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Marriages 1754 - 1837
East Blatchington St Peter


The Parish

The parish of East Blatchington lies in southern Sussex, indeed it forms part of Sussex' coast with the English Channel. East Blatchington, formerly a separate village, is now contiguous with the seaside town of Seaford being just its northern extension. East Blatchington sits on a rather suburban lane which rises onto the South Downs from the A259 road which connects Brighton with Seaford and onward to Eastbourne. At the time of this transcript East Blatchington would have been a farming village, mixed pastoral and predominantly arable on the downland slopes. Today it is dominated by 20th century developments and is an indistinguishable part of the town of Seaford. As a coastal settlement what drainage there is makes its way quickly to the nearby English Channel. East Blatchington is sited at around 30 metres above the sea but land rises quickly to the north to reach over 180 metres on the tops of the South Downs within a few miles. East Blatchington parish was small, it covered just 700 acres and would have supported a population of around 150 parishioners. There is no mention of East Blatchington in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Peter's church sits at the junction of Belgrave Road with Blatchington Hill amid a suburban setting. The church has very early origins, the priest's doorway has a round door-head and Pevsner indicates a date of circa 1200 and speculates that the nave was Norman albeit much altered over the centuries. Later, and in the Early English Gothic style, are the chancel windows together with the Sedilia & Piscina. These date from the 13th century, as does the western tower, its broached & shingles spire is, however, much later. The church is well-screened from the roads by a local flint wall and a large number of trees but these form a perimeter around the churchyard and once within, by a gateway off Belgrave Road, there are few obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 28th January 1757 - 30th October 1812 The Keep (East Sussex Record Office) - Reference - PAR248/1/1/4
Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 14th February 1813 - 20th March 1837 The Keep (East Sussex Record Office) - Reference - PAR248/1/3/1 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Bishopstone St Andrew
Bishopstone St Andrew
Alfriston St Andrew
Bishopstone St Andrew
Seaford St Leonard
Seaford St Leonard

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 28/01/1757 William TOWNER   Seaford Anne BEAN    
2 11/05/1762 Richard DYER   Newhaven Mary REEDER    
3 16/10/1763 Thomas BROOK     Dorothy DULY   South Heighton
4 30/04/1764 William HARMAN     Mary DUNSTONE    
5 24/12/1764 Peter ASHURST   East Dean By Eastbourne Jane BROOK    
6 18/09/1768 John BENNETT   Alfriston Mary SMITH    
7 16/05/1769 Thomas BELLAS   Greenwich, Kent Eleanor BROOK    
8 10/10/1769 William SICKELMORE   Bishopstone Hannah YOUNG    
9 15/09/1772 Thomas Purton BROOK Single   Mary ALLWORK Single Seaford
10 19/10/1772 William HILTON     Mary DULY    
11 14/09/1773 John TINSLAY Single St Michael, Lewes Mary ALLINGHAM    
12 23/06/1774 James PAUL     Susan ALCE    
13 31/10/1774 Charles GURR Single Wilmington Grace HILTON Single  
14 05/05/1775 William HASTING     Ann GODARD    
15 19/03/1776 Abraham REEDER     Mary HOLLANDS    
16 28/10/1776 Thomas PEDLEY Single Astbury, Cheshire Barbara BROOK Single  
17 26/02/1778 John TOWNER     Sally STANFORD    
18 02/10/1778 John BROWNE     Elizabeth SUTTON    
19 09/02/1781 Robert LEVETT Single Seaford Elizabeth COX Single  
20 21/10/1782 William GEERING Single   Sarah LOWER Single  
21 23/10/1782 William CHAMBERS Single   Susanna BROOK Single  
22 15/09/1783 William WILLIAMS Single   Elizabeth MACE Single  
23 10/08/1785 Samuel SUTTON Single Eastbourne Mary PUTLAND Single  
24 04/06/1787 Nicholas UNSTED   West Dean By Seaford Mary HUNT    
25 12/05/1788 Harry ROBERTS Single Seaford Hannah DULEY Single  
26 17/05/1788 John YOUNG     Elizabeth DUNSTONE    
27 13/06/1788 John BEAN Single   Mary HYDE Single  
28 26/02/1789 Thomas HOLLIBON     Philadelphia BOTTING Widow  
29 04/04/1790 John BOVIS Single   Esther CHRISTIAN Single Seaford
30 01/01/1791 William COOMBS Widower   Anne ALCE Single  
31 09/05/1791 John YOUNG Single   Edith BENNETT Single Seaford
32 15/09/1791 Harry GREEN Single   Ann JORDAN Single  
33 22/01/1792 John COWSTICK Single   Mercy PAUL Single  
34 14/05/1792 Samuel PARKER Single Chailey Ann DAW Single  
35 30/06/1793 Richard ALLMORE     Mary WOOD Single  
36 30/09/1794 Joseph BURTON Single   Elizabeth GALLIFORE Single Winchelsea
37 05/10/1794 Joseph GAUNTLETT Single   Sarah STONEHAM Single  
38 14/10/1794 Richard HULANDS Single   Susannah EDWARDS Widow  
39 13/04/1795 George WOODFORD Single   Sarah COOK Single  
40 26/05/1795 John ARMSTRONG Widower   Phoebe BOXALL Widow  
41 22/06/1795 Charles SHEARMAN Single   Ann BUTTON Single Seaford
42 21/12/1795 William BENSON Single   Mary BUTTON Single  
43 16/05/1796 Thomas LUDLAM Widower   Elizabeth ROW Single  
44 25/06/1796 John STANDEN Single   Mary HAISELDEN Widow  
45 21/11/1796 John HORNE Single   Elizabeth BROWNE Widow  
46 24/04/1797 John MEZY Single   Ann LOW Single  
47 05/06/1797 Charles HARRISON Single   Elizabeth WILLIS Single  
48 28/08/1797 Edward SOUTHALL Single   Mary GAINSFORD Single  
49 11/09/1797 Thomas SALT Single   Emmy TREE Single  
50 24/09/1797 Thomas JOHNSON Single   Fanny WEBB Single  
51 02/11/1797 James MILLWARD Single   Emmy FIELD Single  
52 07/12/1797 John SHELTON Single   Elizabeth LOWER Single  
53 09/01/1798 William SCRIGGINS Single   Catherine JOLLEY Single  
54 18/04/1798 Peter TERRY Single Newhaven Elizabeth ALCE Single  
55 16/05/1798 James JONES Single   Jane CUNNINGHAM Single  
56 10/06/1798 Thomas TYERS Single   Winifred MORRIS Single  
57 17/09/1798 Thomas JONES Single   Mary JONES Single  
58 22/09/1798 Lewis JONES Single   Esther LEWIS Single  
59 24/09/1798 Richard WILLIAMS Single   Frances LOWE Single  
60 22/11/1798 John TOWNES Single Seaford Hannah FIRLE Single  
61 05/12/1798 William JEFFERIES Single   Ann BRAY Single  
62 02/04/1799 Abraham BOOTH Single   True TRUEMAN Single  
63 09/10/1799 Abraham POPPS     Ann YOUNG Single  
64 22/09/1800 James SOUTH Single   Charity BAKER Single  
65 14/03/1802 Thomas CHEESEMAN Single   Elizabeth BATCHELOR Single Seaford
66 24/04/1802 James LESLIE Single   Jesse THORNBURN Single  
67 20/05/1802 John BEATEY Single   Mary LESTER Single  
68 14/07/1802 Oliver PEACOCK Single   Susan PHILLIPS Single  
69 02/08/1802 William STONE Single   Elizabeth EAVES Single  
70 18/12/1802 William CLARKE Single Ringmer Betty MACE Single  
71 12/06/1804 Joseph BARRA Single   Susan STEVENS Single Seaford
72 09/07/1804 Thomas SMITH Single   Sarah THOMAS Single  
73 03/12/1804 John CAVERNER     Mary CASEY Single  
74 11/02/1805 Joseph LEFEVRE     Lydia WEAVER Single  
75 26/02/1805 Thomas MILLARD     Sarah JONES    
76 26/02/1805 William STAINTON     Nancy PRITCHARD    
77 30/04/1805 Thomas TOWNER Single   Fanny BARTHOLOMEW Single  
78 21/05/1805 Edward COPPING Single   Elizabeth BOBBING    
79 09/04/1806 Charles CALVER     Sarah RODHAM    
80 03/08/1806 Joseph FAXSON     Mary MACE Single  
81 27/10/1806 John HATTON     Hannah HARRIS Single  
82 22/01/1807 Thomas TOOGOOD     Elizabeth CLARKE Widow  
83 28/06/1807 William BUCKLAND     Frances MURROW    
84 26/08/1807 Joseph BRIGHT     Sarah VANNER    
85 31/08/1807 Benjamin DURRANT     Lydia HARMER   Uckfield
86 13/02/1808 John PRESTON     Martha COULTON    
87 04/05/1808 John SUGGETT     Elizabeth SLY    
88 09/05/1808 Thomas INCHER     Elizabeth POTTER    
89 25/10/1808 John BROWN     Ann BURGEST    
90 09/01/1809 Samuel SAXON Single Hailsham Ann SIMMONS Single  
91 26/02/1809 John CARTER   Bishopstone Lucy Allwork LOWER    
92 03/02/1810 William LEE Single   Charlotte HOLLOWAY Single Bishopstone
92 05/02/1810 William PAGE Single   Elizabeth FULLER Single  
93 28/02/1810 Hugh RICHARDS Single   Elizabeth WILLIAMS Widow  
94 05/03/1810 Alexander SMITH     Lucy KEEFE Widow  
95 19/03/1810 John SADLER Single Little Budworth, Cheshire Eliza REED Widow  
96 30/07/1810 William MAYO Single   Sarah LEVETT Widow  
97 30/07/1810 Daniel CHISHOLM Single   Phoebe FLETCHER Widow  
98 29/11/1810 Robert WILLIAMS Single   Catherine PRATT Widow  
99 03/05/1812 Henry WICKHAM Single   Hannah HORSCROFT Single  
100 12/05/1812 John HORTON Single   Fanny PASKENS Single  
101 02/06/1812 James BURLING     Mary WALKER Single  
102 19/07/1812 Lewis DUNSTON Single   Mary HOAD Single  
17/08/1812 Daniel HARWOOD Single   Mary RETELIE Widow  
19/08/1812 James FLOWER Single   Lucy PENFOLD Single  
04/10/1812 Benjamin JUDSON Single   Mary CLARKE Single  
27/10/1812 William BUXTON Widower   Ann BARNS Widow  
30/10/1812 Alexander MCINTOSH Single   Hannah SHAW Single  
1 14/02/1813 George ADE Single   Mary Ann CABBELL Single  
2 22/02/1813 William KIDD Single   Sarah LEMMON Single  
3 22/06/1813 John MARSH Single   Ann MCMULLEN Widow  
4 27/07/1813 John HARRIS Single   Catherine CLARKE Single  
5 12/10/1813 William HOLDER Single South Heighton Elizabeth COATES Single  
6 28/12/1813 Joseph HAMILTON Single   Margaret BROWN Single  
7 27/06/1814 James RIPPEN Single   Julia DELANEY Single  
8 28/07/1814 John BENNETT Single Seaford Hester BOVIS Single  
9 13/10/1814 Theophilus Byers COSTLEY Single   Sarah Ann MERRYWEATHER Single Brighton
10 21/10/1814 Arthur MCGRATH Single   Margaret BARHAM Widow  
11 12/12/1814 John CARNEY Single   Elizabeth MARSHALL Single  
12 04/04/1815 John MACE Single   Charlotte HARRIS Single  
13 09/07/1815 William MACE Single   Bett TOMSETT Single  
14 29/12/1815 George HIGGINBOTTOM Single   Elizabeth HOAD Single  
15 20/05/1816 James STACE Single   Sarah MACE Single  
16 29/07/1816 Thomas HORRICKS Single   Amelia STEDMAN Single  
17 17/11/1816 John HORSCRAFT Single   Elizabeth ROBERTS Single  
18 31/10/1817 Amos PATCHING Single Telscombe Harriot COATES Single  
19 24/11/1817 Thomas BRABAN Single   Susannah KENNARD Single  
20 22/10/1820 Henry PELHAM Single   Mary Ann BUTTON Widow  
21 27/11/1820 Thomas BURGESS Single   Jane REEDE Single  
22 22/07/1821 Arthur SOUTER Single Telscombe Mary COATES Single  
23 17/09/1821 William POLLARD Single   Mary STANDEN Single  
24 25/12/1821 Isaac MOCKFORD Single Bishopstone Fanny HOAD Single  
25 14/01/1822 Henry COATES Single   Sarah ALS Single  
26 10/11/1822 Benjamin HOOK Single Whatlington Mary KNIGHT Single  
27 12/01/1823 Michael HORSCRAFT Single Brighton Mary STACE Single  
28 15/05/1823 Richard WALTER Single   Mary Ann KINNIBURGH Single  
29 18/05/1823 William PECKHAM Single West Dean By Seaford Philly REED Single  
30 09/04/1826 James PAYNE Single   Hannah STANDEN Single  
31 03/09/1826 Richard SIMMONS Single Bishopstone Lucy KNIGHT Single  
32 30/04/1827 John CUDDY Single   Ann BRAY Single  
33 21/08/1827 Henry Frederick PEAKE Single   Elizabeth BARTLEY Single  
34 17/11/1827 John STACE Single   Charlotte HORSCRAFT Widow  
35 26/09/1830 George Hook BEAN Single   Sarah Ann TOWNER Single  
36 25/09/1831 Henry TUCKNOTT Single Bishopstone Elizabeth ALCE Single  
37 09/07/1832 George WATSON Single Brighton Mary KING Single  
38 14/08/1832 William BARRETT Single Seaford Mary Ann REDDING Single  
39 10/02/1833 John HORSCRAFT Widower   Barbara Ann REEDER Single  
40 06/04/1833 Richard THOMAS Single   Hannah GLADMAN Single  
41 26/06/1833 Edwin Nathaniel DAWES Single Rye Ann NOAKES Single  
42 27/10/1833 George MACE Widower   Sarah TOWNER Widow  
43 24/08/1834 Richard TOWNER Single Sutton Jane PELHAM Single  
44 07/09/1834 Charles SHELLEY Single West Firle Elizabeth REED Single  
45 27/09/1834 John CARTER Single Bishopstone Eliza TOWNER Single  
46 27/09/1834 John TOWNER Single   Elizabeth STACE Single  
47 27/09/1834 James BROWN Single   Sarah HORSCRAFT Single Litlington
48 25/10/1834 Jonathan DOUCH Single Westham Mary CATT Single  
49 04/01/1835 James KNIGHT Single Seaford Sophia TOWNER Single  
50 30/08/1835 James REED Single   Sarah TOWNER Single  
51 20/03/1837 Joseph ROCKETT Single Seaford Christiana WARDEN Single  

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