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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Whatfield St Margaret


The Parish

The parish of Whatfield lies in south, central Suffolk about 3 miles north of the market town of Hadleigh. Whatfield is a linear village built along a lane running from southwest to northeast, the village sits about 2 miles east of the A1141 road which connects Hadleigh with Lavenham. The area was and still is dominated by arable farming, an area of large open fields with cereal, oil seed and beet dominating the local landscape. What field is drained by the River Brett which flows southwards to join the Stour and reach the North Sea through the Essex port of Manningtree. Whatfield sits at around 60 metres above the sea on the edge of a wide open plateau albeit land falls 30 metres to the Brett's valley to its west. Most Suffolk parishes are rather small in acreage and Whatfield was no exception, it covered almost 1,600 acres and would have supported a population of just under 400 parishioners. In Domesday times Whatfield was split between no fewer than 8 landholders, the majority portion being in the hands of the Abbey of Bury St Edmunds. Despite this volume of interest parties Whatfield was relatively small offering 9 ploughs and a small meadow.

The Church

St Margaret's church sits just to the west of Whatfield's main lane and accessed by a narrow side turning imaginatively named "The Street". The church dates from the 13th and 14th centuries, the western tower being the oldest part of the building. Much else is from the Decorated period of architectural styling which was at its peak in the early 14th century. The southern porch is a 16th century addition. The church sits behind properties when you travel the main lane through the village, The Street runs past some attractive thatched houses to reach a white kissing-gate which grants access to the churchyard. Whilst the margins are well-covered in trees, once through that border there are few impediments to photographic angles.

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The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 11th November 1754 - 23rd July 1837 Suffolk Record Office - Bury St Edmunds - Reference - FB76/D/1/3
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 18th March 1813 - 27th December 1836 Suffolk Record Office - Bury St Edmunds - Reference - FB76/D/3/1
Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Semer All Saints
Naughton St Mary
Offton St Mary
Semer All Saints
Elmsett St Peter
Semer All Saints
Kersey St Mary
Hadleigh St Mary
Aldham St Mary
Aldham St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 11/11/1754 James BRUCE Single Bradfield St Clare Mary BARRELL Single  
2 12/11/1754 John MORPHEW Single Aldham Margaret FRYATT Single  
3 25/07/1756 Samuel SMITH Single Colchester, Essex Phoebe WARREN Widow  
4 01/08/1756 Bernard WASP Single Flowton Elizabeth SMITH    
5 24/12/1756 Saul GARROD Single   Christian CLOVER Single  
6 26/12/1756 Benjamin HURD Single Barking Sarah STEVENS Single  
7 31/05/1757 Samuel RUFFELL Single   Martha DEEKS Single  
8 12/10/1758 Francis BOUTELL Single Little Bromley, Essex Sarah JAWERS Single  
9 10/12/1758 William CHURCH Single Barham Mary DEEKES Single  
10 09/10/1759 John BOND Single   Sarah HILLS Single  
11 15/10/1760 James SMITH Single Great Cornard Frances COOKE Single  
12 05/11/1760 William CLARKE Single   Mary STRIBLIN Single  
13 24/03/1761 James DEEKES Single   Mary GRIMWOOD Single  
14 15/10/1761 John WHITTLE Single   Amy GARROD Single  
15 02/02/1763 William CUTHBERT   Elmsett Rose PRINCE    
16 14/11/1763 John CROOKE Single   Susan CHISNULL Single  
17 24/04/1764 Robert GENTRY Single Elmsett Mary FRIAT Single  
18 31/07/1764 Daniel CANHAM Widower Assington Rachel HILL Single  
19 16/11/1764 Robert OSBORN Single   Mary PORTER Single  
20 18/10/1765 William COUSINS Single   Elizabeth ELY Single  
21 29/10/1765 John COUSINS Single   Mary WALKER Single  
22 07/09/1767 Samuel JACOBS Single Hintlesham Mary COOPER Single  
23 13/10/1768 Richard GRIMWOOD Single   Judith MERRINGTON Single  
24 07/03/1769 Samuel PRIKE Single Hitcham Sarah MERRINGTON Single  
25 04/07/1769 George PARSONS Single Hadleigh Susanna CLUBBE Single  
26 03/10/1769 William COUSENS Widower   Mary BOURN Single  
27 03/10/1769 William HASTE Single Semer Mary ROW Single  
28 08/10/1769 John THURSTON Single Semer Mary CARTER Single  
29 11/10/1769 Richard CLARKE Single   Susan CHURCH Single  
30 12/10/1769 James ELY Single   Susan GOSTLING Single  
31 15/10/1769 Samuel DEATH Single Monks Eleigh Anne ELY Single  
32 23/05/1770 James CLARK Single   Mary BOREHAM Single  
33 21/06/1770 Thomas TAMPION Single   Grace COUZINS Single  
34 08/11/1770 James DEEKES Widower   Elizabeth GRIMWOOD Single  
35 29/01/1771 John ROW Single   Catharine MARTIN Single  
36 29/01/1772 William CARTER Single Nayland Deborah COUSINS Single  
37 08/03/1772 William ARCHER Single   Sarah ABBOT Single  
38 15/10/1772 William FARROW Widower Ringshall Susan HUGHES Single  
39 16/11/1773 William COUSINS Widower   Mary CLARK Widow  
40 17/10/1775 John GARRARD Single   Ann KEEBLE Single  
41 18/10/1775 George PRATT Single   Sarah ELY Single Semer
42 19/11/1776 James CLEMENTS Single Houghton, Huntingdonshire Sarah GRIMWOOD Single  
43 10/10/1777 John COOPER Single   Martha PITTOCK Single  
44 08/04/1779 Samuel CLARK Single Great Oakley, Essex Martha NICE Single  
45 29/03/1780 Tatham BRADSTREET Single   Alice SMITH Single  
46 18/05/1780 George GRIMWADE Single   Mary TURNER Single  
47 23/05/1780 William DEEVES Single   Sarah COUSINS Single  
48 20/10/1782 John SCOTT Single Elmsett Sarah WOODS Single  
49 06/06/1783 William FYNNE Single Great Bricett Sarah RICH Single  
50 30/10/1783 William PARTRIDGE Widower   Sarah PARKICE Single  
51 23/11/1783 Thomas STEWARD Single Bildeston Eleanor WOODS Single  
52 29/12/1783 William BUCKLEDORE Single   Elizabeth WRIGHT Single  
53 22/09/1785 Godfrey HEATHCOTE Single Sileby, Leicestershire Ann SHARPE Single  
54 10/10/1785 Jacob WHYATT Single Bramford Mary RAMPLING Single  
55 02/01/1786 Edward DISNEY Single Offton Elizabeth BULL Single  
56 30/01/1786 William RAMPLN Single   Sarah COUSINS Single  
57 27/02/1786 Benjamin COUSINS Single   Hannah WRIGHT Single  
58 04/06/1786 George ELDER Single   Elizabeth GREEN Single  
59 04/06/1786 George MOLDEN Single Sproughton Amy WHITTLE Single  
60 12/06/1786 William BOREHAM Widower   Martha GREEN Single  
61 10/09/1786 John SMITH Single   Susan PITTOCK Single  
62 19/07/1787 William GRIMWOOD Single   Ann GREEN Single  
63 04/11/1787 John MANN Single   Mary GENTRY Single  
64 13/04/1788 John ROW Widower   Mary CLARK Widow  
65 24/11/1788 Edward COZENS Single   Elizabeth CUTHBERT Single  
66 01/12/1788 Samuel MANN Single   Jemima WRIGHT Single  
67 18/12/1788 John EAST Single Kersey Mary TURNER Single  
68 01/01/1789 William RUDLIN Widower   Ann GRIMWADE Widow  
69 13/10/1789 William SCOFFUL Widower   Sarah JACOBS Single  
70 28/11/1789 George KING Widower   Frances WILLIS Single  
71 22/11/1791 Abraham WRIGHT Single   Elizabeth BRADSTREET Single  
72 07/08/1792 John CHAPLING Widower   Sarah ARCHER Single  
73 13/12/1792 Samuel GRIMWADE Single   Sarah GROOM Single Hadleigh
74 24/12/1792 John GREEN Single Witnesham Martha PARTRIDGE Single  
75 20/05/1793 John WHITTLE Single   Ruth BOREHAM Single  
76 10/09/1793 Thomas RAMPLING Single   Ann WHITTLE Single  
77 28/07/1794 John MOORE Widower   Mary BOREHAM Single  
78 14/10/1794 John STOW Single Kersey Elizabeth ROUT Single  
79 18/11/1794 John BALL Single   Elizabeth CLARKE Single  
80 16/07/1795 Mark BOND Single   Grace COUSINS Single  
81 20/12/1795 Edward SIBBONS     Margaret GENTRY    
82 26/12/1796 Thomas HASELL     Mary CLARKE    
83 08/11/1797 Inman LOCKWOOD     Sarah VINCE    
84 09/07/1798 William PHILLIPS     Sarah FINCH    
85 28/10/1798 William BUCKLEDEE     Mary MARCHANT    
86 12/11/1798 William WOODS   Kersey Elizabeth VINCE    
87 29/10/1799 William SCOVEL     Ann WADE    
88 25/05/1801 John MARCHANT     Mary FAUX    
89 27/10/1801 Richard CLARKE     Grace COUSENS    
90 23/08/1802 Richard CLARKE Widower   Mary FROST Single  
91 16/09/1802 Henry BLOMFIELD     Elizabeth TAYLOR    
92 12/10/1802 John CLARKE     Elizabeth COUSENS    
93 16/11/1802 Daniel CLARKE     Elizabeth COOPER    
94 03/03/1803 William CLARKE     Ann GRIMWADE    
95 05/07/1803 William SCOTT     Maria GRIMWADE    
96 13/09/1803 John GRIMWOOD     Mary CLARKE    
12/10/1803 William RUDLAND     Elizabeth GRIMWADE    
31/01/1804 Samuel CUTHBERT     Ann GARRARD    
25/10/1804 James KISTRUCK   Aldham Elizabeth CLARKE    
11/10/1805 Robert WELHAM Single   Sarah JERMYN Single  
11/11/1805 George ELDER Widower   Susan FENNING Single  
14/02/1806 Simon FROST     Sarah FENN    
09/01/1807 Robert CANA Single Woodbridge Sukey Damont KEMP Single  
30/01/1807 George ELDER Widower   Mary HEWES Single  
06/05/1807 William FROST Single Aldham Sarah WADE Single  
13/10/1807 Howard PROCTOR Widower Gislingham Mary GARRARD Single  
29/01/1808 Thomas ALDIS Single Woodbridge Martha PARTRIDGE Single  
28/06/1808 James GREEN Single   Sarah RAMPLIN Single  
01/11/1808 Isaac MOALE Single Burstall Elizabeth SCOWING Single  
22/05/1809 John ROW Single   Mary CLARK Single  
30/05/1809 Henry Hatcher MOORE Single Great Bricett Margaret Leppingwell RUSH    
31/08/1809 William PENDOL Single   Ann RAMPLIN    
21/12/1809 Samuel GANT Single   Jemima MANN Single  
04/04/1810 Benjamin CLARKE Single   Mary WILDEN Single  
12/06/1810 Samuel CUTTING Widower   Sarah RAMPLING Widow  
29/01/1811 Samuel RAMSEY Single   Sarah ELDER Single  
06/10/1811 Benjamin WRIGHT Widower   Elizabeth GARRARD Single  
17/05/1812 John CUTTIN Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single  
23/07/1812 Francis ROPER Single Rickinghall Superior Elizabeth GRIMWADE Single  
1 18/03/1813 William SYER   Hadleigh Mary Anne GRIMWADE    
5 01/06/1813 William COATES Single Cockfield Ann COOPER Single  
2 24/10/1813 William RAMPLING     Hannah DEATH    
3 18/11/1813 John FINCH     Elizabeth ROWE    
4 07/12/1813 Jonathan WOOLLARD Single Boxford Elizabeth BULL Widow  
6 17/07/1814 John CHOOTTE Single Nettlestead Sarah MANN Single  
7 07/03/1815 Thomas GOSLING     Elizabeth HUGHES    
8 27/10/1818 Thomas FENNING Single Elmsett Mary SCOTT Single  
9 03/11/1818 William KERSEY Single   Elizabeth GRIMWADE Single  
10 15/03/1820 Edward GARRARD Single   Dinah CLARK Single  
11 25/10/1821 James VINCE Widower Hadleigh Martha CLARKE Single  
12 05/11/1822 Edward SIBBINS     Sarah DURRANT    
13 24/11/1822 Robert HOLDEN   Polstead Ann BRADSTREET    
14 20/06/1823 Thomas GOSLING     Sarah RAMPLIN    
15 18/11/1823 John RAMPLIN     Jane CARR    
16 25/12/1823 Edward GRAY     Amelia WELHAM    
17 25/07/1824 Simon SCOWN     Mary CHITTICK    
18 11/08/1824 Samuel WARD     Mary OTTIWELL    
19 22/08/1824 John CARR     Ann RAMPLIN    
20 12/10/1824 James BUCKLEDEE     Ann WARD    
21 07/04/1825 Robert BUCKLEDEE     Phoebe WELHAM    
22 14/01/1827 William FROST     Mary WARD    
23 24/07/1827 John PHILLIPS Single   Elizabeth BULL Single  
24 04/12/1827 Thomas GRAY Single Hadleigh Eliza KISTRUCK Single  
25 26/10/1828 John WELHAM Single   Mary CLARKE Single  
26 04/11/1828 Thomas WELHAM Single   Susannah WILLIS Single  
27 09/11/1828 George FROST Single   Elizabeth MOULS Single  
28 23/11/1828 Samuel JOHNSON Single   Elizabeth WRIGHT Single  
29 24/05/1829 Robert WRIGHT Single   Mary ROSEBURY Single  
30 10/06/1829 John HISKEY Single   Susan CLARKE Single  
31 10/11/1829 Robert GREEN Single Semer Deborah RAMPLIN Single  
32 15/01/1830 Abraham WRIGHT Single   Hannah SCOWEN Single  
33 04/04/1830 William SCOWEN Single   Jane BULL Single  
34 24/04/1831 Charles CLARKE Single   Hannah RICHARDSON Single  
35 27/12/1831 Joseph BUCKLEDEE Single   Elizabeth CUTHBERT Single  
36 09/10/1832 John William MORGAN Single Mendham Martha KISTRUCK Single  
37 16/10/1832 Sidney Smith DIPNALL Single St Giles, Camberwell, Surrey Anne HICKS Single  
38 22/07/1833 James MOLES Single   Amy WRIGHT Single  
39 04/08/1833 James CLARKE Single   Amelia CUTHBERT Single  
40 11/09/1833 John JOHNSON Single   Mary CARTER Single  
41 17/09/1833 Jeremiah HOBART Single   Harriet JOHNSON Single  
42 08/11/1833 John FORD Single   Amy EMMONS Single  
43 04/02/1834 Edward JOHNSON Single   Jane CUTHBERT Single  
44 13/02/1834 John SCOTT Single   Harriet KING Single  
45 23/10/1834 Edward SIBBONS Single   Eliza BOWTELL Single  
46 06/01/1835 John FROST Single   Lydia COULSTON Single  
47 10/03/1835 John WHYMARK Single   Harriet RAMPLIN Single  
48 02/12/1835 John CUTTON Widower   Harriet CLARKE Single  
49 27/07/1836 Robert BUCKLEDEE Widower   Elizabeth RAMPLIN Single  
50 14/10/1836 Joshua BLOSS Single Clapham, Surrey Harriot DAKING Single  
51 26/12/1836 William LING Single   Mary RAMPLIN Single  
52 27/12/1836 Isaac MOLES Single   Mary SCROWEN Single  

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