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Marriages 1754 - 1837
New Fishbourne St Peter & St Mary


The Parish

The parish of New Fishbourne lies in southwestern Sussex, indeed it forms a small part of Sussex's English Channel coastline albeit in this case with Chichester Harbour. New Fishbourne is located about 1 mile west of the city of Chichester and sits almost at the end of Chichester's bypass and on the banks of the Harbour. New Fishbourne and its older neighbour sits on the former route of the A27, now reclassified as the A259 which connects Chichester with Havant in Hampshire. Collectively the Fishbourne's were a small inshore fishing and wildfowling settlement supplementing the agricultural backbone. Today Chichester has expanded and they are almost suburbs albeit separated by the noisy and very busy dual carriageway of the A27. As a coastal settlement the parish is drained by small creeks winding to join the main Chichester Channel which makes its way through mud flats and shellfish beds to the nearby English Channel. New Fishbourne is sited at sea level much of the properties being below 5 metres above the sea, land rises slowly to the nearby South Downs some 3 miles to the north with scarcely a contour within a couple of miles. New Fishbourne parish was small even by Sussex standards, it covered around 1,300 acres and would have supported a population of just under 300 parishioners. In Domesday time Fishbourne, as it was enumerated, was held by the Abbey of Sees and could offer just 4 ploughs, a small meadow but did possess 2 mills.

The Church

St Peter & St Mary's church sits within New Fishbourne and at the eastern end of the collection of settlements making up New & Old Fishbourne. It is accessed by a small lane running south from the A259 just a few yards away from the course of the A27. Sadly this church is a Victorian rebuild with little remaining to indicate its mediaeval predecessor. A single reused 13th lancet window is indicative of an early forebear in the Early English Gothic style but the present building is described by Pevsner as "indifferent 19th century". In 1821 the stuccoed porch was added and then 1847 the nave and southern aisle were largely replaced leading to the present building. At the end of the lane is a large car park for church and village hall, entry being through a footpath. The church is almost embedded within trees to both north & east making for a tricky subject to adequately photograph.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 6th November 1758 - 29th April 1812 West Sussex Record Office - Chichester - Reference - Par85/1/1/2
Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading leads to a likelihood of a few misreads
2 22nd April 1813 - 12th June 1837 West Sussex Record Office - Chichester - Reference - Par85/1/3/1
Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 3 Register - there are sufficient quality issues with this register to indicate that some misreads will occur albeit few in number Fading leads to a likelihood of a few misreads

Funtington St Mary
St Peter the Great, Chichester
St Peter the Great, Chichester
Bosham Holy Trinity
St Peter the Great, Chichester
St Bartholomew, Chichester
Bosham Holy Trinity
Appledram St Mary
Appledram St Mary

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
06/11/1758 William HEAD Single Bosham Betty ROE Single  
08/05/1759 John KEAT Single St Bartholomew, Chichester Mary GUY Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
15/05/1759 John GUY Single West Wittering Elizabeth PURDY Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
30/10/1759 Robert LANE Single   Sarah SLAUGHTER Single Chichester
08/10/1760 William BUNDAY Single   Ann HOLT Single  
11/10/1760 Richard HOPKINS Single   Jane PERRING Single  
12/10/1760 Christopher HUTCHINGS Single   Mary DUNNAWAY Single  
07/12/1760 William PALMER   St Andrew, Chichester Nanny ROWLANDS Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
26/04/1761 Richard SEXTON Single   Emme DANNEL Single  
28/07/1761 John SEMER Widower   Mary POPE Widow  
16/11/1761 William LEWIS Single St Bartholomew, Chichester Mary WESTCOMB Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
11/01/1762 Joseph CARTER Single St Bartholomew, Chichester Elizabeth SHERADON Widow St Bartholomew, Chichester
07/10/1762 Alexander TROTTER Single St Bartholomew, Chichester Betty ROWLANDS Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
21/12/1762 William PARKER Widower St Bartholomew, Chichester Jane WEST Widow St Bartholomew, Chichester
21/10/1765 William SEXTON     Elizabeth LONGHURST    
17/02/1766 John DRAKE Single St Bartholomew, Chichester Sarah BRYANT Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
08/06/1766 John NOAKES Single St Bartholomew, Chichester Lydia HOPKINS Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
29/03/1768 John RAWLINGS Single St Bartholomew, Chichester Olliffe HAWKINS Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
12/12/1769 Thomas COOPER Single St Bartholomew, Chichester Elizabeth COLEMAN Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
29/10/1770 William BATMAN     Ellenor JENKINS    
12/05/1772 Richard COCKS Single   Mary DYER Single  
21/06/1772 George GROVE Single Portsea, Hampshire Sarah GODFREY Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
05/08/1772 James JOHNSON Single   Mary WEST Single  
09/09/1772 Joseph HOLLOWAY   Warblington, Hampshire Ann PORTER Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
30/09/1772 John OLIVER Widower St Bartholomew, Chichester Elizabeth MOOREY Widow St Bartholomew, Chichester
02/02/1773 John GREVATT Single   Ann SMITH Single  
25/05/1773 William SOUTER Single   Jane BENNETT Single Bosham
27/06/1773 James BAYLEY Single East Dean By Chichester Sarah CHITTY Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
10/05/1774 Henry SKINNER Widower Birdham Mary JACOB    
06/11/1774 John FIDLER   Appledram Ann SMITH    
06/11/1776 James BARTLETT Single St Bartholomew, Chichester Mary LEGGATT   St Bartholomew, Chichester
02/12/1777 Thomas GILBERT   St Bartholomew, Chichester Mary TUCKER   St Bartholomew, Chichester
10/06/1778 John QUANTOCK Single Guildford, Surrey Mary HEATHER Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
05/08/1778 John MORGAN   St Bartholomew, Chichester Elizabeth PESCODD   St Bartholomew, Chichester
20/03/1779 John BUDD   Fareham, Hampshire Mary WOODMAN    
06/04/1779 John LEGGATT   St Bartholomew, Chichester Elizabeth BOWN   St Bartholomew, Chichester
18/04/1779 John MAIDLOW Single Aldingbourne Elizabeth MARTIN   St Bartholomew, Chichester
12/10/1780 William JERAM Single   Elizabeth SIXTON Widow  
15/10/1780 William WALKER     Mary HUNT    
02/05/1782 Richard DIGGENS Widower St Bartholomew, Chichester Elizabeth HOLLOWAY Widow Warblington, Hampshire
09/11/1782 Richard GRAY Single St Bartholomew, Chichester Elizabeth BOTTING Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
24/11/1782 John WINCHESTER Single Epsom, Surrey Hopestill ROBERTS Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
24/12/1782 John LAMBKIN   St Bartholomew, Chichester Mary PARKER   St Bartholomew, Chichester
10/10/1783 Thomas PARVEN   Westbourne Martha LONGYEAR   St Bartholomew, Chichester
25/01/1784 Lewis HARRIS   Warblington, Hampshire Sarah LANE    
16/05/1785 David WILKINS Single   Elizabeth ADAMS Single  
01/08/1785 John HUNT Single   Abigail SPASHAT Single  
27/12/1785 Edward SHAGGLETON Single Oving Fanny SMITH Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
05/06/1786 William SEYMORE     Betty WAREHAM   Funtington
25/07/1786 Thomas PENICUT   Chidham Mary KNIGHT   St Bartholomew, Chichester
22/02/1787 John CRESWELL     Elizabeth ANNEL   Westbourne
12/05/1788 William PIERCE   Bosham Ann COVER    
05/04/1790 William NECKLEN Single   Elizabeth PARKER    
09/05/1790 Henry KNIGHT Single Pagham Jane NOISE Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
04/07/1791 John RUMSEY Single All Saints, Chichester Ann SHEPPERD Single  
06/10/1791 Isaac CHALDICOTT   Portsmouth, Hampshire Sarah SMITH   St Bartholomew, Chichester
09/05/1792 Joseph GOOK     Sarah JACOBS    
13/06/1792 Thomas YETMAN     Anne LEMON    
24/12/1792 Robert LONGYEAR   St Bartholomew, Chichester Jane HARRIS   St Bartholomew, Chichester
11/02/1793 James SIMS   Westbourne Sarah NECKLAN    
01/09/1793 William MAYBEE   Birdham Elizabeth SKINNER    
16/11/1794 Thomas GOLD Single   Ann VIRRUANE Single  
04/02/1796 Henry WILLSHER     Sarah HOUNSEL    
30/09/1796 Richard MILLS   Littlehampton Mary HEMINGTON   St Bartholomew, Chichester
02/02/1797 John MARTIN Single Bosham Mercy PANNELL Widow  
27/07/1797 Joseph TRIM     Jane EWENS    
01/01/1798 Kempster KNIGHT Widower St Martin, Chichester Ann KEMP Single  
26/08/1798 James CARTER   Brighton Fanny COPIS    
15/10/1798 William BARRELL Single St Bartholomew, Chichester Ann YOUNG Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
18/11/1799 Thomas MUTTON Widower Thakeham Mary SEXTON Single  
23/12/1799 Thomas MEDHURST Single   Mary STARR Single  
30/09/1800 Richard PIM Single   Elizabeth NEWLAND Single  
30/10/1800 William MILLS Widower   Olivia STAPLES Widow  
10/02/1801 Joseph TAYLOR Single South Bersted Mary BALLARD Single  
01/06/1801 George FAULKENER Single Chichester Ann THOMAS Widow  
06/07/1801 Thomas PHILIPS Single   Martha NORRIS Single  
16/08/1801 Thomas GRATWICK Single   Elizabeth FLETCHER Single  
17/11/1801 Richard GREEN Single North Mundham Maria Jane JOHNSON Single  
09/08/1803 Samuel HEATHER Single Storrington Mary Ann HARDHAM Single  
07/11/1803 George WRAPSON Single   Sarah LEE Single  
06/12/1803 Richard BETTSWORTH Single   Rebecca YOUNG Single  
09/01/1804 William HOLLIER Single   Agnes WOOLPESS Single  
11/07/1804 Joseph BRIDGER Widower   Elizabeth NECKLEN    
18/09/1804 William PINK Single St Bartholomew, Chichester Elizabeth MAYES Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
24/07/1805 William PARVIN Single St Bartholomew, Chichester Eliza Philadelphia JERHURST Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
17/02/1806 William POTTS Single   Mary HIDE Single  
04/09/1807 William WINGATE Single Selsey Ann KINSHETT Single  
08/05/1808 George LEGGETT Single   Elizabeth ISAAC Single  
27/05/1808 James PUTTICK Single St Bartholomew, Chichester Elizabeth SPENCER Widow St Bartholomew, Chichester
18/08/1808 John DYER Single   Elizabeth HAGG Single St Andrew, Chichester
27/03/1809 Richard NEWMAN Widower   Elizabeth MEDHURST Single  
12/06/1809 Samuel MUSSELWHITE Single   Anne MEDHURST Single  
04/03/1810 Henry BALLCHEN   St Bartholomew, Chichester Phillis KENSELL   St Bartholomew, Chichester
09/05/1810 William GADD Single Heyshott Martha HARDHAM Single  
07/10/1810 William MILLER Single St Peter The Less, Chichester Maria IDE   St Bartholomew, Chichester
21/10/1811 William NOWELL Single Portsmouth, Hampshire Ann STARR Single  
02/01/1812 William BROWN Widower St Peter The Great, Chichester Ann EURE Single  
29/04/1812 James CLAYTON Widower Birdham Elizabeth BLUNDEN Widow  
1 22/04/1813 Thomas TUBB Single Bosham Catharine KNOTT Widow  
2 31/01/1814 John YEATES Single Pagham Elizabeth HAMMOND Single  
3 20/09/1814 Robert THIRKELL Single   Henrietta WHITE Single  
4 06/11/1814 Thomas PINK Widower St Bartholomew, Chichester Harriet REEVES Single  
5 15/04/1816 John POWELL Single St Bartholomew, Chichester Elizabeth SEXTON Single  
6 09/03/1818 Joseph OGBURN   St Bartholomew, Chichester Hannah CARVER    
7 10/03/1818 John HACKETT   St Bartholomew, Chichester Hannah WIMBERN    
8 19/07/1818 James PARVIN   St Bartholomew, Chichester Charlotte CARPENTER   St Bartholomew, Chichester
9 19/10/1818 William WARE Widower East Lavant Elizabeth TEMPEL Widow  
10 01/12/1818 William WAYMENT Single St Bartholomew, Chichester Ann OGBOURNE Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
11 25/12/1818 Benjamin HILL   St Bartholomew, Chichester Mary SIMS   St Bartholomew, Chichester
12 18/01/1820 James COOPER     Kezia RICHARDSON    
13 18/05/1820 William COBDEN Single St Bartholomew, Chichester Harriet IDE   St Bartholomew, Chichester
14 15/08/1820 Charles SOFTLY   St Pancras, Middlesex Martha TAPNER    
15 23/10/1820 Thomas CARPENTER     Fanny IDE    
16 23/11/1820 George PARSONS   Appledram Louisa LASSOM    
17 10/05/1821 Samuel EVERSHED   Arundel Catherine WAKEFORD    
18 18/02/1822 Henry SILVERLOCK     Catherine BLACKMAN    
19 21/04/1822 William RAWLINS   St Bartholomew, Chichester Eleanor WIGMORE   St Bartholomew, Chichester
20 19/05/1822 Michael MUNDAY   St Bartholomew, Chichester Jane FOWLER   St Bartholomew, Chichester
21 25/08/1822 Charles COLE   St Bartholomew, Chichester Charlotte MOORE   St Bartholomew, Chichester
22 28/09/1822 William BUDDEN   St Bartholomew, Chichester Elizabeth GREY   St Bartholomew, Chichester
23 05/05/1823 James CARVER     Mary PRIVETT    
24 17/07/1823 William WOOLGAR     Charlotte BLACKMAN   Arundel
25 03/05/1824 John CROSS   St Bartholomew, Chichester Elizabeth PRESTON   St Bartholomew, Chichester
26 06/09/1824 Richard LORD     Harriet BOXALL    
27 21/02/1825 William KENSHETT     Mary Ann JUDD    
28 24/02/1825 William Charles WELLS   Bosham Susan Maria CLAYTON    
29 07/03/1825 Edward AITCHISON   Binsted Louisa GRANT    
30 06/12/1825 James PARVIN   St Bartholomew, Chichester Sarah CARVER   St Bartholomew, Chichester
31 12/12/1825 George SIMS   St Bartholomew, Chichester Mary REDMAN   St Bartholomew, Chichester
32 27/02/1826 Hugh HAYLER   St Bartholomew, Chichester Anne GOODEL   St Bartholomew, Chichester
33 15/05/1826 George GAMMONS     Charity MARCHANT    
34 25/12/1826 William MITCHBURN Single   Alice HOLMES Single  
35 07/05/1827 John BENNETT Single Pagham Elizabeth PINK Single  
36 30/07/1827 Onslow WAKEFORD Widower   Jane Frances SMITH Single St Peter The Great, Chichester
37 06/10/1827 William NUNN Single Streatham, Surrey Mary Christian CLARKE Single  
38 14/04/1828 George HUMPHREY Single West Dean By Chichester Elizabeth EURE Single  
39 16/06/1828 Charles PEAT   St Bartholomew, Chichester Harriett CLARK   St Bartholomew, Chichester
40 16/05/1829 John Dorrell SLATER Single St Bartholomew, Chichester Elizabeth PAUL Single  
41 09/06/1829 James FRISBY Single Alverstoke, Hampshire Emma Ayling BASTARD Single  
42 07/07/1829 Henry HILTON     Cousens WHITE    
43 19/10/1829 George HUSON   St Bartholomew, Chichester Ann DUMMER   St Bartholomew, Chichester
44 10/11/1829 Henry Edward COFFIN Single West Meon, Hampshire Charlotte CURRY Single  
45 01/02/1830 William BARNS Single Westbourne Jane VOKE Single  
46 31/05/1830 Charles PARVIN Single St Bartholomew, Chichester Harriett GEARING Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
47 18/08/1830 George SEAGRAVE     Elizabeth DENYER    
48 06/12/1830 William EURE     Elizabeth PEAT    
49 03/02/1831 Henry IDE   St Bartholomew, Chichester Frances PEAT   St Bartholomew, Chichester
50 14/05/1831 John FEAST     Hester STANDEN    
51 26/07/1831 Anthony VANDEPUT     Sophia LOWTON    
52 02/08/1831 William CLAYTON   St Anne, Westminster, Middlesex Phebe BAYLY    
53 06/08/1831 William GIBBINS     Eliza WATKINS    
54 14/09/1831 William HARRIS   Donnington Mary LANCASTER    
55 11/10/1831 David WILLIAMS   Tangmere Mary Ann PARKER    
56 08/03/1832 Francis SMITH   St Pancras, Middlesex Mary Ann LEVIN    
57 24/05/1832 George AYLING     Harriet HART    
58 24/05/1832 William BUDD   Funtington Martha Ann TRIGGS    
59 27/05/1833 Robert GAMMANS Single   Eliza LEE Single  
60 16/12/1833 William HOUSE Single   Mary Ann MITCHBURN Single  
61 20/07/1834 George SMART   West Hampnett Sarah KILLAM    
62 30/10/1834 George FIELD     Ann Cosens OSMOND    
63 05/01/1835 John Theophilus LEWIS     Elizabeth Shepherd READ    
64 07/04/1835 Henry HALSTED     Lucy Anne DALLY    
65 04/05/1835 George GRATWICK     Fanny WELLS    
66 29/06/1835 George BRASHER   Funtington Hannah FORD    
67 07/02/1836 James LIGHT Widower St Pancras, Chichester Maria SAYER Single  
68 12/06/1837 James GAMMANS Widower   Rebecca BRUMMEL Single  

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