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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Sutton St John


The Parish

The parish of Sutton lies in central West Sussex at the foot of the South Downs. Sutton is located about 5 miles south of the large Wealden village of Petworth. Sutton is a linear settlement built largely along a narrow lane running north to south and about 2 miles east of the A285 road which links Petworth with the city of Chichester. Sutton is a rather picturesque settlement with a hotchpotch of stiles and much use of timber framing throughout. Sutton would have had a largely mixed farming regime at the time of this transcript, the parish being elongated on a north to south bases to include a range of landuse types. The parish is drained by a series of small brooks which run northwards to join the River Rother only to double back to cut through The South Dons and reach the English Channel at Littlehampton. Sutton sits on a little shelf of land at around 60 metres above the sea, land falls away 30 metres or so to the east but rises at the edge of the Downs to heights of over 200 metres on Barlavington Down and Glatting Beacon to west & south respectively. The Downs edge settlements have narrow parishes running north to south and Sutton fits that pattern, it was fairly small for the area covering 2,600 acres and supporting a population of just over 400 parishioners. In Domesday times Sutton was held by one Earl Roger of Shrewsbury and could offer 9 ploughs, some meadows & woodland and an impressive 3 mills.

The Church

St John's church sits almost at the northern end of its main and meandering lane and to its west. The church is an ancient structure with parts dating back to the 11th century although just traces of herringbone masonry highlight that fact. The aisles are slightly later & 12th century whilst the chancel and western tower are 13th. For much of the building to predate the perpendicular period is testimony to its great age. The Victorians did, however, get to work and they largely rebuilt the western end. The church sits in a slightly elevated position fronted by a low stone wall, at the southern end a metal gateway grants access to a rising path. The churchyard is, however, much dominated by trees which limit the angles available for photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
1 6th April 1755 - 17th December 1776 West Sussex Record Office - Reference - Par191/1/1/2
Plain, unruled book, a continuation of the extant composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
2 17th January 1778 - 9th October 1780 West Sussex Record Office Bishops Transcripts on loose-leaf folios Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads There is a five year gap in the deposited marriages registers these 2 entries were retrieved from BTs
3 26th February 1783 - 17th October 1806 West Sussex Record Office - Reference - Par191/1/1/3 Plain, unruled book, a further composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
4 17th December 1806 - 12th August 1812 West Sussex Record Office - Reference - Par191/1/1/4 Plain, unruled book, a further composite register in contravention of Hardwicke's segregation & wording requirements Grade 2 Register - not a perfect read but with a low likelihood of misreads None
5 19th January 1813 - 16th September 1836 West Sussex Record Office - Reference - Par191/1/3/1 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

Petworth St Mary
Petworth St Mary
Petworth St Mary
Barlavington St Mary
Burton St Richard
Bignor Holy Cross
Up Waltham St Mary the Virgin
Slindon St Mary
Bignor Holy Cross

1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
06/04/1755 William GENIX     Mary CARVAR   Barlavington
28/11/1756 George RANDELL     Elizabeth LIGAT    
29/07/1757 Nicholas FALKNER     Martha LEGATE    
13/09/1757 John LONG     Sarah SOTCHER    
29/11/1757 Thomas FARLAY     Hannah GRAISMERE    
14/12/1757 John GARRETT     Hannah WITLEY   Coldwaltham
02/02/1758 Daniel LEGATE     Mary SKINNER    
04/02/1759 William PUTTICK     Hannah GANDER    
10/07/1759 Richard CARVER     Anne WOODS    
16/02/1760 William HORSELEY     Anne RANDALL    
26/02/1760 Clement CLARKE   Ford Anne HOSKINS    
10/10/1760 John KEYSTER     Sarah SLAUGHTER    
03/12/1760 Charles STRUDWICK     Elizabeth ARTHUR    
14/04/1761 Richard SOUTHERTON     Elizabeth GOODYER    
26/04/1761 Henry SAYERS     Martha GANDER    
28/04/1761 Richard SKINNER     Sarah MANFIELD    
12/09/1762 Thomas SUTTON   Littlehampton Sarah VARNDEL    
30/05/1764 Thomas NOEL     Sarah BACON    
26/12/1764 Thomas GOLDRING   Petworth Anne TOTCHER    
25/09/1768 Thomas RIDDEL     Anne LEGATE    
14/01/1770 George SADLER     Mary GOODYER    
20/06/1770 William BATMAN     Sarah MANFIELD    
01/07/1770 Robert CARVER     Sarah LEGATE    
09/12/1770 John UPPERTON     Elizabeth BEAL    
30/04/1771 Thomas KNIGHT     Mary SOALL    
17/06/1771 Anthony REFOY     Winefred LLOYD    
15/11/1772 John LANGLEY     Elizabeth BARNS    
22/01/1773 Thomas MILLS Single   Elizabeth NEWCROFT Widow  
27/10/1773 John POTTER     Grace GOODYER    
19/10/1774 John COX     Mary HALL    
07/05/1775 John NORTH   Bignor Elizabeth HORSELY    
11/05/1775 Michael GREENFIELD   Duncton Mary CHAPMAN    
01/06/1775 Edward SLATER Single Bignor Frances FOARD    
03/10/1775 William GARRETT     Elizabeth CARVER    
10/10/1775 George CARVER     Elizabeth SOUTHERTON    
17/12/1776 Richard SHEPHERD Single   Elizabeth HENRY Single  
17/01/1778 John WILLCOCKS Single Duncton Mary LEGGATE    
11/05/1778 Richard CARVER     Elizabeth CARVER    
19/08/1778 Michael FORD     Elizabeth NEAL    
09/10/1780 John CURTIS     Sarah ELLIOT    
26/02/1783 James CLARK     Sarah MAY   Bury
16/09/1783 John SHEPHERD Single Funtington Elizabeth SCUTT Single  
25/09/1783 James AYLING Single   Ann FORD Single  
09/02/1784 Richard GREEN Single Walberton Mary SMITH Widow  
26/02/1784 Thomas COX   Bignor Elizabeth KEY    
20/06/1784 Thomas SMITH   Bury Sarah SLAUGHTER    
31/08/1784 Stephen DINDY Single St Olave, Southwark, Surrey Rebecca WOODROFFE Single  
25/05/1786 Henry HALL Single   Susannah GOODGER Single  
19/10/1786 George WARD     Jane GARRETT Single  
18/05/1787 Thomas TERRY   Petworth Ruth PEACOCK    
24/10/1787 William COOPER Single   Elizabeth UPPERTON Widow  
04/06/1788 George RANDALL Single   Mary HAMMOND Single  
12/10/1788 William HILTON Single   Sarah OVERINGTON Single  
05/02/1789 William BIRD Widower Slindon Ann HORSELY Widow  
21/05/1789 Morrice CARVER Single Pulborough Elizabeth LEGGAT Single  
10/11/1789 John HAWKINS   Stopham Frances NOEL    
17/05/1791 Richard OVERINGTON     Elizabeth SCARLE    
05/12/1791 William RAPSON Single   Elizabeth LANGLEY Widow  
08/01/1792 James TAPNER     Elizabeth TEADING    
29/07/1792 Richard WITHERS     Elizabeth COZENS    
13/02/1794 Edward PETERS   Coldwaltham Sarah SHEPHERD    
29/08/1794 Edward BURGES     Sarah LEGGATT   Burton
16/02/1795 John CLARK     Mary PANNELL    
28/04/1795 John LANGLY     Elizabeth STRINGER    
08/10/1795 Samuel REDMAN     Constant CARVER    
16/02/1796 John DOVE     Ann UPPERTON    
12/10/1796 James COOPER   Bury Elizabeth COX    
28/11/1796 Charles SHEPHERD Single Horsham Ann WEST Single  
21/12/1796 Thomas WAKEFORD Single Petworth Ann COX Single  
02/01/1797 William BARNS     Ann CURTIS    
09/03/1797 James LEGGAT Single   Mary WILSON Single  
03/08/1797 John NORTH Widower Petworth Ann LANGLEY Widow  
23/07/1798 Henry CARVER Widower   Mary TRIBE Single  
10/06/1800 William CLARK Single   Frances WILCOX Single  
09/12/1800 Thomas SHEPHARD   Cobham, Kent Frances CLARK    
12/10/1801 Robert SAXBEE Single Slindon Sarah SHERWIN Single Barlavington
11/09/1802 David STRUDWICK Single Arundel Rebecca DENYER Single  
28/09/1802 William HORSLEY Single   Elisabeth SHEPHERD Single  
16/12/1802 William BATEMAN Single Slindon Amy WOOD Single  
03/01/1804 Richard LISTER Single Barlavington Maria KENT Single  
07/02/1804 John CHARMAN Single   Hannah SANDERS Single  
13 14/02/1804 Thomas HORTON Single Barlavington Mary BARTTLETT Single Barlavington
14 06/08/1804 John GREENFIELD Single Barlavington Lucy FLETCHER Single Barlavington
15 16/10/1804 Richard HERRINGTON Single   Hannah BACON Single  
16 15/11/1804 Thomas COLLICK Single   Ann CHAIRMAN Single  
17 08/02/1805 Henry HEARSEY Single   Jane MEARS Single  
18 20/02/1805 Peter OSBORNE     Jane CARVER    
19 25/06/1805 John BOOKER   Coldwaltham Frances FLETCHER   Barlavington
20 21/07/1805 James RICHARDSON Widower Stopham Jane LEE Single  
20 12/09/1805 George PEACOCK Single Pulborough Mary UPPERTON Single  
22 29/06/1806 William STEVENS     Elizabeth CLARKE    
23 18/07/1806 William VARNDELL   Funtington Charlotte RAINGER    
24 14/10/1806 Robert MOODY Widower Barlavington Ann RICH Single  
17/10/1806 George HEDGMAN     Jemimah UPPERTON    
17/12/1806 Thomas BAYLOP     Elizabeth SAUNDERS    
27/03/1807 Thomas SLATER     Rachel LUDBY    
03/11/1807 William GOODGET     Elizabeth CHRISTOPHER    
24/09/1808 Thomas CHANDLER     Sarah HAMMOND    
01/05/1809 William CURTIS     Jane OVERINGTON    
07/10/1809 Thomas DENDY     Sarah FOARD    
06/02/1810 Irons AYLING     Ann CARVER    
10/12/1810 William HERSSEE     Martha SHERWIN    
16/07/1811 William STEDMAN     Frances SHEPHERD    
23/09/1811 John SHERWIN     Catherine MORE    
03/10/1811 Henry FARLEY     Mary BUDD    
12/10/1811 John BROOKS     Elizabeth HARWOOD    
10/03/1812 Henry FOARD     Mary BIRT    
12/08/1812 John COLES     Sarah COLLIS    
1 19/01/1813 James CARVER Single   Pheaby CHALKCROFT Single  
2 20/04/1813 William CARVER Single   Charlotte AYLING Single  
3 12/04/1814 Henry HARWOOD Single   Elizabeth KEEN    
5 17/11/1814 James LEGGATT Widower   Elizabeth HILLS Single  
6 08/02/1815 Charles PAYNE Single Coldwaltham Amy BACON    
7 04/04/1815 George DOLTON Single Arundel Amelia CHARMAN Single  
8 01/08/1815 Henry FOARD Single   Elizabeth LEGGATT Single  
9 15/12/1815 John BERRYMAN Single Woolavington Elizabeth CLARK Single  
10 06/08/1816 Anthony CAPON Single Petworth Tryphena CARVER Single  
11 06/01/1817 William BARTLETT     Elinor HARWOOD    
12 12/08/1817 Charles COOPER   Barlavington Elizabeth GRANT    
13 14/08/1817 William BIRT     Sarah BOXALL   Barlavington
14 18/01/1818 Richard PESCOD   Lodsworth Mary Ann Gardener MILES    
15 10/09/1818 William CLARK     Mary BERYMAN    
16 03/11/1818 James PAYNE     Mary LUFF    
17 03/04/1819 James LEGGATT Single   Rebecca CURTIS Single Barlavington
18 21/06/1819 James DENYER     Ann FRANCIS    
19 14/12/1819 George EDWARDS     Hester BURCHAL   Barlavington
20 05/04/1820 Benjamin HEATER Single   Hannah DENYER Single  
21 19/05/1821 William WOODS Single Petworth Ann COOPER Single  
22 12/10/1821 John WITHERS     Charlotte CURTIS    
23 11/06/1822 Alexander FRASER Single Bignor Elizabeth Lewin BLACKMAN Single  
24 19/03/1823 Robert SMITH Single   Elizabeth CARVER Single  
25 20/04/1823 James PHILLIPS     Ann CARVER    
26 21/09/1823 John SMITH   South Stoke Frances CARVER    
27 29/11/1824 George IDE     Mary CLARK    
28 23/02/1826 Richard LINTOT     Hannah SAUNDERS    
29 29/03/1826 George HALDANE   City Of London Anne SMITH    
30 26/10/1826 Robert FOARD Single   Susan BIRT Single  
31 17/04/1827 Samuel BERRYMAN     Mary CHARMAN    
32 05/06/1827 William KNIGHT     Frances SAUNDERS    
33 02/07/1828 John Standing PENFOLD Single Petworth Mary Ann BRYANT    
34 09/07/1828 Sefton CHARMAN Single   Mary Ann MOORE   Petworth
35 14/09/1828 John HILLS     Mary AYLING    
36 24/12/1828 Richard ELLIOT     Mary Ann FRANCIS    
37 31/12/1828 James MONNEY     Ruth CARVER    
38 28/09/1830 Edmund HARWOOD     Abagail NEAL    
39 13/04/1831 James SOMMERSALL     Eliza CARVER    
40 12/05/1831 William CLARK     Mary PANNELL    
41 21/05/1831 Henry GENT   North Stoke Mary HARWOOD    
42 04/06/1831 William LAKER     Ann CHANDLER    
43 08/06/1831 Henry LANGLEY Single   Tabatha JOHNSON Widow  
44 18/10/1831 James HUMPHREY Single Brighton Harriet HERRINGTON    
45 22/10/1831 James UPFOLD     Mary CHANDLER    
46 12/11/1831 James REDMAN     Catherine LIDBETTER    
47 13/06/1832 James CHARMAN     Sarah ETHERINGTON    
48 01/10/1832 Edward GARDNER     Ann HUMPHREY    
49 03/11/1832 Jonathan GENT     Constant REDMAN    
50 12/11/1832 John HEARN Single All Souls, St Marylebone, Middlesex Mary TUPPER Single  
51 22/03/1833 Richard BLACKMAN Single   Jane RAPSON Single  
52 27/03/1833 Peter JOHNSON Single Shipley Mary CURTIS Single  
53 10/06/1833 William Henry PORTSMOUTH   St Mary, Guildford, Surrey Hannah CHARMAN    
54 07/10/1833 Richard TRIBE Single Bury Eliza CARVER    
55 28/10/1833 William CHARMAN Single   Jane ETHERINGTON Single  
56 13/10/1834 John CARVER Single   Mary SHORT    
57 31/01/1835 James FRANCIS     Mary BARNES    
58 16/09/1836 Henry HARWOOD Widower   Letitia MURRELL Single  

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