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Wissington St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Wissington lies in the extreme south of Suffolk forming part of the border with neighbouring Essex. Wissington sits, on the northern banks of the River Stour, about 7 miles north of the Essex town & port of Colchester. Wissington, often rendered even on local signage as Wiston, is a tiny place today, little more than a hamlet and a string of farms and cottages along a dead-end road leading to the Stour. Wissington parish is often regarded as subsidiary to nearby Nayland. Wissington sits about a mile and a half west of the A134 road which links Colchester with Sudbury. At the time of this transcript Wissington would have been yet another sleepy Suffolk farming villages, here the valley flood-plain would have enabled pastures as well as the normal arable fields. Today Wissington receives a few visitors as the local Stour Valley & St Edmund's Way trails pass through along the Stour valley. The Stour drains the parish eastwards reaching the North Sea through its estuary between the twin ports of Felixstowe & Harwich. Wissington is sited at between 10 and 20 metres above the sea, its valley setting being the only discernible indent into a mostly level territory rising out of the valley to local heights of just over 60 metres. Wissington parish was a typical small Suffolk parish, covering just under 1,500 acres it would have supported a population of close to 250 parishioners. Wissington is not mentioned in Domesday Book despite having an early church.

The Church

St Mary's church sits almost on the banks of the Stour at the southern end of the roughly surfaced road leading down through farms to the cluster by the river. A very good example of Norman Romanesque architecture from the 12th century, the nave, chancel and apse (other than latter restoration and "enhancement") forming a single build. In addition the southern doorway is described as "sumptuous by Pevsner and is also of the same period. Speculation exists that a chancel tower may have existed but that either did not or has been removed, the only elevated piece being the weatherboarded bell turret. The restoration of 1853 went further than most by attempting to enhance the Norman credentials of the church, failing by "over prettification" according to Pevsner, the apse was rebuilt and made grander in particular. A major feature of the church is its collection of 13th century wall paintings dated to the period 1250 to 1275 which, albeit fragmentary are well worth a look. The lane to the church leaves the Bures Road with a small sign to "Wiston Church", it is almost a half mile south to the church from here but parking can readily be found at the site. The churchyard is open, uncluttered and with no obstacles to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
11th December 1754 - 22nd April 1812
Suffolk Record Office - Bury St Edmund - Reference - FB65/D/3/1
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4entries per page
Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads
2 2nd March 1813 - 27th June 1837 Suffolk Record Office - Bury St Edmund - Reference - FB65/D/3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Wormingford St Andrew, Essex
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Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
19/02/1754 William SPRINGETT Anne MAY Stoke By Nayland
1 11/12/1754 Edward GROVE St Peter, Sudbury Elizabeth BURMAN
2 10/01/1755 James GOOD Elizabeth TILL Bures
3 13/05/1756 Thomas GOODY Rachel BLAND
4 01/06/1756 John HANKIN Single Mary SYMPSON Single
5 03/06/1756 Daniel HOLMES Single Sarah RATCLIFFE Single
6 13/02/1757 Edward SIMPSON Single Assington Christian DOR Single
7 13/10/1757 Daniel HALE Single Chappel, Essex Ann GUSTERSON Single
8 08/12/1757 Sadler WHITMORE Single Anne GREEN Single Wormingford, Essex
9 26/01/1758 Daniel PARTRIDGE Single Anne STEWARD Single Assington
10 27/04/1758 David CARMICHAEL Single Mary TATHAM Single
11 04/08/1758 William PARTRIDGE Single Martha WATSON Single Assington
12 10/10/1758 Robert FIRMAN Single Rose CHRISP Single Wormingford, Essex
04/03/1760 John HUNT Single Mary FIRMAN Single
27/03/1760 Thomas PARTRIDGE Widower Elizabeth HOWARD Widow Polstead
11/05/1762 John DYER Bures Susanna HANKIN
04/04/1763 Stephen PAIN Single Writtle, Essex Elizabeth GUSTERSON Single
01/11/1763 Daniel PAIN Single Great Wenham Mary RATLIFF Single
01/12/1763 Thomas HALE Widower Elizabeth LEE Widow
00/11/1764 George WEBB Susan CARR
15/05/1766 Samuel LEGGET Sarah LINNET
22/07/1766 Richard BIGGS Single Nayland Eleanor BURNETT Single
17/03/1767 William WEBB Single Mary DYNES
17/11/1767 William WILLIS Single Elizabeth HOGGER Single
11/02/1768 William CLIFT Widower St Peter, Colchester, Essex Esther GUSTERSON Single
17/07/1768 Samuel WISBY Widower Elizabeth BAKER Single
01/12/1768 Robert HEWES Single Lexden, Essex Hannah PARTRIDGE Single
09/01/1770 John DEATH Nayland Mary SALTER
02/08/1770 William ASTON Mary GREEN
15/08/1771 William SADLER Widower Bures Mary HALE Single
24/12/1771 Robert BANKS Anne DOWNING
23/01/1772 Jacob CHIPPINGTON Single Anne SALTER Single
28/12/1772 James GUSTERSON Widower Mary NEWPORT Single
12/10/1773 John LEACH Single Little Horkesley, Essex Rachel WRIGHT Single
04/10/1774 Samuel KING Single Catharine GRIGGS Single
06/10/1776 John CHIPPINGTON Single Anne HARRINGTON Single
21/11/1776 John HARVEY Single Lamarsh, Essex Rachel HALE Single
15/02/1778 John BOUTLE Single Margaret HALE Single Nayland
14/07/1778 John COOK Single Holton St Mary Mary KENINGALE Single
25/05/1779 Stephen LEWIS Single Stoke By Nayland Anne PARTRIDGE Single
09/11/1779 Thomas MEAD Single Anne BARKER Single
06/07/1780 John DEATH Widower Elizabeth MORTIMER Single Stoke By Nayland
18/07/1780 Daniel MANN Widower Mary JUNIPER Widow
23/07/1780 Nathanael SEXTON Single Sarah MILLS Single
21/11/1780 Hume SMITH Single Anne MILLS Single
03/12/1780 John BURROWS Single Catharine LEGGETT Single
25/12/1781 John CREAM Single Sarah HEFFER Single
22/10/1782 Thomas MILLS Single Lydia GRIGGS Single
12/08/1783 Thomas DIXEY Great Horkesley, Essex Hannah HOLMS Single
02/12/1783 Jacob CHIPPINGTON Widower Martha HILLS Single
20/01/1784 Thomas SMITH Single Edwardstone Sarah HOLMS Single
03/02/1784 James GOOD Widower Sarah RUDKIN Single
07/09/1784 Henry LOCKWOOD Single Nayland Mary COOK Single
07/12/1784 William THURSTON Single Nayland Sarah CHIPPINGTON Single
15/03/1785 John WILLIS Single Stoke By Nayland Margaret HOLMS Single
26/10/1785 Robert ALISBURY Polstead Sarah BURROWS Single
25/04/1786 John WILBY Nayland Sarah FRANCIS Single
11/10/1786 Thomas SINCLAIR Nayland Hannah PARTRIDGE Single
29/11/1786 William HOLTON Single Nayland Ann PARTRIDGE Single
07/08/1787 John LEE Single Mary HOLMS Single
21/12/1787 John LILLY Single Mary LEE Boxford
25/12/1787 John WILES Stoke By Nayland Elizabeth WILLIS Single
11/09/1788 William SEXTON Single Martha WILLIS Single
17/09/1788 William CARINGTON Single Mary SEXTON Single
02/10/1788 William CUTTER Single Lydia MAY Wormingford, Essex
14/06/1791 Edward HOLTON Nayland Susan PARTRIDGE Single
25/09/1791 Henry TRIGGS Widower Sarah BURROWS Single
08/07/1792 John BURROWS Bures Mary PRICE Single
30/06/1793 William SIMPSON Single Martha BALLARD Single Polstead
25/07/1793 John DOWMAN North Benfleet, Essex Mary SMITH Single
01/09/1793 Joseph MUSSET Single Mary BROWN Single
23/07/1794 John PARTRIDGE Assington Anne LAYZELL Single
30/09/1794 James GUSTERSON Single Hannah EVES Single
12/10/1794 John BURROWS Single Elizabeth NORMAN Single
17/01/1796 John BACON Widower Nayland Sarah WILLIS Single
05/12/1796 William HOLTON Widower Nayland Elizabeth STEVENS Single
02/12/1797 Abraham HARDY Single Nayland Jemima GOOD
10/04/1798 William WILLIS Single Mary HICKS Single
22/07/1798 John CANSDAL Single Ann WILLIS Single
05/08/1798 William GRUB Single Elizabeth SEXTON Single
17/02/1801 Charles EADY Single Mary SMITH Single
21/12/1801 William COOK Widower Hannah HAWKINS Single
01/01/1802 William SEXTON Widower Sarah EADY Single
28/02/1802 Isaac BURROUGHS Single Susan LILLEY Single
05/10/1802 James SMITH Single Stratford St Mary Elizabeth BRAY Single
13/01/1803 Robert BOWTLE Single Mary GLASS Single
28/11/1803 Laysel ORSBIN Widower Nayland Mary EADY Widow
06/12/1803 John EADY Single Mary WARREN Single
03/02/1804 Isaac BOWTEL Single Ann EADY Single
25/09/1804 Samuel LEGGITT Single Wormingford, Essex Frances WILBY Single
09/10/1805 John PARTRIDGE Widower Assington Anne FOWLER Single
10/11/1805 John NORMAN Single Sarah FIRMIN Single Nayland
17/02/1806 John LOCK Single Mary EADY Single
26/06/1806 William GRIMWADE Single Hadleigh Judith HOY Single
02/10/1807 John POTTER Single Sarah BIRD Single
02/10/1807 Henry BROWN Single Ann POTTER Single
03/04/1808 Nathaniel CARDY Widower Mary GILLINGWATER Widow Nayland
07/11/1809 Edward PITCHEL Single Susan BAKER Single
29/09/1811 William MATHEWS Single Great Horkesley, Essex Ann KITSON
02/10/1811 James HALLOCK Single Stoke By Nayland Catherine BURROWS Single
08/10/1811 William EADY Single Susannah SMITH Single
04/11/1811 William WORSS Single Elizabeth BURROWS Single
24/02/1812 Robert JOHNSON Single Bradfield St Clare Maria CHEVENTON Single
22/04/1812 James EADY Single Ann PETTERCAN
1 02/03/1813 John TIFFEN Widower Assington Mary LILLEY Widow
2 07/05/1813 Henry HAMMANT Widower Lidia CUTLER Widow
3 12/04/1814 William GERMANY Single Mary BRAY Single
4 28/03/1815 John CREAM Single Hannah FOWLER Single
5 04/05/1815 Samuel BURROWS Single Susanna LEGGETT Single All Saints, Colchester, Essex
6 16/07/1815 John LEE Widower Susanna LEE Widow
7 28/11/1817 James THURSTON Single Nayland Mary SIBBORN Single
8 31/03/1818 John SMITH Single Mary EADY Single
9 04/07/1819 Joseph SEXTON Single Sarah MATTOCK Single
10 25/07/1819 Thomas DURRANT Widower Bures Susannah LEE Widow
11 15/08/1819 Charles JARRELL Single Bures Kezia ALLISON Single
12 02/12/1819 George HOLTON Single Ann STANNARD Single
13 23/01/1820 William BARKER Single Nayland Elizabeth ALLISON Single
14 21/06/1820 Edward SALLOWS Single St Mary At The Walls, Colchester, Essex Mary Anne PARTRIDGE Single
15 16/07/1820 Thomas ABELWITE Single Great Horkesley, Essex Ann CANSEL Single
16 13/08/1820 William WILDS Single Nayland Lydia SEBBEN Single
17 24/10/1820 John BURROWS Single Nayland Charlotte BALLS Single
18 06/05/1821 Thomas MILLS Single Louisa WENT Single
19 03/10/1821 John WILLBY Single Mary SPRINGET Widow
20 14/04/1822 Robert FROST Widower Assington Elizabeth ATKISON Single
21 16/05/1822 Robert VINCE Single Mary GODDEN Single
22 27/08/1822 John LOCK Widower Mary DEAVES Widow
23 01/07/1823 Jonathan THURSTON Single Hannah Louisa COOK Single
24 16/07/1823 John GREEN Single Fordham, Essex Hannah STANNARD Single
25 08/10/1823 James JAGGS Single Wormingford, Essex Sarah SEBBEN Single
26 16/05/1824 John BEBBY Single Great Horkesley, Essex Ann BALLS Single
27 10/10/1824 George BUTCHER Single Assington Elizabeth SMITH Single
28 27/10/1825 George JACKSON Single Mary Ann COOK Single
29 21/05/1826 Thomas BOUTTELL Single Sarah BURROWS Single
30 03/10/1828 William EADY Single Elizabeth CONDER Single
31 01/01/1829 Robert RADLEY Single Frances MILLS Single
32 07/01/1829 William JOSSELYN Single Assington Mary Ann BOUTTELL Single
34 13/06/1829 George WILLIS Single Nayland Sarah WILBY Single
35 30/10/1829 John LOCK Single Sarah SEXTON Widow
36 08/11/1829 Joseph SEXTON Single Sarah FRANCES Single
38 23/11/1829 John BOUTTELL Single Maria EADY Single
39 23/05/1830 John CLARK Single Mary BRAY Single
40 05/10/1830 Robert BANHAM Single Boxted Mary Ann VINCE Single
41 08/10/1830 Isaac BOUTTELL Single Eliza PILGRIM Single Assington
42 04/02/1831 James LOCK Single Charlotte HUMM Single
43 09/10/1831 Thomas BOWLES Single Louisa SPRINGET Single Nayland
44 24/12/1832 John HUM Single Hannah WILBY Single
45 25/01/1833 John BOSE Single Assington Hester LEWIS Single
46 10/04/1833 William LEE Single Mary Ann OSBORNE Single
47 07/05/1833 James WILBY Single Nayland Eliza BOUTELL Single
48 12/11/1833 Robert BOUTTELL Single Mary DYER Single
49 31/01/1834 James CARDY Single Bures Maria MATTOCK Single
50 23/05/1834 William PILGRIM Single Eliza LOCK Single
51 18/11/1834 Nathanael SEXTON Single Anna Maria SMITH Single
52 25/11/1835 Mannister COOPER Single Langham Susannah MILLS Single
53 26/11/1835 William SEXTON Single Elizabeth EADY Widow
54 17/04/1837 John CLARK Widower Mary PARTRIDGE Single
55 27/06/1837 Thomas MILLS Widower Mary HUMM Widow

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