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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Stanton All Saints


The Parish

The parish of Stanton All Saints lies in northern Suffolk not too far from its border with neighbouring Norfolk. Stanton is a large village located about 9 miles northeast of the market town of Bury St Edmunds, Stanton village held two parishes of which All Saints was much the more dominant and St John which is now deconsecrated. Stanton sits on the A143 road which connects Bury St Edmunds with the Norfolk market town of Diss, the busy road has now been moved to a bypass to the north of the village making the village's main street a much quieter place than before. Stanton sits in the middle of a large swathe of arable farmland and that would have been the mainstay of the economy at the time of this transcript too. Stanton is drained northwestwards by small tributaries of the Black Bourn, this joins the Little Ouse near Thetford before making its way across The Fens to the Great Ouse and thence the North Sea through The Wash and the port of King's Lynn. Stanton is sited at around 40 metres above the sea and sits on something of a plateau with land rising only to around 60 metres within many miles. The combined acreage of All Saints & St John's parish equated to around 3,300 acres making it large by Suffolk standards, the combined parishes would have supported a population of around 1,000 parishioners. In Domesday times Stanton was shared three ways, with the largest share held by Bury St Edmunds Abbey, collectively Stanton could offer 12 ploughs as well meadows & woodlands populated by the usual array of livestock.

The Church

All Saints' church sits at the heart of Stanton at the junction of the former route of the A143 with the broad lane leading to Walsham le Willows. The church has its origins in the early 14th century with a confident date of 1320 for both nave and chancel. The 14th century porch-tower which complemented this sadly fell in 1906. Fate took a helpful hand and the fall was thankfully away from the main building. Only the lower buttressed stage remained untouched and this was partially rebuilt and topped with today's timber belfry complete with pyramidal cap. As befits Stanton's population the basic design of nave & chancel is augmented with a four-bay arcade to accommodate the congregation. Both the Old Bury Road & The Street, from both of which entrances to the churchyard can be found, are sufficiently wide enough to permit careful parking. The church sits within a brick-walled churchyard which has few obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 11th October 1754 - 18th May 1812 Suffolk Record Office - Bury St Edmunds - Reference - FL/629/4/5 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 12th March 1812 - 17th November 1812 Suffolk Record Office - Bury St Edmunds - Reference - FL/629/4/8 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number A faded register and with a possibility of a misread despite the few entries
3 5th September 1813 - 27th February 1837 Suffolk Record Office - Bury St Edmunds - Reference - FL/629/4/9 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Stanton St John
Barningham St Andrew
Hepworth St Peter
Bardwell St Peter & St Paul
Hepworth St Peter
Wattisfield St Margaret
Ixworth St Mary
Langham St Mary
Walsham le Willows St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 11/10/1754 John ALLEN Single   Mary ALLEN Single  
2 09/08/1755 John CULLUM Single Braiseworth Ann SMITH Single  
3 26/12/1755 Dickerson YOUNGMAN Single   Ann MAJOR Single  
4 26/12/1755 John RIDGSON Single   Elizabeth STUBBING Single  
5 12/07/1756 Joseph BALLS Widower   Ann NEGUS Single  
6 19/07/1756 John RUST Single St John, Stanton Susan FORDHAM Widow  
7 31/10/1756 William WILKIN Widower   Ann BRUNNING Single  
8 29/04/1757 Richard BENNETT Single   Susanna BUSH Single  
9 31/07/1757 Lewis HUNT Widower Hepworth Elizabeth WHITE Single  
10 02/11/1757 Richard AVIE Single   Hannah BRETT Single  
11 09/10/1758 Robert PEACHY Single   Jane PARISH Single  
12 19/11/1759 James SEGUR Single   Elizabeth RIGIN Single  
13 28/11/1759 John NUNN Single   Mary SMITH Single  
14 25/12/1759 George BAKER Single   Anne ORVIS Single  
15 16/10/1760 Simon TIPPLE Widower   Sarah COOPER Single  
16 05/01/1761 Thomas BENNET Single   Elizabeth BUSH Single  
17 05/01/1761 John CLARK Single   Mary DAINES Single  
18 01/10/1761 Joseph MARSH Single   Frances CARTER Single  
19 13/10/1761 Robert BOGGEST Single   Martha ORVIS Single  
20 13/08/1762 John CLARK Widower   Margaret RODWELL    
21 18/08/1762 Isaac BARRELL Single St John, Stanton Elizabeth YOUNGMAN Single  
22 04/04/1763 Jonathan DAVEY Single Honington Mary ROSE Single  
23 11/10/1763 Thomas SUTTON Single   Alice HAWES Single  
24 12/10/1763 Anthony CALLOW Single Bardwell Catharine WARNER Single  
25 28/12/1763 Robert HOW Widower   Barbara FLACK Single  
26 24/01/1764 John MARGERAM Single   Mary BALDRY Single  
27 25/06/1764 Robert SMITH Single   Hannah Maria KING Single  
28 22/10/1764 John KEERY Single   Frances FOOTER Single  
29 26/10/1764 John TILBROOK Single   Catharine FEAKS Single  
30 31/05/1765 Edward CLARK Single   Mary MAJOR Single  
31 14/04/1766 Edmond KING Single Wetherden Mary KING Single  
32 18/08/1766 William GIBBS Widower Barningham Sarah KENT Single  
33 13/10/1766 Richard PAGE Single Wattisfield Exodus HOWLETT Single  
34 23/12/1766 John PECK Single   Mary SWAN Single  
34 18/03/1767 Jonathan BARRELL Single Bardwell Susanna YOUNGMAN Single  
35 28/05/1768 Charles RUTLEDGE Single   Elizabeth BLOMFIELD Single  
36 08/03/1769 George JARROL Single Hopton By Thetford Ann WHITACRE Single  
37 05/06/1769 John CALVER Single St John, Stanton Martha MAJOR Single  
38 23/10/1769 James HUFF Single   Ann WADE Single  
39 20/11/1769 Richard WITTING Widower   Frances BRAND Single  
40 04/01/1770 Thomas BUCKLEY Single   Susan GLADDING Single  
41 16/02/1770 Thomas OFFORD Single Rickinghall Superior Mary COOPER Single  
42 14/10/1770 Theodore WHISTLECRAFT Single   Alice LIMMER Single  
43 20/11/1770 Roger STURGEON Single   Vilett WILLET Single  
44 04/12/1770 Zacharias STEBBING Single   Sarah THROWER Single St John, Stanton
45 16/01/1771 Gregory BRUCE Single   Ann CLARK Single  
46 06/09/1771 William LARGENT Single   Alice SAUNDERS Single South Lopham, Norfolk
47 15/10/1771 John CRACK Single Market Weston Mary COOPER Single  
48 26/12/1771 James BARNARD Single Stowmarket Ann GLADWELL Single  
49 06/01/1772 Thomas HUNT Single   Hannah WHITEROD Single  
50 15/09/1772 Thomas COOPER Single St John, Stanton Ann BRETT Single  
51 02/11/1772 Henry MORRIS Single   Susan MAJORS Single  
52 06/12/1772 John FLETCHER Single Finningham Ann THEOBALD Single  
53 20/09/1773 William BAKER Widower Euston Mary SHEPPARD Single  
54 04/11/1773 William WILLINGHAM Single   Martha CARTER Single  
55 17/11/1773 George PHILLIPS Single   Frances MARSH Single  
56 01/05/1775 John HYNARD Single Stowlangtoft Mary CARTER Single  
57 12/05/1775 Thomas BUCKLEY Widower   Mary OLLEY Single  
58 06/11/1775 Richard SHEPHERD Single   Ann WATLING Single  
59 12/11/1776 Philip PALMER Single   Elizabeth HAYWARD Single  
60 07/12/1776 James SAUNDERS Single   Elizabeth TURNER Single  
61 09/03/1777 Matthew MIDDLEDITCH Single   Martha WHITEROD Single  
62 13/10/1777 Philip PETIT Single   Mary COOK Single  
64 27/10/1777 William YOUNGMAN   Walsham Le Willows Sarah NUNN Single  
63 18/12/1777 Thomas WARREN Single   Alice GALEY Single  
65 27/01/1778 Edmund STEGELL Single   Elizabeth ROSE Single  
66 28/05/1778 Isaac YOUNGMAN Single   Thamasine EDWARDS Single  
67 19/07/1778 John MILLS Single   Sarah DAVY Single  
68 06/10/1778 John Seaman TALBOT Single   Susan CATTON Single St Mary, Bury St Edmunds
69 12/11/1778 Dan HARLEY Single St Mary, Bury St Edmunds Naomi WARREN Single  
70 14/12/1778 John WRIGHT Single Market Weston Elizabeth SCOTT Single St John, Stanton
71 17/12/1778 George BURROWS Single Long Melford Mary ABBIT Single  
72 14/05/1779 John VINSON Single Bucklesham Ann ROSE Single  
73 26/07/1779 Thomas MAYHEW Single   Ann BETTS Widow  
74 13/09/1779 Charles THROWER Single   Miriam WARREN Single  
75 23/11/1779 William CALVER Widower   Elizabeth MANNING Single  
76 26/11/1779 William JEST Widower   Prudence COCK Widow  
77 01/12/1779 John BYAM Single   Hannah CARTER Single  
78 06/12/1779 John HAWES Widower   Elizabeth CALLOW Single  
79 02/01/1780 John STURGEON Widower   Lydia PETTIT Single  
81 07/01/1780 William MALING Widower Riddlesworth, Norfolk Mary HOGGARD Single  
82 14/08/1780 John TILBROOK Widower   Mary MEADOWS Single  
83 18/10/1781 Dan BREWINGTON Single   Martha STEVENS Single  
84 01/04/1782 James ALUM Single   Charlotte BLANDON Single  
85 24/10/1782 Edward KEMP Single   Anne DEATH Single  
86 05/11/1782 James BARREL Single   Elizabeth CARTER Single  
87 17/02/1783 Thomas STURGEON Single   Mary OSBORNE    
88 09/04/1783 James GARNHAM Widower Hepworth Rebecca MAJOR Single  
89 13/12/1783 Thomas DAVY Single   Sarah CARTER    
90 04/03/1784 Charles CATTON   Ingham Elizabeth WALTON    
91 27/06/1784 William BROWNE Widower Garboldisham, Norfolk Lucy GLOVER Widow  
92 01/10/1784 Roger STURGEON Widower   Rebecca PRICE Single  
93 04/10/1784 James STEDMAN   Langham Ann BAKER    
94 12/01/1785 John FARROW Single Sapiston Mary MARSH Single  
95 10/11/1785 Samuel YOUNGMAN Single   Susan BENNET Single  
96 27/02/1786 George SMYTH Single Bardwell Mary WHAM Single  
97 19/04/1786 John GORRAD   Barningham Elizabeth STEGGLES Single  
98 20/10/1786 John HOGG Single   Martha CLARKE Single  
99 28/10/1787 William FRANKS Single   Elizabeth ATKIN Single  
08/05/1788 William NUNN Widower   Sarah CANNELL Single  
07/10/1788 Jonathan PEACH Widower Ashfield Hannah RIGEON Widow  
30/10/1788 Jude BAKER Single   Mary CALLOW Single  
29/09/1789 Thomas EDWARDS Single   Martha RUDD Single  
11/10/1789 Charles MARSH Single   Hannah WHAM Widow  
15/10/1789 Abraham CARTER Single   Ann WINDRID Single  
15/02/1790 Thomas POTTER Single   Elizabeth GLOVER Single  
11/10/1790 John ALLAM Single   Priscilla ALLEN Single  
12/10/1790 Robert GLOVER Single   Mary BROWN Single  
12/10/1790 James HUNT Single Thelnetham Hannah BRAY Single  
06/11/1791 Edmund HOGG Single Coney Weston Sarah BUCKLEY Single  
05/01/1792 John POTTER Single   Sarah BAKER Single  
25/06/1795 Joshua FLATT Single   Susan BERTRAM Single Barningham
26/07/1795 Robert SMITH Single   Martha MIDDLEDITCH Widow  
13/10/1795 John BUCKLEY Single   Susan TAYLOR Single  
10/04/1796 Robert BRADLEY Single   Elizabeth BARREL Single  
02/05/1796 Isaac AVEY Single   Miriam THROWER Widow  
16/05/1796 William LUCAS Single   Ann DAVEY Single  
21/12/1796 Jonathan SOER Single   Ann BUCKLEY Single  
23/12/1796 William MARKHAM Single   Sarah TALBOT Single  
10/10/1797 John KEMP Single Gislingham Susan LOCKWOOD Single  
16/03/1798 John MARJORUM Single Diss, Norfolk Elizabeth LUCAS Single  
12/08/1798 John BANTICK Widower   Sarah COOPER Single  
19/08/1798 Joseph AGAR Single Honington Rebecca BAKER Single  
11/10/1798 Thomas HOWARD Single Coney Weston Mary BAKER Single  
20/12/1798 Daniel TAYLOR Single   Esther BAKER Single  
15/01/1799 Francis WARREN Single   Elizabeth SHELVER Single  
11/10/1799 Robert KIMM Single   Rebecca PINNER Single  
13/10/1799 John TILLBROOK Single   Margaret MOTHERSOLE Single  
29/06/1800 Robert GERMAN Single   Susan BILLYMAN Single  
03/08/1800 Richard CHURCHMAN Single   Martha WILLINGHAM Widow  
24/11/1800 James HOWE Single   Mary LOVOCK Single  
24/11/1800 John HOWE Single   Sarah LOVOCK Single  
17/02/1801 John STEGGALS Single   Charlotte BAKER Single  
29/09/1801 George MANNING Single   Lydia STURGEON Single  
03/11/1801 John SEAMON Single   Susan BROWN Single  
10/12/1801 John CRASKE Single   Hannah OTTEY Single  
20/12/1801 John CLARKE Single   Sarah SEAMAN Single  
03/01/1802 Thomas RAYMENT Widower   Sarah HARRISON Single  
06/04/1802 John KENT Single   Ann WALTON Single  
14/10/1802 George BAKER Single Croxton, Norfolk Elizabeth MORRIS Single  
26/12/1802 Thomas AVEY Single   Catharine GARNHAM Single  
14/07/1803 Nathaniel HOWLETT Single   Dorothy GAME Single  
14/10/1803 William CARMAN Single   Lucy TIPPLE Single  
23/10/1803 Thomas KIMM Single   Mary CARTER Single  
27/12/1803 Charles FISK Single   Mary Ann RAMPLEY Single  
24/04/1804 William LOCK Single   Mary SEAMAN Single  
02/08/1804 Thomas BANKE Widower   Lucy CARMAN Widow  
21/08/1804 Samuel BUXTON Single   Ann PETTIT Single  
01/11/1804 Thomas MILLICAN Single Barningham Mary PETTITT Single  
15/11/1804 William MATTHEWS Single   Ann HAMMOND Single  
18/11/1804 Thomas TODD Single   Elizabeth ARBORN Single  
30/11/1804 John CARMAN Widower   Elizabeth HUNT Single  
10/12/1804 William DEAZLEY Widower Walsham Le Willows Ann ABBOTT Widow  
23/02/1805 Thomas GARRARD Single   Honour SEAMAN Single  
24/10/1805 Thomas BAKER Single Croxton, Norfolk Hannah MORRIS Single  
17/11/1805 John HOGGARD Single   Ann HOWE Single  
22/11/1805 Ezekiel BUTCHER Widower   Elizabeth LARTER Single  
22/11/1805 James CALVER Single   Margaret WEIGHTS Single  
26/12/1805 Philip PETTIT Single   Hannah SHEPARD Single  
23/01/1806 John COCK Widower Bardwell Elizabeth COCKSEDGE Widow  
23/03/1806 John SPINK Single   Elizabeth BROWN Single  
07/04/1806 William DAZLEY Single   Elizabeth SEAMAN Single  
22/06/1806 William CALVER Widower   Elizabeth BALLS Single  
12/08/1806 Christopher MORLEY Widower St John, Stanton Vearty CARMAN Single  
09/11/1806 Thomas ALLUM Single   Thamasin COOK Single  
20/12/1806 William JOHNSON Single St Margaret, Ipswich Mary STURGEON Single  
14/06/1807 John SEAMAN Widower   Frances BALLS Single  
18/01/1808 John ARBORN Single   Ann MOSS Single  
01/03/1808 Robert FORDHAM Single   Ann KIMM Single  
24/11/1808 Samuel HARWOOD Single Belstead Lucy CORSBIE Single  
24/11/1808 William MEADOWS Single Walsham Le Willows Elizabeth BEETON Single  
09/02/1809 Michael HARDY Single   Prudence CLARKE Single  
17/07/1809 Robert SHARMAN Single Bardwell Elizabeth HUFF Single  
10/10/1809 Richard HUNT Single Walsham Le Willows Sarah SPARKE Single  
31/10/1809 William WOOLSEY Single   Sophia ELMER Single  
25/12/1809 William MIDDLEDITCH Single Ixworth Sarah DAVEY Single  
17/03/1810 George JARROLD Widower   Margaret STURGEON Single  
19/08/1810 Robert GERMAN Widower   Ann MIDDLEDITCH Single  
02/10/1810 John STURGEON Single   Ann ESLING Single  
11/01/1811 George BAKER Single   Sophia MORRIS Single  
05/03/1811 John STURGEON Single   Sarah BAKER Single  
28/03/1811 George STEVENS Single Hopton By Thetford Sophia REEVE Single  
06/04/1811 David HAYWARD Single Barningham Diana NICE Single  
17/04/1811 John LING Single   Mary Ann FISK Single  
06/08/1811 William CALVER Single St John, Stanton Mary ALLUM Single  
19/09/1811 William WHAM Single   Sophia PETTIT Single  
25/11/1811 Henry MORRIS Single St John, Stanton Mary MOTHERSOLE Single  
26/11/1811 Thomas BAKER Single Walsham Le Willows Elizabeth WILLIS   St John, Stanton
24/12/1811 William STEBBING Widower St John, Stanton Ann ALLUM Single St John, Stanton
21/01/1812 John ELSDEN Single Pakenham Susan PETTIT Single  
27/01/1812 Charles CARMAN Single   Sarah WELLINGHAM Single  
1 12/03/1812 John FARROW Single Ixworth Alice BAKER Single  
23/04/1812 John CARTER Single St John, Stanton Elizabeth POTTER Single St John, Stanton
18/05/1812 James SEXTON Single St John, Stanton Elizabeth THROWER Single St John, Stanton
2 01/06/1812 William MEADOWS Single St John, Stanton Mary PARKER Single St John, Stanton
3 03/06/1812 Daniel BRUNDLE Single   Anne NEEVE Single  
4 17/11/1812 John HARRISON Single   Mary PALMER Single  
1 05/09/1813 William PHILLIPS Single   Susanna WARREN Single  
2 09/09/1813 Isaac FISK Single   Mary Ann WILLIS Single  
3 14/10/1813 Anthony CALLOW Widower   Susan ALLUM Single  
4 16/11/1813 Robert WARD Single   Sarah ALLUM Single  
5 06/01/1814 Richard PAVER Single Elvedon Catherine MARSH Single  
6 11/07/1814 Joseph PHILLIPS Widower   Hannah PETTIT Widow  
7 29/09/1814 David GARROD Single Stradbroke Sarah NUNN Single  
8 07/10/1814 Thomas DAVEY Single   Esther POTTER Single  
9 03/01/1815 Isaac THROWER Single   Mary CLARK Single  
10 16/05/1815 Robert STURGEON Single   Susan AVEY Single  
11 28/08/1815 William BRUNDLE Widower Old Buckenham, Norfolk Martha SMITH Single  
12 05/10/1815 Jonathan MORRIS Single   Elizabeth CLARKE Single  
13 12/02/1816 Zacheriah STEBBING Widower St John, Stanton Mary LUCAS Single  
14 27/02/1816 William WILLINGHAM Single St John, Stanton Elizabeth LONG Single  
15 09/05/1816 William FARROW Single Sapiston Diana BARKER Single  
16 25/07/1816 Robert RAY Single Hepworth Mary BRADLEY Single  
17 29/08/1816 Thomas MOGGS Single   Susan PARKER Single  
18 16/10/1816 William BURTON Single   Susan KIMM Single  
19 28/10/1816 Joseph PHILLIPS Widower   Mary SHEPHERD Single  
20 07/11/1816 George STURGEON Single   Susanna CROSS Single  
21 07/11/1816 John FARMAN Single   Rebecca STURGEON Single  
22 26/05/1817 John BURROUGHS Single   Phoebe GATHERCOLE Single  
23 05/08/1817 Rowland NUNN Single   Susan FOULGER Single  
24 03/10/1817 Robert ARBON Single   Ann PAKE Single  
25 17/10/1817 Samuel WILLIS Single   Ann BAKER Single  
26 12/02/1818 John SMITH Single   Harriot YOUNGMAN Single  
27 31/05/1818 John KNIGHTS Single   Mary Ann MARKHAM Single  
28 22/10/1818 William PETTY Single Hepworth Mary Ann HARPER Single  
29 25/12/1818 Thomas PEARSONS Single   Elizabeth ALLUM Single  
30 01/11/1819 Thomas SPARKE Single   Martha BREWINGLOVE Single  
31 02/11/1819 John KNIGHTS Widower   Susan BLAKE Single  
32 22/11/1819 George PETTIT Single   Lucy HURRELL Single  
33 02/05/1820 Edward MOWER Single Elmswell Lucy LEADER Single  
34 11/06/1820 William WOODS Single Melton Mary Manthorpe STEARN Single  
35 20/09/1820 Samuel GOLDING Single Walsham Le Willows Harriett VAUTIER Single  
36 30/10/1820 James HUFF Single   Mary LAND Single  
37 31/10/1820 James LONG Single   Charlotte ABBOT Single  
38 07/12/1820 William HEATH Widower Redgrave Esther CROW Single  
39 24/04/1821 Thomas PITT Single   Maria SMITH Single  
40 24/04/1821 William BAKER Single St John, Stanton Susan WILLIS Single  
41 02/11/1821 Samuel GREENLING Single   Maria CARTER Single  
42 02/11/1821 John RAMSEY Single   Elizabeth CARTER Single  
43 09/11/1821 Samuel Baker VINCENT Single Rickinghall Superior Mary Ann BAKER Single  
44 14/11/1821 Robert CHAPMAN Single   Harriet PALMER Single  
45 04/12/1821 George Lewis MORRIS Single   Louisa BOND Single  
46 20/12/1821 Thomas TAYLOR Widower New Buckenham, Norfolk Sarah HARPER Single  
47 11/01/1823 William PALFREY Single Langham Ann SEAMAN Single  
48 13/03/1823 Robert RAINBIRD Single   Sarah GLOVER Single  
49 07/04/1823 John LUCAS Single   Mary GOODCHILD Single  
50 28/07/1823 George CROSS Widower   Elizabeth LUCAS Single  
51 03/08/1823 Robert BROOK Single Hopton By Thetford Mary MOSS Widow  
52 11/11/1823 Robert SHARMAN Widower   Elizabeth YOUNGMAN Single  
53 22/01/1824 Robert ALLUM Single   Elizabeth PALFREY Single  
54 16/11/1824 Charles CALLOW Single   Rebecca MAYHEW Single  
55 25/01/1825 James GOOCH Single   Mary GLOVER Single  
56 31/05/1825 William BRUCE Single   Maria POTTER Single  
57 09/04/1826 James MIDDLEDITCH Single   Mary ALLERSTONE Single  
58 23/05/1826 George SOUTHGATE Single   Elizabeth AVIS Single  
59 22/10/1826 Ezekiel BANTINE Single   Mary COLLINS Single  
60 20/11/1826 Charles ARBON Single   Ellen SEWELL    
61 23/04/1827 Thomas BAKER Single   Louisa PALMER Single  
62 26/04/1827 George BREWINGTON Single   Caroline SOUTH Single  
63 08/05/1827 Henry HOTT Widower St Mary, Bury St Edmunds Susan GERMAN Single  
64 16/11/1827 George NICHOLS Single   Mary PERFECT Single  
65 08/05/1828 James BURR Single   Elizabeth SEXTON Widow  
66 22/10/1828 George ALLUM Single   Ann MARSHALL Single  
67 14/11/1828 William SOUTHGATE Single   Harriot ALLUM Single  
68 09/02/1829 Spalding COLLINS Single   Mary Ann HUNT Single  
69 09/06/1829 Peter COTTON Widower Hepworth Alice SKINNER Single  
70 12/07/1829 John SUTTON Widower   Mary KIMM Single  
71 23/07/1829 Thomas WILLIS Single Bildeston Elizabeth BAKER Single  
72 09/08/1829 William Andrew SMART Single Clerkenwell, Middlesex Elizabeth BRADLEY Single  
73 22/11/1829 John Ward DANIELS Widower   Mary Ann MARTIN Single  
74 24/11/1829 John GOOL Single   Mary Ann GERMAN Single  
75 19/10/1830 George HOWLETT Single   Mary HANSON Single  
76 28/10/1830 John BREWINGTON Single   Sarah SYMONDS Single  
77 01/11/1830 Charles HAWES Single   Frances GAUT Single  
78 25/03/1831 Charles WARD Single   Elizabeth CARTER Single  
79 21/04/1831 Barnard WYNDARD Single Hepworth Susannah SMITH Single  
80 31/05/1831 William STIFF Single   Elizabeth BRUCE Single  
81 22/11/1831 John TILBROOK Single   Caroline HUFF Single St John, Stanton
82 08/12/1831 Samuel CUTTING Single   Ann MARSHALL Single  
83 31/05/1832 George ADAMS Single   Mary SMITH Single  
84 31/05/1832 William MIDDLEDITCH Single   Maria FORDHAM Single  
85 12/11/1832 George NEWKEY Widower   Eliza Everitt BANTICK Single  
86 12/12/1832 Zacheriah Pottle SMITH Single Elmswell Elizabeth SEAMAN Single  
87 14/12/1832 Robert WILKIN Single Bardwell Charlotte SOUTHGATE Single  
88 25/12/1832 William KIMM Single   Susan BUCKLEY Single  
89 13/01/1833 Sheppard OXBORROW Single St John, Stanton Susannah BRADLEY Single  
90 21/06/1833 Thomas HORREX Single   Matilda AVEY Single  
91 20/01/1834 James CLARKE Single   Martha CALVER Single  
92 08/02/1834 Richard DEVERIX Widower Ingham Sarah MORRIS Single  
93 01/03/1834 William HAWS Single   Elizabeth HUBBARD Single  
94 13/04/1834 Charles HOWE Single   Ann BAXTER Single  
95 28/09/1834 John LAMPARD Single Bardwell Elizabeth SPINK Single  
96 26/10/1834 John BUXTON Single   Maria HAGREEN Single  
97 23/12/1834 William TAYLOR Single   Sarah PARRETT Single  
98 22/06/1835 Henry LAST Single Ampton Susan CLARKE Single  
99 28/10/1835 William JOHNSON Single   Mary DAVEY Single  
100 17/03/1836 Francis BATES Single St John, Stanton Esther PETTIT Single  
101 31/05/1836 John KIMM Single   Lucy FLORY Single  
102 08/12/1836 John MARKHAM Single   Mary ALLEN Single Bardwell
103 11/12/1836 Samuel BUXTON Single Bardwell Harriet NORMAN Single  
104 27/02/1837 James FLORY Widower   Rebecca WARD Widow  

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