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England & Wales Hardwicke Marriage Index
Marriages 1754 - 1837
Sidlesham St Mary


The Parish

The parish of Sidlesham lies in the extreme southwest of Sussex not too far from its English Channel coastline. Sidlesham is located about 4 miles south of the city of Chichester and sits on the B2145 road which connects Chichester with Selsey. Sidlesham is a curiously strung out place running sporadically for almost two miles between Sidlesham Common in the north to the edges of Pagham Harbour in the south, a notional village centre is grouped around an inn and the church roughly midway through this area. A glance at an Ordnance Survey map reveals a plethora of glasshouses, the area being noted for market gardening. The village was also a site for the Land Settlement Association, a government scheme to resettle unemployed folk from depressed industrial regions, especially those with horticultural skills adding to this local economy. The area, prior to these modern changes, was primarily one involved in a mixture of arable farming with some exploitation of the resources of Pagham Harbour, shell-fisheries, wildfowling etc. Sidlesham, as a near coastal community, is drained by numerous man-influenced drainage channels into the nearby English Channel mainly through Pagham Harbour. Sidlesham is sited at less than 5 metres above the sea in a flat plain, one has to travel many miles to reach a contour which is not zero. Sidlesham parish was fairly large in extent for this area, covering just under 4,200 acres it would have supported a population of a little over 900 parishioners. In Domesday times Sidlesham was held by the Bishop of Chichester and was a modest place offering 12 ploughs and a small meadow.

The Church

St Mary's church sits to the east of the B2145 accessed by Church Lane which leaves that road next to The Anchor Inn. This is a church which has suffered extensive changes, not by the Victorians in this case but between the medieval period and 1700. The former chancel having been removed leaves a curiously "T" shaped building consisting of nave and transepts with a western tower. The church's origins lies in the 13th century, Early English Gothic style lancet windows can be seen in the transepts. The western tower is a later addition to the church being dated by Pevsner to the 16th century, fairly late in the Perpendicular period. After the destruction of the late 16th century further work did occur in Victorian times with many windows refreshed, the dormer windows of the aisles are an attractive feature from those restorations. After a few hundred metres Church Lane turns right and becomes only roughly surfaced, here is room for parking for a car or two, it being just a short walk to the churchyard. Sadly this churchyard is heavily populated by trees making for a challenging assignment for the photographer.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 13th May 1754 - 9th May 1793 West Sussex Record Office - Reference - Par173/1/1/3 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 4 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 20th May 1793 - 1st December 1812 West Sussex Record Office - Reference - Par173/1/1/4 Standard preprinted and self-numbered Marriage register with 3 entries per page Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
3 19th April 1813 - 3rd July 1836 West Sussex Record Office - Reference - Par173/1/2/2 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None

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Birdham St James
North Mundham St Stephen
Pagham St Thomas a Becket
Selsey St Peter
Selsey St Peter
Selsey St Peter

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
1 13/05/1754 Cornelius CARNABY Single Mary MACHEN Widow
2 06/10/1754 William SMITH Single Elizabeth AYLWARD Single
3 01/05/1755 George SPRATT Single Elizabeth SPASHATT Single
4 24/05/1755 Robert HARDING Single Sarah BROOKER Single
5 09/10/1755 James BINSON Single Mary HAMMOND Widow
6 09/12/1755 Richard MOSES Single New Shoreham Anne ERWICKER Widow
7 29/02/1756 Edward HANNHAM Elizabeth PALMER
8 22/04/1756 James BETSWORTH Bepton Martha WOODS Single
9 04/07/1756 William POE Widower Ann PAYNE Widow
10 04/09/1756 Robert GREENFIELD South Stoke Elizabeth LAVENDER
11 23/10/1756 James FRY Single Mary GAS Single
12 17/02/1757 Richard LETMAN Single Anne SAIT Single
09/03/1757 John PLOWMAN Widower Mary AYLWARD Selsey
21/03/1757 Simon MONDAY Elizabeth EARWICER
16/10/1757 John ELLIS Ann KENDAL
14/12/1757 John EVENS Earnley Sarah FLORANCE
20/03/1758 Thomas PINK Jane EWEN Widow
29/05/1758 John RUSBRIDGE Mary ROBINSON
05/06/1758 John DEAR West Wittering Ann HEBERDEN
11/10/1758 Francis ANDERSON Donnington Ann BROWN
11/10/1758 Thomas HOLLIS Mary COMPTON
20/11/1758 Clement STEDMAN Jane SKAMMELL
15/12/1758 James HAMMON West Hampnett Ann BILLINGS
14/05/1759 Thomas COUSINS Elizabeth PAWFOOT North Mundham
14/05/1759 William LOCK Ann RICHARDS
03/06/1759 Edward CUFF Sarah EDBERY
23/06/1759 Charles LITTLECOT St Peter The Great, Chichester Mary FAITH
18/09/1759 William WHITE Rebecca BARRET
18/10/1759 John HOLEY Mary CLEMENTS
25/03/1760 John ADAMS Ann ALLEN
08/04/1760 William FRANCES Mary DRUDGE
02/06/1760 Thomas HUCHINGS Elizabeth BRIANT
18/07/1760 Thomas ROPER Hannah PAIN Widow
09/12/1760 John MILLS Ann DENNETT
27/09/1761 Henry CHAMBERS Single Portsmouth, Hampshire Ann BURCHER Single
12/10/1761 Samuel BUDDLE Single Mary MANT
02/02/1762 William DIBEL Anna COMPTON
11/05/1762 Thomas WEBB Single Ann TROTT Single
02/09/1762 William WEBB Single Elizabeth PITT Widow
21/09/1762 Clement WOODLAND Widower Ann BATCOCK Single
21/12/1762 William NORRIS Single Sarah SPRIGGS Single
01/04/1763 William BURCHER Widower Mary PERFECT
04/05/1763 William SPRIGGS Single Sarah RISBRIDGE Single
02/06/1763 John LANGFORD Single Cowfold Mary FRANCES Widow
14/06/1763 Richard POE Single Grace STOCKER Widow
05/01/1764 Thomas ROPER Single Sarah CLEMENT Single Donnington
26/04/1764 Robert WOODMAN Boarhunt, Hampshire Mary COZENS
02/07/1764 William BAKER Single Mary COSALL Single
20/09/1764 Barzillai FORDER Single Ann HAMMOND Single
30/10/1764 John CLAYTON Single Birdham Elizabeth AYLWARD Single
08/12/1764 William HULL Chichester Sarah PURSLOW
22/01/1765 Edward HANHAM Martha AYLWIN
03/02/1765 Edward PROUDLY Eleanor STUBBERS
05/02/1765 William WOODMAN New Fishbourne Ann FLORANCE
28/05/1765 William BROOKS Frances LATTER Warblington, Hampshire
23/07/1765 Richard HAMMOND East Wittering Elizabeth POE
21/10/1765 Elias BOLTER Jane KEWEL
06/10/1766 Nicholas PEARS Mary HEBERDEN
26/10/1766 Edward CUFF Mary BOWLY Single
19/01/1767 William PROUDLY Mary SIMPSON Single
17/03/1767 John HALSEY Jane FORDER Birdham
22/04/1767 William ARNOLD Sarah HOLMAN
28/05/1767 Richard STOAKES Pagham Susannah BURCHER Single
03/06/1767 John READING Jane NORRIS Single
30/08/1767 Thomas HOMER Mary TROT Single
25/01/1768 Edward HANNAM Eleanor MILLS Widow
22/02/1768 Joseph BURGE Elizabeth RICHARDS Single
22/04/1768 William KEWELL Mary DIBBLE Single
07/07/1768 John WESCOM Earnley Rebekah WYAT Single
18/07/1768 John FORDER Single Mary SPRIGGS Single
19/07/1768 George WIGLEY Mary BURCHER Widow
21/08/1768 John ATWICK Alice HAMMOND Single
31/10/1768 Richard GRAVELEY Ann FRENCH
08/11/1768 William POCOCKE Single Earnley Alse EARWICKER Single
29/09/1769 Thomas COSENS Martha VENUS
30/11/1769 William EARWICKER Single Mary BARNES Single
26/04/1770 Thomas HORNER Elizabeth HEATH
11/05/1770 Cornelius CARNABY Joan MILES
19/06/1770 John ROOD Single Martha COBBY Single
08/11/1770 Thomas LAMBERD Single Mary BATTER Widow
20/11/1770 William SPRIGGS Widower Mary BRIDGER Single
11/12/1770 William NORRIS Widower Sarah WOODLAND
18/12/1770 Richard BARFOOT Widower Anne FRENCH Widow
10/01/1771 George VOKE Single Birdham Sarah WELCH Single
25/01/1771 William BATTCOCK Single Elizabeth BARNETT Single
21/05/1771 John AILWIN Elizabeth HELYER
16/07/1771 John HALSEY Widower Martha PEARCE Single Walberton
18/07/1771 Thomas HOBGEN Single Julia SMITH Single
18/08/1771 Nicholas PEARCE Widower Mary POLAND
15/10/1771 Mark ARNELL Single Selsey Mary COPIS Single
00/00/1772 John GAST Mary OLLIVER
02/06/1772 Edward BARTLEY Earnley Mary LOCK
17/09/1772 John COSENS Widower Ann WYATT Single
27/10/1772 James PALMER Arundel Mary HARVEY
28/10/1772 Henry APPS Single Sarah NORRIS Widow
19/11/1772 William LOCK Widower Mary GRAY Widow
31/01/1773 John CHALLEN Single Appledram Elizabeth STOCKER Single
09/04/1773 James FARO Single Jane LAWS Single
04/05/1773 Richard KUEL Elizabeth BRIANT
04/05/1773 William HARRIS Single West Wittering Ann HOBGEN Single
15/07/1773 William HUTCHINS Ann BARBER
15/07/1773 Thomas RANSOM Sarah HELER
20/09/1773 George PARRAM Sarah SHRUBS
20/01/1774 John HOBGEN Single Sarah CARNABY Single
31/05/1774 Thomas FARO Oving Sarah KEWELL
20/09/1774 Edward LESSON Widower Ann GRAVELY
17/10/1774 Thomas SMART Single Jane HEWETT Single
26/12/1774 Richard FORDE Selsey Hannah POLLINTINE
28/05/1775 Mathew NASH Single Anne LOCKYER Single
18/06/1775 Edward PAIGE Single Jane BARBER Single
08/09/1775 Henry WEARE Single Elizabeth WILLIAMS Single
28/11/1775 George WICKLEY Sarah HARVEY
14/12/1775 Richard AYLING Single Harting Ann COLMORE Single
08/10/1776 Thomas COSENS Sarah PHILIPS
25/11/1776 Richard PROUDLEY Mary WHITTS
02/12/1776 Henry PROUDLEY Sarah ROOK
16/12/1776 George WHATLER Eartham Mary HADNOT
30/12/1776 John HART Elizabeth EARWICKER
05/05/1777 William WOOLVEN Mary EARWICKER
07/05/1777 Richard DYER Elizabeth POCOCK
11/06/1777 John ATWICK Ann LOCKE
09/12/1777 John WILLSHER Single Merston Sarah STAKER Single
23/02/1778 John FORDER Widower Sarah HAMMON Single
11/05/1778 William SPARSHATT Pagham Mary PLOWMAN
25/05/1778 Peter WOOLDRIDGE Susannah NOYCE
15/06/1778 John RUSBRIDGE Widower Sarah COPIS Single
13/07/1778 James BROWN Merston Jinny HESCOTT
10/10/1778 John BROWN Single Molly HAMMON
12/10/1778 John HOMER Single Sarah HEATH Single
02/01/1779 Edward MILLS Ann FRY
08/02/1779 Thomas STAKER Mary CARNABY
05/04/1779 Henry STEPHENS Mary APPS
15/04/1779 John INNIS Single Lovedy WILLIAMS Single
04/05/1779 Edward ARNELL Single Mary RUSBRIDGE Single
19/05/1779 Richard BINSTED Mary HESCOCK
25/10/1779 Jaired MALL Single Elizabeth LOCKE Single
06/12/1779 John STAR Single Alverstoke, Hampshire Sarah PETERS Single
27/12/1779 William BENNET Merston Alice WHITE
09/05/1780 Henry ROSEWELL Fanny LEGGATT
08/08/1780 William PUNCHARD Ann PINKE
01/10/1780 Robert BROWN Ann GRAVELY
12/10/1780 Daniel HOKER Single Martha REMNANT Single
07/11/1780 Charles DIBBENS Mary PITT
23/12/1780 John APPS Single Aldingbourne Elizabeth GRAILEY Single
02/01/1781 William HOUNSELL Widower Ann COOK Widow
26/04/1781 Napper CHALLEN Single Ann RUSBRIDGE Single
12/05/1781 John BURGIS East Wittering Elizabeth BOICE
10/07/1781 Timothy LEGGETT Single Pagham Elizabeth WARE Widow
26/11/1781 James FAROW Ann JUPE North Mundham
30/04/1782 John KENCH Widower Mary BAKER Widow
12/08/1782 John RILING Ann WOODLAND
16/09/1782 David PETERS Elizabeth PERRYN Selsey
21/12/1782 Charles HYDE Sarah JUPP Single Warblington, Hampshire
16/01/1783 Samuel FORDER Widower Sarah HOBGEN
13/12/1783 James PARHAM Mary DIBBLE
07/09/1784 John WEST Ann ROPER
07/10/1784 William EWENS Single Betsey SMITH Single
26/05/1785 John ATWICK Widower Mary PRANKNELL Single
11/05/1786 James FLORANCE Single North Mundham Mary STAKER Widow
15/05/1786 James DUKE Elizabeth PINK
05/06/1786 James FRY Martha MARSH
27/07/1786 James RUSSELL Elizabeth HARWOOD
19/10/1786 William BAKER East Wittering Mary FISHER
22/03/1787 John SUTER Maria CLARK
07/09/1787 Thomas MANT Anne FRY
11/09/1787 Joseph HOARE Elizabeth STEDMAN
04/10/1787 Joseph BOYLING Susannah FORDER
18/11/1787 Robert BROWN Mary BRISTOW
16/10/1788 John HALSEY Selsey Sarah HARDING
22/10/1788 William WEBB Sarah HARVEY
13/11/1788 John ADAMS Pagham Bridget RUSHBRIDGE
20/11/1788 Compton DIBBLEY Jane WATTS
28/11/1788 Henry APPS Phillis GOLDING
26/01/1789 John WITT Mary LATTER
15/04/1789 William CRITCHELL Single Elizabeth SKINNER Single
02/06/1789 William NUTTER Elizabeth WEDGE
12/11/1789 John FOLLETT Elizabeth AYLWARD
12/11/1789 George HARDING Elizabeth BATTEN
20/11/1789 John HAYNES East Wittering Charlotte SMITH
21/07/1790 William WEDGE Duncton Ann ROFF
09/10/1790 John HALE Elizabeth GINMAN
04/01/1791 William WOODLAND Lucy HARDING
23/01/1791 James ATWICK Lucy HARDING
10/02/1791 Alexander STEPHENS Mary BOOKER
20/02/1791 Thomas GINMAN North Mundham Hannah AYLEN
19/04/1791 John HOPWOOD Mary JUPE
28/04/1791 Joseph BROWN Elizabeth PLOWMAN
21/06/1791 George FAROW Jane POLLARD
28/06/1791 Michael MUNDAY Mary ARNOT
25/07/1791 Thomas PARR Elizabeth NOICE
12/09/1791 Richard SHURLOCK Mille JANMAN
11/10/1791 Thomas KNAPP Elizabeth SHAWYER
06/03/1792 Thomas EVENS West Wittering Grace LETMAN
11/04/1792 Richard BINSTEAD Mary NOYS
28/05/1792 John FRANCIS Grace LAMBERD
20/06/1792 John POCOCK Jane NUTTER
22/06/1792 James STEPHENS Martha STROUD
10/07/1792 Thomas STAKER Sarah ROBINSON
09/05/1793 Henry WARDER Martha NUTTER
1 20/05/1793 James CUPPER Jinney PAIGE
2 29/06/1793 Samuel MATHEWS Birdham Lucy MABBS
3 22/10/1793 William HANHAM Sarah COBBY
4 05/12/1793 William BOXSELL North Mundham Sarah HEBERDIN
5 30/01/1794 James HOLLIS Elizabeth ROBINSON
6 04/03/1794 John APPS Sarah BUDDEL
19/07/1794 Thomas MADGWICK Single Buxted Elizabeth HARRIS Single
17/03/1795 William CHAFFER Widower Frances ROPER Single
05/05/1795 Thomas CONSTANT Single Martha STONE Single
30/06/1795 Thomas COOPER Sarah LATTER
12/10/1795 Thomas KING Single Elizabeth FRY Single
02/05/1796 Daniel YOUNG Earnley Hannah THORNHILL
07/09/1796 William SYMONDS Ann BURGE
12/10/1796 John GIBBENS Ann NOYS
06/11/1796 William BATEMAN Portsmouth, Hampshire Ann PENNICOT
14/11/1796 Thomas BUDDEN Single St Peter The Great, Chichester Elizabeth WILSON Single
28/04/1797 William BARNS Single Fanny RICHMAN Single
21/06/1797 Richard COPPER Elizabeth CHASE
22/09/1797 John SEARL Single Elizabeth WINKETT Widow
20/02/1798 James EARWICKER Sarah SHEPHERD Pagham
30/08/1798 William APPS Sarah GOLDRING
04/09/1798 James PINK Selsey Mary RANSOM
01/11/1798 John HOBGEN Sarah POCOCK
01/01/1799 Thomas DICKES Sarah POCOCK
18/03/1799 Thomas LAMBERT Single North Mundham Ann HARDING
14/05/1799 William SNOW Appledram Dinah BAIL
04/06/1799 William WHEELER Single North Mundham Maria LAMBERT
04/06/1799 Thomas STONE Single Donnington Ann WIGLEY Single
07/10/1799 John BAKER Single Sompting Fanny DUKE
05/06/1800 Nathaniel LOVER Sarah HARDING
29/07/1800 Thomas MANT Maria POLLARD
21/05/1801 Thomas LAMBERT Elizabeth HARDING
30/08/1801 James NIGHT Hannah SMITH
27/02/1802 George SCARDIFIELD Single Jane POCOCK Widow
18/03/1802 Richard SHARP Hannah LUTMAN
10/06/1802 William TAPPER Mary STEVENS
01/11/1802 James ROGERS Widower Jane GAST Single
23/03/1803 Thomas BROWNE Loveday INNIS
17/05/1803 Robert VENTHAM East Marden Elizabeth SHEPHERD
12/06/1803 James DEAR Mary HOCKHAM
18/07/1803 William LENEY Ann APPS Single
01/09/1803 Dennis BROWN Single Wareham, Dorset Ann FREELAND
25/09/1803 John COBBY Ann WEDGE St Peter The Great, Chichester
13/10/1803 Alexander MARTIN Single Warblington, Hampshire Sarah GREEN Single
31/10/1803 Thomas HEGGES Single Charlotte BIBINGER Single
01/02/1804 John APPS Single Lucy PINCHERD Single
26/06/1804 William PIERCY St Pancras, Chichester Barbara BOXALL
05/08/1804 Emery CHURCHER Single Elizabeth THOMPSON Widow
05/08/1804 William VANNER Widower Martha MAY Widow
09/08/1804 John PRIOR Single Selsey Mary Ann HARDING Single
01/11/1804 Thomas HARDING Single Lucy HART Single
19/11/1804 John MOORE Single Sarah HITCHCOCK Single St Andrew, Chichester
25/11/1804 John ARNELL Single Sarah OSGOOD Single
26/12/1804 Henry APPS Single Ann PINK Single
27/12/1804 Emery CAIGER Single Martha YALDEN Single St Andrew, Chichester
06/01/1805 John CARDY Single Elizabeth FLEET Single
24/01/1805 Charles CAIGER Single Kitty SNOOKS Single
22/03/1805 Charles OSBORNE Birdham Elizabeth FORDER
17/10/1805 George WOODS West Wittering Elizabeth HART
12/11/1805 William HARDING Single Hannah YOUNG Widow
19/02/1806 Thomas PATRICK Single Petworth Mary BARNES Single
22/03/1806 William COOPER Ann BAKER
04/04/1806 Edmund HAMMOND Single Jane MABBS Single
30/12/1806 Thomas FIELD St Peter The Great, Chichester Sarah NEAL
07/06/1807 Thomas CAIGER Sally SNOOKS
24/06/1807 Thomas APPS Sarah NUTTER
27/08/1807 Luke NUTTER Ann LINNY
06/10/1807 Edmund PEACHEY Maria HARVEY
15/02/1808 William UPFIELD Ann KNIGHT
27/02/1808 James HARRIS North Mundham Ann SKINNER
27/02/1808 Thomas POLING Hannah STRUDDICK
21/04/1808 Henry PAGE Mary BEAKER
19/05/1808 William PINCHARD Sarah APPS All Saints, Chichester
26/07/1808 John GREENHAM Single Sarah LOCK Single
02/08/1808 William ELLIOT Single Sarah IRELAND Single
10/10/1808 Henry LUSH Ruth SHEPHERD
26/10/1808 William CROSS Selsey Jane JELLETT
06/02/1809 Thomas VARNES Single Ann BARNES Single
28/02/1809 Henry CARTER Grace PARHAM
31/03/1809 Joseph ELLIOT Elizabeth AYLING
13/08/1809 James GAST Sarah DUMPER
10/10/1809 William BARTLET Julia Ann HARDING
30/10/1809 James LUTCH Ruth WEST
21/12/1809 Thomas MANT Sarah LOCK
03/02/1810 Thomas HURSEY Elizabeth BEAKER
20/09/1810 Joseph HOARE Sarah CHALLEN
11/10/1810 James FAROW Sarah DAVIS
18/10/1810 George STEEL Selsey Sarah BOILING
15/12/1810 John BLANDFORD Frances PARKER
18/03/1811 Thomas HORN Jane KEWEL
09/04/1811 Samuel GILLHAM Sarah HOARE
25/04/1811 Richard LOCK Birdham Maria CARTER
06/05/1811 James OSGOOD Ann WEDGE
11/05/1811 Michael GRIGG Elizabeth FINCH
29/06/1811 William HILLS Elizabeth PAYNE St Peter The Less, Chichester
20/07/1811 Edmund PARHAM Sarah COPIS
11/08/1811 John APPS Frances CHAFER
24/09/1811 James FARNDEN Emily PARHAM
26/09/1811 Thomas WOODS Alverstoke, Hampshire Ann MARSHALL
20/12/1811 William HEARSEY Selsey Sarah WHEELER
30/03/1812 William BROOKES Mary ELLIOTT
07/04/1812 Joseph Sikes HARRIS Selsey Mary PAYNE
21/07/1812 Thomas BENNETT Widower Elizabeth WRIGHT
12/10/1812 William VINEY Birdham Elizabeth NAPP
13/10/1812 Julius LUSH Frances IRELAND
13/10/1812 Joseph FAROW Sarah NABBS
29/10/1812 William PAY Donnington Mary WOOLVEN
01/12/1812 James BIGWOOD St Olave, Chichester Sarah MILLS
1 19/04/1813 Richard POLLARD Single Charlotte SHURLICK Single
2 06/05/1813 George SHRUB Single Nanny CHALTON Single
3 17/05/1813 Thomas BROWN Mary SNOW
4 22/07/1813 William KILSEY Bett YEATES Pagham
5 24/07/1813 James SOLE Ann SAWYER
6 28/09/1813 Simeon BUNGER Single Maria WHEELER Single
7 11/11/1813 Joseph TAPNER Mary Ann HARDING
8 14/03/1814 Thomas WINKETT Donnington Jane DIBLEY
9 20/05/1814 Edmund SPARSHOTT Oving Mary TYLER
10 23/06/1814 William FOLLETT Single Sarah HARRIS Single North Mundham
11 26/07/1814 Robert FOLLETT Mary HARRIS North Mundham
12 28/07/1814 Robert WOODROFFE Amy WOOLVEN
13 12/10/1814 Thomas FRENCH Lucy HARDING
14 15/11/1814 James JOHNSON Phillis APPS
15 28/11/1814 James BARNES Harriet DRAPER
16 08/12/1814 James SHEPHERD Bosham Sarah Brooker HALSEY
17 03/01/1815 John HALSEY Widower Sarah VAUGHAN Widow
18 25/04/1815 William NAPPER Sarah THORNHILL
19 10/11/1815 John MOORE Jane STONER
20 19/12/1815 Hugh EATHERTON Caroline HARFEY
21 02/01/1816 William ROGERS South Hayling, Hampshire Martha FRANCIS
22 09/02/1816 John GREENADE Ann MILLS
23 21/04/1816 Edmund ETHERTON North Mundham Catherine CAIGER
24 13/08/1816 John CRITCHELL Elizabeth SEARL
25 17/08/1816 Francis HARFIELD Priscilla Steer BROMHAM
26 22/10/1816 John MARTIN St Peter The Great, Chichester Sarah GASS
27 30/10/1816 George CLARKE Boxgrove Sarah BAKER
28 26/05/1817 Richard POLLARD Mary EARWICKER
29 23/11/1817 William BARNES Harriet SHURLOCK
30 26/03/1818 George ROGERS North Mundham Sarah BOXALL
31 02/09/1818 Richard PAIGE Bosham Ann DOWNER
32 29/12/1818 James JELLETT Catherine SEWELL
33 20/06/1819 Joseph HARFIELD Sarah SCUTT
34 28/10/1819 George LEACH Mary HALSEY
35 09/11/1819 Mark Stephen FIELDING Mary Ann APPS Bosham
36 23/11/1819 Charles GRANT Mary CHAFFER
37 18/01/1820 Francis PROUDEN Pagham Ann WITT
38 15/02/1820 Henry HOBBS Walberton Catherine KNOTT
39 22/04/1820 James GROVES Mary DANIELS
40 03/05/1820 Joseph HART Mary ADAMS
41 22/05/1820 Joseph FRENCH Mary BARNS
42 12/10/1820 Samuel MATHEWS Jane HAWKINS
43 21/10/1820 James BEAKER Jemima HELLYER
44 29/10/1820 William THORNHILL Single Sarah ANGIER Single
45 25/12/1820 Edmund HAMMOND Widower Mary GREEN Widow
46 20/02/1821 Henry JOHNSON Mary JEFFERYS
47 06/03/1821 Joseph BOVEN Single Frances HOBGEN Single
48 13/03/1821 Peter TOWES Single Birdham Mary RUSBRIDGE
49 13/03/1821 Joseph JUPP Mary DAVIS
50 28/06/1821 Edward SMITH Sarah TOBIT
51 04/10/1821 William HARRIS Single Mary STONER Single
52 25/10/1821 Jeremiah MALE Widower Elizabeth BROWN Widow
53 07/12/1821 John WISCOME Single Rumboldswyke Mary BOXALL Single
54 07/01/1822 Richard BURCHETT Single Ann JOY Single
55 30/05/1822 George LUFFE Single St Olave, Chichester Susannah HARDING Single
56 09/07/1822 William Challen ARTLETT Single Frances FORDER Single
57 10/12/1822 John Faith FINCH Single Elizabeth ANGEER Widow
58 21/01/1823 William STEVENS Single Harriet HARVEY Single
59 21/04/1823 William JUPP Single Frances NAPP Single
60 12/05/1823 Henry FOLLETT Single Elizabeth BACHELOR Single
61 19/05/1823 John APPS Single Ann FAROW Single
62 20/05/1823 Edmund SHAWYER Single West Wittering Ann SLATER Single
63 20/05/1823 John KING Warblington, Hampshire Jane BOORN
64 28/07/1823 Edmund MALE Single Martha DIBLEY Single
65 04/10/1823 William HARDING Single Earnley Ann FRANCIS Single
66 17/10/1823 Henry TUESLEY Widower Anna DIBLEY Single
67 20/10/1823 George FOLLETT Elizabeth OLDER
68 27/12/1823 William GLEW Frances EARWICKER
69 24/03/1824 George SCARDEFIELD Single Eastergate Hannah OSBORNE Single
70 12/04/1824 George GOODALL Single Petworth Frances BEACON Single
71 03/07/1824 James GINMAN Single Charlotte MORGAN Single
72 09/10/1824 Charles HIGHAMN Single St Olave, Chichester Elizabeth HARDING Single
73 14/11/1824 James BINSTED North Mundham Barbara VOKE
74 27/11/1824 Michael PELLETT Single St Peter The Less, Chichester Charlotte BONIFACE Single
75 07/12/1824 Robert Harding HALSEY Single Lucy EDBURY Single
76 07/01/1825 John TAILOR Single Ellen WEBBER Single
76 07/01/1825 John TAILOR Single Ellen CURTIS Single
77 04/04/1825 Edmund JACKSON Mid Lavant Ann OLDER Single
78 29/04/1825 William CHAFFER Single Sarah ARTLETT Single
79 05/05/1825 Henry DUKE Single Earnley Julia HOBGEN Single
80 26/05/1825 Compton DIBLEY Single Ann POOL Single
81 23/07/1825 William HUSON Single St Peter The Great, Chichester Jane ADAMS Single
82 29/08/1825 Thomas MARSHALL Single Elizabeth PEARCE Single
83 17/10/1825 John KEWELL Single Jane WITT Single
84 11/12/1825 Henry CAFFIN Single St Andrew, Chichester Sarah Frances COOKE Widow
85 25/12/1825 James ARNELL Single Sarah BUDDLE Single
86 25/12/1825 James FAROW Single Phoebe CLEAR Single
87 20/05/1826 William LANKASTER Widower West Itchenor Jane FAROW Single
88 19/10/1826 James MANT Single Birdham Harriett MORGAN Single
89 14/11/1826 William RUSBRIDGE Single Jane ANCHON Single
90 03/12/1826 Charles HORNER Pagham Mary HOPWOOD
91 17/04/1827 Daniel WEDGE Single Jane BAKER Single
92 11/10/1827 John CLEAR Widower Sarah SMITH Widow
93 22/10/1827 William LUNN Single West Dean By Chichester Jane MARSHALL Single
94 29/10/1827 William POOK Single Joanna Hobgen MARSH Single
95 14/12/1827 John HOBGEN Single Ann HARRIS Single
96 27/12/1827 James WELLS Single West Wittering Mary COOPER Single
97 31/12/1827 Charles ALBERY Single Pulborough Mary COLLINS Single
98 04/02/1828 John SHARP Single Maria JEFFERIES Single
99 22/06/1828 Henry CHAFFER Single Lucy MOUNTFIELD Single
100 03/08/1828 Henry WELCOME Single Mary HAMMOND Single
101 06/09/1828 James TRILBICK Widower Mary NORTON Single
102 06/09/1828 Charles GREEN Single Jane WEDGE Single
103 08/11/1828 Thomas KING Single Ann HAWKINS Single
104 17/11/1828 Richard HORNER Widower Donnington Martha FLORANCE Single
105 23/12/1828 James JONES Single Frances JANTHAM Single
106 23/03/1829 William WEST Single Mary LEACH Single
107 07/04/1829 Henry HUNT Single Elizabeth COOPER Single
108 18/07/1829 Edmund TOWZER Single Elizabeth PUDDICK Single
109 12/10/1829 William BUYLING Mary HEWS
110 15/10/1829 James COLLINS Single Caroline PUDDICK Single
111 26/02/1830 Henry LUCAS Widower Mary HEWET Widow
112 26/04/1830 James HARDING Single Margaret OLDER Single
113 24/05/1830 John HALLIDAY Single Arundel Elizabeth NEALE Single
114 14/07/1830 Thomas TADD Single Frances POCOCK Single
115 08/08/1830 Mark ORSBORN Single Harriett HOCKINS Single
116 11/10/1830 Thomas LAMBERD Single Hannah CHALLEN Single
117 06/11/1830 George SHERLOCK Single Harriett FAROW Single
118 25/01/1831 James MORGAN Single Harriot STEER Single
119 12/03/1831 Matthew STEER Single Elizabeth MORGAN Widow
120 24/03/1831 John HOPWOOD Widower Sarah STEVENS South Bersted
121 09/04/1831 Cornelius PERREN Single Harriett ASGOOD Single
122 21/05/1831 Moses DIBLEY Single Eliza MOUNTIFIELD Single
123 26/07/1831 John BRYANT Single Susannah CHALLEN Single
124 03/04/1832 Henry SHERLOCK Single Eliza CHEESMAN Single
125 13/05/1832 Henry WELSH Single Frances LUSH Single
126 11/10/1832 Stephen GREEN Single Ellen BAKER Single
127 20/10/1832 Thomas COOK Single South Bersted Mary KING Single
128 23/10/1832 John LOCKYEAR Single Mary HUSSEY Single
129 03/11/1832 Charles NAPPER Single Birdham Sarah HOBGEN Single
129 03/11/1832 Charles NAPPER Single Birdham Sarah STURT Single
130 31/12/1832 George HOPWOOD Single Sophia STONER Single
131 21/05/1833 George COSENS Single Hunston Jane HOBGEN Single
131 21/05/1833 George COSENS Single Hunston Jane MARSH Single
132 04/06/1833 John WOOLVEN Single Martha RANSOM Single
133 29/06/1833 William HARDING Single Mary BAKER Single
134 20/07/1833 Henry SHAWYER Single Mary POULEN Single
135 15/10/1833 Edmund LAMBERD Single Maria BACON Single
136 02/01/1834 Edmund KENCH Single Mary FRANCES Single
137 29/01/1834 Thomas Painter HIPKIN Single Westbourne Harriet BOON Single
138 26/03/1834 William ANGIER Single Sarah BUDDLE Single
139 29/03/1834 Ephraim COUSENS Single Lucy GRANT Single
140 01/05/1834 William HALSEY Single Birdham Frances MARSH Single
141 29/06/1834 Thomas BACON Single Elizabeth WHITE Single
142 20/09/1834 Edmund KING Widower Jane RICHARDS Single
143 11/10/1834 John COLLINS Single Emily BONIFACE Single
144 13/10/1834 James COUSENS Single Anne RIDEOUT Single
146 00/00/1835 Charles HUNT Single Emma HEWSON Single St Bartholomew, Chichester
145 16/05/1835 George WEDGE Single Appledram Sarah MORGAN Single
147 30/08/1835 Henry MORGAN Single Ann SHEPHERD Single
148 31/08/1835 George GALLARD Single Brighton Harriet RUSBRIDGE Single
149 01/10/1835 William STEVENS Widower Mary RUSBRIDGE Single
150 04/10/1835 Sefton Charman CHALWIN Aldingbourne Charlotte HAMMOND
151 24/12/1835 Joseph BARNES Single Mary Ann COLLINS Single
152 11/01/1836 Thomas HOBGEN Single Anne NEALE Single
153 01/03/1836 Edmund HOLDER Single Maria JAMES Single
154 03/07/1836 Joseph HOARE Single Charlotte Millyard HARRIS Single

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