1754 Thomas NELSON Single Elizabeth GALLANT Single
3 11/10/1754 Andrew GALLANT Single Long Melford Ann WRIGHT Single
4 29/10/1754 John TAYLOR Single Ann CRISP Single
5 04/05/1755 William LEE Single Boxted Mary FROST Single
6 01/06/1755 Richard BAINE Single Elizabeth MORTLOCK Single
7 24/02/1756 William TURPIN Single Birdbrook, Essex Mary GREEN Single
8 05/10/1756 Job PAINE Single Somerton Mary GOWERS Single
9 02/11/1756 Samuel LONG Single Hannah FROST Single
10 20/02/1757 Richard HATCH Bocking, Essex Dorcas SMITH
11 07/04/1757 Edward WATSON Single Elizabeth CADGE Single
12 17/05/1757 Thomas ADAMS Single Hawkedon Hannah GOWERS Single
13 27/02/1759 James LEEKS Single Hannah GALLANT Single
14 08/04/1760 John GLEMSFORD Single Sarah GALLANT Single
15 23/12/1760 Thomas RICE Long Melford Mary BREWSTER
16 03/02/1761 Benjamin HENNALLS Single Susan JAGGARD Single
17 17/04/1762 Thomas UNGLES Single Hadleigh Elizabeth MARJORAM Single
18 31/05/1762 James DICKERSON Widower Hartest Mary PONDER Widow
19 11/08/1762 Isaac BROWN Single Elizabeth NELSON Single
20 25/10/1762 John RUSH Single Elizabeth TWEED Single
21 09/11/1762 John FISHER Single Ann WOOD Single
22 24/05/1763 Thomas RAMPLIN Single Sarah HOW Single
23 03/04/1764 Thomas NICE Widower Elizabeth HALE Single
24 06/08/1764 Anthony JARMIN Single Mary NICE Single
25 07/08/1764 Michael GARWOOD Single Elizabeth WEBB Single
26 13/05/1765 Samuel TIFFEN Single Susan MURTON Single
27 07/10/1766 Joseph PRIKE Single All Saints, Sudbury Alice ROBINSON Single
28 10/02/1767 William GALLANT Single Mary OTLEY Single
29 24/06/1767 James SMITH Single Long Melford Sarah WOODLEY Single
30 31/12/1767 Robert HOWARD Widower Margery PAMMENT Widow
31 03/05/1768 Thomas ORST Widower Glemsford Rose NICE Single
32 09/05/1769 William CRACKNALL Single Mary GANT Single
33 30/05/1769 Charles COOPER Single Mary GALLANT Single
34 14/11/1769 Thomas GOLDING Single Alice LONDON Single
35 09/01/1771 Thomas LLOYD Single Mary BISHOP Single
36 19/11/1771 William RAYSON Single Hawkedon Ann MURTON Single
37 09/06/1772 James GILMAN Widower Susan RASH Single
38 30/07/1772 John RASH Widower Elizabeth FROST Single
39 13/10/1772 William CLARKE Single Rachael BUTCHER Single
40 27/10/1772 John PLAYL Single Elizabeth GAME Single
41 15/04/1773 Joseph PLAYL Single Susan FINCH Single
42 20/09/1773 Martin GAME Single Ann BATTLE Single
43 01/02/1774 Isaac ADAMS Single Mary HOW Single
44 05/07/1774 Ambrose PAIN Single Sarah WHITTLE Single
45 17/01/1775 John GOOCH Single Sarah LEE Single
46 16/05/1775 John LOFTS Widower Long Melford Mary GALLANT Single
47 21/09/1775 Jonathan PARMENTER Single Rebeckah FIRBANK Single
48 07/11/1775 Orbel GOOD Single Elizabeth SPENCER Single
49 26/07/1776 William PORTER Single Long Melford Ann GALLANT Single
50 15/10/1776 Henry ALBON Single Glemsford Sarah KILBURN Single
51 23/01/1777 Thomas NELSON Widower Hannah LEEKS Widow
52 24/06/1777 Thomas BOLDERO Single Acton Susan ADAMS Single
53 12/08/1777 Robert GARWOOD Single Sarah GREYGOOSE Single
54 23/09/1777 Charles CHICKALL Single Hannah MORTLOCK Single
55 16/12/1777 Henry ALBON Widower Glemsford Mary HOW Single
56 29/09/1779 Samuel SOAME Widower Glemsford Esther LILLY Single
57 06/06/1780 Samuel BIGG Single Susannah COOK Single
58 10/10/1780 William COOKE Widower Toppesfield, Essex Sarah PORTER Single
59 16/01/1781 Ambrose FISHER Single Lavenham Rose HOW Single
60 22/06/1782 John HAYWARD Single Elizabeth GALLANT Single
61 29/08/1783 John SERJEANT Single Martha TURPIN Single
62 24/11/1783 William HOW Single Abigail FROST Single
63 16/07/1784 Joseph MIDDLEDITCH Single Glemsford Mary NICE Single
64 19/10/1784 Samuel CRISWELL Long Melford Sarah COOK
65 14/12/1785 George JACKSON Single Ann LEEKS Single
66 06/06/1786 John ADAMS Single Elizabeth PARMENTER Single
67 08/11/1786 John EAGLE Single Poslingford Elizabeth DEWING Single
68 25/12/1786 Thomas BUSS Single Martha SARGENT Widow
69 19/04/1787 Isaac LEWIS Single Elizabeth BLUNDEN Single Long Melford
70 19/01/1788 Samuel IVE Single Mary BAINE Single
71 29/01/1788 William TAYLOR Single Great Cornard Sarah NICE Single
72 11/09/1788 John FISHER Widower Anne HIBBLE Single
73 04/05/1789 John ADAMS Widower Mary FROST Single
75 16/07/1789 William MURRELLS Widower Sarah SMITH Single
74 14/10/1789 James LEEKS Single Susan PARSLEY Single
76 05/08/1790 William TURPIN Single Hannah JACKSON Single
78 26/11/1790 Richard BAINE Single Sarah KING Single
77 03/12/1790 William TURPIN Widower Sarah GLEMSFORD Widow
79 18/08/1791 William SMEE Single Basildon, Essex Mary LEEKS Single
80 10/07/1792 Samuel LINGLEY Single Mary MAXHAM Single
81 07/11/1793 John WHEELER Single Elizabeth GOLDING Single
82 24/11/1793 Thomas PLAMPIN Single Newton Elizabeth RASH Single
83 24/06/1794 William MOORE Single Mary GOWERS Single
84 17/07/1794 Isaac LEWIS Elizabeth NICE Single
85 12/04/1796 James STUTTERS Single Martha RASH Single
86 03/09/1799 William SMITH Single Sarah PAWSEY Single
87 24/09/1799 John Smith PARTRIDGE Single Mary WRIGHT Single
88 11/10/1799 Ambrose GARWOOD Single Mary MURTON Single
89 08/04/1800 John SMITH Single Rebecca CLARK Single
90 28/10/1800 Isaac LEWIS Single Sarah GILMAN Single
16/07/1801 William SMITH Single Glemsford Sarah CLARK Single
13/10/1801 Paul PARMINTER Single Elizabeth MORTLOCK Single
16/02/1802 Samuel GAME Single Elizabeth FENN Single
07/06/1802 Isaac ADAMS Widower Elizabeth MATTHEWS Single
29/06/1802 James GOLDING Single Glemsford Mary UTTING Single
25/09/1802 William BROWN Widower Hawkedon Sarah MURRELLS
30/12/1802 Aaron OSTLER Single Long Melford Hannah KILBOURN Single
24/06/1803 Samuel GIFFORD Single Ann ATKINS Single
03/02/1804 Richard GOWERS Single Elizabeth PASKE Single
08/11/1804 Samuel PLAIL Single Ann JARMIN Single
25/01/1805 James FENN Single Mary HOWE Single
02/04/1805 Edward CODLIN Single Ruth CATMORE Single
03/05/1805 Isaac LEWIS Widower Mary BYFORD Single
14/06/1805 John BIRD Single Hannah PLAIL Single
20/06/1805 Samuel AMBROSE Single Ann BRIDGE Single
03/12/1805 Robert PRIGG Widower Long Melford Hannah REEVE Single
27/05/1806 William CLARK Single Elizabeth MILLS Single
12/10/1806 John GOLDING Widower Mary CHRYZELL Single
28/10/1806 Isaac CLARK Single Sarah CHICKELL Single
21/11/1806 Thomas GOLDING Single Hannah MATTHEWS Single
16/02/1808 John KING Single Maria DALE Single
07/06/1808 Daniel ALSTON Hannah CLARK
20/06/1809 Michael GARROD Catharine GREEN
28/09/1809 John ALSTON Single Sarah KILBOURN Single
10/10/1809 Isaac CLARKE Widower Elizabeth HOWARD Widow
07/11/1809 Joseph WINK Widower Elizabeth ALDRIDGE Single
03/07/1810 Edward PARTRIDGE Single Susan DRIVER Widow
19/02/1811 John IVE Single Hannah LEEKS Single
21/10/1811 Abraham JARMAN Single Sarah SAMFORD Single
30/06/1812 Richard BOREHAM Single Boxted Ann NICE Single
1 11/01/1813 George GOLDRING Widower Elizabeth SHARP Single
2 20/07/1813 Edward ABLITT Susan LEEKS
3 09/11/1813 William ALEFOUNDER Single Elizabeth RULTON Single
4 09/11/1813 Zachariah BOOZEY Single Ann RULTON Single
5 08/03/1814 John PAWSEY Single Hartest Sarah RULTON
6 08/11/1814 Edmund NICE Single Keziah ALSTON Single
7 22/11/1814 Abraham GOLDING Widower Alpheton Elizabeth GOWERS Single
8 04/12/1814 John WHEELER Single Rose CARTER Single
9 31/07/1815 Henry JOHNSON Single Boxted Sophia JARMIN Single
10 16/01/1816 Abraham GOLDING Single Charlotte ALSTON Single
11 01/10/1816 William BLACKSTER Single Boxted Sarah WRIGHT Single
12 10/10/1816 John SERJEANT Widower Brockley Elizabeth CLARKE Widow
13 18/03/1817 Richard GOWANS Widower Elizabeth DURRANT Single
14 21/10/1817 Henry MORTON Single Elizabeth NUNN
15 06/06/1818 John CREFFIELD Single Pebmarsh, Essex Sophia ALSTON Single
16 22/10/1818 Henry MURTON Single Long Melford Amelia ALSTON Single
17 30/07/1819 Benjamin SMITH Widower Elizabeth PLAYLE Widow
18 08/08/1819 John BERRY Single St Peter, Sudbury Sarah LEEKS Single
19 02/12/1819 John MURTON Widower Boxted Mary CLARKE Single
20 06/01/1820 William GOLDING Single Emily WENLOCK Single
21 26/03/1820 James IVE Single Sarah LEWIS Widow
22 24/06/1820 George NELSON Single Elizabeth LEEKS
23 18/01/1821 John BIRD Sarah SPARK
24 06/03/1821 Thomas GRIMWOOD Single Hitcham Sarah FITCH Single
25 09/10/1821 Benjamin MATTHEWS Single Mary SALTER Single
26 25/11/1821 Thomas CUTMORE Widower Frances HASSELL Single
27 05/12/1822 William SPARKE Single Mary GOLDING Single
28 24/02/1823 Richard MOSS Single Rachel GAME Single
29 24/07/1823 William GOWERS Single Hannah CHICKEL Single
30 19/10/1823 William BRIDGE Single Elizabeth CRISELL Single
31 23/11/1823 William WHITEROD Single Sarah Harriet EDGLEY Single
32 27/11/1823 Joseph MASON Single Boxted Elizabeth GAME
33 07/10/1824 John PLAYLE Single Sarah UTTERTON Single
34 14/10/1824 George SCOTT Single Glemsford Elizabeth KIMMIS Single
35 24/10/1824 William HOW Widower Eliza CHICKEL Single
36 12/12/1824 John BONNEY Widower St Peter, Sudbury Sarah KIMMIS Single
37 16/05/1826 Charles ROBINSON Single St James, Bury St Edmunds Elizabeth BIRD Single
38 01/10/1826 James LEWIS Single Sarah GOWERS Single
39 12/10/1826 John GARWOOD Single Ann SMITH Single
40 15/03/1827 Edward PLAYLE Single Harriet HOWARD Single
41 16/11/1827 John STUTTERS Single Charlotte HOW Single
42 22/11/1827 Benjamin BIGG Single Glemsford Martha BLACKMAN Single
43 31/08/1828 William HOW Widower Sarah CRISELL Single
44 25/11/1828 George NUNN Single St James, Bury St Edmunds Dorothy NUNN Single
45 22/10/1829 John GAME Single Charlotte PETTIT Widow
46 25/06/1830 John HURRELL Single Mary GOWERS Single
47 28/10/1830 William WHITEROD Widower Mary FOREMAN Single
48 05/11/1830 Thomas AUST Single Glemsford Susan GAME Single
49 21/04/1831 Josiah SPARKE Single Louisa PLAYLE Single
50 08/09/1831 George FROST Single Elizabeth KILBOURN Single
51 13/10/1831 John BURROUGHS Single Whepstead Mary Ann WHEELER Single
52 28/10/1831 William BOREHAM Widower Glemsford Eliza PLAYLE Single
53 29/10/1832 Thomas WHITEROD Single Elizabeth GARWOOD Single
54 15/10/1833 John FOREMAN Single Susan COOK Single
55 26/01/1834 James CLARK Single Glemsford Amelia GOWERS Single
56 23/02/1834 Samuel GARWOOD Single Elizabeth YOUNGER Single
57 06/07/1834 William LEEKS Widower Maria GAME Single
58 25/11/1834 George FLETCHER Single Glemsford Susan GOLDING Single
59 22/02/1835 Samuel WHITTLE Single Elizabeth BOREHAM Single Brockley
60 19/07/1835 George CLARK Single Emily LEWIS Single
61 09/08/1835 Thomas WHEELER Single Elizabeth CLARK Single
62 30/08/1835 John GARWOOD Single Susan GOWERS Single
63 09/11/1835 John APPLETON Single Mary Ann GOLDING Single
64 21/02/1836 Charles WHEELER Single Mary Ann HUST Single
65 31/03/1836 John ELY Single Hannah ALSTON Single
66 21/01/1837 James AUST Single Glemsford Mary Ann GAME Single
67 28/02/1837 William IVE Single Eliza WHEELER Single
68 21/04/1837 Stephen FRENCH Single Eliza ALSTON Single
69 02/06/1837 James PAWSEY Single Mary Ann WHITEROD Single

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