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Marriages 1754 - 1837
Barcheston St Martin


The Parish

The parish of Barcheston lies in the extreme south of Warwickshire, an area of complex county geography where fingers and detached portions of several counties interlock and intersect, an area where there was much change as a result of 1974 county boundary reorganisation. Barcheston, at the time of this transcript formed a stretch of the border with neighbouring Worcestershire. Barcheston is located less than a mile southeast of the small Worcestershire market town of Shipston on Stour and sits immediately across the River Stour from its larger neighbour. Barcheston is a tiny place, little more than a hamlet gathered on the eastern banks of the Stour amongst the water-meadows and sitting just south of the B4035 which connects Shipston on Stour with the Oxfordshire town of Banbury. As a riverside settlement Barcheston would have been dominated by pastoral farming a situation little changed today. The Stour drains the parish northwards the short distance to the Avon at Stratford Upon Avon whence it turns west to reach the Severn and thence the Bristol Channel. Barcheston is sited at around 70 metres above the sea, land rises eastwards to the dominant hill of the locality, Brailes Hill which tops out at 232 metres, a landmark hereabouts. Barcheston was a small parish, covering close to 1,550 acres it would have supported a population of just under 200 parishioners. In Domesday times Barcheston was equally small, held by William the son of Carbucion it could offer 6 ploughs, small meadows but did possess a mill.

The Church

St Martin's church sits just above the water-meadows in parkland like surroundings just west of the out-and-back lane that accesses Barcheston. The church is notorious for its leaning northwestern tower which is as a result of the slughtly marshy ground chosen as a build site. The church has remnants of 12th century Norman Romanesqu work but the majority of the building is 13th century, a mixture of the Early English Gothic and the later Decorated styles.As is often the case the doors are the earliest feature and late 12th century. The basic structure is 13th century whilst the top stages of that tower have been modified in the 15th century. It is clear that additional buttressing was also added in the 15th century to combat the settlement that was already beginning. A scatter of 16th and 17th work can also be found mainly the replacement of individual windows, the major work being the creation of the southern chapel during the 16th. Victorian restorations in 1840 and the late 1860s complete the work. St Martin is tucked away behind fronting properties and accessed by a gravel track, the churchyard is nfenced with very few obstructions to photography.

The Records

Register No Covering Dates Deposited With Register Style Quality Standard Comments
11th February 1755 - 31st October 1799
Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0005/3
Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages
Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads
2 20th October 1800 - 24th January 1812 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0005/4 Plain, unruled book containing combined Banns & Marriages Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None
3 1st March 1813 - 20th January 1837 Warwickshire County Record Office - Reference - DR0005/5 Standard Rose style preprinted and prenumbered Marriage register Grade 1 Register - Few issues noted and a low likelihood of misreads None

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1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830

Register Reference Date Groom Forename Groom Surname Groom Status Groom Abode Bride Forename Bride Surname Bride Status Bride Abode
01/01/1754 Richard BUMPASS Stretton On The Foss Martha HANKS
21/01/1754 George FLETCHER Anne PETTY Tredington, Worcestershire
11/02/1755 Mark BEVINGTON Elizabeth JARVIS
12/10/1755 John WARD Barton On The Heath Anne KINMAN
17/02/1756 William TAPITOE Elizabeth NEWMAN
24/06/1756 Richard CHAMBERLAIN Mary ASHFIELD Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire
11/10/1756 William DUNSBYE Mary ENSOM Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire
23/05/1757 Thomas SLATTER Todenham, Gloucestershire Mary PRICE
26/06/1757 John JARVIS Sarah BEAVINGTON Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire
25/04/1763 Thomas MAKEPEACE Ettington Mary CHAMBERLAIN
13/04/1768 William DOWDESWELL Elizabeth HUMPHREYS
01/10/1768 John LYNE Teddington, Worcestershire Mary TAYLOR
15/12/1768 William KEYTE Birmingham Elizabeth TAYLOR
10/05/1769 Richard DAY Cherington Mary BALDWIN
26/06/1769 Michael HORSLY Mary WILLIAMS
07/12/1769 John CARTER Elizabeth WILKES
11/01/1770 James CARTER Blockley, Worcestershire Anne HIRON
04/06/1770 John BADGER Brailes Lydia BALDWIN
14/10/1770 William BLACKFORD Tidmington, Worcestershire Elizabeth WALKER
03/02/1771 William EDWARDS Anne HERITAGE Ettington
18/03/1773 James ALCOCKS Anne SANDFORD
12/10/1773 Robert HARRIS Jane HERITAGE
27/01/1775 Thomas BATTSFORD Halford Sarah SAVAGE
25/07/1777 Richard SPENCER Brailes Mary PADBURY
09/11/1778 Thomas COLEMAN Mary SAVAGE
17/11/1778 John MALSHUR Anne SUMNER
05/12/1778 William HIORNS Tredington, Worcestershire Margaret PADBURY
21/01/1779 John JORDAN Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire Elizabeth DISON
21/05/1779 Thomas William BARNSLEY Hannah WATKINS
14/10/1779 Richard WOODWARD Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN
03/11/1779 Joseph ALLIBAN Elizabeth DOWDSWELL
28/09/1781 Richard PADBURY Anne BICKERSTAFF Brailes
08/04/1782 Francis BADGER Honington Elizabeth BALDWIN
02/01/1783 William HORTON Ann DAVIS Todenham, Gloucestershire
10/03/1783 John BONHAM Single Long Compton Mary ROSE Single
13/04/1783 William DUNSBEE Widower Mary COLLINS Widow
14/05/1783 Anthony LAMPETT Single Hook Norton, Oxfordshire Ann DISTON Single
29/02/1784 John ATTWOOD Sarah JARVIS
11/10/1784 Thomas HATTEN Elizabeth KEYT
28/12/1784 William HOAR Single Brailes Sarah BALDWIN
15/06/1786 William BADGER Single Idlicote Ann BALDWIN Single
30/10/1786 John DISTON Single Elizabeth HARRISON Single Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire
28/01/1788 William COOPER Cherington Jenny BAGG
04/04/1788 David ROUSE Pillerton Hersey Sarah BOX
16/07/1789 William BAYLIS Ann HEYNES
19/07/1789 John ROSE Elizabeth THORN
12/10/1790 Anthony RICHARDSON Betty PEARSON
22/05/1791 William MAKEPEACE Ann ROBERTS
26/08/1792 Joseph BONHAM Ann HUNT
08/01/1793 Thomas BETTRIDGE Mary EDWARDS
12/02/1793 John JONES Single Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Margaret SNOW Single
06/10/1793 William MANNERS Widower Ann PRESTIGE Single
26/12/1793 Richard DUNSBEE Widower Jane HARRIS Single
22/10/1794 William DUNSBEE Single Elizabeth DOWDESWELL Single
23/06/1795 Thomas BIRMINGHAM Single Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire Mary MANNERS Single
14/12/1796 John HALFORD Single Ann PHILLIPPS Widow
29/06/1797 Henry STEEL Widower Birmingham Sarah FLETCHER Single
17/05/1798 Richard CHAMBERLAIN Single Mary GARDENER Single
19/07/1798 John BRADLEY Single Elizabeth WEBB Single
22/04/1799 John DEW Single Mary JELLYMAN Single
10/10/1799 John CLERK Single Jane CLERK Single
15/10/1799 William RILEY Single Ann JELLYMAN Single
31/10/1799 William TAYLOR Single Hannah WALKER Single Salford, Oxfordshire
31/10/1799 William PREEDY Widower Sandford St Martin, Oxfordshire Ann TAYLOR Single
20/10/1800 John DOD Single Elizabeth EDWARDS Single
02/08/1802 William BLACKFORD Widower Ann CHAMBERLAIN Single
16/05/1803 William ROSE Single Elizabeth ANDIN Single
26/12/1804 Samuel DOWDESWELL Single Mary PADBURY
30/01/1805 Samuel PRIEST Single Bloxham, Oxfordshire Sarah POWELL
06/08/1805 William COLLICOTT Single Elizabeth NEAL Single Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire
02/02/1806 John WOODWARD Widower Ann KEEN Single
04/09/1806 Richard DUNSBEE Single Anne GEARING Single
09/12/1806 James STOCKLEY Single Idlicote Hannah TAYLOR
24/08/1807 John BERRY Widower Moreton In The Marsh, Gloucestershire Hannah CHAMBERLAIN Single
23/11/1807 Robert HANCOX Single Tysoe Elizabeth JELLEYMAN Single
08/12/1807 William PEARSON Single Birmingham Sarah TAYLOR Single
21/03/1808 Thomas HUGHES Widower Tredington, Worcestershire Sarah HANCOCK Single
12/05/1808 Robert HALL Single Ann TAYLOR Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire
17/10/1808 Thomas DUNSBEE Single Emma GIBBS Single Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire
19/03/1810 William HALL Single Long Compton Sarah CHAMBERLAIN Single
15/10/1810 Richard DUNSBEE Widower Ann PADBURY Single
12/11/1810 Richard DUNSBEE Widower Ann MANNERS Widow
24/01/1812 James SPICER Single Brailes Mary BALDWIN
1 01/03/1813 Joseph EDEN Single Hannah DOWDESWELL
2 13/10/1813 Joseph MANCELL Single Long Marston, Gloucestershire Elizabeth GARNER
3 16/01/1815 Charles WILLIAMS Single Mary DAVIS Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire
4 05/02/1816 Samuel BUTLER Wolford Martha BREWER
5 06/06/1816 John HANDY Bourton On The Hill, Gloucestershire Ann EDEN
6 16/10/1816 Thomas RANDLE Ann WHITE
7 16/10/1816 Joseph RANDLE Ann BENNETT Tidmington, Worcestershire
8 06/11/1816 Joseph GREGORY Elizabeth ROUSE
9 28/07/1817 Joseph PADBURY Mary EDEN
10 18/11/1817 Richard WILSON Wardington, Oxfordshire Elizabeth SAVAGE
11 22/11/1817 William RANDLE Sarah CARTER
12 08/01/1818 Richard HATTEN Mary WARMINGTON
13 04/06/1818 William STEVENS Single Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire Martha PENSON
14 05/02/1819 John PARKER Widower Ilmington Elizabeth DISTON Widow
15 03/03/1819 Richard SOUTH Single Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire Frances POWELL Widow
16 07/03/1820 William HARRISON Tadmarton, Oxfordshire Mary TUFFLEY
17 27/03/1820 Robert ROFF Single Stow On The Wold, Gloucestershire Ann PENSON Single
18 12/09/1820 John BETTRIDGE Single Sutton Under Brailes Elizabeth HATTEN Single
19 29/11/1823 Thomas RANDLE Widower Patience SUTTON Single Sutton Under Brailes
20 18/12/1823 George BOX Single Mary ELLIS
21 15/01/1824 George ADAMS Single Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire Elizabeth PAIN
22 20/01/1824 Richard PADBURY Widower Lucy EDEN Widow
23 26/04/1824 William TAYLOR Widower Elizabeth BARNETT Single
24 04/11/1824 Richard PENSON Single Ann TAYLOR Single
25 19/10/1825 John BERRY Single Mary ROSE
26 02/02/1826 Benjamin HUDSON Single Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire Diana RANDLE Single
27 21/11/1826 Richard TENNANT Single Brailes Margarett TAYLOR
28 11/01/1827 George PAIN Single Elizabeth PENSON Single
29 25/12/1828 Jesse GODSON Single Blockley, Worcestershire Hannah CLARK
30 20/01/1829 Thomas Henry BARTLETT Ann DUNSBEE
31 03/02/1829 Richard Greenaway LLOYD Single Ebrington, Gloucestershire Mary Ann KING
32 03/11/1829 David BOX Single Mary Ann BAGNALL Todenham, Gloucestershire
33 19/01/1830 Thomas GREEN Single Ebrington, Gloucestershire Elizabeth FOULKS
34 21/09/1830 George DUNSBEE Single Ann SMITH Single
35 23/02/1831 George DUNSBEE Single Rose BISHOP Single Brailes
36 14/10/1832 Benjamin FIELD Single Ann HALL
37 18/02/1833 Richard BOX Single Tidmington, Worcestershire Martha BLAKEMAN
38 17/06/1833 John SPENCER Sarah COOPER Whichford
39 23/08/1834 Thomas BOX Single Elizabeth TIMS
40 04/10/1834 Thomas ROSE Mary Ann WALKER Shipston On Stour, Worcestershire
41 20/01/1837 William CLARK Mary RANDLE

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