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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Effingham St Lawrence


The Parish

The parish of Effingham lies in the western portion of central Surrey roughly 4 miles southwest of the market town of Leatherhead. Effingham sits on the A246 road which links Leatherhead with Guildford. Like many Surrey villages Effingham has expanded in modern times, early maps show a small and compact village largely built around the church and totally north of the route of the A246; today Effingham has a large modern suburb south of that route too as well as having expanded north of the lane leading in from Great Bookham. Effingham parish is elongated on a north to south axis, the purpose being to allow access to all of the land-forms across the underlying geology from London clays to the northern fringes of the North Downs' chalk. This coverage gave the parish access to a mixed farming regime with both arable and pastoral methods uppermost dependent upon the underlying rock-type. Modern developments came to the parish with construction of suburban lines to Guildford from London and the branch line to cross to Leatherhead's line, Effingham Junction being a station at the meeting point. Effingham is drained northwards by the headwaters of the River Mole which eventually meets the Thames opposite Hampton Court Palace before passing through the capital to the North Sea. Effingham is sited at around 70 metres above the sea at the church but the parish rises southwards via the fore-slopes of the North Downs reaching a high spot of 223 metres on Hackhurst Downs to the south. By southern standards Effingham parish was an extensive one, covering around 3,100 acres it would have supported a population of close to 600 parishioners, modern day Effingham has more than double that population within the confines of the village. In Domesday times Effingham was a more modest affair, shared by Count Gilbert's son Richard with Chertsey Abbey its assets totalled just 5 ploughs together with the usual meadows, pastures & woodland.

The Church

St Lawrence's church sits a little over a quarter of a mile north of the A246 and sits on the eastern side of Church Street which parallels the main street to its east. Whilst the church is medieval in origin Pevsner describes the Victorian restoration of the late 1880s as "amounting to rebuilding" reflecting the major changes wrought at that time with mere fragments of the original building remaining. The southern transept which is described as "big & barn-like" is the earliest remaining major piece of the original church and is given a tentative dating of c1250 reflecting its Early English Gothic styling. The remaining pieces of medieval are restricted to the odd window here and there showing the typical 14th century styles of the Decorated & Perpendicular. All else, including the crenellated western tower dates from that major rebuild which largely rebuilt all remaining aspects of the church. Whilst Church Street is rather narrow it is used for street parking, particularly north of the site where things widen slightly. The main entrance has contrasting brick piers breaking the line of the local stone walling, a diagonal path leads to the church. The churchyard is relatively free of obstacles but is a little cramped to the southeast by neighbouring properties. Visitors should not the presence of the grave of Sir Barnes Wallis, bouncing bomb his major World War II achievement, who is buried to the east of the church.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
15th April 1754 - 27th July 1812
Surrey History Centre - Reference - EFF/1/1
Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages
Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads
2 29th January 1814 - 31st October 1835 Surrey History Centre - Reference - EFF/1/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

East Horsley St Martin
East Horsley St Martin
Cobham St Andrew
Little Bookham All Saints
East Horsley St Martin
Little Bookham All Saints
Abinger St James
Abinger St James
Wotton St John
Wotton St John

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
05/01/1754 Mark HOOKER


21/02/1754 William CROCKFORD


26/02/1754 John SHUTE
Little Bookham Elizabeth VENNE

1 15/04/1754 Owen POULTER


2 06/02/1755 Edward FREEMAN


3 10/04/1755 William SPRATLEY


4 16/11/1757 Thomas ETHEREDG


5 19/06/1758 John TIDY
West Horsley Mary MOORE

6 18/06/1759 Nicholas CARRICK


7 28/06/1759 James SPRATLEY


8 07/09/1760 John SWETMAN
Binsted, Hampshire Elizabeth TUNNELL

9 21/01/1761 John CHIPPEN

Frances HYDE

10 02/02/1761 John ROWLAND


11 15/06/1761 James BURGESS

Elizabeth GEALE

12 02/10/1762 John NYE
Cobham Mary WOOD Single
13 23/10/1762 John HENDEN


14 01/11/1762 James LUCY

Barbara HAYNES

15 11/02/1763 William HAMSHER

Elisabeth ANTELL

16 14/02/1763 Woodman WAVEL


17 19/06/1764 John PORT
Little Bookham Mary SHERWIN

18 02/10/1764 William WOODS
Great Bookham Sarah GAD

19 12/11/1764 John LEDGER


20 25/11/1764 Thomas MILES
Dorking Elisabeth VENN

21 31/05/1765 Edward PETERS
Epsom Hannah FRANCIS

22 07/11/1765 Goliah SYCAMORE


23 01/06/1766 John SIMMONDS


24 16/06/1766 James SIMMONDS


25 19/12/1766 William WOODYER


26 01/07/1767 James PELL
West Clandon Sarah BOUGHTON

27 10/02/1768 Edward HEATH
Fetcham Ann OSBORNE

28 09/10/1768 John CARTER


29 08/12/1768 John CROCKFORD


30 18/08/1769 William SWAYNE

East Horsley
31 11/10/1769 Richard WATERER
Kingston Upon Thames Sarah FREEMAN

32 13/05/1770 John SHERIN
Great Bookham Elisabeth BENNET

33 16/05/1770 William COOKE


34 12/09/1771 William BULLEN Widower Great Bookham Ann CROCKFORD Single
35 23/09/1771 Richard LADD Single Cobham Mary NYE Single
36 24/10/1771 John JONES Single Petersham Ann BARNETT Single
37 25/01/1772 William HUDSON Single
Mary GARLET Single
38 25/05/1772 Edmund COOK Single
Hannah FISH Widow East Horsley
6 29/11/1772 John KILLICK Single
Jane COOPER Single Great Bookham
7 15/10/1773 George BARNETT Single
Ann FULLER Single
8 09/01/1774 Phillip OTWAY
Cobham Susanna PAIN Single
9 12/01/1774 James PALMER

Ann WOOD Single
9 12/01/1774 James URRY

Ann WOOD Single
10 16/05/1774 Edmund LEE

Mary LADD Single
11 04/12/1774 Woodman WAVEL

Jane BRIGGS Widow East Horsley
12 07/02/1775 John OLIVER


13 09/10/1775 Thomas HAYNES

Mary BERRY Single
15 13/11/1775 Joseph SUMERTON

Sarah MOLLYNEUX Single
14 03/12/1775 Thomas PORTER

Lydia FOULKE Single
16 07/12/1775 George FAULKNER

Elizabeth NYE Single
17 18/04/1776 Joseph BERRY

Mary TIDEY Single
18 01/12/1776 John GRINSTED

Mary SIMONDS Single
19 29/12/1776 Thomas OLIVER

Elizabeth OLIVER

19 29/12/1776 Thomas OLIVER

Elizabeth LACEY

20 22/01/1777 William JONES
Dorking Elizabeth FULK Single
21 01/07/1777 Goliah SYCAMORE


22 28/10/1777 Edward BENNETT

Elisabeth COBY Single
23 03/11/1777 John STEPHENS

Sarah SIMMONDS Single
24 02/12/1777 John SMITHER
Chertsey Elisabeth FIELD Single
25 20/04/1778 David LONGHURST

26 05/11/1778 Thomas BROOKWELL
Dorking Hannah CROCKFORD Single
27 12/12/1779 Henry HEARN

Ann RIDE Single
28 06/02/1780 Miles HAYNES

Maria LONGHURST Single
30 21/11/1780 John GRINSTEAD


31 05/04/1781 Henry BRADFORD

Susanna GREATHURST Single
32 05/07/1781 Edward COCK
Horsham, Sussex Lydia HOPKINS

33 06/08/1781 Jeptha HOMER

Sarah TULLY Single
34 10/10/1781 William OLIVER

Jane WOOD Single
35 30/06/1782 William MOGER
Leatherhead Anne FREEMAN Single
36 10/07/1782 James HUMPHREYS

Frances ROWLAND Single
37 21/07/1782 George NYE

Elizabeth HEATH Single
38 13/05/1783 William SCUTT

Mary ANSELL Single Horsham, Sussex
39 27/06/1783 Richard WESSON Single
Sarah BARBERRY Single
40 13/10/1783 James RATLEY

41 07/02/1785 Timothy HALL Single Dorking Sarah SKEET Single
42 18/06/1785 George FREELAND Single Stoke D'Abernon Jane ETHERIDGE Single
43 27/06/1785 William SIMONS
Cobham Anne BATTY Widow
44 23/04/1786 William WOODBOURN
Great Bookham Mary LEE Widow
45 16/10/1786 John WHITEHEAD
Cheam Lucy LUCY Single
46 10/04/1787 John STEPHENSON

Elizabeth CROCKFORD Single
47 13/05/1787 Thomas KICKERSIDE
Epsom Elizabeth HOOKER Single
48 04/07/1787 John BILBY
Great Bookham Leah LADD Single
49 27/06/1789 William HAMSHER

Mary GRANTHAM Single
50 11/08/1789 John STANTON

Elizabeth BURNETT

51 09/10/1789 James LUCY

Philadelphia HOOKER Single
52 14/07/1790 William LEE

Elizabeth LEE Single
53 20/07/1790 John CHIPPEN Single
Sarah GALE Single
54 06/10/1790 James WEST
West Horsley Mary DYER Single
55 23/08/1791 John MARTIN
Chertsey Anne BURGESS Single
56 19/02/1792 Benjamin MILES

Sarah CHANNEL Single
57 11/11/1792 John WITHINGTON

Elizabeth PORT

58 11/11/1794 David TIDEY Single
Sarah WOODGER Widow
59 29/01/1796 Stephen GUDE Single
Elizabeth HANDY Single
60 09/02/1796 James PILFOLD Single
Ann STANFORD Single Sullington, Sussex
61 03/11/1796 James BRISCOE Single
Elizabeth PORTER Single
62 12/12/1796 Thomas HUDSON Single
Christian OLIVER Single
63 12/06/1797 Henry ELLIS Single Fetcham Sarah STANFORD Single
64 10/11/1797 Thomas PANTLIN Single Wisley Grace HERSEY Single
65 24/12/1797 George BURNETT Single
Mary COX Single
66 26/12/1797 William JOHNSTONE Single Fetcham Jane DYER Single
67 29/03/1798 John HAMSHER Single
Sarah VAUGHAN Widow Cobham
68 10/05/1798 Thomas BRISCOE Single
Sarah RYDE Single
69 26/08/1798 James BRISCOE Single
Anne FAIRHALL Single
70 07/10/1798 John MILLS Single
Elizabeth BRISCOE Single
71 10/10/1798 George BRIDGER


72 28/01/1799 James HANKINGS Single
Elizabeth BOOKER Single
73 29/12/1799 James HARRIES Single
Mary OLDER Single
74 15/02/1800 Thomas PORT Single
Sarah FALK
75 06/07/1800 George PETRE Single
Alice DOWDY Widow
77 01/09/1800 Daniel PODINGTON Single
Ann DOWDAY Single
76 05/09/1800 William DOWLING Single East Horsley Frances BEAZLEY Single
78 03/11/1801 James COOKE Single
Anne SMITH Single Little Bookham
79 30/11/1801 Benjamin MITCHELL Single
Sarah BIXLEY Single
80 02/04/1802 James GADD Single
81 30/09/1802 William JOHNSON Single Twickenham, Middlesex Susan DE LANCEY Single
82 25/06/1803 Daniel CROCKFORD Single
Sarah COOK Single Ewhurst
83 30/06/1803 Thomas CARPENTER Single
Milley WHITE Single
84 23/07/1803 Benjamin DAWKINS Single
Mary LAD Single
85 20/03/1804 James OTWAY Single
Elizabeth PAINE Single
86 19/09/1804 James BATTEY Single
Sarah BRISTOW Single Little Bookham
87 24/06/1807 James HITCHCOCK Single
Frances PAGE Single
88 03/11/1807 Thomas GRAHAM Single
Elizabeth SHEPHERD Single
89 17/09/1809 Edward MERCER Single
Elizabeth BENNETT Single
90 01/10/1810 John BARNES Single
Sarah COOKE Single
91 24/07/1812 Robert DAWS Single Send Sarah FISH Single
92 27/07/1812 James NASH Single
Anne HEARNE Single
1 29/01/1814 George BULLEN Single
Charlotte CHARMS Single
2 04/04/1814 William TEWSLEY Single Hambledon Anne FRY Single
3 04/06/1815 James RANGER Single
Charlotte DYER Single
4 04/10/1815 Thomas WATSON Single
Anne LUFF Single
5 26/11/1815 Thomas AUSTIN Widower
Anne JENNER Single
6 26/12/1815 Matthew HALE Single Laleham, Middlesex Mary PAGE Single
7 13/06/1816 John Pratt GILES Single
Mary Elizabeth GIBBS Single Fetcham
8 27/10/1816 William WELLS Single
Lucy PURYER Single
9 04/11/1816 George NORRIS Single West Horsley Charlotte PAGE Single
10 05/12/1816 William LUFF Single
Arine HEATH Single
11 16/03/1819 Allen GADD Single
Elizabeth HUGHES Single
12 25/08/1819 James ETSER Single
Sarah CARDNEL Single
13 29/12/1820 George TILLEY Widower
Elizabeth STEVENSON Widow
14 09/03/1822 William HOLLIS Widower
Sarah STRUDWICK Single
15 08/05/1822 Thomas REDDICK Widower Cobham Elizabeth DUNFORD Single
16 08/06/1822 Joseph SHARPE Single
Mary GREEN Single
17 24/06/1822 James HILL Single
Mary BOXALL Single
18 12/10/1822 William DAVIS Single
Sarah MASH Single
19 20/10/1822 Joseph CANNONS Single Great Bookham Charlotte RANGER Widow
20 26/10/1822 Thomas CHANDLER Single
Elizabeth TIDY Single
21 09/01/1823 Thomas JACKSON Single
Mary BENNET Single
22 19/06/1823 James HILL Single
Esther BEVERSTOCK Single Little Bookham
23 14/09/1823 Obed OVENTON Single Little Bookham Mary CHANDLER Single
24 26/10/1823 John PENN Single
Mary FARREL Single
25 11/03/1824 Francis BILBY Single
Hannah WRIGHT Single
26 03/10/1824 Daniel FREEMAN Single
Milley DUNFORD Single
27 17/04/1825 William CHANDLER Single
Agnes AUSTIN Single
28 02/07/1825 William ARTHUR Single
Elizabeth MARSH Single
29 20/09/1825 John LEES Single
Elizabeth HARRISON Single
30 11/10/1825 Charles COOKE Single
Sophy SHEARMAN Widow
31 26/06/1826 William BOWRY Single
Letitia GRAYLAND Single Cobham
32 13/08/1826 James CHILD Single
Anne CHILD Single
33 03/05/1827 George FARLEY Single Woking Maria THOMAS Single
34 24/07/1827 George HITCHCOCK Widower East Clandon Mary DAVIS Widow
35 08/04/1828 Charles CHILD Single
Jane WOOLVEN Single
36 01/02/1829 James NEWMAN Single
Hannah NASH Single
37 21/02/1829 Thomas WOOD Single Great Bookham Isarana LEWER Single
38 28/03/1829 John STAMP Single
Elizabeth WOOLDRIDGE Single
39 30/08/1829 Edward MANVELL Single
Sarah COOKE Single
40 13/09/1829 Thomas BILBY Single
Eliza PELL Single
41 26/09/1829 William HARRISON Single
Hannah BURT Single Wotton
42 08/08/1830 David HUGHES Single
Elizabeth Plumer STEDMAN Widow Wotton
43 06/09/1830 William BONSEY Single
Amy CHIPPEN Single
44 09/02/1831 William BARNETT Single
Sarah ELSON Single
45 28/04/1832 William LEWER Single
Mary CREASY Single
46 04/06/1832 William HAMPTON Single
Eliza CALDWELL Single
47 15/07/1832 James WEAKAEN Widower
Anne IVES Widow
48 11/10/1832 William WOOLVEN Single
Jane MERCER Single
49 20/04/1833 Francis JACKSON Single
Anne FARLEY Single
50 21/04/1833 John MARTIN Single
Rebecca DOWDY Single
51 10/08/1833 William NEWMAN Single
Susanna KEMP Single
52 07/09/1834 James CREASY Single
Harriet WRIGHT Single Wotton
53 14/09/1834 William WALLER Single
Harriet LEGGE Single
54 18/10/1834 William CROCKFORD Single
Mary WORSFOLD Widow East Horsley
55 02/05/1835 Henry WOODS Single Little Bookham Martha FARNHAM Single
56 05/05/1835 Frederick WRENCH Single Stowting, Kent Eliza Mary STRINGER Single
57 01/08/1835 Richard LEWER Single
Sally COLES Single
58 10/10/1835 James WALLER Single
Charlotte CREASY Single
59 31/10/1835 Francis LAWRANCE Single
Anne BARNET Single

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