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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Ashurst St James


The Parish

The parish of Ashurst sits almost centrally within the county of Sussex in the heart of The Weald. Ashurst is located about 3 miles north of the small market town of Steyning and sits on the B2135 road which connects Steyning with the A24 (the London to Worthing road) Ashurst is a rather dispersed settlement with a small centre grouped around the western side of the B2135 and the lane running westwards therefrom. The whole sits at the western edge of the flood plain of the nearby River Adur. That river's presence would have enabled a more diverse agricultural regime, pastures on the flood plain and arable on higher ground. The Adur drains southwards to reach the English Channel through the port of Shoreham by Sea. Ashurst is sited at just 15 metres above the sea, some 10 metres above the level of the river, this area of the Weald is fairly gentle countryside with local heights barely reaching 50 metres for some distance. Ashurst parish was fairly typically sized for its area, it covered just over 2,200 acres and would have supported a population of around 400 parishioners. In Domesday times Ashurst was a tiny place, held by one William of Braose it could offer just a pair of ploughs and 6 acre meadow.

The Church

St James' church sits to the northwest of the main settlement along Church Lane and over a quarter mile from the main centre of population. Pevsner is clearly rather taken by St James describing it as "one of the prettiest village exteriors in Susses", praise indeed from a man normally reticent in such offerings. The church is ancient too being largely of the 13th century, Pevsner speculates a build starting in 1180. Nave, chancel and southwestern tower all carry the distinctive styles of the Early English Gothic period and despite the replacement of all of the southern side windows they retain that character. The Victorians made those window changes during a restoration of 1877, the only significant changes since completion. St James sits on the eastern side of the rather narrow lane behind a low brick wall with a pathway entering at the southern end of the site. There are quite a few trees, in particular a group around the eastern end, which somewhat limit the available angles for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 30th January 1755 - 10th November 1812 West Sussex Record Office - Reference - Par11/1/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 2nd March 1813 - 14th May 1837 West Sussex Record Office - Reference - Par11/1/3/1 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Wiston St Mary
West Grinstead St George
West Grinstead St George
Wiston St Mary
Henfield St Peter
Wiston St Mary
Steyning St Andrew
Steyning St Andrew

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 30/01/1755 Edward STEYNING   Henfield Susan MITCHELL    
2 21/10/1755 Daniel CRAIN     Mary LASSITER    
3 12/05/1756 John GOLDS Single   Mary WEST Single  
4 18/10/1756 William PERCIFUL   Wiston Mary LANGRIDGE    
5 15/11/1756 George BELCHAMBER     Susan GOODEN    
6 12/05/1757 James HOLDEN     Mary GUNTER    
7 02/11/1758 Richard BONIFACE     Ann HILL   Henfield
8 11/02/1759 James BOTTING     Sarah GOCHER    
9 15/05/1760 Thomas PENFOLD     Susanna CLARK    
10 28/12/1761 Richard FAIRS Single West Grinstead Ann PECKHAM Single  
11 29/04/1762 James WALLER Single   Mary HILL Single  
12 20/05/1762 William BRABY Single Pulborough Elizabeth LYNSUR Single  
13 01/06/1762 Henry PECKHAM Single Rottingdean Mary JEFFERY Single  
14 25/09/1762 William CHAMBERS     Susanna HOLLAND    
15 18/10/1762 Henry LILLIOTT Single Shermanbury Mary CURTIS Single  
17 26/09/1763 James JEFFERY Single   Anne WOOD Widow Billingshurst
16 11/10/1763 William WESTOVER Single Upper Beeding Mary GRAVELY Single  
18 28/11/1763 William SHERLOCK Single Cowfold Mary LYNSUR Single  
19 04/03/1764 John MITCHELL Single   Anne MORGAN Single  
20 09/10/1764 Richard FRANCIS Single   Mary TURNER Single  
21 28/10/1765 Thomas MUZZELL Widower Findon Hannah BILLIGURST Widow  
22 05/12/1765 John IFOLD Widower   Jane PARSONS Single  
23 08/05/1766 Thomas PUTTOCK Single   Anne HARRIS Single  
24 14/05/1766 John GOACHER Single   Sarah JEFFERY Single  
25 11/01/1767 John BOTTING Single   Martha LANGLEY Single  
26 29/06/1767 Richard BROAD Single Henfield Jenny MUZZELL Single  
27 12/05/1768 William BARNFIELD Single Wiston Anne EVERES Single  
28 01/08/1768 David EYRES Single   Susannah IFOLD Single  
29 06/06/1769 Samuel DUBBINS Single   Anne BATES Single  
30 30/09/1769 John GUNTER Single   Elizabeth MUZZELL Single  
31 08/10/1769 John LAKER Single West Grinstead Hannah HILLMAN Single  
32 30/10/1769 Richard STREETER Widower   Elizabeth FIST Single  
33 26/06/1770 Richard BUTCHER Single   Elizabeth HERGAT Widow  
34 31/07/1770 William MARCH Single   Hannah LILLIOTT Single  
35 22/12/1771 William BOTTING Single   Mary FREEMAN Single  
36 02/03/1772 Luke HAMBLETON Single   Elizabeth GUNTER Single  
37 03/03/1772 Richard TURNER Single   Sarah DEDMAN Single  
38 09/02/1773 Richard MORLEY Widower   Hannah DINES Widow  
39 10/05/1773 William MUZZELL Single   Kitty LYNSUR Single  
40 05/08/1773 Thomas NAILARD Single Upper Beeding Mary MUZZALL Single  
41 23/08/1773 William BANFIELD Single Henfield Hannah FARLEY Single  
42 15/11/1773 John AYRES Single   Charity MORLEY Single  
43 07/12/1773 John CUTTERIDGE Single West Grinstead Anne FREEMAN Single  
44 05/04/1774 Henry DUMBRILL Single Wiston Elizabeth CHARLOTT Single  
45 29/05/1774 Henry WATERMAN Single   Elizabeth STANFORD Single  
46 23/06/1774 Henry FORD Single Henfield Elizabeth RICHARDSON Single  
47 23/08/1774 Henry SAYERS Widower   Sarah EAMES Widow  
48 13/02/1775 Richard TUSLEY Widower Wisborough Green Hannah BILLINGSHURST Widow  
49 23/04/1776 John FREEMAN Single   Ann WOOLVEN Single West Grinstead
50 20/11/1776 Thomas DUMBRIL Single   Jenny GUNTER Single  
51 23/12/1776 Samuel BANFIELD Single Henfield Sarah NEWNHAM Single  
52 08/04/1777 Richard LILLIOTT Single   Anne PENFOLD Single  
53 22/10/1777 Richard LINDFIELD Single   Elizabeth STEERE Single  
54 16/06/1778 John HOLDER Single   Sarah MONEREY Single  
55 17/11/1778 Thomas HEBDITCH Single   Anne COATS Single  
56 17/06/1779 John HILLMAN Single   Lucy PARSONS Single  
57 04/11/1779 Thomas WOOLVEN Single Henfield Ann ELLIOTT Single  
58 07/02/1780 William AYRES Single Henfield Mary STILL Single  
59 22/07/1781 Thomas WOOLVEN Single   Mary CARTER Single  
60 02/02/1783 John BACON Single Washington Mary YOUNG Single  
61 11/05/1783 William PARSONS Single West Grinstead Anne NEWMAN Single  
62 30/05/1784 Richard BLAKE Single   Anne HILLMAN Single  
63 05/10/1784 Richard BUTCHER Widower   Anne WHITE Single  
64 04/01/1785 Francis PELLING Single Sompting Catherine CHARLETT Single  
65 01/05/1785 Henry WELLS Widower Ashington Frances GOLDS Single  
66 25/07/1785 William CHANDLER Single Steyning Sarah MUZZALL Single  
67 25/08/1785 John CARTER Single   Elizabeth TURNER Single Henfield
68 15/11/1785 John GREENTREE Single   Elizabeth TANNER Single  
69 25/04/1786 John STEADMAN Widower Henfield Lucy HILLMAN Widow  
70 12/10/1786 Thomas ALLEN Single   Jenny REDMAN Single Wiston
71 28/10/1786 Philip NICHOLLS Single West Grinstead Frances BRAYNE Single  
72 09/11/1786 James BRISTOW Single   Jenny BROAD Single  
73 23/08/1787 Edward STEYNING Single   Jane CHARLETT Single  
74 12/10/1787 Richard CHARMAN Single Wiston Anne HARWOOD Single  
75 22/10/1787 George MERRIOTT Single   Elizabeth WOOLGAR Single  
76 22/07/1788 John WINTON Single Southwick Sarah GOLDS Single  
77 19/05/1789 John MILLS Single Henfield Catherine SHORT Single  
78 01/04/1790 Thomas BENNETT Single Steyning Elizabeth WOOD Single  
79 03/04/1790 Thomas MANSELL Single West Grinstead Anne STANDEN Single  
80 05/04/1790 John PELLING Single   Hannah BOTTING Single  
81 23/12/1790 John BOORMAN Single   Mary FRANCES Single  
82 28/07/1791 William JEFFERY Single   Mary BUCKMAN Single  
83 17/08/1791 James CHARLETT Single   Anne PARVIN Single  
84 04/10/1791 Richard SMART Single Billingshurst Elizabeth CARTER Single  
85 09/01/1792 John CARTER Widower   Frances IFOLD Single  
86 10/04/1792 Thomas ELLES Single West Grinstead Sarah BARKER Single  
87 18/12/1792 Thomas DARTARY Single Ashington Elizabeth TANNER Single  
88 28/12/1792 James RICHARDSON Widower Camberwell, Surrey Elizabeth SAYERS Widow  
89 11/09/1793 John LILLIOTT Single   Zilpah DUMBRILL Single  
90 01/10/1793 John BROOKS Single Steyning Sarah BROAD Single  
91 07/11/1793 William HAMBLETON Single   Mary HAMPER Single  
92 12/11/1793 John JEFFERY Single   Mary BARKER Single  
93 09/02/1794 Thomas CHAMBERS Single Henfield Jane BANFIELD Single  
94 24/04/1794 William CARTER Single   Elizabeth CROW Single  
95 28/09/1794 Henry BOTTING Single   Anne STANFORD Single  
96 20/02/1795 John OLIVER Single   Anne BOTTING Single  
97 03/05/1795 James SHORT Single   Mary COMBER Single  
98 23/08/1795 William MANVELL Single Horsham Anne LAKER Single  
99 06/10/1795 William BARNETT Single West Grinstead Elizabeth BOTTING Single  
100 14/04/1796 Thomas BARKER Single   Elizabeth MUZZALL Single Henfield
101 13/07/1796 John ROBERTS Single   Ruth LELLIOTT Single  
102 28/02/1797 Luke LUCKIN Single   Jane GRANT Single  
103 16/04/1797 Samuel DUBBINS Single   Elizabeth STRINGER Single  
104 13/07/1797 James COMPER Single   Anne LILLIOT Single  
105 10/08/1797 William BAYTOPP Single West Grinstead Charlotte BURGESS Single  
106 23/01/1798 Thomas SAYERS Single   Anne FRANCES Single  
107 08/02/1798 James BRISTOW Widower West Grinstead Elizabeth RICKELS Single  
108 02/05/1798 James SEARLE Single   Elizabeth WOOD Single  
109 10/05/1798 Reason LASSAM Single   Lucy HILLMAN Single  
110 29/05/1798 John DEWDNEY Single   Sarah MUZZALL Single  
111 29/06/1798 Thomas MARLEY Single Storrington Sarah GOBLE Single  
112 01/09/1798 Thomas CAPELIN Single Steyning Elizabeth GROVER Widow  
113 04/09/1798 John LONGHURST Single Upper Beeding Mary TURLE Single  
114 17/09/1798 William STREET Single   Mary BROWN Single  
115 22/04/1799 John TULET Single   Rachel SAYERS Single  
116 12/11/1799 James WHITE Single Kingston, Hampshire Sarah CARTER Single  
117 10/07/1800 Henry WOOD Single   Sarah WHEATLAND Single  
118 11/08/1800 John ELLIOTT Single   Elizabeth SAYERS Single  
119 30/09/1800 Charles PERKINS Single Angmering Barbara BROAD Single  
120 20/10/1800 Abraham MARSHALL Single   Anne CROW Single  
121 23/12/1800 Daniel STRINGER Single Shipley Anne BANFIELD Single  
122 22/10/1801 Michael IRISH Single All Saints, Lewes Sarah WOOLLVEN Single  
123 27/10/1801 James STENNING Single   Sarah BACON Single  
124 16/02/1802 James STEDMAN Single   Anne MILES Single  
125 07/06/1802 Daniel CHAMBERS Single Washington Sarah REEVES Single  
126 22/07/1802 William BROWNINGS Single   Anne FREEMAN Single  
127 15/09/1802 James CARTER Widower   Mary CHEESMAN Widow  
128 08/10/1802 Richard LAKER Single   Mary MUZZALL Single  
129 26/10/1802 John MELHAM Single   Elizabeth DUMBRILL Single  
130 30/11/1802 Caleb OSBORNE Single West Grinstead Mary BOTTING Single  
131 10/03/1803 John AYRES Single   Elizabeth STANFORD Single  
132 10/11/1803 John LINTOTT Single Horsham Rebecca STANFORD Single  
133 21/04/1804 Henry ELLIOT Single   Sarah WORSFIELD Single Steyning
134 01/08/1804 John AGATE Single West Grinstead Jenny BAYTOPP Single  
135 03/06/1805 Samuel GODSMARK Widower Portslade Judith GAUTCHER Single  
136 08/06/1806 Thomas GOACHER Single   Charlotte BACON Single  
137 10/06/1806 Richard GATES Single Steyning Mary STANFORD Single  
138 23/10/1806 Henry LINDUP Single West Tarring Elizabeth STANFORD Single  
138 04/12/1806 Zedekiah ELLIOTT Single   Sarah BAYTUPP Single  
139 23/02/1807 Thomas CHAMBERS Single   Ann GATLAND Single  
140 07/05/1807 John VADGE Single   Mary FREEMAN    
141 20/06/1807 Thomas ELLIOTT Single   Ann HAMMOND Single  
142 21/09/1807 Richard CHERRIMAN Single   Sarah MITCHELL Single  
143 27/12/1807 Thomas PAYNE Single   Harriot BLAKE Single  
144 19/04/1808 James STURT Single   Charlotte LINCER Single  
145 17/08/1808 Levi WELLS Single West Grinstead Hannah STANFORD Single  
146 22/05/1809 James FARES Single   Mary HILLMAN Single  
147 21/11/1809 John LANGLEY Single Henfield Sarah CHANDLER Single  
149 06/11/1810 Henry LUXFORD Single Henfield Mary BOTTING Single  
150 16/04/1811 Edward BOTTING Single   Jane KNIGHT Single  
151 30/07/1811 John BANFIELD Single   Ann ROWLAND Single  
152 15/08/1811 Thomas SMITH Single   Lucy STRINGER Single West Grinstead
153 19/10/1812 William JUDEN Single   Sarah NEWICK Single  
154 10/11/1812 Edward LAKER Single Pulborough Elizabeth COOPER Single  
1 02/03/1813 John PAYNE Single Upper Beeding Harriot HAMBLETON Single  
2 24/08/1813 John BOORMAN Single   Ann CHANDLER Single  
3 08/10/1813 William JENDEN Single   Mary JEFFREY Single  
4 10/05/1814 Jesse MUZZALL Single   Hannah HAYBITTLE Single  
5 01/08/1814 Richard ALLEN Single   Elizabeth BENSON Single  
6 01/11/1814 Richard DUFFIELD Single   Elizabeth MUZZALL Single  
7 16/05/1815 Thomas HAYBITTLE Widower   Sarah POTTER Widow  
8 08/02/1816 Richard FREEMAN Single   Frances PHILPOTT Single  
9 23/04/1816 Harry STRINGER Single   Charlotte COOPER Single  
10 13/06/1816 John PARKHURST Single Ashington Mary CHANDLER Single  
11 08/10/1816 William MOBSBY Single   Caroline CHANDLER Single  
12 17/10/1816 Michael AGATE Single Warnham Susanna STANFORD Single  
13 23/10/1816 Peter ALLEN Single   Charlotte STRINGER Single West Grinstead
14 28/11/1816 John NYE Single Henfield Mary WHEATLAND Single  
15 24/03/1817 Thomas PARKER Single Sompting Frances TORNOR Single  
16 05/12/1817 Peter KNIGHT Single   Barbara BOTTING Single  
17 07/01/1818 Henry FLINT Single   Sarah PELLING Single  
18 02/11/1818 Henry MOBSBY Single   Elizabeth HILLMAN Single Horsham
19 08/08/1819 Peter FREEMAN Single   Elizabeth STANDING Single  
20 07/09/1819 Luke LUCKIN Single   Leah JEFFERY Single  
21 28/12/1819 William HARDIN Single West Grinstead Elizabeth GREENFIELD Single  
22 21/05/1820 John NEWMAN Single Shermanbury Mary GOACHER Single  
23 04/06/1820 Edward COX Single Steyning Hannah BOTTING Single  
24 24/08/1820 Richard WOOLGAR Single   Hester BOTTING Single  
25 20/05/1821 Thomas GILES Single Henfield Nanny CARTER Single  
26 01/07/1821 Richard FLINT Single Ashington Elizabeth ELLIOTT Single  
27 04/11/1821 John LINSUR Single   Mary Ann TURNER Single  
28 24/12/1822 John BRABY Single Portslade Emily DUBBINS Single  
29 11/10/1823 Edward HAMPSHIRE Single Brighton Mary HAMBLETON Single  
30 17/07/1824 William GRANT Single   Elizabeth FREEMAN Single  
31 24/07/1824 Thomas BRAZIER Single Wivelsfield Jane BAYTOPP Single  
32 31/10/1825 Richard PELLEN Single   Jane LINTOTT Single  
33 26/12/1826 Thomas ELLIOTT Widower   Hannah MUGGERIDGE Widow  
34 21/09/1827 Henry GOACHER     Martha MEARS    
35 26/11/1827 Benjamin STANDING Single Hamsey Sarah KNIGHT Single  
36 08/04/1828 Peter PENFOLD Single Washington Eliza COMPER Single  
37 11/05/1828 Henry LILLIOTT     Hannah HILLMAN    
38 11/10/1828 John STRINGER Single   Hannah PARKER Single West Grinstead
39 18/07/1829 William HAMBLETON Single   Elizabeth PETERS Single  
40 03/11/1829 John BRISTOW Single   Sarah ALLEN Single  
41 07/11/1829 William HODGES Single Henfield Mary JENDEN Single  
42 18/07/1830 William GRANT Single   Mary MAINS Single  
43 30/01/1831 John BARNET Single Leominster, Herefordshire Mary HAYBITTLE Single  
44 03/04/1831 George ALLFREY Single Henfield Ann GOACHER    
45 03/04/1831 Thomas ELLIOTT Single   Harriet MUZZALL Single  
46 03/07/1831 Richard DEWDNEY Single   Mary Ann FREEMAN Single  
47 04/07/1831 Joseph MUZZALL Single   Sarah WHITE Widow  
48 12/10/1831 Luke LUCKIN Single   Elizabeth WORSFIELD Single Wiston
49 05/03/1832 Aaron TIDY Single   Jane COOPER Single  
50 22/04/1832 James GOACHER Single   Jane MARTIN Single West Grinstead
51 27/05/1832 Benjamin THOMSET Single Steyning Harriet ELLIOTT Single  
52 05/11/1832 Edwin CORRIE Single   Bridget Phoebe WOOD Widow  
53 04/12/1832 Henry WOOD Single   Ann HERYATT Single  
54 08/04/1833 Henry GOACHER Single   Louisa OSBORNE Single  
55 14/09/1833 William STURT Single   Susan FRANCES Single  
56 14/09/1833 Richard LINSUR Single   Lucy HILLMAN Single  
57 02/11/1833 James PELLEN Single   Elizabeth GOACHER Single  
58 11/11/1834 William Nye GOLDS Single Shipley Jane GRANT Single  
59 12/11/1834 Henry FOICE Single   Eliza BANFIELD Single  
60 26/12/1834 Frederick MARKWICK Single East Grinstead Sarah FREEMAN Single  
61 01/01/1835 Peter AGATE Single West Grinstead Ann FREEMAN Single  
62 28/02/1835 Edmund COURTNEY Single   Sarah ELLIOTT Single  
63 14/10/1835 James BANFIELD Single   Jane HILL Single Steyning
64 08/11/1835 John LINSER Widower   Elizabeth BOTTING Single  
65 07/04/1836 William KNIGHT Single Ashington Harriet BANFIELD Single  
67 14/05/1837 Edward LELLIOTT Single   Jane GOCHER Single  

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