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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Shermanbury St Giles


The Parish

The parish of Shermanbury lies in central Sussex about 7 miles west of the growing town of Burgess Hill. Shermanbury is a rather linear settlement built along the A281 road which connects Horsham with Brighton. Shermanbury is bordered to the south by the course of the River Adur but spreads along the A281 to the north for almost a mile, even so the parish church sits a half mile east in the grounds of Shermanbury Place. Sitting in the Weald Shermanbury would undoubtedly have exploited the iron-rich sandstones as well as farming providing a staple to the economy, today all trace of those rural industries has gone. The Adur drains the parish southwards to reach the nearby English Channel through the port of Shoreham by Sea. Shermanbury is sited at around 10 metres above the sea in gently undulating terrain. Shermanbury parish was a small parish for its area, it covered around 2,000 acres and would have supported a population of around 400 parishioners. In Domesday times Shermanbury was held by one William of Braose, it was a very small place offering just a pair of ploughs.

The Church

St Giles' church, as already mentioned, lies over a half mile east of the A281 within the grounds of Shermanbury Place. The church is difficult to adequately date, Pevsner is not specific stating that the two significant restorations dominate, the first in 1710, the second in 1885. The walls he infers are mediaeval and others state 13th century with earlier origins implicated but all of the typical dating cues are missing. The wooden bell-turret and its spike are attractive features making for a pretty building in a very rural location. The church is only accessible on foot and two footpaths of a little over a half mile set out from the A281 a further access and slightly longer enters from the east off Frylands Lane. Within the churchyard St Giles is rather tightly enclosed to south and west by trees which take away some of the best viewing and photographic angles.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 11th October 1757 - 24th December 1812 West Sussex Record Office - Reference - Par167/1/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered combined Banns & Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
2 6th April 1813 - 23rd April 1835 West Sussex Record Office - Reference - Par167/1/3/1 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Cowfold St Peter
Cowfold St Peter
Cowfold St Peter
West Grinstead St George
Woodmancote St Peter
Henfield St Peter
Henfield St Peter
Henfield St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 11/10/1757 William WOOD Single Cowfold Mary SKINNER Widow  
2 06/04/1758 Edmund SAYERS Single   Ann CUMBER Single Cowfold
3 02/05/1758 John MARCHANT Widower   Dorcas ALFREY Single  
18/02/1759 Thomas RICHARDSON   Woodmancote Elizabeth WICKHAM    
29/04/1759 William AYLWARD   West Grinstead Mary HAYLER    
15/10/1759 Thomas MILES Single Shoreham, Kent Mary EMMERY Single  
19/02/1760 Richard EWENS Single   Jane BURTINSHAW Single  
21/05/1760 Edward SAYERS Single Gatton, Surrey Elizabeth REEVE Single  
08/02/1764 Jacob BOURNE Single Bolney Cassandra SILSBY Single  
24/04/1764 Matthew PETERS Single Shipley Elizabeth BROAD Single  
06/03/1765 Nicholas BURTENSHAW Single   Elizabeth BURTENSHAW Single  
27/05/1765 Edward BERRY Single Bermondsey, Surrey Mary TOMSET Single  
12/06/1765 Thomas BURTENSHAW Widower   Sarah MARTIN Single  
10/04/1766 John BATLEY Widower West Grinstead Mary CHIPPS Widow  
10/04/1766 William DAVEY Single Bolney Ann WISDEN Single  
22/12/1767 Stephen JUPP Single Hurstpierpoint Martha GODLY Single  
11/05/1769 William WALDER Single Ashurst Catherine COOK Single  
12/10/1769 Thomas ANSCOMBE Single Nuthurst Ann KNIGHT Single  
19/12/1769 John BROWN Single Bolney Mary WALDER Single  
16/04/1770 Richard LANGRIDGE Single Henfield Sarah ALFREY Single  
24/06/1770 Robert STONER     Mary HENNING Single Twineham
13/11/1770 Henry SAYERS Single   Mary WALNUT Single  
03/12/1771 William EDE Single   Mary HUES Single Henfield
29/09/1772 Joseph SILSBY Widower Henfield Sarah TOOTH Single  
14/10/1772 Henry PARSONS Single Slindon Martha SAYERS Single  
12/01/1773 Henry JUPP Single Hurstpierpoint Mary HEPNEY Single  
13/12/1773 Richard GOBLE Single   Sarah PEIRCE Single Cowfold
30/06/1774 William SHAVE Single   Lucy TOMSET Single  
01/10/1775 John FOWLER Single Woodmancote Ann READ Single  
10/10/1775 William ANSCOMBE Single   Mary SIMMONDS Single  
22/09/1776 James PARSONS Single   Elizabeth WARD Single  
13/04/1777 Thomas MOBSBY Single Cowfold Ann LEAPARD Single  
18/08/1777 David CHILD Single   Mary ATTREE Single  
19/08/1777 Richard TIDY Widower   Hannah BONIFACE Single  
15/05/1778 Samuel BANNISTER Single   Sarah WALDER Single  
16/07/1779 John MITCHELL Single   Mary SAYERS Single  
16/07/1779 John MITCHELL Single   Mary EWINS Single  
10/10/1779 John MITCHELL Single   Ann CHURCHER Single  
12/05/1780 William GOLDSMITH Single Dorking, Surrey Ann STEPNEY Single  
12/06/1781 James NICHOLAS Single   Ann COLLIER Widow  
01/11/1781 Samuel WALDER Single   Mary BURTENSHAW Single  
05/06/1783 Henry RICHARDSON Single   Elizabeth FIELD Single  
29/09/1783 Peter WEEKS Single   Rachel WHEELER Single  
06/11/1783 Thomas HARWOOD Single West Chiltington Susanna TURNER Single  
27/04/1784 Stephen JONES Single Hurstpierpoint Ann MARCHANT Single  
24/05/1786 Charles TURL Single West Grinstead Sarah MICHELL Single  
07/11/1786 John SNELLING Single Slinfold Jane MATHEWS Single West Grinstead
08/04/1788 Henry GANDER   Twineham Tabitha BATCHELOR Single  
16/10/1788 Robert SAXBY Single St Dunstan In The East, City Of London Mary WOOD Single  
06/11/1788 James MITCHELL Single   Lucy WOOD Single  
28/05/1789 James MOORE Single Twineham Mary DALE Single  
15/10/1790 Henry GRINFIELD     Sarah KNIGHT    
08/01/1791 William NICHOLAS Single   Kitty BURTENSHAW Single  
12/02/1791 Thomas JUPP Single   Frances BROOKER Single  
24/02/1791 Benjamin TERRY Single Twineham Elizabeth STONER Single  
04/09/1791 Benjamin CHATFIELD Single Hurstpierpoint Ann MATHEWS Single  
22/09/1791 James WARD Single Henfield Sarah MATHEWS Single  
27/01/1792 Richard FOWLER Widower Henfield Elizabeth BISHOP Single  
02/05/1792 John HOWELL Single Ditchling Betty ATTREE Single  
17/05/1792 John STANFORD Single West Grinstead Phebe STONE Single  
26/08/1792 John MARTEN Widower   Catherine BROWN Single  
25/10/1792 George MANSELL Single West Grinstead Phillis CHERRYMAN Single  
30/10/1792 William WHITEING Single Henfield Elizabeth DAWES Single  
11/02/1793 Henry STURT Single   Jane BURTENSHAW Single  
09/10/1793 Philip FIST Single   Phoebe EVERTON Single  
28/11/1793 William HAYBITTLE Single   Frances GODDARD Single Henfield
30/08/1794 Michael GODSMARK Single Twineham Elizabeth GLASSBROOK Single  
26/10/1794 Peter ROWLAND Single Ditchling Ann WOOD Single  
21/04/1795 John TIDEY Single Cowfold Hester SAYERS Single  
27/04/1795 Thomas GILHAM Single Bolney Martha SAYERS Single  
17/09/1795 William HODGES Single Henfield Charlotte FOWLER Single  
17/10/1795 Stephen SAYERS Single   Ann PEACOCK Single  
01/12/1795 Thomas WINTER Single Newtimber Elizabeth MOBSBY Single  
10/01/1796 Thomas STONER Single Horsham Barbara BUCKWELL Single  
03/02/1796 John BURTENSHAW Single Cowfold Mary BUCKMAN Single  
20/06/1796 Richard NEWMAN Single   Sarah CHERRYMAN Single Henfield
04/09/1796 Daniel ROWLAND Single Pulborough Frances WOOD Single  
01/05/1797 John SAYERS Single   Ann ANSCOMB Single  
09/06/1797 Charles PEACOCK Single Cowfold Martha HENTY Single  
07/04/1798 John DALE Single Henfield Sarah PARSONS Single  
29/01/1799 Edmund PRONGER Single   Sarah WARD Single Henfield
05/02/1799 Richard WOOD Single Hurstpierpoint Elizabeth TILLEY Single  
12/05/1799 William STEPNEY Single Ifield Frances SAYERS Single  
25/10/1799 John MITCHELL Single   Martha SILSBY Single  
21/11/1799 Henry MITCHELL Single   Jane MOBSBY Single  
21/06/1801 James FOICE Single   Mary MITCHELL Single  
12/11/1801 Richard STEDMAN Single   Sarah SAYERS Single  
05/06/1802 William DEWDNEY Single   Mary KNIGHT Single  
22/06/1803 Jesse GRATWICK Single   Sarah BLABER Single  
14/11/1803 John THRUSTON Single   Harriett DIGGENS Single  
13/02/1804 John WOOLGER Single   Ann NYE Single  
06/04/1804 Thomas KNIGHT Single   Mildred THOMPSET Single  
14/04/1805 Benjamin TERRY Widower   Ann LELLIETT Widow  
16/04/1805 John LELLIETT Single   Ann BANFIELD Single  
20/01/1807 John BOWLEY Single   Mary POLLARD Single  
27/01/1807 Thomas PARSONS Single   Ann LELLIETT Single  
21/04/1807 William FAULCONER Single   Mary WALDER Single  
17/06/1807 William NYE Single   Elizabeth PARSONS Single  
20/01/1808 Thomas WALDER Single   Mary FOWLER Single  
20/02/1808 Charles PEACOCK Single Woodmancote Sarah HARDS Single  
22/03/1808 Stephen HOLLANDS Single   Ann WALDER Single  
12/10/1808 William BURSTOW Single   Jane NEWNHAM Single  
06/04/1809 William SHEPHERD Widower   Mary MOBSBY Single  
12/07/1809 John WOOLVIN Single   Betty CLARK Single  
12/10/1810 Charles SILSBY Single   Ann PARSONS Single  
07/05/1811 James JENDEN Single   Elizabeth POLLARD Single  
15/06/1811 John WHITEING Single Bolney Mary MARTIN Single  
24/12/1812 Felix WEEKS Single   Ann BATEMAN Single  
1 06/04/1813 James DEWDNEY Single   Sarah WELLING Single  
2 11/05/1814 John HOLLOWAY Single Reculver, Kent Sarah HENTY Single  
3 19/05/1814 Richard TURNER Single Hurstpierpoint Sarah WALDER Single  
4 27/05/1814 Thomas BANFIELD Single   Ann GLASSBROOK Single  
5 06/02/1815 James SILBY Single   Martha KENNARD   Woodmancote
6 16/05/1815 James MATTHEWS Single Bolney Mary PEACOCK Single  
7 02/07/1815 James BANFIELD Single Twineham Lydia GLASSBROOK Single  
8 21/03/1816 Henry HOBDEN Single   Mary STURT Single  
9 09/12/1816 John BALEY Single   Ann MARTIN Single  
10 14/12/1816 James MACEY Single   Sarah BUNGER Single  
11 25/02/1817 William MANSTRIDGE Single   Sarah NEEVE Single  
12 08/04/1817 John STANFORD Single   Elizabeth MATTHEWS Single  
13 29/05/1817 Henry NEWMAN Single   Catharine MATTHEWS Single  
14 11/10/1817 John WELLER Single West Grinstead Elizabeth TIDEY Single  
15 06/04/1818 John RHOADS Single   Diana WHEELER Single  
16 08/04/1818 William KING Single   Esther SAYERS Single  
17 03/05/1818 Thomas STURT Single   Hannah BACON Single West Grinstead
18 08/09/1818 Thomas WOOLVEN Single   Mary SAYERS Single Cowfold
19 15/10/1818 Thomas GILBERT Single   Sarah STURT Single  
20 17/11/1818 John BANFIELD Single   Elizabeth MARTEN Single  
21 27/12/1819 William LEE Single   Jane SILSBY Single  
22 29/09/1820 John GANDER Single Twineham Phoebe GILLHAM Single  
23 03/04/1821 Thomas STARLEY Single   Caroline SELSBY Single  
24 13/10/1821 John DEAN Single Upper Beeding Jane WELLING Single  
25 06/01/1822 James WOOD Single Twineham Mary TIDEY Single  
26 10/02/1822 Thomas FAIRS Single Cowfold Mary JUPP Single  
27 17/03/1822 William NEWNHAM Single   Fanny PARSONS Single  
28 07/04/1823 Henry JENDEN Single   Frances HAYBITTLE Single  
29 09/10/1823 Thomas PARSONS Widower   Charlotte BONIFACE Single  
30 12/08/1824 John EDWARDS Single Bolney Sarah FOWLER Single  
31 27/12/1824 Edmund PARSONS Single Cowfold Sarah TIDEY Single  
32 27/12/1824 Henry FOWLER Single   Ann HARDS Single  
33 28/12/1824 Henry FILLERY Single   Mary LEONARD Single West Grinstead
34 09/04/1825 John BRISTOW   Horsham Hannah BONIFACE    
35 03/06/1825 Jesse MITCHELL Single   Jane NEWMAN Single  
36 22/08/1825 James LASHMORE Single   Sarah GRINSTED Single  
37 25/05/1826 Peter GRINSTED Single Henfield Kitty STURT Single  
38 24/04/1827 William MOBSBY Single   Mary MITCHELL Single  
39 22/10/1827 Abel MURRELL Single   Eliza MITCHELL Single  
40 23/10/1827 Richard SHARP   Woodmancote Ann TURNER    
41 24/11/1827 John DAVEY Widower   Elizabeth GLAZEBROOK Widow  
42 27/05/1828 George KNAPP Single   Rebecca WELLS Single  
43 08/11/1828 James BOTTING Single Cuckfield Jane BANFIELD Single  
44 08/12/1829 William BANFIELD Single Woodmancote Ann HEASMAN Single  
45 01/06/1830 Philip DEWDNEY     Mary MOBSBY    
46 05/10/1830 James MARTEN   Henfield Harriett GRINSTED    
47 17/10/1831 Henry WHEELER     Jane MATHEWS    
48 31/10/1832 Peter TIDEY     Mary WALDER    
49 18/03/1834 John BLAKE Single   Ann AGATE Single Warminghurst
50 23/04/1834 James MITCHELL Single Twineham Harriet TINSLEY    
51 25/11/1834 Peter MATHEWS Single   Sarah ANSCOMB Single  
52 23/04/1835 Henry CARTER Single Cowfold Ann EDE Single  

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