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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Rodmell St Peter


The Parish

The parish of Rodmell lies in southern Sussex quite close to its English Channel coastline. Rodmell is a small and compact village which lies about 3 miles south of the market town of Lewes on the edge of the floodplain of the River Sussex Ouse. Rodmell sits on the narrow lane which connects Lewes with Newhaven and which runs on the opposite side of the valley from the A26. The gap within the South Downs cut by the Ouse is also a route for modern developments as the London to Newhaven rail line also cuts down this valley. Rodmell would have been a farming village at the time of this transcript with a varied set of land types available, grazing marshes by the Ouse, sheep runs on the nearby Downs and some arable leading to a varied economy. Today Rodmell receives some visitors from the South Downs Way National Trail which passes just east of the village on its way to Eastbourne. The Sussex Ouse drains the parish southwards the short distance to the English Channel at Newhaven. Rodmell is sited at between 10 & 50 metres above the sea (its modern additions spreading upwards on to the Downs), the chalk downland rises dramatically westwards to reach local heights of close to 200 metres within a mile or two. Rodmell parish was fairly typically sized for its area, it covered just under 1,900 acres and would have supported a population of close to 350 parishioners. In Domesday times Rodmell was shared between Count Robert of Mortain and William de Warennes and was a whole lot bigger than today's small village; boasting an incredible 46 ploughs, extensive woodland and meadows together with 11 salthouses it was in the largest 20% of places recorded in the book, a complete change in fortunes over the centuries.

The Church

St Peter's church sits at the lower end of the village on the edges of the Ouse's grazing meadows. St peter is an ancient church with extensive remains from the Norman Romanesque period, dates of circa 1200 are given for many windows and for the southern aisle. To this Norman building there was significant addition/rebuild made in the 13th century the western tower with its distinctive pyramid spire is Early English Gothic in style and lancet windows occur throughout the building. For once any Victorian restoration was muted and sensitive to the styles preexisting, the chancel arch whilst being rebuilt is done such that the style matches the Romanesque original. The Street rambles downhill from the main lane through the village and is narrow with parking limited and needing care, the church hides away up an even narrower alleyway before opening out into a churchyard which is devoid of photographic obstacles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 26th April 1756 -14th December 1812 East Sussex Record Office - Reference PAR464/1/1/2 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 22nd February 1813 - 9th August 1835 East Sussex Record Office - Reference PAR464/1/3/1 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Iford St Nicholas
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Southease St Peter
Telscombe St Lawrence
Telscombe St Lawrence
Southease St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 26/04/1756 William YOUNG Single   Sarah NYE Single  
2 15/02/1757 Thomas HOLLANDS Single   Anne BAKER Single  
3 11/04/1757 Richard TOWNER Single Waldron Mary FULLER Single  
4 16/10/1757 Henry ROSWELL Single   Mary STANFORD Single  
5 13/10/1758 John CROWHURST     Mary VERRALL    
6 10/02/1762 Francis BARTLETT Single   Anne DEAN Widow  
7 29/04/1762 John PACE Single   Anne DEAN Single  
8 09/12/1763 Thomas COLLINGHAM     Elizabeth ROSWELL    
9 27/09/1764 James HALLETT Single Broadwater Christian HARWOOD Widow  
10 27/05/1765 James HERRIOTT Single Iford Elizabeth BISHOP Single  
11 21/07/1765 Francis BISHOP Single   Amelia RAND Single  
12 31/03/1766 Samuel BRIDGER Single Eastbourne Betty BOLLARD Single  
13 26/01/1767 William ATCHISON Single Newhaven Mary LEVER Single  
14 01/06/1767 David EGER     Susanna BLANDEN    
15 02/05/1768 William PAUL     Mary BOLARD    
16 05/10/1768 William AVIS Single   Ann TEELING Single  
17 23/10/1769 Robert GREEN     Mary CORNFORD    
18 18/01/1770 John ELLIS Single Piddinghoe Elizabeth GLAZBROOK Single  
19 01/02/1771 John TEELING Single   Martha BISHOP Single  
20 09/09/1771 John GLAZEBROOK Single   Dinah PIPER Single  
21 25/10/1772 William BRIDGER   Glynde Ann CORNFORD Single  
22 10/11/1772 Richard BAKER   West Firle Jane MILTON Single  
23 16/02/1773 William JACKSON Single   Mary WRIGHT Single  
24 27/05/1773 William CLIFTON   Alfriston Elizabeth GLAZEBROOK    
25 07/06/1773 Thomas TRUSLER Single Portslade Charity ADE Single  
26 29/09/1774 William DEAN Single   Mary ELLIS Single  
27 06/01/1775 Henry FUNNELL Single   Hannah HEATHER Single  
28 22/05/1775 John DAVIS     Sarah KINGMAN    
29 15/11/1775 Thomas PENFOLD Single   Lucy LINDFIELD Single  
30 20/11/1775 Henry WALKER Single   Maria FRENCH Single  
31 15/01/1776 John NORMAN Single   Mary BOLLARD Widow  
32 08/04/1776 Stephen TUTT Single Piddinghoe Sarah SMITH    
33 01/07/1776 Edward BALDY   Southease Mary FRENCH    
34 23/10/1777 Henry BRISTOW Single   Mary SIMMONS Single  
35 20/11/1778 John POLLARD Single   Mary COPPER    
36 07/03/1779 Richard BRIGMAN Single   Milly MORRIS Single  
37 13/10/1779 Abraham POTTER Single West Firle Jane WOOD Single  
38 22/02/1781 David EAGER Single   Ann SIMMONS Single  
39 04/02/1782 Richard BONNER Single Southease Susan WHITE Single  
40 07/02/1782 James CORNFORD Single   Grace WOOD Single  
41 04/04/1782 Richard DEADMAN Single   Sarah BARROW Single  
42 10/10/1782 Jeremiah WHITE Single   Sarah SIMMONS Single  
43 21/04/1783 Mathew LOWER Single West Firle Sarah ROSWELL Single  
44 29/07/1783 George TUCKNOTT Single Alfriston Sarah ROBERTS Single  
45 03/10/1785 James JENNER Single   Mary JACKSON Widow  
46 13/10/1785 Thomas FREARS Single   Sarah NICHOLS Single  
47 21/02/1786 John MAYNARD Widower Eastbourne Ann NEWNHAM Widow  
48 05/06/1786 John LONGLEY     Sarah HARRIS    
49 30/07/1786 William HUDSON Single   Jude FORWARD Single  
50 11/04/1787 William GLAZEBROOK Single   Elizabeth PIPER Single  
51 06/04/1790 Edward BURTON Single West Firle Phillis BISHOP Single  
52 03/06/1790 James TELLING   Ovingdean Sarah EARLE    
53 28/06/1791 Maurice WOODRUFF     Mary GREEN    
54 12/07/1791 Edward AVERY   Arundel Ruth ROSWELL    
55 03/09/1791 Henry HOLDEN   All Saints, Lewes Ann LALLAM    
56 07/06/1792 William WHITE Single Telscombe Elizabeth HALLETT Single  
57 06/05/1793 Thomas HUPTON   Iford Elizabeth TOWNEND    
58 22/10/1793 William BAKER   Seaford Elizabeth REYNOLDS    
59 12/05/1794 John FULLER Single   Sarah GLAZEBROOK Widow  
60 07/11/1794 William ANSILL Widower   Maria WALKER Widow  
61 07/11/1794 Henry CRUNDEN Single   Mary WALKER Single  
62 09/11/1794 David EAGER Widower   Charity SARGENT Single  
63 06/09/1795 Richard BEVSEY Widower West Firle Mary HOWEL Single  
64 12/10/1795 Richard REYNALS Single   Mary EARLE Single  
65 26/02/1796 Samuel PARKER Widower Iford Sarah WALKER Single  
66 27/03/1796 Michael BARNES Single Rottingdean Elizabeth BAKER Widow  
67 06/04/1796 Henry FORD Single   Mary FRIAR Single  
68 09/08/1797 Richard RICHARDSON Single Iford Ann REED Single  
69 02/10/1797 William FEERS Single   Elizabeth GLAZEBROOK Single  
70 05/02/1798 James GREEN Single   Frances JENNER Single  
71 23/04/1798 Nathaniel ROW     Ruth SIMMONS Single  
72 16/05/1798 John MORSON     Sarah GREEN Single  
73 18/06/1798 James PETCHALL     Ann GREEN    
74 12/09/1798 Edward CHEESMAN   Iford Mary BELTON    
75 26/08/1799 Richard BELTON   Mitcham, Surrey Elizabeth WEAVER    
76 28/08/1799 George FORD Single   Mary MOORE Single  
77 17/03/1800 James SINDEN Single   Mary WALKER Single  
78 04/06/1800 Thomas PALLET Single   Charity EAVIS Single  
79 18/07/1800 Richard HARDING Single   Lucy PENFOLD Widow  
80 16/10/1800 John GLAZEBROOK Widower   Martha AUSTEN Single  
81 13/02/1801 David VIRGO Single West Firle Susan MOORE Single  
82 14/06/1801 William PANNETT Single   Kitty ROSWELL Single  
83 07/09/1801 George JAMES Single   Sophia EGAR Single  
84 22/01/1802 John WOOLVIN Single Iford Esther WALLER Single  
06/07/1802 Richard RUSBRIDGE Single   Mary LOWER Single  
30/11/1802 Matthew LOWER Widower   Mary GREEN Widow  
10/02/1803 William NORMAN Widower   Ann BRAY Single  
20/05/1803 Christopher SPENCER Single   Ann GLADMAN Single  
23/08/1803 Jesse PIPER Single   Susannah FRED Widow  
13/10/1803 Richard HIDE Single Rottingdean Elizabeth KNIGHT Single  
31/10/1803 Robert PARRY Single St Thomas, Lewes Hannah AVERY    
06/04/1804 James MONTH Single Iford Elizabeth SOUTTER Single  
11/10/1804 David MITCHEL Single   Harriett HOWELL Single  
26/12/1804 William GREGORY Single St Anne, Lewes Susannah WALKER Single  
27/12/1805 Michael BARNS Widower   Ann WALKER Single  
05/04/1806 George POLLARD Single Iford Ruth FUNNELL Single  
03/01/1807 James GOOLY Single   Elizabeth SUMNER Single  
21/01/1807 Matthew LOWER Widower   Anne EDGERLY Widow  
10/07/1807 John STANFORD Single Lingfield, Surrey Ann AUSTIN Single  
12/08/1807 Samuel HOLLINGDALE Single   Sarah LOWER Single  
02/05/1808 Richard NORMAN Single   Jane DAVEY Single  
27/05/1808 Thomas PRESNELL Widower Piddinghoe Charlotte HARRIS Single  
08/02/1809 William HUTSON Widower   Elizabeth EVANS Widow  
12/04/1809 James WADEY Single   Dinah DEADMAN Single  
06/05/1809 Richard REYNOLDS Widower   Susannah GREGORY Widow  
27/06/1809 Edward SKINNER Single Barcombe Sarah YOUNG Single  
08/10/1809 Harry WALKER Single   Sarah ELLIS Single  
17/11/1810 John HUDSON Single   Lucy FARRANTS Single  
02/04/1811 Thomas FEERS Widower   Elizabeth NORTON Widow  
07/09/1811 Henry KENNARD Single West Firle Mary BACK Single  
02/10/1811 Thomas WOOZER Widower Southease Maria ANSELL Widow  
25/12/1811 John MITCHENER Single Newhaven Harriet FUNNELL Single  
30/03/1812 Edmund COOPER Single Seaford Elizabeth SAXBY Single  
18/11/1812 Japheth DOWSING Single Lewes Ann DAVEY Single  
14/12/1812 William BANKS Single East Blatchington Mary NORMAN Single  
1 22/02/1813 John DEADMAN Single Kingston By Lewes Elizabeth BALKCOMBE Single  
2 02/03/1813 James FUNNELL Single   Ann LUCK Single  
3 13/04/1813 John FARNCOMBE Single Herstmonceux Ann SAXBY Single  
4 12/07/1813 William NORMAN Widower   Fanny HARDEN Single  
5 16/08/1813 Richard HEATHER Single East Grinstead Mary COX Single  
6 10/01/1814 Thomas MITCHELL Single West Dean By Seaford Elizabeth REYNOLDS Single  
7 21/04/1814 George DITCH Single   Harriet GURR Single  
8 23/04/1814 Daniel BACK Single   Elizabeth REYNOLDS Single  
9 31/10/1814 William GALTON Widower St Thomas, Lewes Elizabeth WRIGHT Single  
10 22/11/1814 Henry HUTSON Single   Mary SMITH Single  
11 11/04/1815 Joseph SOLOMON Single Southease Mary ELLIOTT Single  
12 16/10/1815 John DUNSTILE Single   Ann AVIS Single  
13 27/11/1815 Richard PENFOLD Single   Sarah QUAIT Single  
14 04/05/1816 John FULLER Single West Firle Jane BROOKER Single  
15 31/03/1817 Thomas DAVIS Single   Isabella BELTON Single  
16 14/10/1817 Mark DUNSTONE Single East Dean By Eastbourne Elizabeth AVIS Single  
17 28/10/1817 James DEADMAN Single   Sarah TRUE Single  
18 07/07/1818 John GREEN Single   Mary STEER Single  
19 12/06/1819 Charles ROSWELL Widower   Hannah BARNES Single  
20 06/07/1819 William GABBITAS     Fanny HOMEWOOD    
21 25/09/1819 James PELLETT Single   Mary REYNOLDS Single  
22 10/10/1819 Richard KNIGHT   Lewes Mary BISHOP    
23 13/11/1819 Thomas MOON Single   Sarah TOWNER Single  
24 12/01/1822 John Edward BURNE Single Goring Sarah SAXBY Single  
25 18/02/1822 Henry DEADMAN Single   Hannah PAGE Single  
26 06/04/1822 Thomas MORLEY Widower Southease Frances GREEN Widow  
27 27/05/1822 Thomas Parkes STEPHENS Single Seaford Martha BANES Single  
28 08/07/1822 Henry PATCHEL Single   Mary YOMANS Single  
29 17/03/1823 James HUMPHREYS Single   Sarah AVIS Single  
30 10/01/1824 John BACK Widower   Mary LOWER Widow  
31 19/04/1824 Charles DEADMAN Single   Barbara AVIS Single  
32 31/07/1824 Robert SIMMONS Single Iford Phyllis BISHOP Single  
33 16/08/1824 Robert COLE Single   Susannah DAVEY Single  
34 14/02/1825 William SINDEN Single   Harriet DAVEY Single  
35 16/03/1825 Thomas BAKER Single   Ruth AVIS Single  
36 21/04/1825 James BARTLETT Single   Elizabeth HARMAN Single  
37 23/07/1825 Charles PLUMER Single   Susannah Catherine SAXBY Single  
38 07/09/1825 James BAKER Single   Ann BACK Single  
39 21/01/1826 James CALLINGHAM Single West Firle Sarah LEVETT Single  
40 08/04/1826 William BARTLETT Single Patcham Mary TURNER Single  
41 27/08/1827 Joseph HUGGETT   Lewes Hannah HOWELL    
42 25/10/1827 Peter Agate BROWNE Single Shipley Anne BROWNE Single  
43 12/12/1827 Joseph DUNSTALL     Fanny TOWNER    
44 08/04/1828 Richard BANKS   Lewes Sarah GLAZEBROOK    
45 15/04/1828 George BARTLETT     Charity HARMER    
46 02/05/1829 Edward WELLS     Susan REYNOLDS Widow  
47 17/10/1829 John PAGDEN Single   Mary AVIS    
48 05/11/1829 Richard HUDSON     Mary Elis FEARS    
49 12/10/1830 James ALEXANDER Single Bromley, Kent Jane SAXBY Single  
50 09/04/1831 James TOWNER Single Chailey Harriet BUCKWELL Single  
51 28/06/1832 Henry AVIS Single   Maria CHANDLER Single  
52 18/07/1832 John VINALL Single   Jane GLAZEBROOK Single  
53 02/04/1833 Edward BARNES     Jane HOLLENDAIL    
54 21/04/1833 George HERYOTT Widower   Sarah BARTLETT Widow  
55 26/05/1835 William BIRCHLEY Single   Charlotte TOWNER Single  
56 10/06/1835 William NORMAN Single   Susan MARCHANT Single  
57 20/06/1835 Joseph HARMER Single Ripe Dinah DITCH Single  
58 21/06/1835 Joseph GEARING Single Newhaven Harriet SIMMONS Single  
59 12/07/1835 Thomas DITCH Widower   Jane WELLS Single  
60 09/08/1835 Thomas AVIS Single   Elizabeth BACK Single  

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