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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Chichester St Olave


The Parish

Chichester lies in southern Sussex close to the coast of the English Channel. It is one of the principal cities of the county, a Roman foundation dating back to the 3rd century and perhaps before that as a fort. St Olave's parish is a small part of the city which is divided into 9 parishes. St Olave's parish is located in the northern part of the city centre within the ancient walls. Whilst the city had a substantial population St Olave's parish was small with just over 200 parishioners.

The Church

St Olave's church is no longer used for worship being converted to a bookshop, tightly hemmed in by shops it also rather difficult to get satisfactory portrait & landscape pictures without replication. The building is also heavily restored which masks most of its architectural features. What can be seen is largely 13th or 4th century although the walls of the nave are clearly earlier and probably Norman.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 9th May 1754 - 17th February 1812 West Sussex Record Office - Reference - Par41/1/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 5th May 1813 - 12th January 1837 West Sussex Record Office - Reference - Par41/1/3/1
Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Chichester St Peter the Great
Chichester St Peter the Less
Chichester St Peter the Less
Chichester St Peter the Great
Chichester St Martin
Chichester St Peter the Great
Chichester St Peter the Great
Chichester St Andrew
Chichester St Andrew

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 09/05/1754 Richard LEA Widower   Jane JONES Single  
2 20/10/1754 Thomas SIMONDS Single   Sarah PEARCE Single St Martin, Chichester
3 19/01/1756 John CAKE Single Portsmouth, Hampshire Susan SHEPPARD Single  
4 04/06/1756 Richard FRANCIS Single New Brentford, Middlesex Ann LIBBARD Single  
5 28/08/1757 Charles COTTREL Single St Martin, Chichester Ann BENNET    
6 09/01/1759 Edward BENNET   St Peter The Great, Chichester Elizabeth PEAT    
7 18/03/1763 Andrew DIAPER     Catherine BISHOP   Wymering, Hampshire
8 07/12/1764 John ROW   Angmering Jane ELLIOTT    
9 12/09/1766 George SMYTH     Ruth SOUTHEN Single St Pancras, Chichester
10 08/10/1767 Morgan REYNOLDS Single   Sarah FODER Single  
11 22/02/1773 Thomas FALSEY   St Thomas, Southwark, Surrey Elizabeth TELLING    
12 12/09/1773 George WATTS Single   Esther MARTIN Single  
13 23/12/1773 James WIDDEN Single Petworth Sarah ASHFOLD    
14 21/04/1774 William CLOWES Single   Elizabeth HARRADIN Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
15 29/07/1776 Richard CHITTY Single Singleton Elizabeth TAYLOR Single  
16 09/04/1777 James BUDD Single Southwick, Hampshire Mary BASS Single  
17 18/10/1780 John FEAST Single   Mary UNDERWOOD    
18 31/03/1783 William ASHFIELD     Elizabeth PHILLIPS    
19 02/06/1783 Harry WRIGHT Single   Ann PRAT Single  
20 28/08/1783 George PAYNE Single   Mary RICHARDS    
21 12/09/1785 Joseph BRADSHAW Widower   Elizabeth STEVENS   St Andrew, Chichester
22 21/03/1786 Thomas SILVER Single Upper Clatford, Hampshire Sarah PHILPOT Single  
23 10/04/1786 Edward COAKER Single   Ann MILLARD   St Peter The Great, Chichester
24 07/06/1786 Isaac WOODWARD Widower Peterborough, Northamptonshire Frances FOSBROOK Single  
25 07/08/1786 John HARRIS     Susannah IVORY    
26 06/11/1786 Edward ODILL     Sarah BALDWYN    
27 18/12/1786 Henry LEGGATT   St Peter The Great, Chichester Mary BROWN Widow  
28 05/12/1787 Richard TILL Single   Elizabeth FREEMANTLE Single  
29 14/04/1788 Harry WRIGHT Widower   Margaret SPERSHOLT Single  
30 11/06/1788 William DENYER Single   Elizabeth SEAL Single St Martin, Chichester
31 26/10/1788 James COLLINS     Elizabeth HAMMOND    
32 07/03/1789 Richard FORSBROOKE   St Peter The Great, Chichester Elizabeth PRAT    
33 09/03/1789 William BAXTER   Surrey Hannah PRAT Single  
34 03/05/1789 John Porter CRANESTONE     Grace FIELD    
35 17/12/1789 John BROADBRIDGE Single   Elizabeth BOXALL Single St Peter The Great, Chichester
36 10/03/1790 John LOYD     Mary YOUNG Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
37 29/11/1790 William MOORE     Mary MITCHELL    
38 07/02/1791 Mathew MILDRED     Frances COSSINS    
39 05/09/1791 James SIMMONDS     Elizabeth HOWARD   New Fishbourne
40 31/10/1791 James SHIPPAM   St Martin, Chichester Ann TILL   St Pancras, Chichester
41 21/02/1792 Benjamin BEAL     Elizabeth PATCHING   St Bartholomew, Chichester
42 11/03/1793 Richard BLACKMAN     Mary BOXALL    
43 23/05/1793 Mathew James LUFFE     Elizabeth BOWLER    
44 26/05/1793 William SPENCER Widower   Elizabeth PRAT Single St Peter The Great, Chichester
45 25/06/1793 George LYON Single   Louisa Alexandrina HART    
46 10/10/1793 John WAGLAND Single   Hannah BALL Single  
47 03/11/1793 George REYNOLDS Single Portsea, Hampshire Ann JENNINGS Widow  
48 13/02/1794 Joseph KING   Bradford On Avon, Wiltshire Mary WHITLOCK    
49 22/04/1794 Samuel STAMP     Elizabeth RAWLINS   St Peter The Great, Chichester
50 18/05/1794 George LAYTON     Caroline HORN    
51 29/06/1794 John HOLLAND     Katharina FIELD    
52 13/07/1794 George WINGHAM Single   Ann SAUNDERS    
53 29/11/1794 William PRINCE   St Peter The Great, Chichester Sarah MITCHELL    
54 01/03/1795 James DAVIS     Mary Jane DAWES    
55 25/04/1795 George HERSEY     Charlotte TASHER    
56 22/09/1795 Thomas NEAL Single   Mercy SEAGRAVE Single  
57 31/12/1795 Thomas White COGAN   St Peter The Great, Chichester Louisa Lugater CARPENTER    
58 16/04/1796 William RULE     Martha FREEMAN    
59 21/04/1796 Charles APTED Single   Jane ETRICKER Single  
60 24/04/1796 James WAKLING Single   Jane WRIGHT Single  
61 15/05/1796 William TIPPER   St Pancras, Chichester Ann MARNER    
62 16/06/1796 John BARTLETT Single St Andrew, Chichester Elizabeth PHILPOTT Single  
63 31/07/1796 William WIMBOURN Single St Pancras, Chichester Elizabeth FORHEAD Single  
64 29/10/1796 Howell POWELL Single   Harriot COOPER Single  
65 26/01/1797 William COLLINS     Ann CARTER   St Peter The Great, Chichester
66 16/03/1797 Thomas TURNER     Catharine BALDWIN    
67 04/04/1797 Anthony WICKHAM Single   Elizabeth WILKINS Single  
68 16/05/1797 John JONES Single   Catherine NORMAN Single Romsey, Hampshire
69 19/06/1797 John MARTIN Single   Dinah SMITH Single St Martin, Chichester
70 08/08/1797 James SHARP Single   Jane LUCAS Single  
71 14/10/1797 William URRY Widower   Sarah INWARD Single  
72 12/11/1797 Daniel NORRIS Single   Elizabeth HARDHAMS Single  
73 16/01/1798 John CLEMENCE   St Peter The Great, Chichester Alice WALKER    
74 16/05/1798 John WARNER Single   Sarah FERRY Single St Peter The Great, Chichester
75 01/07/1798 William WRAPSON Single   Elizabeth PITT Single  
76 16/04/1799 William MILLS Single   Elizabeth VOKE Single East Lavant
77 07/07/1799 William LANE Single   Martha WILKINSON Single  
78 28/07/1799 Hampton HARDHAM Single   Elizabeth EADE Single  
79 15/09/1799 Richard RICHARDSON     Kitty SMITH    
80 02/02/1800 Thomas GOUGH Single Ellesmere, Shropshire Mary GROOM Single  
81 29/03/1801 Richard WACHFORD Single   Mary SMITH Single  
82 25/06/1801 William CARPENTER Single Rogate Maria CLUES Single  
83 05/07/1801 John ELDRIDGE Single   Elizabeth DRAPER Single  
84 27/02/1802 Francis SOUTER Widower   Ann SMITH Widow  
85 17/02/1803 William SHARP Single Portsmouth, Hampshire Mary STREET    
86 09/06/1803 William PESCOTT Single   Ann DEE Widow  
87 04/07/1803 Charles LANCASTER Single Brighton Hannah HAWKINS Single  
88 05/07/1803 Henry EDWARDS Single Warbleton Jane SOLE    
89 28/07/1803 John PHILLIPS Single   Mary HORN Single  
90 28/01/1804 William GINNER Single   Milly PINDLEBURY Single  
91 09/02/1804 Abraham BAKER   St Peter The Great, Chichester Ann EADE    
92 06/09/1804 Adam MARTIN Single   Grace MARTIN Single  
93 22/10/1804 William MARSH Single   Maria CHEESEMAN Single St Peter The Great, Chichester
94 15/05/1805 Daniel MASON Single St Andrew, Chichester Ann PENDELBURY Single  
96 20/07/1806 Benjamin EVANS Single   Sarah IRELAND Single Alverstoke, Hampshire
97 18/08/1806 William GALLISP Single Edburton Susan PETERS Single  
98 14/09/1806 George VINEY Widower   Ann DOE Single  
99 17/11/1806 John OLIVER Single Leominster, Herefordshire Maria INGRAM Single  
100 06/04/1807 John Kirkland GLAZEBROOK Single St Peter The Great, Chichester Maria ALLEN Single  
101 07/08/1807 Francis WALDRON Single   Charlotte BEAGLEY Single  
102 01/08/1808 James LONGMER Single St Peter The Great, Chichester Lettice CARPENTER Single  
103 18/04/1809 Job KING Single   Ann POOL Single  
104 12/06/1809 Richard HOWARD Single St Bartholomew, Chichester Elizabeth ARCHER Widow  
105 06/04/1811 Robert Bobbett GRANT Single St Peter The Great, Chichester Ann PUNTER Single  
106 17/02/1812 William WRAPSON Widower New Fishbourne Mary DURMAN Single  
1 05/05/1813 William MITTIN Single   Charity TERRY Single  
2 21/11/1813 Joseph BENNET Single Boxgrove Elizabeth BARBER Single  
3 11/11/1814 John COPPER Single St Peter The Great, Chichester Martha DENDY Single  
4 11/03/1816 Henry PARKER Single   Frances HENESSY Single St Peter The Great, Chichester
5 25/03/1816 Richard GRAY Single   Maria SMITH Single  
6 16/04/1816 Thomas WILTON Single Storrington Jane HARDHAM Single  
7 11/08/1817 Thomas James NORRIS Single Bethnal Green, Middlesex Zaphna Louisa Mary KNIGHT Single  
8 20/10/1818 Thomas MANT     Frances PRYER    
9 24/10/1818 George COUSENS Single St Peter The Great, Chichester Sophia HAYLLAR Single  
10 10/12/1818 James LEWIS   St Andrew, Chichester Ruth BAXTER Single  
11 23/10/1819 Francis CHAMPION Single   Sarah FIFIELD Single  
12 25/11/1819 William WALBURN Single St Peter The Great, Chichester Sarah GIBSON Widow  
13 15/06/1820 William GOLDRING Widower   Hannah STAMPER Widow  
14 24/04/1821 William JONES Widower Portsea, Hampshire Sarah BAILEY Single  
15 02/07/1821 Edward NORRIS   South Bersted Jane SMITH    
16 02/12/1821 Charles ALLEN Single   Mary Ann OESCOTT Single  
17 02/06/1822 George STAMFORD Single   Mary OSMOND Single  
18 23/07/1822 John HOAR   St Martin, Chichester Elizabeth BUSSELL    
19 19/06/1823 Thomas LUDKIN     Lucy JELLEFF    
20 09/10/1823 Edward HAMMOND     Mary CARR    
21 13/05/1824 Joseph YORKE Single Warbleton Jane WHITE Single  
22 11/09/1824 Isaac CULLIMORE   Lambeth, Surrey Annabella PHILPOTT    
23 15/11/1824 George REID Single   Mary Ann BROWN Single  
24 14/12/1826 Edward SABINE Single St Marylebone, Middlesex Elizabeth Juliana LEEVES Single  
25 15/05/1827 John Mackrell Gillingham POULDEN Widower Portsea, Hampshire Sarah WHITE Single  
26 07/02/1828 Charles Henry MANN Single St Peter The Great, Chichester Mary Ann INKSON Single  
27 07/05/1829 James Cousens COFFIN   St Peter The Great, Chichester Caroline PARKER    
28 04/10/1829 John HYNDE     Emily WAYMARK    
29 22/02/1830 George BRIDGES   Dorking, Surrey Mary AYLING    
30 07/03/1830 William THEW   St Peter The Great, Chichester Elizabeth BRIDGES    
31 25/12/1830 John LILLIWHITE     Sarah RANDLE    
32 03/01/1831 Alfred Prince ROOF     Eliza GRADDON    
33 14/02/1831 Giles CRIBB     Ann HILLIARD   St Peter The Great, Chichester
34 15/02/1831 Edwin Luke TOWNSEND   St Pancras, Middlesex Elizabeth Shurgold WEEKS    
35 17/07/1831 George BUDD     Sophia WELCH   New Fishbourne
36 22/12/1831 George WICKHAM   West Meon, Hampshire Eunice BAXTER    
37 05/03/1833 James FARR     Sarah AMER    
38 18/10/1835 Jonathan STANDEN     Jenny MANT    
39 29/05/1836 Robert SMITH Single St Peter The Great, Chichester Eliza Ann GLOVER Single  
40 09/07/1836 Isaac TODD     Maria KEYS    
41 12/01/1837 Charles FOX     Emma Jane MANT    

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