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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
West Dean by Chichester St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of West Dean (here given the suffix "by Chichester" to distinguish it from Sussex' other parish of the same name near Eastbourne) lies in the west of Sussex not too far from its border with neighbouring Hampshire. As its suffix suggests this West Dean lies roughly 5 miles north of the West Sussex city of Chichester. West Dean is a small and rather linear village built along and parallel to the A 286 road which connects Chichester with London. West Dean sits amongst chalk hills in the incised upper valley of the River Lavant with a  extensive rural parish area which would have seen not only arable but sheep grazing on the chalk downs as part of a varied farming economy. Modern developments did come to West Dean's valley as a railway line was built along it with a station at West Dean, sadly this line has ceased to be and is dismantled. The River Lavant drains the parish southwards passing to the east of Chichester from whence its former course is much changed by man-made drainage to the nearby English Channel. West Dean is sited at around 60 metres above the sea but sits deep in a valley set within rolling hills rising to local heights of over 200 metres on nearby St Roche's Hill. West Dean parish was extensive but its acreage included the settlement at Binderton, collectively it covered close to 4,600 acres and would have supported a population of close to 700 parishioners. West Dean, itself, is not specifically mentioned in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Andrew's church sits at the northern end of the village accessed from the A286 by way of Church Lane. Sadly the church, which has ancient origins, was badly damaged by a fire in 1934 and was rebuilt following that disaster. Attempts were made to retain the features of those ancient origins that survived as well as to rebuild sensitively to the style of the former building, an objective which has been satisfactorily achieved. The church is pre-Conquest and 11th century in origin, retained from that period are the walls of the nave together with a blocked doorway on the northern side which is 9 feet high.  The eastern end retains the 13th century early English Gothic lancets whilst the western tower is dateable from documentary evidence to 1727. Also 18th century are the transepts albeit from the latter half of that century. These fragments of the former church are knotted together by the 1934 rebuild into a coherent structure for today's villagers. To the north of the churchyard is a large rough parking area sufficient for many cars enabling a prolonged visit. A high flint wall surrounds the church, arched gateways in flint are supplemented by a wrought iron arched gateway enabling access. Sadly the churchyard is fairly narrow and constrained to the east by the premises of West Dean College of Arts & Conservation which together rob the favoured southeastern aspect from the photographers portfolio and making for a tricky subject to adequately capture on a sunny day.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 9th May 1754 - 2nd December 1802 West Sussex Record Office - Reference - Par65/1/1/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 4 Register - there are notable quality issues with this register which may have resulted in many misreads Fading is prevalent throughout and at times the handwriting is also poor, there is a likelihood of many misreads as a consequence
2 12th April 1803 - 22nd December 1812 West Sussex Record Office - Reference - Par65/1/1/5

Plain, unruled book containing Marriages

Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 18th May 1813 - 11th May 1837 West Sussex Record Office - Reference - Par65/1/3/1
Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Poor handwriting when combined with fading may result in a few misreads.

Treyford cum Didling St Mary
Didling St Andrew
Linch St Luke
Bepton St Mary
Cocking St Catherine of Siena
East Marden St Peter
Stoughton St Mary
Singleton St John the Evangelist
Stoughton St Mary
East Lavant St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 09/05/1754 Thomas HORTON Westbourne Ann GREENTRY
2 15/08/1754 William TODMAN Ann HEARLEY
2 11/10/1754 Thomas MARTIN East Lavant Sarah PHILLIPS
3 19/08/1756 Richard RUSSEL Mary HODGES
20/03/1757 Thomas PEACHEY Binderton Elizabeth WYAT
13/04/1757 Robert BUTLER Dorking, Surrey Elizabeth TRIGG
02/06/1757 Thomas HAMMOND Midhurst Mary TRIGG Binderton
16/06/1757 John FAITHFUL Binderton Elizabeth BEALE Binderton
28/07/1757 William WOODS Chichester Margaret THORNTON
11/08/1757 George HOUNSON Funtington Mary WOODS
09/09/1757 William LUCKINGS Sarah CHALKRIT
23/10/1757 Charles CANT Dinah HAMMOND
07/12/1757 Robert PHILPS Elizabeth ROOK
15/05/1758 John PUGE Mary TREGOSS
14/10/1758 Francis FARNDEN Chiswick, Middlesex Elizabeth HODGES
05/11/1758 John WILKINS Mary TILL
27/07/1759 Thomas RUSSELL Ann VALLER
19/02/1760 Joseph STACEY Binderton Elizabeth GROVER
29/05/1760 John BIGG Widower Binderton Elizabeth NEWMAN
07/06/1760 William COBDEN Singleton Sarah MARKWICK
02/11/1760 Thomas SPRENT Martha MARTIN
28/01/1761 John LONG Cocking Ann ROGIES
08/10/1761 Robert GREEN Ann DEARLING Binderton
29/12/1761 John PETERS Catherington, Hampshire Jemima GREGORY
21/05/1762 John RUMSEY West Hampnett Elizabeth RANGER
19/09/1762 John CHALLEN Cocking Martha BUDD
12/10/1762 Thomas BROADBRIG Aldingbourne Susan OSBORN
18/11/1762 James PIGGOT Iping Jane PEACHEY
13/02/1763 John HALSEY Ann GREGORY
01/05/1763 Robert VARENDALE Westbourne Elizabeth TILL
14/08/1763 Joseph TRIBE Allice BURLEY
32 25/11/1763 Edward BUDD Single Ann RANDAL Single
33 07/12/1763 Stephen MOTT Single Mary RASEL Single
34 23/12/1763 William STURT Single Petworth Elizabeth POLLARD Single
35 16/04/1764 William MANNERS Single South Stoke Hannah BARLEY Single
37 07/07/1764 James KEMP Single Trotton Ann BETTESWORTH Single
36 08/07/1764 Matthew PARKER Single West Stoke Ann SUTTER Single
38 11/10/1764 William SCUTT Single Harting Jane RASELL Single
39 09/05/1765 William ROGERS Single Binderton Mary BARLEY Single
40 08/10/1765 Nicholas BAYLEY Single Harting Mary BUDD Widow
41 25/12/1765 John LUFF Widower Midhurst Martha GOULD Single
42 25/05/1766 Henry ANCELL Single Binderton Mary ROGERS Single Binderton
44 23/10/1766 John EGGAR Single Rogate Mary PEACHEY Binderton
44 01/11/1766 John LEGGATT Martha TRIBE
45 09/02/1767 Thomas COOK Susanna MARKS Single Bury
46 11/04/1767 William LEARE All Hallows Barking, City Of London Mary COBDEN Single
47 13/09/1767 John FENNER Ann TURNER Single
48 13/10/1767 James FORD Single Hannah HILLS Single
49 22/10/1767 John ALLEN Single Catherington, Hampshire Jane GREENFIELD Single
50 22/07/1768 Henry TITCOMB Single Wandsworth, Surrey Sarah DELAWAR Single
51 25/09/1768 George SMITH Single Judith PUTTICK Single
52 13/10/1768 William WISDOM Binderton Jane ALLBURY
53 11/01/1769 Richard EAMES Jane DURMAN
54 28/03/1769 George ELDRIDGE Sarah POLLARD
55 11/05/1769 William BARTLETT Singleton Mary RICHARDS
56 12/05/1769 Miles RICHARDS East Lavant Sarah TYLER Binderton
57 07/06/1769 Jessy WHITTINGTON Mary STILL
58 19/11/1769 Edward PANNELL Single Elizabeth ROGERS Single
59 01/12/1769 Michael PONTEN Single Lucy BARLEY Single
60 27/02/1770 John VALLER Single Elizabeth SMITH Single
61 16/04/1770 Daniel SERL Single Ann COLLIER Single
62 17/05/1770 Joseph PHILPS Single Sarah FECHAN Single
63 26/05/1770 Morris BARLEY Single Elizabeth GOODGER Single
64 15/04/1771 Andrew LUFF Widower Sarah CHALLEN Single
65 13/05/1771 John HUTCHENS Single Binderton Sarah GOLDRING Single
08/06/1771 David LOOKE Single Mary COLLINS Single
03/12/1771 Richard HEWSON Single Sarah MURRELL Single
03/05/1772 James GOLDFINCH Single Sarah HILL Single
19/05/1772 James MORRIS Single Elsted Sarah COLLINS Single
08/06/1772 Joseph TAYLOR Single Mary WHITTINGTON Single
12/10/1772 Thomas DUNNARDAY Single Ann NORKETT Single
13/10/1772 Richard STUBS Single Martha PORTER Single
21/08/1774 William STUBBS Single Hannah SMITH Single
12/10/1774 John MAINDOM Single Binderton Mary NORKETT Single
18/10/1774 Joseph FREEBORNE Single East Dean By Chichester Ann HUMPHREY Binderton
07/12/1774 Thomas SPENCER Single Sarah BEAKER Single
08/02/1775 Thomas HULL East Dean By Chichester Martha JOHNSON Single
21/08/1775 William LOAS Single Mary SMITH Single
06/09/1775 Thomas POWELL Single Holy Trinity, Guildford, Surrey Sarah GOODWIN Widow
11/01/1776 Samuel BATTEN Single Ann BAYTON Single
13/05/1776 James GROVER Single Hannah EDSELL Single
29/10/1776 Caleb CHITTY Single Singleton Jane BAYTON Single
30/03/1777 Francis JORDAN Single Binsted Martha PUTTICK Single
10/04/1777 William COLLINS Single Trotton Elizabeth Essex GOOD Single
06/05/1777 William ELLIS Single Mary GREEN Single
12/05/1777 William ATHERLY Single Chalton, Hampshire Mary WESTBROOK Single
08/10/1777 Edward HEWSON Single Mary DURREL Single
23/04/1778 William GINNER Single Sarah HAMMOND Single
12/05/1778 Thomas WAKEFORD Single Up Marden Ann LILLEWHITE Single
13/07/1778 William BOXALL Single Singleton Ann SCEARL Single
23/09/1778 Samuel GYDE Single Susannah PANCHAUD Single
12/04/1779 Richard WELLS Single Ann GREGORY Single
15/04/1779 Lawrance GROVER Single Ann HOUSE Single
17/05/1779 Thomas MELLERSH Single Susannah PALMER Single St Olave, Chichester
14/06/1779 John BUDD Single Sarah LUCKINS Single
20/07/1779 Richard GOSDEN Single Rogate Mary GREEN Widow
27/12/1779 Stephen STANBROOK Single Mary WILSON Single
06/04/1780 Thomas REDMAN Single St Peter The Great, Chichester Elizabeth RASELL Single
23/04/1780 John EARWICKER Single Binderton Mary PEATERS Single Binderton
12/05/1780 William STILL Widower Binderton Hannah BARNET Single Binderton
22/05/1780 Francis PELLEY Donnington Sarah TREAGUS Single
11/10/1780 William BUCKLE Single Mary ROBINSON Single
02/06/1781 William ARROW Single Elizabeth SMITH Single
19/06/1781 William HARVEY Single Up Marden Ann RASELL Single
22/01/1782 Edward BRIDGER Single Cocking Barbara VOLLAR Single
23/05/1782 David CHARKER Single Martha BARNS Single
17/02/1783 Richard FARLEY Single Felpham Jane GOLDFINCH Single
10/11/1783 John CHITTY Single Singleton Ann PEACHEY Single
22/05/1784 William SPARKES Single Binderton Mary EAMES Single
29/06/1784 Elias PUTTICK Single Hannah HOUSE Single
30/05/1785 John BIGNELL Single Binderton Mercy PEATERS Single Binderton
06/06/1785 John AYLING Single Binderton Elizabeth AYLING Single
05/07/1785 Thomas RASELL Single Charlotte RASELL Single
11/10/1785 William TILL Single Mary FARLEY Single Westbourne
15/11/1785 John FOGDON Single Donnington Ann BUDD Single
12/10/1786 John FARENDON Single Bredgar, Kent Mary CASTLE Single
12/12/1786 John STUBINGTON Single Midhurst Elizabeth FLOAT Widow
12/05/1787 Thomas GOLDRING Single Sarah ELDRIDGE Single
12/05/1787 John PUTMAN Single Treyford Cum Didling Elizabeth EAMES Single
27/05/1787 William MARTIN Single Mary HANSELL Widow
29/05/1787 John GOLDFINCH Single Sarah WITTINGTON Single
29/05/1787 Thomas ELLIOT Midhurst Mary DURREL
17/05/1788 William HOWARD Single Mary WINGHAM Single
02/06/1788 James UPFILL Aldingbourne Mary BAILEY
26/10/1788 William HOUNSOM Funtington Mary HUDSON
29/10/1788 John KELZEY Goring Catherine TREAGUS
13/04/1789 Thomas VOLLER Single Stoughton Ann APPLEFORD Single
03/07/1789 William HORN Single North Mundham Elizabeth YOUNG Single
22/10/1789 William RASELL Elizabeth SPRENT
03/12/1789 John ELLIOT South Bersted Ann SIMS
02/02/1790 John GROVER Widower Mary HOWELL
22/07/1790 Thomas Gunston CALHOUN Southampton, Hampshire Elizabeth Mary PIGGOTT Binderton
07/11/1790 William NORKUTT Mary MOORE
27/01/1791 Richard SMITH Elizabeth TIPPER
02/06/1791 William DEARLING Single St Bartholomew, Chichester Jane PIGGOTT Single Binderton
04/10/1791 Edward FOSTER Single Ann DUNAWAY Widow
16/11/1791 John TARGETT Single Olive WILSON Single
21/12/1791 Thomas ELLISON Martha SPRENT
05/01/1792 Richard CARTER Elizabeth SADLER Binderton
08/07/1792 Thomas ANCELL Mary TERREY
26/12/1792 John ALBERRY Sarah BARTLON
07/02/1793 James NEGOS Mary WATERFORD
07/04/1793 John REDMAN Elizabeth CHALLEN
11/04/1793 Joseph GUY Ann PHILTZ
04/08/1793 James GOBLE Sarah ANCELL
11/09/1793 William NEAGUS Jane TWINE Mayfield
10/10/1793 John COLLY Sarah ROGERS
05/05/1794 Richard SMITH Susan SEARLE
08/06/1794 Thomas WEBB Hannah BATEMAN
01/11/1794 Peter LAMBETH Susan TERRY
20/01/1795 Robert RUSSELL Elizabeth PANNELL
24/05/1795 Joseph GARNETT Hambledon, Hampshire Elizabeth FORD
03/08/1795 George IDE Tangmere Elizabeth FARREN
10/09/1795 James JOHNSON Mary LOSE
09/03/1796 Charles INKPEN Ann BUTLER
10/03/1796 William PONTIN Hannah LUCKINGS
30/03/1796 George COBDEN St Peter The Great, Chichester Ann FENNER
14/06/1796 John STEPTOE Mary CAUGHT
09/12/1796 Samuel WATTS Mary BURCHER
19/12/1796 John HORN Mary RESTALL
22/12/1796 Thomas PHILLIPS Hannah STUBBS
28/02/1797 William FORD Sarah EDWARDS
09/10/1797 Cornelius GREENE Frances Ann PIGGOTT
31/01/1798 William PHILLIPS Ann HEWSON
28/05/1798 John PRATT Elizabeth PRICE
29/05/1798 Robert TRIGGS Elizabeth WILLIAMS
25/10/1798 John PANNELL Ann NEWLAND
01/05/1799 Richard MARSH Stoughton Elizabeth PUTMAN
09/05/1799 William ARROW Mary CRICK
26/09/1799 George GOLDRING Widower Mary GLOVER Widow
13/11/1799 Thomas JOHNSON Mary WITTINGTON
14/05/1800 Henry ALCHIN West Firle Mary EDWARDS
08/07/1800 James AYLING East Dean By Chichester Mary FREEBORN
16/09/1800 Edward HEWSON Elizabeth SMART
30/09/1800 George FORD Sarah HAMMOND
23/11/1800 James HAMMOND Elizabeth NEWLAND
24/01/1801 John ROPER Anne BELCHAMBER
22/03/1801 James GITTERAL Lydia RANDALL Binderton
19/04/1801 Richard ARROW Mary FACHEN St Martin, Chichester
22/05/1801 Thomas STACEY Single Jane STUBBS Single
18/07/1801 Henry LANGRIDGE Sarah PARVIN
22/09/1801 William WILLIAMSON Oving Elizabeth RICHARDS
20/10/1802 Thomas VERMINER Ann STUBBS
31/10/1802 George BENHAM Hannah CLARKE
02/12/1802 John Marten ANCELL Grace TROTT
12/04/1803 James HUMPHRIES Harriot EDWARDS Binderton
11/10/1803 George RICHARDS Mid Lavant Elizabeth STACEY Binderton
21/12/1803 Case COLEMAN Freshwater, Hampshire Jane POLLARD Binderton
09/07/1804 Michael PEARCE Westbourne Sarah PUDDICK
11/10/1804 William TERRY Sarah GREEN
06/11/1804 Charles MOORE Funtington Elizabeth LOCK
05/03/1805 David BOLLS Mary WILKINS
15/04/1805 James SMART Elizabeth WHALE
01/05/1805 Thomas WIGHT Elizabeth Essex COLLINS
16/05/1805 Thomas NYREN Frances READ
25/05/1805 Edward TODMAN Midhurst Elizabeth MOORE
05/06/1805 Jacob BENHAM Sarah LOCK
09/12/1805 James WOODLAND Sarah MARTIN
13/01/1806 Thomas BAKER Elizabeth BISHOP
08/04/1806 Richard STUBBS Jane RICHARDS Singleton
22/05/1806 Esau JONES Single Mary COLLINS Widow
27/01/1807 Thomas COLEMAN Jane RICHARDS
08/07/1807 James PONTING Judith STUBBS
27/07/1807 Thomas THAIRE Charlotte ROGERS
05/10/1807 William CHITTY Mary VOKES
14/01/1808 Daniel BUDD Stoughton Ann GRAY
18/07/1808 William PICKETT Binderton Mary WILLIAMS Binderton
23/07/1808 John ROGERS Binderton Mary DUCK Binderton
25/11/1808 William JOHNSON Martha DOWSE
10/12/1808 John CHITTY Hannah POORE
23/02/1809 John EADES Hannah WHITTINGTON
06/05/1809 William PAIN Barbara BENHAM
28/07/1809 William PRATT Sarah BOORT
11/11/1809 Thomas PARKER Lucy BUDD
21/05/1810 Edward SMART Hannah EDWARDS Binderton
19/06/1810 William ROGERS Binderton Mary POORE
09/07/1810 John ELLIS Frances BUDD
20/08/1810 James JAMES Martha MUNDEN
27/08/1810 John PHILLIPS Elizabeth SOMERS
11/10/1810 James NOBBS Stoughton Maria REEVE
10/11/1810 William ELDRIDGE Titchfield, Hampshire Elizabeth AYLING
02/01/1811 John FEAJEANT Mary BRANDON
08/07/1811 John CHEASE Lucy GLEASURE
26/07/1811 Thomas SUTER Lucy GOLDRING
29/07/1812 William WESTBROOKE Sarah RUSSEL
13/10/1812 Jonathan HOLLOWAY Mary MONEY
17/10/1812 Hezekiah LAMBETH Elizabeth NORTHEAST
22/12/1812 James GOFF Binderton Charlotte WHEATLEY Binderton
1 18/05/1813 William LEE Ruth BARLOW
2 08/06/1813 Thomas COLLINS Aldingbourne Sophia RUDWICK
3 09/06/1813 John WALE Charlotte SMITH
4 06/08/1813 George HOWARD Mid Lavant Sarah GROVES Widow
5 05/10/1813 Joseph GLOVER Single Ellen Julia SHEPHERD Single
6 02/11/1813 John LATER Single Up Marden Elizabeth NYE
7 13/08/1814 James RICHARDSON Single Binderton Jane TOWNS Single Binderton
8 17/10/1814 John STANDEN Single Anne ELYET Single
9 02/11/1814 John CAPLIN Single Anne BAKER Single
10 21/11/1814 William COLLINS Single Charlotte NORGATE Single
11 18/12/1814 George BRIDLE Single Anna COLLINS Single
12 10/01/1815 John NORKETT Single Jane SEARLE Single
13 28/03/1815 William ALBON Single East Lavant Hannah STEWART Single
14 24/05/1815 James GIN Single Binderton Mary SYRED Single
15 11/06/1815 James MARSH Single Stoughton Louisa TRIBE
16 22/06/1815 George GOLDRING Single Mary SPENCER Single
17 26/12/1815 James ALBREY Single Hannah TILL Single
18 29/01/1816 George CHARMAN Single Catherine SKINNER Single
19 03/12/1816 Thomas VALENTINE Single Anne Charlotte WEBB Single Hampstead Norreys, Berkshire
20 05/11/1817 James PARVIN Single Catherine WITTINGTON Single
21 15/03/1818 George BENHAM Widower Anne BROOKS Widow
22 16/04/1818 Robert RASELL Single Emily THORP Single
23 19/05/1818 Benjamin WINGHAM Single Harriet WADEY Single
24 07/06/1818 William KING Single St Peter The Great, Chichester Mary STEWARD Single
25 12/10/1818 William ROGERS Widower Elizabeth PRATT Single
26 23/10/1818 Charles LANE Single Rogate Mary LUNN Single
27 28/11/1818 Robert THORP Single Jane COLLINS Single
28 22/12/1818 James ROGERS Single Binderton Mary DEDMAN Single
29 09/03/1819 Moses ROGERS Single Mary WHITTINGTON Single
30 16/05/1819 Stephen PARSONS Single Midhurst Elizabeth RAY Single Binderton
31 06/06/1819 George GOLDRING Widower Elizabeth WATSON Single
32 10/07/1819 George GILBERT Single Midhurst Hannah ALBON Widow
33 15/11/1819 John SPRUCE Single Charlotte Boxall KEEN Single
34 10/02/1820 Charles Palmer DIMOND Single St Giles In The Fields, Middlesex Mary WOODS Single
35 10/02/1820 James CARPENTER Single Martha HORNSBEY Single
36 11/02/1820 William LOWES Single Petworth Esther PHILBROW Single
37 23/03/1820 William BLAKE Single Jane CARR Single
38 13/04/1820 Francis PUDWICK Single Up Marden Jane Boxal ELLIS Single
39 20/10/1820 James TILL Single Binderton Mary CHALCRAFT Binderton
40 19/02/1821 John BRUNDAN Single Binderton Charlotte SMITH Widow Binderton
41 04/06/1821 James BUTLER Single Susan JOHNSON Single
42 01/12/1821 John BOSELL Single Ann TREAGUS Single
43 04/12/1821 Thomas WILTON Widower Emily NOVELL Single
44 31/12/1821 William SEYMOUR Single Binderton Caroline WAKEFORD Single Binderton
45 07/07/1822 George LUNDS Single Arundel Mary Ann PHILLIPS Single
46 11/02/1823 John BUDD Single Harriet LUCKINGS Single
47 26/04/1823 Stephen FARLEY Single Singleton Emily IDE Single
48 11/05/1823 John JOAKE Single Elizabeth BAKER Single
49 01/08/1823 George BUDD Single Binderton Mary LLOYD Single Binderton
50 14/02/1824 Joshua WESTBROOK Single Jane SCOTT Single
51 14/08/1824 Richard RASELL Single Martha LUNN Single
52 27/10/1824 William FORD Single Singleton Mary Ann SMITH Single
53 21/06/1825 Henry COOPER Single Emily TREAGUS Single
54 26/06/1825 Charles GILBERT Single Funtington Charlotte AYLING Single
55 31/07/1825 Richard POOR Single Elizabeth MARSHALL Single
56 07/01/1826 Anthony TREGOOSE Single Elizabeth LAMBETH Single
57 10/01/1826 Joseph TREGOOSE Single Elizabeth LANDER Single Cocking
58 10/04/1826 William Till SMITH Single Catherine COATES Single
59 06/07/1826 George HORN Single Mary Ann PLEDGER Single
60 20/10/1826 James PANNELL Single Charlotte ELLIS Single
61 17/04/1827 William VARNDELL Single Sarah JACOBS Single Binderton
62 29/05/1827 Henry ELLYETT Single Mary GOLDFINCH Single
63 30/05/1827 John PUTMAN Single Sophia SCOTCHFOARD Single
64 06/08/1827 James PANTIN Single Mary DEWEY Single
65 12/08/1827 Thomas SAYNE Single Mary LOCK Widow
66 13/10/1827 John NORRIS Single Jane JACKSON Single Binderton
67 05/05/1828 William WHITTINGTON Single Elizabeth JOHNSON Single
68 21/06/1828 Henry DEWEY Single East Lavant Mary GOFF Single Binderton
69 16/08/1828 James STEEL Single Iping Ann SHAWYER Single
70 11/10/1828 James CAPLIN Single Harriet SHRUBB Single
71 16/01/1829 Thomas CHALLEN Single Sarah LEE Widow
72 02/02/1829 Peter LAMBERT Widower Ann FAIRMENEY Widow
73 02/05/1829 James TREAGUS Single Mary STACEY Single
74 09/05/1829 James PUTMAN Single Hannah FORD Single
75 24/09/1829 Thomas DAVIS Single Stoughton Selah PUTMAN Single
76 24/10/1829 George JACKSON Single Sarah MILES Single Binderton
77 09/12/1829 Hugh COBDEN Single Mary WISE Widow
78 31/12/1829 John LAMBURN Single Binderton Martha PHILBROW Single Binderton
79 09/01/1830 John MANNINGS Single Elizabeth PUTMAN Single
80 06/02/1830 George PITT Single Hannah BOND Single
81 10/04/1830 George PUTMAN Single Mary PENTIN Single Binderton
82 10/07/1830 James HUGHES Single Martha DAUGHTREY Single
83 20/07/1830 George JENMAN Single Singleton Fanny HILTON Single Binderton
84 25/07/1830 James SMITH Single Binderton Sarah INMAN Single Binderton
85 03/08/1830 Richard MARSH Widower North Marden Frances GOATWICK Widow
86 05/08/1830 William WILSON Widower St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex Margaret Thornton WOODS Single
87 14/09/1830 Henry HUGHES Single Charlotte PRATT Single
88 19/10/1830 John HIPKIN Widower Singleton Ann WOODS Single Binderton
89 11/11/1830 Thomas HAMMOND Single Charlotte BOSWELL Single
90 25/12/1830 Isaac James BAKER Single Harriet FORD Single
91 27/12/1830 Richard Till SMITH Single Eliza CROCKFORD Single
92 02/03/1831 Henry SCOTT Single Ann TAYLOR Single
93 03/04/1831 Henry SHIER Single Ann HOWARD Single
94 18/07/1831 Charles JACKSON Single Binderton Ann LAMBOURN Single Binderton
95 20/10/1831 William POORTER Single Mary WHITTINGTON Single
96 20/10/1831 Thomas FAIRMANNERS Single Hannah GATRELL Single
97 28/03/1832 George GAUGH Single Binderton Sarah LUCKENS Single Didling
98 03/10/1832 Thomas RICKETTS Single Jane SADLER Single
99 15/10/1832 Henry LAMBURN Single Binderton Jane SCARDIVILLE Single Binderton
100 20/10/1832 Benjamin TREGUS Single Harriet SIMS Single
101 03/11/1832 George TAYLOR Widower Ann ROGERS Single
102 17/02/1833 William ELLIS Single Mary Ann COOPER Single
103 04/05/1833 William TREGUS Single Hannah CHANDLER Single
104 06/06/1833 William PENNY Single Elizabeth WRIGHT Single St Peter The Great, Chichester
105 24/07/1833 John GOFFE Widower Didling Sarah SADLER Single
106 16/09/1833 George BOXALL Single Sarah PITT Single
107 08/11/1833 John NYREN Single Mary KEEN Single
108 16/11/1833 Charles JOHNSON Single Frances ELLIOTT Single
109 10/12/1833 William PEACE Single Binderton Lucy JOFFE Single Binderton
110 17/07/1834 John HEWITT Single Mary HARBER Single
111 22/08/1834 William IDE Single Sarah PRATT Single
112 13/01/1835 Henry MARTIN Widower Havant, Hampshire Anna Maria CLARKE Single
113 12/05/1835 George PAY Single Hastings Frances LANGRIST Single
114 01/07/1835 Benjamin TREGUS Charlotte TREGUS
115 24/08/1835 James Till SMITH Single Mary Lucy FORD Single
116 24/08/1835 James FORD Single Mary Ann CLIFFORD Single
117 05/09/1835 William OAKLEY Single Jane PRATT Single
118 20/10/1836 Charles FORD Single Keziah READ Single
119 13/02/1837 James RICHARDSON Single Stoughton Harriet CHANT Single
120 11/05/1837 William PHILLIPS Single Jane PRATT Single

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