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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Lewes St John sub Castro


The Parish

Lewes is a market town and the administrative capital of East Sussex, the town is divided into 6 parishes of which St John sub Castro is just one albeit the largest in terms of population at the time of this transcript. Lewes is located within a gap in the chalky ridge of the South Downs at the point where the River Ouse has created a breach on its way to the English Channel at Newhaven. Lewes is about 8 miles inland from the coast and roughly the same northeast of the seaside town of Brighton. Lewes is also an important junction where the major routes A27 (east to west) meets the A26 (north to south). The parish of St John sub Castro, is as implied located in the town below its Saxon castle, a feature subsequently adopted and expanded by the Normans following the conquest. The parish is curious in that it consists of the north west of the town plus a detached area of countryside further northwest but separated by Hamsey parish. The area of the parish today is covered by residences, an area around the church itself being dominated by terraced and semidetached housing. The parish centre stands at about 40 metres above sea level but land quickly rises to the west to above 200 metres as the South Downs encroach onto the town. The main drainage is the River Ouse which has created (probably in the Late Ice Age) a large breach in the eastern end of the South Downs. Despite its relatively small size St John sub Castro was Lewes' most populous parish supporting around 2,500 parishioners. In Domesday times Lewes was held jointly by the King and the Archbishop of Canterbury but the entry is surprisingly lacking in detail beyond stating there were 127 households across the 6 parishes.

The Church

St John sub Castro is located at the junction of St John's Hill and Lancaster Street in the northwest of the town. The church is a Victorian replacement for the ancient church which stood a little to the north of the current site. The building was completed 2 years after Victoria came to the throne so only just into the Victorian age. A few pieces of the ancient Saxon building have been incorporated into the new church which is functional if not totally inspiring. Pevsner restricts himself merely to a description although his description of the window tracery as "Ignorant" perhaps reveals his true belief. The church sits surrounded by housing and tightly confined. It is only from the west that any substantial views (and photographs) are possible. The low flint and brick wall reflects the construction of the building itself which lacks an obvious graveyard.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 22nd May 1754 - 27th June 1802 East Sussex Record Office - The Keep - Reference - PAR412/1/1/6 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 19th July 1802 - 21st September 1812 East Sussex Record Office - The Keep - Reference - PAR412/1/1/7 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 25th February 1813 - 5th July 1829 East Sussex Record Office - The Keep - Reference - PAR412/1/3/1 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
4 22nd August 1829 - 29th June 1837 East Sussex Record Office - The Keep - Reference - PAR412/1/3/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

Chailey St Peter
Hamsey St Peter
Chailey St Peter
East Chiltington
Hamsey St Peter
Hamsey St Peter
South Malling St Michael the Archangel
Chailey St Peter
Falmer St Laurence
Lewes St Anne
Hamsey St Peter
South Malling St Michael the Archangel
Lewes St Anne
Lewes St Michael
Lewes All Saints
Lewes All Saints

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
20/01/1754 Thomas BOXALL     Elizabeth COLLINGHAM   Glynde
26/02/1754 John LAWRENCE     Mary READ    
1 22/05/1754 John MADGWICK   All Saints, Lewes Dorothy TURLE    
2 13/06/1754 Samuel FRIEND   Ditchling Ann KING    
3 18/09/1754 Matthew BROWNING   Canterbury, Kent Susannah WOOD    
4 03/10/1754 William KNELLER     Sarah JENNER    
5 08/10/1754 Thomas PARKS   Chichester Mary WOOD    
6 01/08/1755 William GREENFIELD     Mary DAVEY    
7 07/12/1755 William ROPER     Mary LASHMER    
8 29/02/1756 Richard GODLEY   Westmeston Anne RIGGLES    
9 23/03/1756 John HEAD Single   Elizabeth GALLON Single  
10 16/11/1756 Thomas HASTINGS     Elizabeth THOMAS    
11 22/02/1757 John STONE   Buxted Mary ENGLISH    
12 29/05/1757 Thomas TIPPEN     Elizabeth JOHNSON    
13 20/07/1757 George MILLS   Hamsey Sarah VERRELL    
14 04/12/1757 James CHEESMORE     Rebecca RIGGLES   Hamsey
15 27/03/1758 Thomas FORD   Ditchling Deborah GHENT    
16 29/11/1758 Charles PHILPOT     Frances GROOM    
17 21/12/1758 John MISSING   St Thomas, Lewes Sarah THOMAS Single  
18 26/02/1759 William YOUNG   All Saints, Lewes Mary TURLE    
19 12/06/1759 William RIDGE   St John The Baptist, Lewes Jane RIDGE    
20 25/09/1759 William RUSSELL     Mary FLEET    
22 27/11/1759 Richard STOCKER     Mary NOVIS    
23 09/12/1759 John ADE     Mary GREENFIELD    
24 27/01/1760 Richard HENLY   South Malling Susannah BRADFORD    
21 12/02/1760 Thomas CLIFFORD   St Thomas, Lewes Anne WALLER    
25 05/11/1760 William EEDE     Anne EDWARDS    
26 04/01/1761 Isaac HARGRAVES     Anne DAW    
27 22/09/1761 William STEPHENS Widower   Mary RICHARDSON Single  
28 03/11/1761 Thomas RYALL   All Saints, Lewes Ann BULLER    
33 18/04/1763 John WREN   All Saints, Lewes Mary HOLE    
37 14/05/1764 Richard SPILMAN     Elizabeth RABSON    
29 16/05/1764 Samuel GROVER     Ann FLOYD    
38 12/07/1764 Jeremiah STEEL   St Michael, Lewes Lydia DAVEY    
43 21/07/1764 Thomas DAVIES   St Thomas, Lewes Elizabeth AYNSCOMB    
31 13/09/1764 Benjamin BLABER Widower St Michael, Lewes Mary FAITHFULL Widow  
44 15/02/1765 Henry HERRIOT Single   Mary FRENCH Single Chailey
30 13/06/1765 John BAXTER     Elizabeth READER    
46 10/10/1765 Thomas PHILIPS Single   Susanna RICKELS Single  
48 09/01/1767 John VERRALL Single   Ruth REIGELS Widow East Chiltington
49 27/11/1767 William LAYCOCK     Elizabeth BALL Single  
50 29/05/1768 John CHILTON Single St George Hanover Sq, Westminster, Middlesex Anne EDWARDS    
55 05/08/1768 William NOVIS Single   Eleanor POSTLE Single  
56 02/02/1769 Robert MOON     Ann CHELSHAM    
57 05/04/1769 Joseph HOLDSWORTH     Martha SONE    
58 17/04/1769 John REED   St Michael, Lewes Mary FIELDER    
60 04/05/1769 John COPPER   Bishopstone Mary ADE    
61 25/10/1769 Edward FRY Single All Saints, Lewes Elizabeth DUNSTON Single  
62 25/01/1770 James STACE Single   Sarah JORDAN Widow  
63 25/02/1770 William FIGG     Lucy RIDGEWAY    
64 04/11/1770 Thomas COAT   South Malling Barbara JENNER Single  
65 28/11/1770 William HATCHMAN   Epping, Essex Ann READ Single  
66 24/12/1770 George PALMER     Mary GROVER    
67 12/02/1771 James WHAPHAM Single   Mary SPILSBURY Single  
68 08/03/1771 Thomas BLABER     Mary PRIMMER    
69 19/04/1771 Christopher CARTLEDGE     Mary TAYLOR Single  
70 19/08/1771 William PAGE Single St Michael, Lewes Elizabeth BECKET    
71 21/11/1771 Edward TASKER Single   Mary HOLDER Single St John The Baptist, Lewes
72 07/12/1771 Edward GATES     Ann AWCOCK    
73 24/12/1771 John BODY Single Tarring Neville Mary HOCKHAM Single  
74 20/01/1772 Samuel RICKELS Widower   Lydia BRADFORD Single Chailey
75 21/01/1772 William THOMSON   Framfield Lucy TAYLOR    
76 19/07/1772 John TOURLE     Mary COOPER    
77 05/02/1773 John SAYMER     Elizabeth PACKAT    
78 17/05/1773 John CHAPMAN   St Michael, Lewes Barbara BOXALL    
79 27/05/1773 Arthur BROOK Single   Ann ROOTS Single  
80 21/08/1773 James HALE Single   Mary STEPHENS Single  
81 04/02/1774 Thomas PINNION   Uckfield Barbara JERRY    
82 12/11/1774 Robert MOON Widower   Hannah FUNNEL Single  
83 23/11/1774 James DUNN     Jane SERJANT    
84 25/11/1774 John BARNARD   Old Shoreham Elizabeth GREENWOOD    
85 20/02/1775 Richard WILLARD   St Michael, Lewes Elizabeth PEARCE    
86 22/05/1775 Benjamen BAILEY   Salehurst Philadelphia BOXEL    
87 25/12/1775 John INSKIP Single St Michael, Lewes Susanna SPILSBURY Single  
88 01/02/1776 Aminadab BURTON Single St Michael, Lewes Phebe LONGLEY    
90 16/09/1776 Charles SNELLING Single Shoreditch, Middlesex Elizabeth MUNTON Single  
92 22/10/1776 Stephen STEPHENS Single St Thomas, Lewes Mary GEALL Single  
93 03/03/1777 Thomas READ Single St Michael, Lewes Catherine EDWARDS Single  
94 31/08/1777 Lewis TAYLOR   Stanmer Sarah STEVENS    
95 14/09/1777 James HILTON Single St John The Baptist, Lewes Sarah JOHNSON Single  
96 16/09/1777 Thomas WRIGHT Single Clerkenwell, Middlesex Mary WELBY Single  
97 02/12/1777 Joseph MOLINEUX Single   Elizabeth WEST Single  
99 12/04/1778 John BLABER Widower All Saints, Lewes Elizabeth PRIMMER Single  
100 29/09/1778 John ANGEL Single All Saints, Lewes Ann TURL Single  
101 15/11/1778 Thomas CLARK Single   Mary KING Widow  
102 12/12/1778 Thomas KEAR Single   Jane CLARK Single  
24/10/1779 Thomas SICKLEMORE Single All Saints, Lewes Lydia EMERY Single  
08/01/1780 Edward SANDERS Single   Mary SATCHER Single  
16/04/1780 Mansfield VERRAL Single   Mary WOOD   All Saints, Lewes
22/05/1780 William PARSONS Single   Sarah TIDEE Single  
04/08/1780 John EDWARDS Single   Mary WATERS Single All Saints, Lewes
27/01/1781 John ROBINSON Single   Jane MACKEE Single  
30/12/1781 Thomas COMBER Single   Lucy RASON Single  
07/02/1782 Arannah VERRAL Widower St Michael, Lewes Elizabeth MOLINEUX Single  
29/03/1782 John EDWARDS Single Steyning Sarah SARGENT Single  
23/05/1782 Henry SMYTH Single Hamsey Sarah POMFREE Single  
14/11/1782 Arthur BROOK Single   Fanny SPILSBURY Single  
12/03/1783 John VOLLER Single St Thomas, Lewes Philidelphia GUBBINS Single  
08/04/1783 William DUNSTONE Single   Susanna RELFE Single  
11/05/1783 Thomas FRY Widower St John The Baptist, Lewes Elizabeth RUSSEL Single  
17/07/1783 Henry GEARING Single   Mary STONE Single  
22/07/1783 John HARGRAVES Single All Saints, Lewes Elizabeth HAMMOND Single  
01/08/1783 Nicholas BOLTON Single St Michael, Lewes Mary HOLDSWORTH Widow  
10/08/1783 William CUTRIDGE Single St John The Baptist, Lewes Mary MATTHEWS Widow  
02/11/1785 William HEATHER     Phylis APTED    
26/03/1786 Henry BARBER Single Ringmer Hannah PAYNE Single  
01/05/1786 William LONGHURST Single   Fanny PARKS Single  
30/05/1786 William ELLYOT     Elizabeth STEPHENS    
30/05/1786 William WALTER     Ann MATHIS    
10/06/1786 Henry FOWLE     Sarah NORMAN   St Michael, Lewes
20/06/1786 Joseph SWEATMAN Single   Elizabeth SPARKES Single  
10/07/1786 John WIMBLE     Ann HAMMOND    
02/02/1787 Isaac PIERCY Single   Hannah REED Single  
27/02/1787 Stephen HOLLANDS Single   Jane HOCKHAM Single  
06/06/1787 Edward SCRASE   Barcombe Lydia SYCAMORE    
07/04/1788 Thomas ALLWORK Single All Saints, Lewes Ann MILLER Single  
11/04/1788 Richard WESTON Single   Jane BEARD Single  
13/04/1788 William TOWNER Single Seaford Sarah SMART Single  
16/06/1788 John SMITH Single All Saints, Lewes Sarah FENNER Single  
10/08/1788 Charles GORRINGE Single St John The Baptist, Lewes Mary HAISELDEN Single  
28/09/1788 Thomas MORLEY Single   Ann HOGFLESH Single  
23/01/1789 Henry VERRAL Widower St Michael, Lewes Elizabeth SMITH Single  
09/06/1789 William ROGERS Single   Ann CAMFIELD Single  
25/06/1789 Edward FREWIN   St Botolph, Colchester, Essex Sally TAYLOR    
17/10/1789 John ADE Widower   Susannah RICHARDSON Widow All Saints, Lewes
08/04/1790 Henry PAWSON Single   Elizabeth FUNNEL Single St Thomas, Lewes
01/08/1790 John SIMMONS Single   Mary KENNARD Single  
18/08/1790 George WILLE Widower   Anna BARNES Single  
09/10/1790 Thomas WILMSHURST Single   Ann PIERCY Single  
09/11/1790 Thomas BAKER Single   Mary TOWNSEND Single  
08/03/1791 Thomas POINTING Single   Sarah STEVENS Single  
10/03/1791 Charles HARDEN   Slaugham Mary BARDEN Single  
02/06/1791 William MAY Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single Southwick
03/07/1791 James MARCHANT Single St Michael, Lewes Mary BAYLEY Single  
21/07/1791 Nicholas ANSELL Single   Elizabeth MASCAL Single  
04/10/1791 George SUMMERS Single St Michael, Lewes Hannah HOLLEBONE Widow  
06/10/1791 Abraham SOPER Single   Susanna STOKES Single  
28/04/1792 William BURFIELD Single   Mary ILLMAN Single  
04/09/1792 John SMITH Widower   Mary LOWER Single All Saints, Lewes
15/09/1793 James PETTETT     Ann TURNER    
25/09/1793 John DICKENSON Single Brighton Sarah VERRALL Single  
28/09/1793 Samuel GROVER Single   Ann CHANTLER Single  
12/11/1793 Thomas SARGENT     Ann HOPE    
17/02/1794 John THOMAS Single St Thomas, Lewes Charlotte DICKER Single  
10/03/1794 George NEWBEGIN Single   Catherine OLDER Single  
15/03/1794 Robert DAWSON Single St Margaret, Westminster, Middlesex Jane BUDGEN Single  
23/03/1794 Robert DUNN Single   Sarah ELLIS Single  
19/11/1794 John MASON Single All Saints, Lewes Hannah THORPE Single  
20/02/1795 William JOHNSTON     Sarah HOGFLESH    
26/02/1795 George WILLE Single   Sarah VERRALL Single  
28/03/1795 Isaac HARGRAVES     Elizabeth VAUGHAN    
30/03/1795 Alexander HERD     Jane DUMBRILL    
04/04/1795 William STEPHENS     Mary GALLOP   Plumpton
23/06/1795 John MANNERS   Uckfield Sophia APTED    
10/07/1795 William YEOMAN Single Maresfield Mary BUCKMAN Single  
24/09/1795 John MASSEY Single Newhaven Elizabeth STONE Single  
14/12/1795 George YOUNG     Elizabeth WEST   St Thomas, Lewes
21/01/1796 Charles WILLE Single   Mary WIMBLE Single  
04/04/1796 Edward WELLER Single   Elizabeth ROBINSON Single  
23/05/1796 William POINTING Widower   Fanny TIPPEN Widow  
15/09/1796 Thomas WAKELIN Single St Thomas, Lewes Mary HILLMAN Single  
27/11/1796 Thomas BRABY Single   Ann PELLING Single Brighton
12/12/1796 Joseph CULLEN Single   Ann WICKETT Single  
16/12/1796 John TEAGUE Single   Mary ISTEAD   Buxted
02/01/1797 James DUNFORD Single St Thomas, Lewes Penelope GRAVETT Single  
22/02/1797 John ILLDEN Single   Hannah COMBER Single  
27/03/1797 Stephen BAKER Single All Saints, Lewes Sarah RUSSELL Single  
03/04/1797 Absalom DELL Single   Jenny BACK Single  
16/04/1797 William PUTTOCK Single St Thomas, Lewes Elizabeth STOKES Single  
03/06/1797 William CROSSKEY     Sarah OUDEN   Ditchling
10/07/1797 Thomas DOWNEY     Ann LOWER Single  
17/07/1797 Joseph ABELL Single   Ann DEWLY Single  
30/08/1797 John PUGSLEY     Catherine KELSON    
04/09/1797 John DYER   St Thomas, Lewes Elizabeth SPARKS    
12/09/1797 Archebald ROBERTSON Single Littlehampton Ann MOCKFORD Single  
24/09/1797 William PARKER Single   Ann TAYLOR Single  
20/11/1797 Henry BONNER Single   Mary PESKET Single  
10/02/1798 William HALL Single   Sarah COMBER Single  
26/02/1798 William CROSSBY   Brighton Mercy PHILMORE    
06/03/1798 John HOWORTH     Elizabeth HILLS    
15/03/1798 James BARKER     Sarah PETTETT    
23/04/1798 Jessey TURNER     Mary FOORD   Isfield
07/05/1798 James ISAAC     Kiseia MILER    
14/05/1798 Nicholas HORNER     Sarah PETO    
25/06/1798 Thomas WILKINSON     Ann BALDY    
04/07/1798 David WELLS Single   Elizabeth STEPHENS Single  
07/08/1798 David WHITE     Elizabeth LEWIS    
13/08/1798 Thomas CROWNE     Sophia LECKIE    
01/10/1798 John LUSTY     Parnell BRIANT    
19/10/1798 Henry WEST   Hamsey Frances KENNARD    
30/11/1798 William SOUTEN     Pemele MARTEN    
17/12/1798 John DENNETT Widower   Sarah STANDLEY Widow  
05/04/1799 Joseph MOUNTJOY Single St Michael, Lewes Elizabeth BACK    
26/06/1799 Thomas COX Single   Charlotte STEVENS Single  
07/08/1799 Richard WADEY Single St Michael, Lewes Elizabeth WAKELING Single  
30/08/1799 Thomas SANDERS   St Anne, Lewes Mary ROBERTSON    
16/12/1799 Ebenezer DAVIDSON     Ann ELLIS    
25/12/1799 Thomas TUPPEN     Barbary KENT    
21/01/1800 Thomas FALCONER     Susanna BALDAY    
13/02/1800 James CLEMENT Single Westminster, Middlesex Elizabeth VERRALL Single  
14/02/1800 Thomas WALKER Single   Elizabeth PRIMMER Single  
17/02/1800 Daniel TAYLOR     Elizabeth FOARD   Itchingfield
17/03/1800 William POTTER     Elizabeth DUNSTON    
07/04/1800 John FULLER     Ann ELPHICK   Ringmer
04/08/1800 Henry LEANY     Lucy COLEMAN    
09/10/1800 Thomas BEST     Sarah HYLAND   East Hoathly
13/10/1800 William FRANCIS     Ann HOLMWOOD   Lindfield
31/10/1800 Alexander MATHESON     Ann TUDER    
20/11/1800 William SMART     Lucy NYE    
08/01/1801 John STEERE     Elizabeth RANGER    
11/02/1801 William STARNES     Susannah EMMS    
20/04/1801 Thomas WILLIAMS     Lucy SPARKS    
29/04/1801 Stephen STEERE     Ann MURRELL    
18/05/1801 William STACEY     Ann WALKER    
31/05/1801 John GOATER   St Anne, Lewes Eleanor PETTETT    
14/09/1801 Humphrey LEWRY   Keymer Sarah EDE    
14/09/1801 George BOATMAN     Elizabeth CROUCH    
15/09/1801 Richard FLOTE     Hannah WINDOM    
19/10/1801 William MILES Single St Michael, Lewes Ann BURTON Single  
02/12/1801 Richard BARNDEN     Elizabeth PLAYSTED    
02/03/1802 William MIDDLETON     Lidia CLAPSON    
21/06/1802 Robert HAYWARD     Elizabeth YORK    
27/06/1802 Ephraim BULBECK     Fanny ALLWORK    
19/07/1802 Owen PHELAN Widower   Pheebe BURTEN Widow  
13/10/1802 John HUGHOT     Jane GODDARD    
02/12/1802 Abraham TAYLOR     Elizabeth PAGDEN    
20/12/1802 William LUCKIN     Sarah JENNER    
31/12/1802 George PILVEN     Elizabeth BUTTEN    
09/01/1803 James LOWER     Fanny SMITH    
31/01/1803 Charles BRIANT     Lydia FOORD    
02/05/1803 Francis WOOD     Judith HAYLEY    
05/05/1803 James KEMP   St Thomas, Lewes Sarah LEWER    
29/06/1803 James APPLIND     Emley BURWICK    
01/09/1803 John DAKEN Single   Mary LEWER Single  
25/09/1803 William HOLDER   All Saints, Lewes Elizabeth POLLARD    
02/10/1803 William SHEPPARD     Elizabeth DWYER    
27/11/1803 George MILES   St Michael, Lewes Ann ARNOLD    
26/12/1803 William BURTON     Mary SCRIVEN    
26/12/1803 William RICE     Elizabeth CORNER    
27/12/1803 John CABBIN     Elizabeth CRISSFELL    
21/03/1804 Richard HENLEY   Hamsey Charity COTTONHAM    
16/04/1804 Daniel MAIDMENT     Ann DREW    
25/04/1804 William SOPER Widower   Ann HARDEN Single  
30/04/1804 William TRENDALL     Margaret GOODMAN    
08/06/1804 James DUNFORD Widower   Ann PARSONS    
11/06/1804 Samuel SHOOSMITH     Sary DREW    
11/06/1804 Henry KNIGHT     Sarah CALLOWAY   Berwick
18/08/1804 James BUTLER     Ann PIERCE    
26/08/1804 Thomas BROMLEY     Ann NAISH    
28/08/1804 John GOODGEAR   St Anne, Lewes Elizabeth GOLDS    
15/05/1805 John STEVENS     Elizabeth LESTER    
07/10/1805 Edward VALLANCE     Mary ELLIS    
12/10/1805 James PARKER     Frances HOBDEN    
22/10/1805 George TINSLEY     Mary WALLER   St Michael, Lewes
23/11/1805 John ELLIS   St Thomas, Lewes Jane PETTETT    
26/11/1805 John FAITH     Mary FORDER    
02/12/1805 Robert PATTON     Mary GOLDSMITH    
09/12/1805 William MARSHALL     Mary BENTLEY   Balcombe
25/12/1805 Thomas WALL     Ann CHESTER   Hamsey
25/01/1806 William PINNOCK   All Saints, Lewes Ann VERRALL    
07/02/1806 Thomas WICKES   St Michael, Lewes Jane INCE    
07/03/1806 James ELLIOTT Widower   Mary ATTREE    
26/03/1806 John HOBDEN     Maria VIRGOE   St Thomas, Lewes
04/04/1806 John VINALL     Ann GATES    
27/06/1806 William BAXTER     Lydia WALLER   All Saints, Lewes
09/07/1806 William HUNTLEY     Lucy STANDEN    
03/12/1806 Richard COX     Sarah ALLEN   Brighton
02/02/1807 John HALL     Ann BATTLEMORE    
29/03/1807 Henry RICHARDSON     Ann Euphrasia Almena TINSLAY    
30/03/1807 William WILDON     Sarah GRANT    
27/04/1807 Francis TURNER     Mary FELLENING    
04/05/1807 Thomas ROBINSON     Sarah BULBECK    
09/05/1807 William DUNSTALL   South Malling Sarah FREE    
13/07/1807 Thomas TUFT     Mary FUNNELL   Chiddingley
13/09/1807 William SLIMINGHIN     Charlotte PLAYFOOT    
14/09/1807 Thomas SHIRT     Mary ISTED    
27/09/1807 John ROSER     Elizabeth HENLEY    
28/10/1807 John WING     Phebee MURRELL    
21/11/1807 William TURNER     Phoebe PHILCOX   Maresfield
01/12/1807 Arthur BROOK     Ann DUNN    
28/12/1807 John WILLIAMS   St Anne, Lewes Lucy GATES    
10/02/1808 William ENGLISH     Ann FOSTER    
25/02/1808 Thomas PHILLIPS     Sarah BANKS    
14/03/1808 John CARWARDINE     Mary HASELGROVE   Brighton
02/05/1808 Edward KENWARD     Mary BRAY   Ringmer
23/05/1808 Abraham HARMAN   St John The Baptist, Lewes Delia CHAPMAN    
08/06/1808 John PAGE     Elizabeth ROSER    
27/06/1808 William DEATH     Maria SPURGEN   St Anne, Lewes
09/08/1808 Thomas SMITH     Sarah SMITH   All Saints, Lewes
16/08/1808 Joseph Eburn SMITH     Elizabeth SMITH    
29/08/1808 James ISTED     Philidelphia WHITING    
13/11/1808 Richard RANDLES   St John The Baptist, Lewes Elizabeth SEAMAN    
13/02/1809 John HOLMAN     Sarah TOWNER   Seaford
02/06/1809 John WILLIAMS     Mary HARE    
14/08/1809 James CHEASMAN     Sarah MILLER    
14/08/1809 Joseph CAMELS     Elizabeth SCRASE   Brighton
16/09/1809 James BATES     Esther BLABER    
18/09/1809 Samuel GEERE     Mary WALLER   Albourne
24/09/1809 Sergant HARMAN     Elizabeth SATCHER    
26/09/1809 William ALLEN     Mary PERKHAM    
12/10/1809 Robert DADSWELL   Eastbourne Phillis BURFIELD    
25/10/1809 William HOGSFLESH     Ann GRANT    
03/12/1809 William WALTER     Elizabeth ARNOLD    
06/12/1809 Samuel TOMPSETT     Sarah LOVEL    
10/12/1809 John BAKER     Jane MORRIS    
04/04/1810 John PECKHAM     Sarah LEWRY   Cuckfield
22/04/1810 Richard EVERSHED     Fanney FUNNELL    
23/08/1810 James FENNER     Sarah DEVALL    
24/09/1810 John TREACEY     Charlotte WILSON    
25/09/1810 Henrey CARTER   Falmer Mary GORINGE    
01/10/1810 James BICKNELL     Emey ALLEN    
04/11/1810 William BLAND     Sarah WALLS    
20/11/1810 John KEYMER     Rosine KEEMAN    
28/01/1811 Stephen JOHNSON   St Thomas, Lewes Martha MEPHAM    
18/02/1811 Stephen HOLLANDS   All Saints, Lewes Elizabeth WEBB    
21/03/1811 Henery WESTON     Martha DEVENISH    
14/05/1811 Richard WICKENS     Elizabeth LONGRIDGE    
14/05/1811 Henry WICKENS     Elizabeth WESTERUM    
25/05/1811 Timothy ROSER   Croydon, Surrey Ann WICKENDEN    
31/05/1811 Richard BLABER     Martha WINTER    
28/07/1811 Thomas MORLEY     Louisa COMBRIDGE    
28/10/1811 William HOTHER   All Saints, Lewes Harriot CRUTTENDEN    
03/11/1811 James WATKINS     Mary EAGER    
10/02/1812 Frederick STANFORD     Elenor MARKWICH    
07/05/1812 Henry URIDGE Single   Elizabeth SMITH Single Barcombe
19/08/1812 George RYDER Single St Thomas, City Of London Martha TAYLOR Single  
09/09/1812 Joseph LARKINS Single   Sarah HARDEN Single  
21/09/1812 John FRY Single   Ann PETTETT Single  
1 25/02/1813 Caleb COSSHAM     Mary REYNOLDS   St Michael, Lewes
2 18/04/1813 James HYDE     Susanna FRANCES    
3 18/04/1813 Thomas KENWARD     Mary WOOD    
4 20/04/1813 Thomas VENESS     Sarah SOUTER   St Michael, Lewes
5 27/05/1813 Charles Lander HOATES     Lucy EAGER    
6 30/05/1813 Edward ELLIS     Mary YOUNG    
7 07/06/1813 William ASDOWN Single   Frances HOAD Widow  
8 22/08/1813 Thomas NEWTON Single   Maria YOUNG Single  
9 04/12/1813 Michael COMBER     Ann KITCHENER    
10 16/12/1813 Henry BRAZIER     Ann COMBER   St Michael, Lewes
11 17/01/1814 John TURNER Widower   Elizabeth HARLEY Widow  
12 20/01/1814 John SHELLEY Single   Mary EVEREST Single  
13 25/03/1814 William WHITE     Frances PAYNE   St Michael, Lewes
14 26/04/1814 William HILL Single West Grinstead Alkeymyre CRUTTENDEN Single  
15 05/06/1814 George PARSONS Single   Elizabeth KEMPE Widow  
16 02/07/1814 James PHILLIPS Single   Lucy HENDLEY Single  
17 10/07/1814 Richard MOORE Single   Charlotte LESTER Single  
18 31/07/1814 John AKEHURST     Sophia SMITH    
19 05/08/1814 Thomas ALDRIDGE     Harriot TYLER    
20 13/08/1814 Joseph GILES     Mary Ann HUME    
21 15/08/1814 John COWES   Alfriston Frances FRENCH    
22 18/09/1814 George HOLLANDS Single   Jane MEWETT Single  
23 18/09/1814 James BARTLETT Single   Lucy Ann HOLMAN Single  
24 19/02/1815 Edward EVERET Single   Mary Ann ROGERS Single  
25 20/03/1815 Henry AUSTEN Single   Hannah MAITLAND   Berwick
26 02/04/1815 James ALMEY   All Saints, Lewes Philadelphia GATES    
27 06/04/1815 William SIMMONS Single   Jemima HARDING    
28 11/05/1815 John PITT     Anne WALLIS   Wadhurst
29 10/07/1815 Abraham WORSELL     Ann BROWN   Fletching
30 16/09/1815 Thomas HEEL     Susanna DRAPER    
31 30/10/1815 Cornelius FOX Single Arlington Mary Ann SHELLEY Single  
32 05/11/1815 Edmond HILDER Widower   Sarah VIGOR Single Burwash
33 19/02/1816 George TURNER     Mary Ann SMITH    
34 09/05/1816 Richard FUNNELL Single   Jane Alnehurst BURGESS Single Hellingly
35 18/07/1816 Robert HUGHES Single   Elizabeth DUNTON Single  
36 04/10/1816 James POTTER Single   Mary GRAVETT Single  
37 10/11/1816 Stephen ROBERTS     Mary STAPLEY    
38 02/12/1816 James BLABER     Elizabeth STARNES    
39 21/01/1817 Joseph WELLER     Sarah MANSER    
40 12/02/1817 William ETHERIDGE     Phillis WALTERS    
41 25/02/1817 William HICKS Single   Susannah JORDAN Single  
42 01/03/1817 Samuel HARRIOTT     Phillis SANDS   Wadhurst
43 26/03/1817 John COOTER   West Firle Mary POINTING    
44 25/05/1817 Charles ORAM     Elizabeth NORMAN    
45 24/06/1817 William LONG Single Bury Harriot WINDER Single  
46 05/07/1817 George BAILEY Single   Elizabeth ELLIS Single  
47 08/07/1817 William HALL Single   Frances DURRANT Single  
48 26/10/1817 James GIBBS     Eliza FENNELL   St Michael, Lewes
49 04/11/1817 Thomas WALTERS Single   Diana PAUL Single  
50 30/11/1817 Cornelius Chandler BURTON     Frances WILBAR    
51 01/03/1818 Thomas HOWELL     Elizabeth HARMAN    
52 16/03/1818 Thomas SIMMONS   Iford Sarah STEPHENS    
53 20/04/1818 Scarlett MAYHEW     Sarah COTTEN    
54 02/06/1818 Henry ELLIS     Fanny READ    
55 27/06/1818 Obadiah LENEY Widower Brasted, Kent Mary Mace GORRINGE    
56 06/07/1818 William FIELD Widower St Anne, Lewes Elizabeth MCCOY Single  
57 31/08/1818 John HENDERSON Single   Mary Ann HOATHER Single  
58 11/10/1818 James PENFOLD     Phillis FUNNELL    
59 19/10/1818 James CARPENTER     Elizabeth MEAKHAMS    
60 07/11/1818 Richard WICKENS     Ann HARE    
61 17/11/1818 Benjamin SCRASE   Buxted Mary FROW    
61 17/11/1818 Benjamin PARSONS   Buxted Mary FROW    
62 25/11/1818 Reuben GIBBS     Mary WINN    
63 09/12/1818 Edward AUSCOMBE     Fanny ROGERS    
64 23/12/1818 Joseph STOPLEY   Albourne Ann GOLDSMITH    
65 04/01/1819 William HOMEWARD     Ann GEER    
66 02/04/1819 Richard GORRING     Elizabeth GOODYEAR    
67 04/04/1819 Benjamin BLABER     Elizabeth WELCH    
68 28/04/1819 William FRENCH   St Michael, Lewes Elizabeth EAGER    
69 27/05/1819 George WYBOURNE     Philadelphia AVERY    
70 21/07/1819 William GILLHAM     Rosetta ARNOLD    
71 02/09/1819 Michael UNDERWOOD Single   Elizabeth HOOK Single  
72 23/09/1819 Arthur SLATER Widower   Ann KENT Widow  
73 04/10/1819 William KINNARD     Ann UPTON    
74 05/10/1819 James GROVER Widower South Malling Sarah DAVIS Widow  
75 17/10/1819 George MASON     Betsy PINN   Brighton
76 20/11/1819 James TUPPEN     Harriet THOMPSETT   Portslade
77 28/11/1819 William COLWELL Single St Thomas, Lewes Rebecca NORMAN Single  
78 29/11/1819 Charles Elliot CONEY     Sarah WOODS   Hailsham
79 07/12/1819 Joseph EDWARDS Single   Mary FARRENDEN Single Brighton
80 07/12/1819 Charles HURNES Single   Sarah MARTIN Single Brighton
81 16/12/1819 John KEMBER Single   Ann BURTENSHAW Single Chailey

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