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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Nuthurst St Andrew


The Parish

The parish of Nuthurst is located in northern Sussex on the boundary between the two modern counties of West & East Sussex. Nuthurst is about 4 miles southeast of the market town of Horsham lying on a lane which runs south from the A281 road which connects Horsham to the seaside town of Brighton. There is not much of a settlement to Nuthurst, a pun, the church and a few cottages along the road and elsewhere a scatter of farms. Nuthurst is in the heart of Wealden Sussex and the landscape is typically undulating and with many copses and woodlands. Arable farming now predominates although in the past farming would have been more mixed. The parish is sited at about 40 metres above sea level and the drainage is heading southwest towards the River Adur which meets the sea at Shoreham. Nuthurst is not a particularly large (in acreage) parish but supported in the region of 750 parishioners, which reflects the industry that was carried out in the Weald in former times. Nuthurst, however, does not receive an individual mention in Domesday Book.

The Church

St Andrew's church is adjacent to the main lane running through the parish and slightly up the hill to the south of the main concentration of housing. Pevsner is not complementary regarding the extensive restoration which the church received in Victorian times describing it as "terribly restored". What lies underneath is a relatively early church from the Decorated period but the original features of the mediaeval building are now severely masked. The church has the standard layout of chancel, nave and western tower, in this case a steeple and presents its eastern end to the lane. The churchyard is enclosed by a neatly clipped hedge and access is through a modern stone lych gate. The grounds are well-wooded, a feature of the Weald, but angles are sufficient to capture the church adequately.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 1st May 1755 - 24th November 1812 West Sussex Record Office - Reference - Par143/1/1/2 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 24th March 1813 - 10th June 1837 West Sussex Record Office - Reference - Par143/1/3/1 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Horsham St Mary
Horsham St Mary
Broadwater Hosanna
Upper Beeding St Peter
Horsham St Mary
Upper Beeding St Peter
Shipley St Mary
West Grinstead St George
West Grinstead St George

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
26/02/1754 Harry FULLER     Anne DINEDGE    
2 01/04/1755 John BOURNE     Elizabeth SHAW Single  
3 01/04/1755 Robert STOUGER     Mary BALDWIN Widow  
4 16/05/1755 George BURGIS     Elizabeth BATES Single  
6 20/01/1756 William LINFIELD     Sarah PENFOLD    
7 22/04/1756 Richard GOBLE     Anne BRANCH Single  
8 19/07/1756 William ROGERS   Godstone, Surrey Elizabeth STEDDELL Widow  
9 27/07/1756 James SHARP   Washington Mary HARDING Single  
9 08/10/1756 Henry DENNETT Single Horsham Elizabeth FERELL    
19 21/10/1756 John STANFORD     Anne VINALL Single  
10 22/02/1757 Thomas HALLOWAY     Martha VOICE Single  
11 21/04/1757 William TURNER     Rose VAUS Single  
12 02/05/1757 James CARTER   Horsham Jane PHILIPS Single  
14 29/08/1757 William STEARING     Elizabeth PERCIVAL Single  
15 03/11/1757 William JUPPE     Jane SMART Single  
16 30/06/1758 Henry KNIGHT     Sarah MATTHEWS Single  
17 05/10/1758 William KING     Sarah ROWLAND Single  
18 16/04/1759 Thomas LONGHURST   Horley, Surrey Mary SHAW Single  
19 23/10/1759 John STONE     Sarah FREEMAN Single  
20 25/09/1760 William MAINBRIDGE     Ann MATTHEWS Single  
21 28/07/1761 John GILBERT   Petworth Elizabeth KING Single  
22 17/11/1761 William LANGLEY     Sarah POLLARD Single  
23 17/11/1763 Thomas WYBORN     Sarah KNIGHT Single  
24 17/12/1763 John PELLING   Horsham Lydia LIDBETTER Single  
25 29/12/1763 Thomas KEDGE     Dinah DINNAGE Single  
26 29/12/1763 Richard KING     Sarah DINNAGE Single  
28 08/05/1764 John LIDBETTER     Ann KING Single  
27 12/06/1764 John HENLY     Susan LUXFORD    
29 23/04/1765 William CHAMPION   Cowfold Ann MATTHEWS Single  
30 17/10/1765 Michael MANSFIELD     Jane CARTER    
31 14/11/1765 Robert MUNNARY   West Grinstead Elizabeth BAYTOP    
24/12/1765 Thomas COMBER     Sarah CRIPPS    
14/01/1766 Edward MITCHEL     Catherine GARDINER    
18/02/1766 George BISH     Jane JUPP    
07/04/1767 John JUPP     Sarah LONGFORD    
29/09/1767 Richard MILLS     Sarah STEDMAN    
01/10/1767 John HILL     Mary STEDMAN    
03/12/1767 Richard GODSMARK     Bett CHEESMAN    
15/05/1769 James FEAST     Elizabeth PRONGER    
14/09/1769 Mathew COFFIN   Worth Mary WILLET    
24/05/1770 John WOOD     Ann SHAW    
01/11/1770 William DINNAGE     Mary PINFOLD    
15/11/1770 William STEERE     Judith MATTHEWS    
11/04/1771 Mathew SOUTHIN     Hannah BROWN   Ockley, Surrey
11/05/1771 David DAVEY     Elizabeth WELLS    
22/09/1771 John PARSONS   Upper Beeding Elizabeth BATES    
27/09/1771 William MAN   Horsham Rachell PAVEY    
29/11/1772 Henry COMBER     Dinah DUFFEL    
21/12/1772 William JENDEN     Mary BATES    
24/12/1772 William GARTON     Hannah TOBUL    
25/01/1773 William PAGE     Ann COMBER    
20/04/1773 Joseph JUPP     Ann DINAGE    
14/12/1773 James CHART Single   Catharine HARDS Widow Wiston
08/02/1774 William MITCHEL     Mary WORSFOLD    
22/03/1774 John JUPP     Jane PARSON    
06/04/1774 John FAIRS     Mary JULETT    
10/05/1774 John JULET     Sarah PRONGER    
20/09/1774 John HEATH     Elizabeth CRAGG    
12/01/1775 Daniel GRINSTED   Horsham Sarah PARSON    
28/02/1775 Benjamin BOTTEN     Ann WELLS    
05/06/1775 Richard PRONGER     Anne MOTE    
09/04/1776 Stephen COMBER     Ann LIDBETTER    
23/09/1776 Philip ALLFREY   Henfield Mary BOTTING    
21/04/1777 Thomas STEERE     Sarah SCRACE    
15/06/1777 John TOBUTT     Mary GARTON    
04/07/1777 William HANDLY     Jenny SCRACE    
18/12/1777 John BATES     Hannah BATES    
16/02/1778 Thomas SHAW   Hellingly Ann LINDFIELD    
26/02/1778 William BATES     Mary EVANS    
16/06/1778 Henry WELLS     Ann TULLY    
03/07/1778 James BOTTING     Mary COMBER    
28/09/1778 William MITCHELL     Mary COMBER    
17/12/1778 John BLAKE     Ann STEER    
16/02/1779 Thomas READ     Hannah HENDLEY    
20/06/1780 Richard HALL     Ann BATES    
27/02/1781 Thomas GOBLE     Elizabeth ATTREE    
16/04/1781 William MITCHELL     Sarah HIDE    
19/06/1781 Henry HERIOTT Single   Frances POLLARD Single  
20/09/1781 Charles STEER Single   Sarah SMART Single  
09/10/1781 John POLLARD     Ann FLINT    
12/05/1782 Thomas WOODHAM Widower Compton, Surrey Elizabeth COMBER Single  
04/06/1782 Robert CHEESMAN     Elizabeth FRANCES   West Grinstead
07/07/1782 William CARTER     Mary PENFOLD    
26/12/1782 William FLEMING   Petworth Sarah FRANCES    
02/02/1783 John BENNETT   West Grinstead Martha STEYNING    
29/07/1783 William MITCHELL   Horsham Jane BATES    
05/08/1783 Richard COMBER     Mary SMART Single  
21/10/1784 William BATES     Emma MATTHEWS    
09/11/1784 Andrew FOSTER Single   Ann BLAKE Widow  
31/03/1785 William DAVEY     Elizabeth TOBUTT    
21/05/1785 Henry BOTTING     Mary TOBUTT    
16/09/1785 William HILL Single   Elizabeth BOTTING    
04/10/1785 John JOHNSON   Upper Beeding Ann KEDGE    
20/10/1785 John BATES Single   Hannah SMART Single  
03/07/1786 Richard HOLLOWAY   Shipley Sarah ROWE    
19/07/1786 John STANDFORD     Mary MANEBRIDGE   West Grinstead
25/07/1786 Richard CHARMAN     Sarah BOTTING Single  
05/11/1786 William STURT Widower Cowfold Mary BOTTING Widow  
06/02/1787 John DINNAGE     Susanna TUGWELL    
12/04/1787 James NEWNUM     Sarah HOLLAND    
02/08/1787 Charles SCUTT Single Horsham Mary STEEL Single  
11/10/1787 James LANGFORD Single West Grinstead Sarah KING Single  
21/11/1787 John READ     Elizabeth LUSAM    
11/12/1787 Arthur DANIEL Single   Hannah READ Widow  
13/11/1788 William BATCHELOR   Horsham Bet HENLEY    
20/11/1788 James LINFIELD     Elizabeth BETTING    
09/12/1788 William WELLS     Elizabeth TULLEY    
16/12/1788 John ETHERIDGE   Shipley Sarah MILLS    
12/02/1789 Henry BALL     Sarah LINFIELD    
18/10/1789 Gabriel BALL     Jane SHEPARD    
14/11/1790 William HOLLAND     Ann DINNAGE    
21/03/1791 James HOLLOWAY     Sarah CHAMPION    
04/10/1791 Joshua KING     Sarah WOOLGER    
26/06/1792 William DINNAGE Widower   Mary DAVEY Widow  
25/04/1793 William HOLDER   Reigate, Surrey Judith WELLS    
23/09/1794 John FIELD     Sarah PATCHING    
16/10/1794 Benjamin BRIGGS   Warnham Ann NEWNUM    
07/04/1795 William TURLE     Barbary BOLTON    
07/05/1795 Peter COMBER Single   Hannah WHITE    
19/06/1797 Joseph JUPP     Ann LIDBETTER    
23/09/1798 Thomas AKEHURST     Sarah LOVELAND    
30/04/1799 James PIERCE     Mary MITCHELL    
25/06/1799 Phillip BAKER     Sophia PATCHING    
15/04/1800 Henry LINFIELD     Sarah PANNELL    
06/05/1800 John PERCIVAL   Shermanbury Martha NEWNUM    
09/09/1800 John BONNIFACE Single   Elizabeth WATTS    
30/10/1800 William SHARP   Horsham Ann BURGESS    
20/01/1801 Charles JUPP   Slaugham Ann BALL    
25/04/1801 James POTTINTON Single   Elizabeth COOK Single  
12/05/1801 Thomas MICHELL Single   Mary BALL Single  
09/06/1801 Richard MILLS Single   Jane PRONGER Single  
04/08/1801 William HENLEY Single   Elizabeth PENFOLD Single  
02/09/1801 Samuel MILLS Single   Elizabeth PRONGER Single  
29/09/1801 William CHART Widower   Catherine BETTS Single  
15/12/1801 Daniel LINFIELD Single   Sarah RANDLE Single  
04/02/1802 Charles POTTERTON Single   Ann BATES Single  
04/05/1802 Richard KENSETT Single Shipley Sarah LANGLEY Single  
27/01/1803 Benjamin BOTTING Single   Mary Grace NIBLETT   Horsham
05/05/1803 James TURNER Single   Ann KENSETT Single Shipley
16/07/1803 William TOBUTT Single   Elizabeth WORSFOLD Single Upper Beeding
26/10/1803 John MARCHANT Single Balcombe Frances STEELE Single  
20/01/1804 William COMBER Single   Maria WHITE Single  
14/02/1804 James JENNER Single   Sarah BOTTING Single  
15/04/1805 Stephen COMBER     Mary HARDEN    
16/04/1805 James HEASMAN     Hannah COMBER Single  
24/04/1805 James TYLER     Elizabeth BOTTING    
25/04/1805 William HENLY Single   Mary DAVEY Single  
14/05/1805 Joseph MELLISH     Sarah MITCHELL    
05/11/1806 Thomas DALE Single   Sarah JUPP Single  
16/11/1806 Thomas CLARKE Single Cowfold Elizabeth HILLS Single  
14/04/1807 William CARTER     Elizabeth HOLDEN    
26/05/1807 James LUKEHURST     Sarah PENFOLD    
10/08/1807 John WOOLVEN     Mary CARTER    
01/09/1807 James PENFOLD Single   Fanny BREWSTER Single  
08/12/1807 James LIDBETTER     Hannah NEWMAN    
24/05/1808 William SHARP Widower   Mary BATES Single  
27/06/1808 Nathan GRAVELY Single   Mary Ann TOBUTT Single  
19/07/1808 William CHILD Widower   Ann READ Single  
02/04/1809 William JUPP Single Cowfold Elizabeth BRIGGS Widow  
22/05/1809 James NYE     Ann STONE    
13/06/1809 Isaac JACOB     Ann BOTTING    
08/08/1809 John CHANTLER Single   Sarah MELLISH Widow  
15/08/1809 Francis STRAY Single Reigate, Surrey Ann WELLS Single  
17/10/1809 John FOGDEN Single Boxgrove Maria BETTS Single  
07/11/1809 Henry LIDBETTER     Susannah STILL    
23/01/1810 Henry COURT     Fanny WALLER    
03/04/1810 Richard CONSTABLE Single   Mary BAYTUP    
22/06/1810 John TOBUTT Single   Elizabeth GARD   Keymer
21/11/1810 John TULLETT     Mary WALLER    
30/04/1811 John FULLER     Charlotte MITCHELL    
26/12/1811 Matthew MILES     Mary PIERCE    
10/03/1812 William CHART     Sarah TULLET    
17/05/1812 Edward TUCK     Sarah LANGFORD    
21/07/1812 Joseph MARSH Widower Horsham Tryphena WINTER Widow  
13/10/1812 John BATES Single   Frances PANNETT Single  
20/10/1812 William FRANCIS Single   Frances BOURN Single  
24/11/1812 Richard BLAKE Single Ashurst Elizabeth COMBER Single  
1 24/03/1813 Philip PANNETT Single   Lydia BENNETT Single  
2 20/04/1813 Benjamin WALLER Single   Ann HOLDEN Single  
3 22/05/1813 Philip MITCHELL Single   Ann MILES Single Horsham
4 29/08/1813 Edward JUPP Single   Catharine CHARMAN Single  
5 07/09/1813 William KILLNER Single Horsham Mary COMBER Single  
6 28/12/1813 Henry WELLER     Mercer DINNAGE    
7 16/02/1814 Joseph GASSON Single   Mary Anne GRAVELY    
8 26/04/1814 Thomas WHEATLAND     Jane KING    
9 23/08/1814 Edward CHART     Matilda MILLYARD    
10 23/10/1814 Richard JUPP     Mary NOLDERWITT    
11 20/11/1814 Charles ALDRIDGE     Ann HERRIOTT    
12 22/01/1815 John COMBER     Mary FOSTER    
13 10/08/1815 Richard KNIGHT     Mary STEELE    
14 07/02/1816 Stephen TIDEY     Mary BONIFACE   Cowfold
15 13/02/1816 Peter POOLEY     Catharine JOHNSTONE   Upper Beeding
16 25/04/1816 David COMBER     Emily MILLYARD    
17 19/11/1816 Joseph RAILTOR Single Cowfold Ann HOLLAND Single  
18 09/07/1817 William PANNETT Single   Phillis BOTTING Single  
19 02/02/1818 Thomas KING Single   Rhoda GRINSTEAD Single  
20 27/03/1818 James LINFIELD Single   Mary Ann PRONGER Single  
21 16/04/1818 John POTTER Single   Jane CARTER Single  
22 01/07/1818 Thomas JUBB Single   Sarah COMBER Single  
23 05/07/1818 Peter PARKER Single   Hannah BONIFACE Single  
24 11/09/1818 John HOWARD Single   Mary BOTTING Single  
25 29/11/1818 George MILES Single   Sarah BELL Widow  
26 28/06/1819 Thomas PRONGER     Jane SYMONDS    
27 14/10/1819 Thomas FUNNEL     Martha BAYTOP    
28 19/12/1819 Gertrom CALDWELL   Horsham Sarah LANGLEY    
29 04/01/1820 Richard KNIGHT     Sarah BALL    
30 09/01/1820 Charles ANSELL     Mary CHARMAN    
31 08/02/1820 John CHRISTMAS     Elizabeth PLEDGE    
32 30/04/1820 William GALLUP     Elizabeth FEAST    
33 17/07/1820 John CHARMAN     Elizabeth GOLDSMITH    
34 17/09/1820 Henry COCKS     Hannah POTTER    
35 26/09/1820 James TULLETT     Sarah HONTON    
36 16/10/1820 Reuben RAPLEY     Elizabeth PATCHING    
37 16/10/1820 George TULLEY     Sarah BADYEN    
38 22/12/1820 Thomas GINDIN   Cowfold Lucy PINFOLD    
39 25/12/1820 William WICKEN   Rusper Ann BAYTOP    
40 26/12/1820 Charles ALDRIDGE     Harriet DAVY    
41 19/02/1821 Charles CARTER     Louisa LAKER    
42 01/03/1821 William TIDAY     Charlotte CARTER    
43 24/04/1821 Stephen FEIST     Sarah WHITE    
44 15/05/1821 William GUNFIELD     Jane MITCHELL    
45 19/08/1821 Richard WELLER     Mary HUNT    
46 17/09/1821 William SCUTT     Sarah MILES    
47 15/10/1821 William STONE     Sarah MOORE    
48 27/11/1821 William CLAPSHAW Widower   Anne MADDOX    
49 04/12/1821 John DANIELS     Mary SAYERS   Horsham
50 24/12/1821 William RENNOLDS     Mary JOHNSON    
51 22/04/1822 John MANVILLE     Elizabeth MARTIN    
52 06/05/1822 Thomas PETERS     Harriot CAMPSHALL    
53 22/05/1822 John PETERS     Jane WICKERSOME    
54 02/06/1822 Benjamin BURRIGE     Jane PENFOLD    
55 05/07/1822 James JUPP     Elizabeth STONER    
56 26/08/1822 Edward HILLS     Ann SEGUR    
57 05/03/1823 James FEIST     Jane BUGLEY    
58 01/04/1823 John BUCKWELL     Emily COMBER Widow  
59 27/04/1823 James MORRIS Single   Hannah COMBER Single  
60 23/07/1823 William COOPER     Keziah CAMBELL    
61 01/09/1823 Charles DURANT Single   Mary GEORGE Single  
62 05/04/1824 Stephen MANSBRIDGE Single Cowfold Ann BAKER Single  
63 17/10/1824 Peter ROBBARDS Single   Hannah LUCKHURST Single  
64 03/01/1826 James SHORLOCK Single   Ann FEIST Single  
65 12/06/1826 James DINNAGE Single   Elizabeth GASSON Widow  
66 15/08/1826 John JULETT Single   Elizabeth HUGHES Widow  
67 25/09/1826 John DALE Single   Elizabeth GODARD Widow  
68 17/10/1826 Jesse HENTON Single   Sarah EDE Single  
69 17/10/1826 George JINKENS Single   Esther HARWOOD Single  
70 02/11/1826 George FEIST Single   Anne WHITE Single  
71 11/12/1826 Thomas MANNES Single   Mary STILL Single  
72 17/04/1827 John FAIRS Single Cowfold Elizabeth JUPP Single  
73 24/04/1827 Richard PRONGER Single   Maria Emma FOGDEN Single  
74 07/05/1827 James TURNER Single   Hannah CARTER Single Slinfold
75 26/05/1827 Philip WOOD Single   Frances MILES Single  
76 27/05/1827 George STEEL Single Sullington Ann BONIFACE Single  
77 30/05/1827 Thomas COMBER Single   Sarah FEIST Widow  
78 30/07/1827 Jesse FOSTER Single   Mary SPARKES Widow  
79 17/08/1827 James HILLS Single West Grinstead Sarah BOTTING Single  
80 21/08/1827 George RANDALL Single Petworth Maria MELLISH Single  
81 08/09/1827 John CANNON Single   Sarah ANDREW Widow  
82 13/10/1827 Jacob HASLEMORE Single   Hannah STANDING Single  
83 01/01/1828 Thomas SUMMERS Single   Rebecca FOSTER Widow  
84 03/03/1828 James DUKE Widower Littlehampton Ann Kensett TURNER Single  
85 11/03/1828 Daniel JUPP Single Petworth Frances GRINSTED Single  
86 31/03/1828 John ELZEY Single   Harriet KNIGHT Single  
87 13/04/1828 William HENLEY Single   Anne SENDALL Single  
88 15/05/1828 John PARSONS Single Cowfold Mary TOMSITT Single  
89 09/06/1828 Samuel GOSSON Single   Ann NEWMAN Single  
90 17/09/1828 Simeon COMBER Single   Jane STONE Single  
91 08/11/1828 Edward STEVENS Single Lindfield Barbara SIMMONS Single  
92 08/12/1828 Joseph BAKER Single   Rebecca BENNETT Single  
93 31/12/1828 Richard DUMBRELL Single   Sarah STONER Single  
94 28/04/1829 Charles JENDON Single   Jane MILLS Single  
95 08/11/1829 Thomas WASKER Single   Eliza TYLER Single  
96 20/11/1829 James WADEYS Single   Caroline LUCAS Single  
97 30/12/1829 James STONE Single   Elizabeth GILLICE Single  
98 06/02/1830 John EASON Single   Ellen BAKER Single  
99 22/03/1830 James FEIST Single   Mary LEANEY Single  
100 28/04/1830 Stephen BAYTUP Single   Elizabeth FINALE Single  
101 04/07/1830 Thomas WICKENS Single   Jane ATTREE Single  
102 22/10/1830 Thomas ROBERTS Single Cowfold Sarah KINSETT Single  
103 06/11/1830 James COMBER Single   Frances LINDFIELD Single  
104 30/01/1831 Charles MORGANS Single   Sarah GILLICE Single  
105 15/02/1831 Edward PLEDGE Widower   Anne BOTTING Widow  
106 12/05/1831 William Henry CALHOUN Single Arundel Elizabeth TURNER Single  
107 04/06/1831 Edward DINNAGE Single   Phillis FAIRALE Single  
108 31/01/1832 John LEPPARD Single   Jane NEWMAN Single  
109 22/02/1832 James Davey HENLEY Single   Sarah NEWMAN Single  
110 01/03/1832 William HEASMAN Single   Emily WHITING Single  
111 05/03/1832 Stephen PLEDGE Single   Mary WELLS Single  
112 27/03/1832 George READ Single Funtington Alice PRONGER Single  
11/05/1832 Edward BAX   Woking, Surrey Sarah WOOLVEN    
113 29/05/1832 George MILES Widower   Emma WOODS Single  
114 30/06/1832 William BONNIFACE Single   Hannah COMBER Single  
115 15/07/1832 Thomas WEST Single   Harriet DAVEY Single  
116 24/10/1832 John WELLER Single Ifield Jemima STONE Single  
117 26/12/1832 Charles BONIFACE     Eliza JUPP    
118 26/12/1832 Philip JUPP     Mary WORCESTER    
119 25/02/1833 Richard KING     Elizabeth NAPPER    
120 18/05/1833 Edward HENTON     Frances CONSTABLE    
122 22/06/1833 Samuel WEST Single   Mary Anne BRAIN Single  
123 11/12/1834 John NEWMAN Single   Eliza MILLYARD Single  
124 17/03/1835 William JUPP Single   Mary COMBER Single  
125 27/04/1835 Thomas TORRELL Single   Mary THAYERS Single Horsham
126 27/10/1835 James SLAUGHTER Single   Hannah STONE Single  
127 23/02/1836 Edward CHART Single   Emily CHART Single  
128 29/02/1836 John Horatio FOGDEN Single   Esther MILLS Single  
129 07/05/1836 John HEATH Single Horsham Ann MILLS Single  
130 22/06/1836 James BONNIFACE Single   Catherine GILLICE Single  
131 08/09/1836 George WISDEN Single   Elizabeth MASON Single  
132 10/10/1836 James KNIGHT Single   Eliza SAYERS Single  
133 13/10/1836 James GOLDSMITH Single Ashurst Ann ALLEN Single Ashurst
134 27/12/1836 Arthur EDWARDS Widower Cranleigh, Surrey Sarah SHERLOCK Single  
135 20/03/1837 George GRINSTEAD Single   Sarah SCUTT Single  
136 10/06/1837 William GATES Widower   Mary FARLEY Single  

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